It had been a full month that passed since that night.  And thinking about it still brought this pain to her chest which she had never experienced before, heartbreak. The hardest part of it all was knowing the two of them still cared about one another like crazy but there was this massive wall between them which Ivy didn't know how to overcome. It had affected everything in her life, from people asking her if she had lost weight, to questioning if she was sick. Ivy was usually so good at hiding her emotions from others and putting a front but this, this had truly broken her and she had no one to blame but herself.

Her most recent movie had wrapped 2 weeks ago which meant she had free time since she came back to Evermore, her agent kept trying to convince her to do press opportunities or parties out in LA but she just wasn't interested in any of it. All she wanted to do was stay at home and stare at her phone, hoping maybe if she waited long enough and hoped, maybe she'd hear from the person she missed most. Was that too much to ask? She knew she was giving her space right now but this space was killing her, the not knowing where they stood was killing her. 

Her feelings weren't dulling down, if anything since they parted they had only made her long more and more for her. Ivy had just finished cooking dinner and settled herself in front of the TV in her pajamas, she had spent the past week or so like this, just trying to find anything to cheer her up. She was just getting into the story when she received a call from guard at the gate telling her there was someone insisting they wanted to be let inside. Ivy perked up for a moment wondering if maybe it was who she hoped it was before saying to let whoever it was come up to the house. 

In her curiosity and perhaps even desperation she completely forgot what she was wearing or the fact she wasn't wearing any makeup as she headed to the door so she could peer outside to see what was going on. 

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Has it really been a month since that fight broke out between her and Ivy? Can it even be called one? It's not exactly a fight if it was just one sided right? That time, only Taealha was feeling furious and upset whereas the Initia tried to explain to her, giving her exactly what she needed. She wasn't that mad, she was mostly just sad that there were more secrets at large but a week after that, the human pretty much moved on with her life. It wasn't as if she had a lot of time to herself anyway, being in her position meant she had to work around the clock and focus on her research. So she did. She spent most of her days at the lab once again, nothing out of the ordinary. She tried to bury herself with endless work because at least… she didn't have to think about how much she misses Ivy. God she missed her so much. 

She's been debating whether she should text her but every single time her finger hovered on the send button, she couldn't bring herself to do it. Somehow, that always happens. But today, little did she know she would be given the opportunity to set it right. Or at least, whatever that is close to it. Taealha actually went back home today because Leo hasn't hasn't eating well and when she saw him, he was being very sulky which made her worry because the ragdoll persian has always been cheeky and bright, never this quiet and gloomy. It was probably sometime over midnight when it happened. The human was doing her paper and was going to give Leo his midnight warm milk but the white fluff wouldn't respond. That's when she panicked. 

Dressed in only her nightgown and a cardigan to cover whatever's left of her decency and modesty, the brunette went from one clinic to another. But they were already closed and she was slowly starting to lose her mind over it. With the cat in the carrier, she kept trying to wake the cat up but it only whimpered silently. While she was crouching over the pavement, scrolling her contacts to see if she had anyone, her finger halted at Ivy, could she help her? Was she fine with her not really communicating for a month? There were so many questions in her mind but she couldn't afford to wait so she ordered an Uber, rushing over to the actress' place. 

As soon as she got there, the first thing she did was knock on her door desperately. The guard she recognised from the other day let her in. When the door opened, she threw herself at the other female and sobbed "Leo... Leo" was all she could utter softly.

By the time she had gotten to the door, she had alread heard a knock on it so she opened the door, seeing her there, the initia immediately felt her heart thumping in her chest as she tried to process what was happening. Honestly she had resigned herself to believing the other female wasn’t going to come back. She hadn’t blamed her for that, Ivy had been clear about how things stood and the last thing she wanted to do was force Taealha into anything she didn’t want to do. But she had missed her, oh god she had missed her so much.

She didn’t have long to process before Taealha threw herself in her arms and the Initia caught her, wrapping her arms around her protectively as she tried to figure out what had happened to make her so upset like this. There was a sense of panic that came over her as she tried to figure out what the human was saying. She widened her eyes when it finally clicked that Leo was the name of her cat. “Leo? What’s wrong with Leo?” she questioned as her hand rubbed gentle circles on her back.

It was at that moment she peered over the dark-haired female’s shoulder and spotted the cat carrier on the doorstep and pressed her lips together “Did something happen?” she questioned as she finally let the human go, clearly this was an emergency situation and there was time to be selfish and bask in her company later.

