How whimsical and troublesome can one be? The sound of the poor lad's bones being crushed under the weight of his boots felt almost satisfying for the therian. He has been hunting this valkyr down after he caused a big stir among two rival gangs in Budapest last month. Fortunately, his search ended up leading him back to the one place he has been trying his best not to return to; Evermore. But when Argent comes calling, what the hell could he do about it aside from putting on a thin-lipped smile and abide like the obedient cat he is? He was already known as her pet leopard anyway, his reputation couldn't go any lower than being proclaimed as someone else's pet. But at least it was Argent's. Of all the Ailward Aspects, she was the best option there is, if he was being honest. "Seriously, you need to stop running away from the inevitable, you prick" he sighed heavily and picked him up.

He was about to question him some more but realized the blond male wasn't responding. Seojun shook him a bit and still received no response, "Did you just pass out on me? I didn't even step on you that hard-" he was halfway rambling about how he barely hit him that hard until his gaze fell on the gash he left on the male's torso, "Oh… yeah that's my bad." He did chase him in his snow leopard form earlier and pretty much taunted him until the corner until giving him a small scratch. He wasn't sure if he should just leave him there for the authorities to come chasing because a part of him still wanted to interrogate him to find out who he was working for since he had to settle quite the mess but another part of him didn't want to bother. "I'll just visit you in prison for some questioning later" he huffed and decided to drop him off near the precinct. His clothes were still clean, aside from the blood from the male's wound that got on him earlier. 

A few minutes later after walking down the street, he realized he had something to do; report back. He promised the Aspect of Light that he would come back in 2 days time and he really did. Now he was left with no choice but to report back because like it or not, Argent is still his boss and that's enough rebelling from him. It wasn't hard to find her, he found out she enrolled herself in the local university and getting the information on which unit she stays at wasn't hard. Before long, he found himself standing in front of the dormitory's entrance, his dark hues staring at the window of her room. It was dark since it was already night, and since it was the weekend, he knew Argent would be home. Seojun may not look like it but he cares deeply for her to know her quirks. He couldn't enter using the usual route since it was suspicious for him to pick the lock to her place so he climbed up. As expected, her window wasn't locked and there was no one at home. Yet. 

The therian didn't pry into her privacy aside from climbing into her room and leaning against the chair while waiting for her to come back. He wasn't that bad of course, he left her a simple message saying he's back in Evermore. When the lights were turned on, he had his legs crossed and waved slightly at the person who entered the room, "We can start by hearing how much you missed me."

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What she had quickly learned about university was that it was far more tiring than she ever expected it to be. Spending her time split between the role she needed to perform for the world and learning new things was very rewarding though, she enjoyed being able to put her wandering thoughts to good use and she found the academic system very motivating. The other aspects had asked her whether it was detrimental to her work but she didn’t think so, there was time in her life both to be herself and to be the aspect of light and she enjoyed finding that balance.

It didn’t come without it’s troubles though, she could call it somewhat of a blessing that she’d had so much freedom for the past couple of years to do what she wanted. Mostly because her personal guard wasn’t exactly a close presence to her as of late. She was a good person who wanted the best for people and so when Seojun seemed like he needed space she had offered him just that. She had no idea where he went but she trusted he knew what he was doing. What she hadn’t expected though was for months to roll around with no sign of the therian anywhere. She had to admit after a while she got worried.

She checked in with him by text a lot after that, dropping hints that he should come back but the sly male always seemed to find a way to dodge the questions she was asking or put off his return. It was the other night, after she had a bit of a troubling run-in with some loitering males outside of campus that she had finally snapped and written the text. Get back in 2 days or she would find another personal guard. Honestly, she hadn’t expected him to response. Let alone to wander into her dorm room after spending time with friends to see him sitting in the corner of her room waiting for her. She excused herself before closing the door and marching towards him, about to shove him because she was so pissed at him but it quickly became her yanking him close and hugging him.

