Kal had a complicated life. Since he was born the niveis had always been pulled every which way, never really setting his own path in life as he molded himself to what other people thought of him. That was a part of himself that he struggled with throughout his many years, the mind games his father had played on him leaving a permanent scar on him that he didn't think would ever truly heal. And Kal had tried to deal with those feelings himself for a long time, when he first came to Evermore he was a shell of a person, he had lost his lover, his family and himself, for a while he couldn't even bring himself to get out of bed in the morning.

All of that had been around 40 years ago and yet the ice-phoenix still felt like it was yesterday sometimes. Kal had found out about the support group through a friend who often visited the shop, the two of them would talk often and it became a highlight of his day to have someone to talk to, it helped him not to feel quite so alone in this big city. Which is why when they suggested he visited the group Kal had hesitantly decided to show up. At first, he wondered what the point was, everyone would sit in a circle and talk about their problems, the group was 90% supernaturals who had been through equally screwed up lives. But after a while he realized, it was a way to remind himself that he didn't have to be alone.

And so he kept going, at least once a month for the best part of the past 15 years. Kal had seen people come and go, a lot of people got better and moved on with their lives, others came for one session and never came back, but there were a few constants, the listeners of the group who came back time and time again, much like himself. Nowadays it would feel strange for Kal not to go to the group, he found it therapeutic to talk about the things he was going through and it was especially helpful now that his sister had come back into his life. Today's session was a busy one, he noted as he walked into the room, smiling towards a few regulars he recognized and making himself tea from the dispenser at the back of the room.

The niveis noted a lot of new faces today, which meant that Richard, the current leader of the group, a particularly friendly and kind therianthrope, had probably been passing out flyers again. Once Kal finished making his tea he carried it over to his usual chair to the left of the circle, his eyes scanning over the different people seated around him. He waved a hello to the woman, Emma, who had met for the first time at the last session, glad to see new people finding use in coming here. Kal was generally one of the more confident presences in these meetings, thanks to the fact that he was so used to them nowadays, he didn't have a fear of speaking though he did understand those who did, at first when he came all he did was listen. 

Pretty much everyone was in their seats now and the niveis prepared himself for the usual introductions and talk when he heard someone else walking up the corridor, he gave Richard a curious look wondering if he was expecting anyone else when a tall male with sandy brown hair rounded the corner and entered the room. Kal arched his brow as he gazed upon the male, he didn't seem the typical kind of person they got here which instantly made Kal curious, leaning forward on his seat a little, the male was handsome with bright oceanic hues that seemed to be glued to the ground. Nervous perhaps? He thought as he glanced over towards the leader of the session again, this was going to be an interesting afternoon, the male pondered to himself as he leaned back in his chair. 

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Wes always left it to other people to be adventurous, like his sister. She had it in her to get out of town whilst he chose to stay behind. “I guess I never really had it in me to get out,” He chuckled jokingly. Wes knew there were worse places to be stuck at. Just was too comfortable to get out. Like many people who just decide to stay and settle. It was both good and bad. Wes could see Kal being the type of person to explore to go to all different places. “So did you see everywhere, what place would you want to go back to?” Curious wanting to hear more of Kal’s adventurousness, the places he’s been and seen. All that he’s missed out on seeing, not finding the courage yet to go out and explore on his own yet. He knew many people who came to Evermore for a fresh start thinking it was a place for many people. “This city likes to draw people in” A place for everyone where they're accepted for whoever or whatever they are. 

“Or endless amounts of coffee to help you get through them” He joked, chuckling. Always taking on more than he could handle is probably the reason why most people like him end up crashing. “I’ll probably change my schedule and not do too much, if I do start working again” To make more time for going to meetings and visiting his sister at hospital to make time for others. Rather than taking on too much that he normally does. Wes smiled hearing what Kal likes to do to unwind and does in his spare time. “That does like bliss, just keep walking anywhere. Have you ever got lost when on your walks?” He teased seeing something could easily happen well for him. Luckily for him he always used his teleportation powers to help him get to one place to another but with limits of course. Probably one of his favourite powers and tricks. 

