Today was surprisingly not the day she would spent the entire second inside the laboratory for once in her week. Like most people, Taealha too, got her own cheat day. Though, it usually doesn't consist of eating too many in one day without dieting because the human simply knows no boundaries when it comes to food, delivering one clear message most of the time; she wasn't going to do any dieting session at all. No, her cheat day consists of tossing her lab coat on the rack and checking out for the day early so she could spend the day doing whatever she wanted to do, may it be shopping or just lounging back at home eating a full tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream while binge watching her favorite Netflix show. It was also the day where she didn't have to work on her research paper which is also another win. Don't get her wrong, she loves studying what she does but everyone needs a break sometimes and for someone who checks in the lab 6 days out of 7? She needs one off day.

 It was no wonder Taealha had a stupid grin masking her features as soon as the clock struck 2 pm. The raven-haired female tossed her white lab coat and rolled her lanyard inside her bag before bidding a quick farewell to the others who just checked in for their shifts. She knew it would've been a waste of time if she had to return back to her apartment just to get a change of clothes so she made sure to bring them with her before going out for work earlier this morning. Rushing over to the spare room where she was given to do most of her work, she closed the curtains and locked the door before unzipping the bag to reveal the outfit she chose for the day. It was a slightly white ruffled mesh blouse paired up with her black skater skirt. She changed her comfortable sneakers to a pair of high heel boots that traveled all the way up to her knees. Her outfit as a whole accentuated her figure and left a small imagination to mind as the preppy mode sets in.

 Taealha clasped a few jewelry and accessories on her, from her multiple ear piercings to her necklace and bracelets. Before making sure she was done, the human pulled the scrunchie holding her hair up in a bun, subsequently unravelling her dark locks as she beamed with pride that the curls cascaded perfectly. One look at the mirror to double check her reflection was all she needed before making her way off. She also wore a beret she recently got a few months ago, never getting the chance to wear them due to her busy schedule. Regardless of her current state, Taealha is a warm and friendly person so it was no surprise that she would be greeted by a few local residents in the area, most of them complimenting her outfit and asking how she was faring. A few hours walking around after stopping by the orphanage to teach them sign language for an hour, she returned to the streets. Her hand was busy scrolling her screen while her eyes remained fixated on the phone, counting the steps she took unconsciously with a sound mind, until her eyes fell on the beautiful sunset.

 Her eyes widened considerably as she gaped at the beautiful scenery, the phone in her hand no longer occupied her attention but had served her as a tool to capture this moment instead. So she did, she took a few photos of it but wished there was one of hers too. It's been a while since she updated her social media too, much less take a few selfies. Her eyes searched for a passerby who could help her and saw a female standing by not far from where she was at, Taealha rushed over to her direction and tapped softly on her shoulder while wearing a bright smile but not before she texted the message she wanted to say, "Hi, do you mind if you take a photo?" Her eyes were glistening with plea, really wanting a picture or two of herself with the sunset. Who knows when she'd get to go out at this time of the day again? The stranger was the same height as her, though she assumed that since she was wearing heels, she towered about a few centimeters above the other female. But then she quickly typed another message underneath the notepad, "If you can't, it's okay, I'm sorry to have bothered you."

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Ivy had never really been the kind to flirt, not because she didn’t want to necessarily but because she didn’t really know where to start with most people, either they were too overpowering for her liking and made her feel a little on edge and uncomfortable or they were quiet and she found it hard to approach people. So most of the time she would admire someone from afar and then be on her way. Today though, she felt almost completely swept up at the moment and surprisingly, she didn’t feel completely out of her element, if anything she was enjoying herself, which was surprising to her. “That’s good” she spoke softly when she affirmed her name was one she chose for herself “It’s not quite the same but I chose to use Ivy rather than Ivory because it suited me better” she responded and shrugged her shoulders, dropping her gaze from her expressive dark eyes to her phone, though it was ironic that self was probably the one she knew the least.

“Moving is hard, you just get yourself accustomed to one life and then boom, it’s all back to square one” she responded before nodding when she asked if she had moved before “I’ve lived in a few places, I left my hometown when I was 7, mom sent me to boarding school” she put an eye-roll emoji after that statement because she still hated that place with a passion, hated being away from her family and being surrounded by a bunch of people she didn’t know and didn’t want to know. She did make friends eventually but it took a long time for her to warm up “And my first stop in America was LA, feel like everyone dreams of going to Hollywood sometime right?” she laughed softly, it had worked out for her in the end but there had been a period of time where she had very little and struggled to make ends meet. “Evermore was more of a fresh start though” she added at the end, it was, it was where she started putting aside the fame and focused on what she wanted as a person, though it was still a work in progress even now.

“So you’re a bit of a budding fashionista then” she typed it out and then grinned slightly, seemed like she putting together outfits and taking pictures of them and she knew how much people on Instagram liked outfit of the day type blogs, she did open her mouth in shock for a moment when she asked if 1.2 mil was a lot though and she shot her a look asking if she was serious “Most celebrities are lucky to get 1.2 mil” she used the emoji of the shocked looking cat and blinked a few times, so that meant she was an influencer, whether intentional or not. She had to laugh at the way Taealha explained her height and then sent several messages in succession talking about where she wore her heel too, she laughed harder with each one and then scrunched her nose cutely when she said she only took them off at home and referred to them as babies “So I get the feeling you’re pretty attached, damn” she grinned slightly, if that was what she liked and it made her feel confident then she was all for it “I’m trying to figure out who’s really taller out of us” she added and narrowed her gaze like she was studying her. “So you have lots of secret admirers huh?” she responded to the comment about the locker and roses but she gave an impressed smile when she said she sewed it herself “So she’s cute, she’s creative and full of energy” she grinned slightly “I swear if she’s smart too I may swoon” she bit her tongue wondering if that was too forward as she looked up at her.

She looked around for a little for a moment as though she was deliberating her question before she typed out her response “Maybe…” she smiled softly, both of them seemed to just naturally be drawn to one another which was rare for the Initia who usually avoided people at all costs, she guessed she just liked her positive energy a lot, it was a breath of fresh air she didn’t know she needed. The moment she pulled them to a stop her eyes couldn’t seem to pull themselves away from her dark hues which were looking back at her so intensely that she swore it knocked the breath right out of her for a moment. It was thrilling but scary all at once and by the time she pulled away her heart was drumming loudly in her chest. She didn’t check Taealha’s message at first because she was focused on getting out of the streets before anyone spotted them, the last thing she needed was to get mobbed and scare off the human. She led the way down the alley, her hand wrapping neatly around Taealha’s wrist as they walked past the entrance she saw and she knocked on a door a few times not much further down.

