Name: Lana Jepson

Age: 21

Species: Therianthrope; Kitsune-pure blood

Face Claim: Emma Dumont

Family: Logan Reeves(half brother; guardian)

“A beautiful Russian name for one who’s sure to be a true beauty,” is what her mother had said when coming to the decision to name her Lana. Her father didn’t argue, he never argued when it came to her mother well aware the woman would always have her way and it was best not to argue with her. The irony was her father was a lawyer by trade so he was used to arguing but he knew better when it came to her mother, the woman not known for compromising.

Since long before her parents got together her mother was carrying a dark and terrible secret with her. In high school she had birthed a child at a school event and allowed someone else to take the ridicule and responsibility of raising the child. It was something no one should allow another person to do especially at that age but Aubrey had seemed so sure. It wasn’t until many years had passed that the full weight of what she had done began to rest across her shoulders. She had always kept an eye on Aubrey and Logan and hated the way they lived but had never done anything about it afraid of the truth coming out since she was all about appearances.

So when Lana was born her mother swore to do right by her and give her everything she had never given her son. She was aware her husband was a Therianthrope, a Kitsune to be specific and she knew that would play a big part in who and what her daughter became. It would come with struggles but those wouldn’t arise until Lana became older so her parents pushed the worries of her species to the back of their mind, besides she could in fact be born human and remain that way. Sometimes the Therianthrope genes didn’t overpower the human ones.

Since her father made incredibly good money with his law firm, her mother didn’t have to work which meant she put all her time into raising her daughter. Some might had hired a nanny and done selfish things like spent the day shopping or having brunch with the girls but her main focus was always Lana. One of her children had already grown up with nothing and Lana wouldn’t be raised in such a way. The young girl was placed into one of the most prestigious and expensive preschools to get an early start on her education. While most kids were putting circles and stars into the slots on a toy Lana was learning letters or at least they were shown to her along with flash cards. The stimulation of the games which the preschool used caused her to quickly pick up on things it would take much longer for other children her age to grasp. This made her parents incredibly proud however being so intelligent caused a problem with the teachers since she often found ways to play tricks on them and keep the class entertained. Lana wasn’t necessarily a mean child she just grew bored and restless easily which caused terror in others unsure of what she might do or the tricks she might play next.

Everyone at the preschool released a sigh of relief when Lana finally moved on to Elementary school. Despite being a prestigious and elite Elementary School they offered scholarships as a show of faith in the community and Haley Fox was one of the special few to be allowed in without paying. Haley's family was far from rich but she was a sweet and well mannered girl which meant others tended to try and take advantage of her. That was something Lana didn’t like, one day a little boy tried to steal Haley's snack cake at lunch and the young girl almost started crying. No way was Lana was going to let that happen, grabbing the boy by the back of the shirt she gave her most intimidating glare, the one her mom sometimes used on her dad and the boy apologized and returned what he had taken. From that point on Haley and Lana became friends, Lana take on the big sister like role even though they were the same age. With Haley's calm nature Lana was able to keep her mischievous side in check, though sometimes she was able to pull Haley into her insane plans the two girls laughing for days over some of the tricks they played.

To say Lana’s mother wasn’t thrilled with this new development was an understatement but she loved her daughter and had never seen her happier. Lana was exceptionally smart and Haley kept her grounded and focused helping her to make the right decisions in life and never take things too far. Things changed when they left Elementary School and headed into Middle School though, Haley wasn’t granted a full ride to their new school and Lana wasn’t going to stand for that. Her parents heard nothing other than the fact that she wouldn’t be separated from her best friend for the whole summer. During that time Haley spent a lot of time over at Lana’s house and Lana’s parents finally allowed her over to Haley's even though it wasn’t in the best neighborhood.

Unknown to Lana her half brother lived not three blocks from her best friend and they passed one another on the street many times never realizing it. This was the summer Lana learned that not everyone was gifted with the wealth her father’s job afforded them and that was a sad fact. Both of Haley's parents struggling to provide for their two kids. At the end of the summer Lana made her first and only demand of her parents, she wanted them to pay for Haley's school until she graduated from high school. It was a huge thing for a young girl to ask but her parents could deny her nothing and an agreement was reached.

