Today was surprisingly not the day she would spent the entire second inside the laboratory for once in her week. Like most people, Taealha too, got her own cheat day. Though, it usually doesn't consist of eating too many in one day without dieting because the human simply knows no boundaries when it comes to food, delivering one clear message most of the time; she wasn't going to do any dieting session at all. No, her cheat day consists of tossing her lab coat on the rack and checking out for the day early so she could spend the day doing whatever she wanted to do, may it be shopping or just lounging back at home eating a full tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream while binge watching her favorite Netflix show. It was also the day where she didn't have to work on her research paper which is also another win. Don't get her wrong, she loves studying what she does but everyone needs a break sometimes and for someone who checks in the lab 6 days out of 7? She needs one off day.

 It was no wonder Taealha had a stupid grin masking her features as soon as the clock struck 2 pm. The raven-haired female tossed her white lab coat and rolled her lanyard inside her bag before bidding a quick farewell to the others who just checked in for their shifts. She knew it would've been a waste of time if she had to return back to her apartment just to get a change of clothes so she made sure to bring them with her before going out for work earlier this morning. Rushing over to the spare room where she was given to do most of her work, she closed the curtains and locked the door before unzipping the bag to reveal the outfit she chose for the day. It was a slightly white ruffled mesh blouse paired up with her black skater skirt. She changed her comfortable sneakers to a pair of high heel boots that traveled all the way up to her knees. Her outfit as a whole accentuated her figure and left a small imagination to mind as the preppy mode sets in.

 Taealha clasped a few jewelry and accessories on her, from her multiple ear piercings to her necklace and bracelets. Before making sure she was done, the human pulled the scrunchie holding her hair up in a bun, subsequently unravelling her dark locks as she beamed with pride that the curls cascaded perfectly. One look at the mirror to double check her reflection was all she needed before making her way off. She also wore a beret she recently got a few months ago, never getting the chance to wear them due to her busy schedule. Regardless of her current state, Taealha is a warm and friendly person so it was no surprise that she would be greeted by a few local residents in the area, most of them complimenting her outfit and asking how she was faring. A few hours walking around after stopping by the orphanage to teach them sign language for an hour, she returned to the streets. Her hand was busy scrolling her screen while her eyes remained fixated on the phone, counting the steps she took unconsciously with a sound mind, until her eyes fell on the beautiful sunset.

 Her eyes widened considerably as she gaped at the beautiful scenery, the phone in her hand no longer occupied her attention but had served her as a tool to capture this moment instead. So she did, she took a few photos of it but wished there was one of hers too. It's been a while since she updated her social media too, much less take a few selfies. Her eyes searched for a passerby who could help her and saw a female standing by not far from where she was at, Taealha rushed over to her direction and tapped softly on her shoulder while wearing a bright smile but not before she texted the message she wanted to say, "Hi, do you mind if you take a photo?" Her eyes were glistening with plea, really wanting a picture or two of herself with the sunset. Who knows when she'd get to go out at this time of the day again? The stranger was the same height as her, though she assumed that since she was wearing heels, she towered about a few centimeters above the other female. But then she quickly typed another message underneath the notepad, "If you can't, it's okay, I'm sorry to have bothered you."

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If there was one thing she loved about this city it was that they seemed so incredibly unbothered by celebrities. In the few years that Ivy had been living in Evermore city, she had really been able to unwind and live a relatively normal life, well as normal as someone who had the ability to control the elements could anyway. When she was in Evermore she still got recognized of course but it was rarer and people acted less entitled when they approached her, she generally felt more relaxed her than she did when she was living in LA which is why she didn’t mind all the traveling whenever she got a new job. Evermore was her home now and it was somewhere she wanted to continue returning to.

It was a cold day in the Eternal City so she had decided to wrap up warm, bundled up with several layers underneath her coat and scarf she was wearing. Ivy wasn’t exactly known for her fashion sense, she was usually the type to choose comfort over style which often got her comments online and by news outlets who had nothing better to do than report about what people wore when they wandering the city. Ivy had spent the afternoon wandering through the high street of Evermore and heading into shops here and there to find holiday gifts for her family and friends. She was loathed to do so sometimes considering how fake some of those people could act but then she was reminded of the part she played in their lives and how she wasn’t exactly honest about her real self either.

Sometimes Ivy wondered if she could ever be real with anyone or if she would always be either the image they asked her to be or Tessa Blake, actress and figure to put on a pedestal and idolize. Neither felt right to her and while she had a few friends who knew the more real side there was to her, sometimes she wasn’t even sure she knew herself exactly who she was and what she wanted from life. Not that she was complaining because she had more than anyone else and she had been very fortunate with the life she was dealt. But she had to wonder how long she could keep playing all sides before she eventually lost her focus.