It was silent for a moment and then a man with a thick Italian accent opened the door and clearly recognized Ivy immediately and stepped aside to let her in with a ‘Welcome welcome again Miss Blake and I see you brought a friend today’ Ivy grinned sheepishly as she implied Taealha should come in with them. The room was a cozy little place with a few booths set aside for people to sit at, it was quiet and secluded, somewhere she could talk in peace without worry of being recognized and more importantly. Warm. She pulled out her phone to read Taealha’s message from early and gave her a polite smile across the room “I didn’t hate it” she responded, smiling to herself as she listened to Fabricio talk about how she never brought anyone with her, which she shot him a look for “Fabricio this is Taealha and we’re taking good care of her tonight” she played around a little with the elder male before he ushered for them to choose a place to sit “Are you a cinnamon, chocolate curls, whipped cream or marshmallow girl? Or a combination of any of those?” she typed the question as she sat down at one of the tables hoping Taealha didn’t feel too overwhelmed.

She was aware that it was more likely for her to blush when she kept on flirting with this insanely attractive girl that managed to captivate her for a while with her eyes alone. That was until that voice came out and Taealha was so sure she had never heard such a voice that defeated others in her rank, and this is coming from a girl who enjoys listening to Jude Law. But this person, standing only a few centimeters apart from her, was giving her more and more reasons to like her company. What she sees is an independent woman who knows what she likes. Someone Taealha could very much admire. "Ivy? Like… poison ivy?" she teased and giggled because from where she's standing, Ivy seemed so far away from that but the human can agree on one thing for sure; her beauty was fatal. Taealha is very perceptive but it doesn't even have to take someone who wasn't straight to admit that Ivy is a looker. 

When Ivy talked about having a hard time adjusting to things because you were usually accustomed to one life before having to move to another, Taealha couldn't find herself to relate, "I don't know if it was because of my memory loss, but I've never felt that way. I never felt like I belonged anywhere, not even here for a while. Until I eventually figured out that the key isn't belonging somewhere, I started focusing on myself instead of my surroundings and got happier." She had this proud grin etched on her lips, it had been a turning point in her life. "Though, I could relate on the boarding school part, my family sent me to one in Canada when I was 11. I was already like this then" She wondered if Ivy knew what she meant by like this. "I was a totally different person back then. You would never have thought I'd turn out like this if you knew me back then." That's what Ariana always told her, how different she was, once upon a time ago. Taealha only took it as a lesson. Somehow the name Hollywood and Ivy rung a bell that Taealha wasn't sure what it means. They sound good together but maybe that's just how she sees her. 

The raven-haired female brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear as she nodded shyly, "It feels like a waste if we don't make good use of it. I was always pricking my fingers back then a lot before getting to sewing machines. But so worth it. I'm a student and I have rent and bills to pay, since I don't have anyone else and I live alone. I'm on a scholarship so thank god for that. Whatever I received from my work, I try to keep them because I have no one to look out for me when I'm in trouble, gotta have your own emergency funds, right?" She knew she had to take care of herself. She didn't have a mother who would dote on her when she's sick neither does she have a family who would wish for her quick recovery. God knows what the rest of them we're even doing now. The shocked cat emoji always got to her so it wasn't surprising to see Taealha trying to hold herself from laughing down the road. "I'm attached to a lot of things. My heels, clothes, flowers." 

When Ivy said he was trying to figure out who's the taller one out of them both, Taealha scrunched her nose up and nudged her playfully because it was clear if they weren't the same height, Ivy was the winner. "Like you said, she's cute, creative, and full of energy, if she's smart then you'd swoon too… wouldn't there be a reason for my secret admirers? Would you swoon over me too?" she teased and tapped her head before sending her the next message, "If you can guess what I'm majoring in, then you're the smartest person I've ever met. I will give you a hint though, I can be pretty unexpected" she narrowed her gaze slightly and made a finger gun gesture towards Ivy, "Like you." Taealha didn't know why but god does she want to spend more time with Ivy, she wants to get to know her too. There seemed to be more than what meets the eye. 

When Ivy stopped her from falling on her feet, she swore she could feel the time moving so slowly around them because all she could see were those striking green hues that could swallow her entire existence and she'd thank her for doing so. She couldn't even capture her own thoughts because they were derailed after they pulled away, oh god what was that, Taealha? The way Ivy's hand was wrapped around the human's wrist made her look down to it a few times, always debating whether she should look at her or that hand. When they arrived to the place, Taealha followed her quietly as her eyes take in the decor, it was so minimalistic it was slowly taking over her heart. The owner seemed so lovely too. "Whipped cream and marshmallows. My sister always gave me that with my hot chocolate whenever it was thundering to calm me down." Now that she thought about it, she was still afraid of thunder until today. "Are you afraid of them? Thunders, I mean."

When Taealha mentioned poison ivy the Initia laughed softly “Unsurprisingly not the first time I’ve been asked that” she responded with an amused shake of her head, not many people had the privilege of calling her Ivy, only people she knew outside of the bubble that was LA but the few that did had questioned her choice of name but she liked it, it reminded her of her Initia roots and her own identity “Don’t let this face fool you though, I can be scary when I want to be” she added and pulled a playful smirk, if someone hurt someone she cared for the tides would turn so quickly and she would give them hell, if there was one thing she was, it was protective over those who managed to worm their way into her heart.

She widened her eyes a little when she read the words memory loss on the screen and she looked up at the raven-haired female for a moment, that sounded heavy to have to handle “You lost your memories?” she asked it with a concerned gaze because she wasn’t sure how someone began to process the fact that there were parts of their own life they didn’t remember, that must have been pretty scary for her. “You’re right, no matter where in the world you are, you are you” she smiled softly, that was a comforting thought to have, that no matter where life took you and who you surround yourself with, your identity still belonged to you. She pulled a face when she said she went to boarding school though, seems like many people got to have that particularly troubling experience, but she also implied that she hadn’t been able to speak at age 11 which meant she had spent quite a long portion of her life in silence, which made her a little sad “Well you seem like a good person now so maybe it wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened” she pressed her lips together “Is it okay if I ask what specifically ‘like this’ is?” she didn’t want to be rude but she was curious.

It was nice to just listen to someone’s story for a while, or rather, read it on the phone while looking up at Taealha every so often to see her expressions and reactions to the topics they talked about. Ivy got the impression that she was a level-headed and diligent girl who made sure to take care of herself “Work and study at the same time huh? Must keep your schedule incredibly full” but she liked to see people who were so motivated like that. She had lived alone for a long time now and while she could pay other people to take care of most things, she had decided to do most of it for herself, if anything, to prove that she could. “But yes, taking care of yourself in case there is an emergency is important” most of Ivy’s money went into savings because there was simply no need for her to spend it all when people sent her so much free stuff but she did enjoy the odd luxury here and there, she was freer with her money now than she ever used to be.

