One look at his suite and anyone can tell he did some cleaning. Everything was spotless, the kitchen, the bathroom, even his bed was tidied up properly, the floorboards had no smudge of dirt or dust to accompany it. Why? Because Eun took the liberty to clean the entire place earlier this morning. He could've just requested for a housekeeping service for this but he just felt the motivation to do some cleaning and once the elder Moon gets motivated to do something, he never stops until it's done. Which was ironic, considering he's still sticking himself in Evermore even after his client was dead and his case was marked off. What was he doing here again? Right, to investigate. He came to Evermore to take on this case that was specifically requesting for his service, but when the case was marked off following his client's death, Eun knew it was only a matter of time before his superior calls him back home. Home. What a relative term. It feels so foreign to him now, especially with the wedding in five more months. It's an upcoming event that will surely change his entire life but why does he feel so reluctant to set his foot back in his country? 

Over the past few months he's been in the eternal city, he's met plenty of beautiful souls, one stood out over the many; Leighton Kingsman, a cute bookstore owner he met when he first came to Evermore. They struck up a friendship that Eun never felt in all of his 29 years of staying. He realized someone many things went by this year but his time was well spent here with the therian. He promised the therian that they would have their sushi dinner the next Saturday after their horseback riding session. When was that? Months ago. Eun was guilty of postponing it from week to week, until it eventually became months. They still contact each other, of course. Eun grew closer to Leigh where he was already so comfortable with telling about his past stories. Sometimes at 2 so 3 am, he was guilty to keep the therian up and awake at such a time but Leigh never told him off. In fact, he only encouraged him to speak his mind even more. Their friendship was close to almost 7 months already and Eun felt like the time flew seamlessly. 

7 months should've indicated that he should be back in Korea planning his wedding in 2 more months but after insisting to stay here for work, he persuaded his family to extend the dates. His father wasn't impressed but also got the memo that it was for work so he caved in, and his fiancee's family was understanding which made him even more guilty of lying. If only they knew. But today is Saturday, he woke up early just for this. He cleaned the place up and himself up pretty well. Eun remembered he promised Leigh a Saturday, and today is a Saturday. The day was already stepping into evening, he spent hours in the morning and afternoon to make sure the suite is spotless and the book he promised to bring was placed neatly on the bedside table. Eun quickly got dressed after stepping out of the shower a while ago, and stared at his reflection in the bathroom's mirror as he blow dried his hair and styled it properly. It was supposed to be a casual dinner but he made sure to dress up well because it's been long overdue, and there was nothing wrong with dressing handsomely anyway. 

Once he was done, he grabbed the book on the table and put it in the paper bag where another box was also occupying the space. What does it hold? That'll be revealed soon enough. The dhampir wrapped himself in a coat and exited the suite, making his way to the elevator so he can make it to the sushi place in time for his reservation. He greeted the receptionist and securities with a smile and got himself an Uber because he wanted to get there as quick as possible. After a few minutes of small traffic, he finally arrived at his destination, giving his name to the receptionist in charge before trailing behind to his booth. Eun gave his coat to the staff and took his seat, placing the paper bag under the table while waiting for the arrival of his friend. 

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Leigh nodded his head slowly in agreement with what Eun said “You’re right, I didn’t deserve that” he spoke it thoughtfully with a certain conviction in his voice which he hoped communicated how far he had come since then “But there was a time when I thought I did” he wasn’t saying that for pity but to simply show the difference in the person he was before and how far he had come alone “And that was a very dark place to be and to...let that go, I had to let go of all the anger and resentment I felt” it was a scary part of his life but he had made a lot of progress since then, learned to stop blaming himself for things which could never be his fault and in a way, begin to find a way to like the person he was. Leigh chuckled but shook his head when Eun asked if he was too loud “I don’t think loud is the word I would use you’re...cheerful and you draw people in and I’d find it hard to see you differently than...warm” he nodded his head slowly because he definitely saw Eun that way.

Leigh pressed his lips together and smiled softly when Eun said he didn’t say things he didn’t mean “Well I am a good liar because of what I am but that doesn’t mean I like to do it...I try to as upfront as I can” but he usually got pretty shy and didn’t know what to say so he would end up muttering or tripping over his words. Thankfully he was comfortable enough around Eun now that he didn’t really have that problem anymore. “You don’t know that” Leigh spoke softly with an nervous smile “We might have been able to be outsiders together” the kitsune got this feeling in his chest that he was meant to meet Eun, it was him who had pulled him out of his shell after all this time after all. Seeing the way Eun blushed at the admission of people calling him a good boy when he was younger “So you always followed the rules?” he raised his brows curiously.

