Began with an angel hunting in the wrong place, and A Therian with good timing.

Name: Siobhan

Species:  Pure Nephilim

Age: 21

Short Bio: Learning how to function in a world she had never known with the help of Isaac who is the man who saved her life when she had nowhere else to go. She works for him as his assistant.  Which leads her many places around the town for him. Some times she returns to the woods when she is feeling overwhelmed it is her safe place.

Name: Dominic 

Species: Therian

Short Bio: A woodsman in every sense, but an Ailward Guard first. The big guy you hope is on your side when shit goes down ;)

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Siobhan held his hand as they laid there embracing each other, She wondered with in herself is she should stop bring up the past they once had, was gone. She closed her eyes fighting back the emotion that swelled within her. She promised herself in that moment that she wouldn’t bring up the past anymore unless he asked about it. It caused her heart to ache more than she would admit aloud. She was having to accept her part in all of this it was her that ripped them apart. She was different, stronger, slightly faster, but was she better than the scared little angel child he picked up out of that valley that night over a year ago? Her mind drift back to that moment when he heard his soft breaths and she smiled faintly as she could tell he was asleep. A deeper sleep then she was sure he had in a long while.

After a long moment of listening to him breathe she felt him roll over. She turned with him and watched him sleep peaceful her chin on his chest gazing at him for a long moment before resting her head on his chest listening to his heart beat thump inside of him. She closed her eyes drifting to sleep listening to his heartbeat. Her body twisted with his and for the night it was a peaceful moment. When the next morning came she felt him pull himself free she moved over and laid her face on the cold ground and then opened her eyes watching him get dressed she shifted looking out the unzipped tent and then back to him as he spoke. “Yeah I am warmer. How you feeling?” she said as she then slipped from the sleeping bags, no longer going to hide her body from him as she pulled on the thermal clothing then her jeans and a jacket as she moved with him helping clean up the camp site.

As they came upon the clearing she was about to walk into it and trek across it when he pulled her back and she watched his eyes exam the clearing. As he began to undress her eyes slid over his body and then she looked away as she focused on why they were here any other time she would have remarked on his form. She watched him shift and run off before circling back to her and she watched him shift back and she lowered down and pulled the bag out of the book bag and looked to him “Dominic you going in there alone is stupid.” she said as she looked to him for a long moment “But you are right I can’t see where I am going.” She chewed on her lower lip and laced a few of the flowers around his protectors amulet and then hung it around his neck. “I am going to circle above draw their attention.” She said as she cupped his face looking in his eyes “Give them hell.” She wanted to say more but she wasn’t sure if she could or should.

She pulled the jacket from her shoulder tossing it on their backs and let her wings slid out for the thermal shirt she was wearing that she placed slits in beforehand and picked up his clothes. She watched him take off and when she no longer could see him counting to one hundred before she took off straight up flying as fast as she could to not be seen right away and so she hung there in the air for a moment her wings keeping her up as her gaze cast down to the what looked to be an empty clearing.

Inside the three story mansion was 14 Diviners who clearly didn’t think there was anything they should be worried about. A few tended to the garden and as the rest were inside. The closer that Dominic got to the home he would see three men on the porch. In the middle of those three men would be Jack as he stood there rubbing his scarred neck from where Dominic teeth sank into his flesh.

“Sophia is just as big of a bitch as Siobhan. I swear if I get my hands on her again I won’t stop with raping her once.” he said as he took a long drag of a cigarette and tossed it aside. “Bitch sicked her dog on me.” he ran his hand along his neck once again “If I ever see that wolf again I am going to lock him in a silver cage and then make him watch as I take his angel in front of him.” he laughed as he took another drag from the cigarette.

“But Siobhan is Lucifer's have you heard anything about the wedding?” One of the other males asked as he looked out over the field where the two women were working.

“Everything went off like planned. Once Siobhan gives birth to Lucifer's child then she will be given to us.” He smiled darkly even though he was lying through his teeth he had to do that some the others wouldn’t lose faith in what Lucifer was trying to build he was more than sure everything was okay. “Are you doubting our leader?” He shoved the guy.

“No it’s just you won’t let any of the rest of us talk to him sir.” The man coward away from Jack.

“And why is that?” he shoved the man again.

“Because you are his second in command the man he brought back from death sir.” the man whimpered out.

“That’s right and he doesn’t do that for just any other.” he pushed him on his back before returning into the home “Make sure to relieve Hope from holding the shield up it’s shift change.” Jack said.

The men went inside and and for a brief moment the illusion was dropped Siobhan took this as her chance to dive in behind a tree and then she looked around trying to find Dominic. She watched the illusion come back up but she was already inside, she looked from around the tree and whispered so low that he would be the only one to hear “Dominic I am in.”

She looked back and then her heart sunk in her chest as she locked eyes with Jack. “I knew you would show up here at some point if Lucifer didn’t succeed.” he hissed as his hand came around her throat and tighten. “You have been a real thorn in my side you know that?” he hissed as he teleported them both inside but she dropped Dominic’s clothes at the base of the tree she was at. Fear had set in to Siobhan as Jack tossed her cross the room slamming her into the wall before holding her down with an incantation. “You know it’s so much easier now that Lucifer unbinded my magic.” He stood over her “I am guessing your Ex-guard dog isn’t far behind huh?” he said as he pressed his foot down over her throat slowly “I have big plans for you two but I have to say thank you for taking care of Lucifer for me, he was beginning to get to big of a head.”

Siobhan choked out and looked up to Jack, fear had over ridden her brain she gasped looking up to Jack her mind reverting to the first time he kidnapped her how he hurt her more than anyone else ever could have she closed her eyes and her mind reached out wondering if once she could reactive the old link that connected them ‘DOMINIC!’ she cried out mentally. She gasped out trying to take a regain  herself but his foot pressed harder to her larynx causing her mind to become fuzzy as she wanted to slip into unconsciousness, but she was fighting it the best she could as she tried to move but couldn’t due to the incantation he placed on her.

As he expected, Siobhan wasn't going to allow him to go in alone first. He reluctantly agreed to the distraction she would cause by circling overhead and looked back in the direction of the house before shifting again into his lycan form. The therian carefully slinked his way through the trees and brush until he reached the clearing which was actually no clearing at all. The home and surrounding wood were clear to him as he took in the grounds as best he could. He couldn't place how many there were in the building, but he could see the few in the garden and the shapes of others on the porch. There was a back entrance that had only one diviner standing outside, smoking a cigarette. That would be his in. 

Dominic lowered himself and stared at the man who seemed completely oblivious to the fact that he was being stalked by the supernatural that intended to end his life. When the diviner turned his back to head inside again, Dom tore through the trees and ran full force across the distance, jumping onto the man's back. The unsuspecting victim went down immediately and before having the chance to scream, Dominic wrapped his jaws around the man's throat and snapped it. He took the lifeless body by the collar and dragged it into the woods to ensure no one would be alerted to their presence. 

At the sound of Siobhan's whisper, he shook his head. She just couldn't wait... He made his way through the trees towards her until another voice hit him. There was a familiarity to it, but he couldn't quite place from where. He mentally cursed and ran towards her scent, but when he reached the spot they were gone. His clothes laying in a heap by the base of a tree was all that remained. Dominic quickly returned to his human form and put a hand against the tree for support. Though he was used to the change, it still could be draining as he felt his muscles tighten. His gaze went to the house as he breathed heavily and felt his anger rising. He quickly put his clothes back on and made his way to the backdoor once more.

The door creaked open and Dominic pulled his knife from the sheath on the back of his jeans. There was the sound of a television on not too far away. He came into the massive kitchen and saw a young woman standing by the oven who seemed to be cooking for a feast. As she turned around he discovered she was also pregnant. Dominic placed himself against the wall and let out a breath, closing his eyes. There were a lot of terrible things he did, but killing a pregnant woman was not going to be one of them. When the unsuspecting woman turned once more to put vegetables in the boiling pot, Dominic stepped quickly behind her and put a hand over her mouth, dropping his knife to her stomach. "Just do what I say and nothing is going to happen to you or your baby, understand?" he whispered and the woman nodded shortly. He led her backwards and towards the small entryway by the back door. Motioning for her to sit on the floor, Dominic grabbed the twine hanging on the wall along with various gardening tools and tied her to the radiator. He stayed kneeling down at her level and ripped a piece of her shirt which caused her to whimper. "How many people are in this house?"

"Fo.. fourteen," she replied as tears began to slip down her face. His mind went to the man he'd killed outside which left thirteen.

Dominic cursed under his breath. There were a lot more to deal with than he thought and now it was just him. He had no idea where Siobhan was. He was just going to have to go room by room and hope everything worked out in his favor. "All diviners?"