“Heels, clothes, and flowers huh? So would you call yourself a lover of beautiful things?” she typed out, grinning while she did so while she attempted to tell the difference in height between them, the heels were definitely offsetting the truth here. Her teasing about her qualities made the Initia laugh softly, she was pretty witty, especially because somehow it was hard to deliver a joke over text and have it taken in the way you intended and yet somehow Taealha managed it “Who says I’m not already?” she teased and dramatically pressed the back of her hand against her head and tilted her head back before laughing softly. When the next message came, she studied the other girl intently, purposely leaning in closer as though that would give her an inkling into what she was studying, she then picked up her phone and typed out her answer “Engineering?” it was the most outlandish answer she could come up with for someone who claimed to be unpredictable and had all the signs pointing to fashion design.

She was cute as hell though, with her finger guns and wide-eyed gaze and general positive persona, as she lead the way into the little cafe she felt her heart drumming in her chest because she never did things like this. Hell, she barely even flirted with anyone, let alone took them to places she liked to go. As they sat down opposite one another at the table, Ivy released Taealha’s wrist which she hadn’t even realized she was still holding onto, shrugging off her coat to place it on the back behind her and watching the raven-haired beauty opposite her. When she responded with her order Ivy smiled sweetly “One cinnamon and cream and one marshmallow and cream...and” she spoke softly as she watched Taealha for a moment, drawing it out as she thought about it “And a strawberry cupcake please” she had noticed the other girl was wearing a perfume that smelt like strawberries and some kind of floral scent earlier so she was hoping she liked them. If not, she could always eat it.

When she asked her if she was afraid of thunder, Ivy shook her head and laughed as she went to type “I’m an Aussie at heart, we’re not very faint of heart” she sent the message and then added to it “Plus side, I’m your girl if you need any spiders removing from your home... or poisonous snakes” Ivy wasn’t scared of most things, weather, critters or really anything physical but she did have some fears “If I was scared of anything it would be losing someone important” she added more seriously as she gazed back at the dark-haired female only to be interrupted and jump a little when Fabricio placed down their drinks and the cupcake between them, she pressed her hand against her heart feeling it beating hard from being made jump “Guess my tough cover is blown” she typed before she nudged the cake over towards Taealha and smiled shyly.

"I think it's a good nickname. It means you're fatal. It doesn't have to be bad. I mean, Poison Ivy from DC was a smart woman who knows what she wants and would never cower down. Smart, beautiful, sexy, can't see why it wouldn't suit." There were times when compliments flew out of Taealha easier than most people, it helps because the human is always optimistic about a lot of things. People may see it as flirtation and perhaps it was, but it never bothered her because nobody ever expressed if they were uncomfortable with it. Flattery is her middle name. A laugh escaped her when Ivy said she could be scary when she wants to be, "Oooh. Remind me not to get on your bad side, then. I would hate to be on the receiving side of your scariness." The smile she had etched on her lips says differently, though. It was as if she was trying to challenge the other female, wanting to see what would happen. Taealha swore her heart flipped when she saw how Ivy's green hues softened, asking if she lost her memories, to which she responded with a small nod. Nothing feels too painful for her to talk about anymore. She's accepted her due. 

"I want to say I'm a good person. Nobody told me that people dislike me because of my attitude. But once upon a time ago, I wasn't like the person I am today. It feels hard to believe that I used to snap at people and live in such hostility… but then again, I wouldn't know for sure. I can't remember. The doctors said it was a PTA (post-traumatic amnesia) condition. But 6 years later and I still couldn't trigger any memories. I gave up trying to dwell and dig around my past and start focusing on the present and future instead." This wasn"t something Taealha was usually comfortable talking to a stranger but Ivy felt so far from being one. Perhaps, it was an instant connection, their chemistry together. Or maybe she could daydream about it being one. "I wasn't always like this… I wasn't born mute, Ivy. I was diagnosed with selective mutism when I was 11. It was why I was sent away, or so I was told. But Ariana wouldn't dare lie to me. She's taken care of me for so long. And let's just say that I wouldn't be this way if it wasn't because of my family." 

With the somber look she had plastered on her face, it was clear that Taealha was disheartened to know that her family who was supposed to protect her was the very reason why she ended up with a disability. Something that helped her shape her life for the better but she does imagine how it would feel to be able to talk. Every single day. Ivy seemed like such a good person, she only got good vibes from her which only prompted the human to feel closer than ever. "I need to keep myself busy if I want to succeed" she shrugged, "My work always require me to learn a lot, anyway. It's always a day's worth of studying." Taealha could respect how Ivy also led a similar determined head when it comes down to saving for future purposes. Had it been up to the human, she would probably splurge as soon as she receives her paycheck but that's not possible when she had other things to consider too. 

"Considering how I'm here talking to you over what seems to be hot cocoa, I guess you can say I'm a fan of beautiful things." Taealha was aware she was flirting but it feels hard to suppress the urges when Ivy was in fact, a pretty lady standing across her with one of the most captivating smiles she's ever seen before. And it seems that she wasn't alone on that because the other female returned her flirtation just fine with made her grin widely. "Then that's trouble. But I'll definitely remember you. Who's to say the feeling isn't mutual?" she giggled and covered her mouth because she's met this girl less than an hour and she's already made her laugh more times than she could count for the entire week. When she guessed engineering, Taealha had a wry smirk curving her lips as she propped one arm under her chin, pretending to think, "Hm… close. What I do is related to 'engineering' if you count biologically changing. Genetically engineered… sounds much more fancy. I'm the girl if you wanna come and talk about chemistry to, if you know what I mean. I know a lot about how  oxytocin is emitted too" she winked playfully. "No wonder we have amazing chemistry." 

Her hold around her wrist felt warm, and she swore a small whimpery whine escaped her when Ivy released the hold on it. Of course, Taealha wasn't aware of what it meant. It was just her body and heart working side by side. Her eyes lit up almost instantly when Ivy ordered a strawberry cupcake. "You're making me curiouser and curiouser, Ivy… I've never gotten along with a stranger this quick. Tell me, are you going to take me home" she quirked her eyebrows innocently, as innocent and suggestive as that sounded, until she continued typing another message, "And dump my body somewhere for the news to find me tomorrow?" Ah, an Aussie. Brits always got her but Aussies and their accents can melt her any day. "How convenient… I'm deathly afraid of spiders. Arachnophobia is my number one fear. Thunder is a close second. Pretty girls is a third" There she goes again. When she nudged the cake towards her after their drink arrived, Taealha stared at the cute plate with her doe eyes before glancing back at the female across her, "Is… is this for me?"

Ivy went a little quiet when Taealha very subtly likened her to someone who was smart and beautiful and sexy, she took a long breath as she stared at the message for a moment feeling her cheeks get a little warm which was like her at all. Then again, this situation as a whole wasn’t like her, she didn’t normally take a stranger to her favorite places like this but there was something about Taealha that had really struck a chord with her and she liked being around her. “Do you always say such nice things to people?” she asked as she glanced up at her for a moment though she broke eye contact in a slight panic. She looked back at Taealha when she said she didn’t want to get on her bad side but there was a playful smile on her lips “I don’t think you could get on my bad side even if you tried” she responded as she looked back at her, she was just a really uplifting and sweet person and she couldn’t see anyone actively disliking her.

