Began with an angel hunting in the wrong place, and A Therian with good timing.

Name: Siobhan

Species:  Pure Nephilim

Age: 21

Short Bio: Learning how to function in a world she had never known with the help of Isaac who is the man who saved her life when she had nowhere else to go. She works for him as his assistant.  Which leads her many places around the town for him. Some times she returns to the woods when she is feeling overwhelmed it is her safe place.

Name: Dominic 

Species: Therian

Short Bio: A woodsman in every sense, but an Ailward Guard first. The big guy you hope is on your side when shit goes down ;)

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Siobhan looked up at him her eyes pleading him slightly to understand, she could see his anger and annoyance this was a result of her once again thinking she could do something on her own. She swallowed hard as he spoke the emotions in the room felt let an explosion as he spoke. Every point he had was valid. But her heart sunk as he said the words out loud that he couldn’t do this it felt like a knife had cut her in half and tears dare swelled in her eyes as he said he didn’t know her anymore, she looked away blinking back the tears. She just nodded because she knew that if she spoke she would begin to cry. As he walked out the door she was there quickly closing it pressing her back to it leaning her head forward as she fought the tears that stung her eyes. She knew keeping him out of the loop could end badly she didn’t understand how bad until this moment.

It felt as if she had been punched in the gut, her stomach a blaze in pain and she wanted nothing more than to lay on the ground and have a good cry. She was pushing away the only man she had ever loved to keep him safe but at the cost of their relationship. She looked up to the ceiling trying to understand where to go from here. The facts were that anyone she had ever loved ended up dead or dragged into her issues, She was not good for Dominic. She felt her lip tremble as she processed everything that has happened between them, but she knew she couldn’t stay in this room much longer before someone would come looking for her.

Pressing her shaking finger against the button plastering on a fake smile she walked out of the room and looked around the club. Her eyes fell on Dominic seeing him downing a drink and she kept her back straight as she walked around the floor greeting the club goers, going about how she would any night but her eyes kept going back to Dominic as she was pulled down and asked for a dance, this was her hell she felt like as she did what she had to not to blow her cover.

The thing with living in your hell it only got worse, so as Dominic rose walking over to the girl on stage her heart sunk lower it it was even possible and shattered as she watched him disappear into the room with Gigi. Her stomach churned, she told herself in a logical manner that maybe he was just trying to get information but then her mind went to the things Gigi did for the money she made and Siobhan focus was completely broken and she felt a wave of nausea hit her and she walked around slowly keeping her eyes locked on the door before her call for her next dance came.

She did her dance which lacked much luster in the end as Dominic still had yet to exit the room by the time her dance was over and she made her way to the back. She sat down at the vanity that she sat her things at and leaned her head down on her arms letting out a soft huff keeping her eyes closed tight.

“You are alright, darling?” one of the other dancers asked her.

“Yeah I am fine, just not feeling the best.” she said as she sat up and looked at her reflection, she had a better understanding how Dominic felt seeing her on stage because watching him walk off with Gigi was to much for her to handle in this emotional state they were in. How she threw herself on him she was sure it was a girl from his past huffing out as she looked into her jeans pocket looking at the pearl necklace he had given her and closed her eyes tightening her grip on it.

She wasn’t willing to lose him, not only to death but to her own stupid actions. Shit had happened, she had broken them and she was doing it all over again. This wasn’t anything they couldn’t figure out together, but the key word was together. Dominic and Siobhan had always been a strangely good team together when they talked and worked things out together.

They spent so much time worrying trying to keep the other safe when in reality they would be better off working together. She opened her eyes looking down to the pearl once again, hoping against everything there was a shred of hope to fix what she had broken, not by running but fighting for the person she couldn’t see her life without. So she shoved the pearl back in the pocket of her jeans and stood up and walked back out onto the club floor in hopes that Dominic wasn’t still locked away in the back room.

She wanted to leave not feeling well as it was. She saw him at the bar once again thankfully meaning that Gigi wasn’t giving him her special. She let out the slightest sigh of relief as she crossed the floor to the bar to where the bartender was. She smiled slightly between them “Evening.” she nodded to Dominic before turning her attention to the bartender. “I am going to take off Harry, I am not feeling well I think I had some bad sushi. I’ll see you in a few days.” she said as she tapped the bar.

“Alright stay out of trouble or you know.” Harry nodded to her and Siobhan just nodded as she made her way back behind the stage to change into her street clothes and then said good night to the girls as she made her way out the back door and began  to walk down the street towards town figuring he would already be there waiting on her, She already knew the night was going to be filled with a lot of screaming and fighting.

As she saw his truck parked up a head and the tail lights glowing she picked up her pace climbing into the passenger side and she placed her bag on the floor. “I don’t want to go back to the cabin.” she said as she looked to him as he began to drive she leaned back against the seat “I still have my rental in the city, my friend was staying there maybe we could go there.” she said as she gave him directions every now and then while trying to figure out how to express herself.

As they pulled up to the curb she climbed out listening closely to see if he would drive off but hearing the slamming of his truck door caused her to flinch again but let out a slight sigh of relief as she reached in her bag pulling out the key to the front door and unlocked it as she stepped in, Her friend had left a few days ago so everything was still clean. She tossed her keys on the entry table as she walked deeper into the home that was her home when her and Dominic were apart.

She didn’t bother asking him if he wanted a drink instead she walked into the kitchen and grabbed the bottle and two glasses and walked back to the living room area. It was a small one bedroom house that she rented when she was in the city more the woods needing a place to lay her head since she quit working for Isaac at the moment.

She sat the glasses down and the bottle and moved to stand looking at him in the eyes and spoke softly “You are right.”  She took hold of his hand in both of hers as she turned his arm over looking at the wolve tattoos that were there “I don’t know what I am doing, I thought pushing you away was what would be best for you. I came to a realization that everyone I have ever loved died because of m-” her voice broke as she cleared it looking to his hand taking a deep breath. “Everyone I have ever loved has died because of me.” She said looking up into his eyes slowly.

