Kal had a complicated life. Since he was born the niveis had always been pulled every which way, never really setting his own path in life as he molded himself to what other people thought of him. That was a part of himself that he struggled with throughout his many years, the mind games his father had played on him leaving a permanent scar on him that he didn't think would ever truly heal. And Kal had tried to deal with those feelings himself for a long time, when he first came to Evermore he was a shell of a person, he had lost his lover, his family and himself, for a while he couldn't even bring himself to get out of bed in the morning.

All of that had been around 40 years ago and yet the ice-phoenix still felt like it was yesterday sometimes. Kal had found out about the support group through a friend who often visited the shop, the two of them would talk often and it became a highlight of his day to have someone to talk to, it helped him not to feel quite so alone in this big city. Which is why when they suggested he visited the group Kal had hesitantly decided to show up. At first, he wondered what the point was, everyone would sit in a circle and talk about their problems, the group was 90% supernaturals who had been through equally screwed up lives. But after a while he realized, it was a way to remind himself that he didn't have to be alone.

And so he kept going, at least once a month for the best part of the past 15 years. Kal had seen people come and go, a lot of people got better and moved on with their lives, others came for one session and never came back, but there were a few constants, the listeners of the group who came back time and time again, much like himself. Nowadays it would feel strange for Kal not to go to the group, he found it therapeutic to talk about the things he was going through and it was especially helpful now that his sister had come back into his life. Today's session was a busy one, he noted as he walked into the room, smiling towards a few regulars he recognized and making himself tea from the dispenser at the back of the room.

The niveis noted a lot of new faces today, which meant that Richard, the current leader of the group, a particularly friendly and kind therianthrope, had probably been passing out flyers again. Once Kal finished making his tea he carried it over to his usual chair to the left of the circle, his eyes scanning over the different people seated around him. He waved a hello to the woman, Emma, who had met for the first time at the last session, glad to see new people finding use in coming here. Kal was generally one of the more confident presences in these meetings, thanks to the fact that he was so used to them nowadays, he didn't have a fear of speaking though he did understand those who did, at first when he came all he did was listen. 

Pretty much everyone was in their seats now and the niveis prepared himself for the usual introductions and talk when he heard someone else walking up the corridor, he gave Richard a curious look wondering if he was expecting anyone else when a tall male with sandy brown hair rounded the corner and entered the room. Kal arched his brow as he gazed upon the male, he didn't seem the typical kind of person they got here which instantly made Kal curious, leaning forward on his seat a little, the male was handsome with bright oceanic hues that seemed to be glued to the ground. Nervous perhaps? He thought as he glanced over towards the leader of the session again, this was going to be an interesting afternoon, the male pondered to himself as he leaned back in his chair. 

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The more he spoke to Kal the more confident he felt him becoming. Before the group meeting and too before meeting Kal he was anxious and nearly a nervous reck with the thought of having to interact with someone who was other than Rowan. With how before Wes didn’t want to open up to others of what he was feeling and how he was. Wanting to keep those feelings as feelings to himself but now opening up a little knowing that he wasn’t been judged and thought differently for it was better. For Wes taking a step forward in the right direction to how he was before his life turned upside down. “Someone’s always gotta ‘play-it-safe” He mused back smiling a little at Kal’s teasing him of his choices of pizza’s, knowing that he wasn't going to let it go. “I have had real Italian pizza in a restaurant just I mainly choose pasta over pizza” He commented defending his meal choices even when truthfully most just consist of ready made meals or something easy that didn’t involve much cooking. With how his cooking skills were non existent, as Natalie was always the cook out of the two. 

Wes was worried if his bucket list idea was silly idea. Something that someone makes up knowing too well that they’ll never complete and tick off everything in the list. Relieved when Kal was asking him more about it, what he would have on it. “I would stick to start with the ones that most people have. Travelling would be at the top, wanting to see different things around the world outside of this city. Go to see the Northern Lights” Always been the one wanting to see the beauty that the world has to offer and Wes knew that he wouldn’t find it in this city. “Or even things for adrenaline, cliff diving, skydiving” Maybe those ones he wasn’t too sure on but ones that most people have. As Kal spoke of goals passing off part of the list he could tell that he didn’t know what Wes was saying at first about the bucket list. “Not so much goals things you want to achieve that may not be so easy. More go out of your way to do them” Different things for coming out of your comfort zone something that Wes was wanting to do more. Finding himself already doing so. 

