Kal had a complicated life. Since he was born the niveis had always been pulled every which way, never really setting his own path in life as he molded himself to what other people thought of him. That was a part of himself that he struggled with throughout his many years, the mind games his father had played on him leaving a permanent scar on him that he didn't think would ever truly heal. And Kal had tried to deal with those feelings himself for a long time, when he first came to Evermore he was a shell of a person, he had lost his lover, his family and himself, for a while he couldn't even bring himself to get out of bed in the morning.

All of that had been around 40 years ago and yet the ice-phoenix still felt like it was yesterday sometimes. Kal had found out about the support group through a friend who often visited the shop, the two of them would talk often and it became a highlight of his day to have someone to talk to, it helped him not to feel quite so alone in this big city. Which is why when they suggested he visited the group Kal had hesitantly decided to show up. At first, he wondered what the point was, everyone would sit in a circle and talk about their problems, the group was 90% supernaturals who had been through equally screwed up lives. But after a while he realized, it was a way to remind himself that he didn't have to be alone.

And so he kept going, at least once a month for the best part of the past 15 years. Kal had seen people come and go, a lot of people got better and moved on with their lives, others came for one session and never came back, but there were a few constants, the listeners of the group who came back time and time again, much like himself. Nowadays it would feel strange for Kal not to go to the group, he found it therapeutic to talk about the things he was going through and it was especially helpful now that his sister had come back into his life. Today's session was a busy one, he noted as he walked into the room, smiling towards a few regulars he recognized and making himself tea from the dispenser at the back of the room.

The niveis noted a lot of new faces today, which meant that Richard, the current leader of the group, a particularly friendly and kind therianthrope, had probably been passing out flyers again. Once Kal finished making his tea he carried it over to his usual chair to the left of the circle, his eyes scanning over the different people seated around him. He waved a hello to the woman, Emma, who had met for the first time at the last session, glad to see new people finding use in coming here. Kal was generally one of the more confident presences in these meetings, thanks to the fact that he was so used to them nowadays, he didn't have a fear of speaking though he did understand those who did, at first when he came all he did was listen. 

Pretty much everyone was in their seats now and the niveis prepared himself for the usual introductions and talk when he heard someone else walking up the corridor, he gave Richard a curious look wondering if he was expecting anyone else when a tall male with sandy brown hair rounded the corner and entered the room. Kal arched his brow as he gazed upon the male, he didn't seem the typical kind of person they got here which instantly made Kal curious, leaning forward on his seat a little, the male was handsome with bright oceanic hues that seemed to be glued to the ground. Nervous perhaps? He thought as he glanced over towards the leader of the session again, this was going to be an interesting afternoon, the male pondered to himself as he leaned back in his chair. 

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Wes was always the one to avoid any social interactions. To sway away from any of it. Used to having only a few friends and that was it. Something Wes always preferred. So stepping out of his comfort zone wasn’t it yet Wes was finding himself slowly slipping out of it. Finding himself doing something a week or month ago he wouldn’t have seen himself doing. Wes remembered back to the meetings and some topics that were spoken about. There were some parts that he lost focus by getting distracted by something or someone. He knew he wasn’t the only one. Yet Wes was the one who was more confused by it not knowing what it was. Part of him wanted to find to find out, Wes was still searching for himself even if he didn’t know himself what it was. Lately Wes had been avoiding going to the hospital so much as he used to. The more he went the more he felt himself slipping away. Already sick of hospitals for a lifetime. “Yeah all the doctors I’ve spoken to never know properly what they're talking about” He added agreeing with him, it what pushed Wes to the whole giving the group meetings a go. “I guess everybody fears of being alone” Truthfully it was one of his biggest fears one he fears that may soon come. Hearing Kal call Rowan a trouble maker made Wes chuckle and shake his head “It gets worse you haven’t heard the rest of it” Wes joked grinning, Rowan always helped to distract Wes from his depression.

“I guess I was worrying for nothing, as you said soon when the next person comes I won’t be the only new person” Saying his words back to him, able to sense already Kal was good at giving advice even if it was for him or for himself. “It’s actually quite cool middle name, maybe I’ll call you that or Reph” Wes teased back sending him a wink. Starting to loosen up a bit not feeling the sense of awkwardness of not knowing each other and feeling of being back in the meeting again. It’s been a long time since Wes had met and spoken to someone new who wasn’t a doctor or someone trying to interfere. Able to sense that they could both talk with giving non judgments to one another. talking on the same level in a way.

Wes was able to sense that Kal didn’t want to talk or go into detail of his family problems. Able to get the jist of it may be one of the reasons why he’s spent so long at the meetings. “We don’t wanna waste any years, we got better things to do with our times rather than bring up the past” He reminded him almost sense of reassurance that he wouldn’t pry or to step into something that’s kept alone. Knowing from past experiences that bringing up family issues was something nobody wanted to bring up. So leaving it was best thing to do.

“So you happy you cased after me know?” He joked mentioning to back before how Kal stopped him from leaving. Wes was glad that he did. Thinking that back then in the meeting he was too nervous to properly say anything or try to interact after the meeting with others. Wes weren’t able to build up the courage to do so but Kal had done it all for him. Rushing after him to stop him from leaving, doing what Wes couldn’t. “Stopping me from wallowing in self pity for the night” He chimed in joking yet he didn’t know if Kal would think if he was being serious or not. Many people always told him he was always quite serious all the time even when he wasn’t trying. He couldn’t help it, he just had the type of face that looks serious.

There was some things said during the meeting that droned on quite a bit, people all taking a lot of the speaking. Not letting anyone else have any time to speak. They weren't that bad as some others. “No wonder with someone life her as a wife” He muttered almost a bit sarcastically, he was starting to get headache in the meeting from her. “You’re not dull” He quickly replied, almost the opposite in some ways. Wes liked Kal’s sense of style, it was quite different in a lot of ways but it showed that he wasn’t worried or bothered of what others think. Whilst Wes always liked to blend in, almost to keep invisible from being seen.