“The thought of losing you Dominic is gut wrenching.” she said as she looked into his eyes, “So I thought if I pushed you away kept myself busy that our little interactions would be enough.” She said as she lifted his hand to her cheek “It's not...I want to be selfish when it comes to you. I know that I should just get out of your life I mean what have I added to it? Death? Anger? Frustration? Sadness?” Tears swelled in her eyes as she looked at him “I try not to hurt you but just end up hurting you ten times more.” she said. “I can’t place space between us anymore it doesn’t work. We work better as a team.” she searched his gaze “help me?” she pleaded slightly “I will never keep secrets between us again if you stay by my side.” She swallowed hard “If you still want me.” She let out a soft breath.

Dominic swirled the golden brown liquid around in his glass, blowing out the smoke that lingered from the last pull of his cigar. He was definitely feeling a buzz now as he ran his hand through his hair and clenched his jaw in the continuing anger that would resurface every once in a while from being deep in thought and then snapping back to the reality of where he was currently sitting and why. They say the most powerful scent is smell and when hers suddenly hit him, he straightened up a little and knocked back the rest of the whiskey keeping his eyes on the now empty cup. When Siobhan casually greeted them, the only thing he could do was glance in her direction and give a short nod in response to the scripted exchange.

When she turned and walked towards the back stage area that was set aside for the dancers, his gaze followed her most of the way before he sighed and turned to face the bar again. "Pretty girl, huh? She stands out among the others," the bartender commented.

"That so," Dominic replied nonchalantly, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out his wallet. She did stand out among the others, but it probably wasn't for the same reasons the man in front of him was thinking.

The barman grabbed one of the glasses he'd been washing and began drying it with a dishtowel as he continued on. "Yea. Looks too good a girl to be in this kind of place. Definitely not like most of the girls here. Haven't even seen her dip into the recreational party favors that go around here, if you know what I mean. Probably why she's the new fav."

Dom forced a smirk and leaned on the bar as he told the man to close his tab. "Well, we all gotta make our money." As the barman slid him the bill, he raised a brow at the amount. He hadn't realized he'd drank as much as this receipt was telling him, but then again it did take a lot of alcohol for him to get tipsy. Such was the price of being a supernatural with healing powers on top of being larger than most everyone else. The pen moved quickly over the signature line and he grabbed his leather jacket. When he stood up, he could feel just how intoxicated he really was. "See you around, man."

A few minutes later, Dominic was sitting in his idling truck about a block away from the strip club. His mind had wandered so far that he hadn't realized she was approaching the vehicle until he heard the handle of the door being pulled. He sat up in the driver's seat, but still couldn't look over at her. Going back to his place was one of the last things he wanted to do. It was just a reminder of how awkward everything was and right now he didn't think he could take it. On cue, her voice broke the silence, saying she still had a place here in the city. He tried to remember if he'd ever been there before, but he had no lingering memory of it which brought another wave of bitterness. He put the truck in gear and followed her directions to the house.

Dominic's mind continued to spin with all the different things he wanted to say to her, but wouldn't. He had been quiet for the entire ride and when she finally indicated to pull over, he tossed around the idea of whether or not he should follow her inside. Expressing himself was the hardest thing for him when it didn't involve an angry outburst of violence. All he really wanted to do was drink and pass out into blackness, but doing that wasn't exactly an option at home anymore. He could get a hotel room, but it would only push their problem aside momentarily without confronting it. With a sigh, he turned the truck off and followed her inside.

As he walked into the house, he still waited to see if a memory would come back to him as his eyes scanned his surroundings. He watched her head into the kitchen while he turned towards the living room, but nothing seemed to give him some form of familiarity. Despite her scent barely filling the space, there was someone else he could pick out as having lived there too. He felt odd being there. Dominic shrugged his jacket off and tossed it on the couch just as she returned with a bottle of rum and a pair of glasses. It was comforting to see the bottle, knowing he would be able to keep the buzz going and help deal with whatever argument he felt might be coming.

Siobhan reached for his hand then. It was strange having her gently touch him like that when they hadn't really had any physical contact like it in weeks. He tensed slightly, but didn't pull away as she began what seemed to be an apology. Dominic remained quiet as she spoke and all the thoughts of having a screaming match dissipated as he kept her stormy blue gaze. He was tired. Tired of being constantly worried and tired of letting his mind control all the negative thoughts he was having about what was going to happen between them. When she finished, he let his hand drop from her face and leaned down to pick up the rum. 

"I don't... remember who I was to you before everything happened," he said lowly, turning the bottle over in his hand and keeping his gaze on the label. "Sometimes I think maybe I've changed and that's why you keep your distance because I'm not responding to you as I would've then. I mean, I know I've changed because in a sense it's almost like we are brand new to each other." His eyes went back to hers again and he sighed. "My head tells me one thing which is why are you staying with her. Normally, I would just walk away, but then my.. heart comes in and tells me I can't. Whatever it was we might've had that I can't remember, my heart seems to and it wins out. I stay because I've never had that happen before with anyone else, but you have to let me in. No more secrets just to keep me safe." Dominic opened the bottle, taking a sip and sighing. "I know I'm not a pillar of honesty when it comes to being more open, and it's something I'm trying to work on, but you're right. We work better as a team and that's what a.. relationship is supposed to be all about. Or so I'm told." He put the bottle to his lips again and took a long gulp, grimacing before dropping it on the table. He was now at the point where drinking wasn't enough and sex or violence were the choices that remained when he was feeling too overwhelmed with emotions. Neither of those things were plausible, so he sat down on the couch in attempts to deal with what he was feeling instead of trying to bury or mask it as a silence fell in the room. He leaned forward on his knees and looked up to Siobhan with a small smirk. "Could really go with not waking up to your mother in the morning as a start." 

