The air had a bite to it. Clara had known that the moment she had woken up and slipped out the front door but as she stood near the tree lines she wished she had grabbed something a little bit warmer than just a slip-on wrap. 

None of it could make her turn back though. It was early March, the winter had been slow and fading near the mountains, and she could hear the birds chirping, being an Initia she could feel the water calling to her, the lake had frozen over, but the warm days had brought it to being melted.
A chirp in the distance made her look up, the sounds of the trees made noises she had grown used to with living so far out of the city but the darkness still cloaked the sky, she walked on her long white nightgown getting dirty at the bottom, no time to change she had thought, she wanted the perfect view of the mountains and the lake as the sun rose in the sky.

Her legs brought her to the destination her heart had wanted. The air seemed but a small price to pay as the view came into place, the sun rose to cast a beautiful breathtaking golden hue on all the things the sun could touch, shoving the darkness away once more. Her head jerked back towards the woods, as she heard a branch snapped. "Hello?" she called out, to the woods.

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Ray pulled to the as he swiftly jumped off his bike as he scanned his environment placing the backpack on his back " I hope your here "  ray murmured to his self as he began to male his way into the woods it was a  cold winter morning the ground frozen and hard even though the cold wasn't affecting him  Ray wore a walking jacket to make himself come across average to any other walkers. 

Ray pulled out a map as he looked at the grid, noticing he was not far from the house he was told about as he continued to walk in the direction as. the cold wind hit his face  he always wondered what caused the air to be like how it was  his mind  snapping back into the moment as he  stepped on a twig breaking  and a voice  calling out  which made him freeze immediately  from experience he knew he should of not  move too quickly  as he slid his hand into his trouser pocket pulling  out his lighter as he  raised his hands into the air  walking  into  the clearing 

Ray looked out onto the lake as he looked around " I'm Ray Herald I'm looking for someone called Clara ray began to slowly turn around till he saw someone by a tree " hey there are no men with guns around here " Ray felt a bit foolish, but with experiences, it was best to keep as he was till he knew it was clear. 

There was no need to be worried, or at least that's what she told herself when the man approached, the sun was rising higher in the distant and she could make out the man, Ray, -he had said his name was- his blonde hair, soft eyes and ruggish bread, she thought she was a good judge of character and decided to approach, her instincts told her she was safe, they hadn't failed her before. 

"Can I help you?" she called to Ray, clutching her wrap closer around her body, then she had before, she wasn't foolish, she planned to take some precautions, she was safe near the water though, safer then most humans if they were to be put in this situation.
"You're looking for who?" she asked, even though she was sure she had heard her name.

I'm looking for Ciara Carter I was told she was able to help me with something  " Rays mind was warning him to be careful as he only managed to get away with it with a human that walked in on him " do you know her " Ray tilted his head as a figure stepped into his eye line as he noticed she was hugging her self " Can I put my hands down I feel like I'm on most wanted  911 " Ray chuckled as he lowered his arms as he.   removed his arms  from his Jacket before  offering it to the girl " Last thing we need is you getting hypothermia 


Rays eyes scanned his environment as the frozen ground began to soften " you have a beautiful view here don't you agree " his mind thought back to something that his friend said about masters and users like to be near there element like himself apart from being at work he kept a  lighter on him at all times as he walked to a wooden bench watching her but yeah. I'm Ray. nice to meet you" he offered his hand as he smiled gently 

"I do know her, hi, I'm Clara Carter," her eyes apprised the man in front of her, handsome and smooth, but she didn't feel threatened. "Yeah of course, sorry about that, never know who's hiding in the woods," she replied, she had been on the receiving end of finding out the different kinds of secrets the forest held. "Thank you," she said to the man, slipping on the jacket he handed to her. It was still warm with his body heat.

"I completely agree," her eyes drifted to the water and the rising sun, the golden glow making everything it touched appearing to be magic. "Nice to meet you, Ray," she shook his head and felt the same heat that radiated from his jacket. "Are you from around here?" 

" nice to meet you Clara  " Ray smiled gently as he offered his hand " very true you never know who you bumped into, but I'm pleased I managed to find you  I was worried I was going to be here for hours  " Ray turned to look out to the water  " yes I'm from Evermore  I moved around 7 months ago and joined the EC fire department my friends thought it would be suitable, but I'm also a  Barman when I'm not fighting fires " he turned his head back to Clara.

" do you live here  or do you have a place in the city " Ray looked to Clara  then around the environment  before returning his attention to her 

"Well, I'm glad to have saved you some time," Clara replied. Listening to his small tale she smiled, Clara was a good judge of character or she liked to think she was, and by some instinct unknown to her, she believed he was who he said he was. "A firefighter, impressive," she smiled at him, "And he knows how to pour a drink, I'm intrigued, so what can I help you with?" She tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

"I live here, I like to be close to nature, my home isn't far from here," she said, unsure if she should invite him inside her home, after all, he was still a stranger. 