“Well you made someone who never knew you, who usually prefers to be at home in the warm, want to stay in the cold to talk to you, that takes a certain skill” she typed it and laughed, it really was, Ivy normally didn’t have time for anything, she had a very busy schedule and felt like her brain was always focused on the next thing but since meeting Taealha, everything felt like it had slowed down a little for a while. As she read about the things she had been through in her past, Ivy couldn’t help but feel like she was intruding just a little, but she continued reading because Taealha didn’t seem too affected by sharing this. She gave a slightly sad expression but nodded slightly before she typed again “Must take a lot of strength to manage to put something like that in the past” she commended her rather than focusing anything she said on pity “Who’s Ariana?” she asked, she got the feeling that this was someone she cared about because of the way she described her and the closeness implied.

It was rare for Ivy to find someone she connected with so naturally the way she did with Taealha, it just felt like the two of them were on the same wavelength as one another, which was kinda crazy considering they were very different personalities. But Ivy liked being around someone who seemed so full of life. Even after Taealha had talked about her disability Ivy didn’t see it hindering her in any way, if anything, she seemed like she was stronger in spite of it which was something she could admire. The messages about needing to focus on her study told Ivy how incredibly driven the other girl was, which she could relate to because she wasn’t sure she would have gotten anywhere near as far as she did in her career if she hadn’t been incredibly relentless with her determination “Learning is good” she responded and nodded slightly “My teacher always told me the day you stop learning is the day you fall behind” and she believed that, you could always learn something new, whether it be from those around you or from practice or research.

Ivy went quiet, her lips parting in surprise when Taealha very boldly implied she was beautiful which made the Initia let out a slightly surprised giggle “Do you find yourself going on impromptu hot cocoa dates often?” she pressed her lips together wondering if it was too much to call it a date, but it kinda felt like one from the way they were flirting with one another and she was feeling more confident now that Taealha had set the tone for the conversation. There was no harm in spending a few hours just enjoying someone else’s company right? “I mean who could forget the Instagram girl who lights up almost as bright as the sunset” she teased it softly looking up at her. Ivy knew she wouldn’t get her career right first guess but she was glad she had managed to get somewhere in the right realm “Oh she’s a scientist then” she teased as she leaned against the table, propping up her chin with her hand, grinning slightly as she read Taealha’s teasing about chemistry on her screen “I could see you rocking a lab coat now that I think about it” she responded as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

Ivy gasped a little giving a playful tut at the suggestiveness behind Taealha’s comments about taking her home “I’m not sure I like what you’re implying” she responded with a wry smile on her lips, tilting her head slightly “Can’t a girl enjoy a nice conversation without being called a potential serial killer?” she raised her brows, purposely pulling a face that might be able to be described as psychotic and then giggled softly “No, just...wanna chat some more” she added to the end, she was just enjoying being around her and didn’t want that to end just yet she supposed. Ivy had never felt so drawn to someone like before, it was a little scary but it was mostly exciting because it felt so natural. Ivy grinned slightly when Taealha said she was afraid of spiders “You know most people are, I’ve never been all that bothered by them, though they do look a little freaky.” but when she said pretty girls were her third fear Ivy leaned in a little closer over the table to see what Taealha’s reaction would be.

Her really sweet reaction to the gift made Ivy feel her breath hitch in her throat, it was only a cake but Taealha acted as though it was so much more than that “Yeah...I figured you might like it, if you don’t like it then I can get something else” she realized she was panicking a little inside and took a long deep breath picking up her drink and taking a long sip of it, not realizing that she’d managed to get the cream all over the top of her upper lip. She looked down at her screen thinking what she wanted to know next about the raven-haired beauty “So what motivates you in life? You seem like you have a little bit of everything so what makes you happy?” it was a deep question but one she thought the other girl might have an interesting answer to.

 When she tapped Ivy's shoulder earlier today to request her to aid her in taking a few pictures worthy of her aesthetic instagram page, she didn't expect to meet someone like her. And by her, she meant someone who surprised her in plenty of ways. Anyone who would take the time to entertain her is a direct pass to her heart, seeing as she wasn't that naive to not realize that people just couldn't be bothered. But Ivy didn't mind, she smiled and took her pictures, she even attempted to converse with her even if they had to resort to texting. "I sometimes tell people what they wish to hear, but most of the time I tell them what they will hear from me. I don't see the need to lie or sugarcoat" she grinned, it wasn't had to flatter someone when you could focus on their good side. For Ivy? There are plenty of those to go around. 

"Good. I don't wish to get on anyone's bad side. Especially to someone who I'm more inclined to be on the good side." Taealha had to admit that she felt flattered by the fact that Ivy took the time to talk to her when she could be at home chilling over the fireplace or heater. Yet here she is, with her, someone she had just met a while ago, in the cold. It was hard for her to find a real friends who were willing to sit down and talk to her. The other female did it with such ease, so much the human wondered how good she is around people. Telling her the story about how her disability came to be didn't bother her in the slightest, in fact, it gave her a confidence boost. She always did took it as a lesson to strive better for her future. For her sake. To see that Ivy wasn't judging her made her feel warm. Is this what it feels like to smile with such a warm feeling filling your insides? Knowing that this person before you held no prejudiced thoughts of any sort? "It helps that I don't really remember it. Maybe things happen for a reason." That's what she'd like to believe and as long as it doesn't come back to haunt her, she's fine with it. 

When asked who Ariana was, the raven-haired female was quick to type her response, "She's my guardian. Since I wasn't legal before, someone had to take care of me. It's very normal to see your orphanage supervisor becoming your guardian until you are no longer a minor. I was told that I was closer to her late younger sister but she's very much like a sister I never had." Ivy doesn't seem to be quite the talker but she does give her that calming sense whenever she types her response over the messenger, which Taealha appreciated very much. The best thing she liked about her was that she didn't leave any room to judge. And she's met different types of people to know that almost 90% of them always judged her. Even when she's just there eating her food. She could be a stranger to them and they would still wander their eyes over her. "A wise teacher you had, then." The giggle that was elicited from the brunette in front of her made the human giggle in return, it was hard not to be happy when you're surrounded by people who are. The smile that was etched on Ivy's lips made her twice as dazzling. 