Siobhan felt his hand fall away as she finished speaking, watching him pick up the bottle, her eyes moved to his face watching him talk and she felt her own hand come to the back of her neck as he spoke. He was right he had changed they both have.  “You have changed but not as much as you think you have Dominic, we both have, you have changed because you are confused and hurt but don’t understand why you are hurt. And I am not the scared little Nephilim you saved from a broken leg. Changing isn’t a bad thing we just have to learn to understand it.” she said as she looked to him, when he said he has never had his heart tell him to stay before she locked her eyes with his again. It caused her own heart beat to pick up because he was being so honest and open with her about his feelings even if he didn’t fully understand them.

This moment meant more to her then he would ever know as he continued speaking about them and her eyes widen slightly as he said the word relationship. She tried to recall if he had ever used that word before and as her mind race she watched him move to the small couch that sat in the living area. “All we can do is promise to each other that we will work on it. Work on being in this relationship together, we have both kept each other out of the loop and in the end it only caused chaos.” she thought back to him being hexed and how to save him she had to rip her memory from him, to this day it broke her heart to pieces but every now and then she would catch him staring at her as if he had known her for years. Those were the moments she chose to focus on, when he would call her a nickname that he had forgotten, or the fact he remembered how she liked her coffee. Their relationship had never been normal she wondered if it would ever be, but in the end as long as they cared for each other did it matter?

“I have known your heart remembers me just by the small things you don’t notice yourself doing. When you reach over and play with the ends of my hair or call me by a nickname that you shouldn’t remember, it's there in those are the moments I hang on to.” She moved to sit on the coffee table in front of him “It’s like your heart remembers everything about me, so I have hope that we can figure this all out together.” She looked to his smirk and chuckled once “Trust me, we both could do with not waking up to my mother and Hannah.” She sighed slightly, “A big factor into our silence has been the fact we haven’t had time alone to just talk things
out between us. Between my mother, Hannah, you in the woods, and me running off at night. Things reached a point of silence I have never wanted between us.”

“It has reached a point worst then when you were hexed. When you were hexed and pushed me away I found myself unsure where I stood in this world.” She picked at the hole in the knee of her jeans. “So I returned to town and quickly got swept up in the Nephilim world. I got close to Clarissa Bradford and well that came with its own issues between you pushing me away and Clarissa needing me even if she didn’t want to admit she did I ended up getting this place, even if I barely was ever here.” her eyes moved around the rental. “Kinda became a closet to house random items that I showered in and if I was lucky slept every now and then.” this place was never home to her, not like the cabin was, it was just a place to lay her head when she had nowhere else to go. “You never even came into the city long enough at that point with me to see this place.” sadness was in her eyes then, even though there was clearly photos of the two together around, she knew he had never been her before.

They need a night, hell a week alone to figure out what was going on with them, no doom and gloom even though it seemed to circle around them more often than not. She moved closer and pressed her forehead to his letting out a soft breath. “We will figure it out, but we need time to just us to figure it out.” She trailed her fingers along his chest softly. “To not walk on eggshells because of current unwelcome house guest. So let's stay here tonight, I will make breakfast in the morning and we can just be Siobhan and Dominic.” She said before pulling back and standing up “I may or may not have a few of your things here.” she moved towards the bedroom door “I am going to grab a shower, feel free to roam around.” she said as she moved into the bedroom and quickly she placed sheets, blankets and pillows on the untouched bed before she ducked into the bathroom showering off all the makeup and the glitter that seem to cling to her.

She was out of the shower drying off before pulling out one of his shirts that she may have taken because it was one of her favorites to sleep in, she slid it on her before she opened the door to the living area and leaned against the doorframe looking to him and smiled softly, taking a moment to take him in, she knew he tended to opt for the couch but the couch he was sitting on was far to small for him to get any kind of sleep not that he rarely did. She moved closer taking his hands in hers pulling him up off the couch with ease not saying a word as she pulled him behind her towards the bedroom. She waited for him to lay down before crawling under the covers and moved his arm to wrap behind her as she laid her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat softly.

Her mind drifted to the night they spent with each other before she left with Lucifer, how happy he was just to see her, to touch her, to reconnect after so much time apart to keep her safe. She blinked away the tears that filled her eyes again, She had taken for granted how much his little acts he did for her showed his true feelings for her. She swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat. “We’ll figure this out.” she repeated his words form their first night back together after he saved her, her fingers traced the daisy wolf on his arm. She was thankful he got the tattoo just like she was thankful she got hers. It was a reminder of what they meant to each other and she hoped one day he would remember that reason fully, or find a new found reason to remember her.

-Restart after Mission Little Angel

It had been a few days of sleeping and letting her body heal before she opened her eyes looking over to the sun as it shined through the cabin window hitting her in the face. She took a deep breath staring at the blinding light for a long time before she slowly sat up. Every inch of her ached, She moved her hand through her hair and sighed looking around the room. The chair that Dominic had been sitting in was not pushed back in its place across the room, and he was no where in sight.

She promised that night after Dominic and Clarissa saved her and the children she would stop putting him through things like this. She raised her hand to her chest where the bullet entered her chest. After almost dying she wasn’t even sure she wanted to leave the cabin anymore. She closed her eyes as the sound of gun shot ran in her ear and her eyes sprung open as her mother entered the room causing her to jump.

“Could you knock?” Siobhan lowering her head to catch her breath as a cold sweet broke out. She was back in that moment that terrible moment for a few moments and it was shaking her.

“I was.” Sophia said as she closed the door behind her and moved to sit next to Siobhan “How are you feeling.” Sophia asked taking hold of Siobhan hand and flipped it pressing her fingers to her wrist and watching her watch “your heart rate is elevated.”

“I will be fine mom.” She said as she pulled her wrist free and then looked up to her “I just had a bad dream.” She spoke gently before moving to stand up using the dresser to keep herself standing as she got use to her weight on her shaky legs once again. “I am going to take a shower and then I will…”

“Shower and come eat, I am sure you are hungry.” Sophia said as she stood up and began to strip the bed. “I made a large breakfast.”

