If someone would have told her two years ago that locating her family, and eventually opening up to them emotionally would end the way it had done; she would have, without hesitation refused to go on such a mission. Not in a million years would Clarissa decide to do something which would only result in her feeling completely and utterly broken on the inside yet have to pretend that she was indeed fine, and handling anything and everything that was thrown at her; however, that was her own pride talking - she knew that with what had happened, people would have preferred her to cry in front of them, to speak of her emotional turmoil and the like. Yet, no matter how much she sometimes wished to take them up on their offer, even with people like Siobhan, she simply couldn’t do it; she believed she resorted back to her days of training at The Organisation, where emotion was a weakness. ‘Emotions get you killed, control yourself’ Ironic, she thought as she recalled the last words she said to her twin brother before he got himself killed. Thus, to not wind up like him, it was easier to pretend that nothing of the sort happened and perhaps that she never even met him - yet that would never be possible living in such a city; people would constantly remind her of the siblings she lost. 

Therefore, it was no surprise at any rate that Clarissa for the most part kept herself locked away at home; she only ventured out when the need arose - otherwise almost everything could be delivered to her house. She found the only time she left was to check in on Jonathan who, as expected was dealing with their deaths in a completely different manner than she; and in fact, she was worried about him - out of two, it should be her going reckless and wild, and returning to her darkened path, not him. But there was not much she could do but support him, even if she disagreed with some of his methods, after all she was not one to talk as she had done far worse in her time; such as right now, she sat and watched the Nephilim faction run into chaos as they began to grow suspicious of the whereabouts of their ambassador. ‘That would be a task for another day’ She thought each time she bypassed one of her fellow Angel-Children in the street; however, how she avoided the question each time truly stunned her.

Oh she was not dealing with this healthily. 

Clarissa, unfortunately had to speak with the many legal services as well as the funeral directors and it was within these meetings that she suddenly recalled - Jem. She knew he was big enough and ugly enough to look after himself, seeing as he was almost - if not, already 18 years of age. Yet, it dawned on her that he still didn’t know and without a doubt he would have heard the many rumours which were drifting across town,  plus she supposed she did need to go to Cornelia’s houses to gather some information about the services which where helping her; let alone the police force which Corn worked for. Rissa cussed under her breath, and decided to pull her big girl pants upward and made her way towards her sisters apartment where she was bound to find the young Dhampir - likely playing some form of video game, in darkness, with take away boxes littered across the place. 

The Nephilim took the back roads to the apartment, with what she had to do, she was not wanting to bump into another Nephilim who would bombard her with a million questions. Once she arrived at her sisters place, Clarissa stood outside for a good few moments, composing herself as much as she could before grabbing her spare key from her back pocket and letting herself in. “Pet? Are you home?” She called, using the nickname she had for him from the moment that Cornelia expressed she was adopting a teenage boy. 

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Somehow he managed to turn his life around. For the first time in his life he was actually happy if that was a thing. Never before having a stable life with people who he cared for in it. Able to feel like a normal teenager and not like an outsider for once. Taking a college course, getting good grades. Believing that he was on the right and steady path, before struggling with his studies. All thanks to both Jaesung being his tutor making him stick to it even with how persistent he was against it. Then to Cornelia helping to pay towards his education and organizing study sessions to make sure he would be able to pass his exams. Jem was trying hard to try to push past the hauntings of his past learning the truths of what happened to his father. Not finding it out in the best of the ways ending up nearly getting himself killed. Maybe if he didn’t he wouldn’t have met Seniah. A beautiful bubbly girl who never let anything put her down even if she was deaf. Different things all happening. For the bad ending up being actually good. For Jem turning his life around, things started to get normal. In a normal routine for once. Focusing on his studies whilst making time for his social life, for Seniah. 

Thinking that everything was all okay not knowing that it was actually the opposite. For the last few days Jem had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach that something wasn’t right. Something he couldn’t explain it. Almost like a sixth sense but pushed it away thinking that it was nothing. Just an injury from the accident still giving him some grief, as he wasn’t all that healed even with his Dhampir healing abilities. Forever scared physically and mentally back to that night. Something that he knew wouldn’t be able to go away. Jem have been living by himself for the last few weeks. Used to Cornelia going away for weeks on end if she had to go and investigate a case that was away from the city. Thinking and believing that it was nothing but with more time passing the more he was starting to think that it was different than the times before. Jem had tried to ring or text her but ended up nowhere. That since she was on a case she wouldn’t be able to have her phone on her if she was undercover. All different things that Jem was trying to tell himself so that he didn’t have to worry. Trying to keep himself busy if finding himself voluntary studying for once. 

