Miles has been part of the Guard for a while now and with that came new opportunities. Among those opportunities is the ability to train and spar with all different kinds of people from all different factions, something he hadn’t had the ability to do before joining. In his old community he’d mostly practiced sparring with humans and other Nephilim and adapting to the challenge of fighting those of different ages and skill sets than him was a challenge he’d taken to immediately. In this environment keeping up with his training was never a problem, even considering that his job doesn’t really allow for much combat experience.

 Most of the time, when Miles is there, he can be found in the training grounds, sometimes alone and sometimes sparring with another of the Guard. As such it’s no surprise to see him there again. Miles had started out the day intending to get in a workout and is currently working on trying not to knock a hole in the punching bag. He should mention getting tougher ones. He stops when he hears someone else enter the room, grabbing a towel and a bottle of water from the bench nearby, in an effort not to disrupt things. He’d heard that there was going to be a sparring session here and, judging by the people beginning to make their way in, that is what’s happening. Never one to skip out on an opportunity to improve, Miles joins the ever growing group of people.

When everyone is finally gathered the head of this particular session explains that this is to be defense training and begins pairing people up in an effort to encourage people who don’t typically work together to do so. When he gets to Miles he’s paired up with a Guard that he’s seen around for a while but has never had the opportunity to actually talk to. If he remembers correctly his name is Edward. While everyone else is getting settled Miles holds his hand out to the other. “Name’s Miles. Good to meet you.”

With everyone partnered up the instructor begins talking about what exactly they’ll be doing, the different forms and techniques they’ll be going over, etc. The first move is stopping an outside strike and Miles nods for his partner to go first, dropping into a defense stance and preparing to block it.

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Edward walking into the training centre as he placed his jacket in a locker   turning his head as he turned his head as  his name was called saying he should attend the sparing session  he nodded in return " may do  give me 5 minutes " Edward stopped  before the word my lord came out   he still struggled to let his old tongue not slip out  as he took his  bag from his locker he made the water bottle out filling it up with cold water as he listened to the  instructor inside   slipping  quietly   through the double doors as  names were listed as partners as he came to a name Miles  he watched  as the instructor chuckled    and saying Edward should be a good match  for you  as the pairs  went off  the  figure he presumed was miles came over to introduce himself 

Edward raised his hands to his training partner   "Edward " he walked to the edge of the matt placing his rucksack down as he moved his head side to side  "  it is a shame it is day time he chuckled as he clicked his fingers as he stood watching his partner how are today  Miles " he positioned himself into an older offensive stance considering he was older, but it worked for him.  even though  he hated training session, he was able to adapt his techniques  to the modern fighting techniques

What techniques have you trained in? Miles " Edward turned  his head an as he began to  limber up as he raised his arms to a boxing stance as he moved forward beginning to move  toward his partner  taking a quick swing towards  

One of the benefits of being in here before this class started is that Miles has been able to watch everyone come in. This is one of the reasons he likes these sort of classes, he doesn't doubt that he probably wouldn't have had to opportunity to speak with Edward otherwise. The older Guard has always kept to himself. "A shame huh? You may think so but I don't," he laughs, knowing perfectly well that the Valkyr would just get a boost at night. "I'm doing pretty well. You?" For all his friendly demeanor, Miles is sharp eyed as he watches Edward's movements. He's obviously been doing stuff like this for a long time so not recognizing the form Edward takes probably won't be a disadvantage for long.

"MMA and kickboxing mostly, with some Muay Thai thrown in. My family put a big emphasis on martial arts combined with weapons training." Miles quickly recognizes the boxing stance and moves to counter it, bringing his arm up to block the strike and jabbing quickly with his off hand. He makes sure to stop short of making contact whether Edward blocks or not, this is a sparring session after all so no one's actually out to hurt anyone. "I must admit I don't recognize most of your stances. What have you trained in?" It's no surprise that Miles doesn't recognize them, Edward is a good deal older than him after all.

Edward smirked as he deflected Miles shots with his forearm like he hands done many a time with his gauntlet all those years ago as he grabbed Miles wrist hoping to push him across the matt " stand your ground you are the last line of defence " Edward let go of his partner watching him move to the corner of the matt hoping he left his partner with but one choice " I was trained way before you were born and way before techniques were a thing my day it was self-defence, and you followed a code to survive.

Templar knights trained me in weapons and hand to hand combat, not the same Templars from the assassins creed games " Edward chuck "I am well I wasn't expecting to be doing this. Today. I have to admit but its good to learn your opponent moves people may not think of the old technics as very good but for it to last this long. There must be something you have to admit " Edward tilted. his head as he took a step back " so fighting skills of the oriental and basic brawling what about escaping a fight ?" Edward raised his fists to a defensive stance as he watched his opponent

Miles makes sure to pull his shots before they can make contact with Edward's arm. A nephilim's strength is nothing to scoff at and with no protection on either of them it could end badly if they aren't careful. Miles smirks when he feels Edward grab hold of his wrist and while he does allow him to walk him back a few steps, he then digs in his back heel and pushes forward against the valkyr's grip, twisting his arm around to break his hold and force him to let go. "Templar Knights huh? Glad you clarified because my immediate thought was you running around the rooftops of old." Miles laughs at the thought but doesn't allow himself to get too carried away.

