Killing always came easy to Skylar. The angel-child always attributed this to her upbringing in Ravencry, where she was raised to be the perfect assassin, and the years she spent taking lives. So when she eventually left the league, there was that sense of lost purpose that haunted her every step. The Ailward Guard had strict rules about killing, and Sky followed them strictly without a second thought---even though she did miss the thrill of the hunt. However, once she'd left the Guard, she felt that even after opening the gym she still wasn't content. That's when she realised she could find work as a bounty hunter and a mercenary. Once she started on that path, there was no going back.

The former guard found herself in a gambling ring on this job. She'd been personally hired take out the kingpin, but her client had warned her that the only way to get close enough to assassinate the man was to infiltrate the ring itself. So, she did that the best way she knew how: dressing up nice and pretty, and catching the eye of one of the kingpin's close associates. Today was the day that associate was planning to meet with the kingpin, and that was a chance for Sky to really get up close, and formulate a plan to get the job done.

The car they were in pulled up in front of the large building outside the city, the Nephilim adjusting the silk sapphire-blue gown she'd been asked to don that evening. She was uncomfortably aware of the Guard tattoo settled between her shoulder blades, along with the thick scars from where her wings would lift, exposed due to the backless nature of the gown, but the associate she'd enchanted seemed to like her markings, as he constantly had her show them off. Maybe it was his way of holding collateral: if she were to be caught doing anything and escape, they'd be able to identifying her using those marks. That thought haunted Sky, but it made her even more determined to not raise any alarms.

She took the arm of the male, easily faking the coy, flirtatious demeanour he'd seemed to enjoy, and they walked up into the kingpin's home. There, they would be greeted by other known associates in the gambling ring, along with other new recruits and waiters trying to blend into the shadows, in fear of accidentally angering someone who could have them disappear with a snap of their fingers. There were tables set around the large hall, where men and women alike stood by, their attention focussed on the the cards or the die, hoping that luck would be on their side. The mercenary adjusted the slit of her gown so her thigh sheath holding two daggers securely attached to her unexposed leg would not be seen, her purple-tinted optics casually looking from one end of the room to the other, subtly looking for the familiar face of her target. 

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