In these past few months off work, he had to admit that he missed it all. Even missing the long hours with taking back to back shifts when the hospital was short staffed or on bypass. Missing all the craziness both the good and then all the bad at the same time. Looking forward to going back into it not wanting to leave it all behind. “If you love something you put all your time and effort into it then it’s all worth it in the end” He smiled softly looking over to Kal who he knew thought the same about his shop. Seeing how Kal spoke about the shop it was something he loved and was proud of. “I have missed it, to be honest. I want to get back in the swing of things. Back into the crazy different type of emergencies there are in the city” Ready to say goodbye to his boxset watching days and hello to the crazy shift patterns. 

During the meeting he could see how good Kal was speaking almost leading it. Something made him notice him out of all the others. “I do, you just gotta believe in yourself” Wes knew that Kal was a lot more confident than him but he knew that maybe leadership was far from what they needed. Wes was more of sitting on the sidelines type of person why he’s taken a step back from things to do with his coven but most Dark Diviners were the same. He couldn’t help but chuckle as Kal was saying how he couldn’t get another cat because Ivy wouldn’t like it. “I can understand she’s the boss of the house she don’t want another cat coming in and taking her title” He teased winking seeing how the cat already has Kal wrapped around her finger. Wes has always been more of a cat person that he could connect to them better whilst for dogs they were a bit too crazy and hyper for him. “Maybe she’ll like me more than you” He mused teasing him once again that he’ll win Ivy’s favouritism in no time. 

Wes was now starting to think that maybe the live a little was more than just his choice of drink or food choices. Hearing as Kal was challenging him almost to see maybe if he could live a little. A small smile tugged on his lips as Wes looked over to Kal. Looking at him properly, noticing the little things seeing how perfect he was. Wes looked into Kal’s eyes then down to his lips, before leaning in and pressing his lips onto Kal’s kissing him softly. Proving now that he could live a little and doing something he’d been wanting to do since he first saw Kal at the meeting. Only now hoping that he felt the same that they didn’t have their wires crossed. Wes was amazed watching as Kal was showing him his powers never seeing something like it before, beautiful even. Still after he found out he was still looking at the snowflake. “Frozen is a good movie” He grinned admitting sheepishly watching as the ice cubes in his glass was being turned into a shape of a cat. “Wow, just wow” Speechless still but in a good way not knowing why Kal wanted to hide his powers till now. “You shouldn’t be ashamed of what or who you are. Your powers are a part of you something you shouldn’t want to hide all the time” He admitted softly wanting for Kal not to be ashamed of his powers but to love them. “I wouldn’t be without my powers, it’s a part of me. Always has and will be” 

Kal definitely hadn’t expected his afternoon, or now he supposed early evening from looking out the window and seeing that sun was starting to set, to turn out quite like this. Truth be told he didn't really expect people want to spend any extended amount of time around him, he had always tended to be on the introverted side and didn’t have many close friends but he was enjoying seeing how events unfolded by going along with them today. “Do they really?” he questioned as he raised his brows, to him, if you played it safe you usually missed a lot of opportunities “You know I never made my best purchases in the shop by playing it safe, they were usually the crazy ones” he chuckled softly “One time I bought a necklace from the 13th century that the guy claimed allowed you to talk to animals” it was definitely quite an adventure being the owner of a pawn shop in Evermore, sometimes he felt like an honorary Diviner with all the magical objects he owned.

Kal liked the idea of having a bucket list, not because he particularly liked the idea of thinking about impending death considering Niveis were immortal but because it gave you reasons to get out and do something and considering the dark places his mind could go, a little light was never unwelcome “I’d love to travel too, people make the world sound so stunning” he heard a lot of stories about people’s travels working where he did and he told himself he’d go see it for himself one day, really it did beg the question of why he never had “Damn so not playing it so safe after all huh?” he asked when he mentioned the idea of skydiving, those kinds of hobbies were less thrilling to someone with wings but he could imagine there was a certain rush from falling like that. “So it’s about making time to experience life rather than just live it” he surmised from the words Wes spoke “I’d really like to go on one of those nordic cruises where you get to sleep in an igloo and ice hotel and the likes” though that was probably the Niveis in him talking.