"My decision to join was pretty last second too. I don't personally know of anyone who would argue the old ways are somehow worse? Most martial arts have been around in some form for thousands of years because they are quite useful. Of course some things must adapt to the changing of the times but good technique is good technique no matter when it was first invented." Miles shrugs as he watches Edward raise his fists, going himself into another offensive stance. "All of those fighting styles have ways of escaping a fight. Most of the time though if I enter a fight, it's with little intention of stopping until my opponent is down." That's what makes these sparring matches so different, requiring Miles to pull his punches and go about the fight in a different way. This time when he goes at Edward it's not with straightforward jabs. Miles is a big guy with a long reach and he goes at Edward from the side, waiting until he's focused on blocking those before attempting to take his legs out from under him. He backs off after that though, allowing Edward room to readjust.

Edward chuckled " yea most people I tell either go my lord or hey where do you keep the Animus whatever that is  " Edward shrugged as he moved his right arm into a position as if he was holding a shield as he brought his fist up to eye level as he strafed forward jabbing his left arm like a  spear before changing the direction of his punches but using his right arm to block and deflect any potential blows.

"whats the saying that their fire department says  " Edward retreated before returning to a defensive stance " we run into fires when everyone else is running out "Edward sighed a little as he bounced on the spot " I was like that  I still am ". Edward raised his fists as he looked towards miles "  Protect those  who can not defend them selfs, you are the gates to protect them and their salvation,  you are mountain you do  flee till the last  civilian has  crossed your peak  and if you cannot escape  you bring honour to your brothers and die with dignity but you   take as many of the enemy with you " Edward moved in again but   waited to receive  Miles Attacks 

Having played a bit of Assassin's Creed Miles does recognize the term but he can't place it right off himself. "It's something in the game, but I have no idea about the specifics anymore. It's been a while since I played any of them." Back in college actually, which has been a while ago.. Miles deflects some of Edward's jabs and dodges others, watching for his other arm to do more than defend. It's not long before he realizes that Edward is leaving his legs unguarded and he quickly moves to take advantage, grabbing hold of his arm after one of the jabs and aiming a kick toward his knee. He stops short of connecting and releases him, letting him go.

"I think we all have a bit of that in us. If we didn't, we wouldn't be here now would we?" He smiles some as he watches his partner go into a defensive stance, taking a second to adjust from defending to attacking. "Sounds like you've been in far more battles than I have." Which isn't surprising. Miles is no valkyr and doesn't have the age or experience of one, so it's not surprising to him that he hasn't managed to land a blow on his sparring partner yet. Realizing he's ready, Miles moves in and sends several quick jabs toward his face. He's making sure to stay light on his feet just in case he's countered. "I wasn't raised in an order like that, but my family drilled protecting people into me from when I was a kid. My dad was a detective so I guess you can say it's hereditary."

Edward grabbed the  jabs from his  sparring partner  as he grabbed  miles wrist as he makes out miles leg with  a sidekick   remembering  miles was not his enemy as he lowered him to the ground  as he chuckles " just be grateful you were not my enemy  if you were here in 1565   you would have got a  metal gauntlet and  chain mail  to the ribs " Edward  quickly  crouched  making a quick swipe  to his opponent's throat stopping  a few centimetres from his throat " disabling  move  but in my day  it is a killing move " 

Edward rose his feet as he offered his hand to miles as he waited for him to get up " take 5  " he looked towards miles as he walked to his rucksack opening it he moved aside a few items out before removing two bottles of water offering one to Miles as he makes his way to a bench taking a seat watching the others train " what do you think I trained in when I was human " Edward watched miles as he sat back opening his bottle taking a large gulp. 

Miles is pretty experienced with people going for his legs, his stance solid enough to usually account for that. Of course against a trained valkyr that becomes much harder, the speed of the sweep coming too quickly for him to counter effectively. This is why he appreciates the opportunities to spar with others that the Guard gives him, this means he can adjust in an actual fight to keep from ending up on his back. "If I were your enemy, I'd recommend going for the face instead of the ribs. I could still fight you with broken ribs." Meanwhile a broken face or being blinded makes that much harder, doing more to ensure the safety of the attacker.

He takes Edward's hand when it's offered, letting the valkyr help haul him to his feet, and stretching his back out until he hears it pop. "Sounds good." Normally he wouldn't take a break this soon, but since he'd already been in here working before the sparring ever started he's more tired than he normally would be. He takes the offered water gratefully, opening it and downing half in several gulps before joining Ed on the bench. "When you were human? Well considering the time you mentioned, I'd have to guess some form of sword fighting and possibly European martial arts." There's a slight pause as he considers something. "I'd be curious to see you fight a dhampir in that regard. Experience versus supernatural talent. I've trained all my life but I'm not that old and nephilim are pretty slow." That's really Miles's biggest handicap, several factions would find it very easy to out-speed him, which is where a nephilim's mental abilities come in handy.