The woman nodded and for the first time Dom actually took her scent in now that it was fluctuating so much from the fear. She was human. What was a human doing here in a house full of these dangerous and psychotic supernaturals? Before he had the chance to ask, one of the men that had been watching tv walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. Dominic put a hand up to the woman's mouth, holding his knife to her belly. He waited with baited breath, but the man returned back to the room he'd come from with a beer in hand. Placing the knife down, he sighed and looked at the woman who appeared to be zero threat. Though, he still didn't know why she was here and it didn't matter. He needed to find Sio first. Dominic took the shredded fabric in his hand and wrapped it around the woman's mouth as a gag. She did not put up a fight and only softly cried. He had a feeling she may be a here very much against her will.

Dominic took his knife in hand and moved to the room where the two men's backs were to him as they sat on the couch watching a basketball game. Just as they both jumped in excitement for their team scoring, Dominic drove the knife into the first man's neck. He pulled it back out and blood spluttered everywhere as the man slumped to the floor and grabbed frantically at the wound. The second man quickly rose and tried to begin a spell, but Dominic slammed him against the wall with an arm under his chin and drove the knife into his chest.

'Twelve.' He released the man and watched as he slid to the floor. Stepping over the body, Dominic reached for the remote and turned the volume up before dropping it on the chest of the dying man. He placed his boot on the man's neck and pressed down until the gasping for air stopped. 'Eleven.' Dom walked over and put his back against the wall which held the open door and waited till someone else would come by. It was only another minute before the next diviner walked into the room.

"What the hell guys, turn the damn volume do..." The next diviner's eyes fell on his buddy's dead body and he turned around just in time to meet Dominic's fist meeting his face. He stumbled backwards and Dominic was immediately on him. He punched the man again and didn't wait to stab him in the throat and lay him right next to his friend. 'Ten.'

A sudden voice came from the kitchen and he knew someone had found the woman he'd tied up. Dominic turned around and saw two more men entering the room. He tossed the knife through the air and it landed in the shoulder of one of the diviners. Dom quickly stood up and ran full force at them, landing a flying punch to the man he hadn't hit with his blade just in time to stop him from casting. He then bum rushed the man with his knife embedded in him, taking it in his hand and driving him backwards into the kitchen and slamming him against the island. The therian then grabbed the still boiling pot and dumped it on the man's head. 'Nine.'

As he turned around to handle the next one he'd punched, a searing pain shot into his head making him stagger backwards against the refrigerator. He reached for his head in pain and shook it out in attempts to clear his vision while number nine threw a punch his way. Dominic ducked but only just avoided it as the pain remained. Whatever it was, it felt like Siobhan. She was in trouble. There was a pan on the stove that he quickly took a hold of and smashed it across the man's face, dropping him immediately. 'Eight.' The once bounded woman stood nearby and watched with an open mouth. He paused for a moment looking at her and waited to see what she would do, but she still remained quiet. She was looking more and more like a victim too.

After pulling the knife from the man's shoulder, Dominic moved through the rest of the first floor and upon entering the last room saw someone standing over Siobhan with a foot to her neck. As the man's attention went from her to him, the diviner smiled and it was clear he recognized Dominic though the therian was not so sure the feeling was mutual. Regardless, Dominic would kill him all the same. He went charging at the diviner, but a few more of the remaining eight came in from a door leading down into the basement. It only took a second for the spell to leave her lips and he was doubling over in pain. "Phesmatos superous em animi."

Dominic dropped to a knee and grabbed at his head as the pain seared through his mind and ran down his spine. His whole body felt like he was burning from the inside out. God, he hated diviners. "Motus." He felt the knife fly from his grip and the man holding Siobhan to the floor caught it in his hands. "Bring them downstairs. Throw this Nephilim in with her mother and this idiot lycan in the other cage." The female diviner let up on the spell and Dominic coughed out blood on the floor. "Bring the wolfsbane from the garden," he began, twirling the knife in his hand. "Let's have some fun, shall we?"

Siobhan began to hit Jack shin in a desperate attempt to breath but her hits were weak as he pressed down harder on her throat with a dark laugh “Oh the fun I am going to have with you.” he said and looked up as Dominic  As he was picked up and hauled backwards “Don’t worry Wolf your girlfriend will get most of the beating,” He took his food from Siobhan throat and with one swift kick clipped Sio chin causing her to pass out, her head rocked over to the side out cold. Jack watched Dominic reaction. “Pity you ripped your memories away, you would understand why I am going to skin you alive.” He walked out swirling the knife in his hand “Get me when she wakes up.”

The female diviner leaned down picking Siobhan up off the floor and over her shoulder and looked to another female diviner “Go check and make sure he didn’t harm Hannah.” She nodded the girl along “get the wolfsbane while you are at it.” As she walked with the male Diviners that threw Dominic in a silver cage so if he touched the walls it would burn him alive. There was a woman against the wall her face buried into her knees as she didn’t look up. The female Diviner tossed Sio on the ground and locked a chain around her neck, then her arms sighing softly looking to Dominic and then back to the Nephilim “I honestly don’t get what is so special about this damn Nephilim that makes all you men go ape shit.” she stood up “Sophia! May want to tend to your daughter since the bitch tried to break in on a house of diviners.”

When the cellar door closed Sophia raised her head slowly and her eyes widen seeing it was in fact Siobhan. “Siobhan.” she moved closer chain on her Ankle scraping across the floor but she was able to reach her daughter and moved her hair out of her face “Stupid girl you should have stayed away.” Sophia had buries along her body it was clear she was not treated kindly by the Diviners as she looked up to the cage “I would ask who you are but frankly I don’t care.” she spat out as she looked back to her daughter “Siobhan wake up.” She shook her daughters shoulder roughly. Her hands went to the chains around her neck trying to pull them free but failing.

It didn’t take long though for Siobhan to open her eyes taking a deep breath and she jolted upright  the chains yanking at her neck and wrist and she was breathing quickly when she heard her mother's voice trying to sooth her she couldn’t make out the words but rather look around the room seeing Dominic locked in a cage and she moved against the chains straining against them trying to reach him “Dominic are you okay?” she asked as she failed at reaching him at all. Then she blinked a few times before turning to see Sophia on the floor “Mom.” She said weakly and then fell to the ground taking the woman in her arms crying into her hair “Mom.” it was all she could say as she held the woman she had so much hate for once in her life but now all she could do is hold her wanting to keep her safe.

“Siobhan.” Her mother held her and closed her eyes for the moment as the tears flowed from her eyes as well but more silent. “You should have stayed away this is what Jack wanted.” She said pulling her daughter back slightly “He wanted Lucifer to fail so he could get his hands on you again.” She frowned softly cupping her daughters cheek. “That man is so evil telling a mother in every detail what he did to you, Siobhan honey.”

“Let’s not focus on that right now.” She said softly holding her mother’s hand and then looked around the room trying to think of something to get them all out of here. “Tell me what you know.” She said as she stood up and yanked on the chains and could hear the wall cracking as she yanked, that was a good sign she could get free enough to get Dominic out of the cage.

“All I know is there are 14 of them, and they have had a few pregnant human women in the house. The one currently is named Hannah, she is the only to survive from what I can make out through the walls, not sure what they are doing though.” She said as she looked to the cage “That one with you?” She asked her daughter.

“Ah ya.” she said as she yanked again “Dominic meet my mother Sophia, Mom meet my boy.... Ah meet Dominic.” she yanked again and then heard the Cellar door open.

Before Siobhan could turn around her face was against the wall and his voice in her ear chilling her to the bone “What do you think you are doing?” He took a deep whiff of her hair as he ran his hand down her side “Don’t make me kill you just yet I haven’t even began to have fun with you.” He pulled his head back and pressed her to the wall as his hand came across Sophia face “Take her out of here, it seems she can’t keep her mouth shut.”

The female diviner came up and picked Sophia up undoing her chains and removed her from the room leaving Siobhan, Dominic, and Jack in the room alone . He let go of Siobhan after pressing his body to hers for a moment “If it wasn’t for the face you had your mutt kill me last time we were together I would say I missed you, now all I want to do is make your suffer.” Siobhan whimpered out as she closed her eye waiting for whatever he planned on doing,  He pushed her against the wall roughly before moving to the cage.

“You should have just let her marry the old man you moron and lived your life what little of it you had left doing what you do best, fucking around and drinking. Honestly did you think this was going to end any other way?” He raised a brow and then laughed darkly “Oh that's right you don’t remember saving poor helpless Siobhan, well almost saving her, you were a little late to keep her innocents in tacked.” He unlocked the cage door and smirked as he spoke the spell to make him feel like he was Suffocating “Lihednat Dolchitni.” as he moved into the cage the wolfbane in hand and he opened Dominics mouth and shoved it down his throat and closed his mouth as he watched him choke for a moment and then walked out of the cage shutting the door before releasing Dominic.

“No Dominic.” She yanked on the chains as she tried to get free from the chain “Leave him be it's me you want!” She screamed at him as he walked out of the cage.

“Oh yes it is you I want, I plan on making you suffer for a long time.” He walked over to Siobhan as he pressed his body against hers leaning down to whisper in her ear “Remember that fun day we had before your wolf ruined it all?” His hand trailed down her side “How I made you a women.” His hand came under her shirt “I am sure you want to feel that way again don’t you?” He reached down to yank off her pants.

