One look at his suite and anyone can tell he did some cleaning. Everything was spotless, the kitchen, the bathroom, even his bed was tidied up properly, the floorboards had no smudge of dirt or dust to accompany it. Why? Because Eun took the liberty to clean the entire place earlier this morning. He could've just requested for a housekeeping service for this but he just felt the motivation to do some cleaning and once the elder Moon gets motivated to do something, he never stops until it's done. Which was ironic, considering he's still sticking himself in Evermore even after his client was dead and his case was marked off. What was he doing here again? Right, to investigate. He came to Evermore to take on this case that was specifically requesting for his service, but when the case was marked off following his client's death, Eun knew it was only a matter of time before his superior calls him back home. Home. What a relative term. It feels so foreign to him now, especially with the wedding in five more months. It's an upcoming event that will surely change his entire life but why does he feel so reluctant to set his foot back in his country? 

Over the past few months he's been in the eternal city, he's met plenty of beautiful souls, one stood out over the many; Leighton Kingsman, a cute bookstore owner he met when he first came to Evermore. They struck up a friendship that Eun never felt in all of his 29 years of staying. He realized someone many things went by this year but his time was well spent here with the therian. He promised the therian that they would have their sushi dinner the next Saturday after their horseback riding session. When was that? Months ago. Eun was guilty of postponing it from week to week, until it eventually became months. They still contact each other, of course. Eun grew closer to Leigh where he was already so comfortable with telling about his past stories. Sometimes at 2 so 3 am, he was guilty to keep the therian up and awake at such a time but Leigh never told him off. In fact, he only encouraged him to speak his mind even more. Their friendship was close to almost 7 months already and Eun felt like the time flew seamlessly. 

7 months should've indicated that he should be back in Korea planning his wedding in 2 more months but after insisting to stay here for work, he persuaded his family to extend the dates. His father wasn't impressed but also got the memo that it was for work so he caved in, and his fiancee's family was understanding which made him even more guilty of lying. If only they knew. But today is Saturday, he woke up early just for this. He cleaned the place up and himself up pretty well. Eun remembered he promised Leigh a Saturday, and today is a Saturday. The day was already stepping into evening, he spent hours in the morning and afternoon to make sure the suite is spotless and the book he promised to bring was placed neatly on the bedside table. Eun quickly got dressed after stepping out of the shower a while ago, and stared at his reflection in the bathroom's mirror as he blow dried his hair and styled it properly. It was supposed to be a casual dinner but he made sure to dress up well because it's been long overdue, and there was nothing wrong with dressing handsomely anyway. 

Once he was done, he grabbed the book on the table and put it in the paper bag where another box was also occupying the space. What does it hold? That'll be revealed soon enough. The dhampir wrapped himself in a coat and exited the suite, making his way to the elevator so he can make it to the sushi place in time for his reservation. He greeted the receptionist and securities with a smile and got himself an Uber because he wanted to get there as quick as possible. After a few minutes of small traffic, he finally arrived at his destination, giving his name to the receptionist in charge before trailing behind to his booth. Eun gave his coat to the staff and took his seat, placing the paper bag under the table while waiting for the arrival of his friend. 

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It had been around six months now since Sangeun Moon had come valiantly rushing into his life and since that day, he had changed it. It wasn’t in a massive way that completely made him feel different overnight, but in small, meaningful ways. Like waking up and knowing he would have a message to respond to which made him excited to wake up in the mornings, or making plans which meant he got out of the house more often and made the effort to spend time with friends. It had opened Leigh up to the idea of letting more people in and since then, he had found he had missed out on knowing a lot of great people around him. Eun had helped Leigh to believe in good people again, to not immediately doubt their intentions or missed them, because there was no denying or arguing that he was a good person who made people’s lives better.

And yes, Leigh had developed a crush on him. He had thought he was gorgeous from the day they met, that much even Eun knew but Leigh had always been someone able to split a pretty face away from someone that meant something to him, he had been with others since his breakup with Radley, he had needs which he filled at times but this was different, this was caring about someone deeply and wanting the best for them. It was something he had come to realize one night at 3 in the morning when he realized he didn’t want to put down the phone and fall asleep, he wanted to keep talking to Eun about some stupid farm the Dhampir had visited as a child which Leigh could picture so vividly because of the way he took the time to explain it all. It was knowing he called Eun that night because he was on the verge of a panic attack and he knew the sound of the Dhampir’s voice would soothe him.

