The spookfest had ended with HAna making a few new friends. She had started that night out nervous and completely shy, but by the time she had ended it, she'd spent her whole night with two new guys. Han and Jae. And, while they had given off some pretty strong romantic vibes together, Hana hadn't stopped herself from flirting with each of them. Though, Hana admittedly shoved most of her attention to Jae, she had found Han to be a pretty humble guy, and enjoyed the few moments she'd spoken to him. The three of them had planned on meeting up again at a later date, seperately of course. 

Hana had just finished her shift at the INN when she pulled her phone out to text him. "I'm bored, so if you're not doing anything, we can hang out today" she then pressed send, and used one of the motel rooms to change out of her work uniform and into something more casual, but warm. The weather had changed dramtically since the spookfest. Though it wasn't entirely warm that night, it definitely hadn't been as cold as it was now. Hana emerged from the room dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, a red polo sweater, red and white polo sneakers, and her hair straight down her back. 

After walking out of the INN, she stood by the sidewalk to wait on a cab. She was rather excited to see Han again. The way he presented as completely shy, was simply adorable, for whatever reason, she liked shy guys. Leigh had been the same way. and when he finally struck up a conversation with her as they waited for Ha-joon to return, she found that she actually enjoyed his company. She knew Han would be a lot harder to get to open up, because he seemed to have more courage with Jae by his side, but that was fine by Hana, she didn't mind being patient. If this should bloom into a decent friendship, then she had nothing to complain about. Besides, good friendships never started off great at first. Taking proper time to get to know someone, was how Hana did things anyways. 

The cab driver seemed to be in a hurry, and frankly scared the shit out of Hana getting her to the park in one piece. "I shouldn't pay you a penny for that ride. You could have killed me!" she said in a dramatic tone, but handed him the money for the ride anyways, and sighed as he sped away. "Idiot" she grumbled to herself, but lit up a little when she saw Han on a bench, seemingly busy drawing a picture of something, lost in a world of his own. "Aren't you freezing?" she asked with a raised brow before sitting down beside him and stuffing her hands in her pockets. "If it gets too cold we can go get hot chocolate" she offered, figuring it would be a good way to start her day. Her shifts at the INN were usually long, because if Thaddeus wasn't there, she had no one to talk to besides the people renting rooms, and they rarely ever came out of their rooms. Often times, she had to wear earphones to block out the noise that came from the couples rooms. 

"So the Spookfest. That happened" she giggled cutely, and offered him a faint smile. "It definitely didn't seem like your scene though". For Hana to be the outgoing one among the two of them, she had to admit, she felt shy as fuck all of a sudden and knew she'd struggle for a bit until they got to talking, or found something to do during their little hang out session. "Thanks for meeting me though. I didn't think I could convince you" she added, giggling softly as she tried to glance over to his book. "You like to draw?" she then asked curiously, finding it intriguing that he had a talent for it. As shy as he seemed though, it made sense. It didn't take any kind of social skills to be an artist, in fact, most of the artists she'd met were the quiet, stay to themselves type of people. 

She imagined that Jae had been the spontaneous one of the two of them, and that it's the only reason he had even came to the spookfest. Hana pulled her phone out, and scrolled through the images she got of the spookfest, showing Han the screen with a smirk on her face as she finalyl came to the picture she managed to get of him and Jae. It had actually turned out to be adorable, Han was smiling at Jae, and Jae was looking out into the distance, almost posing without even realizing he was on camera. "I'll send it to you in a text" she stated, smiling faintly. "The two of you seem really close" she added, and crossed one leg over the other before looking out into the distance, analyzing the scenery and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. 

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When he woke up from his brief nap to his phone vibrating with notifications, Hanseol wasn't prepared to be bombarded with messages from a certain human who asked to meet up. Hanging out is still so new in the Star's vocabulary, he had to admit that. Other than his dates with Jae, or his coffee and bakery sessions with his Volakiri, Yeon, Han almost never goes out anywhere. He needed a company and those two were usually his option because he wasn't exactly someone who had a list of contacts for him to call. Well, he did have Ophelia on a speed dial too, aside from Jae and Yeon, in fact, he managed to drag the Celestial Wayfinder out of the castle and to the bowling alley. But it didn't change the fact that Han is an indoor person, at the moment. He met Hana at the Spookfest, when he went with Jae, dressed as a vampire, which also marked his first social event ever. The human was dressed in a Winnie the Pooh onesie, he recalled, and was quite cheerful. 