Jem was at home playing on the new Fifia 20 able to get his hands on it when it first came out. Finding himself playing it non stop. Something he tended to do when new games came out. Like any typical teenager. Playing it all day and night if he could and did. Cooped up in his room that was pitch black, all the blinds and curtains were down like usual. So he was able to have maximum brightness from the screen coming out but meant the whole place was like a dump. Jem heard someone walking through into the house thinking and believing it was Conrleia. The young Chadwick shot up quickly pausing his game and headed out of his room. “Cornelia?” Almost shouting as he hurried through to the halway expecting his foster mum to see that it wasn’t her but Clarissa instead. “Wait Clarissa, where's Cornelia?” He asked half wondering where she was as it wasn’t usual for Clarissa to make house visits by herself. Jem looked at the Nephilim to see bags under her eyes that she’d not been sleeping that well. Able to see the expression on her face that she was here to tell him some bad news that he didn’t want to hear. Seeing it all before. “What's happened? Did something bad happen to Cornelia?” He pleaded quickly not wanting or believing it to be true. Now with weeks passing with no news or updates he was fearing the worst.

Clarissa inhaled deeply before exhaling as she pushed through the front door which was then shut silently behind her; it was as if everything she had been avoiding in the last few weeks had suddenly come round and slapped her in the face. In fact, seeing Cornelia’s possessions - how nothing had changed or been moved angered her; not because they were hers but because she was having to do this alone. Rissa was never one for emotions, she never dove head first into them, truth be told, it was always the other way round; she would normally run away at all costs, emotions and feelings were, to her, the devil’s work to make one vulnerable. It also somehow made her angry at Jonathan, she was well aware that death impacted people differently, but she couldn’t help but feel that he was on his own, doing God knows what to cope with the pain whilst she was here attempting to hold the Faction together - at least, the best she could - as well as about to drop the bomb to their adopted Nephew.  Maybe it was because death had been apart of her life for many years, that it was nothing new to her; but this time it was, this time she was more humane than ever. 

After she called out, she was not surprised to not have a sudden reply, in fact, she could hear his television from upstairs; there was simply no way he would have heard her straight away, thus, as she waited for a moment - she took a quick glance around the house. It was unusual for her to make a house visit, she truly couldn’t remember the last time she had come round; and it was in that moment that Clarissa was glad that she had dissociated from the event as much as she could. The world did not need to feel the wrath of two distraught Bradfords. Her fingertips gently ran across multiple surfaces as she wandered, before her gaze fell upon a series of photographs which aligned her sisters walls; it had actually surprised her to see photographs of her there - all considering that Rissa possessed very little sentimental things at her own place. The images brought a brief smile to her face, particularly when she saw one of both her and Isaiah - she brought her hand upward so that she could gently brush the pad of her finger across his printed face. 

Soon enough, Rissa cleared her throat upon hearing the teenager run down the stairs; the hope which carried through his voice that it may be Cornelia made her feel physically sick. The raven haired Nephilim turned to face the young Dhampir and already she felt so foreign in the situation; she was normally the one to deliver death, not to be the one to tell the loved one of the passing, or in this case - the murder.  “Not Cornelia, it’s the other one” She awkwardly joked and scratched the back of her neck - oh she was not good with children; eventually she took a seat and offered Jem one, although she highly doubted that he would take it. Just from looking at him alone, she could see that he knew something was up. “We need to talk… About our Family” She phrased it that was as it was not just Cornelia, but Isaiah and… Abraxas; whether she liked it or not, he was blood to her. There was also the matter of Jonathan, but that was not Jem’s concern. 

“I don’t know how much Cornelia shared with you regarding the situation we were in with Abraxas and Jonathan?” She queried, she did not just want to jump straight in and tell him his Mother figure had died; he was eighteen now and deserved the truth and the whole story - that his adoptive Mother died saving the people she loved. Her head tilted as she watched him wrack his mind for any information. “Drink maybe?” 

Jem was starting to get used to the whole living by himself but had to admit after a while it was starting to get lonely. There was only so much you could be by yourself before you lose your mind. He was almost thankful having to go to college classes to get out of the house to see people rather than just on a tv screen. He was starting to find it weird how it’s been weeks without hearing anything from Cornelia. Just thinking maybe it was part of her working a case. If she was going undercover or something meaning having zero communication with her life at home. That was what Jem was going with at the moment almost way of self-doubting so he wouldn’t end up worrying. Lately he couldn’t help but feel in his gut that something wasn’t right. Not able to shake off the feeling that something happened. If something did happen he would know about it right? Trying to remain hopeful, that all he could do. All anyone in the same situation could do. Jem knew that he didn’t have the typical upbringing or life of a teenager but he thought that he was finally able to get his life back on track. To seem normal but Jem knew that he would never be normal. Forever destined to be different like every other supernatural in the city. 

