One look at his suite and anyone can tell he did some cleaning. Everything was spotless, the kitchen, the bathroom, even his bed was tidied up properly, the floorboards had no smudge of dirt or dust to accompany it. Why? Because Eun took the liberty to clean the entire place earlier this morning. He could've just requested for a housekeeping service for this but he just felt the motivation to do some cleaning and once the elder Moon gets motivated to do something, he never stops until it's done. Which was ironic, considering he's still sticking himself in Evermore even after his client was dead and his case was marked off. What was he doing here again? Right, to investigate. He came to Evermore to take on this case that was specifically requesting for his service, but when the case was marked off following his client's death, Eun knew it was only a matter of time before his superior calls him back home. Home. What a relative term. It feels so foreign to him now, especially with the wedding in five more months. It's an upcoming event that will surely change his entire life but why does he feel so reluctant to set his foot back in his country? 

Over the past few months he's been in the eternal city, he's met plenty of beautiful souls, one stood out over the many; Leighton Kingsman, a cute bookstore owner he met when he first came to Evermore. They struck up a friendship that Eun never felt in all of his 29 years of staying. He realized someone many things went by this year but his time was well spent here with the therian. He promised the therian that they would have their sushi dinner the next Saturday after their horseback riding session. When was that? Months ago. Eun was guilty of postponing it from week to week, until it eventually became months. They still contact each other, of course. Eun grew closer to Leigh where he was already so comfortable with telling about his past stories. Sometimes at 2 so 3 am, he was guilty to keep the therian up and awake at such a time but Leigh never told him off. In fact, he only encouraged him to speak his mind even more. Their friendship was close to almost 7 months already and Eun felt like the time flew seamlessly. 

7 months should've indicated that he should be back in Korea planning his wedding in 2 more months but after insisting to stay here for work, he persuaded his family to extend the dates. His father wasn't impressed but also got the memo that it was for work so he caved in, and his fiancee's family was understanding which made him even more guilty of lying. If only they knew. But today is Saturday, he woke up early just for this. He cleaned the place up and himself up pretty well. Eun remembered he promised Leigh a Saturday, and today is a Saturday. The day was already stepping into evening, he spent hours in the morning and afternoon to make sure the suite is spotless and the book he promised to bring was placed neatly on the bedside table. Eun quickly got dressed after stepping out of the shower a while ago, and stared at his reflection in the bathroom's mirror as he blow dried his hair and styled it properly. It was supposed to be a casual dinner but he made sure to dress up well because it's been long overdue, and there was nothing wrong with dressing handsomely anyway. 

Once he was done, he grabbed the book on the table and put it in the paper bag where another box was also occupying the space. What does it hold? That'll be revealed soon enough. The dhampir wrapped himself in a coat and exited the suite, making his way to the elevator so he can make it to the sushi place in time for his reservation. He greeted the receptionist and securities with a smile and got himself an Uber because he wanted to get there as quick as possible. After a few minutes of small traffic, he finally arrived at his destination, giving his name to the receptionist in charge before trailing behind to his booth. Eun gave his coat to the staff and took his seat, placing the paper bag under the table while waiting for the arrival of his friend. 

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Leigh’s eyes softened when Eun pointed out that he liked hearing someone else tell him they were there for him. It did make the Kitsune wonder if he had been going through things alone before now, did he have someone he could talk to about his day honestly or was he always masking himself behind this notion that he was okay. “We work well for each other that way” he spoke it in a quiet voice, his eyes following eye as they talked “I think that we just...understand one a way that’s hard to explain” but that was the beauty of them, he didn’t feel like he needed to explain himself to Eun so instead he could just be himself and be content with that. “You did tell me that, though that’s still a really strange thing to suggest to someone” he commented with a shy smile “Do you listen to podcasts often?” he was curious what sort of things Eun liked to listen to.

