Began with an angel hunting in the wrong place, and A Therian with good timing.

Name: Siobhan

Species:  Pure Nephilim

Age: 21

Short Bio: Learning how to function in a world she had never known with the help of Isaac who is the man who saved her life when she had nowhere else to go. She works for him as his assistant.  Which leads her many places around the town for him. Some times she returns to the woods when she is feeling overwhelmed it is her safe place.

Name: Dominic 

Species: Therian

Short Bio: A woodsman in every sense, but an Ailward Guard first. The big guy you hope is on your side when shit goes down ;)

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Siobhan had relied on Isaac so much once she came to the city, he had saved her  life after losing her father and brother, then causing the relationship between her and her mother to be strained. Though this life inside of the city was so much different than the one she was use to. She had grown up on a farm never been around technology until a few weeks ago. She never had been inside the city until a few weeks ago and it was a culture shock for sure. She spent a week walking around the city with Isaac by her side making sure she didn’t get lost thankful for the help she learned the city quickly thanks to her tracking skills. Now weeks later she had become the Assistant that Isaac never had running around the town delivering things for him from place to place it had become stressful for her.

She told Isaac she need a weekend away to reconnect with her roots. She left that friday early in the morning and found herself in the woods not far from where her father and brother had been killed. Being in the woods made her miss them even more. She sat up her camp picking up her Bow and arrow as she began to walk through the woods and stood where she found their bodies for a long moment. Even though they were no long there physical it was like that memory was burned into her head “I miss you, both of you.” She whispered softly just before she heard the snapping sound.  And in moments it was like she was back in the night. She pulled the bowstring back and turned quickly behind her not seeing anything at first she slowly took steps towards the noise. The night was coming upon her fast and she knew she should go back to her camp site but she was invested in finding who made that sound.  

So she walked deeper into the woods until night was upon her and she saw those dead white eyes just like the creature that killed her brother and father the one she killed that night she knew there had to be more of them she just never thought she would find another one. Flash backs of the night kept coming except the rage she had that night wasn’t there anymore she was picked up by the creature tossed off the side of a small cliff. When she landed on the ground she gasped out in pain as she looked to her leg seeing the bone protruding from her leg she screamed in pain as she crawled over to the bow drawing back and shooting at the creature unloading the arrow through its eye and watched as it fell lifeless rolling out of it’s way before she sat up. She could see she was losing blood fast as she groaned in pain her hands shaking. She need to snap her bone back into place but she was sure if she could. “Oh god someone help me please?” She felt the tears in her eyes as she screamed out trying to snap the bone back but failing.


Name: Dominic 

Species: Therian

Short Bio: A woodsman in every sense, but an Ailward Guard first. The big guy you hope is on your side when shit goes down ;)


It was another normal end of the day for Dominic and he was happy to be heading home from work at the garage. Today he was bringing the communal truck home since it was heading into the weekend and as always, it needed more love to keep from breaking down on one of his coworkers. As he rolled down the windows, he watched as the sun was beginning to set while he moved deeper into Therian territory and closer to home. He could definitely feel the difference in the air as autumn was rolling in fast. Not that he was complaining; fall was his favorite time of year. 

As loud as the truck was in its old age, his extraordinary hearing made him second guess himself as he thought he heard a cry coming from the woods. Dominic slowed the truck, crawling at a slower pace, his brow furrowing as he tried to listen again for the noise. Just as he was about to give up, a sudden scream made him pull over and park the truck. He reached over to the floor of the passenger side and grabbed a flashlight among the many tools that lay on the floor of the vehicle. It was now dark and Dominic shrugged on his flannel shirt as the cooler air hit him and the moon was the only natural light. 

He stepped out of the truck and stood at the edge of the woods. Whoever it was seemed to be farther back into the trees than he had originally thought, but when your hearing is above normal, trying to pinpoint exactly where something was could be a challenge. Dominic moved deeper in and swept his flashlight around in attempts to find the person. It hit him suddenly; the smell of blood and whoever it was was not human. It only took a few more steps to find her.