As he heard someone downstairs he was sure it was her back. Returning home from weeks long assignment. Jem was actually feeling excited that she was home after all the time away. He hates to admit that he’d actually missed the company of his step mother. Missing how things were even when Cornelia would finish a shift late then end up ordering take outs and they would eat it in front of them watching some show she wanted to watch. The little things. Jem found himself almost running downstairs though into the hallway egear to see her. When he came to the hallway he saw that it wasn’t her but Clarissa instead. Confused of why she was here and not Cornelia. Seeing the expression on her face was not good, Jem started to get a gut feeling that something wasn’t right. With how it wasn’t often when Clarissa would make house visits when Cornelia wasn’t here. Or at all really. It was always himself seeking out Clarissa when he needed something or wanted someone else to talk to. 

Already able to sense something wasn’t right that there was a feeling of cold and eriness fill the air in the house. Jem could see dark circles under Clarissa’s eyes that she was tired and stressed about something and he was right as she told him to take a seat to talk about family. The young Chadwick was confused of why she wanted to hold a family meeting but for only the two of them. Knowing how it’s normally Cornelia at the head of it and that their unusual makeshift family weren’t all that close but he knew that Cornelia and Clarissa were getting closer lately. Nodding his head he took a seat opposite Clarissa to hear what she had to say already to know that she had something important to talk about. With Clarrisa asking him what he already knew but truthfully he was already left in the dark only learning the truth about his father's death that lead to Cornelia telling him the truth. “Not much really” He answered truthfully sounding a bit helpless in all of it. “I know that your father Abraxas was the man who killed by father and Cornelia tried to cover it up so i wouldn’t find out. To keep me safe” He recalled what he knew of how to help. “And that Cornelia only took me in because of guilt because she blamed herself for my father's death” Uttering the cold truth that she knew it true but after a while it all became more that they were family. 

Jem was even more confused when Clarissa offered for them to both have a drink. Cornelia always swayed him away from alcohol even when it’s known that teenagers manage to get their hands on some behind their parents back. “Umm okay” Sounding and looking even more confused. Getting up from the table, Jem walked over to the drinks cabinet that was in the living room. Reaching up to the top of the cabinet where the key was kept, a terrible hiding place. Jem unlocked the cabinet fetching out a bottle of whiskey and two glasses making his way back to the table. To hear what news Clarissa had to tell him, knowing that it wasn’t something good as he was offered alcohol to take it all in. “Please just tell me the truth, whats happened?” He looked to her bluntly as he poured two glasses of whiskey, almost ready for the terrible truths to hit him. 

It had not surprised her that Cornelia had not spoken or revealed much of the Bradford family drama with Jem, it was to protect him and yes, she completely understood the frustration that would come from him; but she hoped that he would understand that her baby sister only kept information from him to protect him. Rissa at times disagreed with her sisters parenting ways, and often found herself disputing the Mothering style, insisting that she told Jem the truth - particularly about how Abraxas had killed his Father. Rissa hated to admit it, but she was right with that one, because, after all, that was indeed how Jem found himself in hospital after a car accident. Nevertheless, that was not what she was here for - she was here to tell him the truth once and for all; and it may lead him to hate her, but she was used to being hated by others. “Yeah I thought as much” Rissa nodded in agreement. “We used to argue a lot about that, as I always believed you should be in the loop.” The Nephilim cocked her head to the side as he mentioned that Cornelia only took him in due to guilt. “It may have started like that, but after a while, you really did grow on her… Like the little weed you are” She grinned, god damn she truly didn’t know how to show love. 

Clarissa noted his confusion when she offered him a drink, and a quiet laugh bypassed her lips at his reaction. “I’m the cool Auntie, you know this” She waved her hand in dismissal and let him reach up to grab two glasses and a bottle of whiskey; she gathered Cornelia was a little more strict on his drinking habits. “Besides, I’ve seen you out in the parks after college” She raised both her brows in a challenging way, glad to have some lightness in their conversation; because they needed it as it was sure to get very dark, very soon. And well, emotions were not a good thing for Rissa, she either had complete control over them which made her come across emotionless, or she felt everything all at once. She accepted the glass and typically, she would raise a toast, but this time she brought the glass to her lips and threw her head back fairly sharply to down the brown liquid; liquid courage was needed. 

