Began with an angel hunting in the wrong place, and A Therian with good timing.

Name: Siobhan

Species:  Pure Nephilim

Age: 21

Short Bio: Learning how to function in a world she had never known with the help of Isaac who is the man who saved her life when she had nowhere else to go. She works for him as his assistant.  Which leads her many places around the town for him. Some times she returns to the woods when she is feeling overwhelmed it is her safe place.

Name: Dominic 

Species: Therian

Short Bio: A woodsman in every sense, but an Ailward Guard first. The big guy you hope is on your side when shit goes down ;)

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After a few minutes of staring out at the calm river, he glanced over his shoulder towards the cabin and decided it had been enough time to perhaps have made that fake phone call he'd mentioned. It was strange to think of the three occupants inside who he would've never seen coming a couple of years ago. What a whirlwind it had been since finding the injured angel in the woods, hunting a dark magic that she and her family couldn't shake. The path that led them to the here and now was something that he still couldn't believe himself at times.

Dominic walked back through the front door and knew the two had been in a tense conversation. Despite the ability to hear them more easily than most because of his supernatural abilities, it was clearly written all over the women's faces. Sure, he was used to the whole parents not really being thrilled that their daughters had chosen him, but that was many years ago when he was a young man getting into trouble. Funny how that can come about again when you get into a more serious relationship so many years later. Any other time he wouldn't care what Sophia thought of him. She had made it clear about her feelings towards him weeks ago, but this time Dominic was annoyed that she had a point when it came to the immortality issue. It was something he thought of from time to time, but that was also long term. They needed to sort out the present before they could ever get to a future.

He glanced back over to Siobhan who seemed to have a knack with taking care of Adam as if she'd taken care of babies in her spare time. He wondered where she'd learned it all from. When her eyes moved up and towards him and her mother with a command to eat, he looked sideways to Sophia before walking passed the table and pouring himself another cup of coffee. Sighing, he watched the dark liquid fill the mug and reminded himself that he knew the day would come when the cabin would become quieter again. One more awkward breakfast to get through.

An hour later and Dominic was standing in his workshop, glancing at the tarp. He lifted the plastic and saw the crib Siobhan had been working on underneath. The girl had some skill, there was no doubt. She seemed to always surprise him with her talents. He picked up the woodwork and headed back outside toward the truck. The disheveled blankets and pillows they'd slept on the night before were still in the bed which he gathered together and lay on the grass to replace with Adam's new crib, making sure to secure it properly down with rope. Afterwards he headed back into the shed to grab the car seat he'd brought back from his work that had been left in an abandoned vehicle they repossessed a few years ago. Never in his life had he thought he'd actually need one, but there was a reason they kept all the stuff they reclaimed at the junkyard if it didn't sell; eventually someone would come looking for it.

It was a battle putting the car seat in and at one point he considered breaking it into a thousand pieces for how overly complicated it was to install, but after many curse words and growls, it was in. The women's voices drifted over to him on the wind as he lifted his head and saw them heading towards the truck. Sophia didn't have much in terms of possessions since being at the cabin as she carried Adam and her daughter a small bag with her belongings. He took the bag from Siobhan and placed it in the back, pointing to the car seat. "I think I did it right, but no promises," he joked quietly to the angel which Sophia apparently didn't find funny as Dominic dropped his smirk and climbed into the front seat.

The drive through the territory and into the city was fairly quick as he followed the directions to the apartment. It was still strange to him that Siobhan had been living here at one point when things were at complete odds with them. His memory still had no recollection of the place, but of course that was expected when they hadn't been seeing each other during that dark period. He'd only been there once before after the entire ordeal and even then it was not at a high point of their relationship. Parking, Dominic unhooked the crib and began the awkward lifting and moving of the furniture through the front door and into the apartment. It still looked the same as it did the last time he'd been there as he squeezed it through one of the bedrooms to set down, hearing Siobhan behind him. "I think Hannah would be more than grateful for you and your mom."


Breakfast went quietly as Siobhan had become quiet not bothering to keep up friendly conversation. Focusing on the Adam who seemed happy as a clam to be sleeping and eating. What a simple life he had at that moment. She wondered what his future held, if he was going to be magical or human. She hoped for him to be human like his mother. She hoped he would have a happy normal life and never have to be part of the world his father was from. As breakfast past she watched Dom make his escape outside, she didn’t stop him allowing him the little peace before taking her mother and Adam into town to the place the Bradfords gifted her.

