Drip. Drip. Drip.

Malva kept staring at the IV bag she had placed earlier on the stand and clipped it carefully so the pressure and flow wouldn't be shook by their rather hyper patient that had gotten himself admitted because he felt from the 4th floor. It was a surprise to see him still breathing despite the multiple bone fractures and minor concussion in his head. She took up the advice her youngest sister, Aurantia's advice and got back to the lands of working again. She missed treating people despite her main profession and area of expertise is mainly on pathology. However, she had a minor in ER, so she often went there to oversee everything else and help when needed. "You lucky sucker." She snickered slightly to herself as she shook her head in response to the patient sleeping soundly. 

Tucking both her hands inside her coat, she glanced at the clock that was hung near the counter and as soon as she saw it was indicating her shift was almost over. It was early morning, around 5 am. She was sure the library was open at this time of the day, as she usually ventured there occasionally when she needed to do a few readings here and there. Not that many actually came there. It's all on the gadgets, really. Whilst the Aspect of Magic admitted that she relied her sources and information hunting on Google itself, she missed the old and much more reusable ways of pitting the information against each other and slowly piecing them up. Frustrations might accompany but overall, it was what made it fun. Knowing you could infer at almost every part. 

In a few minutes, her shift would be over and she could be on her merry way, attempting to resolve her current dilemma at the library. Shrugging off her doctor's coat, she hung them neatly on the rack stand, and wrapped a trench coat to replace it instead. Sorting out the remaining files on her desk, she checked herself out as she went down to the carpark. Yes, she has surprisingly opted to drive as a form of transportation since her residency was quite a distance from the hospital. Turning on the engines, she settled herself in the driver's seat as she got her phone out and made sure to tell Tatiana that she'll be coming back late tonight since she needed to get working on her case. Tossing it to the passenger's seat, she exited the compound and drove to the city center where the library is located at. 

As soon as she arrived in front of the slightly 18th century building, she got out from her car after parking it with a her bag slung over her as she gripped on it firmly before making her way inside. She passed by the receptionist who gave a her a warm smile. Surprisingly the library there opened earlier than most places. It was probably due to some students coming there for study sessions and Evermore was pretty tolerant about it. But then again, Evermore is a place for tolerance considering their population deriving from so many different supernaturals. Malva took a seat at the very far end near the history section that was just next to the law aisle. Why did she opt for a public library instead of her own mini library in the manor that had way more intel she needed? For the same reason why she kept her distance. Privacy. Malva took a particular book on the settlement of Rus' vikings in Kievan Rus that was now comprised of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. 

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Setting the particular book that held the history of how the Rus’ Vikings settled in Kievan Rus’ and mold it into the countries they were now, she pursed her lips lightly as she went back to the aisles to search for more books regarding the topic. Her bright blue hues wandered from the bottom shelf to the upper one. Eventually, she found the few books she was trying to find. She took them one by one until there were currently four in her grasps; each dictating on Rus’ Vikings and their upbringing as well as their evolution. Standing at her tippy toes, she struggled to regain her balance because of her rather short height-- standing at only 5'6”. However, she managed to get through it.

A few times while she was busy searching for the books earlier, she saw a male glancing over her way. Malva thought it was just her paranoia overpowering her, per usual. The second time, she thought he was just taking a look at the new member because she didn't usually venture there at times like that. Even if she was, it was late at night where some people might not even notice her coming. Having a portal warping ability is one big advantage when you wish to go somewhere unseen and at a fast pace. Okay, maybe that was a direct violation that she went against because she infiltrated the public library that was supposed to be closed. But the Aspect of Magic couldn't be bothered with company seeing as she was rather an impervious introvert who preferred solitary above everything else. That, and the fact that she's not exactly the most pleasant person to go around.

When she got back to her seat, she arranged the books according to the range and number, neatly. She got out her notebook from the beginning she had placed under the table, and began to open the book slowly as she skimmed over the pages casually. Her watchful attentive gaze however, was interrupted when she could sense a presence gracing her. Removing her gaze from the book and up to the stranger that occupied the seat in front of her, she raised her eyebrow in contempt and confusion. “Hi, may I help you, sir?” The Aspect of Magic is still foreign to modernized terms in words, so from influences, she often forgot no one really used ‘sir' these days.

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