“I swear if I could go grey it would be because of you” she scolded before she shoved him back and shook her head slightly “You had me wondering if you were even going to come back for a while” she commented as she gave him a stern look but it softened because god had she missed her friend.

At first he honestly questioned if he was breaking the rules and actually going against the whole privacy thing by getting into her room via her very easily unlocked window but since it was Argent he's talking about, he didn't think much about it. He has surprised her in far worse cases, counting the times he totally walked into her slightly heated scenes with her significant others without a care. He's her personal guard, he's meant to be annoying. It's either he's there or he's not there, being halfway across the world while ignoring her asks to come back. When she came back, he fully expected her to shove him but the hug that came afterwards surprised him. Is it really surprising to receive a hug from a long time friend like her? 

Normally it wouldn't be that surprising but he hasn't seen her for two years so that could be it. "Yep, I missed you too" he exclaimed haughtily and returned her hug. Seojun stroked her hair and twirled a few strands of her hair and chuckled, "If this bright red can turn grey, I'll be the first to be shocked, Argy." The stern look didn't last long, as usual. Like it or not, the two of them have spent centuries with each other. They were already close, so this type of fiasco wouldn't be out of the blue. "Honestly? I was going to stand by what I said two years ago about not returning to this eternal city because I don't like it but you didn't exactly leave me with a choice when you told me to drag my ass back or I'm out of commission…" he grumbled and pulled away because he knew the last thing she wanted is a blood stain on her top. Thankfully, her top was steered clean from that. 

"So… college huh? That's surprisingly not a weird choice coming from you but I just had to ask, why? It's not like it'll be your first time learning things, why go through a similar process in the modern day again?"

She allowed a smile to grace her lips for a moment when she felt his gentle twirl against her hair and she rolled her eyes when he pointed out that her fiery red hair was highly likely to go grey “Don’t tempt me to dye it just for the sake of proving you wrong and seeing this so-called shock” she grumbled slightly and sighed. “Well in my defense you can hardly call yourself a personal guard to someone you haven’t see in two years” she chided with a shake of her head, she looked him up and down as though to check he was okay, healthy before finally noticing there was a blood stain on his shirt “I didn’t think you were the type to make a mess” she commented as she pointed out the spot before heading over to her drawer so she could grab her stain remover which she used to get things out of her clothes.

“College” she repeated and nodded her head when he prompted her for an explanation and she pressed her lips together slightly “So many jobs here require a college degree, they don’t want to listen to reason about experience” she pouted slightly “Besides...the experience is supposed to be good and I could use a little good in my life” she reached out her hands as though to insist he handed over the blood-soaked sweater he was wearing.

“It took you a while to get must have been somewhere far from here” she didn’t keep tabs on his whereabouts, she texted him to check in every so often and would usually get a reply a few days later when he could be bothered to get around to it. She figured he was busy doing missions considering he never seemed to need to return and Damien hadn’t completely chewed him out on it yet “Was it pretty at least?” she questioned with a wry smile.

He was always affectionate and soft around his Aspect, yes his. To most people, Seojun does make a point to show how possessive and protective he could be over Argent Ailward. It has been going for three centuries now, he comes whenever she calls. Or sometimes, anyway. To be fair, he didn't like Evermore and distancing himself from her physically might help him go over his feelings once more. Maybe next time, it wouldn't be so hard to deny it and maybe… just maybe, the therian wouldn't be looking at her with a specific lense. "See, I would tempt you to dye it but you don't even need me to tempt you into doing it. You'll end up trying it out for the sake of trends one day, Argent. You know you will. You've always been in touch with them anyway" he retorted dryly and huffed, letting go of her locks and crossed his arms as he narrowed his dark hues onto the Aspect of Light, "Excuse you, I've been… busy. I still accept your calls and texts, I just… don't show up physically." 