Wes watched seeing Kal fist bumping to his remark making the Diviner sn***** before laughing catching it. “Only took you an hour during the meeting and running after me” He teased back in return, winking a little as the two left the building. Wes followed him out onto the street, noticing how Kal pulled out his phone starting to type a text. “They’ll have to go without you now, probably all wondering where you are” Wes smirked motioning back how he saw they were all circling around him like normal. “Tell them you’ve found other company”

He was taken aback almost being asked to what he does for fun, since he had bit of a boring life when it come to it. “The only fun I have is when my friend Rowan comes over and we have movie or TV show marathons. Disappearing off the grid for a few days or two” One of the best ways for ones to lose themselves. It weren’t too long till an uber arrived that Kal had booked to whether he had planned. Still being kept from finding out. Wes went into the uber first with Kal following behind. “What about you? What do you prefer to do for fun other than go out drinking?” He wondered looking over to him, turning the question background. Wes was curious wanting to get to know Kal more, on a personal level rather than just keep on saying things that happened to the meeting or relating back to it. “So are we nearly there yet or is it going to be where you turn out to be murderer plotting to kill me or something?” Wes laughed joking to the male yet in Evermore Wes had learnt nobody can be too sure.

Kal gave a knowing nod at the topic of doctors, he’d seen many different professionals in his life but the medication they prescribed and the advice they gave he had decided was tailored specifically for humans and even then he wasn’t sure all of it would work for them anyway. Kal was in relatively good place right now, which had him proud, but he knew how easy it was for that to turn around, still, he was able to make it out to meetings and go out with friends which on his worst days felt entirely impossible. The fear of being alone struck something in him though and he rolled his shoulders a little “I think I more fear who I become when alone” he admitted with a slight nod of his head, he could deal with being lonely if it wasn’t for the demons that always seemed to creep up on him.

“Well now I’m curious to know more” Kal commented with a wide grin, it sounded like this friend was one of the clingy types, though those tended to be the best because they would refuse to give up on you, even on your worst days when you wanted to tell them to just leave you alone. “And then you’re the third newest and before long you realize you’re the longest attending member of the group” Kal chuckled, he attended more for the company than for his own benefit now, it was routine for him and it felt strange on days he didn’t attend. The wink Wes sent his way didn’t go unnoticed and the Niveis smirked a little in response “Go ahead, it’s refreshing to be called something new” he chuckled “Though it may take me a while to learn to respond to it” since no one else called him by that name, in fact, he was pretty sure only his sister even knew it.

Kal gave him an appreciative nod when he talked around the topic of family, he was sure if he stuck around for more meetings he would get the gist of what the Niveis struggled with and if not then it wasn’t first meeting kind of topics to get into anyway. Like hey, my father murdered my brother right in front of me. “Looking to the future is how you begin to cope I find, get yourself something to look forward to, even if it’s ridiculously simple” sometimes for him it was just getting to have a treat he bought himself or something of the same caliber.

“I was happy about 5 minutes ago” Kal admitted with a slightly cheeky grin “Everything else is a bonus now” Kal wasn’t really a shy person despite the fact he spent so much time on his own, he was actually quite eccentric and fun and liked to surround himself with like-minded people. He was still figuring out the kind of person Wes was but he hadn’t seen anything that put him off wanting to talk to him, so in that respect, yes, he was glad he chased after him. The joke Wes spoke elicited a gentle chuckle from Kal, Wes had a shy sense of humor but the Niveis was sure that would only elevate with more confidence “Or spurring you on and making a pity party for two” Kal teased back imitating the male’s wink from earlier.

Some meetings were good and some of them dragged, today had been a little bit of a drag, which wasn’t surprising considering the people who had showed up today, Kal wasn’t one to moan all that much but there were certain people who did seem to come because they wanted attention rather than to listen to advice or get really help “Oooh there’s a bit of snark in there” he commented at Wes’ sarcastic tone and he chuckled softly, pretty justified really. Kal let a soft smile cross over his lips when Wes quickly refuted his comment about being dull “Thanks” he took the compliment for face value instead of getting shy,

Kal chuckled softly when Wes teased him about how long it took “Better late than never don’t they say?” he shook his head a little with amusement as he texted an excuse to the group chat about how something had come up and then a little childishly he started moving more quickly away from the building before anyone could catch them. Kal was laughing softly by the time the two of them got down the stairs and climbed into the car. Hearing Wes talk about his hobbies Kal raised his eyebrow a little “A binge watcher hey?” he wiggled his brows and smiled “Any recommendations for me?” he liked watching TV himself, though he was seriously behind on most shows and always got himself spoiled.

With the question turned back on him Kal pondered his answer for a moment “I like painting sometimes, though I’m not actually very good at it” he chuckled, it was more of an outlet than it was something he was personally talented in “I also often go down to the local shelter and help to take care of the animals sometimes” he liked being around animals, especially cats, so it was always an afternoon he looked forward to and didn’t really feel like work to him. When Wes asked if they were almost there Kal flicked his dark hues up towards the blue-eyed male and caught the amusement in them “Just down that road there” he pointed out a little tucked away bar in the middle of nowhere, the driver had taken them up some of the mountain in the time they had whiled away “and no murderous tendencies, at least not today anyway” he smirked as they pulled up and he thanked the driver before climbing out and heading around the front for wait for his drinking companion. The air was fresher up here and the wind ruffled through his hair, a brisk spring breeze that finally meant winter was officially over.

