Today was surprisingly not the day she would spent the entire second inside the laboratory for once in her week. Like most people, Taealha too, got her own cheat day. Though, it usually doesn't consist of eating too many in one day without dieting because the human simply knows no boundaries when it comes to food, delivering one clear message most of the time; she wasn't going to do any dieting session at all. No, her cheat day consists of tossing her lab coat on the rack and checking out for the day early so she could spend the day doing whatever she wanted to do, may it be shopping or just lounging back at home eating a full tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream while binge watching her favorite Netflix show. It was also the day where she didn't have to work on her research paper which is also another win. Don't get her wrong, she loves studying what she does but everyone needs a break sometimes and for someone who checks in the lab 6 days out of 7? She needs one off day.

 It was no wonder Taealha had a stupid grin masking her features as soon as the clock struck 2 pm. The raven-haired female tossed her white lab coat and rolled her lanyard inside her bag before bidding a quick farewell to the others who just checked in for their shifts. She knew it would've been a waste of time if she had to return back to her apartment just to get a change of clothes so she made sure to bring them with her before going out for work earlier this morning. Rushing over to the spare room where she was given to do most of her work, she closed the curtains and locked the door before unzipping the bag to reveal the outfit she chose for the day. It was a slightly white ruffled mesh blouse paired up with her black skater skirt. She changed her comfortable sneakers to a pair of high heel boots that traveled all the way up to her knees. Her outfit as a whole accentuated her figure and left a small imagination to mind as the preppy mode sets in.

 Taealha clasped a few jewelry and accessories on her, from her multiple ear piercings to her necklace and bracelets. Before making sure she was done, the human pulled the scrunchie holding her hair up in a bun, subsequently unravelling her dark locks as she beamed with pride that the curls cascaded perfectly. One look at the mirror to double check her reflection was all she needed before making her way off. She also wore a beret she recently got a few months ago, never getting the chance to wear them due to her busy schedule. Regardless of her current state, Taealha is a warm and friendly person so it was no surprise that she would be greeted by a few local residents in the area, most of them complimenting her outfit and asking how she was faring. A few hours walking around after stopping by the orphanage to teach them sign language for an hour, she returned to the streets. Her hand was busy scrolling her screen while her eyes remained fixated on the phone, counting the steps she took unconsciously with a sound mind, until her eyes fell on the beautiful sunset.

 Her eyes widened considerably as she gaped at the beautiful scenery, the phone in her hand no longer occupied her attention but had served her as a tool to capture this moment instead. So she did, she took a few photos of it but wished there was one of hers too. It's been a while since she updated her social media too, much less take a few selfies. Her eyes searched for a passerby who could help her and saw a female standing by not far from where she was at, Taealha rushed over to her direction and tapped softly on her shoulder while wearing a bright smile but not before she texted the message she wanted to say, "Hi, do you mind if you take a photo?" Her eyes were glistening with plea, really wanting a picture or two of herself with the sunset. Who knows when she'd get to go out at this time of the day again? The stranger was the same height as her, though she assumed that since she was wearing heels, she towered about a few centimeters above the other female. But then she quickly typed another message underneath the notepad, "If you can't, it's okay, I'm sorry to have bothered you."

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“I know that now” she responded and nodded her head slowly, she really did, she had learned a lot about herself and her own preferences since then “But I was young and it wasn’t exactly the normal thing to just come out” so she had done what seemed most sensible at the time and kept anything she felt secret “I told my mom and she told me it was a phase, still refuses to believe anything different even now but at least she didn’t cut me out of her life or anything” her and her mom used to be close but not so much since then, especially after she refused to support her career choices either “I think you turned out well for someone who was left to figure things out for herself” she complimented and nodded, though she was probably also right in saying there was less pressure for her to be something specific “I don’t like the labels either because I do believe things can change over time” experiences and confidence levels changed after all.

She laughed when she said she was going to use Ivy as a human shield to fight off bugs “Just make sure you’re prepared for the heat, that’s the real drain” she nodded slightly, she had actually struggled with it being so cold when she first came here, always wearing big coats and the likes. Even now she tended to wear whatever was warmest, especially during the winter and she had been here for several years and gotten used to the climate slowly. “I guess how you think you look to the world and how you actually are, are different” she responded and pressed her lips together slightly “Well then maybe you see someone I don’t” she responded in quite a vulnerable admission, it all went back to Ivy not really being able to say what her real self was because of all the faces she put on when it came to others. “No I get it, sometimes you just need the right things to really feel comfortable” she had a specific pillow she always had because it was comfortable to her and helped her to sleep better.

She laughed softly as she looked over at her, she was sweet and kind and it kinda surprised her when Taealha said she was rebellious because she honestly didn’t strike her as the type but then she supposed if she didn’t remember anything from before she turned 17 then she could have been an entirely different person “No, I would not believe you, you’re far too innocent to be a rebel” she added a winking emoji to the end to make it playful. “Though the stubborn part, I could believe” she admitted with a soft smile as she glanced up at her, she seemed like the type to find something that mattered to her and then hold onto it really tightly. “Now the valedictorian thing definitely sounds like you” she laughed softly and smiled “I guess you could say you’ve always been a bit of a trendsetter then” she nodded slightly, the Instagram certainly nodded to that too.

