The City had succumbed to absolute chaos over the last few months; which at first, to the Nephilim was absolutely, without a doubt, entertaining. There were many times that she found the city to be somewhat sleepy if she took away the drama which surrounded The Bradford siblings with their Father as well as the trouble that she often found Siobhan in. Those moments of down time were usually welcomed, but as of late, things in her own life seemed somewhat normal, thus, the chaos which erupted in the city was just what the doctor ordered. It gave the ex-assassin reason to get herself into fights, and get away with it if her Detective Sister questioned her once again why her knuckles were battered and bruised. Not only did this give her a form of entertainment, it also served her as a distraction; many would not believe that she had allowed herself to open up to a guy, yet she had - only for him to disappear from the face of the earth, like a few before him. So, it was so surprise, at least to her, that she needed to keep herself occupied so she could stop her thoughts from venturing to her terrible love life. However, there were only so many fights she could get into, without that getting boring; after all, she had spent most of her life in battle, or maybe, she was simply growing up.

Once Rissa had completed her good deed of the day - cleaning up the messes of the latest violent breakout, she couldn't think of any better reward than the local bar to drink herself into a state of oblivion which would consequently help her sleep at night. The Nephilim placed herself at the corner of the bar, and insisted that the barman kept an open tab for her considering it was still very early in the evening and she had nothing planned for the following day. With the beer in hand, she eagerly took a very needed swig which triggered a pleasurable sigh to bypass her lips. The barman began to make small talk with her, which under any normal circumstance, she would have hated yet for some peculiar reason, the chat was welcomed even if she had no interest in the conversation or the latest gossip of who went home with who from the bar last night. With that in mind, she playfully placed a series of bets with the man behind the bar on who would be next to leave with another; and it was safe to say that her name never made the list of potentials which pleased her despite many trying their luck over the last few years of her frequenting the bar.

The hours passed fairly quickly, in fact, they passed just as quickly as the beers in her hand did; in fact, she even surprised herself just how quickly she knocked back the alcohol - clearly something was bothering her and, as normal, she was not ready to face the problem head on. Avoidance was key. Clarissa began to slump on the stool, her spine arching as she rested her arms on the bar, and then her cheek on her forearms; the bar man insisted she should head home which consequently lead to her snapping a quick 'no' his direction - she was not ready to face her thoughts alone, not yet. Her lavender coloured eyes closed contently as she listened to the buzz around her; from the music, to people simply enjoying themselves but none of those were enough to completely catch her attention until one particular voice spoke above the music to order their next round. The Nephilim forwarded her brow before lifting her head - her gaze trying to adjust into focus at the male who stood a few stools down from her.

Wyatt Brookes? No way, it couldn't be - it definitely had to be her beer goggles playing tricks on her mind. Confused and rather baffled were the only words which could be used to describe her expression as she looked over at the male; yet the moment she found him catching her stare, she quickly and rather unsteadily composed herself to focus on the beer bottle in her hand. "You know it's rude to stare?" She slurred ever so slightly but loud enough for the male to hear her; it was him, it was definitely him and to not give him the satisfaction that she could remember him, she would play aloof and dumb to his being.

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A laugh escaped as she spoke of keeping him in her wardrobe, his green eyes slightly glassy from the alcohol that swirled in his system. "Damn, I can't even stay in full view all the time? I'm a little hurt. I thought for sure I could get better real estate than the closet." Wyatt stretched an arm out on the back of the couch, facing her more as she sat down. "I guess I'll have to pass a few more tests, but know I'm rather hard headed. I don't give up easily and I'm willing to put in the work." Wyatt smiled somewhat coyly at her before taking a sip of his whiskey and watching her place the glass she held down on the table. Perhaps it was best he slowed down too before he said something he wouldn't be able to backtrack on. 

"The Brookes mausoleum.." he said softly with a slight scoff. "You know I thought I knew everything about my parents. We were the perfect family and I had the perfect upbringing. Supportive parents. A nice house. Good schools." Wyatt trailed off and looked into his drink, but was far away into his memories as his fingers tapped rhythmically against the cup. He hadn't ever really gotten too personal with Clarissa, despite the closeness he felt they shared in their trips together. "When they died it was like I didn't really know much about them at all. Secrets upon secrets to which I still don't have the answers to. I didn't even know Kaelyn existed and she didn't know anything about her parents either. We still don't really have answers on why my father and uncle had the falling out they did." His gaze found hers again and he lifted his shoulders softly in a shrug as he recalled her learning about her twin. "Guess we never really know everything about our families."