Wes knew that the meeting would be an eye opening for him in a way. For how he was seeing what his current life right now was like and what he could do to change it. As how things were like now it weren’t healthy or good, that's something he knew for sure. To see for what may be pushing him deeper in the sinking hole he was finding himself in. Not knowing how to get out. Depression. A deep and darkening place. It was something he didn’t want to carry on having, with the struggle with it all on his own. Seeking help was the start of it. A way if Wes seeing himself getting better. To be surrounded by other people like him. Not feeling all alone in a way. Wes knew that if his sister Natalie saw him now how downhill he’d gone, she’d been sad and disappointed in a way. Feeling that he was always disappointing her in all different ways. In a way Wes knew what Kal was feeling both know what it feels like to be in a dark place not knowing how to get out. “The meetings are your safe place in a way, somewhere to turn to?” He spoke softly looking over to him for a moment.

He’d never admit to Rowan’s face how he enjoys the friendship that they have. How the times he comes over helps to distract Wes. Keeping him distracted with just him being there as company, if it was watching tv. Playing fifa or drinking a beer having to hear Rowan complain about his job for hours. “I wish I never told you about him now” Wes jokes laughing, feeling himself letting his guard down. Letting loose, not feeling all that tense anymore. “We could get matching badges one for newest member and one for oldest member” He pointed out, wiggling his brows a little. Low key flirting. Something Wes hadn’t done in quite a long time, never really finding person he’d feel comfortable around. “I’d probably forget it tho, I’m never the best at names” He added or remembering things, thankful that he’d not needing to remember anyones names in the meetings. Avoiding people finding out his name too.

Future was always something bleak to him. Never thinking for looking towards the future. Struggling to cope with the present let alone to think of the future was still a big issue for the Instar Diviner. “What if your scared of what the future may bring so your clinging onto how things are now before it it all changes the way you don’t want it to be like?” He confessed turning the conversation more darker it was just at times how his thoughts became more darker ones. “Sorry” He apologized knowing that they weren’t back in the meeting not both wanting to confess of all their problems to each other. Wes knew that Kal probably had his own problems he was dealing with himself not needing to hear Wes go on about his own. Not wanting to put a downer to everything something that Rowan always teased him about.

It’s only been a little while since they had met but already Wes didn’t feel that they were total strangers, able to talk and joke to each other without feeling the awkwardness fill the air not knowing what to say next. “So are you saying that I’m the bonus?” He teased softly raising a brow catching him out. Wes wouldn’t admit but Kal was making him feel happier but sure he’d be able to notice it. Easily able to forget about all of his problems being like a normal person for a change. “A pity party for two is better than pity party for more” He joked with a grin on his face trying to continue on with the teasing each other.

Wes used to be used to people always complaining about different issues mostly able problems all going on everywhere. Back to when he used to live back in the middle part of the Diviner territory. Until Wes got fed up of everybody back there deciding to move to a outer part of the territory. Way of escaping but ending up distancing himself from everybody around him. “Just admit you were thinking the same just never want to say it” He mused adding about what Wes already thought about people back in the meeting. “My sense of style is quite boring, I have too many clothes that are either black, white or grey to count” Way of easily blending in, staying in the shadows in a way.

“What if I managed to escape more better without being caught then not come back to the meeting. Would you have seeked me out? Or spend your life not knowing me?” Wes continued to tease him but easily able to point of what could of happen. Back then Wes was moments away from leaving but caught.  Wes was noticing how Kal was dragging him away almost, hurrying them further away from the city. “You not wanting to be caught with me huh? Or you want to keep me as a secret?” Not that he minded either way, to be honest he had wanted to spend some one on one time with Kal, back to in the meeting. Wes was curious about him in a way. “I got no shame tho” Wes could easily spend his days binge watching shows on end then ending up not knowing what day it was. “I would say Game of Thrones since it’s just come back. I want to go back from the start to watch it again. When something has not been on for so long I kind of forget what happens in the past seasons” Game of Thrones was always close to his heart one he’d always turn back to watch because of how much of great show it was.

Wes waited to hear what hobbies Kals had, looking to the male he could see he needed a moment to think if he had any. “I’m sure that your not that bad if it’s something you keep doing” He pointed out, most people stop after a while when they find out their not good at something. Wes was a bit surprised to hear that Kal was one of the people who liked to take care of the community. “You like to help out” He smiled softly at Kal. “My sister used to like taking in stray cats when were younger till there was too many and I made her give them up” First time he’d spoken about his sister without feeling depressed. Wes was wondering where Kal was taking them, it weren’t a place that he’d been to before. “Not today?” Wes smirked back returning the smirk. The instar Diviner shook his head for a moment as they both got out of the uber. Looking around to see where there were. “So is this where you take people who you want you want to get to know better or your escape place?”He wondered sounding curious looking over to Kal. Knowing that people had places that they liked to to go to, where no one knows them. To escape everyone and everything. “Lead the way, show me this place you are dying to show me?” Letting Kal take the lead, to see if this place meets his expectations if it was Kal’s style.

Wes’ question caused Kal to pause for a moment purse his lips “They’re my way of acknowledging what’s going on with me and making the effort to be around people” he admitted with a slight nod of his head “It can be a very lonely life, dealing with all” he made a gesture to the general area around him and then bit his lip “This” he finished and met Wes’ gaze, he wondered how much he got what he was talking about, they were just getting to know one another after all and had no idea what each other had been through. Everyone came here because they wanted to handle their problems though and that much they definitely had in common “And honestly, it’s become a good habit for me” he explained with a shrug of his shoulders “A reason to get out of the house at least” maybe that made him sound boring but sometimes that much was enough to be proud of, on the really bad days anyway.

Kal didn’t really have a lot of friends, kinda came with the fact that he left everyone he’d ever had a real relationship behind with about 40 years ago, since then he’d played the game of never letting anyone get too close, everyone got close ended up hurt, he told himself. But things were starting to feel a little different for him, seeing his sister again after so many years and meeting his niece had more impact on him than he wanted to admit out loud “Oh come on, can’t be a bad thing to have someone checking up on you” sometimes he wished he had that, on the days he felt weak, maybe having someone around would make it easier to face the day. “Why stop there, might as well just go for the matching tattoos and be done with it” he teased back keeping up with the other male’s playful tone, he sensed a slightly flirty air between them but he wasn’t sure if that was just him reading too far into things, regardless he played along “Well we can both try and remember the three letter names we both have and call it fair then” he winked with a chuckle.