Of course Leigh had kept it to himself, he knew the Dhampir had a wife-to-be waiting for him back home and the Kitsune didn’t expect anything from him, Eun had never led him on or anything like that, it was just hard not to feel anything for someone who was so kind and diligent, who made you feel like you were important and special. Who, despite the fact he’d had to postpone the dinner they planned for a couple of months now, always remembered he’d made that promise and tonight they were finally getting around to it. He hadn’t been sure what to wear, this was a date like place but they weren’t on a date so he wanted to look nice but not like he was trying too hard. In the end he decided on jeans and trainers with a shirt so he looked a little smart along with his glasses because had hadn't had his latest delivery of contacts, he had set them out on the table before getting a shower and changing into them, tucking the gift he had bought for Eun’s belated birthday and Christmas into his pocket, it was nothing big but he wanted to make an effort since he wasn’t sure when their schedules would line up again before the holidays.

He didn’t have to worry about being stood up because they’d pretty much been chatting about the menu for the place all day and getting excited about the different dishes to try, Leigh grabbed his wallet, keys and phone and headed out of his apartment before saying goodbye to Minha and heading out into the city, catching the subway across to the area and walking the rest of the distance. By the time he got to the restaurant, he headed straight inside, handing his jacket to the greeter before giving the name on the reservation and being led through the restaurant to a little low lit booth where Eun was waiting. His face lit up the moment their eyes met and he rushed a little towards him to take a seat next to him “You have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to this” he spoke excitedly not even taking the decor because he was too busy staring at the Dhampir “Not that I’m mad that it took so long or anything, I’m a strong believer in things being worth the wait” he pursed his lips slightly realizing he was making it worse and laughed softly “How have you been?”

Was he nervous? Perhaps. Why was he nervous? Because their long awaited and very much overdue sushi dinner finally came around the corner when he was able to score a free day without any hassle of working today. Coincidentally, a Saturday. Just like he promised. When he first set foot in the premise, Eun pretty much dazed out because he was wondering if Leigh was going to show. If he wasn't, surely the therian would ring him up, right? They were still maintaining a good relationship with each other, and Leigh was being understanding about his hectic schedule. But a part of him does worry if the other male was hurt that they were not able to have this dinner months before, at the initial time they planned it out. Even when the waiter had asked him for his coat, Eun has to snap himself out of it after giving it to him. 

As soon as he settled in a spot at the reserved booth, the dhampir bit his bottom lip in apprehension while fiddling with his fingers, wondering if he shouldn't place too much hope to see the therian turn up. It's not as if he didn't have any faith in Leigh, of course, he does. But if he was Leigh, he wouldn't take it either. The paper bag holding the things he brought was left under the table, completely hidden away from any eyes except the dhampir's. So when the bell to the place rung signifying someone's arrival, Eun was quick to scramble to calm his nerves down. He knew that since he was able to hear the soft chiming of the bell by the entrance that was quite a distance away from his booth that was at the end of the room, made it clear that the elder Moon was nervous and when he does, his hearing was extra sensitive. But thankfully, it really was Leigh. 

A soft smile graced itself on his face upon hearing that the therian was excited for today, oh, that was very assuring it almost put his worries to rest. "I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought of that." A strong believer in things being worth the wait? That sentence sounded so pretty Eun found himself grinning, "I'm sorry for keeping you away from this. But I finally got around it." Was he proud? Extremely. "I've been better, not gonna lie. A few headaches here and there because my superior won't take no for an answer but I'm exceptionally excited for tonight so, nothing could go wrong with positive energy to start off the evening, right? And you? Have you been well? How's the bookstore coming up?" He actually missed going there and have tea with the therian, talking about whatever. Yes, Eun finally got used to the tea, and though green tea was not to liking, he was a big advocate for chamomile. 

Leigh had to admit he felt his palms sweating a little as he entered the restaurant, he knew this was just a friend dinner and there wasn’t any pressure behind it but there was something about the idea of going out to dinner with Sangeun Moon that felt anything but casual. That was probably attributed to the feelings he knew he now had for the other male. He didn’t even need Eun to feel the same way, nor did he expect him to, but being aware of his own self around the other male made him more conscious of his own actions. He supposed he just generally got more flustered, if that was even possible. It’s just food and gifts, he reminded himself as he headed up towards the table, nothing to worry about.