Kal nodded slightly, being raised the way he was and living the life he did, education had never really been an option for him. Of course, the tribe had teachers and they were taught how to communicate and count and the likes but what they did was very out of touch with the real world and it had taken him many years after he got here just to adapt to the culture “Sometimes I wonder what I would have learned if I went to college” he mused softly “Though things seemed to turn out alright for me without a degree” if he had been raised in this world rather than the secluded place he was, would things have been very different for him? He imagined so, though it was hard to think about what that would look like. It was nice to see someone who was clearly passionate about the things they had learned though “I’m always curious about how people in the emergency services deal with the stress” he commented thoughtfully, it was a lot of pressure after all and while he was sure they were paid for that accordingly, it must take a toll right?

He nodded slightly and gave a somewhat bashful smile when Wes said he thought he would make a good leader “I guess I’ll think about it then” he still didn’t think it was his calling but it was a nice thought that someone thought he could do it. He chuckled as Wes spoke about Ivy and being the boss of the house “Hit the nail on the head” he commented with a laugh, shaking his head in an amused manner “Maybe if the other cat was a little more docile she wouldn’t mind” he glanced up at Wes when he said she would like him more than the Niveis “You know that’s not entirely impossible” he chuckled softly “She loves everything warm so the chance to cuddle up in a lap? She’d jump at that” Kal was naturally cold so he didn’t meet her cat-like criteria, unfortunately.

As he stared back into the other male’s eyes, challenging him, he did feel his heart clench in his chest for a moment as he noticed the way Wes’ eyes dropped to his lips which made his breath hitch as he realized he was really going to go for it. Those blue hues looked incredibly bright and expressive in this light and he naturally felt himself leaning in, closing his eyes as their lips met and he kissed him back. He was so warm, that one thought filled him with a buzzing feeling that stayed with him even when Wes pulled back “That was some very convincing evidence” he commented softly allowing a small smile to tug at his lips. He had to chuckle when Wes said Frozen was a good movie “It is” he responded with an equally sheepish grin, perhaps because he couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss and how it had felt, wondering if it would happen again. “It’s not so much ashamed as...just wanting to forget for a while, I didn’t have the best history with my tribe and when I came here I just wanted to feel...normal” but he wasn’t normal and the look on Wes’ face told him he didn’t see that as a bad thing “And your powers are?” he responded with a sheepish look because he wasn’t completely sure.

Wes wasn’t one really the one to take risks prefering to take the easier and safe route all the time. Yet at work it was the opposite, with how as a doctor you always gotta take risks. Especially working in the ER. With patients coming in not knowing what was wrong with them. Trying to diagnose, to know what scans were needed straight away before anything goes wrong. Finding he was best at Emergency Medicine, making him think of how he missed his job wanting to get back into it right. “Okay maybe I was wrong” He admitted, back tracking on his play it safe dea. Wes was keen and liked hearing Kal tell him of different things he’s bought over the years. Surprised at the mention of something he bought in the 13th century making Wes start to wonder how old he really was. “But does it really let you talk to animals or did he just trick you into buying it?” Wes looked to Kal teasing him softly of all the things he probably bought thinking they were more than really was. Yet he knew that it was the whole beauty and excitement of having a pawn shop. Making Wes look forward to actually check it out. 

Wes did want to travel more but he felt that he couldn’t not whilst Natalie was still in her coma. Never liking to be far from her for too long just in case anything happens. So that he wouldn’t be far in arms length. Yet he knew she’d tell him he was silly for just wasting his life waiting for her but he couldn’t really see him living a full life without her. “The world is forever changing, I just want to see it all before it’s too late” Wes thought that with how Kal was or saying he was that he would have already seen the world. With how other immortals tended to go place to place all the time, yet saying that he’s spent most of his life in Evermore City. “Maybe not the sky diving, I’ll probably get all the way up there and want to back out last minute seeing the height of the drop” He admitted sheepishly as he took another sip of his drink. “Yeah you list all the things you still want to do then make sure you do them all before you die” Most people never fully complete unless they only have months to live, something they both knew wasn’t happening to them. “Nordic cruises do sound amazing” Wes never minded the cold much, preferring it to than when it’s too hot. 