Leigh smiled when Eun commented that he was always busy, Leigh noticed that he was always doing something, some case to work on or some client to meet, he didn’t mind it at all because honestly it only reflected how passionate Eun was, when you got him onto a topic he cared about it was hard to get him to stop and Leigh never wanted him to stop because he always enthralled him “Well how about we agree on this” he spoke before biting his tongue a little nervous “No matter how crazy life gets, when you want to see me, you’re about to know where I live so” he pressed his lips together “Just show up, you won’t be a bother” honestly he got himself really giddy and excited every time that Eun showed up at the shop. “I’m never anywhere else anyway, I’m a hermit” he giggled slightly playfully as he looked over at Eun to see what he thought about his suggestion.

Leigh grinned slightly glancing down in embarrassment when Eun said he wanted to see him waltz “Well if you want a teacher who gives you a shot at being good at it then you probably shouldn’t ask me” he chuckled softly, it had taken him a while to get the hang of it but eventually, he had learned and he still knew how to do it now, though he was a little out of practice. He swore his heart started beating twice as fast when Eun spoke that line about dancing their weddings because it almost sounded collective for a moment but he simply smiled, he knew Eun couldn’t make that promise and Leigh wouldn’t ask him to. He bit his lip “Are you scared? To get married?” he didn’t want to avoid the topic, he wanted them to be honest about what this was so that he could make peace with what he was able to hope for.

“She is, you should meet her sometime, I think she’d like you a lot” he admitted with a soft grin, seeing Eun get emotional when he spoke about dreaming his breath hitched for a moment but he didn’t say anything until Eun did “Okay” he agreed and nodded, he was proud of him for trying when he knew it must be hard. His gaze averted for a moment when Eun called him out because he knew so much about him “I like seeing you happy” he admitted in a small voice, he wasn’t even sure he had said it out loud. He swore the nerves were making his whole body shake as he leaned in to press a gentle kiss against Eun’s cheek but he didn’t regret it, he would never regret caring about the dhampir. Before long they headed inside, he stepped out of the way to give Minha the proper chance to meet him and he swore he practically melted from seeing the way he greeted her and how she stared at him curiously for a moment before leaning in to lick his cheek. Leigh was grinning from ear to ear just watching them “Well I guess you were right, practically love at first sight” he spoke softly, Minha seemed excited but wouldn’t stop staring at Eun, as if begging for more attention from him.

“So this is home” he spoke softly as he swept his arm out as though to show the room to Eun, it was a decently large open plan apartment, Eun was standing in the hallway which lead to the living room and kitchen and then down the right hall was his bedroom and the bathroom, it was humble but nicely decorated with pictures of Leigh and his family as well as his pets framed on the wall, a bookcase lined one of the walls and another had a comfy couch facing a TV where he often curled up with Minha to watch TV “Would you like a drink?” he asked as he padded into the kitchen.

"We do work well" he nodded in affirmation, he's always been a team player even if he would do a lot better individually. To Eun, he believes that when someone is a good team player, it means they have plenty of unlocked potential, just waiting for the right moment to be triggered. He wanted to think of himself like that. "I like to think that we have those situations when we couldn't quite describe them… and we wanted to tell the other. Some people can understand the message you were trying to deliver and some may not… To have someone who could understand you even when your lips are threatening to clamp itself shut is comforting" You're comforting, he murmured to himself. He was so tempted to say it out loud but a part of Eun didn't want to take Leigh by surprise like that. It's not fair for the therian. When asked if he listened to podcasts, the dhampir hummed in response, "Sometimes. I don't nearly have the time to sit back on the chair and listen though… but I do like to hear people talking about their thoughts and opinions…" It makes him feel like he was in the same room as that person and perhaps, he wouldn't be as lonely.

 Eun is a busy man, he rarely gets the time to himself. Whether he was in the office or outside the office, his work will always follow him around. He was a bit embarrassed to admit it to the kitsune but Leigh seemed to understand the circumstances before he could even say another word about it, which put him at ease. He was thankful. "No matter how crazy life gets?" That seemed a bit intrusive, he was worried that he would come across as someone like that if he continued to steal the other male's time of the day away. But Leigh spoke it with such determination that made him grin, "Deal… and if you need me, you know how to get in contact with me. How about you come over to my place next time? I mean… it's not really a place you can call home since it's a hotel suite because I was supposed to be here temporarily only but-" It was then that he realized he's been rambling and had to cover his mouth with one hand.