He was glad to see the gentle smile on Eun’s lips as he headed towards him though, that helped to calm the Therian who realized he had been panicking over very little, it wasn’t like they hadn’t spent time together before or anything. “No problem, we made it now and if we hadn’t decided on tonight then we wouldn’t have gotten so see all these decorations” he looked around as the strings of lights which lined the room in an elegant and festive way and grinned as he took a seat next to the Dhampir and scooted a little closer so he could hear him over the music which was playing.

“Ah, work is a killer like that huh?” he commented and pressed his lips together “You should just start your own law firm and become your own boss, if anyone could pull it off it’s you” he had done some reading about Eun’s reputation in the past and he was a very highly esteemed lawyer and he was sure he knew others who would be able to join him “Might save you a few headaches at least” perhaps Leigh was a bit of an advocate for becoming your own boss after taking a risk and succeeding with it himself. “I’ve been sick for the past few days or so, down with a cold I guess but I’m feeling a lot better today” he smiled softly crossing one leg over the other “The store is good, I actually have been in talks about expanding it into the empty shop next door” he nodded slightly “I’m thinking maybe expand the business a little but it’s all theoretical right now” he had been fiddling with the wrapped gifts he hand in his hands but now he decided to place them on the table for now so he didn’t accidentally tear the paper because he was nervous.

“So on the way here on the subway I saw a single dad with his little girl and I swear it was the cutest thing, she was dressed in a reindeer costume and had this little light-up nose which kept breaking” he chuckled softly “I love how everyone always gets into the spirit right around now” it was nice seeing all the Christmas lights on the way here and a group of carol singers singing their hearts out. He cleared his throat “So what did you do for your birthday?” he asked remembering he had sent the other male a cute little selfie clip where he badly sang happy birthday to him.

Ever since he got himself stumped during Winterfest, Eun couldn't stop thinking about the therian, but in what way? Even the dhampir wasn't sure what the thoughts meant. All he knew was that he wanted to spend more time with the other male and dreaded the thought of returning back to his home country even though his period here was already meant to signify the last of his works because he couldn't find anything about his client. And his wedding could not longer be delayed longer than 2 more months now. All of that had bombarded his head for the past week and he hated to think that he would have to say goodbye to Leigh, of all people. With Jae, he could see again. But Leigh? Will he have to wait until the therian finally makes his way to Korea like he planned? But he would've been married then. He wouldn't have the same freedom he had, whatever small window of that he ever got, anyway. Was he really about to risk everything just because he wanted to stay in the eternal city longer? Perhaps. 

The moment Leigh walked into the room, he knew instantly that his attention was quickly diverted towards the therian instead of mulling over pessimistic thoughts. Of course, Leigh wouldn't let him down. The therian would never do that to him and he was glad to know that he trusted him such a length. His eyes never left him even when he took a seat next to the dhampir, the heartwarming smile was still etched on his lips like it was his default look and while it may as well be his default look, the looks he gave Leigh were always so different. "My one law firm? That's a big dream, right there. I won't lie, I've thought of it. Nobody wants to be the worker, everyone wants to be the boss, it's when you know you've achieved it. But I'm still so new in this field? Am I ready yet for such a step? Am I even good enough or qualified?" he chuckled wryly, "I'm not you, Leigh." And he meant that as a compliment. 

His eyes softened and Eun was already worried if Leigh was healthy yet to meet him in this cold weather, "I hope you're better now. Please let me know if you need anything, gosh… to walk in this cold weather, you should've told me" It was always obvious that Eun would go out his way to care for the people around him and no amount of coercion will say no to him. And it's Leigh, who was surprised that he would be worried over him? "A bigger space" he gawked, he hasn't been able to stop by but the dhampir grew fond of the bookstore, it was always so quiet and peaceful. When he saw the gifts placed on the table, Eun glanced back and forth from the gift to the therian himself, wondering what it's for. 

