It was a regular weekday night for Skylar. It was finally the start of the new year, but she wasn't the partying type---at least not anymore; not since she'd settled down in Evermore City five years ago. While the rest of the city seemed to be throwing the first week of the year the grandest of welcomes, the angel child found herself in her gym, seated at the reception desk as she went over some finances. The start of the year was always the busiest at Rivals MMA Gym, with everyone trying to keep to their resolutions to keep physically fit an healthy. Sky didn't  mind this in the slightest---it was great for business, plus people tended to opt for the long-term contract plans in an attempt to keep to their goals. Some people may have hated working when the mood was still festive, but the Nephilim woman found comfort as she busied herself. Maybe subconsciously it took her mind off how alone she was feeling, especially this time of year, but she'd never let her mind fester on that. Feeling lonely was far better than getting her hopes up and trust broken yet again.

A glance at the watch rest on her right wrist took her by surprise---was it really 10pm already? Her eyebrows pushed together, forming creases on her forehead as she turned in her swivel chair, looking to the panoramic windows that overlooked the city skyline. Sure enough, the sky was dark, the waning moon visible through the skyscrapers. A sigh parted her lips as her face relaxed into a neutral expression. She supposed it was time for her to head home, and so she shut down her Macbook and rose from her desk. The front door was closed but left unlocked---she figured no one else was going to stop by the gym that night. She walked up to the second floor of the gym, turned off any lights or electronics that were left only before going down to the first floor and doing the same.

As she was walking, Sky could have sworn she heard the front door open. Immediately after, a familiar presence filled in the gym. Quickly finishing up, she raced down the stairs, only to find herself looking at a face she hadn't seen in almost five years. Her eyes grew wide, yet creases form across her brown, relaying her surprise and shock at seeing a familiar male figure. "Hudson?" she queried, questioning his identity. Of course it had to be him---she'd remember his presence anywhere, especially considering everything he'd helped her through. "Jesus, dude.  I'd genuinely thought you'd died alone in a ditch somewhere." A grin spread from ear to ear as she said this, her dark hues sparkling with joy as she walked over to hug the one person that came closest to what she'd call a friend. "You disappeared for five years, and now you choose to show up out of the blue? How've you been?"

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It was weird still  to think that he was back on earth. In reality it hadn’t been many since his death compared to other Aurazins that it had been decades or centuries even. Both him and Madddie were the ones who easily adapted to being back. Even with all the uncertainty that they’d never be able to return back to the veil still was top of their mind. Yet his mind went back to the missions and tasks he had carried out in the last few years. He was still an Empath in training but there was one he was allowed to carry out on his own. One that he’d never forgotten about, often he’d think back to it. Wondering how Skylar was now. Whether or not his advice had helped her out. Hudson could remember when he was sent out to her. Often the Aurazin’s were sent to people who were suffering loss or were at their lowest point. That was how he had found Skylar who was in a dark place at the time. Hudson could remember it all clearly. Before he went on the mission he was told by his mentor a little but not much about who needed his help. That it was a Nephilim who was suffering a loss and where she was. 

Every Time he’d always arrive back to earth whilst out on a mission he’d always find it weird, something that all Aurazin’s found. Never spending too long on earth before they have to return back to veil but it was all different now. Back to the time when he first met and found Skylar a mission that was meant to take too long. Normally empaths would spend up to an hour or so with the people they are sent to. Yet with Skylar it lasted days. He wanted to be sure that she was all okay and onto the road of recovery before they had left. Occasionally he would go and check up on her in the first 6 months. Still now he still kept tabs on her, to where she lived and worked. Something that not many Aurazin’s do with how after each mission they just forget and move on. He felt that he couldn’t do that with Skylar, that if anything happened to her he’d be blaming himself for not doing a better job. It would happen with his firefighting job that his mind often would go back to the people who they were called out to. They were trained that after they loaded up the injured people into the ambulance and cleared the scene that their job was done and that was it. He couldn’t help have feelings and emotions, caring about other people. 

Hudson was relieved to find out that Skylar was still doing well on her road to recovery years later. That she was able to follow her dreams of opening up her own gym, something they had spoken about and he pushed her to work towards doing. It was here in Evermore too where he now lived with his sister and other Aurazins after they were trapped out of the veil. The Aurazin decided he would go and stop by to see how she was doing but this time there was nothing for him to quickly leave to go to. Hudson knew he could have done it months back soon after he first arrived but he wanted to get himself settled, with how his head was bit all over the place at first. Like many Aurazin’'s trying to find their place back on earth again. Now was the right time to go and see Skylar. Hudson had just finished one of his shifts at work that turned out to be longer than 12 hours, sometimes he’d even work 24 hours. That many firefighters do so shift patterns are fair. After his shift at work he’d quickly went back to the lodge then showered and changed before heading out. Hudson knew it was getting late but he thought that it would be the time when no one else would be around. Knowing on Skylar she’d still be at work knowing that she’s a person to practically live at their job. 