“Jack!” the female diviner appeared once again in the doorway.

“What!” Jack turned his head to look at the woman.

“You have to come there is something going on with Hannah I think the baby is turning against her.” Jack groaned and looked to Siobhan “I will be back.” He said as he walked out of the room.

Siobhan as shaking closing her eyes breathing deeply thankful that the woman showed up just in time but she couldn’t focus on that she yanked on the chain again. “Dominic are you alright! Dom! Come on we have to come up with a plan we have to get out of here. I can’t relive this event.” She looked at him, she felt like she was failing him with her powers seeming to be on the fritz  when it came to Jack. “I can break my thumbs and get out of the chains.” She looked to the chain testing the cuffs around her wrist and she sighed as she looked to him. “Please.” She pleaded She felt the weak Siobhan once again and it scared her.

Dominic fell to the ground and rolled on his back, his vision still blurred from the spell. He heard the sound of metal chains being pulled across the floor and then the finality of thick cuffs being secured around his wrists. In instant burning seared on his skin. He looked over to the restraints and knew they were made of silver. Every movement made him wince, so he gave up on the fact of fighting against them for now as he rose himself to his knees. He heard the cries of Siobhan's concern and when he glanced over to the other side of the room, Dominic saw they had indeed found her mother in one way or the other. Both women were also chained in their own restraints. His mind raced to think of how they were going to get out of this as the diviners left them alone.

He let his gaze wander the room in some attempts at finding a way out, but there was nothing in the cellar but their chains and his cage. The odds were very much against them. Dominic looked over and listened as Sophia began to explain what knowledge she'd learned in the time she had been captured. It was clear Lucifer was planning something horrific if he was experimenting on pregnant women. He had the strong suspicion that the babies were all his own offspring. Dom spat to the side and tried to slow his breathing from the searing pain against his skin. This was when all the meditating he did was going to really pay off. 'Mind over matter. Pain is only what we make of it.' As Siobhan introduced the two, Dominic could only lower his gaze to the floor. He didn't exactly picture this as the first time he would meet her mother and definitely not by bringing her daughter to her possible death to do so. He couldn't help but wonder if he'd ever done anything truly right by Sio. 

When the door opened again, his gaze fell on Jack who stalked across the room towards the women. Dominic was shaking with rage as Jack slammed Siobhan against the wall. He tensed up and wrapped his arms around the chains, pulling as hard as he could, but nothing was giving and the pain lowered him to a knee. As Jack finally spoke to him, Dominic lifted his head watching Sophia being taken away. So they had met before in a time that was wiped from his mind and from the venom on the words he spoke, it sounded like he had done something unspeakable to Siobhan. The diviner came over to unlock the door and he readied himself for whatever Jack planned on doing to him. Jack hit him with a suffocating spell and there was nothing Dom could do to break from it. He gasped for air and suddenly felt the man's hands around his head as he stuffed something down his throat. Dominic immediately felt himself become weaker and the world started to blur as the energy drained from him. No matter how he tried to shake the weakness away, he knew it was wolfsbane that Jack had forced into his system. 

He heard the cage door close again and slumped to the ground, watching helplessly as Jack went back over to Siobhan. "Stop... Stop!" he yelled as Jack ran his hands over her body. Just then the sound of the basement door opened again and the diviner was called away. Dominic let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding and tried to concentrate on Siobhan as he watched her struggling against her chains. "Sio, listen to me." He could see her desperation and the fear that Jack brought out in her as she pulled helplessly. "Nani! Look at me." When her eyes rested on him, he realized that was one of the nicknames that came back from a corner of his memory. It seemed to bring her out of her desperation and helped her to focus. "When I tell you to," he winced, "I need you to make me feel no pain. Understand? Wait till I tell you."

A few minutes later Jack came back into the cellar with a wide grin. "Seems that human will actually come to full term soon. Where is Lucifer, anyway?" Dominic and Siobhan remained silent and Jack crossed the room. He pushed Siobhan up against the wall, placing Dominic's knife to her throat and releasing a bit of blood. Jack moved his tongue across her skin at the point of the wound and began to push her pants down again. Dominic growled and started calling him every name in the book to get his attention away from her and back onto him, but it seemed he was enjoying it too much. When Jack pulled his own pants down, it became apparent he couldn't perform like he thought he could. Dom took this as his opportunity.

"You sorry excuse for a man. You couldn't even please her if you wanted to."

Jack turned his gaze over to Dominic and pointed the knife to him threateningly. "Shut up, mutt!!!"

Dominic spit blood to the side and couldn't help but heave heavily from the affects of the wolfsbane still in his system. "The fact of the matter is, I'm the only one that could ever please her. You're fucking pathetic," he laughed. It was all the goading needed as Jack swung open the cage and stabbed Dominic in his side. The therian yelled out in pain, but he knew he was going to have to take it. He spit at Jack and it cost him another slice to his ribs and chest and a few punches around his body. He gasped and winced, but kept the smirk on his face. "You think for a second she ever thinks about you or that night when she has all of me? Look at you! You're nothing. I erased you from her mind the moment she laid down with me. You. Are. Nothing." Jack was trembling from anger and when he swung with the knife again, Dominic headbutted him. The diviner staggered backwards and Dominic wrapped the excess of chain on his arm restraints around Jack's neck, holding him there. He was far too weak to keep him there for long. "Now, Sio!" 

The power of her abilities soon washed over him as he felt the effects of the wolfsbane disappear and even though he could see how raw the skin on his wrists were becoming, the pain he was feeling from the silver vanished. Dominic tightened his grip around Jack's throat and lifted the smaller man off the ground until his feet were dangling in the air. The therian placed his back against the cage for leverage and didn't feel a single bit of the burn it should've been causing as he squeezed the chains even tighter. Jack was gurgling and gasping for air and scratched wildly at Dominic's arms, but it was useless. Soon the diviner's kicking feet stopped and Dominic dropped his lifeless body on the ground. He took the knife that had fallen in the struggle and didn't hesitate on stabbing Jack more than a few times in his chest. He wanted to rip him apart into tiny pieces, but they didn't have the luxury of sticking around. Dominic quickly searched Jack's pockets and found the key to the chains. After getting himself free, he crossed the room and undid her restraints, wrapping her in his arms. 

The door of the basement opened again and he spun around waiting to see who it was, happy to have his knife back in his own hands. As the person slowly descended the stairs, it wasn't who either of them were expecting. It was Hannah. "I'll get you out of here and your mother," she said, nodding to Siobhan. "Just.. please take me with you." 

Siobhan at some point began to pull on the chains roughly in a desperate attempt to get free she couldn’t have Jack touch her again not like he had the last time and she wasn’t listening to Dominic until he called her Nani. She stopped pulling and looked to him with fear filled eyes focusing on his words. “I understand.” she said softly towards him as they heard Jack once again. She let the fear drop from her gaze as Jack reentered the room and pressed her against the wall the knife to her neck.She tried to hid the fear back in her eyes until he yanked her pants down she whimpered out and looked away ashamed. The fear spiked when he pulled off his own pants, Dominics growls and curses filling the cellar. She closed her eyes and waited but when he became frustrated thankful for Dominic not letting up on him, causing him to push Sio against wall roughly and the moment he stepped away she pulled her pants back up.

She watched wide eyed as Jack turned his assault on to Dominic and she yanked on the chains as hard as she could trying to get free “Stop it you monster!” she screamed out to him her eyes swirling purple having Jack hurting Dominic sent a wave of power through her and she yanked on the chains in a failed attempt but she could only watch as Dominic throw insult after insult to Jack and then it became clear what he had in mind as he wrapped the chains around Jacks neck and she locked eyes with him as Siobhan entered Dominic’s brain turning off his pain switch and her purple eyes stayed locked on him as he  overpowered Jack fully and killed him. Her mind was focused on keeping Dominic out of pain absorbing it.

Siobhan didn’t move her eyes from him as he near her as he undid her restraints she knew that she would have to get him out of here to his truck before she could even drop her mental hold on him. She didn’t bother asking if he was okay, she knew he wasn’t but she wrapped her arms around him in the quick embrace but not dropping her hold on his mind. She couldn’t even begin to know what had happened in his mind through this interaction with a big part of their past, a big part of her hoped that he didn’t remember the prior events for the simple fact it was one of the darkest points in her life, a point that she didn’t wish him to relive it was bad enough she had to live with it day in and day out.

As the door to the cellar open Siobhan gaze flicked to the girl and then back to Dominic “I will keep you out of pain but we need to get the hell out of here as fast as we can and if we can take a diviner to teleport us back to the truck it would be the quickest way, because the moment I drop hold of your mind I am going to have to drag your ass, and with two humans I can’t do that.” She stated and placed her hand on his back “Ready to fight your way out of here tooth and nail.” She didn’t give him a moment to answer as she pushed him forward. Looking back to Jack body and then pulled Hannah behind her as she followed behind Dom.