"Impromptu hot cocoa dates? Well, for starters, people don't end up going on dates with me. They can't handle me. Two, I can be very selective" With how her dark hues darted over to the Initia, it was clear that she knows how to choose her company. "Is this a date now? You're moving fast, Miss. I like the way you think" Her cheeks flushed slightly upon hearing the compliment from her, something along the lines of 'girl who lights up almost as bright as the sunset', "You're not wrong. I can indeed rock a lab coat" Before long, she was already scrolling down her gallery and sent one photo attached of her posing sweetly in front of the camera while being dressed smartly in the lab coat, with her hair tied up in a high ponytail, "As evidenced." A mischievous grin crept up to her lips when Ivy gave her a playful tut to her words, "Are you trying to tell me that you don't like the idea of you taking me home or the other part where you may be a secret psychopath?"

 The entire sentence made her laugh, so much she was trying her best to hold it in so she could type another message to follow suit, "Kidding. We both know I have that 'irresistible innocent' look everyone just feels the need to corrupt" It was passed off as a joke then. The human shuddered instinctively at the picture of spiders crawling around her, "I can't… Even picture how much scarier they can be… as if they weren't already scary." Taealha didn't expect for Ivy to lean in forward, but when she did, she was visibly taken aback by the sudden action, leaving her to swallow hard and stare at the female across her with a wide eyed look while biting on her bottom lip. Her cheeks were slowly flaming up, which was a big shower since Taealha is quite pale in comparison. It made her choke on her drink, which had her scrambling for a tissue as she tried to hide her flaming cheeks. 

Clearing her throat a few times, she quickly shook her head in assurance when Ivy wondered if she likes the cake, although she wasn't able to grasp her phone properly to type because it slipped on the table. "Sorry, no no… The cake is fine. I love strawberries… And strawberry related things. Thank you. I was just taken aback is all…" When she saw the cream on the Initia's upper lip, Taealha instinctively leaned forward to brush it off using her thumb, not realizing how awkward that could've been for them. She tried to brush it off by answering Ivy's question, though the pinkish hue on her cheeks were still evident, "I may look like someone who is happy go lucky. I heard I had plenty of tragedy to back the reasons for it but I was given a second chance. A new identity. A new name. I intend to make the best of it so the thought of making the people around me proud of who I eventually end up to be is a big motivation. Basically, every single day is enough. Tomorrow is enough reason to keep me motivated to be a better person. I just don't want to waste this chance. You?"

Ivy had to admit she felt out of her element, she wasn’t the shy type but she also wasn’t the kind who just instantly hit it off with strangers either, most people called her abrasive cause of her cautious approach when it came to others. She just found that most people didn’t have good intentions which made her want to keep her distance. But this, it felt natural and easy and in a way she had allowed herself to be swept up with it all and so far she was regretting the leap “I guess I will take it as a compliment then” she typed back when Taealha said she wasn’t the kind to sugarcoat. Honestly, Ivy couldn’t relate, in the real world she did nothing but that but tonight, just for tonight, she was going to allow herself to know what it feels like to be normal.

Ivy didn’t actually hate being around people like some might think, she just hated that she never felt like she could really be herself around other people, she always felt this pressure to be someone she wasn’t, more than she was. It was about keeping an image, or meeting someone’s expectations or often just saving herself the hassle because someone didn’t like the person she really was. This though, this was about as real as real got for her, just enjoying the spontaneity of talking to someone with a seemingly interesting backstory and a demeanor that Ivy found attractive and welcoming. “I think not knowing would drive me insane” she responded honestly, she hated mysteries, it would have bugged her no end if she forgot parts of her own life “But I guess it did give you the chance to restart in whatever way you wanted right?” which it sounded like she needed at the time so perhaps in some strange way it had worked out.

Perhaps she was getting a little braver with her statements and seeing how Taealha didn’t totally freak at her suggesting this might be seen as a casual date only spurred her confidence on further and made her more intrigued by the other female. Honestly, she had never met someone quite so open about their sexuality as Taealha seemed to be considering she was pretty flirty “Well how am I doing so far?” she asked with a slightly wry smile gracing her lips, the fact that she come here meant she had passed the selective gate right. “Well, I don’t invite many people to my secret spot and definitely not when I just met them” she looked at the other female wondering what it was about her that made her feel so drawn to her that she could be so bold. Ivy waited when she noticed Taealha seemed to be looking for a picture on her phone and when she showed her a picture of herself looking all sweet with her well-fitting lab coat and a stylish high ponytail that suited her so well. Ivy grinned slightly and posted a blushing emoji in response before the words “*swoons*” and laughed softly, this girl had to know she was incredibly attractive right? She poked her tongue against her cheek when she asked her to clarify what idea she didn’t like “Definitely the secret psychopath part, I really don’t think orange is my color” she teased and shot the other girl a look.

Ivy sucked in a long breath when Taealha sent her a message about being innocent and wanting to corrupt her which made her laugh softly “Careful, someone might think you actually do want them to take you home” she snickered softly as she looked up at her quirking her brow slightly. She laughed when Taealha quite clearly expressed her dislike for spiders “Well don’t worry, I will fight off any rogue spiders that we happen across” she grinned slightly as she leaned in closer to the raven-haired human just to see what her reaction was. She saw the surprised expression which set in but to her satisfaction, Taealha didn’t back off, which told her that she was braver than some might have given her credit for. She looked back into her eyes just for a little while, seeing the deep cocoa hue to them which she could honestly get lost in and at doe-eyed expression looked so innocent when paired with the nervous bite of her lip. Yes, Taealha was incredibly attractive. Especially when she broke the gaze and ended up blushing profusely which made Ivy finally relent, leaning back in her seat with a soft smile.

Ivy nodded a little when Taealha said she liked strawberries, so she hadn’t been wrong earlier when she caught a hint of the scent on her, it was really subtle but so sweet “You’re welcome” she spoke softly. Though it was her turn to widen her eyes in surprise when the other girl leaned across the table to brush away the cream on her lip which made the Initia blush softly and lick her lips as though she could get rid of the cream she already wiped. She didn’t say anything but it was evident that Ivy hadn’t been expecting that reaction. Thankfully the moment passed as Taealha started to answer her question “Wow” she typed back after the read it all, her eyes full of wonder because of her conviction, she had never seen someone quite so self motivated “I guess I’m more of a small steps to big destinations kind of girl, I make plans and I motivate myself by making steps towards them, though I’m not opposed to a little distraction along the way” she smiled softly as she glanced up at her.

Ivy bit her lip for a moment, she knew tonight might be a short-lived thing but she was really happy to be here and have gotten the chance to meet Taealha tonight and so she decided to ask something she had only ever had asked to her. She swallowed thinking of the best way to explain it “I was wondering if you might want to take a photo with me? I like to keep a little collection of good memories, so I have something to come back to when things feel...less good” she pressed her lips together wondering if she would say yes.

