The last few weeks have been more like tortute for him. Along with it being very confusing too. Spending the majority of it trying to figure out how he was able to get back to his people and his sister too. Hudson could remember when he had just about finished one of his missions. Helping a man who’d only lost his husband to move on, although he hadn’t expected for the man who he was helping with the grief to die too from a broken heart. Hudson was just about to return back to the veil with his Empath Master to find that they were locked out. No way of getting back home, everything they tried was no use. Soon finding out that they were stuck on Earth, taking them a while to figure out and learn how all the other Aurzain’s were stuck on earth too being locked out in the veil. More specifically where they all were, all the way in America. With how he was in England at the very time he was locked out. Making it even more difficult to get back to the others. No phone, no money and no passport too. Finding somehow he always seemed to make everything even more difficult for him. Hudson hasn't even been able to reach his sister to tell her that she’s all okay nor did he know if she was. Pushing him to try to get back as he could. 

He’s still finding it harder for him to adjust to everything again now he’s living on earth. Sleeping and eating was one of the main things along with finding out the hard way that sugar is not so good for them even how nice it tastes. Having slipped up a few times already. As cake always has been one of his weaknesses, something that was still the same even now.  Hudson spent the last few weeks trying to figure out how exactly to get back. Taking up a job in a local bar in London trying to make enough money for the flights, to get a phone and a fake passport. Luckily finding a few supernatural connections in the city. Hudson was amazed how the world has changed in the few years after he had died. Still trying to get used to it all but he knew he was like everyone else trying to seem like they are normal whilst in reality they're far from it. 

Making a few connection flights to get to Colorado then traveling to Evermore City. Feeling that he’s been travelling for days on end trying to get back to the city. To where all his people were. Now only he just had to figure out where exactly the Ailward Manor where Luke was waiting for him. With how Luke was really the only one who knew how he’d been trying to find his way back for the last few weeks. Expecting that he’s probably one of the last ones to make their way back. As Hudson was one of the few who was out on a mission finding themselves stuck far away from everyone else. Now weeks later here he was at the door of the Ailward Manor hoping he was in the right place if not it would be a little bit awkward to say the least. Opening and pushing open the door, Hudson went in walking into someone else's house. Soon finding a way around the living room spotting Luke there waiting for him. The Aurazin practically flopped on the nearest sofa with exhaustion. “I finally made it, three or four flights then few taxis” Cheering almost forgetting to greet Luke first. “Hey there boss, how are you?” He greeted grinning happily to see a familiar face after weeks alone. “Did Maddie get here all safe?” Eager to find out of his sister was all fine but knew too well that she would be and more likely be panicking about him more instead. 

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Wrapping the sheets up in a somewhat decent fold that he could live with, Lucien placed it down on the sofa before doing the same with the other chair nearby. Seeing the state of the lodge in disarray was to be expected but it was hard for him to live around the disorganization. If there was one thing he needed above all, even with the chaos of his mind, organization was it. The storm that remained in his mind with everything going on now would be the only thing that would be a complete disasterous mess if he could help it. He figured keeping to his office would be the best course of action while everyone else began to settle in, making his anxiety for the commotion lessen.

"A drinks cart?" Luke questioned with a small smile as he looked to the fellow aurazin. "I can do you one better, my friend. Follow me." He folded his hands behind his back and led the way through the busy space and out a dining room before opening his arms wide to the introduction of something far better. They walked into what used to be the bar area for guests. There were several small tables and chairs that were still covered with the white sheets that were now familiar to them, but what was really important was the large bar that took up one side of the wall. The cubbies were void of the bottle of liquor he supposed used to be there when this place was open to the public, but it still was nice to know they would have a designated space to entertain and gather should his people want. He imagined they all needed to decompress a bit.

Luke walked behind the bar and knelt down to one of the three boxes that was there, remembering that one of his people had already thought to buy a few spirits. He pulled open the flaps of the box and produced a bottle of red and white wine, standing up with a bright smile. "What's your palette feeling like today? I could go with a red myself." Luke looked at Hudson for a moment and raised a brow. "Though perhaps wine isn't really your thing." He bent down again and opened the small fridge which had a few beers inside, placing them up on top of the bar and then reaching into another of the boxes and lifting a bottle of scotch from it. "Will this do?"