Hannah hand held on to Siobhan with a death grip as they moved through the house of the Diviners. “All the diviners are outside right now, they couldn’t stand hearing what Jack wanted to Do to you. They said it was vile.” She said lowly as they moved through the home “Your mother is through the kitchen there is a pantry that they converted into a ceil.” She said as she lead them through the house quietly and once in the kitchen she took hold of the key from Dominic slowly and unlocked the door.

Sophia sat there and she looked up when the door opened quickly getting to her feet. Looking from the blood covered Therian to her daughter “You look like hell.” she said to Dominic before pushing past him to Siobhan taking in her purple gaze “She keeping you up?” She asked lowly and then looked to him. “We need to get out of here before Jack comes back.”

“Jack won’t be a problem.” Siobhan said looking to Dominic “break the gas lines. Only way to ensure he won’t be brought back is to burn this house down with his body inside of it.” She said. As the kitchen door opened up and the Diviners began to flood in Siobhan pulled her mother and Hannah behind her and focused on keeping Dominic out of pain, any hit that landed on him he wouldn’t feel she would absorb it all mentally for him.

Dominic nodded to Siobhan in response to keeping him from feeling the extent of his injuries. It was only then he looked down and saw the blood pooling through his shirt. He may not be feeling the pain, but it didn't mean he couldn't bleed out from the stab wounds Jack had inflicted. Pulling his shirt off, leaving him in a tank, he ripped it longways and tied it around his midsection to hold as much as the blood back as he could. He just hoped his healing factor would kick in faster than the amount of blood loss he'd go through. Getting into another fight to the death certainly wasn't going to help the injuries any, but it's not like going to a hospital was an option; ever. He'd have to believe Siobhan could keep him going when everything in him was screaming to stop. 

As they went up the stairs, he led the way through the room that had brought them into the basement and down the hallway to the kitchen where the bodies he'd left were now gone. Siobhan took the keys from him and opened the makeshift cell where her mother was being held. He scoffed at her comment of not looking his best. "Thanks." The nature in him wanted to make a smart ass remark, but he held his tongue out of respect and kept his eye on the door leading out back. He pushed his senses outward and could hear the group of them just outside. His eyes scanned the kitchen and the surrounding area to see if he could find any other weapons. His knife wasn't going to be enough for the remaining amount of people he may have to deal with all at once. Even with Sio helping him push through his wounds, a diviner's spell would still put him on his ass and he wasn't going to be able to shut them all up instantaneously. 

When Siobhan turned towards him and mentioned burning the house down to be rid of Jack, he certainly had no objections. He pushed the stove forward and yanked the gas line out from the wall. His eyes flickered to the room he'd first killed the diviners who were watching tv. It looked like they hadn't moved those bodies yet. He quickly went inside and began searching them, but none had a weapon. Diviners were too cocky to think they needed anything other than their spellwork to keep them safe. Case and point, the three assholes who now lay dead on the floor. There was a closet in the room that he yanked open and towards the back was a shotgun that he was very happy to see; loaded and all. He pulled the gun out at the same moment he heard the back door open. 

Dominic moved out of the doorway of the adjacent room as the diviners filed into the kitchen. He raised the shotgun up towards them with one hand, seeing they were clearly surprised at witnessing them all free. "If any one of you open's your mouth, even to breathe, I will blow your head off." The gas was beginning to fill the room as the smell was getting stronger. His senses were probably picking it up faster than the rest of them. He motioned with the gun for the diviners to move out of the way so they could get to the door. Dominic pulled the lighter from his pocket and nodded towards the women to go behind him and make their way outside. "You," he said to one of the few women in the group as he heard the door open over his back. "Let's go." She looked around to the others in confusion and began to speak, but Dom stepped forward threateningly and she immediately stopped. "Pretty sure I said if you opened your mouth, I'd end your shitty existence. Now, let's go." The woman hesitated for only another moment, but moved forward towards him. Dominic grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the house, keeping the gun trained on the other diviners. When he reached their freedom, as Siobhan was still holding the door to keep her concentration trained on him, he raised the shotgun and let off a blast into the ceiling. The diviners flinched and ducked in response, giving Dominic that same moment to light the zippo and send it into the house. "Go. Go!" 

As they ran across the large yard towards the woods, a small explosion resounded in the house and he could see the smoke beginning to pool out of the now broken door. He kept the shotgun trained on the diviner in case she decided on taking some revenge. He hoped he'd killed more of them, but the odds were against their smaller numbers and they needed to get away. His gaze fell on Siobhan. "Take your mom and Hannah and fly back to the truck. I'll have this one take me to the Initia border and meet you there." He expected the rebuttal because it would mean she would have to release her power on him, but he shook his head. "You can't carry all three of us out of here and she can't teleport us all at once. I'll be okay." Another loud bang resounded across the property and the windows shattered in the lower level. He heard shouting coming from the front entrance and saw a few of the diviners had made their way out. Dominic looked to Siobhan once more quickly before turning to the female diviner. "Take me outside of Initia territory." The woman nodded with a resigned look and took Dominic's free arm. "Just go," he said, keeping his gaze only on Sio until the world went spinning and they vanished in a puff of black smoke.

A moment later he and the woman were standing near the mountain bases. He immediately felt the repercussions of being without Sio's power and fell against the rocks. Instinctively, Dominic wrapped an arm around his side, holding it from the pain. He lifted the gun towards the diviner. "Run along." Killing a woman still wasn't within his realm of murder. Her face scrunched in confusion as she looked at him with teary eyes. Clearly she expected her life to end after bringing him here. "Now." The woman took off down the road leading out of the territory. Dominic took a few deep breaths and willed himself to stand. He made the short walk to where they'd left his truck and leaned against the bed, slumping to the ground. When he pulled his hand away from his side, he could see the blood had soaked through his shirt and was covering his hand. He tilted his head back against the vehicle and closed his eyes from grimacing as he tried to stay conscious. Just another normal day for him. "I really liked that lighter."

Siobhan had been so focused on keeping him from feeling pain that she didn’t notice the blood pooling against his midsection. She knew once she got him out of this she would need to act fast to keep him from going into shock. Hospitals were a no to both of them but lucky for him with her angelic blood he didn’t need a hospital as long as she could keep him from dying till then. She wanted to scold her mother when she gave off the smart ass comment but she wanted to get out of there before things got much worse for them. Her eyes trained on Dominic as he moved about the space trying to find more weapons, keeping her mother and Hannah behind her.

The gas filling the room was making things hard to focus so when Dominic began to scream to go she hauled the other women behind as they made their way from the house and then she looked back to Dominic once again as he held the gun to the Diviner she looked back to the burning building feeling closure to the Jack part of her life and she let out a slight breath of relief. Before looking back to Dominic. Her eyes widen as he told her to take the women back to the truck “Dominic no I can’t let go of your mind not yet.” she frowned at him. “No you won’t!” she wanted to fight with him but as she reached out to take hold of him the diviner had already poofed tears sprang to her eyes as she felt Dominic pain leave her and knew she didn’t have long. The shouting filled her ears and she wrapped her arms around Hannah and then her mother as her wings unfurrowed “hold on to me now. Keep your eyes closed.” She said as she jumped off and let her wings flap she wasn’t use to the weight but she managed.

She focused on all her efforts on flying as fast as she could, she had spent much of her training learning how fast she could fly but the extra weight was making it harder until she spotted the truck and she came to a slightly rough landing but kept Hannah and her mother safe as she let them go she looked around then could hear Dominic say something about a lighter “Of course you are complaining about your lighter.” she said and as she rounded the truck she gasped and then looked to him “Dominic! Come on wolfy look at me.” she held his face in her hands “Fucking shit.” she felt tears in her eyes and then got up and walked to his truck opening it and found his phone.

She scrolled through his contacts before she was about to press call she looked up to the Diviner who appeared in front of them “Take him to his house, come back and get me, then come get these two. He can’t last much longer I need to do a blood transfusion.” she said as she walked ot Billie Mae. Billie looked between them all and then nodded as she reached down and disappeared with Dominic first and she tried to calm herself. And when Billie came back she took hold of her and felt the swirl as she arrived back at Dominics cabin “Thank you Billie I owe you.”

“No you don’t.” Billie said as she looked between them “None of this would be happening if I would have told him about you the moment I felt you left.”

“You just did as I wanted.” Sio said as she disappeared into the room and looked around and then under the bed pulling out the bag of things she had left behind form Isaac stash she had kept there. She returned to the living room and seeing Billie gone she knew she went to drive her mother and Hannah to Dominics. “Alright big guy.” She said as she tied off the upper part of his arm and then her own “you will feel better before you know it.” She said as she stuck the needle in his arm with a tube attached before doing the same to herself and sat in a chair as she watched her blood flow into him and she looked to his sleeping face.

