Olivia had been a few months in with the Guard, when her four month mark hit she was told about the Celestials, it was a moment where she didn't know how to feel. The topic of Celestials was endlessly conflicting for her, Olivia always volunteered for other tasks to avoid them, unable to look any of them in the eye. After a few tasks in making sure they were still alive and healthy as possible, provided them with water and food. Olivia kept noticing one girl in particular, she would save her cell for last each time, give a small warm smile when they would make eye contact. Olivia wasn't sure if it was guilt or pity that bubbled up inside of her every time she would go down there. But something pulled at her heart whenever she would see the girl and that is what brought Olivia to take the task of doing night checks on the Celestials. 

Olivia would bring down the food cart, in a bucket there would be extra of something small that she could get her hands on, she wanted it to be fair, she would give out each ration and made sure the specie labeled the enemy saw the peace offering. Saving the one cell for last; Olivia looked at the girl curled up and opened the door and knelt in front of her holding the small tray of food. " Here, I brought you something to eat, some warm tea, and something extra a uh, a muffin... it is banana flavored... " she spoke softly and slid it to her.  Olivia watched the girl carefully, unsure now what to say to someone in this condition. 

The only thing that did come to mind was something she wished she heard more of during her darkest points of past. Olivia could relate in some ways: she was trapped, held captive in her own home, scared and unsure of what tomorrow would hold. But she would not dare to say that she understood. Because in all reality Olivia probably didn't. So she settled on four words that probably would and hopefully mean something. " Do you need anything?... " Olivia tried her best to show that she meant no harm. Making sure her body language was right, her eyes gentle, her words cautious. "  Medicine? A blanket?... "  Sighing softly Olivia stood and rubbed her palms together thinking of what else she could do without betraying her own. Was she betraying her own by showing kindness? There were so many thoughts in her head that it wouldn't surprise her if she went completely mad from this. 

" If you need anything... tell me... " Olivia gave her a smile and turned to walk out of the small cell that seemed to continuously broke her heart. 

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when the girl spoke Olivia was completely transfixed, her head nodded eagerly, wanting to absorb every word of whatever she had to say. Even though Liv had not a single clue of what was said she did gratitude in the young girls eyes and that was enough for Olivia. The guard had memorized the words in her head to translate later, holding the celestials hands made her heart pang with guilt, she was so cold. Looking around at everyone else and how they were curled into themselves.... She had to look away. 

Olivia nodded more with a silent plea that it was okay for her to speak, her eyes were warm that the green in them were hued like emeralds. " chalk? i can get you chalk..i can do that, i will come back... " she went to go but she felt the frail cold hand grab for hers and olivia looked from their hands to the star and tried not to cry. with the most gentle squeeze olivia stood and brushed off her jeans before scurrying out of the cells. when she left the holding room Olivia leaned against the wall trying to get herself together before facing any of the guards or worse an aspect. With a deep breath she walked into the halls with the most composed demeanor, she was good at that, her own painful past had taught her to bury true emotions. And how she felt in that moment was guilt, anger, and sadness, three emotions that made her avoid everyone. If she saw an aspect in that moment Olivia wouldn't be able to hold her tongue. 

when morning came Olivia did all that was asked of her, she didn't look anyone in the eye, never spoke unless spoken to, and got her tasks completed right on time. when the afternoon struck olivia was slipping out of the manor and went into the city, playing it safe she made sure to buy odds and ends that wouldn't alert and guard lurking. Her last stop was a arts and craft store, she bought threads, needles, beads, twine, and white chalk. Paying olivia made haste back to the manor, going to her room before the evening tasks were assigned olivia hid the chalk in the band of her jeans and changed her shirt to a more loose fitting one. Olivia went to the meeting and nonchalantly took her usual task of checking on the celestials.

Getting the food, the extra treats, fresh blankets, and warm tea, trying to push her limits of how far she could go Olivia went about her task just as normal. serving each one until she got to the young girl. handing her a blanket olivia repeated herself just as she did with each celestial. " it's okay, you can have it... " olivia laid out her meal for her, and looked over her shoulder and pulled out the chalk and handed it over. " white chalk..." she smiled and then took a deep breath taking out a piece of paper, before she went to sleep she translated what the star said and found another phrase. " i am so sorry if i say this wrong...  uhm, ... " clearing her throat. " Daijoobu desu yo ( it's alright ) .." she nodded once and smiled slightly embarassed as she played with hair by tucking it away behind her ear. " did you need anything else?... " she looked to the young girl with a gentle smile. 


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