Liam didn't like being told no. He wasn't good at denying something once it battled past the prelude of nonchalance that he wore as armor to make him truly care about something. Reporting to a supervisor made him more than a little uncomfortable at times and even resentful.  It was not easy to be told to wait when he wanted to run. Sometimes, he felt like no one listened and that the cases he brought before the guards were ignored, but thankfully, he had little regard for the rules and being told no didn't necessarily mean that he would leave a lead alone. It had been five weeks ago that he'd brought a case of illegal smugglers to the team, but with so much on their plates defending the city and breaking up fights, it had fallen between the cracks. Somehow, he hadn't been able to let it go, despite being warned that going in without backup was dangerous. He'd been patient this time; well, as patient as Liam Arbor ever got and done two full weeks of recon and location scouting.

He'd actually planned.  

There was a gala for the new casino opening on the river banks and while it had been nearly impossible to score a real ticket, coming up with a contraband item hadn't been that difficult. It was a large party, with a few bouncers for security, but nothing he couldn't handle. At least, that was what the young man told himself, as he buckled his gun to his leg beneath his tuxedo and straightened his bow-tie in the mirror.

Spiffy. He was almost impressed.

Not comfortable, of course, but if he showed up in anything less, he wouldn't make it past security.

There was something connected in all of the this and he was going to find out what that was - or, more likely, get in a lot of trouble while trying.

Soft, classical music poured out of the open french doors as he approached. It was fifteen minutes past seven o'clock and the party guests were already mingling with delicate glasses of champagne in their hands. 

He took one, too seem polite, but he would not be drinking.

Focusing on a job required his full mental capacity.

To his left there were large, round tables decked in red table clothes where dealers started games of blackjack. He frowned. It made him uncomfortable to see people recklessly throw their money at chance. It had ruined more than one person in his family. Still, in order to come back with a report that actually meant anything, he had to catch the croupiers in the act. That meant blending in and even particpating in the games.

He took a deep breath, waited for a chair to empty, and placed himself at a table with a good vantage point. Around him were several stern faced men with cigars, old women in floral, and to his right, a young woman with red hair like his sister's favorite mermaid and a dress that resembled like poured wine. 

I wonder if she's cursed not to speak. Liam wondered, as the games began. 

Her general aura certainly made him speechless. 

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Back to when she was a child she was never taught what was right or wrong instead it was the other way around. How that wrong was right and right was wrong. Learning from a young age the opposite way she should act. Being raised on the wrong side of the tracks so to say. Her biological father thought he was giving her the best shot at life whilst he was doing the opposite in a way. Giving her away to people who would end up using her abilities and powers to do bad. Learning from a young age how to do simple and illegal acts. Knowing how to pickpocket was one of the first things. How nobody would suspect a little kid to steal their money or belongings whilst they weren’t looking. Then it all built up to different things, more bigger and illegal shenanigans. All in all she loved being a con artist it was all she knew before coming to Evermore. The only thing she knew. Never having another job before. Always relying on her own secret talents to pay her way. Like most con artists she loved living the life of luxury. Able to have their hands on expensive things. All that someone could ever dream of. It all came down to how good of a con artist you were to how long you could keep up without nobody suspecting you. So you could perform the con. 

It always amused her how stupid people could be at times. How she was easily able to fool someone in giving her their private details. Whether it would be bank details, security codes. They were too memorised by her to realise they were being conned, then after it was all too late and she was long gone. After becoming Ambassador, Kaelyn knew one thing that she didn’t want to give up that part of her life. That conning will always be a part of her that she couldn’t give up on. That she’d only have to be more careful when doing so, to be more clever at covering her tracks. Too it helped having a fellow con artist in the city, Alexa who was there giving her a helping hand. There were only a few people who knew of her side job that being Wyatt, her cousin, Alexa and her ex-girlfriend Riley. She was still heartbroken over her recent break up but she knew it was for the best. How there were people who were after her, targeting the people who she loves. Both her and Wyatt thought it would be best if Riley left the city for her own protection. Even if it was hurting her each day she’d been gone, that it’s for her own good. Whilst her and Wyatt were trying to figure out the unknown people who were targeting her. Still she felt she was constantly having to look over her shoulder all of the time, even if there was nothing. All she hopes that her and Wyatt are able to figure it soon so she can go on to living her life properly. 