The Nephilim cleared her throat and leaned back into the chair, her lavender gaze falling upon the young Dhampir in front of her; who was so eager for the truth, knowing too well that it was probably going to hurt him and she worried, she worried about how he would take the news. “So, Abraxas, he… He kidnapped Jonathan, or ended up keeping him captive - how he did that, doesn’t matter in the slightest” She went on, the flash backs beginning to tingle at the back of her mind; her brows furrowed and she pinched the bridge of her nose in an attempt to stop the flashbacks from occurring. Rissa even leaned forwards to grab the bottle once more to refill her glass. “We had a plan to save him, Cornelia, myself and Isaiah. It was going so well, even though us twins completely disagreed with parts of it. We’re assassins, we know how to work these missions but… But Cornelia was so fucking stubborn about how it was her mission, how it was her responsibility.” Clarissa glanced up at Jem, and took another swig of alcohol. 

For all his life he’s felt that there was something missing from it. Always feeling like he’s an outsider. Feeling that he’s never belonged anywhere. He was the kid in the playground that no other kids wanted to play with because their parents told them to stay away. Thinking that he was just the weird loner kid because of his family background. Being raised back then by his Aunt and Uncle. Always being asked what happened to his mum and dad. Used to the look of pity more so now after the death and murder of his aunt, uncle being locked up. Followed by his father’s murder. Feeling that everything is against him, not wanting him to have a family or happiness. Even with how much he tried to not let those things affect him. Trying to live out the rest of teenage years careful, or so he had planned. All un-aware after tonight his life was going to be turned upside down and for him to head towards a downwards spiral. The last few months he’s spent trying to figure out who and what he is. Still yet not fully understanding what it was to be a Dhampir. Finding he was thrown and rushed into it all. Not properly have started his training yet, he was inexperienced. With how he had no choice with how he learnt all the truth after his accident. Where Cornelia couldn’t hide all of it from him any longer. Jem nodded his head, grinning almost how Clarissa said she always wanted for him to know. One of the reasons why he always favoured her as his favourite aunt with how she got him. “I’m the pet that you can never get rid of” Still grinning at her even using the nickname he knew Clarissa prefered to call him instead of his name.

Still Jem wasn’t that stupid to catch out on how he was being allowed something that’s normally never allowed with how he was young and undersaged. Even with how many times he said in other countries he’s legally old enough but never allowed before. “That you are” He mused whilst laughing as he carried on fetching the glasses and whiskey for them to have. Hearing how he was already been caught out without being scolded. “Well whatever Cornelia doesn’t know won’t kill her” He recalled all unknown the the irony coming from it, with not knowing the truth yet. Lately he’d been good and not doing it as much with Seniah being the reason. More of a good influence on him after the accident. Jem watched and saw soon as he poured and handed the glass to her, Clarissa soon downed it all. Making the young Chadwick even more confused with how she seemed a little more off than usual. Choosing instead of downing it, he took a few large sips feeling the burning in the back of his throat but after a few sips it wasn’t that bad, he found. 

Jem wanted to know and find out what she was keeping from him, why she sat him down at the table. Allowed for him to have a drink. He wasn’t stupid or nieve to know when she was hiding something from him. Wanting to find out the truth. Jem listened as Clarissa began to hell her what happened. Hearing how her father, the man who killed his father was up to no good. Now was slowly trying to connect the dots taking another sip of his drink as he did so. Too blind to see why there’s been no Cornelia home for weeks that she was involved in trying to sort out her fathers mess once again. Catching on the part of being Cornelia’s respnisbliibibity. “Responsibility? What do you mean” He bluntly pressed on wanting to find out what she was talking about. The reason why they needed both enough alcohol to get them through the conversation.

Emotions. Clarissa had spent the majority of her life being told how to suppress them; for two reasons, but ultimately to keep her alive. As a child she was an explosive, she simply couldn’t control them at any given moment - she would lash out at the Foster care system, the other children in the system but also to the many Parents who had taken her under their wing. Furthermore, when she reached the age of eighteen and she was invited to join The League of Assassins, they had told her that if she kept going on as she had done so, in this line of work would lead to her death almost straight away. Thus, it was not particularly the fighting skills she truly needed to train on, but how to shove her emotions way down so that she almost forgot she had them; in other words, to be able to walk around without a conscious. Yet here she was, feeling almost every emotion under the sun but unable to truly let them out; perhaps it was because she was with someone, and it was easier to do so on her own, or simply because she had not had the pleasure of truly feeling for some time, that she just didn’t know how to let them out. 

Clarissa smiled at his comment.”Well, I could still get rid of you. But unfortunately this thing for a conscious would not really allow me to” She huffed, she had never had one of these before, and quite frankly; it scared her. In fact, if she was going to function like a normal person which she would need to do now, she had to get to grips with this whole malarkey - maybe there were classes for this sort of thing. “I don’t know why I say that, because I’m your only Aunt. Besides, well.. The biological one” She cleared her throat, almost regretting she brought it up considering what had happened to his family; but she did not want him to forget them either - he may not have many people left in the living but in another place, he had plenty watching over him. If he believed that, that is. A small exhale escaped her nostrils. “I think she would make an exception today - she was--isn’t as strict and by the book as you may think” She informed Jem, recalling the many times that her baby sister had covered up for her at the police station after a series of crimes or attacks.  

