Liam didn't like being told no. He wasn't good at denying something once it battled past the prelude of nonchalance that he wore as armor to make him truly care about something. Reporting to a supervisor made him more than a little uncomfortable at times and even resentful.  It was not easy to be told to wait when he wanted to run. Sometimes, he felt like no one listened and that the cases he brought before the guards were ignored, but thankfully, he had little regard for the rules and being told no didn't necessarily mean that he would leave a lead alone. It had been five weeks ago that he'd brought a case of illegal smugglers to the team, but with so much on their plates defending the city and breaking up fights, it had fallen between the cracks. Somehow, he hadn't been able to let it go, despite being warned that going in without backup was dangerous. He'd been patient this time; well, as patient as Liam Arbor ever got and done two full weeks of recon and location scouting.

He'd actually planned.  

There was a gala for the new casino opening on the river banks and while it had been nearly impossible to score a real ticket, coming up with a contraband item hadn't been that difficult. It was a large party, with a few bouncers for security, but nothing he couldn't handle. At least, that was what the young man told himself, as he buckled his gun to his leg beneath his tuxedo and straightened his bow-tie in the mirror.

Spiffy. He was almost impressed.

Not comfortable, of course, but if he showed up in anything less, he wouldn't make it past security.

There was something connected in all of the this and he was going to find out what that was - or, more likely, get in a lot of trouble while trying.

Soft, classical music poured out of the open french doors as he approached. It was fifteen minutes past seven o'clock and the party guests were already mingling with delicate glasses of champagne in their hands. 

He took one, too seem polite, but he would not be drinking.

Focusing on a job required his full mental capacity.

To his left there were large, round tables decked in red table clothes where dealers started games of blackjack. He frowned. It made him uncomfortable to see people recklessly throw their money at chance. It had ruined more than one person in his family. Still, in order to come back with a report that actually meant anything, he had to catch the croupiers in the act. That meant blending in and even particpating in the games.

He took a deep breath, waited for a chair to empty, and placed himself at a table with a good vantage point. Around him were several stern faced men with cigars, old women in floral, and to his right, a young woman with red hair like his sister's favorite mermaid and a dress that resembled like poured wine. 

I wonder if she's cursed not to speak. Liam wondered, as the games began. 

Her general aura certainly made him speechless. 

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In the past she would spend many nights just like these. Back when she lived more of a carefree life. Living a nomad and carefree life. When conning was the only thing she knew. The only way of life she had back then. No family, friends or responsibilities. Living a carefree life. Now it was something she craves to have back these days. Life was all different to her now these days. She was now coven leader and ambassador. A figurehead almost. Back then it was something she’d never see and picture herself doing. To settle down, not being on the run all the time. To have a family even, when before she’s always been by herself. It was a strange thing to think how things have changed so much in the past few years. Still she couldn’t let go of her past life of conning. Still craving that life and all of it again. Choosing not to leave it all behind yet. It was a part of her and always will be. Now she just has to be more careful and clever about it. To make sure she’s not caught by anyone who would recogninise and call her out. So far it has worked out to her favour. 

Originally tonight she had planned for it being a simple poker con. Something she had done countless times. It was an easy one if cards are all played right and her rivals are too clueless to see that they are being robbed in front of their eyes. The Diviner had already done what she went out to do tonight. Having taken enough money that she came here for. That can keep her happy and well off for a while. It was no secret she yearned for the life of luxury. It mostly was to have her hands on the newest clothes and latest designer labels and shoes or make up. All of those things came up to a hefty price tag but for what was left she mostly chose to donate it. Something to remind herself that she wasn’t all that bad.  Yet she was confused for what Liam’s motives were. She knew that it was different from what she was here for. They shared one thing in common. Both of them have done something illegal tonight. That's what she knew for sure at least but she wanted to find out more. For her own curiosity of course. 

It came as of a no surprise to her that he would question her trust. She was just the same. Not being able to trust anyone but herself but now it was different these days with it being extended to her cousin who she could trust with her life and he would with his. “Why should I trust you?” Turning the question back around to him, showing they were both the same. Kaelyn knew it was coming that he’d think she’d use that she knew against him. “Well lucky for you I work alone. So stop your conspiracy thinking and just trust me” Reassuring him softly she wouldn’t turn against him, hoping that he’d do the same.  Kaelyn saw the smirk arose on Liam’s face before watching him walk away and headed to the bar. She knew that he was waiting for her to follow and that's what she did. Soon they spoke of their plan for how they were going to leave, nodding her head agreeing with him. “So have I made you curious?” She smirked, teasing him softly. It seemed they were both curious about each other. “You go first and I’ll meet you there. It is better for you to slip out first” There were people already leaving early for the night so it made perfect sense. For her she’d wait a few moments, collect her winnings before leaving not long behind. Kaelyn knew everyone in the room were too busy with their games to take their focus away and onto them. 

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