Each heartbreak hurt more than the one before. For so long she kept her walls up not letting anyone in or herself to love again. In fear of her hurt being hurt feeling broken, that's how she’s feeling right now. The Diviner knew she needed to do something to get her mind off Riley. Choosing to go back to her old habits of conning. Her safe place. Instead of going to something little, she chose to go to something more bigger. Having her eyes set on a bigger price. It was one that took weeks in the making and planning. How it was the same for any con, all needed a lot of preparation and planning. To think of anything happening. Kaelyn had heard talks from different of her contacts that there were big gamblers in the city who were having their own underground casino night. All was perfect to what she wanted. How she was always good at playing poker, easily able to read people. Seeing what their next move was. She was able to get herself access into the place using different of her own contacts who were able to get her in. Giving her the perfect opportunity to rob people blind under their own noses. For this she knew that she had to dress the part to blend in. How this was a classy event with people with big money going to it. Picking out one of her expensive long red dresses that showed a bit of cleavage something that was a must for cons like these. 

Night had already fallen in the city. The redhead made her way to where the casino was happening. Giving the secret address and access code that took her to a building that had a secret access point. Taking to an underground basement that was like it’s own casino and old night club. Walking down the stairs, Kaelyn had noticed how all eyes were on her, memorising people who her appearance. A small smirk appeared on her lips knowing her plan was already falling into play. Walking through into the crowd as she entered the place she took champagne glasses from one of the waiters walking around. Sipping the free and expensive champagne whilst she looked around to seeing where she wanted to be. A few minutes later after figuring out where to start out her con, she took a seat at one of the poker tables as one of the bystander watches so she’s able to figure out what the person’s moves were. The person who was sitting beside her left with someone taking its place. Looking over she saw a male with blonde hair in a cheap suit sitting beside her, making her raise a brow almost. Almost able to guess that he got a ticket just like her, someone who isn't meant to be here but got themselves into the secret access. 

Liam had never exactly had an eye for trouble. He'd had to be responsible for as long as he could remember. It was seldom that he got time off and when he did, he was usually sleeping. It had been several months since he'd had a night out, let alone one where he'd had to put on a tie and pretend he knew something about upper society. Those kinds of graces were all but a mystery to him. He'd practically raised himself, so apart from the manners books that his middle school had prescribed as part of their curriculum, he was completely in the dark when it came to how the affluent functioned. If he actually had money to bet away, it may have been an interesting past time. he enjoyed cards and logic, but there was something off about the way the dealer was behaving tonight. He hadn't spent much time in casinos, but he could tell that the twenty-one cards in the deck for the game of blackjack should have been spread a lot differently around the table. Either a player was holding cards, or the casino was running a scam just like he had suspected. Liam watched carefully as the redheaded woman came to sit next to him. Her smirk was subtle, but it was enough that he knew she was judginging him. He'd used the look one time too many not to recognise it on another face. 

The cards in his hands were good, but not good enough that he'd consider himself lucky. However, the human wasn't hoping to win any kind of prize by showing up tonight. It had been hard enough and he'd fibbed like Pinocchio just to get inside.  At least his nose wouldn't grow while he was trying to take down bad guys. That would be an extremely awkward tell. The blonde crossed his legs under the table and examined the two jacks and random numbers that littered his hand, while holding it close to his face. Despite that he didn't have ambition to win, it was never a good idea to show the other players the cards that you held. His time with the guards was showing him how to slow down and formulate a plan. This night had been impromptu and Liam was aware that he was positioned in a fairly guarded underground facility without backup, but sometimes a lead was too good to wait. It wasn't like he'd get lucky and the elderly woman in floral to his left would wield knives or the pretty woman in red was a master of...

He peered of the edge of his cards. The initial hope would be mastermind, but in that outfit, he was more prepared to say seduction. Her dress was lowcut and the earrings that she wore reminded him of tiny ninja stars; she was appealing, but not in a way that was desperate. Simply, confident. Liam chuckled. He didn't tend to go for women who looked like they could eat him alive, but he'd always been impulsive and the mysterious aspect of his seattmate was about to drive him crazy.  

The dealer called the round and one by one, each player made their bets. Liam looked again at his cards; well, hopefully, he didn't come out of tonight completely broke. That actually sounded worse than dead. He hated not being able to control the direction his life was heading and as much as he disliked it, money ran society, which mean if he had less than little, he was likely doomed. As others made their bets, Liam folded his hand and sat back in his chair, trying to gauge the reactions of the two most serious players and their connection with the dealer, who stood in the middle of the circular table. There was a slight, but nearly imperceptible nod from the man on the left and the highest bet was placed. The woman in floral slammed her deck on the table with surprising force for a woman who seemed like she belonged in retirement and forfeited the hand. The winner collected and Liam stood up, trying to seem inconspicuous while he spotted each bouncer around the room. Although he wouldn't drink it, he reached for a glass of champagne. The best con only ran well when the conman blended into the scene.