Hours later she had helped her mother pack things up giving her the cold shoulder every time she tried to talk to her about her relationship. While she loved her mother dearly. This was a subject she was to never have a say in. She wanted to live her life for herself. She had spent so much time seeking approval from others. Yet Dom was the one person she saw in her future. Handing her mother Adam she helped pick up the few bags of things that she had and moved out of the cabin, moving closer to him and smiled towards him at his joke, with a soft chuckle before rolling her eyes at her mother's reaction. “I am sure you mastered the carseat beast.” she bumped him with her hip as she moved placing the bags in the back and moved to sit beside Dom, crawling halfway in the back to help her mother with the car seat before sitting in to buckle her own seat belt.

As they pulled up to the little place she had lived in for a short time she reached in the pocket and handed the key over to her mother as she moved inside first and Siobhan got the bags and soon. She moved to packing up the few things she cared to keep from the closet and moved them to rest on the kitchen counter. She looked around the place that never really felt like home to her but had put a roof over her head for a short time. After some time assuring her mother that nothing ever happened in her bed she joined dom in the room that was to become Adams. Looking over the crib for a long moment before focusing her blue gaze on Dom. “She was grateful for us all in the end. She felt safe and loved, something she  hadn’t felt all her life.” She said as she moved closer and touched the edge of the crib.

She got to work putting some touches around the room to make it more a babies room before looking to him for a moment. There was so much they need to talk about, some much she didn’t want to talk about yet she couldn’t bring herself to ask questions about the future at least not until it was just them again. She looked back to the bed for a moment and the words left her mouth before she could ever stop them. “Have you ever thought about having children?” She wanted to eat the words the moment they left her mouth. She turned to face him to tell him not to answer when Sophia entered the room and the quiet settled in.

“You manage to master your father's work.” Sophia said as she moved closer looking over the crib rocking Adam in her arms. 

“Stephan was better.” she said softly as she looked over the crib and smiled. “But I think dad would have been proud.” Siobhan looked to the infant and kissed the top of his head softly. “I will come visit often, and if you ever need a babysitter just call me.” she said to her mother. “If anything weird happens call Billie, she will get me here quickly.” she said and then took a step away. “I’m gonna go load up some of my stuff.” she shot a look to her mother and moved out of the room.

The moment the front door closed Sophia sat the sleeping child in the crib and then looked to Dominic with serious eyes. “Keep her safe, and if you don’t think you can. Send her to someone who can. I have lost everything, she and now adam are all I have.” She looked to the baby. “She thinks I don’t want her to be happy. That is all I have ever wanted but I knew for a long time she attracted things. I have just always wanted her safe.” She stepped back. “And you both clearly need to have a serious talk if things are going to keep getting serious.” She stopped talking when the door opened again.

Siobhan poked her head in and whispered “ready to go wherever you are.” she pushed the door open and moved over giving her mother a half hug. “See you soon.” she pulled back to move back out the door and leave. She walked to the truck with a box that she placed in the back seat and then slide back into her own spot and raised her foot up to bring her knee up. Resting her elbow on her knee as she waited for him to climb into the cab of the truck.

Dominic looked down to Siobhan as she came next to him, taking in the words she had spoken of Hannah's gratefulness. He stayed quiet and thought about the short time she had had out of that monstrous house. Life had been tough on her even before she fell into the clutches of Lucifer's psychotic plans. He had never asked or really wanted to know what the young woman had gone through while being there, but it ended up with her being a slave and pregnant with a baby that had been experimented on while in the womb. None of that being of her own decision making. To think that the weeks she'd been with them at his cabin was probably a highlight in her life was just sad.

He pulled himself away as the angel began to fix up the room to be more fitting for a baby. It was all bizarre and new territory for him. Being in a room meant for a newborn made him feel completely out of place. He'd be more comfortable on a mission in perilous danger than in the quiet of a baby room. Bringing in the few bags that had mostly diapers in them, he placed them on the floor near the crib for Siobhan to decide where they should go and was not upset that he wouldn't have to deal with that destructive force of nature. Just as he turned to make a joke about it to her, she asked a question that would normally cause a complete and utter shutdown of his system. Children? Dom was sure the expression showed just that as he stared with what could be described as a deer in headlights.

Before he even had the chance to probably say something totally nonsensical since forming a coherent thought was not a task he could force himself to do just then, Sophia walked in and completely shut down any further continuation of that conversation. He bit his lip softly and put his hands in his pockets, barely hearing the two as if he was listening to them speak under water. It was when Siobhan exited the room to pack up the truck did he finally snap out of it. His legs still felt heavy to the spot or he would've followed after her. Being in the baby room was awkward enough, but now he was there with Sophia who wasn't exactly rooting for him and her daughter. 