There was a young looking woman lying on the ground who was clutching at her leg. It was immediately apparent to him that her bone was broken and there was blood pooling around the wound. Her face was clenched from the pain and tears had streaked her cheeks. When he looked behind her, he could see the path she had probably fallen from the cliff above. Dominic jogged over to her and put the flashlight down on the ground so it shown on her leg. He was no doctor, but he'd become a pro at putting bones back into place. Breaking a bone was just something he was used to ever since he was young and living the way he and his family had.

Dominic still couldn't place what kind of supernatural she was which he chalked up to the mixture of blood in the air, but he hoped whatever it was, she would be able to heal quickly from it. He looked over into her eyes which he realized were blue and wide with despair. "Listen, I can put it back into place, but it's gonna hurt. A lot." He grabbed onto her ankle with one hand and just below her knee with his other. "Grab onto my arm to brace yourself and take a few breaths. I'm going to go on three." Dominic readjusted his grip on her and brought his gaze back to her leg. "One. Two," but he didn't wait till three in case she tensed up, which could've made it worse, and popped the bone back into place. Taking his arm out of one side of his flannel, he took her hands from his other arm and held onto them with his own as he took it off completely. He placed her hands back onto his now bare arm and looked at her again. "I'm going to wrap this around your leg and again, it's going to hurt." There was a stick nearby which he placed behind her injured limb and tied the flannel to make a tourniquet. Dominic sighed and looked over to the woman. "So.. what's your name?"

The darkness seem to engulf the area around her. She felt around for her bow pulling it to her side  just incase she need to use it for any reason.  She tried to move but the paint caused her to stay in place and sighed to herself as she let out a shaky breath the tears still flowing but they were much more quiet at that point. When she saw the light in the distance bobbing as it drew closer to her she wrapped her hand around the arrow that laid next to her. She watched the light draw closer to see a man who was much larger than here and she took in his wild man features as he closed the gap between them and then she watched him get into action his hands on her exposed leg. When he told her it was going to hurt she picked the arrow up and placed it in her mouth as something to bite on, her cold small hands came to his arm and nodded to him closing her blue eyes with a purple hue tightly.

She waited for three and yet it never came as the man snapped her bone in place, She bit the arrow in half, her nails digging into his arm and then panted in pain as she looked to him once again. “Do you not know how to count to three?” She said groaned in pain as she let go of his arm while he removed the shirt and she could feel herself losing consciousness quickly and then she whimpered softly in pain as she leaned her head against him when he wrapped the shirt around her leg to stop the blood from pouring out “Siobhan My name is Siobhan.” She said into his arm before her hand came to his arm weakly “I need to get back to my camp site.” She said as she tried to push off the ground but failed “Maybe after I rest for a moment.” She said as she laid back down on the cold wet ground the world was spinning around her.

The cold had overtaken her making her num to the the pain as her body shivered in an effort to warm her from the night air. The blood loss not helping to warm her. “Who are you?” She said as her teeth chattered together. Her blue eyes returned to him and part of her wondered if she was imagining him, how could anyone just come upon her. “I need to get to my camp, get warm.” She said again this time when she pushed off the ground her wings came out ripping through the back of her shirt helping her to her feet and she slumped forward against his chest. “Well either you are real or you are a rock.” She said with an awkward laugh as she poked his chest again standing on one leg.  “Thank you for helping me…” She said before she hopped backwards the only thing keeping her balance were the large whitish-blue wings coming from her back. She hopped over and picked up her bow and then made her way to the large creature she had killed and leaned down “Burn in hell.” She muttered under her breath as she pulled the arrow from its neck before hopping away from it.

It must have been a sight for him to see a angel hopping around cursing and shivering from the cold. He had been quiet for a long time. As she turned ot say something to him everything in her view went dark and she feel to the ground her wings disappearing and the blood loss finally taking its toll after the shock of the event wore off. She laid out on the ground knocked out cold. Due to the cold her heart beat was slowing down and the healing process had yet to start because the cold was constricting her blood vessels.  She fought in her mind to wake up but her body wouldn’t move. Not matter what she tried to do it wasn’t working.


Dominic wrapped his arm around the woman's back as she fell into him for support. He was about to tell her to sit back down, knowing the pain and blood loss was too much for her determined actions, but the sudden shock of her wings made him stagger and swallow his concern. Nephilims always made him anxious.