The room was bleary with smoke. Many of the patrons had pulled out cigars that he was sure had more value than his clothing. It was difficult not to have a visceral reaction. Smoke was one of the only smells that reminded him of worse days. Liam slipped onto the back patio, which was private enough, despite the large french doors that led to it. Outside, the moon was shining and full. The air was fresh and roses grew in giant pots. Roses as red as the dress on the only girl taking up more of a space in his mind than his job. Who was she and why did she have to be so damn distracting?

After any con is finished it’s most likely that they're planning their next one. It’s the way how things worked, with how they're too deep into the game to stop. That it’s like a constant game too many of them. All addicted not wanting to get out any time soon. Both her and Alexa were basically born and raised into the world of conning. How they knew how to steal and pickpocket before they walked. Learning all the different ways, all being illegal. All of it came naturally to them, how they just fell into it. It was their calling in a way, for them both not wanting to get out of it any time soon. Yet it all came with the risks. Kaelyn knew she had to be more careful to cover her tracks now but it didn’t mean she was out of the game completely. She just had to change the way she does things. That's how she’s found herself getting involved in underground dealings when it came to gambelling or illegal selling of valuable artefacts or stolen jewelry. Rather than the trade of illegal substances how that wasn’t for people like them having their eyes on a different prize. It was easy for her to get on in with the secret illegal underground poker and gambelling there was going on. How it just depends on who you know, having many connections all over. All came useful, especially for things like these. 

The Redhead wasn’t the best poker player yet she wasn’t the worst. It wasn’t her calling but she knew all she needed to know how to con and trick people. What she found always helped her the most was to watch people’s body language and facial expressions. How those two things always helped her to see when another is winning or losing. That many poker players were not so clever to cover their own nervousness. Or sometimes when she was desperate enough to win she would use some of her Diviner powers to see what the other cards were. Yet that was always a last resort as it could easily go wrong and ruin her cover. It most worked to her advantage using those simple tricks, only a few times has it let her down when some people she was playing were more twisted than her. Years back she had sat in and watched a poker match between some members of a mafia, that was an entertaining night to say the least. To see how the best of the best go against each other. When a lot of money is won or lost. How she learnt not to throw money all in one move. 

Kaelyn had noticed when someone took a seat beside her, able to sense that it was their first time here. She was good at reading people almost the best. Able to pick up on things that the human eye wouldn’t notice. Just things she’s learnt all the years, that's why she was good at what she does.  There were two other people at the table with them, she knew she was up against at least one good player. The other two players were the blonde male beside her rather than a woman who looked like she should be near to going to a retirement home but loved to gamble. The Redhead picked up her stack of cards holding them to her, seeing which ones she had in her hand. Out of the corner of her eye she could see how the blonde beside her was holding the cards in a different way that she’d seen before. That they were almost glued to his face as he was holding them so close. A small smirk escaped her lips amused by it, how she knew he still knew poker. Or to serious poker as they would call it here. The stack of cards she had in her hands were good but they weren’t the best. How at times like these it was the luck of the draw. 

Now was the time to carefully make her move to see what cards she had that she was able to make something out of. How she knew she wasn’t out completely unlike the two others. Seeing how the old lady on the table reacted badly to having a bad hand whilst the mysterious blonde male beside her chose to easily call it quits. Leaving it to just her hand the other poker player in. “Two pairs” The Redhead showed her pairs, having 2 Queens and 2 7’s. Luckily for her the other player only had one pair making her the winner. Finding different coloured chips being pushed her way. Kaelyn was grinning, almost excited at her win even if it wasn’t as big as she wanted. Yet she knew the night was only started. Looking up she watched as the player who she lost started to curse under his breath having lost money as he put it all in one go. As she counted up her poker chips putting them into her purse to use later, she looked beside her seeing that the man was gone. Almost frowning to herself not knowing why she still thought he would have stayed. 