Had it not been to Jae doing most of the talking as she clung to them the entire night, Han would never be able to say more than a few words to her. He's shy, and that alone was enough to warrant his actions. They did exchange their numbers after that night though the Celestial didn't think he would be using much of it. Hana did seem more interested in mingling with his boyfriend. So when Hana suddenly texted him and managed to drag him out of his shell, Han couldn't even say no. One, he was already out, taking the cold breeze of the evening as an inspiration to draw. Two, he didn't get the chance to say no to her who had probably started to head over. It couldn't be that bad, right? Han can still function properly and decently without Jae when it comes to socializing. Though, he had to admit, Hana was bubbly and loud which may have made him feel awkward because he's quiet and shy, a contrast to his boyfriend who could easily put up a conversation with anyone.

 Unfortunately, confidence boost wasn't one of the things he received from Yeon. He was half way drawing the cold setting of snow sticking in, in front of him when he was interrupted by a familiar feminine voice, causing Han to turn around, "No. Not really. I'm used to it." A sad revelation since Han was used to running back then so the cold didn't bother him as much. "Are you?" He saw the way she stuffed her hands into her pockets and wondered if she wanted to move to a warmer setting. He shook his head slightly when she commented that Spookfest didn't seem like his setting, "No, it's not. Uh… I'm not good at socializing." Yeon and Jae was definitely better at that. His eyes dropped down to the sketchbook he has in his grasp, it was just a picture of his surroundings, hardly anything he would boast over. 

But the pages before that, however, was filled with plenty of sketches of Jae and his dogs. "Yeah, I draw. I like to paint." His voice was timid and his words were carefully picked out. He did move a little when he saw the pictures Hana showed to him, his eyes lit up almost instantaneously when he spotted himself smiling endearingly at Jae who was busy staring off in the distance, it even made him crack a small smile. "Isn't that to be expected for lovers? To be close to each other?" he had his head tilted slightly in confusion.  

Hana had to admit. Meeting Jae and Han both had been pretty amusing, as they were as different as day and night. Han was very shy and awkward about social events, and Jae took charge and did all the talking. Both of them were nice however. Whether she knew them that well or not, wasn't a factor. Hana needed more friends in this city, and since she seemingly clung to the males more than the females, hanging out with Han today sounded great to her. Most would assume it was more than that. It was just the narrow minded world they lived in. You rarely see a male and female hanging out who weren't at least having one night stands with one another. But Hana believed you could be friends with whoever you want, and it be just that, a friendship.

She couldn't help but chuckle because the last time she'd seen Han, he was giving her a look about how bold she had been with her comments to he and Jae the night of the spookfest. And, she was sure that it was more so the way she kept glancing at Jae. Though she definitely didn't mean any disrespect. They seemed pretty tangled up with each other. Hana sighed, shrugging slightly when he reversed her question when she had asked if he was freezing "I'm okay .. for now" she chuckled. Whatever he meant by saying he was used to it, she surely wasn't. She knew some supernaturals couldn't feel the cold at all, but she was only a frail human.. a human with an illness at that. Hana smiled faintly when he admitted that he wasn't good at socializing. That much was clear, but she was thankful he had met her anyways "I hope I didn't push you too hard in that case. I can be a little insistent" she expressed, and gazed down to his sketch book,"I'm glad you decided to wait here though. It's hard to come out of your comfort zone to try something new. Especially when it involves new people" 

Hana knew what that was like because of college. Going in, she wasn't the best at communicating, but then the fact that people seemed to cling to her, turned her into quite the social butterfly. "That's pretty good" she stated, referring to the drawing in his lap of the scenery in front of them. She grinned happily when she noticed the way he lit up when she showed him the picture. She couldnt deny that she wanted a love like that someday. One where you just lit up, and changed your whole attitude because of one single person. She wasn't even sure she'd get to see Han smile, so to see him practically glowing at that picture made her happy. "Lovers huh?" she asked a little playfully, or maybe she was teasing because of how he had looked at her that night, every time she was seen glancing at Jae.   "Have you lived here very long?" she then asked, figuring if they would get to know each other, that she too should be careful with the words she used, and pick her questions carefully.

"Hot chocolate is sounding better and better every time the wind blows though" she added before standing to her feet, gesturing for him to come with her. There was a shop just across the street from where they sat, so at the very least, she wouldn't be dragging him all over the city. Though, she hoped they could make a day of it and have some fun. She knew it would be hard getting a timid guy like him to open up though, but what could she say? Hana was a sucker for aiming at the impossible. "Do you have other sketches in there?" she then asked, pointing to his book, curious of his skills. The scenery he had sketched out was pretty enough to leave her wanting to see more.

The snow that had already fallen in the city made the human smile. She loved this time of year, and the lights people used to express Christmas were always so beautiful. She sparked an idea finally, and hoped she could keep Han out until after dark at least.