For a girl so smart she didn’t see much point in extra curricular activities even though she could beat nearly anyone at chess thinking multiple moves ahead. The mathletes wanted her as part of their team because she was the top of her class when it came to math, the only thing she really struggled with was history and government since they were both incredibly boring to her. Her parents of course didn’t care if she found it boring or not and pushed her to excel in all subjects which she began to resent. The only extra curricular she wanted to do was chorus but her mother told her it was a waste of her time but in the end she ended up agreeing and it was the only thing that really calmed Lana. Her voice held a soft and husky quality to it that no one expected and her mother regretted holding her daughter back from something she loved.

As her Freshman year began to approach her parents left on their annual anniversary trip but on the way to the airport were involved in a terrible car accident her mother dying on impact and her father passing on the way to the hospital. Lana’s whole lift shattered as the doorbell rang and the police gave her and the housekeeper the news. Instead of bursting into tears or a fit of rage she just grew quiet and fell into shock. It wasn’t until the lawyer told her that her parents only left half of everything to her and told her of a brother she never knew she had that she really lost it. How could she be expected to live with someone she didn’t know? Someone who didn’t deserve the wealth of her family? Lana hadn’t even met Logan yet and she hated him.

Logan and his mother moved in shortly after her parent’s death and he became her guardian. He didn’t seem like a bad guy but she didn’t know him and she didn’t care to know him. Lana enjoyed the quiet time she had when both Logan and his mother were at work, it gave her time to try and work through it all. It wasn’t until Haley was over one day that Lana finally decide to give Logan a chance. Haley was complaining about her brother and how annoying he was but that she couldn’t help but love him. Lana had never had anything like that and if he parents were gone and wanted Logan here she could at least try and make this all easier on him.

As she started High School she began to really respect Logan and the time he put in not only at work but the effort he put into pick her up from school, to come see her chorus shows and to just be there. After one chorus show she found herself crying as she hugged her brother glad for the support. Logan didn’t have a problem sticking to the deal her parents had made for Haley's schooling either, the older man believing everyone deserves the best education they could get not just what they can afford. The more she learned about her brother the more she began to understand about him.

One night when one of his friends was over she started to feel uncomfortable as he stared at her with such an intensity that it scared her. After that he went to talk to Logan and shortly after Logan came to talk to her. Sitting her down in the living room he explained to her that he wasn’t exactly human, he had been born human but something happened to him which changed him. In truth she thought he was insane as he explained what happened to him that night on the way home from the party, the night he was bitten. The moment his eyes shifted to a golden yellow instead of their natural hue, her breath caught in her throat as she really began to listen. He was a Lycanthrope, a branch of a species called the Therianthropes and she was something else, a born Kitsune, a fox. It made sense given her troublesome and mischievous nature.

After that night he introduced her to those of the Therian species including the alpha Kitsune who at the time was Ivory. The Boston woman teaching her about the Therians and more specifically the Kitsune. It was explained to her what to expect on her first turning but that it wouldn’t happen until she reached maturity so now every full moon she fears it will be her first. When Ivory left a new Kitsune alpha came into power, his name Orion Valkyrie and he held as much patience as Ivory willingly answering any and all questions which she had in order to put her at ease.

Even with going through High School classes she took the time to visit her species and learn how to fight and protect herself which was something she wanted to do and something Logan demanded. She was a quick learner and enjoyed the chance to spar with others and learn new forms of combat but more than anything she enjoyed the feeling of family which came with being a member of a pack. It was something she wished that she could shared with Haley but she understood the need to keep human kind in the dark about their species. It's not easy to keep both parts of her life separate but she manages and when she needs anything she knows not only is Logan right there but so is an entire pack. And they were all there when she did finally shift one full moon, the pain was far more intense than expected and even though she had believed herself ready for it it was still a hard pill to swallow. 

Standing with the pack in her Kitsune form she felt strong and once the initial pain wore off there was a freedom she had never experienced. The playful side of her nature coming out as she played and tackled the other Kitsune wrestling with them and darting through the woods. That was a three years ago and since that time she's gathered with the pack every full moon excited for the shift to come knowing no harm could come to her while she's surrounded by her extended family. 

Positive: Protective, honest, creative, empathetic

Negative: Mischievous, foolhardy, materialistic, vain

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