Kaelyn looked around the room for him but could only see people all in expensive suits were all gathered around. She didn’t know why she was looking out for him that he wasn’t usually her type. How she was always more drawn to the people who she could con out of a lot of money. Stepping from the poker table choosing to call it quits from this game how she could see the other player was a sore loser.  Kaelyn started to make her way through the crowd, helping herself to another glass of free champagne, whilst she looked around to see if she could spot him. Soon she saw something that caught her eye, a back patio thinking that's somewhere someone would go if they realized they were out of their league with all the poker games happening. Pushing open the french doors she looked to see the mysterious blonde standing there. “You didn’t miss much, the other person called in quits moments later when he realized he lost” She revealed coming out of the shadows, taking him by surprise how she knew that he wouldn’t have expected her to follow him. “That was just an easy hand, there’s people in there putting a lot of money on the table. Just make sure you don’t go up against one of them, if not you can kiss all your money goodbye” Kaelyn pointed out trying to help him out, not almost for him to see he was in over his head if he went up against one of the best poker players who were here tonight. 

Liam liked to take a breath of fresh air whenever he could. Being outside always calmed him down. One of the best parts of being a guard was how much time that he got to spend in the great outdoors, surrounded by the birds, the breezes, and absolutely no people. Liam could charm people, for sure, but when it came to actually enjoying the company of others it was rare that he found people to truly connect with or converse. Most people tended to care about petty things like their latte orders more than what really mattered. He hadn't had the time to care about simple luxuries for a very long time. The guard was well aware that nearly everyone else in the building was either rich or crooked. The allure of the money was tempting. He liked nice things and he knew that there were so many more ways that he could help his family if he had more resources, but it didn't seem right to either bet on chance. He was too good at math to truly enjoy the odds of winning at a casino.

No, he was here to work. It still made him more than a little bitter to see the rich tossing away their money to a group that he knew was running a scam off their backs. He'd not grown up disadvantaged, by any means; his parents had been together until he was eleven and after that his father had still paid half the bills. The only thing that made things different was that unless Liam brought them to the post office, the lights would go off and the water would get cold. If he didn't bring groceries home after school, Beth would end up without anything to eat.  

The young man stared into the night, surprised by how many stars that he could see when they traveled this far away from the city center. It was a nice villa, covered in vines and old roses. For some, this was how they lived everyday. It was a strange sensation to feel both jealous and resentful at the same time. He liked things to be fair and to work for what he got, but it certainly did seem that some people started the race a mile ahead of others. 

As he waited for the action to really started, the slender redhead who'd been sitting next to him slipped out the door. Liam pursed his lips, listening, but not engaging.  "You're rushing to assumptions." He smirked. "Assuming both that I have money and I am here to claim some monetary prize. For some people, the game is a lot more interesting when you remove the stakes."

He had stakes. Stakes in his investigation, but that was nothing he could say out loud.

"Some people," He nodded, shoving his hands in his pockets as he returned through the French doors. "are observers." 

However, as the next round began, Liam found his sense of observation skewed by the mysterious young woman, who now sat across from him at the table. She smelled like spring time and as much as he'd never say anything, he had a weakness for gingers. The cards resumed and Liam kept his eye on the dealer, watching as he subtly played the cards to his advantage.

No wonder the players were getting angry. The game master was cheating. 

There are times where she would have to remind herself not to go too far. How there was a difference to wanting something and then to greed. That she would find herself forgetting the main reason behind it all. That it’s never always for the wrong reasons or revenge. It’s true that she prefers to live the life of luxury. To have all of one's desires. Something most people would always wish for but she always knew when to stop. Finding the balance for it all. When it’s not worth the risk. Seeing how some cons have gone wrong for others in the past then all the downfalls that come after. Making sure it wouldn’t happen for her. Now having too much to lose compared to a few decoades past when she had no cares in the world. Carrying out a con not carrying the risks of consequences now it was all of the opposite. For the last few weeks she had carried out enough research. To pinpoint who would be the easiest to trick and use to her advantage. For them to lose all of their money to her without suspecting anything. The Diviner would have to wait and see if all her work and planning would all be worth it. Whether or not she would be able to pull off conning someone out of their money. Or more so winning back the money that they'd stolen off people. 

She wasn’t sure what she would do with all the money if it works her way. Always leaving that to work out later on putting her focus on the conning. Making sure there’s no slip ups. Yet she could see she was already starting to slip up with her focus being taken away slightly. Catching the attention of a stranger who seemed to be out of their comfort zone but only she had noticed. “We’ll just have to wait and see?” Normally she was good at reading people but still she’s not able to figure him out yet. For why he was here. That it was difficult for her to get on the inside let alone an outsider. If he wasn’t here to play the game when what was he here for? Leaving taken aback almost looking over seeing he had left and gone back inside already. Walking back away from the patio to inside where everyone else was she looking around at all of the different tables dotted around the room. Until she could see where he was choosing to find out more.