 The elder Moon grinned sheepishly and cleared his throat to continue, "The point is… you should be able to come to me whenever you need me too." Need, what a peculiar word. Leigh fashioned himself as a hermit, causing Eun to frown, "I don't know about you but that doesn't sound like a bad thing to me. Maybe we can be hermits together." That sounds a lot better, for sure. "I'm not looking to be good at it, I'm just looking forward to a session of enjoyment. And you are the perfect candidate for it." Was he scared to get married? The idea of it wasn't so scary when he was younger, hell it wasn't even this intimidating when he was first greeted by the news of his arranged wedding, but now it sounded like it was enough to leave his entire future crumbled. "A bit… I want everyone to be happy. Myself included. I don't know how it'll turn out for my part but I've decided to take in all the happiness I can get… and remember it because I deserve to make my own memories too, filled with those I would smile when thinking back on." His gaze never faltered, not once. It was on Leigh the entire time when those words were uttered. He would like to have Leigh in it too. More than he could express it out loud.

 "I am a ladies man" he winked playfully, "My first mission is to get Minha to fall in love with me… next would be your mother." He was proud of that title, really. He managed to catch the quick quip from Leigh, who said he liked seeing him happy, and all he could do was grin and say me too to himself. Minha licked his cheek which took the dhampir by surprise but moments after that, Eun was already cooing while rubbing the back of her ears. "I told you… ladies love me." He stepped inside with Minha trailing behind him as he took in the homey setting, it was humble, just like the owner, "Plain water would be fine, thank you" he exclaimed and took a seat at the couch in the living room, seemingly fond with the new-found attention from Minha, "Come here" he ushered and soon enough, she was putting both her paws on his knees while staring at him with those same eyes. "What to do… I think she likes me, Leigh." 

He found that pretty everything Eun said was uplifting to him so he always made sure to listen to the things he had to say, even if they were silly jokes or insisting his voice was made to be heard on a podcast of all things “Well that’s the good thing about apps right, you can take it with you wherever you go” podcasts were kinda like radio shows except you could listen to them at your own convenience, he usually listened to ones about algorithm theory which would probably drive most people crazy but for him was quite soothing “What sort of topics do you like to listen to?” he was curious, some people liked ones about gardening, others about music or sport, it was all down to taste.

Leigh worried if he was making feel Eun like he would be overstepping when actually he was asking for quite the opposite, he wanted the other male to feel like he could come any time and it wouldn’t be a bother because frankly, Leigh wanted to spend as much time with him as possible, especially since it was likely their time together was going to be temporary. “I’d love to...though it must be weird for you still living in a hotel” he commented softly and furrowed his brow, Eun must feel like he’s caught between these two pieces of a life here had seen and wanted to reach for and knowing he needed to go home back to his fiancee eventually. He nodded when Eun summarized his words by saying he wanted Leigh to feel like he could come see him too “Look at us” he commented and laughed “Both worried about bothering the other while trying to find more reasons to spend time together” his cheeks flushed slightly because he outed himself with that statement.

“Oh it’s not a bad thing at all, I get to read books and watch movies with my spare time instead of being dragged to parties” he smiled when Eun said they could be hermits together and he pursed his lips for a moment “Well that’s going to depend on one very important detail...what kind of movies do you like?” if they were going to spend more time together they needed to agree on activities to do right? Leigh didn’t mean to make the topic heavy but honestly, he just wanted to know where Eun’s mind was at, he wasn’t trying to make him choose or anything like that, he just wanted to understand for his own peace of mind. He watched Eun as he explained it, his eyes captivated by the other male’s because he was staring right at him the whole time “Then I want to make it my make you happy” he spoke it in a soft voice “For as long as I can, whether that’s a few days or a few’s enough” he hoped that told Eun what he needed to know about his feelings for him.