Looking around, the sentry grabbed some of the glasses on the counter behind him and gave them a wash in the sink before placing them on the bartop in front of Hudson. "Perhaps this is my new calling," Lucien quipped, inserting the corkscrew into the bottle of wine. "These honestly aren't much different from what I used to use in my previous life," he noted with a small smirk. "Still ever as inconvenient though. Maybe you should bring a glass of wine to your sister so she won't have such a heart attack at finally seeing you."

Hudson could see this whole place was all in good condition. Not knowing how long it’s been left untouched. Seeing already how there were things thought could be updated, modernised. It just needs a good dusting but already livable. He could almost see his sister be quick to give the whole place the once over. With how he knew that Maddie loved to have things all clean and set out, then to her standards too. There were boxes that were cluttering the room, able to guess there’s many more to come. “This is much better than the place I was staying in back in England” Hudson joked softly, he had been staying in a rundown travelodge by the docks in London. It was the cheapest place he could find without it being a hostel. The only annoying part to it he had to commute into the center of the city for his work. He wasn't missing that for sure. “Have we got a tv yet?” Already listing things that were top of his priorities but he knew that it wouldn’t be one of Lucien’s able to guess that the older Aurazin would prefer a good old book rather than watching a football game on tv. 

He was hoping there would be some sort of stash of alcohol already in the place. Like many other people. “Lead the way” Hudson grinned, curious to see what Lucien had in store for him. Already to guess there was some fancy place in this place. Quickly getting up from the sofa he followed the fellow Aurazin through the place. Trying not to get lost on the way, with how he was still looking around the place. With how he still has yet to be given a proper tour. Soon they arrived in what looked like a dinning room as they got further in he could see what looked like a bar but it was all covered up. “I should have expected this place to have it’s own bar. Now you’ll know where to find me” Finding himself already right at home here almost forgetting about the veil was still their home whilst all this was only temporary. Or so he had thought not been given the full update yet how he was one of the late arrivals here. 

“This place is full of surprises?” Trying to picture in his head what this place used to look like when it was last fully lived in. Hudson stood by the front of the bar, almost waiting to be served. Watching as Lucien went ahead searching behind the bar through what there was. Hudson couldn’t help to laugh seeing Lucien holding up different bottles of wine seeing how happy the Aurazin was. Then to how he was quick to see him grabbing something else. “I’ll start with a scotch first. Thanks.  I’m not much of a wine drinker unless I’m having a big meal” He was never a big fan of wine unlike his sister. “Maybe it could be. I can see you being a wine connoisseur” He smiled happily pushing him to go for what makes him happy. Not wanting to see him cooped up in his office being constantly worried for other people whilst everyone else is happy living their new lives. “I think my sister would need the whole bottle” Knowing that not even a glass would do to settle Maddie nerves and worries plus it could help trying to get back into her good books. 

Lucien poured the golden liquid into two of the glasses, taking one for himself. He lightly touched the rim of the glass to the other in a silent toast before taking a sip. It was nice and rich. Perhaps he would visit the bottle a bit later in the evening when it had quieted down some. He had a feeling he would need it more so than the wine. His eyes glanced at the foreign label so he could remember its name and be sure to add it to the small bar that he would have in his office. Luke could guess that Hudson would be able to show him a lot of the better spirits out there in the world which could make a good addition to his study, though he wondered if the younger man wouldn't mind getting them for him. If he could avoid having to be behind the wheel of a car, the sentry would.

He placed the glass into the sink and washed it before trying the wine next. Swishing the drink around, he took a quick smell of its aroma before drinking it and was happy to find he took liked this one as well. The world certainly didn't change its need for good tasting spirits. That he was happy for. Swallowing a bit more, he chuckled at Hudson's suggestion of a new career path while on Earth. "I'm not so sure I'd find much fulfillment in that as tempting as it would be. Besides, my mind isn't on finding employment. Not when I have a responsibility to the others. Finding a way home is all that matters right now." No, he wasn't surprised that Hudson would make such a suggestion. Lucien knew well that he would be one of his kind that would find this second chance at life a gift. There was also the need to be able to take care of themselves. He couldn't exactly expect the Ailwards to constantly have to provide for them as much as they offered their help. 

