Began with an angel hunting in the wrong place, and A Therian with good timing.

Name: Siobhan

Species:  Pure Nephilim

Age: 21

Short Bio: Learning how to function in a world she had never known with the help of Isaac who is the man who saved her life when she had nowhere else to go. She works for him as his assistant.  Which leads her many places around the town for him. Some times she returns to the woods when she is feeling overwhelmed it is her safe place.

Name: Dominic 

Species: Therian

Short Bio: A woodsman in every sense, but an Ailward Guard first. The big guy you hope is on your side when shit goes down ;)

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The more Siobhan focused on Dominic it was as if she could read his emotions he was putting out there, when his eyebrows furrowed as she spoke no not knowing what things were she sighed softly "My family chose to live off the grid they didn't like the way others acted seemingly only wanting power and to screw others over, They use to say there is nothing better then family love. We had no electricity made our own food and lived like nomads and honestly some days I miss it." She said looking to him "things were so much simpler then. "and before you give me that worried look again Dominic, I am not naive, I know there is bad in the world but when I saw Isaac it was like I knew there was good in the world once again." she sighed taking another sip from the beer "Maybe he was using his powers on me, " she thought out loud.

Her gaze locked with his when he shifted closer to here staring at her telling her he thought she was more powerful then she realized, the blush that arose to her cheek made her clear her throat and thankful he looked to her leg. As he went on about the gifts she should have she wondered if she could have more of one then another. She chuckled as he said that she couldn't read if he was good or bad and it made her raise her eyebrow at him "and now why wouldn't it work on you?" She raised her eyebrow back leaning forwards slightly. Then he got serious once again about the scary stuff that he was talking about before about why he was worried about bringing her back here. She listen to him talk and then she leaned back taking a long sip from the beer in her hands and then chuckled softly "So I can be Betty Ross? The girl who calms the Hulk down?" She laughed loudly and shook her head "My brother he would sneak off into town and would return with comic books and I would read them, I always dreamed of being a superhero had no idea that it could happen one day." She was glad to have the tension broke int the room, when her got serious looking at her like she was in fact a little bird it scared her for some reason.

She finished the beer setting them empty bottle on the floor and leaned back wrapping the blanket back around her as he came and lifted her leg into his lap cuddling the blanket as she watched him remove the wrap slowly before looking at the almost completely healed wound. "wow that is amazing." she said softly as she leaned closer looking to it with wide blue eyes. Her eyes snapped to his as he spoke about trying out her wings. "Oh god, I don't know about that." she said as she looked down to her leg and then clear her throat and sighed as she looked back to him "I am scared that they won't work, I haven't been able to make them come out when I want to yet, they seem to have a mind of their own." she admitted "I don't know what is holding me back, Maybe I was never meant to be a Nephilim." the more she spoke of her fear her fingers began to grow until they were fully out "I don't want to fail, when I fail I am hard on myself I have..." She looked to the palm of her hands where there were scars from her nails, "My mother taught me I should always be perfect and if I wasn't I was flawed and unworthy, when I wasn't perfect I would dig my nails into my palm as punishment." she said softly as she looked to the scars then up to him swallowing hard her wings returning into her back. "If you are willing to help me even not being a Nephilim I will accept your help." she said softly.

Dominic took her much smaller hands into his rough ones and looked at the scars she'd inflicted on herself. He pulled on them slightly to bring her forward enough for him to take one of his hands and place it under her chin. His eyes darkened a bit as he stared back into hers. "Don't ever let anyone tell you you're not perfect. You are perfectly imperfect and that's what makes you you." He released her chin and hands, but kept his gaze. "People who say things like that are just insecure about themselves and want to take it out on others because they can't deal with their own demons." As he stood to get more beer, he recalled the many times he would intervene and take the blows of bullies so their attention would be on him and not the victim. It was something that followed him into his adulthood and even to this day. As noble as it may have seemed, Dominic selfishly took these fights as a way to blow off steam from his own personal problems.