Honestly, Han wasn't used to socializing with people. There were certain people he got along just fine with, and most of them had pretty significant ties to the fallen star such as Yeon, who is his Volakiri, Willa, the first person he met in Evermore after settling in the eternal city close to two years ago, Ophelia, who is his Wayfinder and leader, someone he truly admires and look up to, who else was there? Not those he could remember, for sure. So when Hana emerged odour in a similar circle, he didn't have a problem leaving Jae to do all the talking and socializing because it wasn't his scene to do so. Hanseol, was in fact, a quiet introvert who would rather spend his free time talking to animals rather than human beings. And despite knowing Hana had no intentions of meddling any further with his boyfriend and was just being friendly, he wasn't sure what to feel entirely about the human girl. 

Was he insecure? That is a constant state for Han. Was he paranoid? That too, is a constant state for him. Was he uncomfortable with how close she seemed to be with his boyfriend? Maybe. Maybe not. When Hana said she is insistent, Han found himself chuckling silently, You don't say" he quipped softly. He only nodded in response to her remark about meeting new people. Han was always apprehensive and reluctant when it comes to that, even Yeon suffered the end of his reluctance and hesitancy the first time when Ophelia arranged a meeting with his Volakiri as the castle. Nobody was immuned to it, not even his boyfriend in the early stages. He realized that he was very in love with Jae with the way he stared at the dhampir even amidst the busy setting, that much was evident.

 "Not too long. 3 years, I think." He had nowhere else to go after that, so following Ophelia into the eternal city was the only option he opted was safe for him. By the very least, he wouldn't be alone. Hot chocolate does sound like a tempting idea so he allowed herself to guide and lead the way, only closing his sketchbook and placed his stationeries inside the bag. When asked if he had any other sketches inside the book, he nodded gently and his cheeks flushed slightly because they were drawings of his dogs, and his boyfriend since the Celestial tended to draw something that strikes his muse. As cheesy as it was, a certain dhampir is his muse. 

Perhaps he was simply just being playful. Hana had a feeling though, that Han had felt a bit jealous towards the way she'd been so friendly with Jae, and how open she'd been about it in front of Han at the spookfest. While she hadn't done that with ill intentions, she was never one to back down from a challenge, but she knew that these two were a sensitive case, because they seemed to mean a lot to one another, and Hana certainly wasn't a home wrecker of sorts, and she'd never be reason to split a loving couple up. So, should Han ask her to back off? She likely would. Though now, she didn't imagine she'd do so without a struggle. She actually liked Jae a lot from what she knew already. He was friendly, and didn't mind taking a risk for the sake of trying something new. 

Hana smirked and giggled softly when he teased her by saying ' you don't say'. After giving a playful eye roll, the human sighed softly. Sometimes she felt her persistence annoyed people, but Han didn't seem to agitated with her yet, thankfully."Well, even with as shy as you seem. You don't make the worse company" she teased as she saw him flushing a bright red when she asked about his other drawings. Since they seemed to get him a little worked up, she figured she might be over stepping if she asked to look at them, so for now, she'd let him warm up to her, and what better way to do that than hot chocolate? 

As he allowed her to lead the way, Hana led them inside where they were greeted by the smell of coffee, and baked goods, and the sound of Christmas songs playing in the background. "Do you celebrate Christmas?" she asked curiously, wondering if he liked this time of year. Hana knew a lot of people suffered around this time because of depression and such. She couldn't remember the last Christmas she'd had herself, where she had genuinely just enjoyed the holiday. Now with her and Ha-joon working out their differences though, and meeting a certain Celestial, she figured that this year would be different. Much happier to say the least. Hana seated herself in the corner, where they had a view of the outside, because she was a curious person, but she liked being aware of things going on around her, so knowing who was coming in and out of the small cafe, helped ease her mind a little. 

"Do you have any siblings or family in the city?" she then asked, hoping she wasn't crossing any lines by the questions that she'd asked so far. It was just her way of trying to get to know him a little better. Should this develop into a friendship, then she figured it would be best if they at least tried. She was generally a patient girl, so she didn't mind how reserved and shy he seemed for now. She figured that would change with time, and if he decided she was worth becoming a friend to. 

Was he easily jealous? The definite answer to that would be yes, Hanseol is quite prone to jealousy just like any other person in this world who loves their partner with their whole heart. Does this mean he didn't trust his boyfriend to keep on loving him just because he befriended someone who was very attractive who also found him the same? No. Han trusts Jae with his heart, and while he could be surprisingly possessive when it comes down to his boyfriend, he would never attempt to think that the dhampir would ever cheat on him. But it does make him feel very insecure when he knows there were other people eyeing the ethereal male, it wasn't anything he hasn't talked over with Jae before, and they both trust each other enough. But was he tempted to ask her to know her lines and boundaries while hanging around his boyfriend? Very much so. Not that she'll ever hear it out of him considering how shy and reserved he is around people he wasn't used to. And Hana is relatively new to his contacts so. 