Tonight was a real hit off for Taealha, she didn't expect to make a new friend, much less meet someone she actually likes in comparison. She's a good girl, always kept her manners intact and was careful not to offend anyone because one, that's not the way she lives by her code. Two, it was hard to apologize when you can probably only utter a few selective words like I'm sorry. Her disability hinders her from making a full blown apology verbally so she tends to keep herself away from anything that could smell trouble. This spontaneous meeting this evening had hitched her up, she wanted to see her again. Technically, both of them already had each other's phone numbers which will enable them to contact one another easily. The question is, will Ivy keep her number? Taealha didn't want to get ahead of herself too much. Maybe Ivy wasn't as interested nor as invested as she is in this. 

"I have to admit, not knowing things… forgetting something you shouldn't be forgetting, it upsets me. But there was nothing I could do about it. Instead of getting mad, it's better to move on and do something about your future instead." Call her a visionary, but the human spent half the portion of her life trying to make sure she secures a good future. She only had herself, in the end, after all. The way Ivy had responded to her advances made her giggle, in truth, the human had no shame in showing her attraction to someone. She never shied away from admitting she's into eye candies just as much as any normal human being. And Ivy being a very attractive with that confidence and likable personality to boost her up, was surely so high up the list right now. Males? Females? Who cares? If she finds them attractive, then they're attractive. It was a simple rule of attraction for the female. But Ivy turns out to be more than just a casual eye candy she could come across any other day. There was a unique beauty to her. 

"You're doing pretty well considering you got me wrapped around your fingers, at the moment," she chuckled, where was the lie? Her grin grew significantly when Ivy mentioned the place suggestion was not something she usually does out of the norm, which does make Taealha feel a bit important in this case to have received such an invitation. "I feel honored to be invited to such a cute place. I hope it won't be the last time though…" That was her hint that yes, she would like very much to meet the other female again in the near future. Her cheeks blushed when she saw the caption that stated the Initia was swooning, oh dear, Taealha. "Orange can be underrated sometimes. But don't match it up with any other bright colors since that's already too bright. Proper pairing and mesh, you may actually look good in orange" she quipped humorously and rested her gaze on the female across her, examining her from head to toe, yup, she could rock anything. 

"Bold of you to assume I haven't fantasized about anyone being brave enough to even think of taking me home." Guilty. She may have had a few fantasies of her own but she's a 23 year old single female living her life, sue her. She didn't know what to type for a brief while after Ivy leaned in, she swore her heartbeat had increased rapidly, she could actually hear herself hyperventilating internally. She didn't expect that either. Ivy's retaliation surprised her and the human was almost too flustered she couldn't type any words. Taealha didn't see the gesture of wiping the cream off her as something unusual, but she did blush a bit. Why was she blushing? There were plenty of reasons warranting it and Taealha couldn't even list them out without blushing harder. "Not opposed to a little distraction along the way huh? Be careful, Ivy. Some people would have taken that as an invitation" She was one of them, guiltily so. 

She didn't expect her to ask for a photo but the way her eyes lit up softly at the request was clearly an indication that Taealha would be more than honored to do so. "You know what? Do anything you want. Of course you can. Under one condition…" she grinned sweetly and winked at her, "Don't delete my number. You'll break my heart." She then took the phone from the Initia and went over to her side so they could take the photos. 

This was one of the most unique nights she could recall, her life may be one of a celebrity but she usually did one of the three same things every night, the first, which was the most common, was spend her evenings on her own at home, watching something on the TV or curled up with one of the books she had beside her best. The second, much more rarely, was attending an event or party she had been invited to, where she would spend the night mingling with people who mostly wanted a photo with her because it was good publicity and while it was nice to talk to others who did the same thing as her, it could be exhausting. The third, which was something she often wanted to do but rarely found the time for, was getting out into the city and just exploring, she loved just wandering and people watching which was exactly what she was doing tonight before she met Taealha, but this would be one of the first times that meeting someone had changed the course of her plans for the night.

Reading about her experience she noticed quickly that Taealha was the kind to experience and acknowledge problems and yet not let them become the sole thing on her mind, everything negative she mentioned came with some kind of positive spin to it “If more people thought the way you did, the world would probably be a happier place” she noted, though she imagined it couldn’t always be easy for the other girl to see the bright side, especially after going through so much and not remembering it. There was quiet for a little while and Ivy took the opportunity just to watch Taealha for a little while, she was naturally pretty and her style definitely accentuated the best parts of her, her soft makeout highlighting her pouty heart-shaped lips. The way her hair fell in almost too perfect curls and framed her face in a very feminine look. Taealha was the kind of person she would describe as effortlessly beautiful, though it wasn’t just her looks who made her think that way.

Ivy read her message about having her wrapped around her finger and then laughed holding up the finger she had pinky promised earlier “Oh wow, you’re right” she responded jokingly linking the two things together. She didn’t regret bringing her to her secret spot, she seemed to be enjoying it a lot and at least it was warm in here and they could talk for as long as they wanted, which was something Ivy wanted, she wanted to know more about the cute girl with the surprisingly sad backstory “I’ve been coming here ever since I first came to Evermore, it’s kinda become a tradition for me, every Friday night without fail” she responded with an angel emoji because Taealha could take that as she wished if she wanted to see Ivy again. She had to admit she didn’t expect for the other girl to go into a whirlwind of ideas about how to make orange work with an outfit but it was incredibly endearing that she did “Maybe an autumnal orange would work, you know the color of the leaves just as they fall from the trees” she smiled, she loved flowers and trees and she especially loved the fall.

Ivy widened her eyes at the message about fantasizing about someone taking her home, she gave a wry grin pressing her lips together as she tried to think about how she wanted to phrase her question that popped up in response to that “So what’s the dream?” she typed before following it up with more of an explanation “You don’t seem like the one night stand type but I could see you enjoying fun dates” she send it before looking up at her, that was her very sly way of asking if she was single and what sort of arrangement she was looking for. Ivy knew she couldn’t go for anything official considering she was officially fake dating someone else but she didn’t want to think about that right now, that part of her life was complicated and full of lies but this, this was simple and real and dare she even say fun.

Ivy watched her intently as she read the request for a photo and was almost relieved when she seemed interested in it and she read the message in response, though the wink caught her off guard for a moment and she sucked in a long breath as she read the rest of the message. Once Taealha was next to her, she let her take the phone and leaned in next to her so that could take a few photos, she was smiling in most of them but did pull a few funny faces in them too and when they were done she scrolled through them, pointing out her favorites as she did so. When she decided on one she really liked she went into her contacts and purposely saved it against Taealha’s number before turning her head to look at her and smiling “There, now it’s got it’s forever place” she spoke softly out loud to her and smiled, implying she didn’t intend on deleting the number. Once they were back in their seats she went back to messaging “So tell me some crazy things about you? Hidden talents? Hobbies no one would expect?” she grinned, she was curious to just know more she supposed.