Kal hadn’t really been expecting Wes to go so deep on their first conversation so he went quiet when he heard him speak, biting on his tongue inside his mouth as he let the other male say his piece, he got it, he got it way more than he could probably put into words, he’d been there, not wanting to plan for the future, existing rather living, it was a hard thing to go through “That’s a big topic” he spoke before the other male apologized and Kal shook his head a little “The first thing you gotta learn is not to apologize for feeling the way you do, nothing gets better when you bottle it” a small piece of advice he’d found endlessly helpful in his own. He gave what Wes said before and gave some thought “It’s alright to be scared of change, we all are” she nodded a little, unknown quantities bugged him no end “But not all changes are bad either?” he suggested with raised brows “I mean we did get to meet because you changed something in your life right?” the Niveis smiled softly.

It was strange, how he could feel so in tune with someone he’d just met, especially because when he’d run after Wes they hadn’t even said a direct word to one another, the way they both spoke throughout the meeting indirectly aiming their comments at one another told him he had to know this guy “I guess that’s exactly what I’m saying” Kal responded with a low chuckle, there was no mistaking this was flirting now but unlike with most people where he found himself wanting to run a mile when the conversation turned that way, he found himself wanting to keep up with Wes’ quips “Well true, a pity fest, that’s just tragic” responding to the joke “For two it is then” he spoke with a smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth.

When Wes called him out for being too polite to comment on it he opened his mouth as though he was going to disagree with the statement and then he tilted his head to the side a little and shrugged “Okay you’re not wrong, but you can’t just say things like that” he teased with a chuckle, the other male was quite direct with his comments and it was catching Kal off guard at every turn, but he kept coming back for more so he supposed he quite liked the way he was. The difference between the way the two of them were dressed was so clear it quite literally looked strange for the two of them to be standing next to one another “So you’re saying the worst thing in the world to you is if someone bought you a yellow shirt?” Kal teased thinking of the brightest most obnoxious color that came to mind.

Again with the direct questions, Kal found himself totally out of his element with Wes, he knew how to challenge him and everything he knew about conversation at every turn and the Niveis couldn’t get enough of it, for someone who claimed to be boring and want to fit in, he sure did stand out to the raven-haired male, pulled him in with every word “Bold of you to assume you could have managed to escape” Kal teased and then nodded “Something about you…” he pursed his lips a little “You’re so different to everyone else I know, so I’d definitely have wanted to know you, minus the stalker way you phrased that” he chuckled as the two of them made their way to the exit of the building and Wes asked him whether he didn’t want to be caught with him “Oh no it’s not like that” he responded with a chuckle “I’d just rather someone else not spot us and try and make an attempt to hijack it” which from the way some of those people acted sometimes was entirely possible. He wanted a chance to get to know Wes without any distractions. The mention of Game of Thrones made Kal chuckle, he’d always meant to get around to watching it, or watching anything really, but technology and spending time in front of a screen wasn’t something he’d ever gotten in the habit of. Still plenty of time though “Damn that’s some serious commitment to a show, aren’t the episodes like an hour long?” he questioned with a raised brow.

When Wes pointed out the effort he put into painting the Niveis smiled softly “I guess you’re right, it’s never gonna be the thing I make an entire life out of, but I enjoy doing it, it’s kinda therapeutic, putting all your thoughts into something visual” he shrugged, he enjoyed doing it and that was all that really mattered. The soft smile on Wes’ lips when he spoke the next words spread a tingling feeling through Kal’s chest and he sucked in a breath as he listened to him talk about his sister, the bright tone to his voice making him smile “I like having an excuse to hang out with cats all day” he admitted with a chuckle “The helping out part is nice too” it was a good feeling to give your time back into something.

Once they stepped out of the car it drove off the way it came and left the two of them standing there, they were pretty high up the base of the mountains here, part of the Initia community he supposed and the view of Evermore was absolutely breathtaking from here, the city’s skyline in full view but it got even better. “A little of both” he admitted with a light chuckle as he jerked his chin to imply Wes follow him “I don’t share it with many people so you should feel very special” he teased, especially not people from the meetings as he knew they would occupy this place constantly and he just needed space sometimes. He got the feeling Wes was the same as him in that mind so he wasn’t worried about showing him. He led the way through the entrance, the space was small, the bar lined up along one wall and the different areas were tucked away in different corners with bookcases lining the walls which you could take a book from and all kinds of flowers and plants. Kal sucked in a breath as reached out and took hold of Wes’ arm by his wrist to take him over to the show stopper though, a glass wall which reached out in three different directions and let you see almost the entire city from the overlook. It never failed to stun him every time he saw it and he’d been coming here a long time. After a moment he realized he was still holding onto the other male’s arm and let go with a slightly awkward clear of his throat.

Wes was waiting to hear Kal’s answer, worrying if he was overstepping a little. Not wanting to say the wrong thing, he was always the one to be nervous around new people. The anxiety and worry of meeting new people and all. Yet he wasn't feeling like that around Kal, to him it felt that they’ve known each other for some time. Some sort of connection. Listening to his words, finding bit about him more better. “I’ve never really been a people person myself, like if I could I could avoid any social situations myself” He admitted joking to the last part to it, he weren’t that bad. Each person has a small part of them that was the same. Wes looked to Kal as he spoke understanding what he was saying, both thinking the same thing. “Habit is good. Something I need to do better at” Wes reassured softly, Kal having more courage than him to seek help a lot sooner than he himself should of.

