Time passed and yet things still felt like they were the same. To say this year had been one of the worst felt like like the understatement of the century. Sariah knew people came and went but every piece of fear inside her was proven right as people piece by piece walked out of her life. There was Giselle, the deputy mayor whom she had stuck up a close friendship with only for her to leave the city unexpectedly after an emergency. Orion, someone who had become so important to the human ambassador, someone who showed her it was okay to open her heart again only for things to not work out the way she hoped. They said this was for the best but nothing about her life felt like the best right now.

And then there was the biggest tear in her heart. One which couldn't be filled by the odd phonecall or text here and there. This one ran deeper, because Cornelia didn't just leave, she was gone. It still hurt to think about her fallen best friend, memories of late nights drinking wine and talking the world away, watching the dumbest movies and trying to predict the plot as accurately as possible, which the detective was always amazing at. And a little kitten who still looked out the window, waiting for the day her second owner would come back through the door. 

It was getting late. There was a storm beginning to roll it's way into Evermore and Sariah could hear the sound of the rain as it crashed against the window. She had noticed that Pancake had been acting strangely the past few days, always wanting to be let out late in the evening and disappearing out into the night. Getting herself into trouble no doubt and honestly Sariah was worried about. She never spent so much time outdoors before this, it was like there was somewhere she needed to be. When she started the familiar scratching against the door, Sariah gave her a pointed look "You can't possibly want to go out in this" she chided the little cat but she continued to scratch. 

Sighing Sariah grabbed her coat before opening the door, locking it behind her and ducking out into the rain. Might as well find out which of the neighbors must be feeding her cat and therefore coaxing her to make her way there every night. Though a few streets of chasing later and the human found herself impressed by how far the little cat was willing to go to visit her friend. Finally though, she saw her come to a stop outside of a house before running to dive her way into one of the slightly opened windows. The blonde raised her brow curiously, what a strange place to come. She hesitated for a moment before heading up towards the door of the building, pausing and reconsidering before finally placing a few light knocks on the door. 

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