“Moronic wolf.” she said softly as she moved his hair with her free hand and held back tears “You really need to learn to say no to me.” she said as she closed her eyes tight to keep the tears from falling, knowing her blood would heal him to new, as if nothing happened. “Last time I gave you something with my blood in it,” she chuckled once “It made it so you could read my mind without marking me, Though that seemed to freak you out a lot.” she chuckled “Thankful for you, it seemed only you could read all my thoughts not the other way around, I could only hear what you wanted me to hear.” she sighed as she leaned back. “That is how you found me the first time when Jack kidnapped me.” she said that part softly as she closed her eyes. “Come on Beasty, wake up.”

She let her blood flow into him, until she was almost to the point of being light headed before she pulled the needle from her arm clamping it off until finally all of it was in his system before she pulled the needle from his arm and watched the hole heal. “That's my wolf.” she said as she fought the tears that wanted to fall as she held his large hand with both of hers to her lips.

When the door opened she pulled her lips back from the wolf's hand to see Billie Mae and the women walk into the room she then returned her gaze to Dominic. “He will be fine, not the worst I have put him through.” she said coldly as she moved to stand up but her head swirled causing her to sit back in the chair.

“Why are we not taking him to a hospital?” Sophia walked deeper into the room and looked over Dominic “He needs a doctor.”

“Then get to work.” She said to her “after all you were a doctor!” She stood up and her eyes swirled purple as she looked ot her mother. “Besides I did more for him then you could have.” She said as she pushed past her mother.

“Arrogance will be the death of you Siobhan!” her mother screamed at her.

“How about the fact you kept me sheltered not telling me I wasn’t like you, dad, and Stephan huh? You will be the death of me. The fact you didn’t tell me everything and everyone I loved would die around me because I was a Nephilim!” Siobhan screamed back “This wolf has done more for me then you ever have ‘Mother’” she used air quotes around mother.  “Even though he hates Nephilims, he took me in broken and made me stronger than I knew I ever could be. And here I am day after day almost getting him killed. Just like how I got Dad and Stephan killed.” she let out a shaky breath as she shook her head and felt the tears fall. “I-I come get me when he wakes up.” She looked to Billie Mae as she stepped back and then out of the cabin and walked out into the field as she fell to the ground and began to sob uncontrollably.

Things had been pretty tense around his cabin over the last few weeks. The amount of heightened emotions was more than Dominic could stand, especially coming from three different women. It was like walking on eggshells and he seemed to be the target of everyone's different forms of pain. Siobhan had seemed to fallen into some sort of introverted depression and was hardly saying a word to him when she seemed to be one of the most opinionated people he'd ever come across in the short time he had to remember her. Her mother gave him side eye every chance she could get. Clearly she didn't think much of him and wasn't exactly approving of the relationship he and Siobhan had, whatever that was, he still wasn't sure. Hannah seemed to cry the moment he walked into the same room as her which he was pretty sure had something to do with him just being a man and her being a very pregnant and alone woman. 

The small amount of space in his cabin that was only built for him had become entirely too crowded. Sophia had decided she and Hannah would be staying at his place since she didn't have much of a home to go back to in Diviner territory. She'd also said something to the effect of not letting a pregnant woman stay in a hotel who was close to giving birth. There wasn't much choice in the matter anyway. Sophia had put her foot down and Dominic nodded in agreement. The daggers behind her stern eyes was enough to keep him quiet, though he had the very strong feeling she wanted the women to stay there so she could keep a watch on him and her daughter.

Dominic ran through the trees and came to a halt at his door, taking the small towel off of his neck and wiping the sweat from his brow. He had barely stayed in his own house for more than an hour anymore to avoid all the tension in the air. Working out was one of the ways he escaped and if it wasn't that, he was either working on his cars and bikes around the back, going into work, or drinking at a bar. He opened the front door and saw Hannah was laying on the couch and reading a newspaper. As soon as his eyes met hers, the woman began tearing up and he groaned into the towel, wiping his face again, and heading towards the kitchen. Sophia was washing the pots and pans she used to cook dinner and as he looked around, he could see she had cleaned up the cabin to her standards which weren't as good as his. He barely knew where anything was anymore. "Where's Siobhan?" he asked her, pulling open the refrigerator and grabbing a water.

"She's sleeping in the bedroom," she replied, keeping her eyes on the chore.

Dominic's eyebrows furrowed at her response. He unscrewed the cap and took a sip from the bottle while turning to face his bedroom. It was nearly 6pm and Siobhan had only waken up to eat and then Sophia had told her to go sleep in the bed while she busied cleaning up the house. He walked across the cabin and opened the door to peer in at her. She was still sound asleep and he went around the bed to kneel down beside her. Maybe she was just happy to finally get a decent bed to sleep in. Now that Sophia and Hannah were sleeping in his, he'd had to go out and buy another mattress for the two of them to sleep on in the living room, though most nights he found himself sleeping on the couch because things were still up in the air and tense with them.

Just as he was about to wake her, he noticed the bruising on her arm. He knew she'd been waking up in the middle of the night and leaving the cabin. Dominic wasn't sure where she was going off to, but he didn't know how to talk to her anymore or if he ever did. They were barely saying more than a few sentences to each other everyday. He'd thought she might've been seeing someone else and he couldn't blame her. It wasn't exactly like they were a normal couple. He just wasn't sure how he could even bring it up. Just as Dominic was about to wake her, Siobhan's eyes opened and he met her groggy gaze. "Dinner's ready."

The night ended as it normally did. The two women were in bed fairy early and Dominic went out for another run, leaving Siobhan to do whatever it was she did when she got the cabin alone for an hour until he'd come back. He used the time while he was running to think of some way to talk to her before they went to bed, but when he got home, she'd fallen asleep again on the mattress. This was all she seemed to ever be doing lately. Dominic took his time in the outdoor shower before coming inside and laying down next to her. He stared at the ceiling as he always did, too deep in thought to rest, and drifted off to sleep hours later.


Some time during the night, Dominic woke up to Siobhan moving off the mattress and trying to quietly leave the cabin. He waited until the door closed before pulling the blankets off of him and watching from the window as she opened her wings and took off into the darkness. He sighed and let himself go through a range of emotions from anger to hurt while he paced around the living room  and out into the woods, down by the river at the back of his house. Dominic finally resigned himself back inside to the couch and waited as he drank from a rum bottle and stewed in his thoughts. The door eventually opened again and he watched Siobhan walk inside; the confusion crossing her face as she saw Dominic was not sleeping on the mattress.

"Where've you been?" he asked, her gaze finding him in the dark finally. He stood up and crossed the room towards her, the bottle in hand. When he looked down at her, he noticed a large bruise on her eye and another on her cheek. Dominic took her arm roughly and noticed more of them covering her arm, which caused her to wince and grab her shoulder. He could now see that it was out of socket. "What the fuck are you doing?" He didn't mask the anger in his voice, but still kept the volume low as not to wake the other sleeping women. "I know you've been leaving... and this whole sleeping all day shit? Tell me what's going on. Now."

After the day she came to realize that everyone she cared about ended up dying over her, she couldn't run the risk anymore with Dominic, she had to try her best to shut off her emotions the best she could even though she knew it would be next to impossible. Tension only worsen when her mother decided that she was staying in the small cabin that had barely been big enough for Dominic and Siobhan, with a woman who never seem to stop crying. It was only so much that Siobhan could take of her mother, along with her trying to place space between Dominic and herself to keep him safe, throwing in a woman who was pregnant with her kidnappers baby. Her life had become a soap opera and she need some control once again. So in that day she made a choice to return to the work she was doing before finding Dominic in his Hexed craze state.

See in her time away from Dominic when he pushed her away Siobhan had started to uncover things that didn't add up, young Nephilim females would go missing without a trace all over, and while she was hunting down leads for weapons that were being traded on the black market she came across the lead that young Nephilims themselves were being traded after being kidnapped. None more so then to a new club on the outskirts of Evermore named The Angel Den. So one of the days when she was at the end of her rope with her mother and Dominic was out at the garage she took off on her own to check out this club, which she quickly realized was a strip club.

She swallowed hard as she landed in front of the club it was clear the place was only available for supernatural beings, as she walked up to the door she tossed her blonde hair to the side and placed on her best flirty smile “Hi, I am looking for a job.” She said.

“Back hall there is a red door.” The large Therian bouncer looked her over “But I would run the other way if I were you.” he said lowly as if he could smell Dominic on her flesh “If you just plan on causing trouble.” He said with a slight growl.

“Listen I was just kicked out of my boyfriends house and I need a job.” She said as she brushed past the bouncer “Thanks for your help.” she said with a flash of her teeth before she walked into the club. The smoke hit her in the face, the weed smell was heavy in the club along with the cigar and cigarette smoke it was dark other then the stages light up and the girls dancing with their wings out. It was clear that all the girls dancing were Nephilim. She let her eyes take in the bar and stages along with the clientele. It was clear some of these girls were too young to be working in this club.