Leigh laughed softly but it quickly became a blush when Eun asked him to explain what he meant by hitting puberty “Well you know…” he pressed his lips together not sure exactly how to describe it but he did his best “You are very handsome, you made me unable to look away from you the night we met” and Leigh was not really a superficial person who only liked a person based on looks but there was literally no way not to notice Eun. Leigh cringed slightly at the way Eun explained the girls at school who followed him around and screamed loudly but he nodded to affirm what the Dhampir was asking about “Yeah that sounds like a fanclub” he was never popular in school but he did notice the way the girls always gushed over the popular boys.

Leigh still felt a little in shock about what had happened, not that he would take it back or felt any regrets, he had been wondering, perhaps even dreaming what it might be like to kiss Sangeun Moon but it was just surprising to him that they were really in this moment and two of them had shared a kiss. And importantly, that neither of them seemed like they wanted it to be the last one. He was nervous though, knowing Eun’s situation, wondering what this could all mean but then the other part of him just felt exhilarated and excited, wanting to know what was next. “And more…” he stuttered the words nervously, his eyes widening just a little before his gaze softened, feeling his heart swelling in his chest.

Leigh dropped his gaze to the food which remained mostly untouched on the table because his attention had been so focused on the other male he’d completely forgotten about his appetite. He noticed the little looks Eun snuck him and he gave a few of his own, smiling like a kid trying to make eye contact with their crush in class. He paused at Eun’s next words though and bit gently on his bottom lip “I think I’m getting the hang of it but…” he glanced down at Eun’s food and then his one and hesitantly reached to pick up a piece the way he showed him and held it out towards the other male hoping he would take it, though Leigh’s cheeks were bright red. His thanks made the Kitsune smile softly “It’s something I think I’ll...never thank you” he responded and looked down to his tray, picking up a few more bites of his food and eating them slowly.

Eun knew he was beyond proud to hear that Leigh was standing up for himself and knew his own worth, there was nothing more attractive than to see someone who knows their own value. In this case, the dhampir was already feeling strongly towards the kitsune, it was making it harder for him to unsee a few things that he probably shouldn't even pay attention to. "The good thing is… it was a time long ago. Now, you're better, aren't you?" It was unlike him to try and delve into someone's past, especially given his own wasn't well managed. It wasn't his right and the last thing the dhampir wanted to do tonight, is remind Leigh of his past. "I can't comprehend how strong you must've been to get through all of that." It takes certain will, for sure. Not everyone was well-equipped for that. "You think I draw people in?" He wondered, was there ever a time where he didn't blush as hard as he does right now? Or was it just… a Leighton Kingsman effect? He thinks he's warm, that mention alone was enough to make him smile fondly.

 "There's no need to lie to me anyway… I respect you too much to think the bad of you. If you even have one." It is true, Eun really holds the other male in high regards. "If we were outsiders together, we would've been the hot topic of school. Everyone would wanna know about us" as if it was on queue, his ears grew redder and it caused him to cover them because he could almost feel the red drowning him. Why is he suddenly blushing so bad tonight? Was it because of that kiss earlier? Or was it the confession? "Mhmm… I was never a rule breaker. Whatever my parents wanted, I followed. If they wanted me to be a lawyer… well here I am today." His mother did express her desire, once upon a time, about wanting a lawyer for a son. She gushed over him all the time. It was hard not to remember that.

 His hand skimmed over his cheek unconsciously when Leigh complimented his looks, "I've been told that by plenty of people. I like hearing it… it makes me feel good about myself and I'm glad I could provide you with some… pleasant sight." There was no hiding his narcissism either, but deep down, Eun likes to please. It's all that he's been taught since a child. Having good looks and good manners to befit him, it was an excellent package. "You thought I was handsome when we first met, huh?" he teased, poking his dimples gently as he chewed his sushi. "They brought good food though. I was grateful whenever they came to cheer on me during some of the debate competitions." Eun wasn't one to decline home-cooked meals, anyway. "Yeah… and more… I mean that is, if you still want more. I completely understand it if you don't, it's out of the blue and so sudden... " Now he's fiddling with his fingers, gosh. 