But his attention was quickly regained when Leigh talked about a cute girl wearing a reindeer costume, "I mean… reindeers are better than people" Did he just quoted Frozen? Yes. But he was right, amidst his stressful days, he saw the Christmas spirit everywhere and he loved that people could be so happy. He loves Christmas songs. "Nothing much, really. It passed a while ago and I kinda forgot about it. Other than your cute attempt to sing me a happy birthday only to bump into the table. That has got to be the highlight of my day." Oh it gave him such a laugh. "Why do you ask?"

Okay, maybe Leigh’s ideas were a bit out there, his parents had always called him a dreamer when he was younger, he would proclaim from day to day different things he was going to do with his life and while he couldn’t do every single one of them, he liked to think he had achieved some good things with his life so far and there was always more to come “Well you know what they say, shoot for the moon and if you miss then you’ll land among the stars” which was pretty funny considering Moon was Eun’s surname. He went quiet for a moment as he listened to Eun questioning whether he could even do such a thing and Leigh gave an encouraging smile “You got through law school at an impressively young age, you got called to another country for a case because someone wanted you and you alone” he pressed his lips together “Plus you’re you, I feel like you can do anything if you put your mind to it” he did grin shyly at the compliment Eun gave him though.

Leigh shook off the worry about him having a cold and grinned “No no I’m okay now, I made sure to get lots of vitamin C and stay in the warm for a few days, honestly, now I’m just glad to be able to get out of the house for a bit” thankfully Willow had been covering the shops for the past few days so it didn’t interrupt the flow of business or anything, besides, even if he did have a cold still he didn't think he would let it stop him from seeing Eun. When he asked about the shop Leigh smiled slightly “It might be nothing honestly but I met a new business partner friend type person who seems really interested in pitching in” and honestly Leigh’s dreams weren’t the type to be static, they were always growing and changing with him, much like when he was a kid.

Leigh grinned, practically lighting up when Eun quoted a line from a film, it wasn’t exactly a secret that the Kitsune loved films and really anything to do with telling stories and so to be around someone who seemed to love them too was really uplifting for him “Damn right they are, it was cute though, I love people watching sometimes, especially around the holidays” just felt uplifting he supposed, to see people getting into the cheer and frankly, just generally being nicer and kinder to each other. He blushed when Eun commented on the little video he had sent for his birthday remembering he had managed to hit his funny bone and practically collapsed but was still determined to finish the song “Well then I’m glad I got to brighten your day a little” he picked up the cutely wrapped parcel with a ribbon on it and offered it out to him with a half-smile.

“Before you worry it wasn’t anything major just thought it would be useful” when Eun took it he watched him intently, it really wasn’t anything crazy, it was a winter hat because Leigh remembered how cold Eun’s ears had been at Winterfest and if he stayed for 2 more months then it was only going to get colder “I got purple, because we talked about the whole dye thing and I thought since you can’t dye your hair because of work you could still wear the purple in spirit” he hid behind his hands a little as he waited for the Dhampir’s reaction to it.

He found it ironic that Leigh used that saying to describe their situation, but it did make the dhampir grin brightly, "Shoot for the moon and if you miss then you'll land among the stars, huh? That's a beautiful phrase" And surprisingly ironic since Eun's surname is Moon, to begin with. "Are you trying to tell me that if you are not able to get me, you'll still least get a Celestial?" he teased, obviously finding the amusement to get such a rise from the therian. Anything would do fine for him, right now. He's been so stressed lately regarding his personal issues with his firm and his family, all because he didn't wish to come home yet. Eun was positive that every time he said he wasn't ready to return, it was more than just his client's mysterious disappearance that soon led to his untimely demise. No, he had plenty of things to like here. One of them being the male sitting right next to him. His cheeks flushed significantly when Leigh listed out his achievements, he's always loved it whenever people compliment him but scoring this with the other male tells a different kind of story. 

"You have an awfully high expectation of me, Mr Kingsman, should I be proud that you think of me in such manner?" he chuckled softly, he was glad to hear that Leigh was doing fine and took whatever medication and supplements he needed to maintain his health. "Oh? You made a new friend then? Is he or she nice?" He was definitely curious to hear about Leigh's developments, he feels like all those late night chats were nowhere near to even start off their comparison when it comes to chatting face to face. "Wow… does this mean my friend is going to go big?" A few days ago, he had watched Frozen again and found joy in it, so when he saw Leigh lighting up at the mention of a small reference, Eun was beaming with pride. "People watching? Is that an actual term or did your beautiful smart brain made that up?" Point, Eun loves describing Leigh's head as sexy brain. He just does. The therian is, in his defense, quite intelligent, after all. 