She had just headed up the familiar hill she always passed around this time of evening whenever she could because the sun was slowly fading for the day and colors would scatter across the sky the way they always did so beautifully from up here. She was so busy staring out over the city that she didn’t even realize someone was trying to get her attention until she felt the tap against her shoulder and she turned to face she sweet smiling face of another girl. She blinked in surprise for a moment before she noticed the phone she held up to her and leaned in to read the message “Oh uh, sure” she spoke softly and smiled, she was used to people coming up and asking for pictures so she wasn’t off-put by the question at all, she took the phone from her with a smile and was about to lean in closer to take a photo with her when she realized the girl was nowhere in sight.

The frown and turned around to see her posing adorably at the very top of the hill where you could see the blinding sunset and the city in the background and she suddenly realized she wasn’t asking for a photo with her, she was asking her to take a photo of her. She had to admit this was the first time she’d been approached and not actually recognized. She laughed under her breath and went into full Instagram photographer mode for her, framing as many perfect shots as she could in front of the scene and smiling brightly at the cute poses she was pulling the whole time. Once she was done she offered the phone back to her hesitantly “You can’t talk?” she spoke it softly in a curious tone.

When she saw the opportunity to take a few pictures of herself posing before the beautiful sunset that served as her background, Taealha wasn't about to let that rare opportunity to fly away. She wanted to commemorate this day and thid was a good way to do so, even though she probably spent the last few hours she had participated in the fashion show the kids held at the orphanage. It was a big day for them so it meant a big day to her just as well. Despite the cold weather sticking in the city that seemed to have looked darker and colder as the day passes by, with the exception of the sunset, Taealha made the effort to dress prettily because whenever she dresses up, which is almost all the time, it makes her happy. To the human, that was the biggest factor is being confident and loving yourself, so she never stopped doing that. Her life in the past may have been filled with self regret and doubts but not this one. When she was given the name she had legally changed to now, she promised that she would focus on herself to live the life she deserved. 

The female standing nearby was kind enough to accept the request the moment she handed over her phone, which prompted the raven-haired female to actually jump up giddily. A girl can be excited for the smallest things. With one hand adjusting the beret she was wearing on her hair, the human quickly climbed up the brick fence, standing on top of it carefully so she wouldn't fall over. Slightly ambitious, she knows. But she couldn't help herself. It was the most strategic place. She had to admit, while she was busy posing in front of the kind stranger, she noticed how pretty she looks. Taealha always spared her time to take in people's beauty and just like any other sane person, straight or not, she appreciates an eye candy. After a few minutes of posing, she hopped down and rushed over to her, nodding her head cutely while attempting to thank her as she retrieved her phone from her hands. 

Typing on the notepad on her phone was always a norm for her so she was quick to write a Thank You. Taealha grinned softly as her eyes fell over her green hues, oh god, that's one pretty pair of eyes. When asked if she can't talk, Taealha brushed her hair behind her ears and nodded shyly, "No, I can't" she timidly wrote, "Thank you for taking my pictures, would you want a few of yours too?" A part of her egged her to ask for a name but the way the pinkish hue sets in naturally on her cheeks made it hard for her not to stumble on her actions so she did what anyone would do first; introduce herself. "I'm Taealha."

It was kinda surreal to her to see someone so excited by something most people took for granted, the girl seemed so incredibly enlightened by the fact there was a beautiful sunset and Ivy couldn’t stop herself from smiling just from seeing how happy she looked. It was one of those uplifting moments where you realized how much you missed in life if you just focused on problems and things that brought you down. Ivy didn’t even know this girl but she felt the need to thank her for bringing a smile to her face and reminding her there was good in life today.

She watched as she managed to climb up onto the brick wall which made the brunette laugh because she was so small and yet managed to vault herself up there as though it was no problem at all. So Ivy made the extra effort to ensure the pictures turned out beautifully, stepping in closer to frame the pictures and making sure no one got in the background of the beautiful view. Ivy wasn’t a photographer herself but she had a lot of experience with photoshoots and being taught how to make her Instagram look perfect so she was pretty good at taking photos and she was hopeful the raven-haired cutie would like the results. Not that she needed a lot of help, it was clear this girl was incredibly stylish from the way she dressed and her simplistic makeup which accentuated her features well.

She gave the phone back to her with a grin and glanced down at the screen while she was typing to see that she had written thank you “You’re welcome” she spoke softly, it was clear the other girl could understand what she was saying but it didn’t seem like she could speak. Ivy had never met anyone like her before and it made her more curious about her. Not that she needed to talk to get across how bubbly and sweet a person she seemed to be. When she read the message asking if she wanted pictures of her own she glanced over at the sunset again and smiled “Well I definitely don’t have your posing game but sure” she had just pulled her phone out of her pocket when she read the next message, without thinking she went to respond “I’m T-” she stopped mid-introduction before deciding she didn’t want to be Tessa Blake today, not with someone who had treated her entirely like a normal person “I’m Ivy” she spoke softly as she looked into her dark, expressive gaze for a moment.

