Miles has been part of the Guard for a while now and with that came new opportunities. Among those opportunities is the ability to train and spar with all different kinds of people from all different factions, something he hadn’t had the ability to do before joining. In his old community he’d mostly practiced sparring with humans and other Nephilim and adapting to the challenge of fighting those of different ages and skill sets than him was a challenge he’d taken to immediately. In this environment keeping up with his training was never a problem, even considering that his job doesn’t really allow for much combat experience.

 Most of the time, when Miles is there, he can be found in the training grounds, sometimes alone and sometimes sparring with another of the Guard. As such it’s no surprise to see him there again. Miles had started out the day intending to get in a workout and is currently working on trying not to knock a hole in the punching bag. He should mention getting tougher ones. He stops when he hears someone else enter the room, grabbing a towel and a bottle of water from the bench nearby, in an effort not to disrupt things. He’d heard that there was going to be a sparring session here and, judging by the people beginning to make their way in, that is what’s happening. Never one to skip out on an opportunity to improve, Miles joins the ever growing group of people.

When everyone is finally gathered the head of this particular session explains that this is to be defense training and begins pairing people up in an effort to encourage people who don’t typically work together to do so. When he gets to Miles he’s paired up with a Guard that he’s seen around for a while but has never had the opportunity to actually talk to. If he remembers correctly his name is Edward. While everyone else is getting settled Miles holds his hand out to the other. “Name’s Miles. Good to meet you.”

With everyone partnered up the instructor begins talking about what exactly they’ll be doing, the different forms and techniques they’ll be going over, etc. The first move is stopping an outside strike and Miles nods for his partner to go first, dropping into a defense stance and preparing to block it.

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Edward fell backwards as he felt a blow to the back of his leg as he fell his mentor’s words   “even if your falling you can be just as dangerous “ as he fell  Edward struck hard at the back of Miles’s legs hoping to make contact as he moved forward getting to his feet again as he chuckled “I just remembered something “ he smirked a little “ I'm a left-handed swordsman “  Edward switched the baton into his left hand as he brought the baton to his face before waving it to his side “.

Edward charged at miles as baton made contact with miles as he aimed at different angles striking swiftly as he stepped back “ I thought the aim was to disarm me “ he chuckled as he moved around the matt looking at possible angles as he placed his baton to the ground “  a weapon is only as good as the wielder.

Miles quickly dodges to the side when he notices Edward trying to pull the same trick he’d pulled earlier but he remains backed off until he regains his feet. Being quite used to sparring and how different it is to an actual fight, he’s definitely going easy. Had this been his sister, who he’d trained with all his life, he wouldn’t be pulling punches but considering this is their first time training together he figures it’s better to not punch the guy full force. He raises an eyebrow and chuckles some as Edward switches hands with the baton. “Nice Princess Bride reference.”

The valkyr is fast, that’s for sure, but the baton itself isn’t very dangerous. Between his own baton and also his forearm, he’s able to block all the incoming strikes until finally with the last one Miles leans into the block, grabbing hold of the baton and shoving the valkyr backwards with his other hand. “The aim may be to disarm you, but it isn’t to hurt you.” He watches as he gets things straight on his end, waiting to see what he intends to do next. “People rely too much on their weapons. They forget they have other things when they have a weapon in their hand.”

Edward chuckled as  he moved  a swift motion  aiming to disarm his opponent  as  he heard the  connecting metal  hit his  bottom as he  followed  with a  right-handed punch hoping to make contact with his opponent before stepping back to his corner as he raised his hands to his face  in a boxing stance as he smirked “I did see a few boxing matches during the 1900’s “ he began to  move around in a defensive stance “ and be aware   many people forget  the classics” he chuckled 

My day you went nowhere without a blade  by your side even to bathe “ he moved his arms a little as he waited for his opponent to move as he studied   his movements alternating his stance  every now and again " maybe you could teach me arts of the orient some times always  good to learn new things " he tilted his head

Miles feels the punch connect with his arm but he does a good job at keeping it off his face, maintaining his grip on the baton as Edward backs off in the corner. Boxing huh? Something he’s quite good at. “It’s a lot of fun. Been one of my favorites for a long time. I don’t think anyone’s forgotten that movie though.” He still hears it referenced all the time at least.

With the change up he shifts into his own boxing stance, keeping himself solid. Boxing doesn’t allow kicks or holds after all. “Sounds like a lot of trouble when you could just kill someone with your hands if needed.” His raised brow only drops when he moves in, moving pretty fast but the real danger comes from his swings. He’s punching at Edward in a series of short, fast jabs but in this case Miles does have a reach advantage. It’s pretty obvious in the way he moves that this is something he’s trained in all his life. “Oh, sure. Not certain how good a teacher I’ll be but I don’t mind showing you some stuff.”

Edward stopped as he stepped off the matt as he picked his satchel “ would you like to join me for a 2-mile run “ he smirked a little as he took out a running shirt “I have a delivery to pick up another side of the city it is a pretty decent route  “ Edward refrained from mentioning what his delivery was as som didn’t approve of blood drinkers even though  Edward had cut right down on his intake as he made his way towards the training room doors.

“  she makes excellent Homemade apple” he pushed the doors open as he walked to his locker opening door as h reached in for a  jacket swiftly putting it on “I will say for clothing of today a lot lighter than the chainmail I had to wear “ he closed the door with the familiar ding of his locker as he made his way outside as he began to stretch his muscles as he waited for his training partner “  there is about a mile of the flat surface before we get to where we are going whoever wins buys pie from the dessert shop on the corner “ he smirked as he set off at a moderate pace like he would if he was carrying chainmail shield and his weapons.

Edward made his way  out of the manor grounds  as  he  moved along the pavement  weaving in and out of people taking the note  of the time  of day it was from recognizing  the people that were familiar to the coffee shops   before taking a sharp  right into the park he waited  for Miles as  he jogged on the spot as  he looked up at the  sky    knowing if his donor  yammered on it would be nightfall   before they left  and he would be able to  show the  true  speed of a  Valkyr   but his mind jumped as his thoughts turned to his honour and conscience would not allow him to as Miles caught up  he headed  down a dark path not many people would run down “   and  big tip  don’t eat the pumpkin soup I swear she  puts  gun powder in it “

Taking the obvious hint for a time to stop, Miles packs away all the training gear and happily dumps a bottle of water over his head to cool down. He looks over when he hears Edward speak, grinning some as he changes out his soaked shirt for a dry one. "You sold me with pie man. I never turn down good dessert." His eyes bunch some in the corners when he laughs, quickly slipping on his sneakers so that he can follow Edward out. "Two miles you said? That's not bad at all."

He misses his grandmother's homemade desserts, so the promise of fresh apple pie already has his stomach growling. It's been too long and those pies don't exactly ship well. "I'd imagine so. Chainmail isn't too awfully heavy though and hey, saves you from getting impaled." Always a bonus when one is fighting in a battle. He must say he prefers the kevlar of today though it's way more ergonomic. "Hey if this is a speed contest that's not exactly fair. Nephilim go normal speed, we're not racecars." Well he could fly it but that rather defeats the purpose and he'd rather not get spotted by half the city while racing through the streets. His laugh cuts it though as he sets off just behind Edward.

He can tell the Valkyr is holding himself back so that Miles can keep up, not that either of them comment on it. There's nothing Miles can do about that after all, he has to go a normal pace. "Yuck. Thanks for the warning. You've got me focused on pie anyway so no worries, I'll avoid the soup." Might get some coffee though. Coffee and pie sounds good together.

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