2 years is barely anything but a lot has happened recently. "Besides… note that I emphasized on physically because you know I'll always be here with you in memory" he couldn't help but take the opportunity to whip out a joke even then. That's what he does best. He raised his eyebrows at her questioningly when she had a stain remover, "Why am I not surprised… but for your information, I am always messy, you know that. Though admittedly this time it wasn't really my fault? I mean I bit him pretty hard but he was being a pain in the ass…" Argent wasn't wrong though and even Seojun agreed silently, she could use some good in her life. "The downside of capitalism… people tell you to go get a degree to work so you could earn enough to survive knowing fully well education is a scam…" It probably wouldn't affect them as much considering they barely focus on humane affairs that much. 

He gave her a weird look when she waited for him to give her his stained sweater because obviously he wasn't wearing anything else underneath, but nevertheless he complied and took it off, giving them to her. "Nothing you haven't seen before right?" He teased. His shirtless state was not rare. "I was in Prague... had to meet a few of those dealers… they did not make it easy to reach a good deal without negotiation. The city is pretty as usual, the accommodation provided by the coven was pretty and the girls, need I say more? But it's done now and coincidentally I could finally return. You can tell Niki to stop being an ass though… I swear he chews me out because he couldn't forget I nearly set his ass on fire." Niki was one of the dealers or brokers they'd call them, the bridge between them and others when it comes to communication. Seojun often pisses him off and Argent knows it.

She was really glad to have him back, that much she would admit, she swore the two of them had always been pretty close, even before he was assigned to be her personal guard. They just understood one another she supposed which is why she could deal with spending 2 years away from him and yet get back to it as if no time had passed at all “Well true but if I have someone else to blame it on then it’ll be easier to field everyone’s judgment” she commented and grinned slightly “I was thinking if I went blonde it wouldn’t take much to go pink” she grinned slightly, pink was her favorite color after all. She rolled her eyes playfully when he said he was good enough to answer her calls and texts “Sounds like I’m being ghosted” she commented and shook her head slightly.

He was right when he said that she knew he was always here for her when she really needed him though, she never questioned Seojun’s loyalty because there was never any reason to, he was a guard through and through. “I’m a fashion student, do you know how devastating a stain could be on a dress you spent hours making?” she commented giving him a shrug of her shoulders in response to his judging look. “Well in this case it’s not a scam, we could always use a refresh when it comes to the modern ways and college life is an essential experience for that” from what she heard most people went to university because of the experience, not necessarily for the qualification and like she said before, she was looking for good things.

When he hesitated to give her the sweater she made a beckoning motion and then he finally passed it over, she headed over to the bathroom and started running water in the sink “I hope you don’t wear the sweater I got you on missions” she commented and pouted slightly, she could get this stain out but she was sure he had ruined plenty before this. She headed around to her closet and took out the university pride hoodie she had been given on her joining day and tossed it towards him “This was way too big for me so it’ll fit you” she did glance at his shirtless self though, he always looked really attractive with his muscular body and general gruff demeanor “Sounds like you enjoyed yourself a little too much” she commented and raised her brows “Well you can tell him yourself now you’re back” she commented a grinned.

“So is this a weekend visit before you take off again?” she questioned.

"You can always blame me then" he scoffed and shook his head, why not? He tilted his head slightly to the side when she said she wanted to go blonde so the pink wouldn't take a lot of tries. He went forward to take a few strands of her red locks and hummed, "I'd lie if I said I wouldn't miss the red but you would look good in blonde anyway, pink wouldn't be much of stretch" he was never that generous when it comes to compliments but sometimes when he didn't have to force himself to put it out, it could sound pretty genuine. 

Seojun was known for his aloof behavior, after all. "You and a hundred other people, Argent" he rolled his eyes playfully, "If I do the bare minimum to you, what makes you think I'd even spare another a glance?" Ironically that goes to plenty of other things too, which was no surprise when people call him her pet. If she tells to bite someone, he would. "Damien did complain when I finally picked up his call though… all those… antsy voice mails" he dreaded them. "I wouldn't know because I practically get blood on my clothes a lot… or I actually rip them if I don't take them off before shifting" he spoke monotonously, "but I should get some tips from you… stain removers are a lot better than to send it to laundry only for people to question if they should call the police on me or not." 