Dominic watched as Siobhan moved over to the creature he had just noticed was lying on the ground bloodied and deceased with her arrow protruding from it. What in the world was she hunting? ...Or what was hunting her? Dominic started to move closer to her and insist on taking it easy when all of a sudden she toppled to the ground. He rushed over and saw she'd fallen unconscious, her wings disappearing into her back. The hospital was too far from where they were and he obviously didn't know what camp she was speaking of.

Sighing, he reached down and put the bow around his back before picking up the woman in his arms. He didn't like the idea of bringing her back to his place, but what choice was there? Starting back the way he came, Dom made his way slowly back up the embankment, making sure not to cause them both to tumble down the hill. With a lot of maneuvering he was able to open the back door of the truck and lay her down as gently as he could. "Name's Dominic, by the way," he grumbled to the unconscious stranger as he climbed into the driver's seat with another sigh.

It wasn't long before they reached his cabin and he was carrying her inside. After placing her on the sofa, he started up a fire in the fireplace and grabbed a bottle of rum. Dominic sat on the recliner opposite her and put his feet up on the ottoman, waiting for her to stir. He uncapped the bottle and took a swig and wondered if he made the right decision bringing her home as he glared in her direction.

Siobhan felt his strong arms pick her up, she was aware of him , of his signs and how he seem hesitant to  pick her up even as he carried her away from the cannon. She wasn't sure if she should be thankful or scared by him helping her. She finally settled on thankful because if she were to stay in the cold she would die. 'Name's Dominic, by the way,' he spoke with sign. Causing a soft whimper to come from her lips as if trying to tell him she could hear him.

She felt ever bump and turn as he drove to where ever he was taking her. and when the car came to a stop she knew that she was some where off the beaten path meaning that she could be safe and feel like she was home for a brief moment. She felt his arms around her once again as he walked her inside laying her on a sofa. The place smelled of fire and wood and dirt and it was like she was home again. The warmth of the fire filling the room warming her body, allowing her hear to pick up speed allowing the blood to flow through her.  The pure angel blood in her started repair the damage of her leg, but it would still take time.  

She stirred and slowly sat up on the sofa, She groaned softly her hands came to her head as she felt the pounding as if she was hung over. When she was over the sharp pain she slowly looked up to meet his gaze as he sat in the recliner opposite her his feet up, taking a long swig from the bottle. She moved sitting up, still she felt like shit in that moment. She watched him in a long moment of silence before she cleared her throat and spoke softly "Thank you Dominic for helping me when you don't owe me anything." She said as she looked down to the shirt that he tied around her leg and watched as the skin was slowly healing. "You have a nice place here, reminds me of my home." She said as she leaned back into the couch. "The woods had always been my home, I never knew of a world outside of my family farm, not one that I wanted to be apart of from what my parents told me." The look on her face was sad slightly as she stared at the fire. 

"I was so sheltered and through I was invincible. I was stupid. I thought because they took my father and brother I could take them all out. I was so stupid" She said to herself and shook her head back and for before looking back to him "Sorry I don't mean to bore you with my family story." She said as she pulled her knee up wincing in pain as she looked to the wound. "What are you?" She asked as she looked  to him "I can tell you are not human but I am so new to this supernatural world. I didn't even know what I was until a few weeks ago." She chuckled to herself and shook her head letting the blonde locks fall around her  seeing how her hair tied snapped when she feel. "My parents never even told me what I was..." She said looking around the cabin "This place makes me feel at home." she said in a whisper and whipped the stray tear that fell. 

Dominic remained quiet as she spoke and after a few moments of silence he put the rum down on the floor and sighed heavily as he saw the tear fall down her face. It was clear she had recently been through a lot and he decided to let his guard down a bit, despite the uneasiness he always felt around Nephilim. Standing up, he walked over to the kitchen and rummaged through a drawer to get a bottle of painkillers. "You're welcome," he stated simply before finding the pills and walking back from the kitchen, passed her, and through the living room to the bathroom near his bedroom as his cabin was completely open concept. He pulled open the medicine cabinet and took out some hydrogen peroxide, gauze, and an ace bandage before returning back into the living room. Dominic bent down in front of her on one knee, before looking into her eyes to simply say he was about to touch her once more, and placed the items on the ground next to him. He reached behind him for the rum and gave it to her along with the painkillers. 