She could see the confusion upon the boy’s face as she downed the first glass eagerly, and it was like he had never seen her do so before; thus, she offered a quick smile his way before his question hit her. Clarissa rolled her lips in thought and leaned back into the chair. “Cornelia was brought up, or at least got the impression that the reason why Abraxas was hateful upon us, was because of her and of her Mother’s pregnancy. A lot of his bitterness towards his family stemmed from that pregnancy. Rumours flying around the place, it sounded messy. Makes me realise I may have had something better off” She commented, the pad of her finger ran across the rim of her glass. “So because of that, she felt the need to do things almost alone when it came to Abraxas, for example, on this mission to save Jon - she requested that Isaiah and I only go so far before leaving her to do the rest” The Nephilim shook her head in regret and distaste. “Which was one of the many parts us Twins didn’t like”

Lately he’s been too busy with his studies with how he was able to somehow get into college taking a few courses. A few years back Jem didn’t think he could see himself getting into college with how in school he was never good at it. Back then he wasn’t able to get the help that he’s needed until moving to Evermore and living with Cornelia. Where he found himself given chances and opportunities before would never been given to him. Along with extra help seeing how before his exams came up she organised him to have a tutor to help with his English. At the start he hated it but soon found study sessions with Jae weren’t that bad. Finding that he was actually a good teacher able to learn a lot more with his study techniques. Jem wanted to make sure that all the help that he had from both Jae and Cornelia to go to waste. Keeping up and keeping busy with his studies. Even finding himself too busy with that and other things to not even notice or take a moment to think of all happening around him. Only now jem was able to see and think about how it’s been now weeks since he had seen or heard from Cornelia. With how she always made sure to contact him when she out of town for business. This time it was all different. Not like before. Almost able to sense something wasn’t right. Even more so how Clarrissa have turned up out of the blue something she didn’t do lately. Since Jem knew that she wasn’t one for flying visits and all and how she looked like she hasn’t slept for weeks too was not good. 

At times he was still surprised how he wasn’t kicked out by now that not everybody have given up on him just yet. “Your all just stuck for me right?” He teases her, with how he knew clearly that Clarissa wasn’t good with kids. Luckily he wasn’t a kid anymore so it wasn't that bad. Jem knew how Clarissa was the cool aunt how everytime she comes around she manages to easily bribe him. How he’s able to get away with murder around her and she’ll be fine with it. “You’ve already done a lot more than my other aunt ever did” He pointed out, both of them gave each other a look. Jem knew that Cornelia told him of his past and bad childhood he had how his aunt and uncle treated him poorly using him only for the money his mum had left him. Still he was still a bit confused about how he was allowed alcohol with how he was underaged and all that it was something forbidden. Remembering all the times Cornelia threatened him saying she’ll lock him up in the drunk tank at the station if she catches him drinking. Whilst Clarissa was offering him some without any catches. “True she always lets us has takeaways each night and endless amount of coffee” The two main things he lives off these days. 

Jem sipped his drink cautiously keeping his focus locked on Clarissa who was starting to unravel all that was going on. With how he was eager to find out what was she was keeping from him not wanting her try to avoid the confrontation. Never did he get the full secrets of the Bradford family with how Cornelia avoided telling him about her pasts. Truthfully after finding about who killed his father he didn’t want to hear about Abraxas and why he went down that dark path. “So did he at first think Cornelia’s mum was having an affair was that where it started to go wrong” Wanting to understand, too he was curious to hear a little more of secrets coming out. Feeling that he was starting to feel like a proper part of the family, wanting to be let in more. Jem knew that Cornelia was someone who wanted to do everything by herself, she was impulsive in that way. Wanting everyone else to be saved all before her. “So what happened after? Did you and Isaiah leave?” Surprised of this all happening with him not knowing at all any of this that Jon was kidnapped how easily it could of been him too.

Clarissa could feel that her leg was bouncing up and down from the ball of her foot and she was eternally grateful that the table was able to cover up the nervous twitch that was appearing; well, she wouldn’t have said she was nervous per say, perhaps it was just due to being uncomfortable. Yes, that was definitely it - of course. Since being in Evermore, she had been confronted with many challenging things that she had not yet faced in her lifespan but it was safe to say that these things were nothing compared to what she was about to do. How on Earth was she able to tell a young man that his adoptive Mother had passed away? By the same man that broke up his biological family? Rissa mused this over internally, and if it were anyone else, she would have put on her Assassin front and told him how it was; straight up, no messing about. Yet, because he was now family to her, there was simply no choice in the matter - she had to come across as caring and nurturing. It was the right thing to do; and lord knows that Cornelia would have her for breakfast if she went about it in the wrong way. 