He had to admit now they were here in the house he felt a little nervous because he hadn’t actually planned what would happen after he invited him home, honestly it kinda scared him to do all of this without knowing anything for sure but he was doing his best to take deep breaths and not question it too much “So you’re here to impress all the ladies in my life” he chuckled softly “Why do I feel like it won’t be hard” he chided it slightly because Eun was so charming it was hard not to like him. He had headed into the kitchen to grab the drinks, he poured himself a glass of water before hearing Eun ask for one too and making another. Before long he came back into the room to see Eun had made himself at home and Minha begging him to let her up on the couch. He just to stop and catch his breath for a moment while he just watched the two of them bond.

He chuckled softly and came in closer, placing the drinks down on the table “She’s not allowed up on the couch unless she’s invited, tell her up” he grinned slightly because once Eun did so she climbed up and made herself comfortable in his lap. He sat himself down next to him, edging closer naturally but biting his lip “I realized I didn’t actually...plan what we would do next” he commented softly, staring at his own lap for a moment.

He never thought about listening to podcasts outside of his comfort zone, which was only at his home back in Korea. Eun moved out as soon as he was an adult, making a life of his own outside the clutches of his family even though he was pretty much still under theirs, now. "I've never really heard them outside of my home. I only ever turned them on once I get back home and even though those days are quite limited given my schedule, it was a good resting idea. Sometimes I'd hear them while I was brewing the coffee or reading a book. It's interesting, especially when it's related to the book you're reading too." He pondered for a brief while when he was asked what topic attracted him, "Political history, surprisingly. I don't think I've ever told you this before, right? That I'm in the market in that… particular field?" It wasn't a story he found interesting enough to share, not to anyone else and certainly not to Leigh. But it was something personal, which meant Eun also wanted to share that.

 "I was trained to assume the role of DA back home, so getting involved with the political circle was a must. It'd the only reason I ever really mingled around with people at social events and fundraisers alike." It was also a reason why his father thought Ahreum Kim to be the best match for him too, given her connection to the current DA and social status. It was weird for him to still be living at the hotel, happy for been up to the dhampir, he probably would've opted to rent an apartment somewhere, it would be a lot homey and comfortable but his journey here to Evermore was supposed to be 'temporary'. Obviously, he wanted to stay longer now, which could change the games a bit. "Yeah… I think I'll end up finding somewhere else soon. I shouldn't stay any longer but I think I'll stay here for a bit more... " Truth be told, he didn't want to leave at all. But he wasn't brave enough to tell himself that. Not yet. "I think it's cute" he quipped gently, "It's cute that we both still try to find ways to spend time together even when we're trying our best not to impose."

 An introvert, it seems that the both of them could very well relate to that when it comes to staying home. Though, Eun would classify himself more of an ambivert with a preference to be an extrovert. "I'm a social person, I'm not sure if that was really me or all the connection building I've done for the past decade." Maybe he had hoped for both, because at least that meant he had a bit of free will even before. "Action. Historical. I love the way they cultivate the action scenes where they need to include in those precise stunts… and well, who doesn't like watching things go boom every once in a while? Historical because I'm genuinely interested with how politics worked back then. Diplomacy is a very intricate issue. You?" He was a bit giddy to see that Leigh was trying to bring on casual topics, something you talk with your friend, or… someone more. "Your personal mission? That's… good to hear. You'll find that it's not hard to make me happy, Leigh" It really isn't. For instance, even this moment that they were sharing together, it was enough to make his heart flutter. He likes this feeling very much. 