Well, I was hoping you or if you know the water master and if they are looking for students as I'm looking to learn as it would also help with my career " ray raised his hand  " and no it does not cause of fame or anything just in my main job   I might end up in a situation where  I may need the elements to help it could have helped at the fire academy  " ray shrugged a little  " but I managed " Ray raised his left arm removing the slight dressing from his neck revealing a small scar from the incident.

I'm jealous  " Ray smiled gently  " I grew up in a  small community    I love my jobs and being in evermore, but I  miss the quiet just hearing. nature goes about its daily business most nights id  lay on the roof just  staring up at  the stars " your very lucky "  ray began to subconsciously play with the lighter in his hand like he always did when nervous 

Clara looked at the scar on his neck, a felt a wave of sadness for the man. "I'd love too," Clara could remember a time in her life when a water master had taught her everything she knew now, and she felt powerful but she remembered the training it was exhausting at times, but since he was a firefighter he would probably one day use his water abilities greatly. "It'll be a lot of training, are you sure?" she knew his answer but she had to ask.

"I didn't grow up here, it would have been nice, but my family always lived in a suburb so I understand, but when I finally knew my connection with the water I wanted to be close to it, I felt called by it, like a captain called by the sirens." Clara could recall the months leading up to the day she found out, all she had wanted to do was be outside in the water. 
"How about you follow me back, I'll make us breakfast and we can discuss everything," she said already taking a few steps away from the water.

Ray nodded as he smiled " ok. If you would lie and if you would allow me to help you to and  Yes I am sure  "  ray moved closer to Clara as she talked about her connection to the water " at least you knew about your connection to your element the day I found out I was fire initial  I heard screams from a  burning apartment  I  well snuck in unnoticed and when the fireman came in he realised I was like him a fire initial. The people I thought were family were well my adopted family, but  Samuel brought me here to Evermore. "  

Ray followed a few steps behind  as his mind returned to the smokehouse  " may i ask were you affected  by the incident at the firehouse  i heard  several  masters and users  were affected by it   earth  water and fire i believe the elements were affected " ray looked towards Clara  as he smiled a little as  he listened " believe it or not i hear queen music when i am around any form of  fire  " he chuckled " and the cook at the bar wanders how he hasn't burnt the bar down yet  and i think i understands where you are coming from  i do not feel right unless i have a  lighter with me 

Clara listened with ease to the man's story, she could remember the day when all had changed for her as well. One day you were a normal human the next, an Initia, how sudden things seemed to change. 
"I wasn't affected, not that I noticed, anyway." 
The walk to the house was brighter this time and when it came into view, she thought to herself it best to still turn on the fireplace. "May I ask, did it affect you, the firehouse that is?" She asked.

"Queen music, how strange, do you feel at peace, calm, one with the world? How long ago since the accident? And have you had an accident like that at the smokehouse ever again? Clara questioned once both she and Ray had settled them inside her cozy little house, the fireplace blazing in the background. She was curious about the man who occupied the seat in front of her, and she hoped she would be able to help him on his journey of discovery. 

Ray chuckled as he listened to Clara "  when it's a calm fire its   Mama just killed a man. Still, unpredictable fires like in a rescue it is we will rock you when it gets to the big drum solo that's my cue it's going to be a massive explosion but the fire academy fire " he looked down a little as he remembered what it felt like " even though it felt like e home being in the fire. Still, at the same time, I knew it was a fight or flight situation try to calm the fire but also survive " ray shrugged a little " but when it became overwhelming I hid in a vent and just focused controlling the heat around it after that I don't remember apart from waking up in the hospital and being told I have a job with a rescue unit. 

Ray looked around as he smiled gently " a beautiful place you have Clara "  he watched the fire in the fireplace as he levelled the flames, so it wasn't too distracting as he thought about the rescues he had attended " almost one it was very close but the room next door had gas canisters. Ray thought  back to his dad's comments  "    it wasn't till  after the fire  and the  fire intia that found me  told me what I was and volunteered to bring me to Evermore I found out my dad wasn't my dad, but  I'm pleased   I'm away from the life I was  heading down "  ray  watched Clara  as he smiled " what would  learning  water  entail  could I ask 

His story was intense, Clara could relate to that, but being a water Initia she would never understand what it would be like to harness and one day control fire. "Have you gotten better at controlling it, fire that is?" she asked.

"Thank you, it's always been my escape, my childhood home was overrun with bad memories, so far, there's only been good ones here," the thought of her childhood home flashed before her eyes, the bodies, the blood, and the overwhelming feeling of disgust and sadness. 'I'm sorry you had to go through all that, sudden life changes can be difficult," 
Clara thought about his question, "Well for starters, Water Manipulation, it's one of the beginning things they teach you, to create, form and bend water at your will, we could start there if you like?" 


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