She smiled softly when she said heels were her way of reaching someone to kiss them “Or you could just find someone around the same height and then you don’t even need to tiptoe” she laughed softly because the two of them were similar height so it kinda worked, though it sounded like it would be a challenge to get Taealha out of her heels now she had fallen in love with them. “I think in a way living alone having to struggle for a while is a good thing, it teaches you to appreciate things that other people would just toss aside because they’ve always had it” she nodded “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think either of us would want to go through it again” she just didn’t regret the experience and feeling like she earned the life she now had. “I bet you were really proud when you could finally afford a place of your own” she commented, she certainly was of her own apartment.

“Her name is Leo? That’s so cute” she responded with a smile before looking down at the phone and scrolling through the gallery of adorable outfits she had put her in “Did you make these?” she asked it out loud because she had Taealha’s phone in her hands to look through them and then she slid it back over to her. She felt a little sad because tonight was coming to end and yet Taealha’s message made her smile “Who knew giving a stranger my number might literally change my life” it was a big risk considering who she was and what someone could do with it but she had a good feeling about Taealha’s nature. “Yes, Saturday afternoon, I will send you address and a more specific time” with that she hesitantly got to her feet, shuffling a little on the spot because she wasn’t sure how you were supposed to end a not date with someone you just met, she bit her lip and lifted her phone and wrote out a message “Thank you for brightening my day” she smiled softly at her.

"People like to normalize things they shouldn't but wouldn't normalize the things that are supposed to be normal, that's just how the world works, unfortunately. So don't put yourself down, it's not you, it's the society" she reassured lightly, the society had such high expectations on them, so much they didn't realize the pressure they were feeling. It's been going on and on for so long. "Well, I don't mean to say this but your mother is… eh, for not believing you." She wasn't usually this offensive but she didn't like to think that people would try to disagree with someone that was close to them, their happiness and whatnot. 

Taealha pulled a face when she said something about the heat, "I don't like summer... As much. I swear the shortest thing I have, even that I could not wear." Was she implying she usually wouldn't bother to wear close to nothing when she's at home? Probably. She didn't even want to ask how hot is the average temperature there because she knew she would most likely cringe at it. "I see someone I want to see, probably. But all the things I want to see are good ones so I don't see it as a loss. You're a good person and I can see that. I'm not usually a good judge of character, but I know you're good for me." She didn't mind if Ivy had other flaws she hasn't seen yet, she'll like her either way. Ivy was one of the only people who showed her genuine likeness, the others only ever liked her company because she was always greeting them daily. Aside from that, she had no idea who likes her and who doesn't. 

The human grinned softly when she said she understood the sentiment of having something so comfortable to you, so much you need it with you, "Mhmm, I love it. It's been with me for years." She would actually cry if she were to lose it. "Oh, I didn't believe me either. I wonder how I could ever be rebellious… I mean, I was sure I kept my track record clean but that doesn't seem to be a problem for me to continue giving nothing to others" she shrugged and chuckled because the thought of a rebellious teenager her sounded almost impossible to believe in. She bit her lip when Ivy said she could believe the stubborn part, "So you could see it too?" Ivy kept complimenting her which made her cheeks flush even further, to the point where Taealha had to cover it again. "You're making me blush... " She was really flaming up it wasn't even a joke anymore. "I don't know if I'd say I would say it's a trendsetter, but… something along the lines?"

 The human stared at her heels under the table and grinned sheepishly, "Someone like you?" she teased because in her defense, Ivy is probably the same height as her if not taller, "I still want the heels on. Sorry, Ivy. It's my love." There was no way Taealha could get rid of the heels. The talk about struggling before achieving what they wanted was something Taealha could find herself relating to, she had to climb up the ranks and push everyone off just to be where she is today. She wasn't offered a spot as a biochemist easily, she had to work her ass for it. "I was… I actually cried for 4 hours non-stop because of it." It meant everything to her. Seeing how enthusiastic and excited Ivy seemed when she showed her photos of Leo, her pride and joy, it made her smile because she was glad she was able to share something that could brighten up someone's day. 

"After Leonardo Da Vinci, I'm a Da Vinci girl and I know she's a female but… logic doesn't have to apply every time anyway, right? And yes, I made those… I was just scrolling my Pinterest watching those cats getting all dressed up so… why not?" Who knew, indeed. It's been a few hours but she's already planning out their next meeting which meant Taealha wanted to see her again. "It changed mine" she typed and beamed at the Initia, offering her one of her brightest grin ever. "Be sure to do that yes, I wouldn't want to miss you" she teased and watched as the other female for up from her seat, only for Taealha to follow suit not long after, "Thank you for occupying my cheat day. I couldn't find a better way to end it." She slung her bag and waved lightheartedly towards the Initia after they exited the cafe, as it seems that their places were the opposite ways of each other. On her way home, Taealha actually skipped slightly because she's made a new friend. 


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