She cleared her throat before she opened the notepad app on her phone and then typed out her phone number on it and held it up “So you can talk to me easier” she spoke softly “Don’t worry I can delete it before you go” she assured her softly, she figured it would be easier than having to keep reading off a screen.

Taealha was aware that sometimes she tends to come across as quite preppy and bubbly due to her attitude and appearance all the same. It wasn't something she minded because in a way, people just need that one bright thing to light up their day, right? It was why the human opted to go to her classes and workplace using public transportation such as subway and bus. She also has a bicycle parked at the apartment, where she usually uses it to ride around the park and go on her frequent trips to the florist every Tuesday and Sunday. Having a smile on her face was pretty much a default look for the raven-haired female. So when she saw the smile from the kind stranger she just asked help from, Taealha was more than delighted to converse a while longer. It was times like this that Taealha sometimes wished that her years worth of practice would finally bore its fruition because it was hard to communicate with someone when you are not able to speak, especially when she is generally a happy go lucky girl who can be extremely talkative. 

Though her body language and expressions made more than enough effort to make others understand her, it still made the human wonder how long she'll stay this way. She was in no way resenting her condition anymore but it would be nice to be able to talk. By the time she retrieved her phone from the other female, Taealha scrolled down the gallery to examine the pictures taken and boy was she taken aback by how visibly strategic the angles came out, painting a brighter grin on her lips as she thanked her. She was more than happy to take a few pictures of her in return for the kind gesture she did for her. Her poses were cute, she wasn't going to lie. The jeans hugged her figure nicely and the clothes on her looked chic enough for her frame which did cause the human to stare a little bit longer than usual. A girl can appreciate a few ice candies, right? The person who introduced herself as Ivy was surely that. Taealha wasn't sure where to focus on first, her scenic eyes? Her voice and accent? Her legs? Her posture? Her kindness? 

It was amazing that she had already captured all of that on first time meeting basis. She was about to respond back to her mutual introduction but was taken aback when Ivy gave her number to her for an easier way of communication. She had to admit, that was not expected and smart. When she said she'll delete it later on, Taealha was quick to shake her head, trying to assure her it's fine and maybe she did want another reason to keep in contact. But when she realized that her shook of head could mean another context, she quickly keyed in the numbers and saved it, typing a message quickly, "No, no, it's okay. Hi Ivy, that's a pleasant name. What does it stand for? If you don't mind me asking, of course." Her thumbs were basically typing at a rapid pace, a practice she's perfected over the years when it comes down to writing. It was convenient for the mute, so why not? "I've never seen you around before, and Evermore is not that big not to know who's who when you've lived here for a while. Judging from your accent, I'd say you're from Australia. I'm sorry that we have to communicate like this…" 

Of all the things she expected to encounter whilst on her walk home tonight, it wasn’t this enigmatic and sweet-seeming girl that honestly just seemed to be so full of life. Ivy didn’t even need to hear her voice to feel the energy that flowed out of her. She had this bold look to her, which was definitely influenced by the fact she was wearing heels so tall that she actually towered above the Initia even though she was sure they would be about the same height without them. She had an innocent-looking face with heart-shaped pink lips which seemed to constantly be in the form of a smile. There was one thing that stood out to Ivy about her and that was simply that she embodied herself perfectly. It was hard to describe what she meant by that but she supposed it meant she seemed unapologetically herself and didn’t care if people saw that.

She found herself holding her breath as the raven-haired female came in closer and started looking through the photos, normally when someone would come over and ask for her selfie she’d take a picture or two and hand it back to them before she headed on her way but because of how excited Taealha had been to see the results, Ivy actually cared about whether she liked them. She headed to the same spot, though her commitment to the cause wasn’t quite as crazy, she just smiled softly in the direction in the camera and then turned a little to show the beautiful colors in the background. She couldn’t help but notice Taealha wasn’t even looking at the phone as she took at the photos which made Ivy tilt her head slightly wondering if she was imagining the fact that she was checking her out.

After offering her number she was expecting the other girl to shake it off and leave, after all, you didn’t really go around offering your number to people you just met but Ivy figured if she did want to chat with someone, this was a good way to do it. When she shook her head she parted her lips and shook her head “Oh, okay” she spoke softly, her cheeks a little flushed because that felt a lot like rejection even though she wasn’t even trying anything. She was about to walk away when the other girl started typing on her phone again and she paused waiting for her to hold it up but instead she heard her phone ping. She furrowed her brow and took it out, reading the message before smiling to herself “Ivory, my mom thought it would be a fancy-sounding name” she typed back and laughed to herself looking up at Taealha and back down when she heard her phone buzz again “I spent most of my life in LA but I am from Australia originally yes, kinda happy I got to keep the accent” she typed a happy emoji at the end and then bit her lip at the apology message “Sorry that you have to feel the need to apologize” she responded looking up at her with a meaningful gaze.