"I think it's because I tend to stay quiet most of the time" he responded to her remark about him not being the worst company, "Or else, no one will want to work with me" Which is actually true, since he's working as a veterinarian, someone who needs to have a smile on his face every time he deals with the clients. His grip around his sketchbook seemingly grew firmer than before because he saw how she spared a few glances towards it and honestly, Han is not used to people asking to see what he draws seeing as it's a bit of a personal thing. Most of the time, it's also because he's not sure if his art is considered good enough in the eyes of another. He's only shown them to the likes of Jae, Yeon and Phe, even Artemis got a brief glimpse. Perhaps, one day.

He followed her silently and was a bit taken aback by her sudden question, though Han still took the chance to reply, "I've never celebrated Christmas… until this year, at least. The previous 2 years in Evermore had been busy and I never knew how people celebrated it so… yeah" He fiddled with his fingers and pressed his lips together to form a small smile, the only reason he even celebrated them this year was due to Jae dragging him out. "Before this, let's just say I didn't have the luxury for it." He settled in the seat across her and allowed his eyes to wander around the cafe while taking in the decorations. Her question once again took him off his guard because it was a rather personal one but he didn't see anything wrong is wanting to get to know someone new, "I… do. A brother." He was positive Sunmin is his brother. He just knows it. What else did he know about the other male though? "As for family, Jae's my family, my two dogs at home are my family."

While the reserved male sat there quietly, Hana could only wonder what was on his mind during that moment. She knew he was jealous, possibly even insecure about Jae. She had made it rather clear at the spookfest that she had eyes for Jae, and if Han had been paying attention that night, he’d have seen her checking him out too. So, it was fair to say she hadn’t singled him out. She just hoped she hadn’t checked out Jae so much that it had messed any chance up for her and Han to become friends. She liked his company, and while he was quiet, he was also humble during the rare moments he actually spoke. 

“I doubt that’s true. If people got to know you better, I think they’d like you either way” she offered a genuine comment, and looked down to his hand, watching as his knuckles turned white from how hard he began gripping his sketch pad. “Maybe some other time then” she nodded, giving a shake of her head as they walked the rest of the way in silence. 

“Well, that’s a bummer” she started, when he explained why he had only celebrated these past two years of Christmas. “I don’t particularly like the cold weather that it brings, but the decorations are pretty, and people seem to be more humble towards one another” she expressed, finding it sad that the only time of year people truly loved each other, was during the holidays. And then you had families who only gathered when a member of the family died. Tragic. She shook her head at the thoughts, and sighed softly. Her and Ha-joon had finally began rebuilding their own relationship, but she knew it was far from being back to where it once was. 

“Well, i’m sorry to hear that Han. But, it sounds like you have a reason to celebrate it now at least” she gave a knowing look, and arched a brow when he said he had a brother, but said so rather hesitantly. “That’s nice to say… your significant other should always be considered your family. What kind of dogs do you have?” she asked curiously,  knowing how much she had been wanting a puppy lately herself, she couldn’t help but beam at him a little when he spoke of his own. “Two hot chocolates and a coffee cake please, make sure to bring two forks” she nodded at the waitress, and put some cash underneath the napkins on their table as a tip for the woman. Hana figured that was their biggest source of money .. especially waitresses and waiters. 

“So you said you had a brother?” she started, smiling faintly as she waited for their order to be brought to them. “What’s he like?” she then asked, before continuing on to share a little about her own brother, that way Han didn’t feel like he was doing all the sharing, especially since it was hard to get him to share anything. “I have a younger brother .. he’s a dancer for Yeonseok’s dance company. Most people know Yeon, I think I may have saw him speak to you at the Spookfest?” she asked, but she may of been wrong “that was such a crazy night.. I forgot half the people who approached me at this point” she admitted, giggling some before giving the waitress a thankful nod when she finally delivered their goods.

He was so sure his ears turned red for a while when she complimented him, Han wasn't used to them and while he may like them because honestly, who wouldn't, he still found it hard to respond to them as casually as he does with Jae or Yeon, even Dae, the Niveis who he actually came to admire after befriending him via Jae. Having more friends didn't hurt, perhaps it'll even do him more good. "Thank you, you're very cheerful, Hana. I guess it's no wonder people would like you just as well. You know… like those types of people who just really hit off at first try? Yeah." Hana reminds him of those people, confident ones who never seemed to show what bothers them on the outside and honestly, the Celestial applauds them for it. He imagined it couldn't have been easy. But then again, Yeon is also a people person from what he sees, everyone seemed to flock on him.