Being invited to his humble abode wasn't on the itinerary, but still, Eun was excited to see where the therian lives. And if that kiss meant more, they were surely… more than friends? He didn't want to label them but he also wished he knew where they stood. "Not just the ladies" he chuckled and tilted his head slightly to the side, smirking softly, it was clear he was also implying he was there to charm Leigh too. While the kitsune went on to prepare the refreshments, Eun was occupied by the shiba inu who was still staring at him with such intensity that he could only describe to be wonder. The dhampir also had a house dog so he knew how to act around a dog. Leigh's voice interrupted his train of thoughts and before long, Minha was already settling comfortably on his lap, to which he petted her fur, clearly happy with how the dog had treated him. "Such a trained dog... " he cooed and turned his head to the side to face Leigh who took a seat next to him, "Me neither." It was on impulse and while the dhampir rarely acts on it, Eun wrapped one arm around the kitsune and pulled him close, "Is it fine if I do this?" 

Leigh liked getting Eun to open up and talk about his life, often he would ask Leigh things but the Kitsune was still working on his own confidence around the other male, still, he felt like he could be himself around him now which was rare for Leigh who usually kept to himself “So it was something to reward yourself after a long day of work?” honestly it seemed like Eun didn’t have a lot of time for hobbies so maybe little things like that were important. Leigh raised his brows when Eun said he liked listening about political history, now that was surprising to him and from the way Eun said it, it seemed like maybe it was something he tended to keep to himself “No you didn’t” he spoke softly, his eyes curious as he glanced over at the other male as he started to explain his interest in those topics.

Eun could make anything sound interesting to Leigh, he had this softspoken but determined tone whenever he talked and it made you realize how quietly passionate he could be. Leigh noticed that he would talk about things but often held himself back from getting carried away, probably something he learned to do in the past when people failed to notice his interest or even told him to quiet down. “You worked really hard for that DA role then” he commented softly, it seemed like it had been important to him to earn his place and that role “Will you get it, if you go home?” he was curious to know about Eun’s goals because honestly he rarely ever mentioned them. He could see the hesitation in the dhampir’s eyes, how he wanted to stay but also knew he couldn’t stay forever “I’m never going to be the one to tell you to go” he admitted in a soft voice, he also wouldn’t ask him to stay either because that wasn’t fair.

He chuckled under his breath slightly “Though if we’re both worried about imposing then...clearly we aren’t” he spoke softly as his gaze met Eun’s for a moment, he couldn’t say he had ever seen the dhampir as a bother, in fact, he often waited around for him to text or call, it brightened his day to know someone wanted to talk with him. “I’m not a social person...or at least...I avoid most social gatherings because they don’t put me in a good mindset” he had explained to Eun already why. His eyes twinkled a little as he listened to Eun talk about the movies he liked and what he was interested in “I really like superhero movies and sci-fi...I’m sure we can find some crossover with the action though...I’m not sure about the historical ones” he grinned slightly, though he was sure if they searched hard enough they could find something. “It may not be hard most of the time...but I want to be the reason you smile in a time when you might want to cry…” he pressed his lips together slightly “Then I’ll have succeeded in my mission” he nodded thoughtfully.

Leigh didn’t tend to bring people home much, he preferred this space to be his own space which is also why he hadn’t brought Eun over til now but seeing him with Minha and how kind and gentle he acted with her, knowing how important she was to Leigh, it was enough to create this sense of belonging in his chest. “Well that part isn’t hard” he responded when Eun implied he wanted to win him over too. As he sidled up against Eun on the couch he felt his heart beating faster in his chest “Yeah she’s my best girl” he commented and scrunched up his nose as he reached over to pet her behind the ears. Leigh had to admit he was surprised when he felt Eun’s gentle touch around his shoulder but he eased into it, letting him pull him close and naturally bringing his head to rest against Eun’s shoulder. He turned his face a little so he could look into Eun’s eyes “Yes” he spoke softly and bit his lip “Are we?” he spoke before stuttering on his words “Do you want to be together?” his voice was small as he watched the other male carefully.