He finished the rest of the whiskey and put the glass down next to hers on the table before settling back against the couch. Wyatt looked at her for a silent moment and shook his head, glancing her up and down. "Honestly, it's really good to see you again. I catch myself wondering how you're doing every so often. I also can't thank you enough for helping me avoid the blind date I didn't know I was being set up on. I was not looking forward to that awkward end of the night."

Resting forward on his knees, he looked over and kept his gaze on her with a grin. "Now, I'm going to try something and I'm not sure if this will really set me back on my goal of being one of the only if not first to pass the test, but I've been wanting to try something for a really long time and have never done it for all the various reasons I've convinced myself of. I'm trying a good offense here." Wyatt moved towards her and placed his hand on her cheek while slowly leaning in. His lips met hers and he softly kissed Clarissa for a moment to test the waters. It was nice to have the liquid courage to help him along. He pulled away slightly for a moment and opened his eyes, raising a brow with a smirk. "I'm still alive. I'm taking this as a good sign."

“But you just said, among the others!” Clarissa laughed with a shake of her head, amused but also a little frustrated that he had managed to get a genuine laugh out of her; however, it did feel nice to not always be the cold hearted woman everyone thought she was - there was more to her than what meets the eye, but more often than not, she was too scared to show it. Who’d have thought it? Clarissa Bradford, scared?. “I can always get you out on special occasions, perhaps for Christmas? You can be my tree, and I’ll decorate you and make you pretty” She threw him a wink, before slowly nodding as he stated that he was stubborn and willing to put in the hard work; she was strangely enjoying their back and forth a lot more than she previously had done so. Definitely the alcohol, definitely, she thought. “Good, because I will be putting you through your paces, don’t you worry about that” Her eyebrows quirked upwards suggestively, before even she choked on what she said; safe to say her flirting skills were not as what they used to be.

Normally, Rissa was not one to really want to hear about someone's background, because more often than not; they had a much better upbringing than she did. Wyatt was no different, but perhaps it was the solemn tone which laced his words which made her want to listen on; despite the slight tinge of jealousy she felt within her gut about how good his parents were, and how he got into all the good schools. Seeing him look far into the distance within his drink, her hand naturally went out to rest upon his shoulder in a comforting manner; she was definitely getting better at this - even though she still felt the urge to run at anything emotional. “Is it not possible for your cousin now, Kaelyn to contact the spiritual realm?” Clarissa queried, she was still unsure of just how far Diviner magic could go. “You could try getting some answers that way” She suggested, but she nodded in agreement and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I understand though, I’m trying to find my Mother” She mused - he did not need to know that she planned to kill her, however. “I have nothing but a handwritten letter to go on” 

A somewhat shy smile found her lips at his comment; it was bizarre but nice to hear that someone occasionally thought about how she was doing - not many did. “I got to say, I’m glad I didn’t run this evening when I first saw you” Rissa chuckled quietly before grinning widely at the date he was actually on. “Ah blondie. You being grilled by your friends tomorrow will be good enough entertainment” She commented before quirking a brow at his next statement, her gaze dropping between his eyes and his lips as he moved closer to press a soft kiss upon her lips which she surprisingly welcomed. The kiss was soft and it warmed her; perhaps it was because she hadn’t experienced such intimacy in a long time, but she found herself wanting more and only exhaled at his comment. “Shut up” Rissa playfully responded, her words laced with a slight growl, and she found herself leaning in to kiss him again with slightly more passion than previously, her fingers knotted in his hair to pull him closer; her body shivered as it pressed up against his. 

At first, Clarissa was too preoccupied to notice the bile which began to gather and boil within her stomach; after all, her body was responding to other, more important things until the bile demanded to be noticed. The Nephilim froze for a moment and glanced up at him with wide eyes. “Don’t move” She spoke fairly quickly as she pushed herself away from him and dashed towards the bathroom to find safety with her head down the toilet. 