What was this attraction he felt for Leigh? Why is he suddenly curious to see where this leads them when he's never been close to being interested when Ahreum pecked him? Why does he suddenly want to feel Leigh's soft lips against his, again? When Leigh offered him a sushi, the elder Moon grinned sheepishly and accepted it. He leaned closer so he could catch it in his mouth, cheeks all puffed up from chewing and that stupid grin he keeps on wearing, This is nice. "Once we finish up… so you have any other plans?" He's just asking again, who knows, maybe Leigh does have them.

Leigh really liked the soft, understanding voice Eun always used when they were talking, it made him feel like he could say anything he wanted to and Eun would really listen, understand what he was trying to say, the other male made him feel so validated and important that it was impossible not to feel drawn to him “I still have bad days sometimes” he spoke it softly, as though it was a confession he really didn’t want to make, but he wanted Eun to understand that there would be times when he felt down “But they happen way less now and yes, I am better now, so much better” he had confidence in himself now which was completely nonexistent at one point. “It helps to not be alone, to someone about it” he had gone to therapy for a long time to help him get through “Even if it feels hard to start talking” he was amazed by how far he had managed to come.

“I know you do” he responded without hesitation to Eun’s words “You made this shy guy feel like he could be your friend from day one, that’s a feat completely unseen before” he grinned a little sheepishly, Eun had definitely made him feel comfortable in a way not many others did. Leigh allowed a small smile to tug at his lips as Eun said he didn’t need to lie to him “I might need some time to share everything, it took me this long be able to tell you about what happened back then, but sometimes it can be...a little dark in here” he touched his head against his temple “But I will tell you if things feel like too much” he hoped that was an okay compromise. He chuckled at the way Eun described how others might see them if they met back in school “I can’t even picture me being the talk of the school” he grinned slightly, a shy blush resting on his cheeks “Are you proud of the man you’ve become?” he questioned, curious to know how Eun felt about the choices he had made til now.

Leigh continued to eat bites of his food while they talked, he was focusing a lot on his chopsticks, following how Eun had shown him how to use them and he was slowly getting the hang of it, though he was sure his expression was probably funny as he tried his best not to drop anything. He blushed profusely when Eun pointed out he thought he was handsome when they met, his eyes remaining on his bowl because of the embarrassment “I mean after the panic of the whole robbery thing died down, I definitely noticed you” he spoke it softly, twitching his cheeks after Eun poked against them. “I mean I can definitely think of worse things than people thinking you’re amazing” he commented when Eun explained how it made him happy when they cheered him on at competitions.

He felt his eyes widen a little when Eun took his and more comment further and Leigh noticed the way Eun was stumbling over his words a little, that was much more like the Kitsune to do than it was the Dhampir so he could tell Eun was nervous “I do, it doesn’t feel sudden to me it feels...right” he hoped that was alright to say but he didn’t regret the kiss, he didn’t regret his feelings for the Dhampir which felt like they only got stronger today. He grinned slightly as he watched Eun take the sushi from his chopsticks and he saw the adorable way he munched on the food, like a hamster savoring his food “I told you already, there’s someone who’s waiting to meet you” he chuckled softly “She likes giving a lot of kisses though, you should prepare yourself” he wanted Eun to say he would come back with him because he just wanted this night to go on forever, but since forever wasn’t possible, he’d settle for a little while longer.

He wanted to make Leigh feel at ease, that's what he'd like to do, most of the time. He didn't know why, if it had been a habit since before, but whenever he saw the kitsune smile while putting on a serene look, it made him feel at ease. It feels like he could just stare at him all day long. Is this how he's felt for the kitsune? All this while? How come he didn't realize what it was? Could it be due to his lack of experience in the said department? It could very well be that. He felt like Leigh really did trust him from how he had confessed to him about feeling afraid of those days, "It's understandable to feel that way, Leigh. Don't invalidate yourself, okay? You're beautiful just the way you are" it had been the first time he allowed such a word to describe a person. He always said pretty or handsome but never beautiful when it comes to a person. He likes that Leigh feels better about himself, it feels like his character growth was just right around the corner. "Just know that I'm always here to talk if you need me to, or just hear you out... " He wanted to be there for Leigh. 

Eun was just relieved that Leigh felt at ease being around him. "I've never had much of a friend before, I don't know if they were just being my friend for the sake of being my friend but you, you made me feel different and I didn't know what it was" From the first time he met Leigh, there was something about him that captivated him, he wasn't sure if it was his character or something else, perhaps both. The elder Moon placed a reassuring hold on the other male's hand, squeezing it a bit as a way of showing his support, "You don't need to spill on the spot when I ask you to, Leigh. Whenever and wherever, you can use me for your personal therapist, I don't mind. Better take me up on the offer, Mr Kingsman, it's only once in a lifetime opportunity" he jested teasingly and grinned softly, there was a certain look etched on Eun's face; one of serenity. "Going once? Going twice? Am I sold?" he poked his dimple gently to get an answer. 