Kaelyn sat herself across the blonde in the cheap suit. Taking her focus back to the game in hand where she’s able to notice how even the dealer was in for making a profit. With everyone in to win even if it was cheating. The other players were getting angry whilst she was able to see what was happening. Looking up, she looked to the other side of the table where a mysterious male was motioning to the dealer to see if he too figured out what was happening. Making up a plan for herself if he was an observer rather than a player she could use it to her advantage to help her win the game. 

Eventually, Liam knew that he would have to take the risk and sneak into the offices that were hiding the surveillance footage. If he left with anything tonight, it needed to be a better understanding of how this group was running their long game. He could gain something by observing the members interact with guests, but what he needed more was a way to understand how they kept both money flowing and guests happy. It seemed like quite the contradiction.

The blonde was not particularly self-conscious over his wardrobe choices. He was well aware that most of the people in the room had spent thousands of dollars on one gown or suit, but that idea of doing that seemed a bit ridiculous to him. If you would only wear something once a month, what was the use of paying so much? He didn't tend to look at clothing; not often. The red dress that the ginger stranger wore was an exception. It followed her curves beautifully and had probably been handsewn. Liam cursed under his breath. Why? After all of his time and work on the guard, did he seriously have to lose focus the first time a pretty girl walked into the middle of a mission? He was far from the top of his game to have his eyes darting back and forth from the young woman to the back room. The information in his brain was being muddled by the undeniable attraction that existed. It was annoying. Going against his earlier promise to not drink, he downed a glass of champagne and casually began walking towards the desk. The best way he knew to slip into employee only offices was to distract the people working. While it was more than a little illegal to pull a fire alarm, it had never been outlawed to mimic one.  

The human pulled a small audio device from his pocket and attached it to the bar while he walked past. It had been synced to a fire alarm setting before he came and all he had to do was sit back at the table and click a button.

The round of cards was over and just as the majority of people began getting up to head to the bar, or the bathroom, or the balcony, Liam slipped his fingers into his pocket and a blazing sound went off around the room. Old and young alike dropped their glasses and began parading towards the nearest exist as fast as their party wear would let them. He, however, dropped to the back of the party and shifted towards the office

It would be five minutes before they realized there was no actual smoke and five minutes was all he needed to gather evidence.

By now she had her eyes on the prize. Seeing that she was in a room full of people who had so much money to waste. Most of it was already stolen by many crooks and con artists just like herself. Or they were just too blinded by gambling to see what was going on right in front of their eyes. The Redheaded Diviner always felt a thrill whenever she carried out any cons successfully. She already managed to win poker chips worth to hundreds or thousands even. Losing count a few games ago. Luckily the chips came to her favour along with picking up when her opments were finding themselves already losing to her. Loving when she’s able to make people sweat. Using it to her advantage taking people for the run of their money. You would think the people who would come to an underground casino like this would have some sense or logic. That they wouldn’t be so easy to trick and lose all of their money to people like her. She was sure that she wasn’t the only one who had a few tricks up their sleeves like this tonight. How a place like this was full of people trying to con one and another out of their money. An easy night to become a very rich person if you play the cards right and it goes to your favour. Or it could be the opposite to find yourself in a risky and dangerous situation. Luckily she hadn’t found herself in one of those hoping that she’d make sure it wouldn’t happen. 

The Diviner was too distracted taking in her winnings to notice the blonde male who had sat on the same table with her had left. There was something about him that didn’t sit right with her. Able to pick up that he had different motives to her and everyone else who was in the room. That it seemed he didn’t care for a game of poker. Not here for the winnings that everyone else was. It seemed like there was something he was more interested in. Making her more intrufugiged to figure out what his motives were. She was one who was more inquisitive than others. It came with who she was and to what her jobs were. That she wouldn’t be a good leader or con artist if not. She put her winnings poker chips into her clutch bag, keeping them for later to cash them in. Looking around she tried to see if who could spot him anywhere around. That he was one to be easily seen by someone like her. All she had to do is to look out for a blonde male in a cheap suit. It wasn’t hard for somewhere like this where everyone else was in designer and expensive labels. 