During the past year Wes had pushed away many people, more than all before. All those who were just trying to help him to get him through all that happening with his sister. Pushing his own coven members away, the doctors and nurses in the hospital. Ending up at rock bottom almost. Not feeling up to facing the outside word, Wes not wanting normality. It weren’t the same without his sister, Natlie. Even how much he tried to forget about how bad his life was getting, he just couldn’t. The only person he hadn’t managed to push away was Rowan, mostly because the Scott always ignored Wes’s constantly saying that he just wants to be left alone.Truthfully he didn’t want to be left alone, Wes didn’t want to put everyone down around him because of him. Always thinking people are better off without him. “I regret giving him a spare key” Half wishing that he hadn’t for the part of Rowan making his flat into his own.”Who says we don’t have matching tattoos. You know the saying what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and all” He teased back again with a wink before bursting out laughing a little shaking his head. “Just joking we don’t have any matching tattoos well none that I know of” They weren’t the type to get that wasted after a long night out, making bad decisions like that. “Easy for us right?” Maybe even fate.

Sometimes he forgets to turn off the depressing side to him. All his dark thoughts come to a surface. Right now Wes was in a better place since going to the meeting and talking to Kal. Feeling some sort connection, understanding each other in a way that people like Rowan weren’t able to. “I’ve never been able to talk to anyone about my problems before, nobody really understands what I’m feeling” He admitted to Kal, so used to bottling it all up with nobody else to tell. “Till you” He was right if Wes didn’t come to the meeting they may have never have met, no crossing paths. “Taking time away from my own self loathing and pity”

Wes was starting to come out of his comfort zone more as he was talking to Kal, like how he was around Rowan. Not feeling tense or overthinking anything. He weren’t blind either, knowing there was more to the reason why Kal chased after him. Other than talking about meeting where both of them were mostly distracted by each other being mysterious to focusing on what was being said during. “Maybe your a bonus too” Wes added onto his comment, flirting a little more. It wasn't usual for Wes, normally he avoided making conversation like this to any man or woman. Never really finding anyone else he was comfortable to flirt with

There were times he was a bit candid. Speaking the truth and what he thinks, not caring what it may cause. Reasons to why he was chosen by necromancer to fae, the opposite of his sister. Both the dark and the light. “I’ll say it behind closed doors don’t worry” Wes winked before laughing softly. With the mention of yellow shirt made his face be full with horror, even imagining it and all. “Oh please no” Almost cringing at the thought, rolling his eyes to Kal’s idea. “I’ll burn it straight away” Nothing left of it, not knowing how Kal does it wearing clothes that Wes would say wee out of his own comfort zone. Yet he liked how they all suited him, matched with his own personality. He wasn't scared to stand out whilst for him he was, not brave as him.

Wes could have easily escaped after the meeting, ready to get out there as soon as it finished. To use his Diviner powers to transport away, that was his most  favourite trick and power. Maybe he used it more than one should but just made everything easier for him. Wes could understand with what Kal was saying, it was the same for him. Feeling and thinking the same about him. “You are quite mysterious too, if I might say. But in a good way, don’t worry, I know you aren’t a stalker” He emphasised softly looking to him more closely. Noticing the little things, taking him in almost different to up close to across the room for each other.  Both of them were leaving, heading to where Kal was wanting to show and take him to. A smirk appeared on the Diviners lips hearing how he didn’t want anyone else to hijack it. “So you saying you wanting me all to yourself?” He teased softly, continue to press onto how he didn’t want anyone else to come along. There was no shame to watching a series with long episodes, making the difference from a casual show watcher to a dedicated on. “Sometimes when I get too invested in a show, I never noticed how many episodes in or what the time is till it’s around 4 in the morning. Then at then there's no point to sleeping anyways” Shrugging his shoulders a little, insomnia was the usual for him. With messed up sleeping patterns. “So what's your show fix? You know mine so it’s only fair for you to spill”

He could tell how much Kal enjoys painting with the way he spoke of it, making a smile appear on Wes’s lips. It was something he needed or something similar rather than spending time watching tv that was not so good for his mind. “I prefer cats over dogs, don’t hate me” He admitted, chuckling a little. The constant debate over cats or dogs. “But mostly for the cats” Wes mused smirking back, turning to look to side to see where exactly where they were going. To see if he could see anything that he’d recognise or gives hints to where it was but all was a surprise for him, all he could see it was nearing the initia territory. A place he tended not to go to, having no reason before. Happy to be shared where the spot was. When they got there and out of the car, he was looking around “Well I do feel special” He grinned looking over to Kal following his tease that they spent most time doing, not that he’s complaining. Enjoying it. Following in Kal’s steps letting him take the lead the way, as they stepped inside he was surprised to see this hidden gem. A bar and place with books, something he wouldn’t thought be put together but was a good idea. Wes was taken by surprise, feeling Kal take hold of his wrist, guiding over to where the main surprise was. What a surprise it was, the whole view was just breathtaking able to see the whole city from where they were standing. “Just wow” Lost for words never seeing the city like this before even living here all his life. “I can see why this is your special place, seeing the whole city from a different view” Still amazed, happy to be one of the few to see it all. Not even feeling Kal let go of his arm, part of him didn’t want him to let go. “Thank you for letting me be one of the few” He smiled widely feeling happy for the first time in a long time, all his problems and dark thoughts were out of his mind.

There was something about Wes that just seemed to feel different to him, that wasn’t just him being cheesy but from the moment he heard him speak in the meeting he got the feeling he wasn’t there for attention, he was truly looking for some sort of solace in his life and Kal could relate to that because it was exactly why he started coming to these meetings too “I like the company of people, but I prefer to spend time with people alone rather than big crowds” Kal often felt like certain people got lost in groups and you never really got to know them. Most of the time he was okay with that as he didn’t really let people in, he had a few friends he kept around but mostly he preferred the company of his cat “You seem different though, I feel like you have some good stories” he teased as he leaned in a little closer as though he was studying him and then laughed softly.