She decided it was her turn to say something so she pondered for a moment before typing “I really like your outfit” she smiled to herself “Sometimes I wish I was that good at styling myself but then I remember I’m lazy” she laughed to herself and shrugged slightly, biting her lip slightly as she waited for her reply.

She was sure it wouldn't take long for Ivy to actually notice that she's been checking her out even before. In her defense, it shouldn't be worded that way. Ir sounded so condescending, Taealha would rather word it examining. Yes, the human was examining the other female from head to toe. She admits that. But her gorgeous figure wasn't the only thing she had her eyes on, obviously. It was way more than just eyeing an eye candy who just so happened to pass by her. She doesn't give eye candies a chance to converse with her because they're meant for her to feast her eyes on solely, not someone she would get to make friends with. Though, it was mostly because Taealha kept telling herself it's hard to befriend someone who's mute. Ariana wouldn't have it when the human had told her that during one of their therapies. Her disability wasn't meant to discourage her, it was meant to fuel her, the elder woman said. Well, as elder as someone could look, Ariana is a diviner so she looks 30 ish even though she's over 90.

 The human carefully calculated everything in heavy precision, from how Ivy may carry herself from the way she talks or texts, it's always fun to do this though it does make her come across as someone very… forward. Something about her seems familiar, but Taealha was quick to dismiss it because it only means she just found someone she's surprisingly quick to be comfortable with. Despite her outgoing and social self, she doesn't give out her trust very easily. So when she meets someone who gives her this calming air? She instantly likes them. It really does help that Taealha feels like she could close her eyes and hear to Ivy talking all day long because that accent and lovely voice has got to take her somewhere. But then again, she's very sound-oriented. Every syllable uttered by the other female rang in her ears like it was filtered properly and she figured it was slightly enhanced because of her mutism. 

She did, however, find it hard to focus on Ivy because she would always be drawn to her eyes most of the time, and the remaining time? Well… that's better off with Taealha guessing which lipstick brand she was donning. Her poses were cute and minimalistic, there were times when she looked like she was doubting her own life decisions for posing like that but the moment the human saw that grin, she grinned too. She wanted to talk to her… for a while longer. She still had plenty of time to spare for today. She deserved an early day off, right? So when the brunette turned around as if she was going to leave as soon as she shook her head, Taealha almost reached out to wonder why she's leaving but decided against it because that wasn't her place. But she was visibly delighted when she halted her steps and responded. Ivory, that's a beautiful name indeed. "She's not wrong. It sounds fancy but so sophisticated too. I'd say it sounds classy. Which is fitting." Did she just flirt? Pssh, no. Taealha flatters people a lot. That's what she tells herself. It doesn't hurt to compliment, especially when they earn it. 

"Mine is given to me only a few years ago. Legally changed it too. Though most people have a hard time trying to pronounce it which does make me wonder if you're one of them too" The playful emoji and the wry smirk Taealha wore basically calls that she was wondering if Ivy would entertain her. "Apologizing is something I'm used to, don't worry about it. It's not others' fault for not being able to understand me" Despite the sad emotion displayed over the context, Taealha never lost her smile. It was still there, looking all genuine. When Ivy complimented her outfit, the raven-haired female could feel a blush creeping up as her cheeks warmed up, "Thank you. You look good too. It looks very casual and laid back but still, it wouldn't be an understatement to paint a model-like stature for you because not everyone can rock jeans in winter." It was then that she wondered if Ivy had somewhere else to go because while she wanted to talk longer, she didn't want to interrupt her free time. "Do you have somewhere else to go? I'm sorry for sounding so forward but it's really nice to talk to someone who actually feels like they can talk to me" Or is not forced. It's been a while since she got that kind of treatment. People are nice to her because she's nice to them but they don't spare the effort to try and talk to her because they couldn't be bothered to wait for her answer.

She noticed almost immediately that Taealha seemed to be pretty observant when it came to people, she seemed attentive and able to read body language well which she supposed probably came from her often observing the world around her rather than directly being part of it, it wouldn’t be easy to just jump into a conversation with a stranger after all. But it was hard not to notice how bright she was, her smile was almost blinding whenever she let it cross her features, not just because she was stunning but also because it just seemed so genuine and as someone who had met a lot of beautiful people with less than beautiful personalities, it was rare to find someone who seemed to encompass both.

But a part of Ivy just really liked how she seemed completely oblivious to who she was and what she did for a living which meant that today she got to show someone the real her, not the person she showed to the world that people put up on this ledge to stare at, but a normal girl who wanted to have a conversation with a cute girl and feel better walking away from it. It was nice, not to have any pressure on how she should act or what impression she might leave. The comment about her name made the Initia tilt her head to the side curiously, she’d never thought all that much of her birth name but perhaps that was because everyone always called her Tessa and now that felt more like her identity. Except it wasn’t the real her, it was the face she showed to the world “She’d take that as the highest compliment” she responded back via text and poked her tongue against her cheek. When she explained about her own name Ivy nodded and typed it into Google to find the pronunciation and then played a clip of it, looking at the other girl for her to confirm which was the correct way to say it and then speaking it out loud “Taealha?” her voice was hesitant but she smiled, sounded like Tiara, how pretty. 