Carefully, Dom removed his now bloodied flannel with the stick as a makeshift brace and tossed it aside. The wound was looking a lot better and it seemed her supernatural abilities were kicking in. He poured the peroxide onto her leg and washed away the blood, making sure there would be no infection before wrapping it with the gauze and finally the ace bandage. He pulled the ottoman closer to them and propped her leg up. "I've lived in the woods all my life too," he finally said, breaking the few minutes of silence besides the sounds of the crackling fire. Standing up, he grabbed the fleece blanket from the back of the couch and wrapped it around her shoulders before sitting down on the corner of the ottoman, taking care not to hit her leg. "Not here in Colorado though. I'm originally from Washington state. My family is from there along with my tribe." Dominic took the bottle of rum and drank another shot's worth. "I also grew up on a farm and my family had a huge ranch, but that was a long time ago..."

He trailed off and looked down at the floor as he leaned on his legs. After a brief silence and another drink, Dom turned his head towards her with a smirk. "I'm Therian, but I'm not part of a pack. I haven't been for many, many years. Sort of a lone wolf in that sense." Speaking of the past always made his heart constrict with the loss of his family in every way possible and he couldn't help but glance over at the portraits of his ancestors that hung on the wall. He quickly moved on from it and pushed the thoughts aside as his eyes fell to her bow which he'd place near the door. "And speaking of lone, what were you doing out in the woods by yourself and what the hell were you looking for?"

Siobhan whipped the tears that rolled down her face, she honestly hated seeming weak in front of others, especially those she didn’t know. She watch him move around the house hearing his deep voice clearly now as he said ‘You’re Welcome’ made her feel safe for some reason she couldn’t place her finger on it. She hear him rummaging through drawers and cabinets from the kitchen to what she assumed was the bathroom as he came back and looked into her eyes once again they were much more purple than before as her Nephilim side was working on healing her the fastest it could. She flinched as he picked up her leg and removed the makeshift brace he had placed around it. She watched the bubbling that happened on her leg as he poured the peroxide over it and wiched as he began to wrap it. She took the painkillers and a swig of the rum followed by another swig before she handed it back to him as he sat down next to her leg after setting it upon the ottoman.

He had broken the silence talking that time, she smiled softly as he wrapped the blanket around her shoulders. She looked to him again as he spoke of his history “Did you know you were a Therian all of your life?” She asked softly as she kept her leg on the ottoman looking to the fire. “Why are you not part of a pack?” She asked softly as she kept her eyes on the flame. “Right now I feel like I would give anything to have a place to fit into.”  She sighed as she hugged the blanket around her, she had come to realize just how lonely she had felt. The only person she talked with Isaac was rarely around and even though she would be forever grateful to him she felt alone with no family anymore. As he didn’t answer her question and quickly changed the subject she figured it was best not to pry after all she was his guest now.

“Honestly now a days that is all I ever seem to be is alone.” She said softly looking from the fire to him “I came back to get away from the city as someone who is not use to the ways of modern day it can be a bit overwhelming. I wanted to reconnect with who I am and yet I found my way back to where I found my father and brother dead months ago.” She said softly as she kept her eyes locked with his as she spoke. “The night they were killed this massive black creature with white eyes appeared, I killed it that night  but I was sure it was not alone. Tonight when I was visiting to mourn over my family another appeared this one bigger than the last. I am not sure what happened maybe because the anger of the night is gone I was unable to kill the beast right away not till I was on my back hurt was I able to.” She said as she looked to the bow by the door. “The beast knocked me over the cliff and then prepared to kill me. I shouldn’t be alive and yet I am thanks to you.” she said.

She leaned her head to the side for a moment and looked him over she noticed the stiffness he seemed to have around her and recalling before when she was jumping around he seem to be frozen unable to speak “Tell me Dominic the great Therian why do I make you so uneasy?” She watched as he looked to her. “I am new to being a Nephilim heck I am still called baby bird by my mentor and yet you seem uneasy when if you wanted you could rip me in half before I could blink.” She was curious about him and the way he acted with her around.