“So it may seem. But I suppose there are worse people to be stuck with” Which was the truth, yes he may be young and annoying but there was something Clarissa found to be quite endearing. But would she ever mention that to him? No. Not a chance, she had her way of showing her love and at the moment, she wasn’t quite there with being all soft. A warm smile slowly filtered across her lips when he mentioned that she had already done a lot more than the biological Aunt that he had; Rissa didn’t truly know the extent of what happened with that family, and she didn’t really want to know all too much - simply because she would get protective and probably do something reckless which could result in something far worse than what they have now. “Well, I will put a gold star sticker for best Aunt on the fridge when I get home” She wiggled her brows, a slight laugh bypassed her lips as she did so. “I think her allowing takeaways each night is more down to the fact that she is a shit cook, and has a busy life.” Rissa teased, she was sure if her sister and a better balance at work and home life, the amount of takeaways she had would have been reduced significantly. 

Clarissa glanced at the drink in her hand and remained silent for a few moments as she allowed Jem to process the information that she had just shared; and she did feel sorry for him. He had been kept in the dark for so long, and she knew that despite him knowing that wasn’t his fault, that there would still be a level of guilt that would reside at the bottom of his stomach. Eventually, once he spoke, Clarissa nodded. “Correct. There were whisperings that the child was not his, particularly after the unexpected death of Jonathan - who you know is well and truly alive.” She grinned. “When in reality, it was Abraxas who was the cheater, as it was his scandalous ways that brought Isaiah and I into the world” She laughed before continuing. “No no, we stayed but out of reach and sight - we could hear things but that was it. Eventually the sounds did not sound great so we jumped in as soon as possible but completely underestimated just how skilled Abraxas was, even though he was outnumbered.” It was getting to that point in the story and Rissa could feel some bile beginning to form in her stomach. 

By now Jem was used to being able to tell when people are keeping secrets. Seeing what was happening now. Able to sense the tension in the air from a mile away along with knowing by now when Rissa is doing her axious leg bounce. Making it more clearer now that she’s keeping something from him, trying to keep him finding out. Jem hated how everyone around him was constantly keeping secrets that he’s too young to know the truths. That he wouldn’t be able to understand. Sometimes he would think if he didn’t find Cornelia’s murder board that night and then being in the accdient she wouldn’t have opened up and told him the truth. That Jem would have gone back to living a normal human life, not knowing his whole life was a lie.  All would have been a lot simpler but he was happy to know the reasons why all his life he’s felt that he’s never fit in anywhere. How he feels at home in Evermore, with both living with Cornelia and Clarissa stopping by. Finding himself slowly fitting in with other Dhampir too. Something before he wouldn’t be able to do. Now seeing finding out the truth wasn’t so bad after all. 

Jem's never felt like a burden around Clarissa, finding she always spoke to him at the same level and didn’t treat him as a child that everyone else still sees him as. “What about with one of your enemies” He joked pointing out, still not knowing how his words were very much true. Jem still didn’t know how much Cornelia had told Clarrissa about his past and upbringing. With how he didn’t really want people to know. How he always hated how people pitied and looked at him differently when they knew the truth. Prefering to keep his past to himself, much easier that way. He was sure that other people were the same having their own secrets they prefer to keep hidden. A grin appeared on his lips finding it amusing Clarissa wanted to reward herself with a gold star. “Maybe if you get so many stars you get a prize” He joked smirking to the Nephilim making light of it all. “Treat you to a cocktail at your favourite cocktail bar” Teasing her only more knowing her weaknesses. Jem had his own fake ID he used from time to time but he was sure that she already knew it with how he remembered her saying how she had one at his age. “Like even I can cook better than her and that's saying something” Jem pointed out, he always let on he couldn’t cook but he knew the basics but never needed to. Preferring to live on takeaways instead of putting the effort in, he knew it was bad of him. 

