Cecilia continued doing what she’s good at; healing people, hunting their own kind down and put a stop to the stent in their community globally. By doing the latter, it means that the silver-tongued female had a hand in incinerating them just as well, which doesn’t always sit well her, since she still wishes to save them, but how could she? So what she did was that she turned a blind eye and deaf ear to their whimpers and pleadings, knowing it to be nothing more than deceit and lies, before delivering the ultimate blow, securing a permanent residency in the afterlife for them. It reminded her of what she could become, no, what she did become, one time ago. Just because she couldn’t stop her blood drive that grew stronger each day. A pathetic excuse, really. 

Walking through the corridors of the hospital seemed almost foreign for the brunette valkyr. It wasn't the first time for her to set foot there, for sure. However, Cecilia couldn't help but to think it wasn't really ready building up to her to be one of the things she finds a sense of familiarity with. She's been a healer all her life but she'll never truly be able to be one with it again. The Italian has always moved around a lot, and most of the time she wasn't alone, having Gideon by her side since she's literally doing everything he asks her to. But lately, more cases started to pile up. The number of rogues were becoming very worrisome, no matter how much they tried, they could never seen to douse the problem away. If one is settled, in less than an hour, another will pop up again. 

To say that the Laterza female wasn't aggravated by the metrics increasing this month would be an understatement. Her trip to Belarus last month to deal with the problem herself went smoothly without any intrusion, she was able to subdue them without much thought, what did bother her was how easy it was. Sure Celia is competent in her work, in both professional and personal identities, but the fact that it took her three days to settle a two week run was suspicious. After coming across Ophelia, she had taken up the liberty to be sure that there weren't any increase in the attacks they suffered. It was bad enough that she'll need to surround herself with chaotic humans, she may as well be locking herself up in a morgue.

 Once the clock struck the 12, she let out a relieved sigh because her shift was over and that means she could get some outside work done; preferably wanting reports from her brokers. Celia tossed the doctor coat on the rack before wrapping her own, making sure all the lights were closed as she locked the door to her office and make her way downstairs. The hospital was as busy as ever, the chattering were endless. And everywhere. The ride down from the elevator took her less than 3 minutes and before she knew it, the cold breeze of the night was already greeting her. But the snow wasn't the only thing she could smell, apart from the new paint from across the block. The aromatic coffee she favored, at the small cafe just around the block. Thankfully, it was still open despite the late hours. 

It gave her the chance to bask in the warmth, Ce walked past the entrance door and ordered her regular before taking her seat at the furthest booth in the room. She was busy occupying her head with scrolling her phone while texting her brokers and didn't realize trouble was about to walk into the cafe that only had a few people you could count with two hands, including her. However, Ce did manage to catch a few words, 'I suggest you get everyone out.' That was it. 

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Being accepted back into the faction was still quite a foreign feeling for him; he still felt somewhat out of place, mainly because he knew he had a lot more than just Valeria to win over. He in fact, had many other members of the Faction to try and earn their forgiveness; however, he knew that it would not be easy - so for the time being, he let them sneer at him in the street or in the Dojo. Yet, it wouldn’t take long for those words, those glances and those whispers to get to him to the point where he would say something; and the last thing he wanted to do was vent to Valeria about it, primarily because he would be seen as a snitch by the others. Scorpios was a patient man, and typically kept most things to himself, however, this time it was different; he needed to get his pent up emotions out and there was no better way to do so than speaking with his Grandmother in Milan. 

It was always refreshing talking to his Nonna, she always saw the world in a different light to others and she was able to calm him about the situation he was facing in The Eternal City; yet this time, their conversation turned slightly worrisome. It seemed that there was some retaliation to his murder from the opposing Mafia group in Italy, and instead of coming him to directly, they would send some hell upon the city which their son, brother or friend died in. “You can’t be serious?” He nervously chuckled down the phone as the news hit him, and as he did so, he glanced down to the watch upon his watch; seemed there was only an hour or so before the attack was going to happen. “I believe it will happen, but I bet it was not them who organised this, or made these rogues---” He was cut off as Martina persisted that it was true, yet either way, Scorpios was going to investigate this thoroughly; he had fallen in love with the city, and he would not see it succumb to more chaos, particularly with the drama already occupying the city. 

Scorpios shrugged on his jacket, and grabbed his twin sai swords which he attached to his back before he made his way to the part of the city where his Grandmother was adamant that something was going to happen. The winter air hit him and caused a shiver to run down the length of his spine; he was still not used to the cold weather, and he didn’t think he would ever like it. The streets were surprisingly busy for the time of night, he would have thought everyone was partied out after the festive period. Eventually, he made his way through the buzz of people and entered the coffee shop which was were it was going to begin; his gaze took in the small amount of people sitting before walking to the counter. “I suggest you get everyone out.” He spoke quietly and expected the girl to resist his suggestion. “Fine. I’ll do it myself”

The Dhampir walked over to the couple first, and asked them to leave; at first they looked at him like a fool. Scorpios huffed, clearly being polite isn't going to work, thus he clapped his hands loudly, drawing attention to them. “C’mon let's go, you can finish this loved up conversation elsewhere” 

She only came there to have a cup of coffee while resting over the workload she's been having for the past few months at Evermore General. Too many cases of admitted patients that suffered unknown wounds, or at least, the humans would describe it as such when Cecilia herself know it's not unknown, it was just supernatural. She was worried the more things like that happen, the more it will attract people's attention, the Organization, so to say. She's found at least 5 out of 8 to be bite marks. And those bite marks could only come from Valkyr, she was one, she'd know. The thing is, she couldn't seem to track who's sending who seeing as they were from various continents hence why she was burying her face with hospital work and dialing her brokers up. 

She lifted her gaze up to meet a male's silhouette standing by the counter telling the cashier to tell others to get out but it wasn't until she saw him clapping his hands while trying to usher people out of the cafe, that Ce stopped typing on her phone, placing it aside and narrowed her hazel hues at the guy. While everyone else was slowly exiting, she didn't, she still stayed where she was at, "Why are you kicking people out? Last time I checked, I know the owner of this premise and it is not you" she pointed out coolly and leaned against the seat further while staring him down. A notification came in which prompted her to grab her phone to check the message, which told her there was going to be some trouble brewing up from the Italian mafia side here in Evermore.

 That made Celia growled lowly because she thought she wouldn't need to handle them ever again. "You must be very brave coming in here and think about wreaking havoc where I reside" she murmured faintly and stared straight to the person behind the guy from earlier. There were at least a dozen of them all huddled up looking like they would rip you apart just because you looked at them the wrong way. "I don't know what you're on, but it's not my problem so go ahead. Settle whatever beef you have and leave me to my coffee" she waved her hands dismissively, if there was anywhere she was known famously, it was Italy, her birth place. If only she knew they were far from normal humans. If only she knew they were rogues created by another party; the same kind she'll not tolerate. 

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