She swallowed hard and moved down the back hall she stopped by every door leaning against them slightly to hear behind them, she could hear the moanings behind some doors, sobbing and begging behind others, it caused her blood to run cold, she turned to walk out of the club feeling like she would be in over her head taking this on, on her own when one of the doors opened behind up and a female nephilim no older than fifthteen came limping out covered in bruises. She swallowed hard after seeing that young Nephilim she knew that something darker was going on in this club. So she turned back facing the red door knocking on it.

As a male pulled the door open she offered him a smile and held out her hand to him “I was told by the bouncer to come to the red door if I wanted to talk about getting a job here?” She said tossing her hair to one side again reaching up twirling it with her finger as the man scanned her body with his eyes.

“Come in.” He said as he widen the door closing the door behind her and looked her over “Show me what you got.” He said as he pulled a chair up and snapped his fingers and music began to fill the room “Just down to the bra and panties though.” Siobhan nodded and as the music played she turned her back to the man taking a deep breath, thankful in that moment that in her time away from Dominic she learned how to dance as one of the workouts she did at the Nephilim gym she was apart of.

She slowly pulled the jacket off moving her hips back and forth to the music before letting her wings fly out and turning and facing him she pulled her shirt off slowly lowering to the ground and crawling over to him slowly, as she reached his chair she pulled herself up his body with the arms of the chair as she tossed her hair in his face thrusting her breast into his face thankful for the bra was staying on. She watched the creepy smile slowly cross his face and he snapped his fingers again and the music stopped and she slowly pulled back as the man caught her wrist.

“You got the job, just keep your nose focused on your job and don’t go into any other rooms down this hall unless you are requested to.” He said looking down at her breast. “If you want to make it here you will heed my warning, if you are trying to bring trouble here you will get hurt.” He looked back into her eyes “Now if you want the job be back tomorrow night for the night shift, for when the vampires come in, We don’t go full nude on stage save that for the private dances.” With that he let her go.

After getting what details she need she walked back out knowing that she would have to leave the investigating for when she was behind the scenes. She didn’t return home not yet she returned to the Nephilim part of town finding the only person she trusted to help her with her dances without to many questions. By the time she returned home that night it was clear no one noticed her absent all day and she at dinner and sat down on the couch while she kept to herself watching Dominic before he would disappear into the woods.


As the weeks went by, she waited for Dominic to be asleep and would sneak out and take of returning to the club just in time to start working. She was one of the first girls up each evening and then would be able to wonder backstage until her next dance before she could roam the floors trying to get people to pay her to dance on them. With the little time in between dances she would listen and talk to the other Female Nephilims all the legal aged Nephilims were there of their free will though some were there to support whatever habit they were doing. She kept hearing the term Angel Dust being thrown around.

Night after night she was slowly learning more information, such as angel dust was a drug that affect only Nephilim and it was being sold through the club along with a range of other drugs for the other species that seem to wonder into the club. For weeks she felt like she wasn’t getting anywhere with the information all the girls she was working with were legal and no help at all as they were focused on either making money or getting angel dust.

Almost at the crack of dawn she would return home and slip back into bed, it didn’t take long for them to notice she was sleeping through the day when her mother and Hannah would get up Siobhan would retreat to the bed she once shared with Dominic and sleep for hours waking up most times before he got home in time to eat dinner, and they would spend the late hours staring at a fire having slight small talk over things that didn’t matter. She kept her lips closed about what she was doing, nothing had happened yet to get him involved with her crusade, not that she would if something had happened.

She was asleep that day after the long night before where she had her first private dance that made her sick to her stomach she only wanted to dance for one person, and they haven’t even slept together since her mother had been living with them. She was thankful to be able to sleep in Dominics bed even if it was empty without him, everything seemed empty lately but she knew it was for the best to keep him safe and alive.

Hours past and when she woke up her eyes locked with his hazel ones and she smiled faintly she wanted to reach out and pull him into the bed with her, but the memories of why she was asleep in the middle of the day came rushing back to her and she nodded at his words saying dinner was done. So she got out of bed and began to repeat the same process as she had been doing for so long now.

When her mother and Hannah went to bed and Dominic retreated to work out once again she pulled in her headphones working through her routine one last time before showering in the outside shower so not to wake anyone and then laid on the bed, this night she manage to pass out once again, all the secrets and sneaking around were getting to her but she knew it was for the best. When midnight came she looked over to Dominic and since she thought he was asleep and not wanting to be late she rushed sneaking out of the cabin picking up the bag she left  in the woods earlier like every day and opened her wings and took off towards the club.

She had just got off stage with her first dance when she manage to catch the young Nephilim who was the one she saw the other day she was healed up now, learning the young girl was in fact fifthteen and was sold to the club after being kidnapped from her homeland. It was clear she wasn’t american and she nodded and smiled telling her if she wanted someone to talk to she was there for her. The young girl whispered to her telling her she wasn’t the only one that there was a basement with young nephilims living in it being used as not only strippers but as sex slaves.

Learning this information made her skin crawl to think about but as she asked the girl to show her the door to the basement she felt a hand clamp down over her shoulder and turning around she saw a large Therian. “Nina go back to your room.” the Therian said and once the young girl walked away he pulled Siobhan by her arm unlike some of the clients in the building towards one of the private rooms where the man who hired her was.

“I have been told you have been asking questions.” he said as he stood up and walked over “you know what happens to angels who think they can ask questions?” he asked her as he backed handed her causing Siobhans head to snap quickly one way.

She bit her tongue to keep from cursing him out and she looked at him with tears brimming her eyes “I’m sorry sir I was just trying to get to know my fellow coworkers.” she tried to look as pitiful as she could even though she knew she could use her powers and get away but taking on a whole club of supernatural beings would be difficult, and she doubt she would make it out alive.

The man stared at her and then nodded slightly “fine if that was the case then you will be let off with a warning.” He said as he nodded to the Therian “Teach her her lesson and send her home. You will need a day.” He said as he left the room which left her along with the Therian and confusion until it was clear that when someone stepped out of line at this club they were beaten. The Therian began to strike her yanking her back up every time she fell to the ground and when he was done with her he tossed her on the floor. “Leave out the back door.” He said as he gave her one last kick into the gut causing her to jerk and roll over whimpering in pain.

Siobhan after a few moments got to her feet leaving the club as quickly as she could after changing into her regular clothes the other girls avoiding looking at her, making it clear that one or two of them had been through the same. she  made her escape and just wanted to crawl into bed and be near him because he makes her feel safe still and pray that she would be heal up in the face at least by the time morning came.

She couldn’t even open her wings so as she walked into Evermore she called a cab and was able to be dropped off not far from home. As she walked the rest of the way she felt exhausted more than she was before, and as she pushed the door open quietly she looked to the mattress and not seeing him there made her heart sink. She swallowed hard when she heard his voice, the hurt in it, the accusing tone she didn’t know if he was showing jealousy or concern.

As she looked to him she saw the bottle in his hand and she couldn’t remember the last time he had drank at that point with her mother around he had seem to be avoiding it. As he looked down at her she kept her gaze up at his and then gasped out as he grabbed her arm roughly wincing at his touch and she closed her eyes as she blurted out “it was a bar fight. I will be fine.” She pulled her hurt arm free and whimpered as she popped it back into place. She pushed past him to go into the kitchen and dug in the freezer and sat at the table placing the steak on her face knowing she need to go out to the ice cold river and sit in it to heal up. “Listen a fight broke out I got involved you know that story all to well.” She hissed out. “I will be okay. Don’t worry about me. Our focus isn’t on me anymore.” She said and then stood up moving out of his home once again would out giving him a chance to argue handing him the steak on her way out.

She walked down to the river peeling aside her clothing trying her best not to cry even though she wanted to give in and tell him everything she knew it wasn’t right she need to get more information to bring to the Nephilim Ambassador, do this by the law to get these young girls to safety and if she told Dom she was sure he would want to go in guns blazing, Especially after this ass kicking she got. So she stood there naked by the river looking up to the move for a long moment before lowering her body into the cold water feeling it soothe the sting in her flesh.

She spent an hour there before returning inside her face had healed pretty much pulling on long clothing to hide the rest of it from him she laid on the mattress her back to him as she buried her face in the pillow and fell asleep letting her nephilim healing kick into overdrive. Allowing her body to heal quickly and by the time she woke up the next evening she looked as if nothing happened to her. Pulling herself off the bed she ignored her mother fussing over Hannah. With a roll of her eyes she at her dinner quietly and watched as the evening played out like always.

She hid her bag in the woods before showering and laying on the mattress waiting for Dominic to come back and take his spot on the couch she was sure as he laid down she looked to him before away quickly closing her eyes. After a few hours she got up looking to him she leaned over pressing the softest of kiss to his cheek in a slightly way of saying goodbye because she wasn’t sure how long she could keep her cover, and made her way outside getting her bag and taking off, flying still hurt so she decided it was best to walk to the rode and catch a cab this time. Which was waiting for her by the time she reached the road looking back she sighed, sliding in and closed her eyes as the cab took her outside of Evermore tossing money to the driver as he pulled up the the club and climbed out and walked inside.