The Aurazin turned up at the gym seeing it was closed whilst lights were still on. Trying his luck he opened the door which was locked and headed on in. Then found himself walking in and around the place into the gym. He could hear some footsteps upstairs before someone quickly making their way down the stairs having heard him come in. Right on line he saw a familiar face, one he hadn’t seen in a long time. “Hey Skylar… Surprise!” He grinned greeting her knowing that he was something she’d least expected to see. Hoping that she wouldn’t be too mad at him for turning up out of the blue like this. He couldn’t help to laugh at her comment of dying in a ditch somewhere. “You sound like my sister,” He joked, shaking his head before hugging her. “I know it’s been too long. It’s kind of complicated” He started to say before letting go, rubbing back of his neck. “I’ve moved here now, so there’s no coming and going” Hudson knew that was something she’d been hoping to hear and wasn’t planning on leaving like normal. Now there was no veil to go back to. “I’ve been good, more importantly how have you been?” Smiling softly wanting to hear how she was doing seeing how happy she was to see him.

Seeing Hudson only brought back pleasant feelings, the Nephilim clearly overjoyed to see the Aurazin, even though he'd come to her in the darkest point of her life. If it wasn't for him, Sky knew she wouldn't be where she was today: she wouldn't know the Nephilim community here, she wouldn't have started her gym, nor would she feel any semblance to happiness at that very moment. She was entirely grateful that he didn't just leave after a couple of days as she expected him to, but instead made many visits until she really got back on her feet. The man before her truly was the reason she was alive and kicking today.

A wide grin still spread across her features, she laughed at the comparison to his sister. She didn't really know the female Aurazin, but she did know she was mentioned in passing here and there. The ex-guard released the man from her embrace, purple-tinted optics trained on the man as he spoke. She raised an eyebrow as he didn't really reveal what was complicated, and she made a mental note to revisit that topic once the pleasantries had been done with. For now, she simply basked in the joy of seeing Hudson again. Her grin only grew wider when he said he had moved to Evermore, and had no plans to come and go. However, her expression quickly morphed into one of confusion, her eyes narrowing as she looked up at the blond-haired man. "Wait, I thought your people couldn't be away from your void or rift or whatever it's called," she spoke, an eyebrow raising as she observed his expression, wanting to see if there would be any sort of reaction. Could that be the complication he skimmed over earlier? Now, she had to know for sure.

At his query about how things had been going for her, she simply shrugged her shoulders, though a smile toyed at the corners of her lips. "Things have been good for me for the most part. The gym is doing well," she mused, giving an airy wave to the place around them, "and I got a bigger place now." She then paused for a moment, lips pursing her lips as recent events flashed through her mind. "Well, I did run into Bexley not long ago," she confessed. Of course, Hudson would know about Bex. She'd told him that once she'd been brought into the guard, she was assigned a mentor: Bexley Dumont. The Diviner soon became the closest thing to a parental figure in Sky's life, and at the time, she was elated when Bex offered to adopt her. She was already well into adulthood at that point, but that sheet of paper meant so much to the Nephilim, who had no family whatsoever. Of course, when Sky found out that not only she was manipulated the entire time by the Guard, but that Bexley had been the mastermind above it all, didn't really care much for her, and had even been the one to "buy" Sky over from Ravencry, the angel-child was crushed. She shrugged her shoulders once more, lips pressed into a thin smile. "I had a feeling I'd run into her sooner or later, especially since the Ailwards moved here a few years after I did, but honestly nothing can really prepare you for running into that demonic woman," she said with an obvious shudder.

Shaking her head, Sky noted that the two were still standing by the entrance. "Where are my manners?" the Nephilim chided herself, moving around the Aurazin to close the gym door behind him. "Please, have a seat, and I'll get us a drink," she said, motioning to the receptionists table, where there were two chairs on one side of the table, and another on the other side. "For you, I'll dig into my personal stash." She quickly walked around the desk, fishing out a key from a keyring before kneeling down under the desk. There she'd find two mini-fridges: one locked, and one unlocked. Obviously, she moved towards the locked fridge, opening it with her key, and would look upon her own personal store of alcohol---perks of owning the gym. She kept it stocked due to the fact that the few friends she'd made in the city had a habit of surprising her in the gym---just as Hudson did---and they'd always decide to have a chat in the privacy of her compound, where they were sure no listening ears were near.