“At least huh? Does this count as the first date?” He teased back playfully letting him now that he too was on the same page. Wes already knew that he wanted to see Kal again and not just for the meeting and mentoring. Enjoying being in his company. “Then I’ll work my way to find all your secret spots” He put in, smiling softly. Wes could already tell that Kal knew where all the best finds were, seeing how before he never knew this place existed before and they weren’t even on a date. Making him wonder what being on a date with Kal would be like, hoping that he’d find out soon. Now Wes liked to think for one day at a time, learning to not to put so much pressure on himself. Probably where he’d been going wrong before. He could already tell and sense that Kal was keen on wanting to know about road trips. “I could always do with a new road trip partner, if you want to see and experience it all. Planned or unplanned” He grinned waiting to see what he thinks to his idea. There've been many places he’s road trip to, some places better than others. “I think the longest ones are the best where you have days on the road, stopping at different motels” All in the adventure of it all. “I’ll say Naveda, Texas or New Mexico '' Always loving going to the places with open stretches of road surrounded by mountains and types of desserts everywhere. “I’ve road tripped to Las Vegas a few times” He’s missed going to Las Vegas, that was always one of his favourite places like many other peoples. 

“Maybe so, but they often mean burning part of my kitchen in the process” He joked but something he could easily see happening knowing of his luck. “I have tried to cook before but nothing never ends up right, how it’s supposed to be” Maybe he’s missed out a few steps or something. His sister was more of the cook, being more reliant on others than him. “I have the most take out apps and leaflets, so win win” Finding the best finds and places for take outs but being more on the expensive side after a while. Wes watched as Kal took his phone out his pocket after he said he’d accept his offer to see each other again. “It’s a date then” He grinned happily, already looking forward to it. Earlier he thought he was just going to a meeting not thinking he’d not meet someone who he’d want to see again and go on a date with. “I’ll have to find somewhere good, see if it’s one to add to your list” 

Kal tapped under his chin in thought when Wes asked what place he would want to go back to, honestly he hadn’t really thought about it before “There’s this little cafe in Paris, quaint and not especially grand but it has one of the best views of the city you could find, so I’d go back there and get a pastry and eat it while watching the sunset, that would be nice” he was definitely the type of person who found satisfaction in the little things so it wasn’t exactly the landmarks or the big cities that stuck with him “What about you, where do you dream of seeing for yourself?” there must be some places on the list right?

“Well coffee is mighty but even that has its limits” he commented in an amused tone, he drank coffee sometimes himself but he always found himself crashing a few hours afterward when the caffeine left his system “Probably best to start slow and build your way up, otherwise people might start to believe that you’re an artificially intelligent robot who looks very lifelike” he grinned playfully, of course that wouldn’t happen but people might actually question his sanity. He shrugged slightly when Wes asked if he got lost on walks “I mean sometimes but usually it’s on purpose, I just kinda keep going until I walk a natural loop” he tilted his head to the side playfully “I always have my wings if I ever find myself completely stuck with no idea what to do next” thankfully getting lost wasn’t really a thing for a niveis.

He shook his head and grinned “No this is an innocent drinking session after a meeting, how dare you insinuate it’s anything more” he teased it playfully raising his brows in a playful manner but he nodded when Wes said he would work his way into finding all of his secret spots “I’ll look forward to that then” he commented in a softer voice. Kal knew a lot of the city after living here for so long and he was sure he could keep finding interesting places for the two of them to check out together. The elder male raised his brows when Wes suggested he needed a new road trip partner and he cleared his throat in surprise “That’s a long way to go with someone you just met” he commented and laughed softly, he seemed to have really fond memories of the places he had been “Las Vegas huh? I’ve heard a lot of people tell many different stories from their visits there” he laughed softly “As long as you made it out without marrying someone you just met, you did better than the guy I had come into the shop last month” he chuckled, what an interesting city that must be.

Kal grinned a little when Wes confessed that he was terrible at cooking “Sounds like you need to practice more, it’s an art that you get used to the more you do it, can’t let one burned pizza get you down forever” he nodded a little, he had taught himself to cook when he had left the isle and since then he had been making his own meals, ovens and other cooking technology had come a long way since then too. He had to admit he was a little surprised to come out of today with a date planned but he was looking forward to getting to know one another more “You’d better, I’m relying on you to give me something to look forward to now” he confessed with a smile “But on that note, I should probably get going” he spoke softly.


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