She grinned at the playful emoji “You must not underestimate my Googling skills” she added a face with a tongue poking out and smiled slightly, she actually had a thing about wanting to pronounce people’s names correctly, whenever she met a fan she always tried to listen to their name and then repeat it back to them in the same way they spoke it, though of course, in this case, she needed some extra help. Her response about apologizing made her press her lips together a little sadly “It’s not your fault either” she responded as she glanced up at her, nodding her head to affirm that she meant it. She did catch the flattered blush which lined the girl’s cheeks when she complimented her outfit “My outfit's inspiration is ‘It’s very cold tonight and I’d rather be wrapped up in bed’” she responded and giggled softly, she was practical which her publicist called both a blessing and a curse. 

She had to admit she was surprised when Taealha asked her if she had somewhere to be, honestly from the way she was sporting such a well put together outfit, she was expecting her to need to rush off to some party or something. She read the words on the screen before looking up at her a little surprised by when she said before pressing her lips together “It’s really cold today and you might get sick” she responded with a slight frown, Ivy had a coat and scarf on for warmth but Taealha’s outfit seemed more designed for indoors, especially with a short skirt which showed her thighs, which may or may not have caught the Initia’s attention once or twice, she pursed her lips thinking about it before typing “Do you like hot cocoa?” she typed out, she normally wouldn’t share her tips about where to get the perfect hot drink but she did want to continue this conversation. 

If she was being honest, the fact that Ivy was so genuine in trying to communicate with her even though she would be facing problems and difficulties alike, was what made Taealha's heart flutter. It was a heartwarming gesture from a stranger she only just met not long ago. She was so sure Ivy was usually likable by people all around if she maintained such an attitude and personality. Hell, she just met her for a few minutes and she's already wanting to know more about her. Admittedly, Taealha is known for her silent working and outgoingness. She socializes with people she meets, perhaps not by talking but her body language says a lot. You don't need to say hello when you can wave and smile. It helps that she only had a positive mindset securing her neurons, so it was hard to make her upset in any other way because there was already a backup system ready to kick open once the sadness drown the euphoria. The human wondered if she's seen Ivy before, she looks very familiar but nothing came to mind. Not that it'd be surprising seeing as the raven-haired female is usually quite oblivious despite being highly perceptive.

 She only tuned in the television when she got a day off which is not much in a month. Thankfully, she doesn't care as much because her work had kept her awake for most part of her daily life and that's okay. If she was investing her time in this, it should be worth it, no? Though she was also very sure that if she had met Ivy somewhere else, she would've remembered because Taealha doesn't forget easily. When the other female pointed out that her mother would take that as the highest compliment, she grinned sheepishly, but that wasn't what made her grin so widely afterwards. It was the fact that Ivy went through all the trouble just to get a close accuracy to what her name would be pronounced like, up to using the Google to aid her. Her lips parted in awe as her eyes lit up in amusement at the sudden gesture, "I have to give it to you, you sure do know how to surprise someone. Ivy had sounded so hesitant it only made Taealha beam and cover her lips as she chuckled softly, nodding not long after to indicate that the pronunciation was spot on. 

"It's very close to Tiara yes. Just change the Tia to Tae-a and you would get it 100% right." The brunette had shown her that she was someone very determined, which was definitely a trait Taealha would appreciate very much. "I know it's a mouthful. But my sister said it's unique so…" Technically, Ariana is as close to a sister figure she will ever have. She took care of her when Talia was gone and she was in the process of trying to identify herself. "Taealha." This time, she said it. Taealha has tried to pronounce her name in therapies so it was one of the words she could utter without stuttering, alongside a few formal greetings like hello and thank you. Despite the cold weather, it warms her heart when Ivy assured her that there was no need to be sorry when it's not her fault. She would be the third person who has ever told her that in her entire life. Two of which had taken care of her when she was a child, so the significance string was very strong between them. The human had a feeling that she would like this girl very much. "Well, if that's how you dress when you're indoors, then I'd say I would like to raid your closet." As casual as they may look, Taealha noticed the boots she wore and could identify it easily. 

There was a whole clothing department separating them at the moment, while Ivy is dressed warmly and comfortably, Taealha doesn't look the part though it doesn't mean the human isn't comfortable with what she wears. She has long accepted that she loves herself way too much to care about others' pessimistic opinions. When asked if she likes hot cocoa, she nodded with a smile, who doesn't like hot cocoa? Her eyes softened visibly when she realized that Ivy had spared her a concerned look while asking if she wasn't cold, dressed like that, rather than to be judged for what she's wearing. "We've only met for a few minutes and you're already asking me out?" she jested and added a few playful emojis like the smirking one and the blushing one, "What next? Will you give me your coat?" For someone who gives off a very innocent appearance, Taealha is quite playful. Flattering is always her middle name, but flirting? That's new. "Do you know a place where we can get those?" she typed and rolled her shoulders, one hand rubbing against her arm as she brushed the helm of her blouse slightly. Okay, now that she's said it, she's actually feeling chilly.