When she got inside she walked to the back and the girls gasped out as if shocked she returned and then busied themselves with getting ready for their dances. As she changed and messed up her blonde locks she heard her stage name. “Now welcome to the stage Angel Parker!” She slid her heels on as she walked out onto the stage the lights dimming to a soft blue and purple, getting on her knees as the music started and she began to dance the routine. The interesting thing about The Angels Den is the fact they  didn’t have a pole it was all about the way the dancers danced. So as she moved along the stage pulling aside the clothes she was wearing tossing them around, she moved closer to the edge of the stage her eyes locked with Dominic and she swallowed hard as the dance came to an end she stood up, walking off the stage picking up the pieces of clothing she had pulled off on her way, walking into the crowd knowing he would follow her. As she walked into the private room once he walked in behind her she closed the door behind him, asking softly “What are you doing here?” She could only image what was going on his mind.

(The Dance)

She was lying to him. He knew it immediately when her gaze broke from his and she couldn't stand to be in front of him while she did it. Dropping the steak she'd thrown at him on the counter, he watched through the kitchen window as she crossed behind his property and went down to the river. Her silhouette was just visible as the moonlight shone down on the black water and she shed her clothing before walking along the shore of rocks. Dominic lowered his head with a sigh and turned his back to lean against the sink, staring into the darkness of his cabin aside from the dying fire. 

There was obviously a reason that she was keeping this from him. Was she seeing someone else? The bruising and injury seemed unlikely to that, but who knew how toxic she might've been becoming with everything that was going on. Everything that had happened between them... What else could she possibly be doing to get herself hurt? Maybe she was going out looking for trouble just to get into a fight and let off some steam. He looked up at the clock and realized it was nearly 5am. As with every morning, the women currently occupying his room would be up with the sunrise and he would no longer be able to sleep. Not that he would be able to sleep at all; not after tonight.

The next day had been exactly like the ones before over the last weeks. A tension hung in the house that felt suffocating. Dominic spent most of the day out in the woods while the women stayed in his home. When he returned just before dinner was ready, he grabbed a beer from the fridge and noticed Sophia was eyeing him more than her usual disdainful way. He took a sip while meeting her gaze before letting it fall on Siobhan as she slept. 

"Follow her."

Dominic looked over to her mother without saying a word before looking back at the sleeping nephilim. In his mind, he had already resigned himself to doing just that, but he didn't realize the woman had deduced her daughter was leaving during the night. Then again, why else would she be sleeping throughout the day? He could see the conviction in her eyes that meant she was trusting him to fix this. Dominic took another sip of the beer and only nodded before opening the cabinet and pulling out the dishes for them to eat. They didn't seem to have much in common, but if there was one thing that could bring them together it was Siobhan.

Everyone fell into their normal routine for the rest of the night. The only difference being the knowing look he and Sophia shared before his bedroom door closed while she and Hannah went to bed. When the evening turned late, Dominic took his place on the couch and feigned sleep. It wasn't long until he felt Siobhan moving about and then the softness of her lips on his cheek before she was leaving the cabin. He waited a few moments before looking out of the window and seeing her disappear into the darkness of the woods.

Dominic quickly put on his boots and grabbed his leather jacket. He pulled open the door and stepped into the colder night air, immediately picking up her scent and following it through the trees. She was heading up towards the main road and his first thought was that she was meeting someone there who would pick her up and bring her wherever it was she was sneaking off to. It surprised him to see a cab idling on the side of the road which waited for its fare. Dominic pulled his phone from his pocket and called the cab company to see where its destination would be. When the dispatcher said it was The Angels Den, he nearly crushed his phone in his hand. 

His truck was rumbling down the main road only ten minutes later. Dominic's mind was racing with so many jumbled thoughts that he didn't even realize he arrived at the strip club because his subconscious had gotten him there. The door of the vehicle slammed shut in his anger and he made his way to the door. Dom knew many clubs in the city and this one was no different. He had been to The Angels Den only a handful of times and had stopped coming once he saw the illegal drug operation that was going on and the obvious signs that the dancers were all addicts. The only patrons that tended to frequent the club were the low lives of the city. It was definitely considered one of the less reputable places in Evermore. 

Dominic entered the club and began surveying the scene. Nothing seemed to have changed; especially the clientele. He could feel his anger reaching a boiling point as he looked around the dark establishment for Siobhan. If she was using... he pushed the thought away and focused on looking for her. Just when he made his way towards the main stage, the DJ announced the next girl to perform and that's when he saw her. Siobhan came out on stage and began dancing for the scumbags in the crowd. With each piece of clothing that came off, the more he felt his blood pressure was rise. He folded his arms over his chest and stared at her until finally her eyes found his. He could visibly see the color drain from her face knowing he was watching her. It took everything in him to not drag her off the stage. 

When the music ended and she had finally finished her routine, Dominic watched her make her way across the club, shamefully holding her clothes while the men made their remarks as she passed by. She stopped in front of one of the private rooms used for dances and other things that a dancer saw fit to engage in for a certain price. After she stepped inside, he followed suit and turned to face her when she closed the door behind them. It was then Dominic lost it when she questioned what he was doing there. "What am I doing here?!" he mocked, pacing the small and intimate room that's lights changed color every several seconds with a single chair in the middle of the floor. "What the FUCK are you doing here, Angel Parker?!" He was positive the small space would not contain him in this angry state of being. He punched the padded wall and heard a crack knowing the wood behind it had splintered. It was good these rooms were sound proof because he was fairly certain he was going to tear it all down before moving onto everything else in this place. "Are you out of your fucking mind?! You're a goddamn stripper now? Is that something you wiped from my mind too because I sure as shit don't remember that either!" He paced for a few steps before slamming his forearms against the wall and taking a deep breath. All he could think of were the hands of every disgusting man out there that had wandered her body quite possibly in the same room they were standing in now. "Are you using?" Dominic crossed the compact space in only two steps and grabbed her arms to look for track marks before taking her chin in his hand and lifting it to see if her eyes were dilated. He saw no traces of any type of drug, but being a supernatural also meant you could heal a lot faster. Dom released his grip on her and crossed his arms over his chest again as he stood over her much smaller frame. He lowered his voice finally but was so close to her that he knew she could hear him even over the blaring music, giving Siobhan a cold glare and the chance to finally speak. "You have ten seconds to explain this shit or I walk out of that door and your life forever." 

Siobhan’s heart was racing she watched the anger on Dominic’s face take over wincing as he hit the wall reminding her that he was in fact much stronger than she remembered she tighten her grip on the thin fabric in her hands as she watched him move around the room cursing at her as he went on and she flinched as his large hands yanked at her arms the memory of the therian who kicked her ass the night before filled her mind and she let out a weak whimper wanting to fold in on herself but she kept her eyes on him as he checked over her body making sure she wasn’t on the drugs the other dancers were on. She kept quiet until he laid out the ultimatum.

“What is going on will take longer than ten seconds to explain.” she said as she unclenched her hands from around the clothes as she pulled on the skirt. “Before I  saved you from the hex Lucifer put you under and that whole big mess I had began to notice that young Nephilims were disappearing at the Nephilim gym I trained at.” She said as she kicked off the heels hating wearing them making herself once again much shorter than him as she pulled the top on buttoning it up. “Well I brought it up, no one seemed concerned but one other girl, who said that the girls who had gone missing got these invites to a club in town for Angel night.” She looked up to him once again. “Well I went to the bar one night when this Angel night was going on and saw a man tossing these tablets into the drinks and giving them to others.”

“When I went to confront him, he turned out to be the club owner and kicked me out of the club. I began to follow him and this place came to be the common thread between it all. I never saw him hand over any other Nephilims or anything but drugging Nephilims with something strong enough to kidnap them.” She shook her head “Anyways, that night I saw you again I was after a man who was selling Angel artifacts.” she used quotes around the words Angel Artifacts. “I thought maybe it was code for drugs or in fact some secret weapon or something. I was trying to get to the bottom of what was going on.”

“After everything that happened.” She said as she swallowed hard “After ripping myself from your memory, the almost marriage, saving my mother, Almost getting y-you k-” her voice broke as she choked back the tears that wanted to come over “After almost getting you killed Dominic, I realized everyone in my life has died because of me.” She looked down in that moment and clasped her hands together and tighten them turning her knuckles a ghost white. “With Mom and Hannah at the house you in the woods doing your own thing I could barely hold on to my sanity when I remember that this, the mission I was on before. So I came to check out the place.”

“When I first came in, it just seemed like your normal drug ring, strip club and I was going to walk out but then.” She looked back up to him “A girl walked out of one of the rooms and she was badly beaten and couldn’t be much older then fifteen, so I got the job, I wasn’t aloud to do private dances for the first two weeks which trust me I was thankful for but I kept searching for that girl I saw, the other dancers are clearly hooked on something that they sell here and the Clients are not much better.” She swallowed hard she looked down and back up at him.