He walked back over and handed her another beer. It surprised him that for someone who was so sheltered, she wasn't tanked from the alcohol. He chalked it up to her healing abilities, making it harder to become intoxicated. Such were the troubles of supernaturals. He clicked bottles with her in a non-vocal toast and sat back down on the ottoman. The flames from the fireplace were beginning to die and he watched as the embers began to flicker and fade away. Dominic nodded over to one of his bookcases, pointing with his beer. "I have a collection of comics over there, The Hulk included." He looked back over to Siobhan with a playful smile. "We all have to start somewhere. Superheroes aren't born perfect. They each have their own flaws and setbacks, but they train and push through hard times to get better at their powers and learn from their failures." He was hoping she'd see the connection he was trying to make. 

"Lucky for you, I'm off tomorrow and I was looking for someone to help me hone in on my own skills." Dominic reached over and placed a few more logs into the fireplace before chugging the rest of his beer and standing up. "I need to practice jumping off of high structures without dying," he said, being completely sarcastic and knowing she would get the drift. He nodded across the living room at the closed door. "My bedroom is in there, so you'll be crashing there for the night." He wasn't leaving it open for debate. "I figure it's the least you can do to repay me." A grin spread across his face as he held a hand out for her to use to stand.

Siobhan looked to his large hands in his as he pulled them closer to him taking in the scars, she could feel the sadness and anger inside of him through his hands it was strange being an empath she wanted to sooth the anger but she didn't dare change his emotions she liked the way he acted around her it was raw and real. Him pulling her closer to him his hand under her chin caught her off guard as his eyes darkened hers seem to lighten as a blush arose on her cheeks. "We all have demons, some are placed in us by others." she agreed with him thankful he let go of her face when he did because her cheeks burned badly at the point. She watched him stand up again and she cleared her throat "you are the kind of guy who would stick up for the kids that were being beat up on weren't you?" She asked as she watched him walk around to the kitchen again and return with the Beer, She smirked down to it and chuckled tapping the bottle with his before she spoke again "You know this stuff is nothing compared to the moonshine my father would make and we would sneak." she laughed softly as she popping the top off of it before she took another long sip. She was good at holding her alcohol but still it had been a while since she drank so her head was beginning to get light headed.

She looked over to the collection of comics and smiled softly "Next you will be telling me with great power comes great responsibility." she gave him a side ways glace and laughed softly. "You are right though if Isaac isn't going to train me I need to take it in my own hands and train," She laughed softly as her thumb ran along the logo of the beer "Lucky for you, I don't plan on letting you die from jumping off high structures. I'll catch you as long as you catch me." she joked back and then looked over to the closed door  and back to him "I am not putting you out of your bed for the night." She said softly as she moved around standing on one leg tossing back the rest of the beer before setting it to the side once it was empty. "I will how ever share the bed with you if you like," She said as she hopped forward once and then stopped leaning against him as her head swirled for a moment for the head rush of downing the beer. 

She leaned against him as she regained her focus, her small five foot three frame was small against his large self. She looked up to him and chuckled for the first time seeing how massive he was truly to her small size. "So you agree to share the bed because I am stubborn and will find my way out of the room to the couch or chair once you are asleep if you try to come out here." she said poking his chest and then leaned off of him as she turned to the room placing her hurt leg down wincing slightly at the pain that was still there and took a step towards the bedroom that was across the room. She limped all the way there and turned and looked to him leaning against the door "I am serious Dominic." she gave him a serious look or the best she could give him seeing how she was still trying to hid the pain from her leg. 

Dominic chuckled at the thought of her attempting to catch him. It was true she had increased super strength as a lot of supernaturals did, but he just couldn't picture it. The reality was, she could carry his weight if it did come down to it. "One step at a time, Spidey." He nodded to her injured leg. "Literally." He was going to try and help her to the bedroom, but saw her determination and let her do it on her own. She was a fighter for sure.