He did think he was luckily learning medicine when he did, knowing that it was much more difficult than it was in his days. Seeing how stressed the med students were these days, lucky he did have to exams or assignments anymore. “I think you would have done something like architecture, finding all the hidden treasures and finding the story behind it all” He smiled softly almost saying that what he does now is something he’s always meant to do. “See not everybody needs a college degrees these days” Finding that for some jobs it was just an added bonus but kind of needed for his own job. “I always find that it’s the car wreckage injuries are the worst, because you don’t know what type of injuries that they’ve sustained. Any internal injuries or bleeding. Sometimes you only have a few minutes between nearly losing and saving them” Hospitals was always a dramatic place especially in the ER where he mainly worked. “There was one case where a glass chandler fell from 20 feet and landed right on a man, stabbing him” Wes recalled one of the unusual cases. “It was messy and very complicated. Shard of glass from it went through the left subclavian, it was really hard to make out. We ended up using SNAP, surgical navigation advanced platform to find out how to get the glass out. Luckily the patient didn’t end up losing his arm” Wes found himself started to ramble forgetting himself that Kal may not exactly want to know in detail medical stories. He could almost able imagine, Kal’s cat being the boss of the cat and him treating her like royalty. Something he would do if he had a cat of his own. “Or maybe she’ll want you all for herself” He mused teasing him more. “She’ll come to me for a nap but she’ll go to you for some food” Finding a solution to his problem. 

Thinking he was reading the signs right, Wes took his chance thinking this was what Kal was challenging for him to do so. He wasn’t the type of person to kiss a stranger but somehow he felt that it was different. That it was right. Finding that he wanted to only kiss him again after. “Maybe I’m full of surprises” He teased softly winking at him, feeling more relaxed that he picked up on the right hints that he was right and Kal haven’t done a runner. “I’ve kind of stepped away from my own coven, wanting my own space and all” Wes was one of the Diviners who preferred to keep to themselves instead surrounded by others, he knew that one day he’d have to go back to coven but not just yet. He almost forgotten about how he yet to tell Kal what species he was, lost in the moment and all. Thinking maybe he had already figured it out. “Right” Wes, looked around to see how many people were around them. Luckily they were the only ones around wanting to show Kal instead of telling him, just how it was earlier. Closing his eyes he focused on candle lights that were all scattered around the place, focusing and using his powers. Opening his eyes, he looked around to see they were all lit, waiting to see if Kal now noticed and put two and two together.

Kal chuckled softly, Wes was more adventurous than he probably gave himself credit for, the Niveis had concluded given that he worked in such a high-pressure environment and seemingly enjoyed doing so a lot too. “Well I tried to talk to my cat with it, which sounds about as crazy as you can imagine but nothing actually happened, she just went about her way as usual” he chuckled under his breath, then again, even if he could talk to Ivy she would probably have the same reaction so was it a real test? Probably not. “So it’s likely not what I hoped it would be but that’s the game you play when making deals, if you’re not sure you have to figure out what a play it safe offer would be without annoying the customer” challenging for sure but he enjoyed the whole process of buying and selling and seeing how much profit he could make off things.

He nodded his head slightly “It is changing and it will continue to change, every time you visit the same place it could be different but I guess there’s some kind of beauty in that” he smiled gently, he had seen some of the world given the chance to have his freedom he definitely took the moment to explore but Kal didn’t even know what was out there, he’d never known anything other than the life he lived inside his tribe and so branching out was actually quite a leap for him. He laughed when Wes said he would probably end up in the sky and backing out because he couldn’t do it “You know I find heights actually quite peaceful, being high in the sky and seeing how small the world is around you” but Wes should probably avoid it if he was going to be completely terrified “I feel like most people probably make that list and then ignore it for several years” he admitted with a laugh, he’d probably do that and then find it at some point “I thought so, there’s something serene seeming about them, if I went on a vacation I think I’d pick one where I could just unwind and enjoy the sights” and given he was a Niveis, cold weather was a preference.