The way she went on about the good life that is university made the therian gag in front of her just to poke some fun in her, "I don't see the appeal, honestly" he mumbled, "it's not like it pays for my bills either. I'd learn this and that and end up not working that job because oh right, I'm a member of an ancient organization." He stared at her from behind as she washed it off, "The blue sweater you got me, I only wear them when I'm not on mission so don't worry." He'd be caught dead before he ever wore them on missions. "I know you like what you see, Argy, you could just tell me you want to see me shirtless" he teased. Upon being tossed the university pride hoodie, he stared at them with a skeptical look, "Seriously?" Nevertheless, he did wear them. 

"Can't go wrong with those people, they're amazing in bed. At least that meant I wasn't so grumpy during their mindless meetings." The idea of meeting Niki again made him cringe, "You mean I would end up setting his ass alight again when I see him…" Seojun took a seat on the chair nearby and leaned against it, "Wouldn't you like to hear that I'm back for good? Unless Damien sends me off elsewhere again which I'm probably gonna say no to, I think I'm gonna stay for a bit longer… I heard the niveis settled in a while ago, need to check that one out too." 

“I knew I kept you around for a reason” she teased with a slight smile, the two of them had always been close ever since she brought him to join the guard. At first, she had wondered whether it was the right place for him but to his credit, despite having so many opportunities to leave, he had always stayed and she appreciated him for that. She tilted her head slightly when he inspected her hair and smiled and looked down for a moment “Well the red wouldn’t be gone forever” she commented and grinned “Do you think my siblings would freak out?” she questioned with a wry smile because she was kinda hoping they would.

She shoved his shoulder a little when he admitted he had ghosted her and a hundred other people “I don’t care much for the other 100 people but you really should make an effort you know...I know you thrive on this whole lone wolf thing but….or lone...leopard?” she laughed under her breath and continued her lecture “But there are people here who worry about you” she scolded though her expression honestly just showed how much she had missed him. “You are so disrespectful to your wardrobe, it’s a wonder you have anything to wear at all” she commented as she got to work on removing the stain, determined to save this one sweater from the fate no doubt many others have suffered “Or you could just...get less bloody?” she commented and raised her brow.

She glared at him when he pretended to gag and she was half tempted to shove him again but she knew that wouldn’t stop him “I like the idea of learning new the chance to make friends” they were very different people when it came to all this she supposed “I like the way the world has come around...back when I was young I wasn’t even allowed to learn to read, now I could be a scientist or a doctor” she beamed brightly, she was glad to see how much the world had progressed. “You’d better...I chose those for you especially you know” she mumbled softly. She paused for a moment when he teased her for liking what she saw “Well it’s hard not to notice when you go parading around like a damn model” she scoffed slightly.

She shrugged when he asked her about the hoodie “I’m’re lucky I have anything that fits you at all” she jested and shrugged “Maybe university would be a good experience for you too…” she mused thoughtfully, honestly she got the feeling he’d actually fit in better here than he thought he would “Surely there’s something you wanna learn”. She rolled her eyes when he mentioned how they were amazing in bed “You’re up to your usual antics huh?” she teased shaking her head in jest “Do you actually keep count of them all?” she mused playfully.

She pressed her lips together when he asked her if she wanted to hear if he was back for good “Of course I do, I missed you, idiot” she commented and shook her head “Niveis...what business do you have with them?” she pondered curiously.

