Name: Lailah Hale-Ailward
Age: 1133
Species: Dhampir
Family: Aureus Ailward - Husband
Face Claim: Katie Cassidy

Lailah Hale was born to a human mother and vampire father, this made the young baby a Dhampir, half human and half vampire. Her mother however passed away during childbirth leaving Lailah caught in the life of a vampire since the moment she had opened her eyes. The young child learned of brutality and of hatred from a young age and allowed herself to be sucked into it, her father was cruel and brutal and cared little for the girl’s life, from a young age Lailah had learned to fend for herself, growing colder and more distant from anyone who came near her.

Instead of cowering to the pain her father had caused her the young Dhampir focused herself on her power, she knew she was weaker than him but she trained hard to use her power to her full potential and with time she found that other kids would keep far away from her due to how cold and unapproachable she had become. Lailah had taken to keeping a pair of daggers in her boots which were made from wood, she would draw should she feel threatened by others of her kind and by the vampires in her faction. One night when her father had raised a hand to her again, Lailah had pulled those same daggers from her boots and in her fury and fear she had thrust the wooden blades into her father’s chest.

Lailah thought she would feel some kind of loss from killing the only family she had left in the world but in that moment she just didn’t care, he had never cared for her and he was the one who had pushed her so far that she needed to become a killer. After the incident with her father Lailah knew it would only be a little while before the coven came for her, Dhampir’s in her coven were considered lesser to vampires and she knew in a trial she would be killed. So after turning one last look on her father’s breathless body, Lailah left without a word into the night where she travelled to the city looking for a new calling in life.

Being alone in the city wasn’t easy, the girl was paranoid of the other species she knew surrounded her and she did her best to keep herself away from everyone around her, she was vicious and sometimes downright rude and would often be found getting in fights with those who looked at her the wrong way, her father wasn’t the only person who suffered at her blades. When Lailah had met Aureus she had tried to kill him, he was insufferably nice and she hated him for it, she hated how he could be so upbeat and kind but Reus had suffered through all of her jabs and taunts for some reason and it made the Dhampir curious as to what this man could possibly want from her. Aureus had made many efforts to spend time with Lailah despite her constant resistance and with time she slowly became used to his presence.

Aureus had revealed his intentions not long after the two had met, he wanted to help people who were alone in the world like she was, but Lailah couldn’t help but feel that she didn’t want his help, she didn’t want anyone’s help and so despite all of the time they had spent with one another she had chosen to do what she had done to everyone else who had tried to break through her icy barriers. Pushed him away and then left him in the dust without looking back.

It had been several years since that regretful day and Lailah was contemplating her future, she was still alone in the world, unable to break from her hard shell of loneliness, she missed the way that Aureus had cared for her well being and for a moment allowed herself to think of her friend who she had so cruelly pushed away and somehow she found herself walking, she didn’t know where she was going or what she was doing, she was just lost in her thoughts and feelings and when she reached the water’s edge and saw the castle in the distance she knew what it meant, it meant that in that moment her intentions were pure and should she wish, she could enter the Isle of Skye.

Upon reaching the shores of the island Lailah had almost chosen to turn around, he had probably forgotten her by now and she wasn’t sure a killer like her would be welcomed by the company Aureus kept but for some reason she continued to walk until she reached the castle doors and she had found the strength to enter, she knew what that would mean, it would mean swearing herself to a world of peace of helping others and it would mean letting Aureus back into her life, she didn’t know how she found the strength to do so, but she did and she stood before the council as she swore an oath to their cause and took the tattoo that branded her loyalties.

For many years Lailah served as a guard for the council, she found purpose in the work she was doing and she found being able to train those less experienced than her in the world somewhat rewarding. Her and Aureus began to grow closer once more and the two came to enter a relationship with one another, it was never really defined by either of them, it was just something that happened, the same way that Lailah’s morals had shifted. She still remained somewhat cold and harsh to the world but she found a place where she could let a few trusted people in, to learn about who she really was.

Many decades down the line and Aureus had asked Lailah to marry him, she had been unsure at first, being that she was a dhampir who was mortal and him being an immortal being that would live well past her death but upon accepting his proposal she would discover that the ring he had presented her was more than just a rock, it gifted her with the ability to live immortally should she choose to wear it. The two were married in the same castle they called home a few months later.

Lailah remained with the guard for a long time, she refused to step back from her duties to the cause just because she had married a man, she refused to be the kind of person whose world revolved around a man and Aureus understood her feelings, he also wanted to make a difference to the world and wouldn’t stand in Lailah’s way so when the guard was briefed that some of them would need to leave for Evermore city to study the status of the city, Lailah had chosen to go, despite knowing it could be a significant amount of time before she could return to her husband.

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