Dominic listened to her story and had his curiosity peaked when she spoke of the creatures in the woods that had killed her family. He had been in Therian territory for years and had never seen anything like them before. Every and anything going on in those woods, he knew of; Or at least he thought. He wondered if they were somehow drawn to her and her family for some reason. Maybe conjured by someone who had a grudge against them. Yes, there were plenty of supernatural things in this world, but creatures like that were something new.

He scoffed and smirked when Siobhan mentioned saving her. "You saved yourself, Love. You killed whatever that thing was, not me. I just happened to hear you scream after the fall. It helps having super hearing sometimes." Drinking from the bottle again, Dominic paused when she questioned his behavior around her. He took a deep breath and then looked back over to her. "Well, for one, I don't bring people back to my home. I prefer to keep to myself out here and the more people who know where I live, the more problems it could mean." He was being vague, but such was the life of a Guard. They weren't supposed to be telling everyone they met that they worked for the Ailwards.

"And no offense, Baby Bird," he began, standing up and walking back over to the recliner that was across from her. He sat down and put his booted feet back up on the ottoman alongside her leg. "Nephilim are a bit intimidating when it comes to the supernatural species of this world. I don't exactly feel the most comfortable around someone who can inflict pain in my brain, rendering me useless." Dominic drank from the rum bottle again and put a hand through his dark hair. "Doesn't really matter how big I am if your capabilities surpass mine. I wouldn't even be able to reach you if you were trained enough in your powers."

His eyes began to read hers as he saw the hues of purple moving about her natural blue pigment and had the feeling it wasn't in her to be that way. She seemed to be genuine in her story and he let another moment of silence pass between them before letting himself ease up. "Anyway, I don't intend to bring harm your way, which I think is fairly clear as of now, so I'd appreciate that kindness in return. We can kill each other another day," he joked with a playful smile, standing up, and putting more wood in the fire. He walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a few snacks he had and brought them over, placing them on the ottoman for her to choose. Tearing a bag of chips open, he began eating them and sat back down in his chair. "What do you know about those things in the woods? I've never seen anything like them before."  

Siobhan lips twitched into a slight smile as he said that she saved herself “I give that thanks to my father for teaching me a love of archery from a young age.” she chuckled once and sighed softly  “thanks to your hearing I didn’t bleed to death with the bone sticking out I was going to die.” She said as she nodded to him “I understand not wanting to bring people back to your home.” she thought back to her family's home and how they would run off anyone that got close to it.

When he called her Baby Bird she wrinkled her nose at him “I knew that was going to bite me.” she muttered under her breath softly. Her interest peaked when he spoke of how her kind here intimidating to other supernatural species of the world. “I can inflict you pain? With just a thought?” she raised an eyebrow to him it was clear she knew nothing of being a Nephilim “and here I thought my kind were suppose to be good.” she said softly settling back into the couch. Though it interested her bring strong, maybe feeling less weak would help her get over her fears and nightmares she had been having lately. Her blue orbs met his as he stared at her reading her. The lengths of quiet stretched out between them seem to come often now but that was okay with her, she knew he was trying to figure out if she should trust in or not, just as she was with him.

“I don’t plan on harming you in any way not now nor later.” she said sas she looked to the food he had sat on the ottoman. She stared at one of the cupcakes trying to make it move with her mind sighing softly she gave up and leaned forward grabbing it as she opened it she pulled off a piece placing it in her mouth and chewing on it she looked to him and swallowed the piece and shrugged  “I am not sure what it is to be honest, Isaac said he had no clue he would have to study the body but when I came back with to find the body it was gone.  He said I would have to talk to locals of the area see if they knew what it was and seeing how you don’t that means I am back to square one, trying to get a body back to Isaac.”

There was the silence once again and she felt it was her turn this time to break it. So she cleared her throat “Dominic, Do you like living out here being a lone wolf?” She asked softly as her blue hues meet his again “how do you stop your heart from aching when you are alone?” she felt the tears wanting to spill over but she kept them from doing so, she was tired of looking weak in front of such a strong man.  To her they almost seem like two peas in a pod for some reason even though she was sure she was just imagining it, but for the first time she didn’t feel so lonely and she knew that when she left she would and if he had any tips for her she could use them. Taking another bite from the cupcake she returned her blue hues to watch the fire as the orange flames flicked in the reflection of them with a soft smile.