Wyatt smiled as she breathed out her teasing response. Watching her body move forwards, he leaned further into her, pushing back against the sofa. The lingering sweetness of the whiskey was on her mouth as he brushed the tip of his tongue lightly across her lips, feeling her press against him. He didn't need any more convincing to deepen the kiss as his hand slid behind to her neck and his fingers buried into her dark hair. His other hand trailed down along the side of her body slowly until he reached underneath her knee which he lifted slightly to bring her down on her back, bracing himself lightly above her. 

Just when he had begun to get lost in the ardent situation, Clarissa was abruptly pulling away from his lips which caused him to look at her. The expression on her face was clearly worrisome and he lifted himself slightly in response. Before Wyatt even had the chance to question what was wrong and if he had gone too far, she was moving to get from underneath him with a command to stay put. His brow raised slightly as he saw her hurrying down the hall and watched as a door closed. "Okay?"

The sounds of a toilet flushing was the cue that made him hang his head with a slight smirk. 'Right.' The question now was whether or not he would listen to her wish of staying put or if he would do what he would normally want to do in this situation. Wyatt pushed himself off the couch and straightened his shirt out as he walked slowly over to the room she'd fled into. He lightly knocked on the door and waited a moment before turning the knob and slowly pushing it open.  

Clarissa was on her knees and leaning into the toilet as he stepped inside the bathroom. In all the time they'd ever spent together, it was a little strange to see her so vulnerable now when he was used to her strong and demanding presence. Wyatt knelt beside her and softly pushed the stray raven locks that had fallen over her face behind her ear. "I decided it was worth the risk to see if you were okay." Smiling, he stood up again and reached for the hand towel nearby, turning on the faucet and soaking the cloth with cool water.  After ringing out the excess, he lightly placed the cloth against her forehead. "As many drinks as we've shared together in the past, I'm starting to think it wasn't the alcohol which made you sick tonight." He chuckled, placing his other hand on her back in comfort as he tried to lighten the situation. "If I'm really that bad of a kisser, I'm going to have to dive deep into my grimoires to find an immediate fix. Perhaps I'm a little out of practice. It has been some time since my last one." Wyatt placed his hand on her face, lightly brushing his thumb over her cheek with a smirk. "Can I help?" 

How embarrassing. She groaned internally as her head remained lowered into the toilet after she had pretty much vomited up most traces of the alcohol that was in her system; along with what she believed to parts of her very late lunch which she had simply to line her stomach and to prevent this very thing from happening. He’s going to think this because I kissed him. The thoughts kept coming and coming as she tried to straighten herself up again, her body shuddering at the aftertaste which burned at the back of her throat; yet she managed to eventually raise an arm upward to pull down the lever to flush the toilet. It had been a few weeks she had gotten herself in this state, but with the current Bradford dramatics, it seemed to be one of the only ways to cope. Instead of trying to push herself away from the toilet, Rissa curled an arm around the seat and simply rested her cheek against her forearm, her eyes closed for a brief moment whilst taking deep breaths to try and compose herself for the embarrassment which would soon come when she reentered the living room. 

The faint sound of the bathroom door knocking caused her brows to furrow and she lifted her head to find him knelt beside her; her eyes closing at his soft movement of brushing a stray strand of hair away from her heated cheek. “You’re brave, or stupid… I can’t tell which one” She offered a crooked smile his way as he turned to wet a cloth to wipe away the cold sweat which appeared at the very unfortunate act. “I mean, this would put off a lot of men, yet here you are being a gentleman” Rissa mused softly, she shifted just a little bit to sit more comfortably as he placed the damp cloth against her forehead; at her first expression was slightly confused, never had a person ever treated her in such a way - and for a moment, she was too stunned to fight it. It was incredibly foreign for her to have someone treat her in such a way, she was silenced for a moment before clearing her throat. "Thank you" She smiled up at him until his string of words only supported her thoughts; which caused her to laugh some. She glanced up at him and held his gaze with a slight shake of her head. “Well, seeing that you are out of practice in that department, I shall take the role of teacher” 

Clarissa ignored his question for a moment as she stood up, once her balance had composed itself, she wandered over to the cabinet  where she found some mouthwash; she took the liquid and rinsed it around her mouth, and spat it back into the sink once she was satisfied all grossness had been removed before facing him. “Hm, there is one thing that you can do” She whispered softly, a faint smirk twitched at the corner of her lips as she closed the space between them; the palms of her hands smoothed around his waist as her lips came into contact with his neck. Rissa pressed a series of kisses upon the delicate flesh and kissed upward to his ear to whisper “Me” against it; she nipped at his earlobe before moving her face so their lips were mere inches apart. She was curious to see if he still would after what just happened; upon not seeing him pull away she was somewhat surprised and in response, she found herself reuniting their lips with the same intensity as before. 