Kal probably wasn’t the best example of a healthy social life, he did make an effort to go out for a couple of hours after meetings and there he supposed he was relatively popular, it wasn’t that people didn’t want to spend time with him, more that he avoided spending time with them. It was rare for him to find himself drawn to someone and even rarer for him to run after them or make it pretty clear he wanted to get to know them. And he recognized this situation far too well, remembering this exactly feeling back when he had first met Thomaz. It made him a little nervous, especially because it had been so many years since then, so much so that it felt like the first time he was flirting with someone all over again. Still, Wes seemed to return as good as he got which gave Kal confidence to continue. “Oh I think you appreciate his company more than you admit” the elder male teased as he nudged his shoulder against Wes’ “Clearly he does yours if he keeps showing up” he chuckled and glanced over at him, meeting his gaze, he had the grumpy but really handsome kind of look to him, Kal definitely liked what he saw “Precisely Bob, easy to remember” he teased purposely completely getting the other male’s name wrong and chuckling.

Despite the fact it was clear the both of them were struggling with the darker thoughts they had in their minds, it didn’t feel difficult to talk to each other, perhaps because they both understood how the other felt, other people who hadn’t experienced it for themselves never really got it, he couldn’t blame them for that, nor would he wish for them to go through it either “Sometimes you just need to be around people who get it, you know, understand that on your lowest day you’re not going to be able to give you everything” he felt like they could find that understanding. He smiled softly at him “Even if you don’t come back to the meetings, you have someone you can reach out to” he would always be there for someone if they needed to talk.

But Kal got the feeling what Wes was looking for right now was a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel, maybe even someone to be there for him and who he felt like he could talk to, strangely, despite the fact they barely knew one another yet, Kal was wondering if he could perhaps be that person. The Niveis had been as subtle as he could with his flirting so far but he definitely felt a level of attraction to the other male that he couldn’t just ignore. Maybe that was the reason he had darted out after him. The more that they flirted the more Kal felt confident to show his more playful side. “What an honor” he spoke playfully back to him when he said he was a bonus, that wink had him parting his lips for a moment though before he smirked, damn he knew exactly what to do to keep the Niveis’ attention. He couldn’t stop himself laughing at the look of horror on Wes’ face at the mention of the yellow shirt, he snickered a little “Nothing too brightly colored then” he teased with a laugh as he pressed his lips together “What about like a mid blue, is that still too crazy?” he chuckled softly.

Kal looked over to Wes when he called him mysterious, raising his brow curiously, he never really considered himself mysterious but he supposed he was a loner and very rarely let anyone see the real life he led and in that sense, he was pretty elusive. “I’m a simple guy really, cat lover, shop owner, know way too much about the worth of strange items” he chuckled softly, something about Wes made him want to admit the truth to him, wanted to give him the chance to know him in whatever way the other male wanted. When Wes quite boldly surmised what Kal had suggested the Niveis chuckled reaching a hand to scratch at the back of his neck “Would it be too bold of me to say yes to that?” he asked a little nervously, it wasn't exactly a secret at this point that Kal wanted some alone time with the other male to see who he was when things weren’t quite so professional and formal, he definitely he had a feeling he was a deeper and more interesting person than most might credit him for. Kal laughed as Wes talked about his obsession with watching TV shows “So don’t get between you and TV shows” he chuckled “Noted” when Wes asked him what his fix was he clicked his tongue as he considered it “I’m not really a big watcher but I did get a little hooked on Black Mirror” he answered with a shrug of his shoulders.

Kal laughed when Wes very defensively admitted her preferred cats to dogs “Me too” he responded with a shrug “My cat and I have and understanding, she can be demanding at times though” he definitely imagined his cat was royalty in another life because she could be a diva sometimes but when she wanted to be sweet, she could be really cuddly. Kal liked having her around though, things felt a little less lonely since he had gotten her. “Definitely mostly for the cats” he teased with a laugh “You should check it out sometimes, who knows, maybe you’ll find one you can’t resist taking him” Kal chuckled because that’s exactly what happened to him, he was working at the shelter and his cat Ivy had just kinda started following him around.

Now they had finally made it to the bar, he was excited to show Wes the view, honestly, he had been so stunned by it the first time he came here and that was exactly what kept him coming back, along with the excellent range in drinks and the fact that the family who owned the bar were really kind but didn’t hover. Kal was guilty of solo drinking here a lot so he knew he was going to get a few whispers about him now that he had come here with someone. He didn’t mind. Wes was looking out of the window at the view but Kal was looking at him, seeing the way the surprise and wonder lit up his face, the same way it had for the Niveis the first time he had seen it too “Pretty spectacular right” he spoke softly and squeezed a little against his wrist before he finally let it go. He hadn’t even really realized he had taken a hold of him at first but the other male hadn’t shied away from his touch which only spurred his confidence further. He smiled sweetly when Wes thanked him for letting him see the place “Something told me you’d be good company to bring here” he chuckled “and that you’d appreciate the peacefulness of it all” he spoke and nodded, not the place he’d bring crowds of people but the moment Wes suggested they go somewhere without the group, this was the first place that came to mind.

“Alright, I believe we were promised a pity party drink for two right?” he teased with a laugh and jerked his chin towards the bar and then made his way over to it, when he got there he greeted the bartender with a grin because he recognized her as the owner’s daughter, she gave him a look when she glanced over to Wes, Kal pulled a face back and shook his head “I’ll take a Martini please” he spoke and then turned towards Wes with a goofy grin on his face “and whatever he would like” he challenged with raised brows interesting to see what Wes’ poison of choice was.