"I'm proud of the man I am, in a way. I'm not perfect but I think I had a better life than most. I have that luxury and privilege to lead a good life despite it not being my kind of life, I'll accept that and make my own decisions on how I see fit." That may mean he's going against his parents' wishes. It was funny seeing how Leigh was trying his best to use the chopsticks to the best of his ability which made Eun laugh, he's cute. "My parents used to shower me with compliments. I was their jewel, they dragged about me to their friends, so I'm used to being doted on. When school came, it didn't stop, people kept following after me, I guess it felt good." To be recognized for your efforts, it made him feel good. It feels right, he said. 

If he could count how many times his heart beated in the past minute, he was going to die of exhaustion. He even brought one hand up against his chest, where his heart was located, in an effort to calm it down, "I'm glad you think so." Eun could feel Leigh's stare on him while he was eating his food and felt the desire to break out a smile and he did, he smiled a lot while eating. "Wouldn't it be unfair if she gives me more kisses than you would?" he quipped and placed his chopsticks aside as soon as he was finished, his eyes were focused solely on the kitsune next to him, "I'd love to meet her though. Does that mean you're taking me back to your place after this?" And no matter how wrong it may have sounded, it sounded right to him. 

Leigh was doing his best to be as upfront with Eun as he could be about the person he was, he wasn’t perfect and sometimes his mind could go to a really dark place but other times he was happy and carefree and enjoying his life, it was a rollercoaster with ups and downs but he was holding on tight throughout all of it “Thanks for understanding” he spoke softly, blushing slightly because Eun had called him beautiful and he didn’t think anyone had called him that before, he liked how it sounded. Eun’s offer that he was there if he wanted to talk made the Kitsune feel like he had made the right choice in telling him about it “Would you believe me if I told you you’ve already been there for me on many bad days” he offered a small smile “Usually I just want to forget about it and whenever I ask you to stay on the phone a little longer, you do” and that meant everything to Leigh.

Leigh’s eyes softened a little as Eun explained how he didn’t have many friends before he was different “I always kinda saw you as my knight in shining armor” he confessed with a soft blush resting on his cheeks, he would never forget how Eun had rushed in and helped him without even knowing him that night, he would always treasure how kind he was. “How about I promise this...I will always find a way to tell you the truth after I figure out the truth in my head” sometimes he needed some time to process what he was going through and understand it but he wanted Eun to know that he wanted to share those things with him, that he wanted the two of them to be close and to be able to tell one another anything. Even if they don’t end up dating, Eun was still someone Leigh wanted to be close to in whatever way was possible “Okay deal” he commented, laughing at the way Eun poked against his cheek.

“Well nobody's perfect but if someone was pretty close” he looked back at Eun and pointed his finger towards him a soft smile resting on his lips as he did so “But you’re right, it’s about time that you started making your own decisions and finding the things which make you happy” Leigh wasn’t going to ask him to call off his engagement or anything drastic like that, it wasn’t his place to tell Eun what he should do when it came to that situation but he did notice how Eun seemed to get happier and happier the longer he was here in Evermore and not back in Korea. Leigh was eating slowly thanks to using the chopsticks but he was slowly getting the hang of it and before long he was coming towards the end of his meal “Sometimes I feel like my parents gave me too much freedom so I guess we’re opposite when it comes to that huh?” they were opposite in a lot of things but that still seemed to work for them.

When Eun talked about Minha giving her more kisses than he did, Leigh choked on the drink he was halfway downing before setting down his chopsticks, it seemed that kiss was still on both their minds and perhaps Leigh wasn’t the only one who wanted another. He could still feel his lips tingling from the one they shared before, he remembered how soft Eun’s lips felt against his, so warm and inviting. He cleared his throat “She’s like my child, I can’t tell her no, no matter how jealous I’d get” he mumbled softly as he finished off the last couple of bites of his food and called over the waiter to pay their bill. While they were waiting for him to come over Leigh grinned slightly when Eun asked him if he was inviting him home “Yes...I mean if you want to...there’s no pressure obviously and no...ill intentions I just…” he blushed slightly because the waiter arrived at that moment. He looked over at Eun before hesitantly asking the waiter to split their bill and let them both pay, he paid for his half first.

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