A lot of the tabloids described Ivy as a very reserved person, they were right in some ways but wrong in others, Ivy was reserved unless she was around the right people, it was about finding those rare people who put her at ease. When she was around them, it was kinda like breathing a deep breath of fresh air when compared with everyone else she knew. Those people made her reserved, she recoiled away from anyone who sank too deep into the world of fame, she avoided befriending people who knew who she was because she feared they only liked her for the face she showed to the world and wouldn’t understand anything past the surface. But this, this was different, she could tell by the way Taealha treated her how she was sure she would treat everyone else she met and how she didn’t seem to be superficial in the slightest. She was warm and excitable and it was hard not to smile around her.

Details mattered to Ivy, from the way she presented herself to others and the performance she gave on set, you could say she was somewhat of a perfectionist and so it was important to her to get things right. Which is why learning her name mattered to the Initia even though she never said it out loud. If she was going to talk to her a while longer she didn’t want to be rehearsing the wrong name in her head the whole time only to discover it was entirely different. “I can be unpredictable” she responded, typing out the words before adding a smirk face at the end. That was more about her putting on the show she wanted people to see, she did that a lot, it was easier to be what everyone expected and avoid disappointment than to try and establish the person she was which she knew the world might not like so much.

She read the messages about Taealha’s name “I think your sister is right, it’s a pretty name, makes me think of princesses” she laughed softly because Ivy wouldn’t be caught dead being called a princess but she got the feeling the preppy natured girl who clearly liked the color pink might see that as a compliment. At least she hoped so. When she heard her speak the Initia widened her eyes, her voice was very soft and soothing but surprisingly much lower-pitched than she was somehow expecting, she smiled brightly feeling glad that she felt brave enough to try and talk to her, she was sure it took a lot of courage “Nice to meet you Taealha” this time she copied the pronunciation she gave her and smiled. When she said she’d like to raid her closet Ivy laughed gently “Well we look around the same size so you probably could” she typed back before pressing her lips together and typing again “I like expensive clothes but only very certain ones” she was sure the other girl had an eye for designer clothes if she had an interest in fashion after all.

She liked her sense of style, it wasn’t what she would want to wear for herself, but she found people who weren’t afraid to show off a little skin attractive and the whole baby doll vibe she had going on was definitely Ivy’s type when it came to looks and style. She broke into a wide smile when she responded that she did like hot cocoa with a nod and she was just grinning for a moment before she read the message on her phone and blushed profusely, her throat going dry for a moment as she gazed off into the distance, well that meant her gaydar was on point then and she was checking her out earlier. When she sent the second message Ivy gazed at it and then laughed “I’m very attached to this coat” she responded with the same blushing emoji Taealha used. Her next message made the Initia nod her head “Yeah not too far from here but you have to promise to keep it a secret okay? It’s my special place” she gave her a serious look and then smiled holding up her pinky so that she could make the promise. Now the sun had gone down she raised to her feet and waited for Taealha to do so too.

Taealha was usually very open to everyone, in general. It wouldn't be surprising to see her waving and greeting people with a smile at all. But that's as far as she goes to strangers because let's be real, it takes a lot of trust to be conversing so casually with someone you don't know. But isn't that what she's doing right now? Conversing with a stranger casually? Hell, the human was already teasing and flirting in the same context over the past couple of minutes they've met. This was fast progress, even for her. But Ivy didn't give her the outlook like everyone else, Taealha wouldn't go as far as to say she's a good judge of character because even she has her own flaws and faults. But from where she stands, Ivy had that enigmatic energy surrounding her, the fresh kind you can always hear in the garden. Very refreshing. And for someone who tends to her mini garden, it was clear that reason alone had given her the courage to continue this conversation. When she said she could be unpredictable, Taealha covered her mouth and giggled softly, that reaction was cute, she wasn't going to lie. Compliments and words seemed to flow out of her mouth so easily. If only she could say them outloud. 

"You certainly look the type" she humorously replied. The smile really suited the other female, and throughout the entire time, while his eyes were pretty much fixated on the phone screen, she did let them linger a while on her eyes. Sometimes, even lips. Her voice proved itself to be the modulator for her too. She had a hard time focusing on other things that aren't those three, for a while. Her eyes lit up when the word princesses came around, much like her bubbly appearance and her devastating love for pink, Taealha was also a big fan of Disney and princesses in general. Her personality pretty much embodied them, Ariana told her. "It was close to my old name, but the new one gives me a chance at a new life where I get to decide what I want" she beamed, it was the reason why the human held onto her name with such significance. It meant everything to her. That was her second chance; something she didn't want to waste. 