He chuckled under his breath thinking if that was what he would have chosen for himself, Wes didn’t make a bad guess actually given that he loved the whole research into the history of objects thing, he did so whenever someone brought something new into the shop but the idea of digging them up sounded even more thrilling “Yeah you’re right, that would have been pretty fascinating to me” he grinned slightly. He leaned his hand against his chin as he listened to Wes talk about his word and how he dealt with the pressures of it all, it sounded incredibly fast-paced and stressful but Kal could also understand why would be rewarding too, he was literally saving people’s lives after all. His talk was a little technical for the Niveis to keep up but he got the general gist of what Wes was trying to get across “Well aren’t you just an everyday hero” he complimented with a soft smile “And you were playing the boring card” he didn’t mind the rambling at all, it was pretty amazing hearing him talk about the word he had done and how he had used his problem-solving skills to quite literally save people “It must feel rewarding to be able to tell people their loved one is going to be okay” he spoke softly and smiled.

The kiss felt way too short and yet like an eternity in the moment and as he pulled back to look into the other male’s eyes he felt a little short of breath “It seems so” he agreed and smiled telling the other male it had been a welcome yet pretty surprising moment. He felt his whole self buzzing and a little giddy as they continued their conversation, something he hadn’t felt in the presence of another person in a long time “I know that feeling, me and my tribe aren’t exactly close anymore” though not for lack of trying on the tribe’s part. “I get wanting space from the collective, it can be overbearing” he was sure that was the reason Wes had wanted to step back. His eyes were expressive as he waited to find out how Wes wanted to tell him what he was, he looked around, seeing the way the candles in the place were now all lit and opened his mouth a little in surprise “Damn” he spoke softly “So a modern-day Merlin then?” he teased with a grin, somehow it made sense that the two of them were both supernatural.

He still was finding it amusing how Kal spoke of being talked into buying magical objects thinking that it possessed magical properties. Whilst Wes knew himself how rare those were and how difficult it was to get your hands on it. So he was surprised when Kal said about it at first but wasn’t so surprised to find out that it was placebo. “I don’t think this is an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch” He joked remembering of a show his sister used to watch where the cat would talk. “I’m sure that Ivy talks to you in her own way with or without a magical object” He pointed out still finding it amusing. “You could do the same when selling to your customers, say that it does stuff whilst really it doesn’t” Only if he wanted to play the game back, if you had no conscious and wanted to scam people out of money.  Wes wasn’t too sure if it was something that Kal would do. 

“The good and the bad beauty right?” He wondered a little, Wes knew that these days the world was changing for the worse. With climate change bit the big factor, always hated seeing places been destroyed or torn down then turned into something else. Seeing mostly how the city has changed a lot over the years since he was younger. Hearing how Kal spoke of how he loved heights made his own stomach turn a little back tracking on his idea. Realizing that he wasn’t good with heights much. Whilst it was all the opposite for Kal. “I’ll stay on the ground and you can be up high” He mused softly changing it from his own calling to Kal’s instead. He knew most people who have a bucket list never get around mostly to doing any of it, it would probably the same for him if he does make a list. Be one that's get put to the bottom of a draw and never touched or thought about again. “Yeah maybe no to a bucket list then” Laughing along with him shaking his head. “Seeing all the world's beauty” When he does get the time to travel and to take some time to himself he does enjoy going to a place where no one is around finding dessert islands were very peaceful. Finding his powers come in handy when wanting to go somewhere tending to teleport instead of travelling aspect to it. Using his powers to his advantage at times. 

Wes could totally picture Kal studying and having a job in articucchite and artifacts if he didn’t have the pawn shop of his own. That it was a bit similar. “Imagine going around spending times in ancient temples in Egypt, all the cool stuff you would see” He grinned thinking too much into it. Having a habit of going off topic a little something, finding himself talking some medical jargon but noticed that Kal didn’t mind at all. Seeing how he was listening to him him even if he didn’t understand anything that he was talking about. “I do miss it all” Sighing to himself with how thought if she stopped working he’d feel better but it only made him worse. Wanting some more normally back into his life again. “If I do go back to work, I’ll try to make sure to go to meetings after my shift” Hinting that he made his mind up wanting to more meetings, to get the help and for another reason to see Kal again. “I have been called a hero a few times, I’m not going to lie” Grinning to how he was right on that one with how some of the patient's family thank him when he’s able to save someone’s life. “Maybe I’m full of surprises” Teasing him softly finding himself stepping out of his comfort zone more and more. Wes knew how rewarding his job was then the downsides to it being too much. “It is rewarding but not so much when your not able to save anyone” 