There was an awkward moment of silence, but Luke smiled and poured some more wine into another glass, taking hold of the stem. "Come, let's find your sister and a room for you. It's cruel to have her waiting any longer to see you." Lucien led the way to one of the few staircases in the lodge to head to the upper floors where the rooms were. The Aurazin were still busy milling to and fro as they picked their rooms and settled in with their few belongings they'd acquired in the time they fell from the veil. "Perhaps a library or museum would be more suiting." Luke looked over his shoulder to Hudson as they continued walking. Should the day come when he would consider employment in this new world, it would be best he picked something appropriate that he would enjoy and actually know something about. It was far away in his mind, but he didn't want to make Hudson feel like his own personal choice to enjoy this new life were the wrong ones just because he himself didn't want to do anything but find out what had caused their expulsion in the first place and how they would return. "History suits me. Maybe I could be one of those tour guides. I'll have to start learning how to take the bus."

He stopped in front of one of the empty rooms and nodded towards it. "How about this one?" There was a desk, small couch, and queen sized bed inside, covered in the white sheets, followed by the bathroom near the door. "Not that it is much different from the other rooms anyway. They pretty much all look the same and the two suites are taken already." Luke took another sip of the wine with a chuckles and let his eyes scan the space. Truly they were luck to have such a place given that they'd fallen to this completely new existence with absolutely nothing at all.

Hudson could see himself getting used to all this. Like most people he’d always dreamed of having a bar right at home but if it was just him it would have been all a waste. Yet here there was a whole room with a bar in it with a seating area all for it too. Already able to see all the potential the whole log cabin had. That once they’ve settled in, it will be when they can start making improvements to it. Back when he was human he wasn’t too bad of a carpenter or handyman if he’d say so himself. Once he’d got himself a job hopefully at the fire station he’d be wanting to offer his spare hours to helping Lucien and the others out. That it was the least he could do. The Aurazin clinked his glass with his fellow mentor, both of them were toasting to the new beginnings before taking a sip of their drinks. The scotch tasted so much better than the stuff he was able to sneak off at the bar he’d worked in previously. It even beat to what he had when he was human. “Damn this stuff is good” He pointed out getting excited over scotch, not he was starting to wonder what else they had stored here.  

The Aurazin sat there sipping his scotch watching as Lucien was starting to try different types of wine. He smiled seeing how happy it was making Lucien seeing him experimenting almost having fun yet it was soon cut short. Being reminded that this all living here isn't permanent or so they were hoping for. Hudson knew that. “It can be a hobby then, you can order different bottles of wine then they can be delivered straight to your door”  In the last few weeks he’d been trying to catch up with how things had changed in the short years since his death. Amazed to how easy everything all was now that you could get nearly anything you wanted. “I know you're busy trying to figure out a way to get home” Hudson wanted to show his support not wanting him to think he was being ignorant or forgetting it all. “If you need anything, I’m here. Aurazin or modern day related. I’m your guy” Showing his support, putting himself forwards like always.

He was excited to see his sister not thinking he’d miss her so much but being apart like this for so long again reminded how close they were. He’d even miss her bossing him about. “She’d kill you keeping me from her any longer” Smirking a little teasing Lucien but he wasn’t lying either. Not wanting to be in Maddie’s wrath. Just as Lucien went ahead, he leaned over the bar grabbing a bottle of scotch that was left on the side. Quickly grabbing it along with the glass he’d be drinking for knowing that he’d need it with the long catch up that was incoming. Moments later he’d managed to catch up with Lucien since he was a quick walker and all. “The world is your oyster” For him it was only Firefighting but now there were more jobs out there, strange ones too. He couldn't laugh as Lucien spoke of learning to take a bus. Trying to picture him on public transportation. “Maybe try walking first then work your way to buses” Almost able to picture him getting lost easily let alone if he’d gotten himself onto a subway. Luckily there wasn’t one in the city. 

Bedrooms was something he wasn’t fussed about, he was thankful to be given one and not needing to share it with his sisters or someone else. “This looks great, just get a tv mounted up there and it’ll be perfect” Hudson grinned happily placing his glass and bottle on the side. His childlike self couldn’t help to see a new bed and not jump on it, so he went ahead running almost planting on the bed. “Yupp this bed will do” Quickly sitting up laughing to himself shaking his head knowing that he’d amuse Lucien at least. “I’ll go shopping in the next few days for some bits' ' Not minding the minimalist look, seeing how everyone else was already ahead of him having gone out getting new belongings. 