Wyatt closed his eyes as she kissed along his neck, the sensation making him smirk with his mouth parting slightly in response. The whisper in his ear was more than enough to have him immediately lean down into her lips and moving her backwards until they were out into the hallway. He pressed Clarissa against the wall, letting his fingertips slide beneath her shirt and graze along her skin while he kissed her feverishly. He pulled the fabric above her head and leaned down to lift her up, letting her legs wrap around his hips and their bodies press together. Lips finding hers again for a quick moment, he breathed out against them as he reluctantly pulled away. "Now which one of these doors leads to the bedroom?" 


Wyatt's eyes fluttered open as he looked up at an unfamiliar ceiling. His brow furrowed as he lifted his head up slightly and looked around until he saw the sleeping nephilim next to him. His eyes widened slightly as last night came crashing down on him again. He lowered his head back onto the pillow and couldn't help but smile at the fact that that hadn't been a crazy dream. Shaking his head, Wyatt noticed the sun coming through the window which tended to be an alarm for him being fae. He watched as the light danced across her bare skin, making him want to touch her body again. He opted against waking her up and instead moved as quietly as he could to place more of the bed sheet around her.

He braced himself on his elbow and watched her sleep for a moment wondering how she would feel about what happened when she woke up. Normally there would be some awkward tension where a walk of shame might be in the works, but Wyatt didn't exactly feel shameful about any of it. He certainly had no regrets. In fact, all the alcohol from the previous night was informing his stomach that he was in need of a good breakfast and with how empty hers must have been now, he wanted to offer her one as well. He glanced down at his watch and saw that his favorite cafe by his studio would be opening up in twenty minutes or so. Perhaps it wasn't too crazy to believe she might actually want to join him.

He lowered himself back down on the pillow, looking to the woman next to him with a soft smile, but a sudden noise made him turn his head. Wyatt was fairly certain Clarissa lived alone so when the distinct sound of light footsteps could be heard down the hallway, he lifted up further. Maybe the angel forgot she was meeting up with someone else this morning, but then it occurred to him that this person would have to have access with a key. The diviner couldn't really think of anyone she would have given the key to unless it was a sibling. That wouldn't be awkward at all to see them in this current state.

Wyatt turned slightly, touching her shoulder gently and whispering near her ear. "Clarissa. Are you expecting anyone over this morning?" Before she was even able to fully wake, the half opened door swung fully open and Wyatt turned to see who was bold enough to walk through. At first he wasn't really sure he was understanding what his brain was telling him because he actually knew the person standing there, it just didn't make any sense at all for her to be. "Abigail?" She was wearing the same clothes from last night and it didn't look like she'd gotten any sleep at all. Her hair was rather messy and her eyes wild. "What are you doing here?" 

She remained silent and stared at him for a moment until Clarissa was beginning to rouse from sleep. Her gaze went to the nephilim for a moment that to him was clearly murderous. Abigail then looked back to Wyatt and she suddenly had a far off look. This didn't seem like the same woman he was with last night at the bar and it was then they both knew what was going to happen next. He opened his mouth to cast, but she immediately went to a spell that was much more deadly. "Lihednat dolchitni." Wyatt clutched at his neck with a hand, his mind trying to comprehend what in the hell was happening right now. She didn't waste any time casting against Clarissa with a pain inflicting spell before the nephilim had a chance to use her own powers in return. Wyatt was losing consciousness fast. His eyes landed on the bedside lamp and he sent it flying across the room telekinetically towards Abigail in an effort to break her concentration for a moment as it was all it might take for Clarissa to maybe gain control. Fingers clutching the magically imbued amulet he wore around his neck, Wyatt slipped into darkness.

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