 He nodded in agreement when she talked about the celebrations, "I didn't have the luxury to celebrate it before. Things… have a funny way of happening in my life." It was one way to phrase how he couldn't spend any of that due to his streak of running away before he gets caught. It was quite ironic. "Yeah, I'm glad that I have the chance to celebrate it now with people I care about." He had to admit, he felt like he was slowly crawling out of his shell when she asked him what kind of dogs he had, of course, leave it to Hanseol took fanboy about his two devilish furballs. "At the moment, I only have two, though I'm pretty sure it'll grow somewhat. One is a husky named Byul and the other is a Pomeranian, Yeontan. Both are puppies still. I saved them while I was working." 

The Celestial was grateful when she had already ordered in advance. He bit his lip nervously when she asked him about his brother, oh, right… he does have one, at least he thinks so. "I don't… Really know. I've only found out I have one and let's just say the chances of seeing him again after he fled… wouldn't be too high. I'm still actively searching for him, though." Surely, he'll find him, one day. Perhaps not as fast, but that day will come, right? The sudden mention of Yeon's name had his eyes lit up, "Oh, Yeon's a good friend of mine. Sometimes, I come by the dance studio to visit but I don't think I knew any of the dances personally. But we have a close-knit friendship." Technically, Yeon is his Volakiri but explaining that kind of bond to a human may be more difficult than it was said to be. Dae didn't understand the bond at first, what's the chances that Hana would too? "I know Yeon gets around but how did you come to know him? Are you a dancer too?"

Hana couldn't help but grin when she saw how red he had turned. It was pretty adorable, and who wouldn't smile knowing they're responsible for making someone blush so much? Han may have been reserved, but when he did speak, she enjoyed listening to what he had to say. When he told her she was a cheerful person, she chuckled, giving a genuine smile at the last bit of words he spoke. She had only hoped he as speaking from personal experience when he said it was no wonder people liked her "I guess it pays off sometimes, other times I can't help but wonder if i'm just being overly chatty and annoying" she shrugged, usually she didn't mind what others thought of her. But for whatever reason, she was really hoping her and Han would become friends.

"Thank you though, hopefully i'm not to cheerful for what you're used to" she sighed to herself and gazed out to scan their surroundings, something she found herself doing every time she was in public. Hana and Ha-joon still had no idea why they were being hunted, but they at least gathered now, that their parents were behind the reason, and that was enough to keep the yong, frail human on her toes every time someone even looked at her the wrong way. Hana averted her gaze back to Han though, nodding in agreement to what he'd said "Life certainly does have a funny way of working out sometimes. But it seems like you might be doing alright at least" she complimented, but then what did she know? She was merely assuming because he seemed content with what she's learned so far.

"It's nice to have loved ones to celebrate any occasion with. I guess I can finally say the same now that my brother and I are fixing our relationship with one another.. things didn't use to be so easy going between us" she admitted, hoping she wasn't over sharing, but then again, she wanted to get to know him, and knew the only way to do that, was to open up a little.

Hana couldn't help but squeal a little when he named his two pups "Im actually in the process of getting myself a dog. A Husky was the very top one of my choices, if not a Husky, a German Shepard. I'm sure yours are adorable though, both are always the cutest kind of puppes you can have, so you have good taste" she grinned, giving him a look of admiration. Maybe they'd end up having more in common than she came here expecting too. Hana noticed the way he nervously bit his lip, but she was grateful that he responded anyways. It was progress for a guy who was as shy as Han.

After sipping her hot chocolate, Hana nearly choked on the last drink. She was sure Sunmin had said the same thing, in exact words. So now she couldn't help but wonder if Sunmin was the runaway brother Han was looking for. She knew that was going a bit too far though, for someone she didn't know that well yet, so after clearing her throat, and wiping her eyes which had began watering from the way she choked herself up, she shook her head, chuckling in hopes of playing it off. "Sorry. Must have went down the wrong windpipe" she lied of course, and she was more embarrassed than anything that she'd actually choked on her drink. But, shit happens right?

"I hope things work for you and your brother. I am sure he will come to his senses soon enough" she commented, shaking her head at how ironic it'd be if this was Sunmins brother. Hana chuckled at how Han seemingly lit up when she mentioned Yeon "Well, sems like we live in a small world" she started, and reflected on the day she had met him personally after all the things her brother had told her. "I guess I felt like i knew Yeon way before meeting him .. my brother adores that guy" she chuckled, and shook her head amused. "But he is pretty great from the little i know of him. It's been nice getting to know you too though, as quiet as you are.. I'm enjoying it nonetheless" she poked her tongue out playfully. She had wondered if Han had always been this quiet or it he had shut himself off to people after something happened, but she didn't think it was appropriate to ask, she was sure if he wanted her to know, he would eventually speak on it himself.