When she asked him about being alone, he lowered his gaze to the bottle. It was always his go-to comfort, but Dom fought the urge to bring the rum to his lips. As a Nephilim, it was true she would feel more intensely about everything going on around her. It was like a being an empath on steroids and for a moment he realized he probably would never be strong enough to be one. He drank his problems away, called up a fling, or both when it was really bad. If he felt the darkness swirling around inside him the way a Nephilim might, he wasn't sure what his response would be. Bar fights, women, and drinking wouldn't be enough to quell the pain. 

Dominic cleared his throat and shrugged nonchalantly. "I've chosen this life for myself," he began in his gruff voice, swirling the dark liquid around in its bottle. "I feel most at home out here since I grew up on a farm and ranch when I was younger. I wouldn't really do so well living in the city." He gave in and took a drink. "Besides, I have a couple of motorcycles that can easily bring me into the city any time I want. I go there on some of my lunch breaks and work a second job as a bouncer for a few of the restaurants and clubs. It's just about balance, I guess. But at the end of the day," he took another drink, "I want to come home to the silence of the woods. No noise from ambulances, horns blowing, neighbors fighting, or drunks yelling. And speaking as one, I can come home and make all the noise I want without having the cops called on me." He smiled over at her as if joking, but in reality it was also the truth. "And if I met a girl at the bar, well... I don't end up coming back here." He left the rest to the imagination as he finished off the rum and went to the kitchen to grab two bottles of Guinness from the fridge and a bottle of water. After placing them down on the ottoman for her to choose, he cracked the top open of the beer and took a swig. He looked over to Siobhan with a more serious tone, knowing she had asked him the question because it was she who was feeling alone. "Though, it's not for everyone and I don't recommend it... I just know this is how my life is... It helps to have friends, coworkers, mentors, or a significant other to help crush that feeling. My vices are just a little more extreme."

Talking about it was starting to make him feel that itch that made him want to get drunk and let more of his animalistic side take over, but he pushed it away and smiled to himself. If this had been any other situation, he'd be flirting with Siobhan to see how far he could take it. He could really be a mess, but he also wasn't a complete scumbag. "I change sometimes too. Into my wolf form." Dominic stood up and leaned against the fireplace, watching the flames. "I'll run and run for hours through Therian territory in attempts to run away from the thoughts." He turned his head towards her then. "Maybe you could take a flight. Spread your wings and escape for a bit too with your mentor. Is that Isaac?" Crossing his arms over his chest, he leaned his back against the mantel and raised an eyebrow, smirking at the blonde. "I have to say though, not much of a mentor if he's not even teaching you how to be a proper Nephilim. Or is he the really shit boyfriend who let you go off into the woods on your own? Or... both?" Dominic didn't even know the guy, but he was pretty much ready to punch him in the face. 

She watched him glance down to the bottle as he thought about how to answer, she understood the look he had it was a look of pain one he wasn't going to open up about to here not now anyways even though she had cried her eyes out in front of him she was thankful she could blame it on the pain of her leg even though that wasn't it at all. She pulled her gaze from him once again to stare at the fire, she didn't want to stare at him to long after all  she already felt strange enough being in a strangers home yet feeling so at home.  "It is strange but being here for these past few moments I have felt more at home then the past few months living in the city." She sighed as she crossed her arms moving the blanket around her to cover up her lap "At first it was magical because it was all new hell when I walked into town covered in blood with a bow around me and no shoes I am surprised I wasn't taken to ah what did Isaac call it, oh yes A mental institution." She chuckled once "But the magic wares off and everything is just so loud and everyone has there face buried into these small rectangles they carry around saying if they lost it they would lose there life, I don't get it, its just an object." She sighed in frustration.

