Feet crunch against grass, moving faster than any normal Initia should be able to run. Her breath is coming in short pants at this point, her frantic running taking her from any area she might know and into an area of the city she has yet to explore. She doesn’t even know what territory she’s on anymore and at this point she doesn’t care. Her arm is burning, a line of fire running across it where the bullet had grazed her skin, but though she’s decreased gravity on herself to help her run faster she can still hear them pursuing. Not human then. Curse her parents and their fucking shady business dealings! She hates guns! She’s already fallen once, used to running on concrete and asphalt not uneven grass and roots but she can see things opening up in front of her and what looks like buildings. Good. Maybe there will be people and that might discourage the couple of men that she can still hear pursuing her.

The land evens out under her feet as she breaks the line of trees and from there her sight is filled with fences and animals that she was definitely not expecting to see today. She skids to a stop before she can crash into the first fence, looking quickly over her shoulder just in time to see two armed men come racing out of the tree line, already brandishing pistols in her direction. “Shit!” Her mind very quickly made up, she turns to hop the fence, opting to face down the large animals over the angry people with guns. She can hear when one of the bullets they fire splinters the wood of the fence behind her and the sudden loud shot scares the animals around just as much as it does her.

Things explode into chaos as they fire more rounds her way, loud animal cries sounding all around her as she tries to duck and weave between the now panicked and very large creatures. At this point she’s not sure if she made the right decision or not because these things could all very easily crush her to death if she’s not careful, they’re much scarier in person than they ever were on TV. To be sure whoever lives in a place like this would hear the commotion right? Now she just has to hope that whoever it is will be friendly to her and not the guys chasing her. A short distance in front of her now she can see the large open doors of a barn and it’s with no shortage of relief that she races toward it, risking the several feet of clear distance to hopefully get within the protection of the structure. She can feel herself shaking as she clears the doors and ducks behind the wall, closing her eyes and taking a moment to catch her breath then turning her gaze down to the blood dripping down her arm. The graze isn’t too bad but if she doesn’t get this bandaged it might scar.

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She’s so focused on listening for the men coming through the front doors of the barn that the sound of the back doors opening nearly makes the young girl scream. She only barely escapes it by slapping her hand over her mouth, though her heart rate takes a pretty high spike as she scrambles further into the corner and away from the stranger that just made their way into the barn. The man certainly doesn’t look like he’s part of the people that were after her, at least he’s definitely not dressed like them. Part of her thinks he looks like he stepped out of an old timey Western movie so perhaps he’s the owner of this place? He was riding a horse after all…

Her breathing only starts to return to normal when he speaks to her instead of immediately rushing into attacking and she slowly lowers her hand from in front of her face, watching as he moves around the barn with the ease of someone who definitely knows what they’re doing. “They uh… they’re shooting at me..” Comes her rather lame reply. To be fair she’s a bit scared, the last time men with guns came after her she’d nearly died. She seems to relax further when the giant dog comes sniffing over at her and though she doesn’t smile she does take a second to lightly pet his ears. Dogs she can handle, those aren’t scary.

When the man comes out of the other room holding a pistol out to her she looks between it and him before shaking her head. “I was never taught how to use one. Kind of regretting that now…” Her own accent speaks heavily to NYC, which would explain it. “I uh… I don’t think those guys are human.” She was told of the rules of this city but considering the fact that she was being shot at just a minute before she figures “life or death” applies here. She can’t be sure if this man is a supernatural or not but at this point she’s willing to risk it. Thankfully the rioting animals are slowing the two gunmen down, giving them a moment to prepare and her to catch her breath. “I can slow them way down though. Or I can help you fly.” Why she hadn’t thought of this sooner she has no idea, she’ll blame it on the running for her life. Her brown eyes start to shift into gold as she focuses on the area in front of the doors to the barn and slowly the air there starts to take on a shimmering effect as she shifts the gravitational field. The two men suddenly start moving as though they’re in slow motion, the looks on their faces quickly going from determined to freaked out. This time she does spare a smile down at the dog who is sitting by her side. “I won’t be able to hold them for very long, running earlier wore me down.”

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