He let out an indignant huff as if to tell her he was no amused in cat language, as he is… a big cat. "If you didn't keep me, who would you give me to? Hm? Who would take care of me? Can they even handle me?" That's not likely if he was being honest. Not a lot could handle him, Argent is one of the only few who could actually tame him. He frowned and nodded, "Yeah it wouldn't be gone forever… I'll miss it but a change would be pretty amusing I guess. I shall look forward to it" he grinned. When asked if her siblings would freak out, he shrugged, "Most probably. But it's a good freak out, let's be real we'd pay to see their delighted faces." He always liked to keep things to himself because that's easier when you're traveling and doing things as a lone animal like that. He didn't want to care about them. "People who worry about me? You mean you? Because I hardly doubt the people I threaten to eat are the ones missing and caring about me." 

He chuckled when she told him he was disrespectful towards his own wardrobe, that is true. "I don't care much about those things, you know that. And about what I have left to wear… you know some people actually prefer seeing me shirtless" he teased. It wouldn't be Seojun if he didn't joke about stuff like that or throw in a few sexual innuendos. "Not happening" he shot with a blank expression when she said he could try to evade the blood. "I always get bloody, Argy… my fur is always matted by red and you know why." The two of them are so different it's pretty obvious who's the light of the relationship and who's the brooding guy standing by the shadows waiting to pounce at command. He's content with being that for the Aspect of Light honestly, but his growing feelings might pose a problem for him in the near future. As if it hasn't already. 

"So you're studying fashion now, to be a fashion designer?" He was happy to hear she wanted to go into those professions because being an aspect if very tiring and time consuming, Argent barely had time to enjoy her life. "Say… if you end up being a fashion designer, will you stock up my wardrobe? Or create an anti bloody shirt for me?" He did like being complimented, his pride is everything to him. So when she told him he looked like a model, he guffawed, "Don't worry, I keep what you gave me properly in my heart." He does keep them. More than he'd admit to her, Argent didn't need to know how much he treasured those and almost tore the guy from earlier to shreds for almost dirtying the sweater she gave him. He almost choked on his own saliva when she said university would be a good fit for him. 

"You think I'll be a good fit for… university? Seriously? Are you doing drugs or are you" he went ahead to press his hand against her forehead. "I do want to learn something, I've even learned about it for the past few years… criminology. I was meaning to get ECPD once I returned… not… uh university." He pondered and tried to count them in the air and shrugged, "Should I be keeping count? I see attractive people worth my time and I sleep with them. I've been doing that for the past 300 years, Argent. Why, should I start?" He wiggled his eyebrows playfully. He pressed his lips together when she asked what business she had with the niveis, "I don't like them."

She laughed but nodded in agreement to his sentiments “True, you’re a rebellious cat who likes to keep everyone on their toes” not to mention he could be damn right cold to people before he got to know them. Argent had persisted though and under the surface she had found someone much kinder than anyone expected to find. He had been hurt by the world much like everyone else, his walls had gone up and he hadn’t wanted to bring them back down again. Who could really blame him? She grinned slightly “Well now I have to do it huh?” she commented and bit her lip, wasn’t like she could back out now, though honestly she was excited for a change, it felt like a lot of them were overdue for the Ailward faction.

She gave him a scolding look when he spoke his next sarcastic statement and rolled her eyes playfully “I’m not the only person in the guard who has a soft spot for you, you know” she commented and shook her head, it was hard not to feel protective over people when you spent so much time with them and it was impossible to keep high walls up around them forever. “I’m sure they do” she commented and shook her head playfully, he had an amazing body, she was sure there were people lining up to marvel at it. “Well at least you could be a little more careful so it doesn’t look like you got stabbed in the chest” she commented and pouted her lips slightly.

“I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be when I finish but I figured fashion” she nodded her head slightly “And we have the internet now for sharing ideas and designs so...if we ever need to move again at least it’s not all lost” honestly she really hoped they could stay in Evermore because the thought of uprooting again and going elsewhere was honestly terrifying to her. “I’m not sure there’s such thing as an anti bloody shirt but...I can definitely piece you together some things” she’d noticed he was quite fashionable himself. More so than you’d expect when first meeting the gruff male. “You better” she scolded when he said he took good care of the things she gave him “Otherwise I won’t be able to trust you with anything else I make” it was true that she’d never seen him ruin something she gave him though.