“Okay.” Siobhan replied as she made her way into the bathroom stripping away Dominic shirt that she had been wearing off and tossed it to the ground turning on the water. Catching her reflection, she stared for a long moment, she looked like herself and didn’t all at once. She shook her head and stepped under the water as it fell around her.

After she showered walking back into the bedroom seeing the perfectly made bed and sat some clothes for her. She moved and picked at the fabric of the jeans that sat there for a long moment. Shaking her head once again pulling herself out of her from her trance as she got dressed.

She found herself moving out of the bedroom taking in the scent of pancakes and coffee hit her nose. Her mouth water but her stomach didn’t seem to agree with wanting to eat anything not yet anyways. Her eyes moved around looking for Dominic in the cabin not finding him in sight. So, she moved closer to her mother and her gaze caught Dominic as he crossed the yard.

Siobhan moved making two cups of coffee one for him and one for her as she moved out of the cabin to the porch. She moved to one of the rocking chairs where there was a table and sat the mugs down. She moved to the Rail of the porch and leaned against it letting out a soft whistle at him catching his attention.

“You want some coffee? Or should I have stuck with the rum?” She smiled softly standing up straight. She could help but look him over, she wondered how he was feeling after a few days had past. Had he forgiven her? So many things they need to talk about, so many questions swirling in her head and yet all she wanted was to sit on the porch look out into the forest and be lost in a peaceful moment together.

Dominic couldn't help but keep checking in on Siobhan frequently as she was recovering. Every time he would open the door, she would still be in bed peacefully resting. At any moment he expected something awful to happen because it just seemed to always be their luck. Billie Mae had had enough of his worrying one night and called him just as his hand had touched the knob of the bedroom door to tell him to stop looking in on her and to take care of himself instead as there wasn't much he could do. Both of those things were just too hard to do. He had tried to fall into a normal routine of going to work, but found himself spacing out and calling or texting her mother more than a few times to check in. 

A few days had passed and he was now sitting on the couch staring off into his thoughts. He was worried how their dynamic would be once Sio woke up. They had been through a lot and he wasn't sure how it would change them. After all, she had nearly died and he wasn't sure what else they'd done to her while she was being held prisoner. There were still a few of those scumbags that worked the clubs who weren't there the night he and Clarissa had burned down their operation. That also meant he wasn't done finding each and every one of them at some point and erasing them just as he did with their boss. 

"Would you go outside?" Sophia's voice broke his daze that found him staring into the empty fireplace.

He turned his head to her not fully comprehending her words. "What?"

"Go outside! You need to get some air, not be stuck in this cabin overthinking everything which is clearly what you're doing by that face of yours." She made a shooing motion with the wooden spoon she was holding while mixing batter in a bowl. 

Dominic sighed and gave a short nod before pulling himself up and opening the door to walk outside into the cooler morning air. His eyes glanced over to the window of his bedroom briefly and then he went down the few wooden steps into the open space of his property before the trees. The sound of the small creek in front of his house was always comforting as he took a deep breath and exhaled trying to release the tension in his chest. The slight breeze moved over him and with it was the familiar scent of another wolf. Dom's eyes scanned the tree line and a moment later Kiyaya padded his way to him, leaning up against his legs. He gave the wolf a pat on the side and began moving towards one of the bikes he brought home to work on. 

Kiyaya followed him over, but took a sharp turn towards the creek as something seemed to have caught his attention. Dominic reached down into a toolset he had near the cars he fixed to pull out a wrench. Just as he was about to take a look at the engine, a light whistle caught his attention which made him turn his head. 

Siobhan was standing on the stairs which gave him pause. It took a moment for his mind to catch up with what he was seeing as if he would always only ever see her lying in bed forever. Dominic dropped the tool down with a clang and walked over to where she was, trying to gather his thoughts for all the things he wanted to say to her. The words were lost to him. He gave a small smile back and glanced her over before leaning on the railing to look up at her. The angel appeared to be doing much better, but he was still worried as his gaze found hers. "I'm good with the coffee," he replied softly. Dom reached up and put his arms around Siobhan to lift her off the stair. He held her carefully, putting his forehead against hers for a long moment of silence, letting nothing but sounds of the wood surround them. There were things they needed to talk about, but for now they could wait. He finally pulled his head away and found her eyes that were being illuminated by the early sunlight, showing the speckles of purple which he realized he loved. Yea, the heavy stuff could wait. Dominic smirked softly before speaking. "Did I really let you put flowers in my beard?"

Siobhan watched as Dominic paused as if he had to catch up to what he was seeing making sure it wasn’t a vision like when he was under the hex. Yet as he came to realize she was there standing in front of him still in one piece, mostly he tossed down the tool with a clang to cross over to her. She watched his timid movements as if the closer he got to her the more likely she was to break. She chuckled as their gaze finally found each other, “Well good cause I am not even sure I could find the rum in this house anymore with all my mothers rearranging.”

Finally after what felt like forever Dominic slide his arms around her even if it was in a slow careful manner she embraced it. Their forehead pressed together as her arms slide up and around his neck slowly. Her fingers trailed softly again the base of his neck as she just took in his scent. She missed this, him just holding her, them just being them. So many moments in their lives that they were fighting to stay alive or keep the other safe. She forgot how good it felt to just have him hold her.

With the last month the tension in the air of the cabin, them no longer touching each other she had though she had lost him forever. That when she took his memories he would no longer care for her. Yet if he didn’t care for her the same way she did him, would he have stuck everything out the way he had. She had come into his life and flipped his whole world upside down. She pulled back as he did looking up to the early morning sky more so to stop the train of thought that made her fear she wouldn’t be enough for him, taking a deep breath of the fresh air around them and the utter silence of the world around them for the moment.

There was so much to talk about so much to say, but that could wait for now. She couldn’t help the smile that cracked her lip as he asked about the flowers in his beard. She slid her hands down from behind his neck down his chest slowly. “Yes you really did… more than once as long as they were daisies.” she chuckled soft, her fingers slide over the daisy wolf on his arm. “Though the first time I did it, you looked at me like I was crazy.” she cleared her throat and in her best Dominic impression she had she spoke “ ‘Woman what do you think you are doing? Gonna make me a flower crown also?’” A chuckle left her lips as she took his hand in hers “Then you had to explain what a flower crown was, and made me one.”