Wes was so used to pushing people away part of his downward spiral. There’s not really many people who have stuck and persisted. Whilst many by now had given up with him by now. Finding himself pushing himself further and further away from his coven. Just wanting his own space to be away from people. Whilst Wes knew  deep down, it was the opposite of what he should be doing right now but found it only way that helped things. Not having anyone’s fake concerns, thinking that they're just doing the good deed. Trying to pretend that they know all that's he’s going through and how he’s feeling. In reality, nobody knows how he’s feeling, sometimes he felt all alone. Wes was truly glad that people like Rowan and a few other doctors hadn’t given up on him completely, who just ignored his constantly trying to push them away. Everything coming full circle after a long time for him to admit that he needed help himself. To put himself first for once instead of constantly worrying over his sister, he was only making himself more ill. Instead of dedicating all his time trying to figure out different ways of how it could be possible for his sister to wake up. Losing hope now that she’ll ever wake up as it’s been so long. Most doctors were all confused to why she hadn’t. Truthfully he knew that there may be more to it why, a supernatural reason behind it all. Something he couldn’t exactly mention and talk to the doctors about. 

Another reason why Wes was against going to meetings was the whole meeting different people and all. Never being the people person type of person. Always preferring his own company instead of others. Whilst there’s a few people like his sister, Rowan and now Kal who he felt completely comfortable and himself around. Not feeling uncomfortable and tense around. “I’m not really a people person, I’m more better with few people” Agreeing with Kal for the end part, how they were alike in similar ways. “A good different I hope?” He teased with a wink, feeling now in a way weight lifted off his shoulders. Finding himself behind himself around Kal like how he’s around Rowan maybe a bit more. Something that's hard to come by for him it was. Always being the type of person who weren’t too fond of big crowds, it all just gave him anxiety. One of the reasons why he quit high school all those years back. 

Wes still hadn’t exactly told Rowan that he has not been coping as well as he may have been saying. Although he was sure that he could see it but thought it may be better not to say anything, to Wes figure out things on his own. Not wanting to worry him any more knowing that he had other things to think about instead of just worrying about him. Wes never liked to think that he was other people's problems, always distancing himself from others so that he wouldn’t be a problem. “Don’t let him hear that it’ll ruin my ego” Wes joked shaking his head already able to picture Rowan’s gloating, just like on the rare occasions where he wins on Fifa or another game. Yet each time Wed was just letting him hear. “Or is it just for all the free food” He piped up a little, at times his apartment was like a free for all. Wes screwed up his nose a little hearing Kal call him by a different name yet he knew that was doing it on purpose. “It's Wes” Correcting him almost instantly

Always having hated his name, even as a kid he hated when adults would call him by his full name. Wes felt like it was an old and unusual name, even teased by it. Another reason why he hated school. Wishing he could of been called something different instead but he was stuck with it. Wes found listening to Kal, he was able to talk about things he’d never felt comfortable admitting to other people. Finding that he gets it, knowing how he’s feeling. To know how to feel better. He knew he didn’t know Kal’s deep rooted problems, same how he didn’t know Wes’s. “We get each other, you get me like no one else” He admitted, biting his lip looking a bit sheepishly. Not knowing it he was getting a bit too personal too quickly as they’ve only just met not too long ago. “Is this what you tell everybody” He went on teasing a little before becoming more serious. “I appreciate it, I really do” Happy that he knew he had someone to talk to, who understands what he may be feeling. Who wouldn’t judge or think any differently of him. 

He was glad that he did go to the meeting. For once putting himself out there and taking a step forward to getting help. Something before he never found the courage to so. Spending more time over thinking everything instead of looking to the bigger picture behind it all. Something he should try to do better on. Slowly but surely. “Would you say I’m a bonus too?” He suggested, following through with Kal’s playful tone with his own. “Does white count as colourful?” Having most of his tops were either black, white or grey. “Maybe, just maybe if your lucky” Wes smiled a little, grinning maybe getting swayed around different colours for his clothes. Only a little. “You never know I could surprise you” He teased back again with a wink, starting to get a bit bolder around Kal. Starting to step out of his comfort zone slowly. 

Wes was still starting to figure Kal out, to him he seemed like a mystery. Yet even back in the meeting room across the room he could sense that there was something different but in a good way about him. Wanting him to find out more but not having the courage in there to stay and find out. Now he had the chance to. “So cat lover, person who knows stuff about everything. All good things” Postive things for him “So you own a shop huh? What type of shop is it?” Taking and showing he had an interest in wanting to know me. “Is it one selling mixture of everything?” He wondered, able to see Kal running a shop with old hidden treasures. Who knew the history behind each one. A sheepish smile appeared on his lips not caring to hide it hearing Kal admit that he chased and stopped him because he wanted to get to know him too. “What if I said the same” Both admitting they wanted to know each other better. “Don’t worry I’ll get you hooked soon enough on it” Almost sounding like he was being a bit too forwards hinting that they’d spend more time with each other. Waiting for a moment if Kal would have picked up on it but Wes decided to carry on with the conversation. “I’ve never seen Black Mirror, is it any good?” A show that's been around for a few years but he was the one to keep putting it off each time it was suggested. Too busy going back and re-watching old shows instead of being invested in new ones. 

“So the cat rules your house then?” Wes joked already able to imagine it. “I don’t know, maybe I’ll look into getting a cat. It’ll be company and all” Since everything that happened and was going on with his sister. Living by himself, Wes have felt lonely. Having no one for company apart from the times when Rowan comes over. Yet when it’s just him in the empty flat then it feels so empty. To find a cat that matched and suited his personality almost. “On the other hand, I don’t want to turn into a man with 100 cats” Wes chuckled hinting for something that could happen. “I’ll be fine with just one, don’t worry” 

Waiting to see if this place was up to all the hype that Kal was talking about. Wanting to see why it was so special to him, knowing there’s a reason around it. From the moment Wes saw the view from inside the bar of the whole city outline, he instantly saw why it was. Truly living up to the hype. Speechless in a way but a good why. “It really is” He smiled looking back at Kal. “Well I’m glad that I’m worthy of it” He joked softly yet he did appreciate it and like the thought that Kal put into it. “Right the drinks” Almost too distracted forgetting about it for a moment, the reason for coming here. Wes followed Kal over to the bar so they could order drinks. Listening into Kal’s order. “Umm I’ll just have beer please” Playing it safe yet it kinda showed how much of a simple person he was. Able to see that Kal was eager to see what he was having. “I’m not much of a drinker, well social one” More of the one drinking by himself or a few causal beers with Rowan at each others apartment. 