She laughed and shook her head slightly “Oh get over yourself, I know it’s a bit cliche and you’re the type to avoid those like the plague wouldn’t be all bad...modern qualifications make the world go round nowadays” she murmured softly, Seojun would make an excellent detective she was sure, he was smart and well-disciplined and his focus was very hard to shake. “Despite everything, I think you’d make a good student” even if he said he hated something once he committed to it, he wasn’t letting it go for anything. “You don’t even count?” she questioned and shook her head “So you don’t remember their names and they don’t even get a number” she pursed her lips slightly “So cold” she teased and nudged him.

“Well now you’re cleaned up, I think you owe me dinner in exchange for my worrying” she commented and folded her arms.

He scoffed and shook his head upon hearing that from her, "That's me alright. You know that's part of the job, Red. No point with me forming unnecessary attachments and that includes interacting with people. It can be extremely trivial sometimes" he mumbled, it's not that he doesn't like company, he's not anti-social either. But he prefers not having to busy himself with stuff he shouldn't even need to think about. Besides, what was the point of getting close to people when most will be a disappointment anyway? He knew how dark the mold could be and he didn't need to reconfirm anything with anyone. "Mhmmm, don't tell me you're about to back out of the challenge that you yourself wanted to initiate, come on Argy you're gonna make me feel disappointed that way, no to coward's way out remember?" He teased. The therian pressed his lips into a thin line when she said she wasn't the only one who cares for him, to which he shrugged as if it didn't bother him nor interest him the slightest, "I wouldn't care about it." 

Or maybe he does, but didn't want to say it out loud. That's always Seojun for you. Always so wary of showing his vulnerable side to anyone. "No, for real, I've gotten more toned than last time" he smirked coyly and patted his abs proudly. "If I looked like I just got stabbed in the chest, would you be more worried for me? Because if so, then maybe I should target elsewhere too" he winked and made sure he wasn't near her reach where she would often hit him. "You really like it here, huh?" Evermore, he didn't have much to know about it. Everything printed on a fine line of paper. That's it. He didn't have the luxury to be attached to a person, much less a place. And he wasn't sure if he even wanted to. After all, this place was a reminder that their home at the Isle of Skye is no more. He grabbed a hold of her hand and shook it gently, "Don't deprive me of your fashion skills, Miss Fashionista" he chuckled, "I'll try. I promise." 

It's not as if he wanted to get any further on it. Or blood. And he managed to keep them clean this long, but whoever did dirty it may have wrath on their hands. He stared at her blankly before exclaiming, "The world is round. I swear my Aspect is not about to be one of those flat earthers or so help me." Would he really? Make a good student? He never even thought about it. "I don't get paid enough to stand and hear those boring lectures" he grumbled under his breath and crossed his arms, actually pondering at the idea but still looked like a grumpy cat who just got soaked by water. "I remember their names when I moan them while fucking them sure, no reason to get my number. Well, I did give my real one to a few… that's up on my fling list." He had preference too, who doesn't? Seojun chuckled when she demanded dinner and got up before raising his hands, "What do you want? Where do you want to go?"

She tilted her head a little as though to make a point that he was bringing up excuses when it came to his reasons for avoiding others, of course she knew some of his background so she understood why he found it so hard to believe in others but she had also seen how far he had come since then “You know being personable has its perks too right, maybe you could avoid getting so bloody if you didn’t always go in for the fight” she pouted her lips slightly but she wondered if he preferred the fight sometimes as it gave him a reason to vent his frustrations. “I’m not one for backing out of a challenge” she responded and grinned wryly, she was going to do it, she was excited to see how it turns out.