Hana snorted at Han's comment about Yeon getting around "That's always good to know" she shook her head, "Kidding, but no my brother is one of his dancers actually. I met Yeon at my brothers first showcase. Like I said .. i felt like i knew him before i ever met him, because of how much my brother talked about him. He seems like a good friend to have though, as much as you do" she smiled genuinely, and cut the coffee cake in half and slid his piece over to him. "So, do you have any hobbies, or work anywhere?" she asked curiously, quirking a brow when the song changed in the background of the cafe, to one she was familiar with because of her brother dancing at home all the time.

He quickly shook his head and waved his hands as if he was trying to tell her it wasn't that, when she said she worried she may have been overly chatty or talkative at times, "Believe me, you're not that. If anything, you're better at socializing than most people. I guess you can rightfully put me in the introvert category" he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly because it was clear between them, Han was the shier and reserved one whilst Hana was the social butterfly. "Being cheerful is fine, I'm just not as used. Just because I'm not as used to it, doesn't mean I can't learn to adapt to it, right? I survived Yeon, I think I can survive… others." Technically, handling Yeon was a lot harder than anyone else so he'd give himself the benefit of doubt in it. But then again, the two males seemed to get along just fine, enhancing one another's traits and tendencies if not. 

When he caught her eyes wandering as if she was trying to see if anyone was peeking, Han frowned slightly, "Are you okay? Are you searching for someone?" If there was anything his years of running away from hunters had taught him one thing, it was that he could never be too careless of his surroundings. So he understood and could easily identify those who are wary of their surroundings. Hearing that her brother and her were fixing things better, he could only wish the same could go for him and Sunmin, the guy he was so positive was his brother. That could only be possible to try if only he could locate him, which is seemingly futile right now. 

"If you wanted to browse some pups, you can always head over to my place, by my place I meant the clinic, I work there as a veterinarian, it's a joint shop so you can process your adoption there too. We have plenty of babies in need of home since I can't take them all back home." Or else, his home would be occupied by more fluffs. Hana choking on her drink had Han alarmed as he offered her a napkin, "Is everything okay?" He could only hum softly when she said she wished things would work out between him and his brother. Hopefully. "Yeah, he's a good friend. I don't think he would like having anyone else replacing him for the best friend title, it's more likely to find himself making a dramatic entrance here and say I only wish I could get rid of him" he giggled, things were progressing well, he was slowly getting out of his shell and the conversation they had been seemingly lighthearted. 

He gave her a soft smile when he pushed the plate towards him, to which he accepted, "As I said before, I work as a veterinarian, still finishing my vet school studies too but it's like a joint thing, working while studying. Hobbies… maybe, painting? You?" 

Hana smiled faintly, she couldn't help but giggle softly at his comment, feeling the heat surface in her pale cheeks as she blushed when he complimented her social skills "Well thank you, I'm no doubt an extrovert. I wasn't always this scial though, I guess college does that to some people" while she had breezed her way right on through each year of college being the social leader of the most popular groups, Hana never imagined she'd make this many friends here in the city. And she guessed it had something to do with the fact that she had studied two years of psychology. It was one of those jobs that kind of required you to know how to talk to people and what to say, so she'd gotten pretty good at it.

The frail human chuckled when Han said he had survived Yeon, gazing over to him with a quirked brow "He seemed pretty social when I met him" she remembered how open minded he had been, and how normal the conversation felt with someone she had only known for a matter of minutes during her brothers showcase.

Hana's gaze averted back to Han when he asked if she was okay, or if she was searching for someone, she couldn't help but frown in return. She knew that could be a real mood killer. Not seeming content with your surroundings when you're trying to get to know someone could certainly strain the process "Not anyone specific, its okay .. just had a rough go of life lately .. things have been trying, and a little scary. I try not to make it that obvius most times though" she admitted, and giggled softly to make light of it. She really did wanna get to know Han, and she didn't wanna ruin it by making him weary of their surroundings and knew she would do just that if she continued spacing out like that.

For a second, Hana's eyes widened when he offered to take her to his place to browse puppies, until he corrected just as quickly to say he lived beside of a place and worked as a vet in it. Hana's eyes lit up, and she clasped her hands together exictedly "That's perfect! Can we go after we get done here?" she asked hopeful that she'd get to drag Han around the city for a little while until they gt to know each other a little better. She knew Rome wasn't built in a day though, so she definitely didn't plan  to get into all the best parts now.

Hana smirked when Han mentioned how Yeon might make an entrance. "I can see that" she started and chuckled slightly she could see Han slowly but surely easing himself into this, which made her happy with how shy he had been up until this point. "Im sure he knows he's irreplacable to you.. though I don't mind a good challenge" she joked, because she knew how sacred bonds like that were, feeling as though someday she and Leigh would have that same kind of friendship if they continued at the rate they were going. Hana had only literally known the male for one day, yet that one full day with him had felt as though she'd known him a lifetime.