She chuckled at the joke he made about the cops, "So does that make me the first girl you have brought here?" she asked as a joke as she took the other Guinness he got from the fridge and she pushed her thumb on the cap casing  it to pop off and she caught it with her free hand before she took a long sip from it and then ran her thumb nail along the label on the bottle. She looked back to him when he got serious the gruffness of his tone was something she had never heard before almost as if he was concerned for her the Nephilim.  "Yeah I don't have many friends, or co workers and as of now no significant other to confide in." She said and then chuckled once to how lonely it all sound out loud.

"Running for hours, I remember when I use to do that on the farm I would just take off in the woods with out a care in the world." she leaned her head back and took another sip of the beer  almost choking on the beer as he asked about Isaac being her boyfriend. Coughing she shook her head and after she was able to catch her breath she spoke. "Isaac is my boss, and I live with him for now bout he is so caught up in his work and he hasn't had much time to teach me how to be a proper pure Nephilim. He studies me mostly saying he had never seen a pure Nephilim outside of some factions." She said  and watched his face closely to see if being a pure Nephilim was something that was going to worry him. "And now he isn't my boyfriend, he is more of like the crazy uncle you never knew you had." she said as she shrugged slightly and then took another sip of the beer. "He let me go to the woods because he thought it was good for me to clear my head we had no idea what was going  to happen." She thought back to the falling off the cliff and wondered why her wings didn't come out "I have never even flown before." she said softly as she looked to the man who towered over her. 

His eyebrows furrowed at her words. It was clear to him now that she was very new to this world. Where in the hell was she cooped up for so long? Not knowing about cell phones? There was something off with this Isaac too. The more she spoke of him, the more his fist wanted to meet his face. Dominic didn't really like the idea of someone thinking they could 'study' her, as she put it. There were rumors of the government getting hold of supernaturals and this wasn't sitting right with him. Sounding as naive as she did, would she even know she's being taken advantage of? Dominic swallowed his concerns. They'd only just met and it wasn't his place to pry.

Dominic leaned forward onto his knees, holding the beer in his hands. "I think you're more powerful than you realize." His gaze went to her leg and he nodded at it. "Not only do you have incredible healing powers, but you have plenty of other capabilities." As an Ailward Guard, he made it a point to know everything about supernaturals and their powers as that knowledge would come in handy for good or bad purposes. "There's the super strength, immortality, flying of course, and being an empath to the nth degree. Being an empath, you can tell when certain species are lying and whether they are inherently good. That can be quite an asset, but too bad it doesn't work on me." He gave a mischievous smirk and drank more of his beer. After a brief moment, his face went a little more serious and he looked piercingly into her eyes. "Then there's the scary stuff," Dominic began, keeping his unwavering gaze on her. "You have the ability to cause pain to people without lifting a finger. A simple thought and you can hurt someone mentally and physically." He let that hang in the air for a moment before smiling and tilting his head slightly as he took another drink of the Guiness. "Hence, my unease around Nephilim." Dominic tried to read her reaction, but sighed and decided to ease up on the scary. "You do have the power to calm someone too. Say if you were ever being attacked... besides going right into causing them pain, you could manipulate their emotions into not thinking you were even a threat. Make them believe anything you want, really." He downed the rest of his beer and looked back at her again, intensely. "And that is scarier than any kind of physical pain you could inflict on someone." 

Dominic rose from his chair and went to grab another beer. As he pulled the fridge open, he looked behind him at Siobhan and sighed before taking the bottle. He popped the top and leaned against the counter, watching her stare ahead in a bit of a daze. His life was made easy in terms of knowing what he was. He couldn't really imagine what it was like to wake up one day and have your whole world turned upside down because you find out there is another world within a world and your life isn't that of a normal human's. He walked back over to the ottoman, sitting down across from her. "Let's take a look at that leg." Carefully, he propped her leg in between his own and began to unwrap the bandages. The wound was nearly closed now and he assumed the bone would be mended within a few more hours. He nodded at the progress and looked up at her. "Should be healed soon. How bout at daybreak we try out those wings of yours?" He carefully placed her leg down again and picked his beer back up. "Not that I expect you to find your own way back to town, but I figure you must be dying to try those wings out," Dominic joked. If this Isaac wasn't going to help her learn what it was to be a Nephilim, at least he could try.

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