She pulled him down the stairs behind her as she moved with him away from the cabin, she knew they couldn’t go far without her mother freaking out she was sure. The best part of the cabin being deep in therian country was that there was a field of wildflowers just passed the tree line where they would often train together. “Most of the time we spent in the clearings are some of my favorite memories.” She said as she let go of his hand walking deeper into the field. “The way you laughed at me and with me.” she said as she kept her back to him placing her hand over the ugly scar that would be there forever on her flesh.

“It was always nice to see the not so serious side of you.” she chuckled looking over her shoulder at him a devious grin shined on her lips as her wings opened up ripping through the back of the shirt, she jumped off the ground and soon caught the air beneath her wings and took off up in the sky making sure to disappear from his view knowing he could smell her still but it was always fun to try and confuse his scenes. After circling around the clearing out of view she came back flying towards him, and much like the times she crashed into him, she did this time as well but with more the attention to tackle him into the middle of the field with her. Her wings wrapped around them to keep them both from hurting themselves as she laughed out once they stopped rolling.

She sat on top of him letting her wings fold in as she looked down at him watching him laugh, it had been so long now since she had seen such joy in his features even for a moment, brought a smile to her lips. She had known for a long time she had loved him no matter his mood but now she was just staring at him watching him, wanting to freeze time in that moment. When he caught her staring at him she looked over to the flowers next to them and picked one up and began to place them flower in his bread with a large smile on her face. She jumped slightly when Kiyaya ran over into the opening towards them. “Awe Kiyaya.” she said as she hand her hand over his head softly as he came to her. “Whos a good boy.” she scratched behind Kiyaya ear and smiled to him.

Dominic smiled softly as she traced her hands lightly over his arm and down his chest. It had been a long time since they were as close as the way they were now. He wasn't sure if it was because of the life endangering situation they had just been in or her nearly dying, but his face fell slightly for a passing moment just from the thought that maybe things could never really be the same again. Not really. Maybe after a few days everything would just go back to the confusion, anger, and hurt that seemed to be their lives as of late. He didn't want to think on it. Not now.

"Yea, still don't think I believe that one," he replied with a smirk to her explaining the flowers in the beard from the vision she had shown him while her life had been slipping away only a few nights ago. He watched as she puffed up and deepened her voice to imitate him. A laugh immediately escaped his lips and he shook his head before squeezing her smaller frame lightly. "Oh, I'm definitely sure I didn't make you a flower crown."

Dom let the angel pull him along as they walked away from his home and moved deeper into the quiet woods. He intertwined his fingers with hers as they came through a tree line and into a large open field where the wildflowers were growing. He listened as Sio explained they would spend a lot of their time out here and it didn't surprise him. The woods were his backyard and this was one of the most beautiful places in it. His hazel eyes scanned the surrounding area, wondering if any of the memories would come back to him.

The angel's gaze looked back at him that held a glint of slyness which made him raise an eyebrow. Her hand dropped from his and suddenly her wings were breaking out from her back. The morning light gleamed on the pure white feathers that held a faded hint of blue along their tips. Dominic watched as she took to the skies and soon disappeared from sight. It was good to see she was feeling so strong after nearly dying days earlier. Still, Dominic was concerned as the nephilim was still nowhere to be seen. 

He took a few booted steps forward among the flowers when his ears perked up at the sound of wings flapping. Turning around, he saw Siobhan come flying back towards him at a high rate of speed. He expected her to slow, but she kept at the same pace and soon would collide into him as he took a couple of hesitant steps back. From the look on her face, Dom had the feeling that was exactly the point. "Oh, shit..." 

She fell into him and the two went skidding backward as they tumbled over with her wings wrapped around them safely. Their momentum had finally stopped and he let out a breath, landing on his back with her straddled over the top of him. The therian looked at her like she was crazy for a silent moment before letting out a hearty laugh that seemed to echo in the quiet field. Something in the back of his mind itched and he felt that maybe, just maybe, there was a familiarity from some time ago.  "You're out of your mind," he said as his laugh faded. He suddenly caught the way Siobhan was looking at him. There seemed to be an emotion behind it he was somewhat scared to admit she may be feeling. 

When she broke her gaze and put a flower in his beard, Dominic lifted himself to his elbows and reached out to tuck her hair behind her ear. There was a hesitant moment between the two as he caught her gaze again until a familiar wolf came running into them, pushing his head in between to the two for attention. After Kiyaya was satisfied with the amount of affection he'd received, the wolf ran off to roll around in the flowers. Dominic smirked after his friend and then looked back to the blue eyed angel on top of him. He gently placed his hand on the side of her cheek and inched closer to her face. 

"SIOBHAN?!" Sophia's voice rang out from behind the tree line and Dominic dropped his hand with a smirk, tilting his head back with a defeated sigh. He placed an arm around the angel's waist and lifted them both up, putting her on her feet. 

Letting out a quick whistle, Kiyaya came barreling back towards them as he started to lead them back through the clearing. "Don't ever leave me alone with your mother for an extended period of time again," he teased lowly as Sophia let out another call for her daughter. They broke through the trees again and saw her standing near the river bank in the back of the house. She was clearly starting to become panicked and gave an exasperated sigh when she saw them coming back towards the cabin. "Ever." 

Siobhan could feel the shift in tension as it when back and forth, the storm that graced his eyes even if it was only for a moment. It always worried her, when that storm graced his beautiful hazel eyes. She knew that at some point they would need to have a serious talk but it had been so long since she felt this closeness she didn’t want to ruin it with a talk, not after she had been knocked out for god knows how long. She just need him and a moment for now. When she was able to make him life it made her smile, she need to hear him laugh so freely. “You most certainly made me a flower crown. I have it somewhere around the cabin unless my mother threw it away.” She chuckled to him.