"How did that come about?" Hana asked curiously, because she knew a lot of people chose career's entirely different from the dreams they had once had. "Did you always want to be a Vet?" she added to her question, before dipping her fork into the half of the cake that she had cut for herself. Hana smiled as she found one more thing they had in common, even if it was something simple, they both worked while going to college "Well then you get how tiring that is" she giggled softly and took a bite of her cake before washing it down with her hot chocolate "this  is pretty good actually" her eyes were lit up with certain surprise, a combination she had never tried. "College and working at the same time, has been really tiring but I can't wait to finish so I can pursue fashion more" she admitted, finding it easy too talk to Han whatever the reason was.

Hana looked out the window, her gazing catching the small flurries that had begun falling at some point while her and Han got lost in conversation. "Painting seems relaxing. I guess Im into fashion though, and I like playing piano, I also sing, but not for the fame.. just because I enjoy it" she smiled faintly. Her being able to sing had been ruined by the fact that she was being tailed by the Triad. She knew if she became popular with music, that they'd be able to rack her more easily, so music was something she hadn't approached as a career.  "Kareoke?" she asked, smirking as she pointed to the small stage in the corner of the place they were sitting in. Most people went up and sang Christmas music, while others would start, and then embarrass themselves and stop mid way. She could only guess that with how much of an introvert Han was, that there was no way in hell she'd manage pulling him under a spotlight.

"Ah, I can't relate. I'm always shy around people, even people I've probably known for longer than a few days. Maybe that's just my natural introverted self popping up to say hello" he giggled sheepishly, but the progress between the two of them was moving pretty well from what he could see. It was rare to find Hanseol opening up at ease especially around someone he's only met once. But Hana was slowly raking the rank. That's for sure. "Is that how college is? I've never been to one... " Technically, he is a student slash veterinarian. It's a weird programme he had enrolled in and in less than 3 years, he was already able to climb his ranks after working diligently. But his studies were pretty much private. He didn't attend classes as much, only submitted his given assignments, work, test and term papers when it was requested of him, presumably to evaluate him.

 "Mhmm, Yeon is pretty… open, in general." That was one way to phrase the Valkyr's personality but bring his best friend and Volakiri had its perks, he knew just how the blond is. "Are you sure it's just paranoia? Maybe there is something else going on? You don't need to put away your comfort for mine, Hana. I know what it feels like to feel watched" Or hunted down. But he bit his inner cheek to stop himself from finishing that part of the sentence. Don't ruin the mood, Han. But he also didn't want to make her uncomfortable. He was a bit taken aback by her excitement but plastered a grin, because he's a vet, of course he would love seeing animal lovers. That's precisely why he did what he did. Why he took up the doctor coat and put a name tag on it saying he's there to save the day. Childish, but pure, nonetheless. "Yeah sure, I mean I have the keys with me so... " Pretty much free reign for Hanseol. 

"Yeah, he knows he's.. Irreplaceable. But he does like to flaunt and rub it in my face when I eventually admit he is not about to leave my side. It's cute but gosh try having Yeon's rub it in every second of the day, it can get handful and I actually had to stuff his mouth with donuts tomorrow stop him from uttering another sentence of it." Oh Yeon can be cute, but a cute daredevil, for sure. It was no wonder why he got so well with the other male in the group; the pale-haired guy that could actually glare you to death with his icy exterior. Well, Han supposed that's literal considering he's a Niveis. When asked if he's always wanted to be a vet, he chuckled nervously, "I'll be truthful, I haven't had the best life before… I was only able to live what's in my life like 3 years ago or so. I didn't know anything about nursing animals back to health. I just know I wanted to help people and then those fluffballs reminded me who would be left to save them?" 

Why not study a bit on both, right? But it was clear that Han found his calling in veterinary medicine. "I don't really attend classes physically. They're either online tutorials or just assignments being handed out. I do a lot of papers though, so that gets stressful when you have to handle the clinic too." He remembered he wasn't offered the position of executive supervisor at the Denver branch because he was the one who compiled the new research facility but that would mean leaving Jae and having to move away and he didn't want to have Jae move away too. Not for his sake. So here he was. "I can play the piano" he quipped shyly, that's one of the instruments he just felt so in love with. "But painting has been something I've done my entire life" He's 90 years old, that meant something to hold onto. 

His cheeks flushed and his foe eyes grew considerably when she pointed to the karaoke stage, he sings sometimes, but he's never sung in public or in front of anyone else who wasn't Jae or Yeon. Dae wasn't even able to get a glimpse more either when Han found he's been leaning against their house's wall, one day. "I… I don't know how to sing in public…"

Hana was happy that even though Han had expressed how shy he typically was, he was still making an effort to talk, ask questions, and get to know Hana. She had never really come off as the intimidating type of girl, but she guessed with someone as shy as Han, she could very well seem that way with how open and chatty she had been so far. "Well by all means, if I come off too strong, just tell me and I'll kick it down a notch" she grinned cutely and flipped her hair over to one side of her shoulder. Hana nodded, but for a moment, she decided to think about his question. "Well, I guess it really just depends on the campus and how big it is. The college I go to is pretty damn big, so you are faced with tons of different people, with a lot of different personalities. It typically forces a person out of their shell. I suppose I was pretty quiet and laid back until then" she blushed some as she admitted that, but it was nice to be able to talk so openly with someone. "Is it something you wanted to do? College I mean?" she had only asked that because he had just mentioned how he had never been to college.