Still Jem was trying to wrap his head around everything that Clarrisa was telling him. Seeing how there were some parts of it missing, able to tell that she was trying not to tell him the dark secrets of what really happened. Thinking of it he never really did know what Cornelia was up to. That she was always so secretive even after she opened up about the truth about him. Jem thought after the accident that she’d let in more but in reality she still closed off her secret trips away for work related things. With how he had no idea Jonathan was kidnapped and she went to save him. How nieve jem was to think she was away for work. Now he was trying to find out what happened from Clarissa thinking that it really should be his foster mother here instead. Jem couldn’t help to look over his shoulder almost hoping that Cornelia would be there, thinking that she let Clarissa tell him what happened instead.  “Didn’t Aurelia fake Jonathan’s death to keep him away from your father?” Trying to remember what he was told before not having taken much focus on the Bradford family tree with how he didn’t really want to learn about the man who murdered his father. Jem froze a little, taken back almost trying to think and imagine in his head of what had happened when they were all trying to save and free Jonathan. “Outnumbered?” Still looking confused. “How did you all get out? Did Abraxas manage to escape?” Jem pressed, trying to get the answers out of Clarissa. Both of them were finding themselves needing more alcohol to get them through it all and the rest of the night. 

Clarissa chuckled briefly at Jem’s response of her being stuck with one of her enemies and she pondered over the idea of that happening; she had been in similar scenarios before when both herself and her enemy were being held captive and in fact, it drove them both mad - but she did gain a weird sense of admiration for the other being. After all, they were both hired to do a job and that was it; at that time, she had to do whatever was necessary to survive, and killing people offered her a lot of money. “Most of my up front enemies are now dead, thank you” She retorted in a joking manner. “However, I am sure there are some that are still very angry about what happened in the past and would love to get their own back” Which was always at the back of her mind, she was a vengeful spirit herself, so she could only imagine what other people on the receiving ends of her actions may well feel. Yet, she now had people she cared for and if the shoe was on the other foot, she would attack the people they loved rather than go for them directly. 

“Hmm, and what would the prize be?” She pressed, although if she considered the prices she would choose herself; they were not age appropriate for the young man who sat opposite her. Yet when he mentioned what he could treat her too, her lips pouted as she nodded; thinking about it for just a moment. “We still have three years before you are able to do that legally. Although I am sure I can pull some strings to let you in before then” She winked at the dhampir, yet saying this, she had no way of knowing how the news would affect him and she did not want him to go down a dark path of alcohol, drugs and sex - primarily because had done that in the past herself and would not wish that upon someone she now cared deeply for. 

Clarissa quirked a brow at the statement that he could cook better than Cornelia, and if that were true, he could quite possibly cook better than Clarissa herself; who loved a take away just as much as the next man, but due to the active lifestyle she chose, she did attempt to eat healthily. “Well, we shall have to plan an evening together where you can put your cooking skills to the test” She teased, at least knowing this much - the two would be spending more time together. 

Clarissa did ponder over what would happen - her apartment was too small for the two of them; and despite him being 18, she felt he was still too young to live in this house, especially on his own. Due to her jobs, she perhaps could afford to keep both but that would be a discussion for a later date. The Nephilim nodded as Jem commented on what Aurelia did to keep Jonathan safe. “It was for the best, Jonathan would not be the man we know now if not - I may not even be alive if it was not for Aurelia’s actions” She mused, it was strange how everything was linked. 

Rissa inhaled sharply, and chewed on her lower lip briefly. “He was outnumbered, he had all of his known children in the room but still proved to be a good fighter. He died, I killed him, and Jonathan removed his head and heart so that there was no chance he could come back.” Her head lowered. “You know how we Nephilim don’t die that easily.. But there were other casualties before I killed Abraxas... He had managed to” She swallowed roughly, she had not needed to voice this to anyone yet; not even the faction knew. “He managed to kill, both Cornelia and Isaiah” The air tightened around the two, and she glanced at Jem through her eye lashes; waiting for some response. 

It was now no secret between them to know the secrets and the dark things that Clarissa and all the other Bradfords follow. After Cornelia came clean and told him the truth he learnt that things were not all that it had seemed. Not knowing that there were trained assassins under the same roof as him. Jem hadn’t asked for all the full details not really wanting to know about the murders or gruesome crimes and tasks they’ve committed. He always thought it was badass and cool. Knowing he’d always be protected with how his own fighting skills were still very limited. Never fully interested in starting his Dhampir training. Still want to live the life of a normal teenager for a while longer. Even if it would catch up with him sooner or later. “Wicked, you gotta tell me sometime”  Looking amazed by it all maybe more than he should have. Jem knew that she still has enemies or connections who are after her for her past but knew she’d take care of it. “You’ll give them hell back” Already knowing that Clarissa wouldn’t take it and fight as hard back, with whoever dares to face her. “I still need to start my training” He admitted sheepishly but he knew that she probably already knew. It hadn’t been that long really since he found out he’s a Dhampir let alone to do any training for it. Not even knowing if he had the skills or abilities to do any of it. 