Her cheeks flamed slightly upon seeing the way Ivy widened her eyes when she spoke her name out loud. Thank god it didn't sound so awkward or else Taealha may actually bury herself right there on the spot. She was totally not fawning upon hearing her name being said another time by the other female. She is such a sucker for accents. "If you say it like that, I would actually raid your closet, no kidding" In her eyes, no clothes are ugly. You just have to make do. Sometimes, like the pop culture reference, a beautiful person dressed in rags can make it work. Or they can just modify the materials. Yeah, that works too. "I can tell you that I spend a lot. If I didn't control myself, I'd end up cashing out my paycheck every month. Not something a girl living on her own should be doing, for sure." Admittedly, she didn't have to pay a cent for her studies because she was under a presidential scholarship and was already working for the Organization as a biochemist. She could've taken the chance to further her career elsewhere and actually get the opportunity to be exploring but Taealha was quite attached to Evermore and the Organization. 

Ivy's fashion differs from her, mostly because Taealha prefers to wear something that doesn't cover everything since it doesn't look as good on her. That's what she tells herself. It could be her insecurity talking but even the human wouldn't know for sure. Judging from the reaction that was elicited by Ivy after reading her first message, Taealha giggled wryly, "I mean, the coat does look good on you. Though, I'm sure a lot of things look good on you too" There she goes again. Honest opinion, though. With her figure, she was sure Ivy could rock a lot of things. The pinky swear took her off guard, it caused the raven-haired female to stare at Ivy's pinky questioningly as a look of confusion came across her face, making her look in awe before slowly linking her pinky to close the promise. "Promise." She then hooked her arm around Ivy's own before dragging her off the road so they could walk, whichever direction she actually led her to anyway, wondering if that's the right direction for the coffee shop. And of course, Taealha forgot the rule of skinship. She doesn't have one.

Ivy wouldn’t call herself unapproachable by any means, there had to be things about her that were likable or she doubted she would have such a large fan base but she definitely preferred to keep to herself where she could. Of course she talked to Dylan and lot and while her mom resented her lifestyle, the two of them were on decent terms. But she was definitely lacking in experience when it came to other people, especially flirting. Perhaps that was why she felt so off guard when the other girl kept saying nice things and looking at her with those pretty dark eyes that kept drawing her attention. Maybe she found it hard to believe that someone who seemed to have no idea who she was or the life that she led would want to pay her the time of day. In a weird way, she wanted to impress Taealha, not with how famous she was or how much money she had, but in the stories she had to tell as a person.

Hearing the way that giggled sounded coming from her lips made the Initia beam because it was so genuine and free-sounding “You have no idea” she texted back with a thinking emoji, Ivy had lived so many different lives through her acting and it was a really fascinating job for her. She did notice the way Taealha’s stare lingered on her a little longer than might be considered polite at times but the strangely didn’t feel uncomfortable or judged under her stare. Dare she say it felt quite welcoming having someone admire her features. Besides, Ivy wasn’t doing a great job at stopping her eyes from wandering either. Especially because she pretty much lit up like Christmas when Ivy likened her to a princess “You chose a new name that fits you better?” she responded back as she glanced up at her, she had kinda done the same thing, though backward, she chose a name to attribute to the fake side of her “Starting new must have been hard” she added while she pressed her lips together, she did the same when she arrived in LA and it had been difficult to figure out what life she wanted for herself without guidance.

She had to laugh when she said she would take the opportunity to raid her closet because she had so many clothes she’d meant to donate because she didn’t intend on wearing them, mostly they were skirts and dresses, clothes Ivy only wore if she had absolutely no choice and even then she tried to get away with wearing a pantsuit instead most of the time. “Well at least it sounds like you’d appreciate them” she responded with a smile emoji “So do you have many followers on Instagram?” she was going to suppose that was what the photos were for anyway. “I spend a lot on the right things” she responded and smiled showing her the boots she was wearing and then typed again “Had these for a while now, I pretty much live in them” her eyes moved to the boots the other girl was wearing and bit her lip “Yours are pretty great too though, but you’re cheating your height aren’t you?” she looked up and gave her a slightly teasing look, holding her hand up to imply she thought she was taller than Taealha “Do you have any favorite items?” Ivy’s favorite right now was between that skirt and the necklace which sat prettily around her neck.

Ivy wasn’t usually the kind of person who gushed over compliments because she was so used to receiving them but something about Taealha giving them felt really genuine and real “Same could be said about you” she responded and giggled slightly too, something which felt almost out of character for her normally but this didn’t feel like a normal day. Ivy still wasn’t 100% certain that Taealha didn’t recognize her but from the way she acted, if she did, she didn’t seem to care all that much “Are you trying to make me blush?” she asked with a shocked face at the end of the message and scrunched her nose in amusement. She was actually enjoying the harmless flirtation, she’d never actually got a real chance to flirt with a girl like this before and it was made even more unique by the way there were communicating.