He too was taken aback by the kiss wanting to happen again. Wes had pulled back first not wanting to seem if he was overstepping anything with how they only just met, still strangers. The kiss felt so right, hoping that it was the same for him. From the way Kal spoke of his tribe he could almost sense and knew something had happened for him to distance himself and leave it in a way. In a way it was the same as him but he chooses to distance himself before anything that happened. Wes wasn’t going to press and ask why, that he’ll wait for him to tell him when he’s ready. “I like my own space” Like everybody who wants time to themselves. Wes could see how eager Kal was to find out what he was. Choosing to reveal it more of a magical way like how Kal did earlier with him instead of the boring way of just telling. Seeing how lighting all the candles around them did the trick, he couldn’t help but laugh as he was called Merlin. “So guess we have an Elsa and Merlin, huh?” He teased smirking to the Neives using his comment from earlier again. “See we’re not boring after all” 

He laughed when he mentioned Sabrina the Teenage Witch “Now there’s a throwback” he commented allowing an amused grin to cross his lips, he was right though, despite the relic seeming to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors, his cat definitely did talk to him “Yeah she has this really annoying, grumpy sounding meow she uses on me to tell me when she’s wanting something” you could definitely refer to her as a diva but they had their middle ground now and he knew how to stay on her good side. “I could do that” he responded honestly “But that’s not who I am, the whole point for me was to find treasures and then sell them onto people that will truly appreciate them” he nodded a few times thoughtfully and then smiled “It’s an honest living, even if it doesn’t make much” he lived comfortably enough but he definitely wasn’t making high profits or anything like that.

He nodded thoughtfully when Wes said it was a good and bad kind of beauty “I believe the term is bittersweet” he commented softly, there were things he saw improving every day, mostly things like people becoming more understanding and tolerant of others and then there was also the bad, looking at the fires and the natural disasters and how climate change was affecting the planet. He chuckled seeing the way that Wes’ complexion paled as Kal mentioned his love for heights “Well I am the one with the wings so that makes sense I suppose” he chuckled softly, he did love flying it was one of the things he enjoyed most about being a Niveis, it made him feel wild and free. “There is so much to see huh? You see all the photos online and people talk about all the places they’ve seen and sometimes you just wanna...go?” he definitely had the feeling sometimes like he could just up and go, find something he’d never seen before and truly enjoy it. But then he was also reminded of the things he would be leaving behind.

He grinned wide when Wes talked about the idea of going to ancient burial sites and seeing what interesting things he could find “Oh I imagine it and then I remember what the temperature is like in Egypt and consider whether I would literally melt like an ice pop” that was why he liked Evermore so much, it rained a lot and majority of the year it was cool enough that he felt comfortable to be there. “I think what you probably miss most is the routine, having something to get out of bed for every day” he nodded slowly, he definitely understood what having no motivation was like and he never wanted to experience it again “It feels like you have some kind of purpose when you have a place to go to and people to help” though clearly Wes’ job helped them a great deal more than his did. He smiled when he said he wanted to attend another meeting “You should, I think it’ll really help with your confidence” he did believe that, after all, look at the impact a single afternoon had made. “No job is perfect and even our best isn’t enough sometimes but I’m sure there’s some kind of fulfillment in knowing you did everything you could” he placed a comforting hand gently against his shoulder.

When Wes said he liked his own space the Niveis nodded in agreement “Me too” he responded and pressed his lips together before speaking again “Honestly I don’t think I was cut out for the whole group existence thing, I feel like I’d end up letting everyone down” because he couldn’t be everything people wanted him to be and frankly, he didn’t really want to be that either. He scrunched his nose at the mention of Elsa and Merlin “I guess so...I get the much cooler hairstyle though don’t you think?” he joked it lightly as he leaned against the counter propping his hand under his chin “So what else do you like to do? Other than ramble adorably about your in-depth medical knowledge?” he was curious to know the things that made him happy.

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