When Leigh pushed the parcel towards him, he blinked a few times and stared at it for a brief while before accepting it with a confused expression, he didn't even get the chance to protest that Leigh didn't have to get him anything but eventually took the time to unwrap it slowly. A winter hat… he recalled they talked about how the dhampir lacked that in his wardrobe during Winterfest and he couldn't believe that Leigh remembered it. The color purple may not have been half as significant to him had it not been because of Leigh, "Leigh… I don't know what to say... " he started off and smiled gently when he noticed the therian was hiding his hands, which prompted the dhampir to lean closer and pushed his hands downwards so he could face him properly, "Thank you. This is a very good gift… You didn't have to get me anything… God, now I feel guilty for not getting you anything" Not totally right, he did brought Leigh something but it wasn't as significant as this. 

Leigh chuckled under his breath when Eun said the phrase he used was beautiful “I think I remember it being posted on the wall of one of my teacher’s classrooms, I always daydreamed so I’m pretty sure I ended up staring at it a lot” the only time Leigh had ever really gotten into trouble at school was when his head was away in the clouds and the teacher often wondered if what they were saying was getting through to him at all. He scoffed when he insinuated another meaning behind the statement before laughing softly “If that was the case I’d aim really well for the grand prize” Leigh didn’t actually know any other Celestials than Hanseol who he met at Winterfest but they seemed like an interesting species. As he watched the other male, he did notice that his mind seemed to be on many other things tonight and Leigh was sure the collation of everything happening was probably starting to feel constricting on the Dhampir, Eun had expressed a few times before his lack of enthusiasm when it came to returning to Korea.

“Of course you should, I have refined tastes don’t you know by now?” he chuckled softly because he was joking more than anything considering that he lived a pretty average lifestyle but Leigh really did enjoy being around intelligent and thoughtful people, he found it very hard to talk to people who couldn’t speak their mind but also rationalize and explain them. He nodded slightly “She’s really nice, which is kinda surprising considering she’s a CEO for a big company” he shrugged slightly and blushed slightly when Eun asked if he was going to make it big “Well we’re not quite talking a franchise or anything crazy like that but expanding the place to make it more officially a cafe is the first goal” considering Leigh served tea to most people it simply made sense to make it part of the shop itself. He couldn’t help but feeling a little stunned when Eun called his brain beautiful and smart, so much that he struggled to speak for a moment but eventually he found words “Oh no, that’s a real thing people do, you know those days where you can’t help but be a little nosy about the lives of strangers around you” he enjoyed it, he always managed to find something that made him smile or laugh.

He was really excited to see Eun’s reaction to the gift, it wasn’t exactly a big thing but Leigh had always had a thing for numbers and remembering numbers so birthdays were one of the things which always ingrained into his brain, he rarely ever forgot someone’s birthday and so he always liked to get a little something to commemorate, it was never expensive things but just enough to let the person know he remembered and was thinking of them. When Eun leaned closer to lower his hands the Kitsune’s breath hitched for a moment, it still caught him off guard every time Eun came in close even though the Dhampir did it quite often now “Well you can’t get me a birthday gift until my birthday silly” he teased, grinning brightly, dimples fully on show because he was really glad Eun liked what he picked out “I’m glad you like it” he spoke it gently as his eyes lifted to meet Eun’s just for a moment.

"I can picture a young Leighton Kingsman with his cute glasses stopping by the board just to stare at the words so he could digest them properly to use it for me today" Eun decided that nothing could make his mood go sour today, not when Leigh is right in front of him acting all smiley and nice, he should bask in this goodness and he will. He intends to make the best out of tonight and nothing will stop him from feeling that way. Pushing away his personal worries out of the window, tonight was all about enjoying himself. With someone he rather enjoyed. "I should be flattered that you remembered it for me" he chuckled, the smile resting clear on his plush lips when Leigh said he would aim for the grand prize, "Aim big huh? Go big or go home? Do you also believe in that one?" Eun never saw himself as nothing short of a risky person, every day he walks to his workplace, he was a civil worker who was risking everything in his line. His career, his name, even his morals. 