When his fingers intertwined with her, she wondered if he wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to disappear again.  She knew he worried about her even if he didn’t remember how much he tended to do so before, she wondered if he was gonna worry more about her now after this. Though she felt okay she was nowhere near as strong as she use to be. She found after colliding into him if it wasn’t for the fact she was laughing she would have laid there feeling weak, she was worried to show him that she wasn’t fully okay yet.

She couldn’t help the smile that was plastered on his face as he started at her like she was crazy for tackling him to the ground like she had in the memory she had showed him. She felt the vibration of the laugh through his chest and her body since she was sitting on top of him which only made her laugh with him and shrugged softly at his words. “Not the first time you have told me I am out of my mind beasty. I am sure it won’t be the last.” she said as he caught her looking at him, which caused her a blush to arise to her cheek and look away, mainly to not address things.

She wasn’t sure if he would ever feel for her the way she felt for him, she could hope but for now just being around him again made her feel safe. She was focused on his beard placing daisy in it that when he tucked her hair behind her ear slowly pulled her gaze to his, as he looked in her blue eyes she wanted to close to him and graze her lips against his, but fur came between them which made her chuckle. She wondered if Kiyaya had missed the lighter Siobhan also, the one that would run in the woods with him when Dom wasn’t around. After giving the wolf some much need attention she chuckled watching him run off before turning back to Dom, catching his gaze this time.

Her breath caught in her throat as if it was their first kiss once again, her heart pounding in her chest, only to have the mome spoiled as her head snapped towards the sound of her mother, and she sighed sadly as she was lifted to her feet with his strong arm holding her close to him for a short moment before the two of them with Kiyaya in lead moved towards the cabin.  She smiled and looked to him after he whispered in her ear. “I won’t I promise.” She said as she squeezed his hand before looking to her mother.

Her mother worrying over her was a strange concept to her, the woman she once knew was always so strictly only caring that Sio was perfect. Maybe almost dying changed that. She moved across the clearing petting Kiyaya she met her mother her looked her over like she was going to disappear. Siobhan forced a smile “I am fine mom.” she said softly leading her mother back in the cabin.

“I know I just want to make sure,” she looked from Siobhan to Dominic “I made chicken fried steak, along with some pancakes if you guys want. Hannah is saying she isn’t feeling well, I sent her to the room to lie down. She is going to pop any day now.” Her mother said as she looked back to her daughter while they walked together in the cabin. “Remind me again why we are not taking her to the hospital? The poor girl is clearly in pain.”

Siobhan let go of her mother and went to the kitchen to make the plates for the three of them sitting at the kitchen table and stared out the window watching the wind blow the grass. “We can’t take her to the hospital, Lucifer was experimenting with the women he kept captive.” She tighten her fist but remembered ot to bury her nails into her palms not with the watchful eyes of her mother and Dom right there. She picked at the pancake on her plate pulling her gaze from the window back to the other two that were watching her “I’m fine.” She said as she put a bite in her mouth. “Beside its Hannah we need to focus on.” she said. “Besides mom you use to help the animals on the farm give birth, and a doctor in the hospital before all of that.” she said “I’ll assist like I use to. We got this.” she said, taking another bite.

Dominic put his hands in the pockets of his oil stained jeans as Sophia met up with them on their walk back. He knew the two of them held tensions for their unresolved personal issues from long before he was around and he didn't want to make things worse. The opinions he had were strong, as they always were about anything, but he knew it wasn't his place either. He bent down and played with the wolf, keeping his mouth shut. Thankfully, it seemed Sophia was in a good mood now that Siobhan was up and moving about. He half expected to get yelled at for letting her stray too far from the house.

Hearing that her mother had made breakfast made his stomach instantly growl in reaction. If there was only one thing he did like about the woman, it was the fact that she could cook. His appetite had pretty much been nonexistent since Siobhan had been unconscious. Somehow eating just didn't seem to be important. The only time he ever saw food was when Sophia or Hannah was forcing a plate in his face. 

Dominic made his way into the cabin and held the door open for the two women. He waited till they passed inside, being too busy into their conversation to notice when he softly clicked his tongue to call Kiyaya. The wolf hurried inside and lay down in his spot by the fireplace like routine where he couldn't be seen over the couch from the kitchen where Sio and her mother had gone. Sophia wasn't exactly a fan of his companion being in the house and so Dom had to find ways to sneak him inside when she wasn't looking. It always ended the same with her giving him a disapproving look and him smirking before getting scolded. 

The therian went over and pulled back one of the chairs from the kitchen table. He slouched slightly until Sio put the plate down in front of him, making him sit up a little straighter. He couldn't remember the last time he knew what he'd eaten. Taking the fork in his hand, Dom started to pile up pieces of pancake until he noticed Siobhan wasn't really eating at all and more so pushing her food around as if her mind was far gone somewhere else. Her words of claiming she was fine only made him more skeptical of their empty meaning. Trying to ask her what was really going on would have to wait until they were alone and away from her mother's ears.

Kiyaya nudged at his legs and Dominic quickly gave the wolf some food from his plate which got an immediate reaction across the table from Sophia. He remained quiet for the scolding, but chuckled after at her being flustered by the animal's presence. "Well, you won't have to worry about the wolf or me when all this birthing happens. He and I will be far outside and away from that whole... thing," he replied, shivering at the thought of it.

When the three had finished their food and Sophia was busied with making a plate to bring to Hannah, Dominic caught Sio's gaze and nodded towards the door outside. When the bedroom door finally closed behind him, indicating they could leave without being questioned, Dom held out his leftovers for Kiyaya to finish before they headed outside once again. 

