Most of the days lately were the same, he'd get up in the morning before being dragged to the kitchen by Han, he had this thing about them eating breakfast together and the elder star would always have something prepared in the morning. After eating whatever it was the star wanted to test on him today, he'd chat with him and Jae for a bit before heading off to shower and putting on his uniform for work. He'd head out to meet Astraea halfway to the cafe and the two of them would walk up for their shift.

Having noticed how she had a good impact on his working ethic they often put her on the same schedule as him which he never complained about as she was one of the people he actually got along with there. The morning tended to fly by between all of the working crowd heading in for their morning coffee but after lunch was when things started to get quieter. Usually, they'd joke around a bit between the customers coming in which would get them through to the end of the day. It wasn't the most exciting schedule but he found himself enjoying the familiarity of it all. 

But the past few days, when he reached the subway stop he would always wait for Astraea at, she hadn't been there. By the time they called into work they informed him she had called in sick but today was the third day with the same story and he was starting to worry there was something more going on. Even if she was sick it wasn't like her not to send him those random text messages she always did, usually chronicling her day or something interesting she found while scrolling online.

So instead of heading home after his shift, he hung up his apron and grabbed his bag, heading out but instead of going the usual way, he headed to the familiar route which lead to her place. He wondered for a moment if he was being nosy to show up here but then he was reminded that she would do the exact same thing had the roles been switched. So he headed up to the door of the house and rang the bell, he waited for a while to no reply before frowning and pulling out his phone to dial her number.

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Everyone had that one specific day every year in their life that they just couldn't find the strength to be happy on. It's that one day that leaves an ugly stain in their good willed year. For Astraea, it's her death day. Or at least a week, if she had added every single day where she spent a torturous period of her life that she still couldn't forget, it'll be approximately 6 days. The aurazin has been lamenting about this day for centuries, it's the same every single time, she'd feel like the world just kicked her to the curb and nothing goes right. An aurazin is empathetic thus making them emotional beings, so when she remembered exactly how she'd feel, Astraea decided to apply to get a few days off, using a sick leave for an excuse. It should be able to get her off for a few days but someone is bound to notice her disappearance and that someone being Sunmin. 

Any regular person would just let it pass but the celestial wouldn't just leave it at that. It made her worried that he'd come to see how she was doing but that still wouldn't make her move so the worries stayed only that. Her hair was a mess, the curls were out of place and made her hair look bushier than usual. That was the least of what made up her disheveled appearance, the brunette was in her pajamas and there were dark circles under her eyes that's not too noticeable but still made the usually bubbly girl look depressing. She was tired, and it could clearly be seen. Her nose was reddish due to her incessant sobs for the past few days and the dried tears on her cheeks said it all.

Her phone kept ringing with notifications that came from Sunmin's calls or messages but neither made her reply. Astraea Wu has been thoroughly detached from the world for the past three days. While she was burying her face against the pillow on the bed, she heard the sound of the bells ringing, someone was at the door and it was as if she knew who it was. Who else would it be if not her good friend? As if knowing she wouldn't answer the door, her phone started ringing with a familiar tune, the familiar face of the celestial popping up on the caller id. She debated for a while to answer or not but soon realized he'd keep calling until she picks up, hell he might even break down the door. So Astraea begrudgingly swiped the call function and sighed "Go away… Astraea's not available."

While he was standing there on the doorstep he was questioning at what point in his life he had started to care about others enough to meddle in this life. In his life he had always tried to keep his distance from others, don’t get attached and it didn’t hurt when they left you right? But since coming to Evermore he kept breaking that rule, perhaps he could explain it when it came to Han, he was officially related to him after all, there wasn’t going to be any getting rid of him but Astraea, she was something else entirely. He couldn’t explain it but being around her made him feel lighter, she was optimistic and perhaps it was starting to rub off on him slowly.

He’d been looking forward to getting more work done on the garden this week, that’s what he had nicknamed it in his head, though currently it was still a range of dilapidated buildings and an old swingset, he had many ideas in his head about how things could turn out in time. But even though he had gone to work on it alone the first day, things didn’t feel quite the same without her there, the hours felt longer and more gruelling without her witty comments or the interesting topics she brought up. When the phone connected he took a relieved breath that at least she was able to answer the phone.

“Well that’s not the cheerful greeting I’m used to” he responded sarcastically but bit his lip as he picked up the tone of her voice. He completely disregarded her instruction to leave and changed the subject “They told me at the cafe that you were feeling sick but they wouldn’t tell me anything didn’t answer my messages” god he sounded like a 14-year-old girl. He sat himself down on the doorstep and leaned his back against the door “Tell me what’s going on Astra, you know I’m stubborn enough to sit here on the doorstep all night” he commented as though it was pure fact.

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