The two of them could be quite the opposite even if they weren't that much different. The smallest things mattered the most to him. Leigh is an introvert and him, an extrovert. Even that alone was enough to tell Eun how things would go between them but surprisingly, he liked how it went. Every single part of it. He liked being the person Leigh could lean to when he needed to do that and he was certainly over the moon with the idea of being able to do the same to him. Maybe things weren't that far from his grasp of imagination, after all. "You can put it like that, yeah. I don't have time to myself most of the time, as you very well know…  so when I finally get them, I try to make it count. I don't have a lot of hobbies because of my time constraint but I have a few to keep me entertained. Listening to podcasts would be one of them. Cooking and baking is another." Speaking of which, his eyes fell to the paper bag he was holding, the one he had baked blueberry flavored goods for the kitsune. 

"I did… I think I've been vying for that position for as long as I could remember, ever since I met the DA over dinner that one time. I wasn't sure if it's just a path my parents laid out for me or not but I think I eventually found my passion in law." But did he still want to be a DA? That meant he had to return and he couldn't leave until he relinquished that position. When Leigh asked if he would get it if he returns, Eun shrugged, "I don't know. I was supposed to talk about it after the wedding but I'm not even sure now… honestly, I feel like a horrible person knowing that I was about to go through this arranged marriage of convenience because I wanted to benefit from it the same way the other side would do to me." The difference was that Ahreum was smitten by him and he wasn't. It was clearly one-sided. "I thought I needed the time to fall in love with her, you know… because I've never felt it before. But I don't think that's the case" He just hasn't found the right person to make him want it. Not until Leigh. "I know… you're far too kind for that, Leigh. I like that about you. That kindness and humility you retained… it suits you very well." It makes him fonder. 

"You say that now, but then you'll find me knocking on your door at 4 am in the morning because I was drunk. What would you do then? Would you assume responsibility for giving me permission now?" he scrunched up his nose and stuck his tongue out playfully, that was a big if but it wasn't impossible either considering how Eun was managing his stress levels. "That's fine, you can socialize with me, the social butterfly. With my good looks and charm, surely you won't find it hard to fall deep" he wiggled his eyebrows teasingly and chuckled, spending his time with the kitsune surely paid off. He was happier and enjoying his time just looking back at it. "So you're not only a cute nerd but a cute geek too? Color me impressed… what's your favorite superhero movie? Oh- Marvel or DC?" He wasn't that out of touch with what's happening, he's watched a few too. "You're already a reason for that, you just haven't noticed it yet. I told you how spending my time with you is one of my favorite things to do. You know I'm busy, so believe me when I tell you that doing this, whatever it is, with you? Is the best thing I can do to make myself happy." He wasn't lying either. 

He was nervous when he first pulled him close because who knows if Leigh wasn't comfortable with it? Did he mess up? Thankfully, judging from the way the kitsune responded to him, maybe he's doing it right. The moment Leigh rested his head against his shoulder, Eun felt a sense of comfort like no other. His heart was practically thumping excitedly when he caught the kitsune staring back at him with the same expressive hues that got his knees weak, "Yes… I can't promise you a lot, Leigh… but I want you."

Eun often acknowledged that he was busy and that he purposely kept himself busy but he didn’t seem to see that as a bad thing which Leigh found interesting, whenever he mentioned his busy schedule he always seemed to weave in reasons that he was busy which made Leigh believe he truly enjoyed it, even if it wasn’t what he initially picked out for himself “It makes me feel relieved that you do take breaks sometimes, even if they’re few and far between” he laughed gently “Sometimes it worries me how hard you work” he spoke it softly, he never really mentioned it before because it didn’t seem like it was his right to tell Eun that he thought he overworked himself but maybe now he didn’t mind if Eun saw that he cared about him and his wellbeing like that.

Leigh found it really interesting how Eun had this balance between his own wants and his parents, it was evident that the dhampir didn’t choose his career but that he had grown into it and that didn’t surprise Leigh because he had seen the type of person he was, he put his everything into things, he didn’t do half measures at all, he was quietly passionate. “Well I’d hope so considering how much of your time you spend on it” he quipped with a smile, he could tell how seriously Eun took his work and how much it meant to him, anyone could see it from knowing him a short time. Leigh sucked in a breath when he spoke about his feelings about choosing to go through with the wedding to get the benefits he wanted “But was it your idea in the first place?” from what Eun said about it before, it seemed like he didn’t have much to go on when it came to options to back out. He could understand that he thought he would fall in love in time and now realized it wasn’t happening though “So you’ve never been in love before?” he spoke it softly, he knew there was something between them but now it dawned on him how much this must be new and scary for Eun.