“Yesterday I found the girl she told me she was fifteen and that she wasn’t the only one they had here. It seems there is a sex slave ring happening here and I was trying to get enough evidence to take to the Nephilim Ambassador. But I was caught talking to the girl Nina, I was able to play it off but the owner didn’t like me talking to her so he had one of his therians teach me a lesson.”  She pressed her hands into his chest in an effort to keep him from running out of the room and finding the male who beat her up the night before “You can’t blow my cover Dominic, I need to get proof, or to save these girls.” she said as she looked up into his eyes “Who knows how young they are and were they are from Nina was clearly not from around here.”

She looked into his eyes “I only kept this from you because I didn’t want you putting yourself in danger or coming in here gung ho and everything going ape shit like it did at the diviner house, getting hurt or tipping them off that someone is on to the sex ring they are running.” she looked down knowing in that case it was her fault. “Now you know.” she said as she kept her palms pressed to his chest. “Help me… or leave but please don’t put these other girls lives at risk because I hid this from you.” She finally looked up into his eyes trying to read what he would do.

“My shift is over in a few hours.” She said to him “Leave, text me a place to meet you and we can fight about this all you want.” She leaned her head to the side “I don’t want to do it around mom and Hannah, I don’t want them knowing that this is what I have been doing.” it was clear on her face that the stripping side of things was a means to an end. “Please?” she asked as she dropped her hands from his chest.

Dominic remained silent throughout her explanation despite wanting to scream out about how stupid she was to think doing this alone was a good idea. About how she thought she could leave him out of something so dangerous. About how all these actions she was taking on her own was now only driving them farther apart which was something they couldn't afford. He couldn't avoid shaking his head, sighing in annoyance, or rolling his eyes, but when he stepped back from the anger, in the end, he knew Siobhan was just trying to keep him away from danger. Still, he wasn't sure how to figure out all these range of emotions that usually ended with him feeling exasperation.

While she explained the bruising he'd seen on her body, Dominic began seeing red again, but as she laid her hands on his chest to keep him from murdering the person who'd touched her, he closed his eyes and let out an irritated breath. When Siobhan had finally finished, hearing her say the word shift made him scoff with a sarcastic smirk in disgust. He took a step back from her and shook his head. "What are we doing?" It was a rhetorical question because his mind was racing with so many thoughts that he wasn't sure what their relationship was anymore. This had been the tipping point of all the awkwardness and frustration over the last weeks and it was finally boiling over. "Is this all we're going to be now? Secrets upon secrets? One of us getting so deep in over our heads that the other is eventually going to find out anyway and only end up getting hurt or worse regardless?" He wasn't looking for answers. He just needed to say it into existence while she was standing there. "I can't do this," he said, gesturing between himself and her. "I don't know who you are anymore or what we were, but this doesn't feel right." Dominic pulled his leather jacket off the chair and headed towards the door. He put a hand on the knob, but didn't turn around to speak. "I'll stay in the club and see what I can find out. When you're shift is over, I'll meet you around the corner in my truck so no one will see you with me." With that, he pushed open the door and left.

It had been a couple of hours and Dominic wasn't any closer on getting information. Seeing Siobhan move about the club was making it even more difficult to keep his concentration as his eyes fell on her while she went from patron to patron. He felt a fresh wave of anger and nausea each time she began speaking to some other guy who inevitably put a hand on her body. Dom turned around in the bar stool to avoid seeing her and put the cigar he was smoking in his mouth, pulling on it deeply before exhaling. The barman put another whiskey in front of him and Dominic drank it in a couple of gulps before nodding for another. "Bad day?" the man asked.

The therian scoffed and put the cigar down on the ashtray with a mocking smirk. "You have no fucking idea."

The dj's voice suddenly rose up again as the last girl's dance ended and he introduced the next performer. "And now, welcome to the stage, Angelina Le Fleur!" Dominic's eyebrow raised as he turned around and saw a familiar face walk out on stage. It was a nephilim he'd known for years after meeting at one of his first jobs as a bouncer in another strip club in a different part of Evermore. Back then the two had briefly hooked up, but remained friends afterwards. As he watched her from his seat, he could immediately tell she was a user and it killed him to see how far she'd fallen. Dominic downed the new whiskey glass and picked up his cigar before walking over to the stage and waiting till the dance was done.

"Hey Gigi," he said, watching her pick up the money and her clothes.

The woman's eyes widened and she gave an excited squeal at seeing him before nearly jumping in his arms from the stage. "Dominic, what are you doing here?! I haven't seen you in so long!" Holding her up, he could feel how thin she was. It felt like he could crush her bones easily. Her eyes were hazy, but wide and wild. "You look great!"

He couldn't say the same for her. "Can we go somewhere?"

A coy smile tugged at the corner of her mouth and she took his hand and pulled him across the club and back to the private dance rooms. When the door closed and she hit the button on the wall indicating to everyone outside that it was in use, Dominic sat down on the chair and put the cigar to his mouth. Angelina sauntered over to him and began dancing to the music as she straddled over his lap. She lowered the straps on her bra and began kissing down his neck, reaching behind her to undo the clasp, but Dominic quickly pulled back and took the cigar out of his mouth, placing his other hand on her shoulder to sustain the distance. "I'm not here for that, Gigi." He looked over her features again and could see how much she looked like she'd aged from the drug use. 

She seemed to understand the expression on his face and her smile dropped instantly. "Well, if you're here to give me a lecture, you're words are going to fall on deaf ears." The nephilim folded her arms over her chest, but she still remained on his lap. Despite her words, he could see there was a hint of wanting someone to help her. He knew she didn't really have any family or someone to look out for her, at least from the years that he'd known her before losing touch. Maybe she just needed someone to tell her so.

"I'm not going to lecture you. At least not now. I'm here about something else." Her eyebrows furrowed as she waited for him to continue. "What's going on here?"

"The drugs? Oh, come on, Dom. Drugs in a club is nothing you haven't seen before. You've worked plenty of them to know how this goes."

"Not the drugs. The girls. The underage ones."

A worried look passed over her face and she tried to stand, but Dominic grabbed her arm again and kept her seated in his lap. "I can't." Her voice lowered significantly and her eyes turned pleading. "You need to leave. Now."

Gigi tried to pull away again, but there was no match between his strength and hers. "I'm not leaving or letting you leave until you tell me."

"I could scream and they would come in and throw you out."

"Are you really going to do that?"

"If you knew what you were getting yourself into then you would want me to stop you!" she said in a fevered whisper. 

The frightened look in her eyes made him wonder what these people had done to scare her so much. She looked over his shoulder and he could see the wheels turning in her head. "I'm trying to stop it, Gigi."

"You can't. There's too many of them involved in this thing, Dominic. You'll get yourself killed." Her eyes began to water as she stared off into wherever her thoughts were taking her. "They have my little sister..."

That was a revelation he wasn't expecting. "Angelina, look at me." He shook her slightly to get her to focus back on him again. "I need to get proof of what's happening in order to stop it. You need to be brave right now, okay?" There was a hesitancy, but the woman finally nodded slightly. "Where are they keeping the girls?"

"There's a door to a basement, but it's not like a normal basement. They have the girls, even some boys, chained up down there, almost like a dungeon, but the rest of it... The rest of it is like a high class second club down there. The clients can bring one of the children into a private room and..." She trailed off and swallowed, closing her eyes, which caused a few tears to spill over. "Dominic, it's disgusting."

He could feel her beginning to shake, so he put his hands on the sides of her face to keep her focused. "Hey, it's okay. Just tell me where the door is." 

Angelina lifted her head and nodded. "It's the fourth door on the right once you go backstage. That'll lead you downstairs. The children are being kept all the way in the back. The rest of the doors are the bedrooms for the clients and an office. I was only brought down there once. I had been asking too many questions and they brought me down there to watch as they took it out on my sister. I.. I.."

Dominic put an arm around the back of her shoulders to hug her as the woman began trembling all over again. "I'll get your sister and everyone out of there, I promise." He pulled back and wrapped an arm around her waist, lifting them both out of the chair and setting her down. "Just keep doing what you would normally do, okay? You have to keep it together." 

Gigi looked up at him and nodded, wiping the tears away and buttoning her top once more. "Just be careful. They're are more than a few armed guards around this place, including security cameras. They won't hesitate to kill you."

"Yea, well I won't hesitate either." Dominic unlocked the door and looked down at her. "Thank you, Gigi."

The nephilim gave a short nod before reaching up to kiss him on the cheek and exiting the room. He took a deep breath before following out of the door after and heading back towards the bar. Sliding onto the same stool again, he put the cigar in his mouth and ordered another whiskey.

"Angelina is something else, huh? I'm sure she gave you a good time."

Dominic forced a smile. "She sure did," he replied, looking around the floor and seeing Siobhan instantly. He turned his attention to the liquid in his glass, feeling the sickening punch in his gut again. They would have a lot to talk about once her shift was over.

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