Whatever he does that day would have to be worth everything he's willing to sacrifice over. Every single day is a challenge to the dhampir. "I wouldn't expect anything less from the likes of you, Leigh" he teased, the mention of him befriending someone else, a female, nonetheless, made the dhampir a bit giddy. Leigh has been socializing and that is such a huge step in making another one. "A CEO? Wow, Leigh, you're really climbing up the ranks, aren't you? I'm so proud that you're branching out" His eyes couldn't contain his pride and excitement, the supple skin of his cheeks would've felt so strained had it not been due to his genuine grin that was stretched out the entire time. "Expanding is already a big step. It may seem small now but you don't know what it means for the future, right? Next thing you know, you'd be opening your cafes everywhere across the globe, dream big, Foxxy, you are more than capable" It wasn't surprising to see Eun assuming the role of his cheerleader, the same goes for the therian that never stopped supporting him. 

Leigh never stopped consoling him when some nights were rougher than the rest, the therian never stopped to judge him when he's at his peak exhaustion with his life. And that was what made him so precious to the elder dhampir. "What an interesting activity… I think I should go do that sometimes. Next time, drag me with you and teach me how to do that properly." Whenever Leigh smiled, his dimples would come out and Eun often poked them, even now he was so tempted to do that but told himself to behave at the dinner table. Not now, Eun. "You're still born, can't I be grateful to say the same? I don't have the same value… but I hope my sentiment reaches you" he bit his lip apprehensively and brought the paper bag from underneath the table and placed it on the table while facing Leigh. The dhampir brought our a well-kept container and pushed it towards him, "These are the blueberry cupcakes I told you I would do" he murmured gently, "It's nothing much but I just reminded myself that I promise you oId bake them. Though you shouldn't probably eat it for dessert or something."

When Eun commented about him having cute glasses when he was younger, Leigh absentmindedly lifted his hand to fix the placement of the ones he was wearing right now, a gentle smile on his face “I’ve always noticed pretty much everything, I guess you could say I have an eye for detail” he noticed little things about people too, the way they acted in certain situations, their tells which gave him hints as to what they were thinking about and feeling, it always made him less nervous to be around people when he could read them “Well I don’t know about that” he smiled shyly “I mean there are times when the little things can outweigh the big” he spoke it softly “But not when it comes to you” his eyes remained on the table as he talked “You stand out in the sky of people so brightly” he nodded slightly, he wasn’t sure he could compare anyone to Eun, he was that significant to him.

He smiled to himself when Eun said he’d expect nothing less of him and hearing him talk about his surprise when he found out he befriended a CEO made Leigh reach up to scratch at his neck a little in embarrassment “Somehow meeting new people keeps happening to me lately” he admitted in a soft, slightly bashful voice “And I guess I’m finding a way to actually let them in one” he nodded as he glanced up at Eun “Mostly thanks to you, you uh…” he paused for a moment thinking how he wanted to explain what it meant “You made me believe in people again, just a little” he was sure Eun would remember how cynical he seemed to be towards strangers when they first met. It made him happy to have his friend seem excited for him when it came to reaching his dreams, he was really looking forward to seeing where the partnership with Irene led “Why thank you, I’m really excited to try something new, don’t get me wrong I love the shop but my mind can only be occupied by the same thing for so long” meaning his intelligence wasn’t necessarily meant for repetitive work.

Leigh chuckled under his breath because of how formally Eun spoke about people watching “You don’t have to go somewhere specific to do it” he grinned slightly pointing out a couple a few tables away from them and smiled “All you do is pick out some random people around you and then for fun you make up their backstories” he pressed his lips together, they were staring at their sushi a little skeptically “They thought the fish was supposed to be cooked and now they’re in a staring match to try and decide who tries the food first” he chuckled and shrugged, could be right, could be wrong but that was what made it fun. “But then I won’t get too look forward to my birthday” he responded with a chuckle but his gaze dropped to the container he placed in front of him and his eyes softened when Eun said they were the aforementioned blueberry treats he promised “You remembered?” he spoke it softly feeling touched that Eun remembered he asked for them “Uh no, not for dessert because there’s no way I could resist that long” he snickered as he opened the box and took one out, nibbling on it because Leigh wasn’t the type who was able to resist trying food right in front of him. Just at that moment though, their waiter came over to take their drinks orders, to which Leigh asked for a soda.