“Well I’d make you some of the coffee which you’re addicted to, nag you until you drink it and then once you’re making a bit more sense I’d get you a blanket and let you sleep” he responded with a slight shake of his head, he was sure drunk Eun was probably quite entertaining but Leigh couldn’t see him actually being a nuisance to the Kitsune. He had to admit it always made him a little flustered when Eun’s little bubbles of confidence appeared and called the Kitsune out a little “I mean you managed to get to know me this much, you’ve defeated pretty much everyone else who came before” he smiled sweetly towards him, falling deep, that was definitely in progress. He couldn’t help but grin at the way Eun lit up when he said he liked superheroes “Well I don’t think anyone can say they didn’t love the Avengers Endgame movie” he admitted with a chuckle “And Marvel, though I’m bad and dabble in both” he felt more at ease talking about these things, especially with how excited Eun seemed to be.

Eun had this talent of always making the Kitsune blush and he couldn’t help it when Eun said he had already achieved his goal of making him happy on a day when he wasn’t “Than I want to keep doing that for as long as I can” he spoke it softly, there was a look in his eyes as he stared back at the half-valkyr. They both knew this couldn’t be forever but somehow, being together felt worth it, at least it did to him. After a moment he hesitantly reached his other arm out to wrap around Eun’s chest so he was cuddling against him, he was warm and it felt right to be here with him, with Minha fast asleep already on his lap. Dare he say he felt perfect. Not scared about it ending but excited to see where things led them “I’m not asking for any promises other than one” he looked into Eun’s eyes as he spoke “Don’t have regrets” he asked softly “Be happy now while you can and don’t dwell on the future when you’re with me” he wanted for him to be happy so badly it made his heart throb a little in his chest.

He likes his job, even though it's not the career he chose in the first place. His path was practically laid out in front of him by his parents and all he could remember was wanting to make them proud so he did whatever they asked of him. Everything he did, he tried his very best to excel at it; whether it was football, studies, debates, and the likes. Anything he felt like they would be proud of him, he would do. It was a miracle he eventually grew to like what he did, being a lawyer finally made sense to him in ways he never thought it would. "Don't worry, Leigh, I know being a workaholic is possible but that's only if I don't have something or someone to look forward to, every time I finish my work" with how his eyes were staring at the kitsune, it spread the message he needed to send; him. Leigh was someone he would look forward to meeting once he finished his work. That's a good start. "You worry about me?" The dhampir sounded so vulnerable and touched, it was unbelievable.

 To be cared at such a scale, maybe he wasn't used to it. But he likes it, very much. Eun knew he wanted to succeed and make a name for himself. But was it necessary for him to do that back home? Does it really matter where he's known? Having a good and stable position is what he was vying for, not necessarily the DA position, right? Wanting that meant he had to return home and right now, he couldn't even digest the idea of it. It wasn't as if the dhampir hated going back home, no… he loves it here. Where he could be himself without feeling pressured. Where he had people who care for him. "No, it wasn't. I didn't even know who she was… aside from her name being well-known to almost everyone. It's a cliché move really… she's the rich heiress who is in love with this guy for a while… it was probably unrequited. The problem with that picture is that the guy is me." Which makes it so much more complicated when his mother was on board the idea of him marrying and bringing a grandchild into the family for Mama Moon. 