Her day off was usually that one day of every week the human always looked forward to. Even if she didn't spend as much time as others would on shopping or doing what they think is enjoyable, Taealha only saw that day as one of the days she didn't have to attend class or work on her thesis, or check in for work. Don't get her wrong, she loves what she's doing. Working under the Organization was one of the biggest steps she took for the betterment of her own future and the humans residing here in Evermore, and she was proud to step closer to her road of obtaining her Master's Degree. But a human can only hold on for so much. She needed her day off too. Meeting a new person to add to her list of good people and potential friends, that part Taealha is good at. It was hard not to let the endearing smile of hers get to most people, especially when she's been dubbed the epitome of purity by plenty of people. Ivy was just another person to her contacts, buf one thing was for sure, the other female rose up to number 1 pretty quickly. It wouldn't be surprising to see how quick the Initia would be at snagging that favorite title before the day ends. 

"My optimism can be seen as a good thing by many, in general. But nothing is all too good, right? With the way I am now, people can easily take advantage of it, no? I believe there's always that light inside of every person. They just choose not to amplify it compared to the other." The human sincerely believed that nobody wasn't redeemable. The path to retribution and redemption is always there if they choose to seek it. Turns out that Ivy wasn't the only one who took a moment of staring at the human, Taealha did the same. Although, she did try not to show that she's been staring all that much, fearing it would make Ivy uncomfortable. It was especially hard for the raven-haired female to stop herself from doing so because it was the very fact that the person sitting before her is quite the beauty. She could never get enough of staring into those green hues that seemingly reflected the beauty she held inside. Ivy was warm, the kind of warm Taealha wished she could bask in a while longer every day. Her rather laid-back style of clothing accentuated her personality, it shadowed her frame well. 

The shape of her lips often made her look at it a few times more than she could count, for reasons still yet unknown to her. Her eyes would just automatically drop down to that part of her body and even she couldn't stop herself from doing that. A laugh escaped her when Ivy brought up her pinky finger, her humor was addictive. "Every Friday night without a fail? Is that an invitation for me to come crashing your serene Friday nights, milady?" she smirked wryly and propped one elbow against the table so she could stare at Ivy properly. When she described the autumn season, Taealha wondered if that's her favorite season, "Is autumn your favorite season?" she pressed her lips together and typed another response, it seemed that Ivy knew plenty from her het the human is still stuck on a few in this game of trivia. That will have to change. "Mine is spring. Those days you get to see pretty flowers blooming because the winter is over and it's time for the nature to wake up from their hibernation and flutter." 

A blush spread across her cheeks when Ivy took it up to ask her something personal such as that, not that she minded, but unsurprisingly, flirtation is the only thing close to intimacy with her, having no experience in the relationship department whatsoever. "You're right. I don't do one night stands. It's too much for me, how can I not develop an attachment with someone I've slept with? That just doesn't make sense. And I do enjoy the idea of making dates enjoyable… though I can't say much on that because I've never dated anyone before." She was positive that her blush had deepened significantly because Taealha wanted the idea of having a significant other to share her life with but hasn't been lucky in that department. "The dates won't even have to be that big of a scale… coffee shop dates, ice cream dates, picnics… just spending the day together outdoors at a garden or really just be bunched up in a blanket together while watching Netflix. I'm a simple girl."

 There was no way Ivy is single, a girl like that can never be single. "Just waiting for someone to snatch me up, I guess. Haven't been that lucky, though I imagine you didn't have any problem with that department the way I do, right? You can't be single." She had fun taking pictures together, it was really that ideal day where she spent the entire day doing what she enjoys the most. Taealha was flattered that she put that as the icon picture and giggled softly, "I'm already unpredictable. But if you must know, I have a cat named Mia. She's the most clingiest cat I've ever met. And I would spend hours just hugging her whenever I'm sad. I could finish 3 tubs of ice cream alone while watching a sad rom-com or Hachiko. I… talk to my flowers? I can play the violin and piano but is terrible at memorizing the notes. I like to talk… despite my condition." She was eager to tell her more but she was also curious to know more about Ivy. "What are you like, Ivy? What do you like to do? What makes you squeal in happiness and melt from the inside? What makes you happy?" She had a big grin on her face, and carefully typed another question, "What's your ideal type?" 

Ivy nodded slightly as she read Taealha’s message about how she saw her own optimism, perhaps she was right in saying that being so positive meant she might allow herself to be taken advantage of because she saw good things in those whose intentions were not good, Ivy had met plenty of those people who only wanted to know you for what you could give them “It’s a really horrible thought that anyone could take advantage of anyone inherently good and yet we see it happen time and time again” she bit her lip a little annoyed at even the thought of that alone. “But I’m kinda glad that didn’t manage to damage that part of you” she added and nodded slightly. Ivy noticed the way they fell into this comfortable silence. Ivy usually didn’t mind silence when she was alone but most of the time with another person it felt like she should say something, not this time, this time she felt content just looking back at her with a curious expression.

She seemed to be a really warm person, she was the kind of person Ivy was sure people flocked to, not just because she was pretty but because she was incredibly approachable and people tended to gravitate towards those kinds of people. Hell even she did if she thought about all the people she’d developed a crush on through the years, they were always the bright, sweet and intelligent types who just shone brightly in her eyes. “Without fail yes, unless I’m not in the city of course” she laughed at her question, glancing up towards her and then back down to the screen before typing her answer “Well I wouldn’t have said it if I never wanted to see you again” she smiled to herself, really she was just making an optional thing, no pressure to show up or not, but the Initia knew she would probably be looking to the door and hoping she would show. When she asked if fall was her favorite season she nodded and put an autumn leaf emoji before she replied “I really like Halloween and I have a thing for cinnamon as you might have guessed, so pumpkin spice is also a massive yes, plus everything just looks so cinematic” she smiled slightly as she read her like for spring “Spring is a close second for me, I love flowers too” she grinned slightly “I got to see the cherry blossoms in Japan once in spring, that was beautiful” she remembered taking so many photos that her memory card was filled.

Ivy wasn’t exactly good at the relationship thing, every time she had a crush on someone it was usually one way, or at least she wouldn’t know if it went both ways because she would never say something. People in the industry assumed she was straight and dating someone so she never really had much opportunity for a personal connection with anyone. Which had been fine for a long time, her career was her priority. But she had to admit, it was really nice to just be seen as something important in someone’s eyes, to have someone check her out the way she’d caught Taealha doing, to have someone ask her if she was single. It felt so normal and it felt so right. She had to admit she was shocked for a while when she read Taealha’s message saying she never dated anyone, but she giggled as she read all the ideas she had at ideal dates because she thought they sounded really cute “I have to ask the question? Like…” she paused and then typed “How? You’re gorgeous and approachable, it seems almost impossible that no one has gone after you” she was really curious, perhaps like her Taealha had been waiting for something more special than just someone who thought she was pretty, she wanted someone she had things in common with and who she felt like she could connect with.