The cool air was always refreshing it seemed when he left his home. The cabin didn't feel like his own much anymore. He led the way behind the house until they were standing in front of the large river that looked more like an ocean among the trees and mountains. Dominic picked up one of the many tennis balls around the property and tossed it through the trees for Kiyaya to chase before he leaned against one of the trees and looked to the angel. "You want to talk about it?" Dom didn't want to pressure her, but he knew she had been through a lot. He was almost afraid to ask. His reaction would no doubt bring about a new wave of rage that he had yet to dish out to the people who weren't working at the club that night, but he had to keep it in check. At least for now. Acting out while she might need someone to lean on was not the best path and what she needed now was more important than anything.

If one thing was hard in her life, it was trying to keep herself together in front of Dom, as his hazel gaze hung on her from across the table. The more she tried to convince them she was fine the more his gaze gained the ya right look. Taking a few bites even though each time her stomach ached she knew it was needed. Leaning forward on the table she rested her elbows on it looking to her mother who gave her a disapproving shake of her head more towards Dominic at Kiyaya being inside.

Siobhan couldn’t help but smile as Kiyaya came towards her under the table, resting his head against her knee it was as if the wolf wanted to keep her calm also, she feed him most of her steak when Sophia was looking at her. Knowing Dom would catch her doing so though. “Well maybe be close enough just in case something happens and we need help Dominic. Maybe we should have Billie Mae here, after all she is a diviner so if anything happens magical wise maybe she can reverse it?” Siobhan tried to think all of the ways things could go wrong but the longer she focused on that train of thought her mind went to a dark place.

She began to relive the whole event of being shot again trying to save the kids from the madman. She tried to keep her breath steady as she tried to force her mind away from events that were replying in her head. It was Kiyaya cold nose touching her knee again that pulled her back into the moment to see Dominic gaze holding on to her intensely. Finish what she could before catching Dom gaze again as he gestured for them to go outside. She gave a soft nod cleaning up her plate and his before they were once outside again.

Taking a deep breath of the fresh air as they walked outside, following behind him as they moved towards to the river. Siobhan leaning down ran her fingers through the water for a short moment, letting the icy coldness chill her fingers to the bone before pulling her hand back letting her fingers tingle as they warm back up. Her eyes following Kiyaya as he bounced through the trees after the tennis ball. A light chuckle leaving her lips, before moving her gaze back to his.

Did she want to talk about it? That was the real question, one she wasn’t sure she would ever have a true answer for. “That is hard to answer.” she said to him honestly as she gave a slight shrug towards him. She knew that she was acting very un-Sio like, as she looked out to the forest. “On one hand yes I want to talk about it, let every single thought that is invading my mind play out for you. On the other hand No I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t want to burden you with those thoughts, I don’t want to…” she paused trying to find the right words to explain how she was feeling. “I don’t want to keep hurting the people around me, I am tired of being that burden.”

Her arms came around her to hug herself as she talked, the tears that slipped from her eyes seeming like they couldn’t stop. “You can’t remember the time when we first met.” she said as she cleared her throat trying not to get choked up. “But that guy Jack from the house we saved my mother from, he did some pretty awful things to me.” She paused for a long moment forcing her eyes to focus on the river as it flowed there. “He took something from me and I thought, this has to be the lowest moment of my life, he haunted me for a while after, my mind seemed to see him no matter what I did. Like he was there taunting me with every move I made.”

Her eyes flicked to him knowing much of what she was saying most likely made no sense to him. “Never mind none of that matters anymore.” She shook her head as she pinched the bridge of her nose with her finger and thumb. “The reason I even brought that up is because, I keep reliving what has happened over and over again. I close my eyes and I see him standing there, and I can feel the bullet.” she said as her hand lowered to the ugly scar that rested there under the shirt. “Slightest loud sound I feel scared, I want to crawl into myself and hide.” she said reaching up touching her cheeks which were now wet with tears, she gave out a soft sniffle before she cleared her throat laughing out in a weak manner trying to act more like her old self.

She turned and face him with tears in her eyes. “I don’t think I will ever be the same as before Dominic. I don’t feel the same.” She blinked quickly looking up to the sky. “I don’t think I will ever be the innocent Siobhan I use to be, all I feel is hurt, angry and fear now. While I was locked away in my own mind it attacked me mostly.” she tried to fight the tears and swell of emotions that filled her her body beginning to shake. “What if my demons win?” she asked softly remember how her nightmares while she was under took hold of her. “What if I am not strong enough?” Her nails tightening into her hands as she tried to stop herself from shaking like a leaf.

Dominic folded his arms over his chest as he leaned against the tree and tried to read the angel next to him. He didn't want to push her into talking about things if she wasn't ready, but he could see the pain that was on the surface of her face even in the short time she had been awake. It agonized him not knowing what had happened to her since that night she left for the club and he continued to curse himself for letting her go alone. He didn't think he could personally forgive himself for that even though he knew she would tell him not to feel the guilt that resided inside him now. Somehow, he had the feeling that this wasn't the first time he'd thought this; That there were more than a couple of times he had had this exact thought.

Seeing Siobhan going through this range of emotion was eating away at him. He could feel the wave of anxiety rising inside him which he pushed away in annoyance, shifting his weight to the other foot and releasing a light breath through his nose. These kind of heavy emotions made him want to retreat to the cabinet stocked with alcohol, but trying to drink this away was impossible and all the physical strength he possessed wouldn't be able to fix the emotional and psychological scars she was currently being buried under.

When she finished with the lingering questions hanging in the air, Dominic stepped forward and pulled her against him. He could feel her shaking and wrapped his arms around her tightly, staying quiet for a few moments before speaking. "I know you've been through a lot, but you're not alone. I'll be here to help however I can. Whatever I can do. Whatever it takes.. I will try my best to get your through this." He pulled Siobhan back a bit and gently wiped the tears that fell down her streaked face with his thumb. "You're stronger than you give yourself credit for Sio and I won't allow those demons to win."

He held her in his arms again for a few silent minutes with the hopes of giving her some comfort. He knew it was going to be a long and hard road for her and with the underlying problems of their relationship already, he wondered if it could withstand these new obstacles laid out before them. The familiar feeling of not being able to be what she needed crept into his thoughts, but quickly dissipated as his therian senses picked up the sound of Kiyaya whining slightly.