Dom's eyes landed on the baby as she placed him in the crib, preparing himself for whatever so-called wisdom he was about to get from her. He listened, staying quiet. Starting another heated conversation was something he wasn't looking to do, especially since he was going to have to deal with the question Siobhan had asked only a few moments ago undoubtedly brought about due to what had happened earlier in the morning. However, Sophia's words were more than a little confusing. Send her to someone who can keep her safe? Attracting things? What any of that even meant, Dom wasn't sure, but before he could ask, Sio was back and saying goodbye. 

Giving a quick look again to Adam, he nodded once to Sophia in farewell before following the angel back outside the apartment. Sliding into the driver seat of the truck, he started up the engine and began heading back home; the loud quiet of unspoken words hanging between them. Where to even start? Avoidance was easier and familiar, but that wasn't going to make the questions that needed answers go away. He glanced over to her for a moment and sat back a bit in the seat with a slouch in an effort to relax or at least appear that way. Dom decided to go with the more prevalent question. "Your mom," he began, pausing for a second. "She said something about you attracting things? Wanting to keep you safe. I know that's just normal mom talk, but it was the way she said it. It was like she knew something else. Like.. I don't know. Does that mean anything to you?"

Siobhan placed her arms around her knee that she had propped up after getting into the truck. Her brain going a mile a minute as it cursed her for even asking him the question about children. Did she even want children herself? Sure maybe one day but right now? No not so much. She had forever so to say to have a family if other things didn’t catch up to her. Hell she wasn’t even sure if she would be a good mom. Though her mind drifted to Adam the main reason her hormones were screaming at her to reproduce. Stupid little settings inside the female brain that just made things even more confusing. Maybe it wasn’t just Adam though, with the almost dying part of recent events it showed Siobhan how she wasn’t as immortal as she thought she was.

Though his face when she asked the question, was a very deer in the headlights look. It wasn’t something the pair had talked about even before she was forced to remove herself from Dominic's memory. It was too much and she knew that the moment the words left her mouth and now she was kicking herself mentally. Overthinking in the silence of the drive she hadn’t realized was started about how she made things harder for them even more so. Her blue eyes hung to the window as she listened to the nothingness that surrounded them with the drive. The pair had avoided a lot of normal talks for a long time now, since their lives had been overrun with one supernatural event after another.

Her gaze shifted to him when she saw him trying to look relaxed out of the corner of her eye. This was the time, they were going to be talking all night she would assume about everything that normal couples do. Well not normal couples but as normal as it could be for a nephilim trouble magnet and Ailward guard therian. “You don’t have to try and look relaxed. I know that kind of question from earlier makes you not so comfortable.” though he also didn’t bolt out the door or laugh in her face when she asked it so she now wondered where his mind was. 

Siobhan brow raised when he brought up her mom and she shifted dropping her foot to the floorboard and turning slightly to focus on him and not the road they were driving down to go back to the cabin. “Hmm.” Siobhan leaned her head back to the window as the night was darker and colder then it felt the night before as she spoke. “From working with Jon, Rissa brother, back when you were under Lucifer hex. I learned some things not everything I had hoped because I was running around getting coffee mostly. Then crime fighting what I could at night. I learned that there is a reason nephilims either stay on their own or in groups. Nephilims have a natural pull to dark natured beings.” She gave a slight shrug to him. 

“Though I don’t know if that is what my mother meant. I don’t think she knew about the supernatural.” Siobhan kept her gaze upon the wolf as he drove. “I remember dad would go hunting often.” she said softer as she tried to make sense of  the statement. “When he would come back he would tell me he slayed the demons for me. To keep me safe.” her eyes looked down for a long moment. “Mom use to yell at me sometimes about how I was nothing but bad luck. I never understood and Stephan would step in and protect me. I didn’t understand what was going on.” That sinking feeling of how she was the reason her brother and father were dead set in again. “Maybe she was right.” Siobhan pulled her gaze to the floor as she shifted her body back to watch out the window. “Maybe I can learn more about what she said. I am sure I can ask Clarissa for help or something.” Siobhan shifted uncomfortably in her seat for a moment as the rush of panic ran over her.

There was no more reason to avoid anymore though. “I’m sorry for popping the question on you like that in there. I guess Mom got into my head with the whole future plans talk.” she ran her hands along her jeans for a moment as she glanced over to him. “You have never been one to really talk about a future, and I have never really been one to ask. Our lives have been one supernatural thing after another. Frankly I don’t even know if I want children myself definitely not anytime soon. I mean hello immortal I have foreve…” she stopped mid sentence as if she felt stupid for not catching what her mother meant from earlier. The realization that this was about to become a much more serious conversation hit her like a ton of bricks as they pulled up into the yard in front of the cabin. “You’re not immortal.” she said as her brain tried to compute what that fully meant. Siobhan felt a weight in her chest as she frowned slightly not able to picture him not in her life.

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