As Siobhan made it to the bedroom, he grumbled at her demands. Crossing his arms over his chest, he sighed and sucked his teeth. "Fine." He quickly put out the fire and met her at the door to his bedroom with a side glance. As he opened up the door, Dominic walked over to grab the dirty clothes which he'd left on the bed and floor and tossed them into the overflowing hamper. He went to the dresser and pulled out a t-shirt, handing it to her. "You may wanna change out of those bloody clothes. My sheets would appreciate it." A smirk played on his face and he turned his back to her so she could get undressed, walking over to the other, smaller fireplace in the room. "I'm sure it'll be a dress on you." He placed more wood into the hearth and soon there were flames coming from inside. The room instantly became warmer. It was nice having your home built the way you wanted. 

Dominic wasn't shy. Reserved, yes; shy, no. He kept his back turned to her and took his shirt off along with his work pants, leaving him in his boxers. He grabbed a pair of black pajama pants and put them on, tossing his worn clothes into the hamper with the rest. "Decent?" he asked, turning his head slightly. When Siobhan confirmed she was, he took one of the pillows from the top of the bed and pulled the covers down. He walked around to the other side and helped her into the bed, propping the pillow under her leg and pulling the covers over her partially in case she wanted them. He had a sudden flashback to being the caretaker to his younger sister one year when his family had gone out on the full moon and before either of them had first turned. She had refused to go to bed and after hours of staying up way passed their bed times, she finally fell asleep on the floor and he'd carried her to the bedroom all three siblings shared. The memory of tucking her in became painful and he pushed it away, walking around to the other side of the bed and laying on top of the covers. He crossed his arms behind his head and stared at the ceiling as he did most nights. Him and sleep were not good bedfellows, but of course Siobhan wouldn't know that. The shadows of the flames played across the walls as they did most nights in his home and he would stare at them for hours, letting his restless mind wander. He was lucky to be asleep for four hours a night. "If you need something, just ask. I don't want you hopping around my house at night in the dark and hurting yourself more, Baby Bird," he said, his voice low.

Siobhan chuckled as he called her Spidey it was a step up to Baby bird. She watched him grumble over what she demanded that he sleep in the bed with her, she watched him as he seemed like he was going to fight her over it but just agreed. She watched him put the fire out and watched the darkness take over the space touching everything and as she blinked a few times trying to adjust but felt him guide her into the room and watched him pick up a few clothes tossing them into the hamper and she chuckled shaking her head he was such a man, she thought to herself as she took the shirt he offered her and she nodded to him "yeah of course." she said as she waited for him to turn his back to her busying himself with the fire. She sat the shirt on the bed and she she undid her pants pulling them off noting she would have to wash the blood from them in the morning. She fold them and pulled her shirt off and then undid her bra placing everything folded neatly on the floor next to the bed. She took hold of his shirt and undoing it placing it around her as she buttoning it up before rolling up the sleeves. "Well you are right, it is a dress on me." she laughed softly, her eyes drifted along his back a he began to undress. She watched him longer then she would admit to him before turning back to look at the bed.  "Yeah I am Decent." she said softly looking to him watching him move around with ease.

She allowed him to place her on the bed as she didn't want to risk jumping up on it and hurting herself more, propping her leg up on the pillow and her hands took hold of the blanket though the fire takes the chill out of the room so it was nice. She watched as he paused giving her a strange stare for a moment before pulling away walking around the bed and settled beside her over the covers. She laid there for a long time watching the shadows of the flames dancing on the roof, she couldn't remember the last time she got a full nights rest the city was so loud at night. Yet here laying next to him listening to his heart beat she couldn't sleep. She smirked softly when he spoke in a low voice as she knew he was still awake. "Got it Big Wolfy, I won't go bouncing around your home with out you." She chuckled softly as her hand dropped from holding the blanket down on next to his their flesh grazing softly and she closed her eyes. She wasn't sure when sleep over came her but it did and as she slept she rolled over her face, facing him in her sleep she dreamed.

Well she had nightmares, she never really had any good dreams not anymore. Her dreams seem to be hunted of the white eyed monster that took her family from her. In her sleep she groaned and grumbled "No..No.." She groaned and then her body jumped and her hand shot out wrapping around his arm as her whimpers slowly stopped as she moved closer to him in her sleep at the point her leg was healed and the pillow underneath it had been kicked away as she  moved closer to him in her sleep. She buried her face against his shoulder as she stopped moving and finally stopped having a nightmare.