Taealha was obviously no longer angry with Ivy, but it was easier said than done when she was thinking about ways on how to see her again. Should she just knock on her door and request for an audience with that false confidence she has? No, it wouldn't work, mostly due to the fact that the human feels embarrassed. But this time, this incident is actually proving to be the weird chance and opportunity for Taealha to talk to Ivy again. Even though this wasn't how she pictured herself seeing the Initia again, she had no other choice and she is essentially desperate for help. The only person she could think of right now is her, the very person who just opened the door. 

God, how much she missed being embraced like this, it felt so comforting up to a point where Taealha nearly forgot the whole reason why she's even there in the first place. It wasn't until Leo meowed weakly from inside the carrier that she sniffled, her poor cat. "He's sick… I don't know what happened, he wasn't this bad hours ago but then he just kept on throwing up… I've I've giving him some antibiotics but it doesn't seem to be working either. I tried going to the vet but it's closed and the nearest branch that's open is all the way in Denver. That's too far and I don't have a driver's license…" 

She could just get an Uber but a part of her wasn't brave enough, what if something happens to her? It's so late already, god knows what would happen. She's just a human. She stared at the female in front of her with teary eyes, silently begging for her help "Please help Leo… he's all I have…" Taealha is normally a nice soul, she's bright and she gets along with everyone but Leo has been her cat since she was 18.

It wasn’t like Ivy could blame her if she was still angry, she still felt awful about what she had done and where it had led them, she wished she could change every part of how she approached it all but she couldn’t do that. Still, she felt almost relieved to see her here, to hold her like this for just a moment. She didn’t want to let go, she just wanted to stay in this moment with her forever, which told her everything about how she felt for her.

She blinked a few times when Taealha sniffled and gestured to the cat carrier, she listened patiently to her talk and softened her eyes sadly, she hadn’t actually had the chance to meet Leo before but the human had told her all about her and Ivy knew for a fact she was completely besotted by the feline “Oh no…did he eat something he shouldn’t have?” she questioned and knelt down for a moment to look inside the carrier. The poor kitty was laying against the back, breathing shallowly as though he was in pain which made her heart lurch a little. 

“Denver?” Ivy responded and without taking much thought she got back to her feet “Okay give me a few minutes to get dressed and I’ll take you, can you pull up the location on your phone?” she questioned before stepping back to invite her inside the house “If you wanna get some water for Leo feel free to grab some from the kitchen” she hurried into her bedroom and grabbed a sweater throwing it on over her t-shirt and quickly pulled on some leggings and sneakers so she could drive, before long she headed out from her room, brushing a hand through her messy hair and looking for her keys. 

“Can you call ahead and make sure they’re able to see him?” she questioned as she headed over to her. 

She was actually struggling so badly but all she could think about right now, is Leo, her poor cat lying weakly in his cat carrier. He needs help and that's exactly what he'll get. With only a cardigan to cover her and it was really cold, Taealha pulled both sides tightly to cover herself, she probably should've put on something warmer and more appropriate because she hardly doubted some would grant her entry after seeing her in her nightgown. "He was doing just fine before this… I gave him wet food from the can because he didn't look like he wanted to eat the kibbles. And he finished those too…" So she found it impossible that it was something he ate or else he would've given her an almost instantaneous reaction. 

"I think it's something more serious…" Leo never goes out of the house that much, he'd lounge around the hallway a few times but he'd often go back to his room at the end of the day. It couldn't have been something he ate, the white furball doesn't accept any food from strangers as far as she's concerned, unless she's starving and Taealha was sure she never left the cat like that. She didn't expect Ivy to agree so fast like that but she has always been that type of person, right? Always so on board with everything the human suggested. She decided to get some water for Leo and a glass for herself too because she's been running around plenty. 

Since she wasn't able to proceed with talking, she used the application installed in her phone to muster up something less robotic. It's been a working progress and she owed it all to the technology and the brains of the Organization. It definitely helped her navigate her life much better. After a few minutes being on the line, she received confirmation they were still open and receiving patients. "Yeah, I've sent the location to your phone… Are you sure you can drive me there? You don't have… work tomorrow? You could get tired… I don't want to burden you…" But at the same time  she needs this, and she needs her.

She could tell how distressed Taealha was and she couldn’t help but feel awful for her because she must be so worried about Leo but at the same time Ivy couldn’t help but feel some hope in her chest simply from the fact she was here, that of all the people she could show up to ask for help, she chose her. “That’s never good…if he’s gone from having a good appetite to this…that’s a big change” Ivy didn’t own any pets but even she knew it wasn’t a good sign when an animal’s health suddenly took a turn like that with no warning.