She nodded firmly when she closed her finger around hers, it was childish she knew but she felt like trying new things and seeing how they worked out today and Taealha had been the trigger for that. Really, she was enjoying being a normal girl, even though she knew the shiny feeling would wear off sooner or later. She was shocked when the raven-haired girl grabbed her arm though and she tensed a little. Ivy had a thing about personal space ever since a few years ago when she had been mobbed by a bunch of fans while walking in LA. Her heartbeat quickened in her chest just from the touch alone but then she realized it felt nice, having someone want to hold onto her and not even thinking twice about it so she eased into her touch slowly. As they walked down the road Taealha was leading the way so when Ivy stopped to tell her they needed to turn down an alley behind the coffee shop the other girl ended up stumbling towards her and she put an arm out to steady her, she stared into her eyes for a moment before realizing how close they were and she opened her mouth in shock before awkwardly stepping back. She grimaced a little as she jerked her chin towards the alley “I know the owners, they let me sit in the back room” mostly because their customers would bother her if she sat out front.

Taealha was used to flattering people, even though she couldn't speak verbally to them about it, she could always send messages that underlined the same effort but flirting? She's never done that first hand directly. Ivy would actually be the first person she even attempted to flirt with, deliberately. Throughout the entire time where her eyes kept moving back to her green hues that kept mesmerizing her, Taealha noticed that there was nothing wrong with flirting. So long as it doesn't make the other party uncomfortable. Ivy wasn't… uncomfortable with it, right? She doesn't seem to emit any distress signals so the human took that as a green light to proceed. Besides, it's hard not to compliment her when she really does think the person standing across her right now is one of the most attractive people she's ever met. And bear in mind, she has met plenty. When asked if she chose a new name to fit her better, Taealha nodded enthusiastically, "Mhmm, it really means a lot to me." It didn't bring any actual meaning, she was sure the name doesn't even exist yet up until she was given one but she can make up the meaning on her own by shaping herself into it. Her life would tell the stories in that name one day. 

"I've moved a few times so I never felt like I belonged anywhere, really. But since I have nothing of significance on me during then, it doesn't feel… that painful" She was careful to choose her words because while she didn't remember anything from her past after 17 years old, Ariana told her enough stories about her tormented childhood period that did cause the human to grimace every once in a while. How she had allowed herself to live such a life is still so beyond her. "Have you ever moved elsewhere? Aside from here?" Ivy wasn't wrong in the slightest, Taealha would appreciate pretty much every clothing material, because if she can't wear it like that, she would find a way to modify it into her own liking. If you're innovative, you may as well put it to good use, right? The raven-haired female may have been quite imaginative when it comes to technology because she had spent a while being surrounded by brainiacs in the laboratory, but she does have a way to make the best of things outside the science department too.

 "I appreciate every material, you just have to be mindful of what you wear to rock it, after all," It was as easy as that for her seeing as she dresses for herself. Her cheeks flushed visibly when Ivy asked her if she had many followers on Instagram, "Would you consider 1.2M a lot?" It was a genuine question because compared to others, she was probably no one. She wasn't a fashion influencer, just someone who enjoys taking aesthetic pictures fitting to the mood and the way she dresses. "I'm a small girl and I acknowledge that. No harm in looking a few inches tall, right? Besides, heels are such an attractive feat. I pretty much live in heels. I go to classes in heels, work in heels, the only time I don't wear the babies is when I'm at home." Which is not often since she resorted to the spare room offered at the laboratory instead. Taealha pursed her lips for a while as she tried to think about her favorite items, "Right now? This necklace and skirt. It makes me feel good about myself. The necklace was a gift, I have no idea who left it, but it was left in my locker with a bouquet of roses? Skirt, I sewed them using two different materials." With the way she beamed as she typed them quickly on her phone screen definitely indicated that the human was proud of her work. 

The giggle was so unexpected but dear god it sounded so mellifluous Taealha could swear her smile struggled to keep itself afloat because her eyes were shaking. "Maybe… did I succeed? But the real question is... are you trying to make me blush? Because you're doing a very good job at that…" She even pointed to her flushed cheeks which wasn't a side effect from the chilling weather. It had been such an instinctual move for Taealha to hook her arm around her and noticed the way the other female froze momentarily which caused her to halt for a while once they were walking in the right direction after being guided, she was about to fish out her phone to say something but when she suddenly stumbled against her, everything felt timeless. It seems that she wasn't the only one who saw how close they were because while Ivy gaped, Taealha parted her lips in awe as she bit her bottom lip, staring into those green optics that she had been endlessly enamoured by, a while longer until Ivy moved away. "I'm so sorry… I'm usually very touchy, I'm sorry that was so forward and inconsiderate of me." Her walks were basically scurried towards the shop by the block, until they reach the entrance. "Is this it?" 


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