Dominic was in, what he liked to call, the in-between. Not really asleep, but nowhere near awake. He was still aware of everything that was going on around him, but still seemed to dream at the the same time. It also meant that he was rarely ever fully rested. The only time he ever got any decent sleep was when he was completely trashed and that took a lot of alcohol and a lot of money. His eyes opened when he heard Siobhan crying out, but realized she was still asleep. Nightmares were his bedfellow too. He was about to try and wake her until her arm wrapped around his and she buried herself in his shoulder. Sighing, Dominic remained still and let her stay against him as he closed his eyes and attempted to fall back into that restless place in his mind again. If she needed him there for comfort to get some rest, he could at least give that. It wasn't the first time a woman would use him to feel better, though it had been under much different circumstances and a lot less clothing. 

It was only a few more hours later when Dominic realized the sun was coming through the window. It was how he woke every morning and today was no different. He brought a hand to his face and rubbed it in attempts to wake up when it occurred to him that he wasn't alone in the bed. Turning his head, he saw Siobhan was still asleep and looking a lot more peaceful than she had when she was having a nightmare. Her hair had fallen slightly into her face and he gently pushed it back before carefully slipping out of bed. The autumn morning had put a chill through the cabin. He grabbed one of his long sleeved fleece shirts and put it over his bare chest. After starting another fire in the bedroom, he walked around the side of the bed she lay in and pulled the blankets over her. Just as he was about to head into the kitchen, he quirked an eyebrow at her clothes that were on the floor. Did women wash their bras separately? Shrugging, Dominic picked up the pile and headed out of the bedroom, leaving her still asleep.

He walked over to the corner where his ancient washing machine and dryer were located and dumped her clothing inside. As always, there was another hamper full of clothing that he added to the load as well as the bloodied flannel he had used the night before. He could feel the heaviness of his eyelids and rubbed his hands through his messy hair in attempts to wake up further as he leaned against the machines. Shuffling through the living room, Dominic went into the kitchen and pulled the coffee maker forward to brew a pot of his wake-the-fuck-up liquid gold. If Siobhan was a normal person, there would be plenty left over for her too. The sunlight was beginning to pour through the windows of his cabin and he watched in awe as always. It was one of the reasons he built his home on this part of the mountain. There would always be good sunrises and sunsets and the river that ran through a lot of the territories was just a few steps down from his backyard, making a beautiful backdrop during the days and starry nights. The Therian poured his cup of coffee and opened the front door. It was custom for him to sit in one of the chairs outside on his porch as the woods began to wake. There was the stream that ran by the front of the house and down into a valley below, making its way to the massive river behind the house.  He didn't break his routine. Sitting down, Dominic wondered how well the Nephilim in his bed had healed and if she would be ready to begin learning all the things about her that could make him feel uneasy around others of her kind.  



Siobhan stayed curled against him her tiny arms wrapped around his stronger one and something about being next to his overly warm body was relaxed against him and she kept her half clothed body pressed there until the morning light came in, she felt his hand move her blonde hair from her face and groaned softly as he pulled away from her moving burying her face into the bed as he covered her head with the blanket.  She was slowly waking up and rolled over looking to the door as he closed it behind him staying there in the spot he had laid which was still warm from his body. She listen to him walk around making noise in his living area. She sat up running her hand through her messy hair as she smoothed it down and then moved her leg over the blanket and poked it  and felt no pain. She moved to the edge of the bed and stood up putting all her weight on her leg and let out a soft sigh of relief as she walked back and forth a bit working out the stiffness of  it. She walked out of the bedroom smelling the coffee. “MMM” She said softly as she walked over towards it seeing that he had already gotten a cup, and there was a mug waiting for her and she smiled. She poured it full and  then placed the pot back as she lifted it to her lips taking a sip of the black coffee, just how she liked it, letting out a soft pleasurable sigh “So good.” she said and then made her way over to the door as she assumed he was out on the porch.