“You say that but I don’t believe you” she responded and shrugged slightly, he acted like he didn’t care that people cared about him but she knew a part of the reason he stayed with the guard was because he was looking for somewhere to belong. For people he could rely on and believe in, even if he wouldn’t admit that was the case. “Of course you have, I swear you spend more time working out than anyone I know” she chided, shaking her head slightly, it did give him an amazing physique though. She elbowed his side when he said he should get hurt more often if it made her worry “Don’t you dare” she scolded slightly “In what world is you being careless going to be good for you” she glared slightly.

She bit her lip slightly when he asked her if she really liked it here “I like having a...not secluded life, here” she responded and nodded her head, it was nice to live some sort of normality after being so separated from the world around them when they lived on Skye “Don’t get me wrong though, I miss our home more than anything” and she was sure he felt the same, they had built a family there after all and losing it had been almost crippling. She scrunched her nose playfully when he told her not to deprive him of her skills “You’d better behave then” she jested, shaking her head slightly. She rolled her eyes when he teased what she said, acting like she was suggesting the world wasn’t round “That’s not what I meant and you know it” she grumbled because he was always teasing her.

“I mean you technically have to pay yourself to hear those lectures but” she shrugged slightly “Surely being a guard wasn’t your lifelong dream, there must have been something you wanted to...learn” she had a massive list of things herself, it had been hard to narrow it down to a single course so she was sure he could find something that really interested him. She looked to the ground when he talked about how he only remembered most of their names for the night only “Sounds kinda lonely if you ask me” she commented in a soft voice. She had to admit though she was looking forward to dinner “Mmm I’m thinking burgers...really big...terrible for you, burgers” she nodded as she went to grab her purse from the side and put her phone inside it.

"But then it wouldn't be half as fun" he pointed out casually, it wasn't as if Seojun liked getting into fights, he sure as hell didn't initiate… most of them. "Relax, Argent, you know if I could get out without resorting to violence, I would. I'm not a sadistic bastard, god." He gave her a bemused look when she said she wouldn't back down from the challenge, that's the Argent he knows. Stubborn to the core too. But isn't every member of the family that way too? Dragons, he shook his head. 

He shrugged absentmindedly as if to tell her to believe what she would, he didn't want to care about others, or at least he didn't want to show that he did. "Working out is a pastime, my dear Aspect of Light, it's better to do that than for you to find me pummelling some poor soul, no?" Not that he found any delight in doing so. Most of the time. He pondered momentarily when she asked what in world would it be better for him to get hurt, "That's a rhetorical question right? Because I'm ready to actually give you an answer." And it is just him to sass back at her like that. Seojun, like his Aspect, is stubborn too. But once they know how to keep him grounded, they can control him pretty well. Fortunately, the secret to that only ever lies with her. She's one of the only people he could trust with his life. His eyes softened considerably upon hearing that, she lived on an island that is not inhabitable by others, no more than the guards there. She must've been so bored. 

"I wished I could snuck you out more often. You know if you wanted, you could just ask me to bring you anywhere you want, right? I'll make sure the others won't be able to track us… I owe my allegiance to the Ailwards but you always come first, you know that." He had sworn an oath towards Argent before the Ailwards, and he was sure many knew that. "I don't dislike Evermore but it feels so… packed. The density makes me anxious, wondering if the enemies are just lurking right in front of us." They still have to find out who destroyed their home, after all. The real mastermind behind it. "I was good at commerce back then but that's too boring. I only ever did it for revenge to get back what they stole from my mother. But… I was browsing a few things about getting a spot in ECPD. But I guess university can't be that… bad" it could get his mind off a few things too. "You just want to stay, don't you? To make sure I don't go off running elsewhere." 

Despite being her personal guard, Seojun wasn't the type to stick around, hell she could barely meet him face to face for the past two years alone. "Criminology sounds nice." He almost said it is indeed lonely but decided to bite his tongue back, not now. "A guard's life is not so jolly, having company and joy is a privilege" he mumbled. He was glad they could change the subject as he waited for her to get her purse so they could go eat. He opened the door for her and closed it behind them, "Any eye candies here so far?"

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