Sleeping soundly was a rarity for Leo ever since her death. Night terrors haunted her every time she closed her eyes, strengthening her craving for revenge. This night was no different, only that she was not resting in her own home. Tonight, she stayed in a hotel suite where her closest friend, Cornelia Bradford, happened to be bunking. Even though she had been held captive for three years, the Venetian Niveis couldn't help but feel some sort of guilt for what had happened to her. Seeing her best friend barely remember her face broken her heart, so for the sake of the love she had for the angel child, she rarely left her side. She couldn't bear to lose anyone else, not at this point of time, at least.

One thing that was rather pleasant about the suite home was that there was more than one room for others to stay in whenever they wanted to. This allowed Leo to have space of her own, and granted her some sort of seclusion when the night terrors of her torture woke her up screaming. She knew that falling asleep would be impossible at this point, so the dark-haired creature decided that she'd make her way to the kitchen and make herself a cup of tea--that was what Alex would do for her on those nights where she had trouble falling asleep, before everything had gone to hell.

Slippinga black silk full-length robe over her black lip-dress, the Niveis woman made her way out of the room, and silently made her way towards the kitchen. She'd expected to be alone with her thoughts, so seeing the figure of a familiar man sitting at a table, a mug set in front of him. "Jonathan," she greeted, her tone relaying her surprise at seeing him. "I didn't know you were here--having trouble sleeping as well?" She moved past him, her olive green hues catching a look at the contents of his mug: it was obviously coffee, and the amount of liquid in the cup hinting that it hadn't been touched. "I can't imagine how caffeine would help with insomnia,"  she teased lightly, her signature smirk toying at her lips as she reached the kettle. "Aren't you British? I'd have figured you'd have opted for some tea." She paused in her footsteps, her brow furrowing slightly before gesturing with an airy wave towards the kettle. "I'm about to make myself a cup, would you like some?"

After turning on the kettle, she'd turn around, leaning back against the counter as she secured the cord of her robe around her waist as she waited for the water to boil. She then would fold her arms an raise an eyebrow, taking in the appearance and demeanour of the Nephilim man. Leo didn't exactly know him that well--only that he was Cornelia's elder brother. However, even a blind man could have read his expression. He seemed burdened--an obvious reason for him to be here so late at night. "You look like you've got something weighing on your mind," she observed aloud, tilting her head to a side. Her gaze softened, making her seem somewhat more approachable. "A penny for your thoughts?"

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