"An eye for detail huh? What a very refined and sophisticated man you are today, Mr Kingsman" he coed teasingly, the glasses fitted him appropriately and it made Leigh look smarter than he already was, especially with his clothes today. Eun has felt surprisingly formal-ish for tonight that he actually opted to wear a comfortable turtleneck shirt underneath the coat he wore earlier, befitting the weather theme outside. Not when it comes to you, those words kept ringing in his ears and the dhampir couldn't help but allow his stupid grin to take its rightful place on his lips, "You always surprise me, Leigh, in a good way. Are you trying to make me flustered? Or blush? Because if you keep stringing those words up like that, you're gonna end up having a very beet red dhampir tonight. Which, of course, you will have to assume responsibility for" In all honesty, Eun was trying his best to keep the blush down. It was hard when Leigh sounded so sincere and genuine. It made him feel important to the therian. 

He was really touched when Leigh mentioned he helped him believe a little bit more in people, "I don't even know what I've done to warrant this compliment, Leigh… but thank you. It means a lot coming from you" Anything means a lot coming from him. "But you should know that I didn't do anything, Leigh. It's all you. I'm only here to be your sidekick, your companion. Your confidant. Your friend." And he means every single word of it. Though there was a sense of longing where he wished to have something more but wasn't sure what it was trying to tell him. "You will have to tell me all about your progress later on. I'm excited to see what you have in store for your shop" They've talked about the potential regarding the shop a few times before, but he never thought Leigh would act on it but boy was he proud. 

Eun listened to him intently and gaped at how easy the therian seemed to make it sound by following suit, "That guy with the girl in blue. Sitting by the right. He's trying to get that tuna but the girl is also aiming for the same and both of them knows even if neither would admit it" He mused as he beckoned for Leigh to stare at the couple staring intensely at the belt. A few seconds later, the two were found arguing about the same plate, exactly like what Eun had concluded. "Right, well don't worry, I'll make sure to give you a present for your birthday. It's only right to do so when you're my friend, no? A very good friend that you've been" Eun couldn't remember if he's had this kind of friend before. Honestly, the closest thing to a friend for the elder Moon were his siblings but wouldn't that life be boring to have only them?

 Upon seeing the way his eyes lit up at the sight of the blueberry cupcakes, Eun pressed his lips together to form a gentle smile, "How could I forget? I made you a promise, remember? And you know I never break my promises." Long overdue? That could happen given his schedule but broken? Not a chance. Eun would find himself digging his own grave before that day comes. "Slow down or you'll choke, Foxxy" he pointed out wryly and perched his elbow on the table while staring at the male next to him, "How is it?" He had also ordered himself a cola without averting his gaze away from the therian who was still occupying himself with the cupcake. 

Leigh definitely felt his heart leap in his chest a little every time that Eun called him ‘Mr. Kingsman’ no one called him that, he’d only ever heard his father called that and yet it sounded so natural and touching coming off the Dhampir’s lips that it made him smile brightly. Leigh noted that Eun had made the effort to dress nicely for tonight too which made him glad that he had chosen the slightly more formal attire for tonight. Not that there should have been any pressure on what to wear as this wasn’t a date but...truth be told Leigh wanted to impress Eun, ever since Winterfest his head had been spinning a little out of control whenever the other male came to mind. “Maybe all of the above?” he responded with a soft grin “It only seems fair since you’ve been making me flare up ever since we met” he jested with a smile, admittedly, Leigh was very easy to make blush, especially by someone he found especially attractive.

Leigh tilted his head slightly, leaning against his hand as he watched the Dhampir as he talked, he always loved how articulated and thoughtful Eun could be with his words and it always felt like he meant every single one of them which was important to the Kitsune. “Well you came along and you helped me when you didn’t have to” he explained in a soft tone “And I know you’ll say that anyone would do that but in my experience, before you, they didn’t” he pressed his lips together for a moment hoping he’d managed to express how much that moment and the friendship they created afterward had meant to him. He did like how Eun credited him right back though “You were the one that started it, I’ll take the credit for keeping it going” he spoke and nodded slightly, he just needed at sign that people were worth taking the chance on and Eun had become that sign in his eyes “I will tell you all about it when I know more about it” he commented with a grin, really he had no idea what was in store quite yet but he was looking forward to finding out.