When Leigh asked him if he's never been in love before, he hummed in affirmation, "I… have never felt that before. Not romantically. I don't think I have ever fallen for someone before... Until now." Until now, indeed. His eyes met the kitsune's warm ones and a smile gradually built itself, it was genuine. What he feels for Leigh, it's all real. "It's new and I can't lie and say I'm not scared by it… but I want to try it." He couldn't live his life in fear forever, right? "So you'd take good care of me when I'm drunk… sounds very domestic and sweet." Of course, Leigh would do that. "Do you think I should give it a try just to get the same treatment?" He's never acted impulsively while he was drunk but then again, he's never been drunk around others either. "Good… I intend to make a lasting impression on you forever." He's never wanted to be more important to Leigh than right now. Looking at how his grin grew when the dhampir expressed his mutual attraction to superhero movies, Eun chuckled, yeah, this was it. 

"Endgame had me bawling… do you have any favorite superheros? From both sides?" Oh he wasn't going to judge when he dabbled in both too. The way Leigh was staring at him made him feel so weak, he only wanted to hold him close and tight, and if he could stop the time, that too. He didn't want this to go away. His breath hitched momentarily when Leigh suddenly wrapped one arm around his chest and the two ended up cuddling with Minha fast asleep on his lap. It didn't take him long to return the gesture and put one finger under Leigh's chin to tilt his face up so he could see him closer, he didn't say a word. What Eun did was lean in and captured Leigh's lips into his own, "I won't." 

Eun said not to worry but he did still, sometimes Eun’s schedule seemed to be never-ending and while he understood that it was important to him, he also had seen a hint of the pressure and stress which the dhampir put on himself to do well, sometimes at the cost of his own sanity. Leigh always tried to talk it through with him on those nights and remind him that while he sometimes seemed like a superhero, even he had his limits. His eyes softened at the way he hinted he was the thing he looked forward to “Come see me more often?” he asked it in a small voice, the calls were one thing, but being together like this, that was special. A smile tugged at his lips when Eun commented on him worrying about him “Of course I do” he responded with a small nod of his head, there was no explanation needed, the look in his eyes said it all.

Leigh nodded thoughtfully as he listened to him talk about the wedding, it was clearly this point of confliction in him between what he wanted for himself and what he wanted when it came to his parents and his family. While Leigh didn’t experience the same thing, he did understand what it felt like to want to make your parents proud and being scared they wouldn’t support what you wanted and in that sense, he understood. “Well it doesn’t surprise me that she’s head over heels for you but” he offered a sweet smile “Who wouldn’t be” he spoke softly as he watched him with vulnerable eyes. Until Now. Those two words made his heart swell in his chest as he looked back at him “I’ve experienced it and it still scares me’s this feeling which makes you feel so high you’re flying but also...makes you a little afraid of falling” he nodded slightly and it hurt to have your heart broken but now he could look back and be glad he got to experience it.

Leigh let a sheepish grin cross his lips when Eun said he would take care of him when he was drunk “I mean I’d rather you got drunk here with me where you’re safe but...if you showed up at my door, any time, I’d be there for you” he meant that, it didn’t matter to him if they were together or not when it came to that, he wanted to be there for him, so he knew he had someone he could fall back on when he needed to. “Forever” he repeated in a surprised tone and raised his brows slightly “Look at you talking big” he spoke it softly, snuggling in closer against Eun’s side. He liked the feeling of being in his arms, he felt safe and warm, something which seemed to be rare for him, he didn’t want to let him go.

Leigh laughed slightly shyly when Eun said that Endgame made him cry “Me too, I knew it was going to be sad and yet it still got me” he laughed again shaking his head slightly as he thought about who his favorite superheroes were “Well I definitely have a soft spot for Captain America” he commented and chuckled softly “And the flash” he nodded, he liked the good guy type characters, the ones with the heroic personalities you could aspire to. He felt so happy at that moment that he wished it could go on forever, he would stay there in Eun’s arms talking about superheroes and whatever else their minds could come up with for hours. Feeling the finger under his chin he naturally looked up towards Eun, his eyes full of emotion as he felt himself leaning in towards him, his breath hitched right as their lips touched and his eyes fluttered closed, his hand naturally reaching up to rest softly against Eun’s cheek as he kissed him back gently.


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