Dominic turned his head and saw the grey wolf sniffing the air momentarily before bounding across the space he'd created while playing. He ran full speed and skidded to a stop before circling around them excitedly. "What is up with you?" A second later the air seemed to shift and Billie Mae appeared in front of them which caused Dominic to jump slightly. "Seriously, do you ever drive anywhere? Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever seen you in the driver's seat of a car in my life."

Billie Mae glared him down with a side of attitude for a few uncomfortable moments before a smile spread over her features as she turned to Siobhan and put both hands on her face. "Hello, beautiful. Look at you all upright and moving about." The woman forcibly stepped in-between the two making him roll his eyes as he stepped back to give her the space she clearly wanted. Dominic sighed and folded his arms while Kiyaya sat down next to him with his head cocked slightly to the side to watch. There was a silence that seemed to fall over the small group as it felt like an invisible bubble had formed around them in the space. All the familiar noises of the woods disappeared instantly. The diviner seemed to be reading Siobhan somehow as the two women intently held each other's gazes. The moment lasted no more than ten seconds or so as the rush of sounds came over them again and Billie dropped her hands and clapped them together with a smile as if nothing had just happened. "Well, shall we go look in on the expecting mother?"

The woman started heading back towards his house with Kiyaya in toe. Dominic's brows furrowed as he looked back to Siobhan who seemed to be just as lost. "What the hell was that?"

Siobhan knew that feelings were something that made Dominic uncomfortable. Maybe that was another reason she didn’t want to tell him what was going on inside of her because she didn’t want him to deal with her emotions. She was a Nephilim, she felt emotions at an extreme level. It was too much for even her to bare, how did she expect him to bare it. How could she bring herself to explain everything that happened that night. She had been in trouble before, even been knocked around but nothing like how Derek had done. For a human he didn’t hold back his wrath, it was something she didn’t want to tell Dominic. They agreed to stop hiding from one another. She knew she would have to tell him at some point.

While she was a storm of emotions deep within herself, and yet she could still feel the wave that clashed within him. The fact her actions made him feel guilt, or hurt made her frown more. Her own demons pointing their fingers to her, roaring loudly. If it wasn’t for the fact her mother was in the cabin over running it Siobhan may have already began drinking like she had when the visions of Jack were to much. She didn’t want to face these emotions, she didn’t want to think about the pain she had been through or the darkness that was looming in her mind. She wondered if it was coming back when one should have died, caused a black stain on their soul.

Her questions and her biggest fear that she would lose herself to the darkness lingering between them. As Dominic pulled her against him once again for the second time that day she let the shoulders she was trying to keep straight fall and her eyes leaking the tears she didn’t want to let go. She was shaking and as he held her to steady her she took a deep breath, looking into his hazel eyes as they held a seriousness in them. Something about hearing she wasn’t alone and how he was there for her to help her through this. She swallowed the lump in her throat as he wiped away the tears “You are the only person I believe when they say they will be there.” she said as she closed her eyes. “As long as you are with me…” she leaned into his hold, wrapping her arms around him.

There in the quiet of the woods in his arms felt like she was centering, she accepted the comfort and the normal feeling that was spreading through her the softest whimper leaving her every now and then. She didn’t want to be clingy or needy, as they were still circling around what they were to the other. Yet she needed this, and him. She wondered if she admitted it outloud it would scare him. Yaya whining caused Siobhan to pull her head from his chest as she looked to the wolf, then to Billie as she appeared out of thin air. Her lips twitched at the smile as Dominic jumped at the diviner appearing giving her his two cents.

Her eyes hung on Billie as she moved closer in between the two forcing them apart. She smiled softly as Billie took hold of her face, “Billie Mae, I…” she started but then her gaze was so intense. It felt like she was playing the part of the nightmare she was in over again yet it wasn’t scary it was soothing. It was as if she was searching her trying to figure out what ills her, could Billie being a light diviner sense darkness in her?

The sounds around them seem to be gone and Siobhan felt in a trance. The last thing she remembered before Billie pulled away was hearing ‘Follow your heart, You are going to be okay.’ in her head. As Billie pulled back she blinked quickly to focus her gaze and her ears. “Yeah sure,” she responded absentmindedly. Watching her begin the walk back to the house. She looked to Dominic and raised a hand to mess with her hair “I...Don’t know.” She said as she moved behind Billie Maes foot steps.

Since they had not been far from the house they reached it when she looked to see Sophia rushing into the house. “Something is going on.” Siobhan said as she stopped moving for a second. Panic setting in when she felt Billie Mae taking her hand.

“Seems like I may have been wrong about the two weeks.” the cajun accent filled her ears. Billie Mae moved into the house. “Good thing your mother is a doctor I suppose.” she called over her shoulder.

Siobhan looked to Dominic and shook her head “Guess one thing we can say, never a boring day.” She kissed his hand softly, she went to take a step away before turning to him. “Don’t go far...Please?” fear passed through her eyes for a moment, after all this was Lucifer's child, she had almost become a breeder for Lucifer. She took a hesident step away from him and into the house were there was a groaning pregnant woman who was in pain. Her mother entering doctor mode, and Billie Mae collecting things. Sio was thankful they had not set up in the bedroom but Siobhan had a feeling that they were going to exchange furniture.

“Towels, warm water.” Sophia called out, “Siobhan!” her mother's scream caused her to jump. She got to work collecting the things she needed before she knew it she was holding Hannah head in her lap pressing the washcloth to it. She kept trying to sooth the young woman’s pain but she couldn’t seem to connect to the nephilim side of her.

The girl was screaming and Sio felt the panic in her chest set in, “I’m sorry. I can’t” Every time she looked at Hannah she could only see her face. She moved out from under her moving outside as she tried to catch her breath. She lowered herself to the ground holding her head in her hands as she listen to the screams of Hannah throwing her into a spiral. All she could hear is her own screams echoing back to he as she felt Derek's then Lucifer’s hands on her body.

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