He glanced over towards the couple that Eun picked out in the crowd and chuckled as he saw them both staring at the plate as though they were ready to snap up the last piece of sushi but waiting for the other to move because they didn’t want to seem impolite “Ah the curse of the last piece of remaining food” he teased with a grin and smiled, he wasn’t usually right with his guesses about people because he typically made them a little wild and out there for the fun of it but he was intrigued by how perceptive Eun seemed to be, “Okay” he spoke softly with a lopsided grin when Eun made sure he would get a gift for his birthday “You don’t need to spend money on me though, just a flower picked from the garden would be enough to impress me” honestly he appreciated thought and care more than anything else.

He smiled for a moment as he glanced up at Eun when he said he made a promise “Well yeah but I didn’t think it was like a serious promise or anything” he mumbled it softly because there was a difference between a promise made in casual conversation in his mind, though it was really sweet how honorable and committed Eun was to bring him the thing he asked for. Honestly, Leigh felt a little selfish for even asking for it but he was excited now that they were right in front of him and he started eating almost immediately “It’s so good” he answered with widened eyes “I love the icing you added to the top I never thought of that” he scooped some of it off with his little finger and then ate it with a satisfied smile “Thank you, you know you didn’t have to slave away cooking for me right?” he glanced up at the waiter for a moment who had already gone off to get their drinks.

Throughout the entire time, Eun noticed he's been staring at Leigh intently, but not too much that will be called as creepily 'stalking', he was rather gazing at him fondly. Ever since Winterfest, he grew closer to Leigh and he found himself wanting to see him again so soon after the festival. When he went back to his suite that night, he also mulled over what Jae told him. How he had held onto the therian's hand firmly even after the statement that escaped his baby brother's mouth. Could he really be picturing that for his future? He didn't know what he was feeling but one thing was for sure; he feels at ease around Leigh. "Well, what can I say, I am pretty dashing" he flipped his hair dramatically and chuckled, "But you've made me flare up as of late too, you know. For reasons unknown… what are you trying to do to me, hm? Do you have any ulterior motive behind this?" Or else, why would he keep blushing lately? 

The day he met the kitsune had been one of the best days of his entire life, rivaling the day he graduated too, which said a lot. Ever since he met Leigh, whole things had been rough, he could always find solace in him and Leigh has never turned him away when he needed him. Even if that meant stupid 3 am calls. He was never turned away and he admired how Leigh could keep up with him like that. "I'm glad, then. I'm glad I met you and helped you. If I didn't, then I wouldn't have known you. We wouldn't be friends, and I won't have someone to help me go through the heavy meltdowns" he chuckled, he has yet to drunk dial Leigh even though he's been drinking heavily at night because he couldn't fathom what would happen if he went along with his parents' plans.

 "I am grateful for your presence in my life, Leigh. I hope you know that." It was important for him to tell him that. He didn't know why but it just is. "I'm just saying that if it was me and you between the last piece of sushi… I'm taking it. Sorry Leigh, no matter how much I love you, I'll never give food up" Especially not sushi. Obviously, Eun didn't realized what he had said until a few moments later when his eyes widened and he covered his mouth with one hand, "I'm sorry… Uh, I shouldn't have worded it like that haha…" He knew better to pick his words properly after what Jae told him that night. What if he had something for Leigh? "A flower plucked huh? One won't be enough, you'll see... " Not with his heart being as big as the Earth itself. 

"It wasn't a serious promise, but it was something I put my heart to. You're a precious guy to me, you know? If I don't do this to you, then who else would get it?" Clearing his throat lightly, he bit his lip and chuckled awkwardly, "Of course… let's not let Jae know that. Keep it between us, okay? He'll never let me live it down until I'm 50. Between you and me, you're more important." Their drinks arrived just in time for Eun to wash his throat down, "Nonsense. I didn't slave away. You reminded me of things I needed to be reminded, Leigh. If anything I'm thankful." A certain sushi plate caught his eye when it moved around the belt, which had him swooping for it as soon as it came by their section. "I have to say… with everything that's been going on, I'm glad I could have a good night… like this."


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