She paused for a moment and grinned, re-reading the list of dates and typing her thoughts on them “I love coffee as you may have guessed, check, I love ice cream, though I must hear your favorite flavor to judge your tastes, check, I love flowers, my favorite is petunias, check and I love Netflix” she laughed before adding another message “Especially those stupidly cheesy films they put on around Christmas” when she read Taealha’s messages about her being single Ivy sighed to herself as she thought about what to say, technically she was single but then she was also unavailable “I travel around a lot for work, I work in movie production and so settling down has kinda always been impossible for me, so while there has been plenty of people interested I find things just kinda fizzle out after a few casual meets” she played with her thumbs slightly as she looked up at Taealha to gauge her reaction.

It was nice seeing Taealha talk about herself, she was animated and had lots of cute quirks which drew Ivy’s interests “Do you have a picture of her?” she asked almost immediately, she loved looking at pictures of cute animals. When Taealha turned the question on her she went quiet for a moment considering her answer before starting to type “Well, I’m an indoorsy person so I love everything comfortable, give me blankets and pillows and warmth” she nodded sent that before she continued “Also an ice cream fan and I would fight to steal at least 1 of your 3 tubs” she giggled slightly “I like time alone but with the right person I can talk forever, especially if it’s about movies because movies are pretty much my favorite thing ever, I can tell every camera angle and pretty much every actress or actor in them” but what made her really excited “But if we’re talking about the things that make crazy with happiness? I love otters, I think they are the cutest animal in the whole world and one day I am going to swim with them and probably cry from happiness” she pressed her lips together “And I love giving people gifts, there’s nothing I love more than giving someone something and seeing the way they light up with excitement and dare I say I’m a fairly excellent gift picker” she nodded.

When she asked what her type was though the Initia was a little shocked and she tilted her head to the side for a moment as she thought about it “I like warm people, the kind who you feel like you can talk about anything and everything with, it’s definitely good if they can make me laugh and I’m always drawn to people who set their own trends when it comes to their style and their personality, I guess I find unique, strong people, really attractive” perhaps she realized while typing that Taealha pretty much ticked every single one of those boxes because Ivy was blushing “What about you?” she bit her lip a little nervously.

She only responded to her talk about people taking advantage of others solely for their own selfish needs with a shrug and assuring smile, "We can't control what people would do, but we can try to live our life little by little looking at the bright side of things. Or else, what's the point of living your life to the fullest, right?" She intends to make the best of everything. She would never take another thing for granted ever again. Her younger self realized how much of an error that was and no way was she repeating the same mistakes over again. One time was more than enough. The silence wasn't awkward for her, in fact, it allowed Taealha to take in the Initia in front of her a little bit better. She could see where her smile goes, how those eyes lit up effortlessly that signified her genuine happiness. She was glad to have evoked such an emotion in her. Ivy had this charm to her that Taealha didn't know what, but it had made her incredibly attractive in her eyes. 

While the human admittedly loves to feast her eyes on eye candies, Ivy exudes a different energy. It makes her want to get closer. She needed to know her better. That want had settled itself inside her, telling her if she leaves tonight and went back home without knowing more about Ivy, she would regret it. Severely. "So you're saying if I was to casually and accidentally walk in here on a Friday night, I may have the chance to find you sitting here?" she teased playfully, now she is definitely going to attend next Friday just to see more of this girl. Because why not? Taealha had a new place in mind now. It helps that the place is so aesthetic and minimalist, two words to perfectly describe what the human fawns over. Hearing that Ivy wouldn't have said that if she didn't want to see her again made her heart flip, oh, what is this? Why is her heart thumping so hard it would jump out and possibly do cartwheels across the room? Whatever the feeling was, she was feeling overwhelmed by it but the good kind. It was such a good feeling she didn't want to let go of it. 

"Are you a cinnamon roll? Would you describe yourself as that?" she quipped curiously, it didn't fit into the context at first but as soon as she saw the word cinnamon written, she just had to ask. Her lips parted in awe when she read about the story of Ivy's travel to Japan to witness the cherry blossoms, "That must've been fun. To travel to another country to witness their beautiful cherry blossoms. I'm jealous" she pouted as she included the same emoji that stated so. A part of her had the feeling that she wasn't single, how came someone who looks like that be single? Especially when she had such a personality to boot too. It didn't make sense, so she wasn't expecting much. Taealha was telling herself not to put too much hope on the platter, fearing that it will not be reciprocated. What can she do? If she developed a small teensy crush on this beautiful lady, what can she do? Pretend her crush wasn't there and move on? That sounds like the best second option.

 The blush settled in her cheeks when Ivy asked how she was still single, complimenting her along the way, she loves compliments in general but hearing it from someone she may have developed a crush on, is so much better. "I won't boast saying people have gone after me, but… they have. I just haven't found the right person yet to commit, you know? I'm a mute, I'm a lot to handle. To communicate, is hard. I've been to plenty of dates to try out but all they wanted was the idea of dating a girl. That's all. Ariana told me to quit putting hopes on men after that" she giggled, recalling that time her guardian chased the man off after dropping her back after that horrid date. She's never dated a girl. Not once. She wondered how it was like but never actually acted on it. She likes to flirt but that's as far as she's went with them. Her eyes were pretty much forming hearts when Ivy ticked off every single box of the ideal indoor fate Taealha wished to have someday, "If you were available, I would've asked you on a date, no lie" she chuckled, "My dream girl, huh?" she prodded teasingly. 

It seems that things didn't work out properly for Ivy which made the human frown, "That's a shame. Work commitment is always a different breed, but I understand. It's just a shame no one has snatched you up yet though…" Taealha was more than happy to go to her gallery and show Ivy her picture, pushing the phone to the center a bit so Ivy can take a good look, there were plenty of her pictures posing with her cat. One could say she was pretty photogenic. Ivy's telling her all those things that makes her happy and she was just in a daze, like she was so focused on her that she didn't see anything else that wasn't the Initia. "Otters? Just when I thought there couldn't be a person cuter... " Swim with otters? Ivy may as well steal the human's heart and run away with it because she would offer it voluntarily. "So I should stalk you on Christmas" she concluded regarding her remark about being an excellent gift picker and likes to give people gifts. Taealha may be shy but she knew what she was like, when she saw that she may tick off Ivy's boxes for ideal type, her blush deepened and her grin grew by a bit, oh what a dream come true. 

When asked about her ideal type, Taealha was giddily typing her response, "Someone outgoing. I don't need them to be sociable, no, but I would love it if they would take the time of the day just to converse with me. Someone who would elevate me, make me feel good about myself, always curving a smile on my lips with their smile alone. Someone I can lean to just because I want to. If they like flowers and ice cream, then I would fall for them over and over again… we could even wear onesies together" she pursed her lips slightly and typed another line underneath, "Someone who wouldn't find me a burden."

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