She walked out  on the porch taking in the beauty of the river running through the land and then looked over to see him, she gave him a sleepy grin as she walked over sitting down next to him, one leg tucked under her, she  raised the coffee to her lips taking another long sip as she looked out into the beauty of the morning light dancing along the green of the wilderness so beautiful so much like the home she was growing to miss more and more each day and yet she knew she didn’t have a home anymore. Even in the city she had a place to lay her head but it wasn’t home, her heart was not there. “You know this place is breathtaking Dom, you have a little piece of heaven on earth right here.” she said looking over to him and smiled as her hair was crazy and the sleep was in her eye and honestly she didn’t care she was enjoying every moment of being here. Though she was sure she would never get to come back she wanted to make sure to remember every inch of it. She wasn’t sure how long it was she just sat there with him taking in the beauty of nature, as she finished her coffee.

As she stood up with empty mug in hand she smiled to him as she walked back towards the door “I am going to grab a shower if that is okay with you.” she said walking back in and then looked over her shoulder at him “Then we can practice falling off of things see who catches who more times.” she laughed softly as she walked into the cabin once again and made her way back to his room where the shower was. She pulled the shirt from her body tossing it to the hamper  as she made her way into the bathroom and turned on the water. She looked around the crafted bathroom chuckling to herself, honestly this place was build like how she would build it, which was only giving her the itch to build once again she had been so uninspired for so long. Maybe she would fine a piece of wood and build a home there for her to escape to. She shook her head from that thought as she climbed in under the water and groaned softly as she let the fresh mountain water wash over her as she ran the soap he had in there over her body cleaning the last of the dirt and blood from her body from the night before noting mental she need to offer to get him new sheets or something. She washed the soap from her body and then moved out of the shower turning it off a she wrapped the towel around her thin body and walked back into his bedroom looking around and saw her clothes were gone. She tapped her chin as she walked out of the bedroom tossing her hair to one side and looked to the big guy “Do you know where my clothes went I laid them on the floor last night?” She asked as she held the towel around her.


"Yes, I do," he replied to her simply, his voice still deep from not being used since yesterday. As he continued looking out at his slice of heaven, a smirk played across his face at her mention of 'playing catch' while he took another sip of his coffee. When she went back into the house, Dominic planned out their route for the day which would bring them up to a relatively safe place they could practice without anyone coming up upon them. He knew the Therian territory like the back of his hand. It essentially all felt like his backyard. 

Dominic got up from the wooden rocker and stretched before walking back inside. He placed his empty mug down on the counter and went to one of the large closets, rummaging around for some of the items they may need. Nothing was more important than being as prepared as you possibly could when walking the woods. Accidents were bound to happen. His hand found one of the many guns he had in the house and he placed the 9mm into one of the backpacks. Sometimes not-so accidents were bound to happen too. Had to be prepared.

His head snapped up when he heard the bedroom door open and he wasn't exactly expecting her to be there in the state she was in. Being who he was and how his personality tended to lean, he quickly swallowed the immediate responses that came to his brain and reminded himself it wasn't that kind of situation. Dominic quickly turned his gaze away nonchalantly as the washer suddenly came to a stop at the perfect time. "I saw the pile and threw it in with a load of mine. Figured you might want some clean clothes and all." Putting the two backpacks down, he walked over to the washing machine and transferred the clothes over to the dryer. "They should be done in like thirty minutes. Erm... I've never washed a bra before, so hope there weren't specific instructions." He put a hand through his hair and nodded at the bedroom. "Feel free to flannel it up again for now. There's a plethora to choose from." There wasn't much substance to his wardrobe. Jeans, work khakis, rock and roll band tees, flannels, and tanks. The only unique thing that one could say about his wardrobe were the eccentric accessories he owned which were mostly made of Native American and Hawaiian jewelry that he layered in necklaces and bracelets. He went over to the backpacks again and finished placing a couple of water bottles and first aid packs inside before tossing them both over his shoulders and bringing them over to the door. "Do you need to call that Isaac guy? He's probably worried about you, right?"