 "So," she started, still speaking from under the table, "explain to me this complication, hmm? I remember you not being able to stay with me longer than a couple of days a few years back, no?" Remembering Hudson's usual drink, she pulled out a beer for him while getting herself a wildberry vodka cooler. She then jumped to her feet, popping up from behind the desk with a wide smile and sly eyes as she waved the bottles teasingly at the man. She moved around the table, sliding Hudson's beer over to him as she reached for her keys, where a bottle opener was attached. Once hers was opened, she handed him the opener, leaning back in her chair and tossing her braided dark locks over her shoulder as she let him speak. 

Hudson knew he was taking a risk by dropping in out of the blue to surprise an old friend. A face he’d not seen in a couple of years. One of the downsides of being an Aurazin that after you’ve completed your mission you have to return back to the veil. Since you're not actually supposed to be on earth too long with how it wasn’t their home anymore. Now it’s all different. Hudson knew he already waited long enough to show his face. That she deserves to know he’s back. Out of everyone who he had helped to find themselves again she was the one who stood out the most to him. In the few days he was there helping her out they had formed a sort of friendship. It never happened to him before. Secretly he went and checked up on her from time to time but without her seeing ofcourse. Thinking of himself as her own guardian angel, there and looking over her shoulder. Soon as Skylar spotted him there he could see how happy the Nephilim was to see him. He’d even consider her as another sister to him, that's how much he cared for her. 

He couldn’t wait to tell her that he’s now moved back to Evermore that he’d be staying there for a while. Knowing that would make her happy. How back in the past he’d only wished that he would be able to stick around for longer if it wasn’t for him having to return back to the veil after his mission was complete. Hudson could see that he confused her a little since she knew it didn’t work like that. “Yeah long story” He chuckled softly but still happy he was able to be here without the worry of needing to get back and cut the visit short. He wanted to tell her later all that's been happening and why he’s back but he wanted to leave it till later when they are catching up properly. Luckily she was leaving it till later. He was keen to find out how she had been going on, feeling that he was still responsible in a way for her. “The place looks great, I’ve been needing to find a new gym” He grinned happy to see that she’s made a home for herself here but his grin soon turned into a frown knowing that she was hiding something from him. 

Soon finding out it had to do with Bexley. Hudson could remember all that Bexley had done to hurt and manipulate That Bexley was one of the other things that contributed to breaking Skylar, that he had to go in and fix. He felt bad knowing that his people were working with the Aspects and guards when knowing what they had done to Skylar but it was their only choice they had to figure out how to get home. Luckily he didn’t have to stay at the Ailward manor whilst others did since he was late arriving to the city, when he did the lodge was all ready for him to move in. “It was bound to happen” He nodded his head agreeing with her. “If she gives you any problems at all, just give me a car and I’d be right there” Hudson reminded her wanting to know she wasn’t alone that he was right here, not leaving her. 

A wide grin appeared on his face as she ushered in that she’d be getting them a few drinks. “I was waiting for that” Laughing softly, as he went ahead and took one of the seats nearby. He could always count on her having a hidden stash of her own. Hudson made himself comfortable ready for them catching up. “You remembered” The Amazing smiled happily seeing her wave the bottles before she went and came back to him. Grabbing the bottle opener he opened his beer taking a sip. One thing he had missed was beer. “As Aurazins, there’s Emptha’s which I am Orwell was training to be. We get sent down to earth on missions to be there to comfort someone who has lost a loved one or are at their darkest points. We help to comfort them for them to get back on their feet” He started to explain but he had told her it soon after they had met. “After our mission is completed we have to return back to the veil, it’s like heaven almost. We can’t stay on earth after our mission is complete” Wishing he was able to stay back longer but he couldn’t. 

“One day I was in England on a mission comforting a man who had lost his husband, then the man died on me…” He started to say recalling the mission looking a little bit saddened remembering how tough it was not having it happen to him before. “After like normal I went back to go back to the veil but I couldn’t. It was like something was stopping me to get back. I was stuck on earth with no way to get back. For the others in the veil who weren’t on missions suddenly found themselves down to earth with no way to get back” It was one big mystery to them, with many Aurazins including himself being lost. “The others all went to Evermore to seek out the Aspects, since they’re the only ones who would be able to figure out a way to get home” It was funny that they were all drawn to the same city where Skylar was living. “We all live together in a wooden lodge thing. So till we figure out how to get back, we’re all living here” 

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