Lucien couldn't help but chuckle and smile at Hudson as he made acquaintances with his new sleeping arrangements. What a far contradiction to how he was internally feeling, but he also didn't want to bring the mood down either. Hudson could always roll with the punches and find his way through situations, so this was not surprising to see. Giving Hudson a reminder and curbing his enthusiasm wasn't what was needed now. There was already so much happening with them all and this new world they were living in unlike when their existence on this plane was much more direct and purposeful in their Aurazin form before the fall. This new sense of free will was overwhelming and they all had their own way of dealing with it. He was more concerned on how to get them all back to the veil and where they were meant to be. Things were out of balance in this way and the silence from above was deafening.

"Not to sound like a father, but more a friend with concern," he began, glancing from his glass of wine to his fellow Aurazin, "Please be careful. I know your heart wants to fall back into the norms of what your human life was before, possibly trying to find some balance between that and your duty as an Aurazin, whatever that may be now, but we still don't know what reason there was for falling to Earth in the first place." Luke looked to the wooden floor for a moment before sipping the wine again in thought. Trying to keep his tone light-hearted was the goal and he looked over and gave an easy smile to Hudson. The other fear that concerned him was for the human souls that were taken suddenly. If they didn't know of their passing and were sent into the void with no one to help them, they would fall victim to the voidlings who would show no mercy. What would happen to his own kind if they should end up dying again? They weren't exactly human.

Lucien eyed the bottle of scotch Hudson brought with him and let the smile grow further. "Join me once you've settled and had some time to catch up with your sister. There are still many things I'm going to need some help with that I'm sure you'll be the perfect fit for," he said with some sarcasm. "Especially with all those modern day contraptions in the kitchen area. Your sister promised to put something called post-it notes on them to help us more ancient beings figure out how to use them." He gave a wink before finishing off the glass of wine and walking down the hallway where his once smile faded away. Walking passed the open doors of rooms, he caught the blurs of people still settling into their new spaces in his peripheral and could feel the waves of heightened auras. It was incredibly overwhelming and the weight of their predicament was once again pressing onto his shoulders with no sign of relief.

Hudson knew that all this wasn’t going to be a permanent fix that all being stuck on earth was just temporary. That they’ll figure out how to get back home soon. Back to the viel. That's what they were all hoping for. The viel was and always will be his home. Even after being back on earth again wasn’t going to change anything. He’d accepted it soon as he became an Aurazin that it was who he was. Finding that being an Aurazin, all the training he’s done as an empath so far has made him into a better person. That he was proud in a way of who he’d become and how far he has come. No longer this hot headed and reckless person who didn’t have his life figured out, who was still holding grudges to what happened in his childhood to the time he had died. None of that mattered any more. Dying and becoming an Aurazin changed that all. Giving him a clearer head who was to help those who like him. “I’ll figure it out. You don’t have to worry about me, I have a whole place full of other empthas and shepherds who I can help and lean on” He reassured looking over to his elder able to see that he was worrying for him that he’d do something reckless. Knowing on his sister she’d be there all happy and ethnusistic wanting to help him out. One of the upsides of being late to the party was that there were many others who he can learn from to help him find a balance. Hudson knew that he’d probably be needed with how he and Maddie were one of the newest Aurazin’s so they fitted right into the modern day. 

He was looking forward to seeing his sister. He’d always hated whenever they were apart. Being protective over his sister but she was the same to him. “My sister might not want to let me out of her sister after” He chuckled jokingly but it was possible knowing Maddie. Soon as he heard the word of sticky notes the Aurazin groaned a little. “You know she’s going to stick them everywhere” Pre Warning him for what was going to happen if you let Maddie in charge. It reminded him back to when he got his first apartment and his sister didn’t trust him to be able to survive on his own so she posted sticky notes on anything. Hudson soon left to go and find his sister who was waiting for him to come in. Finding himself being engulfed in a tight hug with Maddie not wanting to let go or let him out of his sister. The two of them caught up and she had forgiven and let him off the hook for not getting in touch. After they had their catch up he went back to Lucien who was waiting for him to get back. “Maddie was happy to see me, she looks happy here” Hudson came in happy relieved to see his happiness was all okay.


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