Edward chuckled as he thought about his skill " Archery, broad sword shield maul and believe it or not gauntlets were also weapons " as he drew an imaginary line of what he was talking about " above the knuckles there was a sharpened plate. So when a gauntlet punched someone. It also scratched or stabbed someone: he smiled gently as he took a swig of his drink as he thought about Miles question " I guess I encountered one in the 1900s. She had a  spear and throwing knifes " Edward thought for a moment " excellent with a spear. terrible with throwing knives   hit her self with one before the rest  hitting everything else

" you said you trained in oriental arts? Edward turned his head to Miles as he thought" I have a  spare training buddy if you want it helps you think about defence while attacking I found it helpful when I was alone. Kept me focused on found it very helpful after I last left home for the second time " he sighed as he thought how his father let their landfall to evil after he had perished " have you ever thought about returning home to find out about your kin and how they are now " he took another swig before getting to his feet as he pulled out two buttons  " weapon disarming up for it? Edward passed over an unopened police Barton.

Miles nods toward Edward, giving him a rather impressed look. “We trained in several weapons when I was younger, but it’s been a while since I used most of them. I mostly do marksmanship now but I know my way around a knife and brass knuckles too.” Back when he was young his family trained him in archery and several other things, but shooting guns was always what he was best at. He had an excellent eye and aim even when he was young. He can’t help but laugh as Edward recounts the story about the dhampir he fought, shaking his head a little because he can just picture accidentally stabbing himself with knives when he was younger. “Well, while I wouldn’t encourage going around and picking fights with the dhampir around here, if you ever do get in a fight with one, call me. I’ll bring popcorn and a chair.”

Miles takes the last swallow of his water and tosses it into the trash nearby before he answers. “A mix of oriental and American martial arts. Yeah, if you don’t mind I’m sure I can find some room for it somewhere. I could use something in the apartment so that I don’t have to keep busting the gym’s equipment.” He gets up and stretches after he finishes, looking down at Edward with a slightly raised eyebrow. “I’m a lot younger than you Ed. I stay in pretty regular contact with my family back home, went back for Christmas even. They know nothing about this particular responsibility of mine and I prefer to keep it that way so I just never mention it. Do you not check in?” So long as there’s no talk about the Guard no one really cares that he keeps in touch with his family. In fact it’s better this way as it keeps his admittedly nosy sister from snooping around too much. He chuckles at the shift in conversation, reaching out and taking the baton and nodding. “Sure thing. Though I’ll warn you, disarming is one of the things I’m best at.” He still remembers the look on his dad’s face years ago when he’d managed to take his gun and chamber a round one handed.

Edward opened the  batton as he began to  try a few moves with his new weapon t was much chunkier than  a broadsword it  was like have a mace  the pole without the  spokey ball  at the end “ would you care to be the attacker first “ Edward smirks es ge  flipped the batton around as  the metal  people  rested against  his  left forearm as he began to move it in a  slow circular motion as he began to   circle the matt  occasionally  movie in and  out  of  the centre of the matt

My mentor trained me on one of those machines “  he chuckled  as he watched Miles “ if you  dodged the shield and the sword he would deliberately  hit you on the back of  your head with  a weapon and state  in a battle everyone is against you  never let down your guard” Edward   unintentionally began to  mimic what his mentor would do stroking his beard “I'm guessing you were  given a lot of fortune cookies pr  Chinese proverbs “ Edward raised his free hand  as  he prepares for his friends move

Miles extends the baton, giving it a couple short swings to test its weight and how it handles before settling into a stance. He gives Edward a short nod to confirm and takes a moment to analyze things. His opponent wouldn’t be much stronger, nephilim are quite strong, but he is far faster. That leaves him with the rather unique problem of having to figure out a way to strike without Ed just responding immediately, valkyr reflexes being quite troublesome. He watches his footwork as he circles and moves, searching for any patterns or hesitations to his movements, purple eyes focused as he does. Then, in the middle of one of Edward’s strides, Miles moves forward. He feints a strike first, then takes advantage of him not being quite as well balanced to attempt to knock him over with a well timed shove.

He chuckles a little at the way Edward describes his old trainer, smiling as it brings him back to training with his father. “Sounds about right. Fighting multiple opponents works differently than fighting one on one. That’s why it’s always good to have someone to watch your back.” His father would do much the same, always one to prepare Miles for whoever might be out to hurt him or the family. “Uh, I wouldn’t say that. My dad was smart but he wasn’t really the proverb type. More the ‘Watch your back or it’ll end up with a knife in it’ type. He wanted to make sure I was prepared for the types of things that like to target nephilim.” He gives a short shrug before shifting back into a more defensive stance, motioning quietly for Edward to come at him this time.

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