Siobhan watched him swallow hard making her realize that maybe she should have came out in more than a towel wrapped around her slender hourglass figure, she didn't realize she was holding her breath until he turned away from her at the ding of the washer and nodded once "Oh well thank you, that was very kind of you." She said with a soft smile offering him a soft laugh "well it is fine, to be honest I use to was everything in a river so when it came to using a washer lets just say I have damaged more of my clothing then you could ever do." she laughed softly was she turned on her heel and moved back towards the bedroom and nodded softly "Flannel party it is again." she said as she walked back into his bedroom.  She finished drying off her body with the towel and returned it to hang in the bathroom before walking back into his room pulling open one of his draws and looked over all the different shirt finally pulling out one of the rocker Tees and pulled it on over head and walked back to the door pulling it open and looked to him as he leaned against the door.

Isaac, honestly she hadn't though of him at all other then when they had talked about him. She sighed softly as she walked from the door over to the couch sitting on it seeing how she was sure they were not going anywhere not yet, seeing how she was still half naked. "Well I should call him but his number is in what the hell are those things called?" She asked as she made a rectangle with her fingers to mimic a phone. "Anyways that dang rectangle is back at the camp I never went back to last night." She said as she ran her hands through her damp blonde locks as she thought for a long moment "I guess we should find my camp site first and let me give him a call." She said as she leaned back against the couch and pull her knees to her chest making sure to pull the shirt over them so she was still covered. She watched the fire as it filled the warmth of the cabin, she liked this about Dominic that they could just sit in quiet as the beauty of this place filled them. The silences of her thoughts were interrupted to the buzzing of the dryer. She moved to stand up pulling the shirt back into place following behind him as he got her clothes out. "Thank you." she said as she returned to his room and changed quickly.

She walked out of his room pulling on one of his Flannel shirts tying it not buttoning it as she rolled the sleeves slightly and placed her hands on her hips "alright ready to get going?" she asked as she walked over to her shoes slipping them on before looking to the fire and let out a breath towards it making it go out for him and turned looking to him following him out of the cabin. Walking with him she turned and cast a gaze over towards the cabin wondering if she would ever be able to see this place again before she walked behind him "So are we walking or getting in your truck." She asked as she placed her hands in the pocket of her jeans.

He nodded over to the vehicle which was still parked where he'd left it last night. "We'll take the truck and head back to where I found you. I'm not really sure where you were camping, so you'll have to see if you can guide us from there." Pulling the passenger side door open, Dominic threw both bags in the backseat and gestured for her to get in with his arm. "After you." He closed the door when she sat down and walked around to the driver's side. After a few tries, the truck started up and he backed down the small dirt path again and headed to the main road. 

It was about twenty minutes later when he pulled to the side of the road. "This is it. I heard you from here, but we'll have to walk a little bit into the trees again to where you were." He pulled the truck as far off the road as possible without it tilting too much over the edge of the hill. "Come out on my side." Leaving his door open, he grabbed both bags and passed her one, putting the other on his back. It was much easier traversing the embankment now that the sun was fully out and helping him see the area more clearly. Dominic slid down the hill and looked back up to her, putting his arm out as a way to slow her momentum. As she neared the bottom, Siobhan caught his arm and fell into his much larger frame. He righted her up and smirked. 

They started down the path he'd taken as he used his enhanced hearing and sense of smell to track her down. It was harder now that he could only use the faint aroma of her blood that was left over from where she was injured, but not long before they'd found the spot where Siobhan had fallen where a small pool of blood was still on the ground. What made him take pause was the absence of that beast she'd been hunting. "What the...?" Dominic quickly pulled the handgun from his backpack and kept it at the ready as he turned his head slightly towards her. "Is that just normal? They die and disappear?!" He pushed his abilities as best as he could, but didn't sense any of those creatures near them. "What about this Isaac? Does he know more about them?"

Siobhan Nodded softly walking with him to the truck taking her damp hair and pulling it back as she tied it up in her hair tie and chuckled as he opened the door for her and she moved her tiny frame over to him and took hold of the handle pulling herself up and then crossed her legs as he closed the door for her. She placed her hands on her knees and looked out the window as he worked on over turning the engine. she leaned her head closer to the dash in front of her closing her eyes as she tired to listen to the truck to see if she could hear what was wrong with it. Back home she use to work on all the things with her father she loved ripping engines apart and putting them back together. She leaned back int to the seat once the truck yanked forward and she watched outside the window as they made there way out of the little slice of heaven looking back casting a longing glance towards his cabin taking in the view before she looked back in front of them.