Hana smiled when he mentioned Yeon being an open person in general, and that was certainly accurate. "You seem really close to him" and she only said that, because of how he seemed to light up a little when talking about Yeon. Hana quirked a brow in Han's direction when he asked if she was sure that it was just paranoia, and how she didn't need to put her own comfort to the side for his. But, what interested her more than that, was when he said he knew how it felt to feel watched. After doing a quick sweep of the cafe with her doe eyes again, Hana looked back over to Han curiously "You know how it feels?" she questioned in return but immediately realized that it may of been a loaded question so soon into them getting to know one another. "Sorry, I guess I wasn't thinking that you'd have to explain something you may not feel comfortable to" she expressed apologetically. "Usually yeah, it is a lot of paranoia.. but the paranoia is there for a reason, and I don't want to overlook it as just that someday and end up getting hurt because of thinking it's only paranoia." she started off, and took another bite of the food on her own plate. "I've been getting followed lately by a pretty dangerous group of people, and it may very well be my father's doings, but I would love to think that I could actually sit here and finish this food without having to run away" she grimaced some because it royally sucked that she could never have any fun without it getting spoiled by the threat she faced with the Triad.

Hana clasped her hands together out of pure excitement, and her sense of paranoia fading to the background for a moment when Han said he had the keys with him to the shelter. "You're the best, Han" she gave a nod of admiration because sometimes you never really know how far an act of kindness like that could go. People tended to live pretty tragic lives in this city, so she was grateful to have met someone as sweet as Han. It was super sweet to hear Han express himself about his best friend, which put a huge grin on Hana's face "You sooo should have taken a picture of that" she teased, but a picture of someone with their mouth stuffed full of doughnuts would be priceless, especially someone like Yeon. "But, it does sound like you guys have a fantastic friendship. I hope to have something like that in the future. We all need someone we can truly just lean on for literally any and everything. Life is hard, but its a little harder when you don't have that special bond to rely on" she found herself venting a little, but that was just Hana, she'd get stuck on a topic, and it would flow for a while before she was finished.

Could he really get any sweeter? Hana found that Han was easily able to melt her heart with some of the things he talked about, and his love for animals wasn't an exception "I really admire that. Someone has to think of the furballs out here. It's heartbreaking when you see them getting neglected with abuse and starvation. I used to see it a lot in my home town" she frowned and felt her blood boil just a little. Hana was definitely an animal lover, so seeing people mistreat them, really did something to her. Hana nodded in understanding when Han talked about how he didn't attend psychically at classes, but how he had to manage a lot of paperwork, and the clinic too "That sounds pretty stressful and nerve-wracking" she admitted and sighed softly on his behalf. Hana's mouth partially dropped open when he said he could play the piano. "That's pretty amazing! I would love to hear sometime" she stated, grinning sheepishly. Hana often had a hard time with being this open, because she feared that she annoyed people with her bubbliness but so far, Han seemed to be okay with it.

Hana chuckled at his expression when he tried to say he didn't know how to sing in public "Does that mean you do know how to sing elsewhere?" she asked and playfully poked her tongue out as if she knew something that he wasn't really saying. "I bet you sound amazing" she added and proceeded to ask another question "If you did sing a song, what's your favorite?" she asked curiously, not that she'd pressure him to do it, she genuinely just wanted to ask what his favorite song was. "Or music, either or" because sometimes people had way too many favorite songs to answer that, and found it easier to just answer what their favorite genre was. If Hana's paranoia was something more than just paranoia from earlier, she figured getting up on stage and putting herself under a spotlight may just be a horrible idea after all. But, if Han actually agreed to go sing with, or for her, she'd definitely go too. "And lookie there" she smirked as she pointed out the piano on the stage. "You could play and I could sing?" she laughed to make sure he knew she was just being light-hearted.

This was going well so far, and Hana didn't want to ruin anything by pressuring him or putting him on the spot, or bringing him out of his comfort zone. "Did you already do your service time?" since Hana had no idea what age Han was, she wasn't sure if he had done enlisted in the military and served his time. She did know that between the ages of 18 and 28, you had to if not, you go unwillingly at 28 and she imagined that was a lot worse than bidding a tearful goodbye to the people you love, and going ahead and getting it over with.

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