She didn’t want to panic her though “But hopefully the vet can take care of him and make sure he’s okay” she nodded a few times, that was the only way they would get the answers they needed which meant they needed to get there as soon as possible. She was rushing as she got ready and she didn’t even have a moment to think about what she looked like or how it would be seen, she just needed to get out of here as soon as possible. She looked down at her phone when she pinged over the location and then opened it on the maps app.

“Of course I can” she responded immediately, she hated the fact that Taealha thought anything like this was a burden, it was an emergency and that always came before any other priorities “I’ll just call in and cancel a few appointments, don’t worry about it, schedules can wait” but this very sick kitty couldn’t wait. Noticing Taealha was still in her nightdress she bit her lip and headed back into her room to grab her some sweatpants and a hoodie along with a pair of sneakers “We’re about the same size…” she murmured as she offered them out to her as she didn’t want her to cold.

She felt guilty for asking help from Ivy at a time like this but she was desperate. What was she truly feeling though? Was she upset with the brunette? Yes, initially. But that feeling later went away when she realized she had no reason nor right to be upset. How could she have expected so much from her? You can't open up that easily, even with your girlfriend. But she ignored her either way, until today, and only came around when she needed something. "I feel so shameless… I'm sorry for this." But she truly didn't have anyone else. Leo is everything to Taealha, he grew up with her. If she loses him, she'll really break down. 

"I'm sure things will be fine…" It might not be a great act of pulling the whole convincing part, but it was something. She just needed some assurance and thankfully, the Initia offered her that. Yet again, Ivy was there for her through everything. It wasn't until Ivy came back with a pair of shoes and some clothes that she was once again reminded of her current attire. Taealha looked down and bit her lip shyly, she didn't even think about wearing something decent before rushing out because Leo needed help as soon as possible. 

The human held out her hands shakily and took the things Ivy offered, thanking her silently, "Do you mind if I change in the car instead? I don't want to waste time… Leo might need serious help and delaying it even just for a minute is something I don't want to do…" She was anxious and it was clearly seen by the way she was acting. 

Ivy shook her head when Taealha apologized for coming “Don’t feel shameless, if anything I’m happy that I came to you mind at all” she murmured softly and nodded her head, honestly after the poor decisions she had made she wasn’t sure if she’d even hear from her again so honestly it was strangely comforting, though she did wish that the situation was a little less dire. “The only emergencies I’ve been asked to help with before are fashion ones” she commented in a soft jest, trying to ease the human’s worries just a little.

Ivy just hoped that she could be of help, she drove enough that she was confident in taking her where she needed to go, but the results of what happened would be up to the vet and out of her hands, she could see how distressed the human was. “Take your time, I just didn’t want you to get cold” she murmured softly before heading out the door before her and opening the way so that she could follow with the cat carrier. She closed the door behind them and sent a quick text to her security team to let them know she was leaving.

When they got to the car she bit her lip for a moment “You can either keep Leo on your lap or place him in the back seat and fasten the seatbelt” she pointed out, not sure which would be more comfortable for the cat. She headed around to the driver’s side and got in before fastening her seatbelt and placing the key in the ignition, she looked over to Taealha to give her some pointers about where they were going before keying in the destination to the GPS and starting the car.

All of this was making her have a headache. Leo wasn't supposed to be this ill. How could she have missed out on his progress? It was unlike Taealha to not realize something was off with her things, much less a living being like her cat. Things were complicated between her and Ivy right now so a part of her was blaming herself for how shameless she was being with the woman standing before her. The clothes she was wearing were a statement of how crazy she was being with Leo being sick.

On any other day, Taealha would not be caught dead dressed in her nightgown while walking outside at all. Even during her late-night walks, she changed into much more proper attire. "Yes well... you are quite fashionable... it's not surprising people would ask you for advice for fashion..." She did appreciate how she was trying to cheer her up with everything though. It's helping, even a little bit. The human couldn't think too much on her cat or else she might actually faint right there on the spot. The moment she got inside, she placed the cat carrier properly on the seat, fastening the seatbelt.