When he began to pull of to the side of the rode her eyes looked to the thick trees he ran through to find her. She moved sliding along the seat and over to his seat smoothly before hopping out and taking the bag he handed her placing it on her back and walking behind him down the embankment pretty much falling into his large solid form "The training hasn't even started yet and you are already having to catch me." she joked softly before pulling back after he helped her right herself dusting off her pants and following closely behind him her eyes focused on his back until they walked into the small clearing she had fallen into. She walked over to where the pool of blood was before looking back up to Dominic as he pulled out the handgun. "Well if we are lucky it means another animal took off with it. but as for is it normal I have no idea." She said walking over to where it was seeing the black dust mixed in with the dirt. She dropped the bag from her shoulders and took a water bottle out and drank it quickly not wanting to waste the water before blowing in it to dry it the best she could. She began to scoop up the black dust mixed with dirt pouring it into the bottle while she spoke. "The one that killed my brother and father was gone the next day also. I am not sure what these things are and Isaac doesn't either." She sighed softly "I was hoping to kill one and bring it back to him but you saw how that worked out." she nodded her head towards the pool of blood. "I almost died myself." 

She placed the dirt filled water bottle back into the bag and stood up looking form where she feel and let out a soft whistle "Good thing I am not human." She said and looked over to him watching him look around knowing he was trying to hear something. "You know you said something about maybe I am being targeted?" she said as she pulled the bag on "Maybe you are right." She said as she bent her knees softly and then jumped off the ground her wings expanded and she flapped once twice but fell back to the ground and groaned. "I have to be the worst Nephilim around." she said under her breath and before she walked over grabbing hold of a hole in the side of the cliff and began to climb. "You coming?" she called over her shoulder and kept climbing jumping up the wall with precision skill. Once to the top of the cliff and she pulled herself up and over she looked around dusting herself off but giving up half way through knowing it was no use anymore and walked to the tree line again, She looked around and her eyes flashed violet and stayed that way as she looked through the trees sensing what way she need to go. 

Dominic raised an eyebrow as he watched her placing the dirt into the bottle, wondering what she was doing. If he had to guess it would be something she was going to have tested by Isaac in some way to learn more about the creatures. Placing the gun in the back of his waistband, he adjusted the backpack and followed behind her. He was surprised when Siobhan suddenly released her wings and staggered backwards a second when she did so. He watched as she rose off the ground for a bit, but then ended up losing herself and coming back down to the ground in frustration. What was it that was keeping her from gaining control?

As Dominic began walking towards her again, he made a scoffing noise at her comment of being the worst Nephilim around. "You haven't used your mind to make people fall to their knees in agony. I'm gonna say you probably aren't the worst." He smirked at his sarcasm, but his expression quickly changed to admiration as she easily scaled the side of the rocks. He was an avid climber himself, so seeing someone else being so fluid in their motions was surprising. When she called down to him, Dominic realized he hadn't moved and was watching her the whole time. He put a boot in the side of mountain and began his ascent. It was times like this he loved being a supernatural where increased agility helped him easily get to the top in no time. 

Lifting himself up, Dominic saw she was standing still and seemingly trying to figure out which way to go. "Anything?" he inquired, also looking around as he came up behind her. He wasn't picking up any other scents of people in the area. Most campers weren't in this area as it were, so he wasn't even sure where would be a good place to start. As Siobhan continued to figure out the direction they should head in, he pondered on the idea of her family being targeted for some reason by those creatures in the woods. It seemed to him that someone was conjuring them against her, as he had never seen them before living in Therian territory. If that were the case, that would mean someone was using magic of some kind. It was suddenly clear to him that they were very vulnerable being out in the woods if someone should so choose to attack them that way now. "Who do you think would want to hurt you and your family and why?"

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