Kaelyn got up and left the poker table behind choosing to stop her own work to go and try to find him. Choosing to leave her own work behind already too distracted to keep her focus on poker cards right now. Leaving the poker table in first place she went to look out at the balcony thinking that maybe he went out there again. Yet she found that she was wrong with no one in sight. Making her frown to herself that she was one let him slip away letting her focus slip. Something that rarely happens. Out of the corner of her eyes she had caught sight of a blonde in a cheap suit heading to where the offices were out back. Somewhere that poker players aren’t supposed to go. That's when she was able to figure out what he was here for rather than for poker. Kaelyn went and followed him, watching each of his moves. Keeping herself hidden and undetected by him waiting till the right moment to catch him in the act. She was able to see that he had pulled out some device from his pocket and attached it to the bar. Making her even more curious to follow and see what he was doing. She watched as he went back to sit at a nearby table. The Diviner knew what he was doing, something that she herself had done plenty of times in the middle of carrying out a con. It was important to make sure to blend in, to be undetected so nobody would be able to suspect. 

She could see what he was doing. Waiting for the right moment to carry out the next part of his plan. To wait for everyone to be up and walking all around making it easier not be seen and slip past people. Almost on queue the sound of the fire alarm brought the whole room into chaos with people quickly going to the nearest exit. Whilst she kept her focus into seeing where the blonde went and followed him to where the officers were. Just as she followed him she could see that he was trying to break into one of the officers but was failing. At the moment she chose to let him know she caught him. “I saw what you were doing. Planting that device to set off the fire alarm at the right time so you can cause a distraction” He hadn’t fooled her. “You doing it wrong, let me” She pushed him out of the way letting the master do her work. Taking out a hair clip she quickly used it to unlock the door, something she had done countless times. It never let her down before. “You can go ahead do whatever you’ve come here to do. Don’t let me stop you. I’m not going to call on you, I don’t really care what you're up to. So, go ahead” Letting go ahead for whatever mostly illegal crime he was going to commit, it’s not like it’s something she hadn’t seen before.

Liam was counting on everyone actually responding to the fake alarm that he'd set into place. If it hadn't worked, the young man was not sure what his next move would have been. He probably would have had to continue observation and wait for backup from his supervisor, Dominic. He'd waited to so long to get into the club that it seemed worth trying the daring feat of getting arrested for pulling a fire alarm, or prank. For the most part, he had a get-out-of-jail free card because he was a guard; but that didn't mean that there weren't rules. Thankfully, his training had also included rescue maneuvers like picking locks, but it had always been one of his weaknesses. His fine motor skills and patience with the process were some of his biggest weaknesses. He liked the action to happen and sitting still while he shoved different objects into locks was rather unappealing.  He had to focus when the tiny lock wouldn't budge for his pick and the redhead managed to sneak up on him. That was something that rarely happened to him. He'd caught onto the small observation of listening to footsteps as a child and the distinct clack of a high heel was all too familiar. What he didn't count on was the young woman offering to help him. Generally, when others saw people breaking the rules, the best satisfaction they earned was in the call-out. Still, it felt strange to have another person peering over his shoulder as he worked.

"You really think a hairpin can unlock a door that a professional tool can't?" Liam glanced up at the sassy, silhouetted woman beside him. "I've never --" 

He turned the hairpin inside the lock and to his great surprise, it clicked open. The surprise on his face was obvious. Still, he didn't have time to be knackered.  Before long, the security would learn that the alarm was fake and his time would be up. Despite that it seemed exciting, Liam knew too well that it was not worth the lecture getting caught breaking and entering. "Well, color me interested, Princess. You can hold your own."

He chuckled, backing into the room and immediately honing in on the computer. While his hacking skill was below zero, his USB drive with a bug could do more. If the young woman didn't care, he did wonder why she had offered her help. "Well, you seem to care. Why would you help me break into a room with no other information? I could be a spy or something worse. That doesn't bother you?"

Liam's fingers tapped quickly on the keyboard as he plugged in his device and waited for it to connect. He was counting the seconds. It had been two minutes now and he estimated the clock was rolling on how long he had to pull off his heist. It seemed like it took forever for his thumb-drive to capture the information, but just as voices were echoing outside, it finished. As Liam pulled the door shut behind him, footsteps began in the corridor. His heart skipped a beat, as he hurried towards the balcony, waiting for the party to begin again. While it would have been perfectly appropriate to leave now, he preferred to lay the ground work of allowing the people to resume their gathering. Typically, party goers didn't notice him in the background and the last thing he needed was this ending with some sort of confrontation.  The last thing he suspected was for the young woman to follow him outside again. He smirked, putting the device into his pocket and leaning out on the rose-covered railing. "I see you found my criminal exploits amusing."