Once she was sure Leo was not going to move around a lot, she took her seat before taking off her clothes and started wearing the new ones. She didn't care if anyone saw her changing honestly, she just wanted to be in something more comfortable. "I can't thank you enough... I... really you shouldn't even be doing this after what we went through." They were in a difficult period of silence after what happened but here she is. "God I feel so shameless doing this... you must be busy with other things..." She wiped her tears using her shirt and bit her lip in embarrassment 

She nodded slightly “Honestly I just wear whatever I feel most comfortable in” she commented and shrugged “There’s so much pressure in the industry to wear a certain thing or sacrifice yourself in the name of looking good but I’ve never been much for that” she also didn’t see the point in spending obscene amounts of money on clothes she didn’t think looked good because they were deemed to be designer “You have pretty good style too, very soft” she felt like Taealha had a certain air to her that just radiated warmth and comfort, it was one of the reasons that Ivy liked her so much.

Ivy looked over her shoulder at the back seat to check on the cat and make sure he looked secure, she bit her lip sadly noticing how he was laid in the back of the carrier and breathing shallowly. Her heart panged a little in sadness seeing him like that, she wanted to do everything she could to ensure he was going to be okay “Hey…this isn’t even a question you know, Leo needs help and you did everything you needed to, to ensure he got the attention he needs” she didn’t wait a moment before pulling out of the driveway and heading out on the highway.

“And other things can wait, this can’t” she commented in a soft voice, she didn’t think it shameless at all honestly. If anything she couldn’t help but feel touched in the smallest of ways because she turned to her out of anyone and that meant something right? She almost felt guilty for thinking about it in this situation though. She reached a hand over towards her, clasping her hand gently “Leo’s going to be okay, we’re going to get him to the vet and they’re going to take good care of him…okay?”

Sometimes the human envied how easily things could come to the Initia. If only things were that easy to her too. She might show it but Taealha can get insecure and she gets jealous of those who do not show that part to others. God knows Ivy probably felt those emotions every once in a while but she's a damn good actress at not showing it. She looked down at her clothes and hummed to herself, right, and then looked back at the other female, no wonder she said she would wear something comfortable because she was able to rock those.

She could feel her cheeks getting warmer when she complimented her, even amidst them being mad at each other, well more to her being mad at the other female, Taealha still could not help herself from feeling very giddy. Oh the feeling of being complimented by Ivy Blake of all people. "Thank you..." It means a lot. Was it the first time someone ever told her that? No. But was it one of the first for her to hear that so genuinely from someone she actually cares about? Yes. "I still feel like it's not enough..." It's not surprising that this comes to her, to Taealha, she always has to try her best and excel at everything because sometimes, her best isn't enough.

"I could do more..." She murmured to herself. It was almost inaudible but that's how everything is with her. When Ivy clasped her hand, she whimpered silently and leaned her head against her shoulder, snuggling closer and closing her eyes briefly, how she wished this was all just a nightmare and was just a sign for her to get back to Ivy. She would rather that.

The warmth Ivy radiated, she wanted to be under that always. And so the human kept staring at the Initia "I can't thank you enough for this Ivy..." And she really meant it. She leaned in to press a kiss against her cheek and blushed "Thank you... really." The ride surprisingly ended faster than she thought. The moment she saw the neon lights from the signage lighting up, Taealha was quick on her feet and had the carrier in her hand as she dashed into the 24-hour clinic. 

Ivy had pretty much resolved herself to the fact that her own actions had caused the end of whatever it was the two of them shared. So she felt a little in disbelief to be sitting here with the human beside her in the front seat. The Initia had been pretty lucky throughout her life but even she couldn’t have dared to ask for a second chance. “A perfectionist will never see their own merits, believe me, I get it” she was the same, if not worse because of the spotlight she was under, being perfect, having a perfect image, it could change the entire trajectory of her life.

Her heart started hammering in her chest the moment that Taealha leaned in against her shoulder, it still surprised her just how much someone could affect the initia, she wasn’t the type to get emotional…or attached. Why were things so different when it was her? She took a long breath “Thank me after Leo’s okay” she spoke softly. She knew how much the cat meant to Taealha, she’d never had a pet of her own, but anyone could see just how attached Taya was to her cat.

As soon as she pulled up, she watched as the human rushed straight into the clinic without another moment of hesitation, watching her carry in the carrier and talk in a hurried manner to the clerk. Ivy sat for a moment and ran a hand through her hair, was it a good idea to go in? They didn’t need unnecessary attention and there were plenty of people inside who might recognize her. But she wanted to be there for her…

After a moment of deliberation, she grabbed a hoodie from the backseat and slipped it out, putting up the hood and tucking her hair inside, hiding as best as she could before locking the door and heading into the waiting room.

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