The Niveis raised his brows a little when he asked if it was a good different and then chuckled “I think any kind of different is a good thing, not one for just fitting into the crowd me” there had been a time where that was exactly what he did, the good soldier who always did as he was told without questioning it, another pawn in his father’s game but now he realized just how different he was and how he didn’t want to be anything like anyone else. The more he talked to Wes the more the other male seemed to calm and become comfortable, it was almost as if the initial reason the two of them met was forgotten and now they were just figuring out getting to know one another. It was nice, not feeling any pressure and just generally being himself.

He laughed, despite the way Wes teased and jested about his friend he could tell the other male seemed to really care about him, Kal didn’t really have a close friend like that, he had many acquaintances and some friends he could while away an afternoon with but when it came to someone who would really be there for him and share deeper things, he felt like he was sorely lacking. He was glad Wes had that kind of support though because it would be really good for him to know there were people on his side. “Not the precious ego, who dares to care about someone these days” he teased with a chuckle, there had definitely been a time in his life where he wore his heart on his sleeve but that part of him died a long time ago “Well free food is always tempting, maybe I should be paying a visit too” he teased and wiggled his brow letting out a chuckle when Wes corrected his name “I know, Wes” he spoke the name slowly enjoying the way it sounded.

Kal had to admit he was pretty surprised by the next thing that Wes spoke, his lips parting for moment because he was a little taken aback by it but then he smiled softly, that was a very bold thing to say, especially for someone who he’d first pegged as somewhat shy but the more he talked to him the more that seemed to feel like a first impression thing and not what he was really like. He nodded a little “You’re pretty direct huh?” he spoke slightly shyly dipping his gaze for a moment “but I’m glad you feel like that, it’s pretty relieving right?” he smiled softly, it had been for him, finally feeling like things made sense a little and giving him a tiny amount of control over the things he was going through “Oh of course not, only the really special ones” he teased with a laugh and nodded “You’re welcome” he spoke softly, he meant it, if he could help even a tiny bit then that was enough for him.

Another direct question made Kal note in his head that the other male definitely liked to do the most surprising thing and catch the Niveis off guard, not that he minded, it was refreshing to be around someone that kept him on his toes and didn’t give him the chance to second guess anything. “Absolutely” he responded to his question and chuckled “Charming, well-groomed, funny guy, who could complain” he teased and then laughed when he asked if white was colorful “White is probably the third least colorful only losing to black and grey” he eyed him for a moment noting that he definitely did only wear neutral colors “Blue’s a maybe huh? Damn, tough crowd” he teased considering blue was typically a less adventurous color “Well you’re already doing a pretty good job of that” he commented honestly, he definitely wasn’t what he seemed at first glance and Kal was definitely interested in knowing more about him.

He really liked how interested Wes seemed to be in what he did, he didn’t think the shop was particularly interesting or thrilling to most, it was just buying and trading with many different people but he found he got to see a lot of amazing things, especially when it came to the supernatural and he had dealt with a lot of fascinating magical objects, he reached up to scratch at the back of his neck “I guess you could call it a pawn shop, though I specialize in very rare and very powerful items” he glanced up at him wondering if he would get the subtle hint about the supernatural considering they hadn’t had that conversation yet and Kal didn’t know what species Wes was. “There’s a lot of history in my little shop if you know what you’re looking for” he grinned a little, he was proud of what he had built “What about you?” he eyed him trying to figure out what he might do for a living. When Wes mentioned getting him hooked on it he sucked in a breath getting filled with hope that the other male saw this as more than a one time meeting “Well I’m pretty impressionable so I imagine you won’t have much trouble doing that” he grinned a little,he shrugged a little when he asked if Black Mirror is good “It’s thrilling, the kinda show that keeps drawing you in and making you wanna know more” he nodded “I enjoy it” though it wasn’t everyone’s thing.

“Oh absolutely, Ivy definitely thinks she owned the world in another life” she was sweet when she wanted to be but most of the time she was pretty demanding and high maintenance and yet Kal loved her anyway, how strange was the bond between people and animals “Best decision I made in many years, to be honest, the place feels a little less empty with her to come home to” he grinned a little, his cheeks flushing a little as he realized how that might sound. The way Wes worried about ending up with far too many cats did make him laugh “Don’t worry, I’ll tell you when enough’s enough” he waved his finger as though he was scolding him and then raised his brows teasingly.

No one he had brought to this bar so far had been disappointed with the view, it really was stunning and not what you expected at all, not to mention the atmosphere itself was really nice and relaxing, he never felt overcrowded or uncomfortable here which he supposed is what kept him coming back time and time again. Plus their drinks were always a bar above the other places he went to sometimes “The best part is once we get our drinks we can sit by the window and just enjoy it” at least that’s what he’d really like to do, he was curious to get to know the other male a little more, understand what made him tick, what he enjoyed, get a feel for the person he was. He shot him a questioning look when he simply ordered a beer but shrugged it off when he said he wasn’t much of a bar frequenter “You look like a man who would get along with gin” he commented with a light chuckle, when their drinks were ready he paid the bartender and led the way to the table he’d had his eye on, sitting across from his new companion “Cat person, lives alone, only drinks beer” he narrowed his eyes a little as he stated his assumptions so far and then took a long breath “Tell me more, family? Lived in Evermore long?” frankly he wanted to hear more and more and he really liked the sound of Wes’ voice so that helped too.

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