 The revelation of his exploits seemed a lot more normal of a reaction. Why? He had to know. "Would I be right to assume that means that you have some ulterior reason for being here?"

Over the years she’d seen a far fair undercover type of security scams. Able to see when others are trying to blend in without being seen but keeping their eyes right on the prize at hand. With people looking over their shoulder worried of being caught. She was always able to pick up on the signs. She knew for sure that the mysterious male was on edge. One thing she loved to do was to make people sweat that maybe if she caught him in the act of committing a crime she could do the same. The Diviner decided to step away from her personal mission of winning and stealing money from the rich gamblers here. By now she was already too distracted to continue with what she had planned, choosing to go and see what else was happening tonight. When first hearing the fire alarm she knew she had to follow what way he went. Almost catching him red handed trying to break into one of the offices but failing doing so. The Redhead decided to take matters in her own hands, to help him out. She couldn’t help to smirk a little seeing how she took him by surprise. “Trust me, I know what I’m doing” She insisted pushing him aside almost showing off to how she knew what she was doing. 

Using a hair pin was one of the oldest tricks in the books but complicated. Only experienced con artists knew how to do it that it could easily go sideways. Luckily it went to her favour hearing a click then unlocking the door moments later. Kaelyn looked over to the male seeing how surprised he was. A sly smirk appeared on her face how she took him by surprise. “It was only a hairpin, I have a few other tricks up my sleeve” She teased softly, letting him in first to do whatever he had planned. Kaelyn watched as he headed straight over to the computer, seeing how he plugged in a USB. Something she had done a few times yet she let others take charge who were professional hackers whilst she was better at stealing from others. “A spy wouldn’t be so sloppy with not knowing how to undo a lock” Pointing out the obvious before shrugging her shoulders a little showing she wasn’t phased. “I’ve seen my fair share of things over the years” This was nothing to her, seeing a lot worse. 

Kaelyn let him do what he wanted to do choosing to go back to where people were now coming back in. Seeing how it all went back to normal with everyone all gathered around like nothing had happened. No one is thinking of the false alarm. It wasn’t too long until she noticed that he finished up in the office and went out the balcony, with her following suit. As expected he wanted to find out what her agenda was. “Inside is full of criminals or rich people who are all putting their money against each other but all are too blinded wanting to win and make more money. To find out that others are taking money from right under their noses” It wasn’t all clear. For what and why she does what she does is all complicated to say the least. “What about you? What's your game?” She wondered about turning it back round to him. 

He followed her and returned to the ballroom, where patrons and security milled about. Near the doorway, security officers were talking to police. Liam's posture stiffened and he tucked his hands deeply into his pockets. While he'd tried to avoid the few security cameras that he'd noticed, he wouldn't have been surprised if there more hidden security measures at a place like this. It made him more than a little nervous as the games began again. Still, he did his best to not subconsciously look over his shoulder. Acting nervous would only give away to the hosts that he'd done something wrong. "A game?" He asked, observing as the young redhead chose a table and began fiddling with her hand of cards. "It's a bit presumptuous to assume that I am simply playing a game."  

Being typecast as a spy was one of his early childhood fantasies fulfilled, for sure. Yet, Liam felt that he had very little of the suave nature of James Bond. He'd never considered himself the type to work alone, nor did he work well with others. It left him often in the predicament of things falling in over his head when situations became too overwhelming. The past year of mentoring under Dom had taught him many a time to not run into a situation without backup, but here he was tonight without backup and caught between a door and a pair of red lips. It figured that he would get himself into trouble on the first night that his teacher was out of town. Liam looked over the cards in his own hand. They weren't anything special, but now that his gig was up, it wasn't on his mind to win anything. If anything, he needed to blend into the crowd until there was an appropriate time to leave. He pulled from the deck as the game proceeded and acquired the queen of hearts. It seemed fitting. With the beautiful debutante catching his every move, it was getting more difficult. As much as Liam would generally appreciate a lovely woman on his arm, the bright red garb that she wore called attention to herself and tonight that was the last thing he needed.  With a small smirk, he tilted the card in her direction. Despite that she was desperately in his way, when he was around her, Liam felt that his wall of logic was becoming unwillingly befuddled by the stranger that he found himself annoyingly attracted to. "Would you at be so polite as to introduce yourself? I'm Liam."

He wasn't sure why he gave her his real name after allowing her to witness his crime, but it appeared that a pretty face won over his rationale. Even the kind that was deeply imbedded. "Liam Arbor." 