Jem always saw and thought Clarissa of the cool aunt the one who lets you get away with murder and sneak chocolate or alcohol to you in secret. Never that strict. “I can treat you to any pizza place in the city” He revealed knowing that it’s something she can’t say no to. How everybody loves pizza especially Rissa plus it was something he’d be able to afford too. The lengths of his allowance he’s got left this month. A smirk appeared on his lips as he reached to his pockets pulling out his wallet before flashing her his fake ID card showing it to her. “Calculating here I am 23” He teased cunningly even if she’d probably known he had a fake ID how most people his age had one. To get themselves into parties or clubs. Jem knew she wouldn’t even care or tell him off for having one at least he’d told her, knowing it’s enough. Hearing the idea of a cook off he almost felt excited about the idea of experimenting. It's been so long since he’s had a proper home cooked meal. “You're on” Jem grinned thinking it’s a good idea, makes a change from takeouts thinking that they don’t really do many family things together often. 

Often he’d find himself confused trying to piece together things he’s been told about Cornelia’s family and supernatural world. Still quite new to it all. Jem knew that Bradford's father was the same man who killed his father. That he killed his father to get through and take a shot at Cornelia. That's why she took him in, starting to feel pity and to blame over his father’s death. “So Jonathan being hiding was your secret weapon in a way?” He wondered thinking that’s what it seemed like to him. Something to have the upperhand against Abraxas. Jem took another few long sips of his drinks as he carried on listening to Clarissa. Almost spitting out his drink hearing that they killed him. “Wait he’s dead?” Taken by surprise, he felt relevant now that his father’s killer was dead. No longer having to live in fear of being hunted down and killed for being alive. Jem thought at first that this was it but could see the look on Rissa’s face that it didn’t end there. Almost able to tell that something bad happened that she’s not telling him till now. Jem froze in shock hearing her next words. He was speechless, in disbelief. All thinking it’s a joke that it’s not real but could see on her face that it wasn’t. Seeing how broken she was now she’s let out what's she’s waiting till tell him. “Their dead” Still feeling shocked, all his emotions and feelings coming out. Losing more people in his life to the same man. “That's why she never came back because she’s been dead” He sobbed, tears started to fall down his face only finding out that Cornelia died. Not realizing or thinking till now something bad had happened. Almost blaming himself why he didn’t even notice she was missing and gone for so long because she’s been dead all along. 

Clarissa couldn’t stop her eyes narrowing ever so slightly at Jem’s response - why would he want to hear about all the death and destruction she had created? Sure, they were mighty fun stories, and would make some great movies; but to tell a what…? Seventeen year old kid about what she did throughout the years, somehow didn’t sit too right with her. “I’m not quite sure you would want to hear of some of my memories, Pet” She responded somewhat sheepishly. “It would probably make you look at me differently, as well as Isaiah.” It was true, and she guessed she wasn’t ready to lose someone else because of the life she once had. She noted his expression and she sighed a little, maybe they could come to a compromise. “But, as I refuse to tell you those, I can teach you how to fight. I haven’t seen you go anywhere near the Dojo yet, and really… Is a place like this, and living near a Bradford, you probably need to know how to look out for yourself” She commented. 

“You know that is a route straight into my heart” Clarissa mused, it was one of her favourite meals, and times - pizza and beer, with her feet up watching some shitty film on Netflix. She did, however, roll her eyes when he took out his fake ID which suggested he was 23 years old; she suppose she couldn’t judge too much, she had plenty of fake IDs and still used some of them today, if she didn’t want ‘Clarissa Bradford’ to be tracked. The Nephilim winked at their sudden rivalry at cooking dinner, and strangely enough, found herself looking forward to that evening, whenever it may be; hell, she needed something to look forward to - everything right now looked bleak.

Rissa slowly nodded as Jem had a couple of questions, particularly around Jon’s secret and that Abraxas was indeed dead; she couldn’t blame Jem’s apprehension, if she hadn’t been the one to turn the Devil’s heart into mush - she probably wouldn’t have believed it herself. But it was the next part she was waiting for, and the moment the shock blanketed him; she found herself wanting to bolt for the door. It had been the very reason she had held off from telling him in the first place; and ideally, she would have loved Jon to be here to help, yet he was off doing God knows right now. “They’re dead, Jem.” Clarissa confirmed, and glanced away for a moment to try and control her own tears that dared to stain her cheeks. With a rough swallow, she turned back to the teenage Dhampir and reached out across the table to wrap her hand over his. “They died, fighting. To make you… Me, have a better life. One without Abraxas.” 

What a lie. She didn’t even believe that herself and she sure as hell knew Jem wouldn’t buy it. “I should’ve told you sooner, I should’ve come to check on you sooner than today.. But I--I needed, fuck I don’t know what I needed. But I should’ve come” 

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