The Diviner decided to let him do what he came here to her. That it had no concern to her. By now she was used to turning a blind eye to things like these with how normally it’s her committing the crime and not the other way around. It would come no surprise to her that there was something more illegal than a few gambelling games going on here. The Redhead waiting for the blondes signal that he had done or fathered enough that he came here for. She knew how valuable time was when you didn’t have much to it. So other people wouldn’t catch wind of something else going on. When they returned back to the ballroom everything soon fell into place. For them both easily able to blend back in with everyone else that no one else would be able to notice. Hoping that he had remembered to go through and delete the security footage of the past 15 minutes. If so they had nothing to worry about. Looking around the room she noticed a few security guards talking to some police, quickly she glanced back down. Turning her attention back to the playing cards as they went back to one of the gambelling tables just like before. “There’s all different types of games, it just depends on the type of one. Whether you're the task master or just one of the pawns” She commented slyly back to the male who she helped cover moments before. 

One of the best games she was best at was to pretend. That is what she was doing now. Pretending that she knew what she was doing whilst in reality she was relying on picking up on other peoples slip ups and mistakes which she could use to win. Simple as that. She was not no master mind that's for sure but it didn’t mean she didn’t know how to play along. Pretending she knew what she was doing. Looking down back at her cards able to see she had a good hand. Carefully laying the ones she wanted to use out on the table. “Two pairs” A smirk appeared on her lips knowing she had cards in her favour today whilst two of their other appoints were starting to grumble knowing they were losing whilst she was winning. It seemed that she wasn’t the only one who the cards were favouring today. She was surprised almost by the stranger deciding now to introduce one another. Almost forgetting that they hadn’t done it before but so much had happened already tonight in no time. Soon she learnt his name, Liam Arbor. Too that he was given his proper name at that, able to tell when one was being truthful than when it was simply an act. “Kaelyn, Kaelyn Brookes” Smiling softly, brushing a loose strand of her red hair behind her ear almost catching his attention. “How about we get away from here, I think we both had done what we came here for. So what do you say” The Diviner got closer to him, before she was whispering in his ear so no one else could hear. “Nobody will suspect  anything if you just play along” Whispering softly, hoping that he knew what she was planning so they could slip past the police and security whilst picking up their winnings.

The night was winding down. While he had no doubts that the gambling and the party would go on for many hours into the night, Liam was ready to find a way out of this place before some kind of predicament trapped him inside. Being interrogated was not on his to-do list and so far Dom had taught him very little about what happened when someone was captured; only that the best way to avoid it was getting caught at all. His mentor had a certain disrespect for the rules that allowed Liam to flourish under his teaching. Sometimes, a wrong action could be accounted for if it was for the right reasons. While the human had never seen himself as judge and jury before, he was becoming increasingly aware that most wars were not prevented by peaceable actions. There had never been a reason why he needed to stand up and fight before, but the people of Evermore were inches away from doomsday that very few spoke about. It made him eager to do his part and learn how to acclimatize to a changing world. If he ever left, the streets of Chicago would now seem calm compared to everything that he'd seen here. Magic was a powerful force and his knowledge of it had begun to play out into the decisions that he made. 

He could not help but wonder if Miss Kaelynn was fighting the same war. Her secrecy and fascination with his crime both made him uneasy and intrigued. There was so much that he didn't know, but perhaps he liked it that way. If anything, his greatest impulse was for knowledge. He desired to understand the facts so that he could respond appropriately. With that said, he would never deny either a beautiful lady on his arm, or a speedy way out of a scenario that was quickly becoming out of his control. The longer a ruse went on, the more likely it was that someone would smell out the intruder, but Liam had learned the hard way that the most beautiful things were often the most dangerous. "Why should I trust you?"

He leaned back in his chair, looking her up and down, with one sweep of his eyes. "You might be the only person in this room who knows of my actions. I can't be sure that a stranger wouldn't use them against me."

Liam smirked and headed towards the bar, waiting for her to follow. He'd met plenty of lovely women who had no ulterior motives. Kaelynn seemed much to intelligent to have no plot of her own, but mutually assured destruction seemed unlikely. He crossed his legs and double checked his breast pocket for the small device that carried all of the evidence that had been gathered. It was there. It hadn't been either revealed or swiped. The young man could not help his curiosity, but there was something in the air that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. If they didn't take their chance to hop the fence, unnoticed, he was beginning to sense that the night would get more grim. "There's a bar, about two blocks away. We'll need to leave separately. Can I trust that if I play along with your game plan, you will tell me more about yourself? 

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