The air had a bite to it. Clara had known that the moment she had woken up and slipped out the front door but as she stood near the tree lines she wished she had grabbed something a little bit warmer than just a slip-on wrap. 

None of it could make her turn back though. It was early March, the winter had been slow and fading near the mountains, and she could hear the birds chirping, being an Initia she could feel the water calling to her, the lake had frozen over, but the warm days had brought it to being melted.
A chirp in the distance made her look up, the sounds of the trees made noises she had grown used to with living so far out of the city but the darkness still cloaked the sky, she walked on her long white nightgown getting dirty at the bottom, no time to change she had thought, she wanted the perfect view of the mountains and the lake as the sun rose in the sky.

Her legs brought her to the destination her heart had wanted. The air seemed but a small price to pay as the view came into place, the sun rose to cast a beautiful breathtaking golden hue on all the things the sun could touch, shoving the darkness away once more. Her head jerked back towards the woods, as she heard a branch snapped. "Hello?" she called out, to the woods.

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Sure I would love to " Ray smiled gently "I understand how you feel for years my father conned people my weekends were scouting cons and then. cleaning the handguns and rifles    Evermore is my Happiness  my new start  being around my kind "  he saw her sadness as she mentioned her past " you know  living through it   makes you a more durable and better person, but if you  would like to  talk anytime about it or need a friend I'm happy to listen

Ray smiled "it was a deep learning curve, but it made me a stronger happy person " hr listened  to Claras explanation" so you are saying for example  for say if I had a secure connection  with a pet I could  use  that as my creation and form " ray blushed a little knowing he asked a dumb question, but he sometimes knew the stupidest is  the best answer   as he  rolled up his sleeve   before standing as he offered his hand  to help Clara up " would you object if  we practice outside   as  well its an initial fire thing 

Clara knew her eyes reflected the sadness she felt, to grow up like that was terrible but so very common in some parts of the world. "I'm glad you're finding happiness," 
She smiled once more, "Thank you, I would like that," it always seemed easier to make friends in Evermore then anywhere else, she had a feeling it had to do with everyone knew what it was like to be alone.

"There are no dumb questions Ray, just ways to rule out the right ones, follow me," She walked outside to the open space with the trees standing in the distance, she felt they were far enough from the house so it wouldn't catch fire, and close enough to the pond. "It's like an imagination game, picture something in your head, concentrate, deep breath, and shape the water," With a wave of her hand, the water floated in front of her, she shaped the first thing that popped into her mind. The water formed into a butterfly, and she got it to take flight.
"It's a little advanced, but how about you try to summon the water to you, only a small amount but bring it to you, concentrate," 

Ray smiled gently as he thought about how he would summon water as he thought about how he controlled fire as he opened his palm flat as his mind called out to the water particles to come to him " is there any particular way you would advise or is each student to there own ?" Ray closed his eyes as he did in the smokehouse as he tried to focus on the energy of the water it felt a lot different to fire calmer kinder peaceful Ray began to feel a sensation he never felt with. Fire form as he opened one eye he noticed a small amount of. Water hovering over his hand as a boost of excitement shot through his mind losing concentration the water squirted into his face gasping a little at how cold it was.

Ray burst into laughter as he wiped his face " I'm guessing that's why concentration is needed " ray sat down on the grass as he watched Clara " how would you recommend me to start or what do I need to think off?"
Ray touched the grass feeling the dampness of the wet grass on his hands as his mind trailed off like it did when he first bent fire as his hands scanned over like a blind man feeling. the moisture on his fingers as he closed his eyes going into a meditative state

She thought his question over in her mind, "Each student is different but try to invasion it, feel it, see it, become one with it, the water is a part of you, let it flow through you and your mind, as if it was always there," It always felt like that for her, one moment on try land the next her mind was in the water, like being on a beach with your feet on the shore, and the water brushing against your feet with each wave.

A proper teacher probably wouldn't laugh but when he burst out laughing she just couldn't help herself. "It's a good reason," she finally replied when the laughter had slowed down. 
Clara sat down on the grass with him, crossing her legs over on another. "Think of water, think of it, where you want it. Focus on that simple matter, the water you need it, get it," with that she summoned some water in her hands. "Try again, you'll get it," 

 Tilted his head slightly as he listened to Clara as he changed the way he thought about the water in his head as he called out in his mind  "   Hellow water, I greet every particle you drop.   let me  flow with you " Ray  sat silently as  he focused on  the water in Clara's hand as he looked to the water as  he  asked to the water to move into his  hands as he controlled his breathing as  he watched the water begin to move  slowly towards his palm  a small  smirk grew on his face  even though it was slow   for him it was progress 

Are you solely looking to control water or. are there other elements you wish to learn " Ray looked to Clara as his mind remained focused on the. The water is moving into. His palm as he smiled as he asked in his memory to speed up a little kindly remembering to stay calm as he looked down at the water he felt he hand enough to try and make a chape as he watched he made a shape of a flat flower to him it looked like a piece of. Soap. But again he thought it was good for. his 2nd attempt " he. Lowered his hand so he could show Clara the shape.

Ray chuckled a little " apart from teaching the water element what do you do in your free time. " Ray thought to his self as he asked in his mind for the water to raise but hold the shape

Even though she hardly knew the man that sat next to her, she felt like a proud teacher as Ray moved the water, it was an accomplishment to any Initia, and she could still remember the first time the water had moved for her, the natural ease she felt with the water now was nothing compared to when she had started training, the water had felt like a raging storm inside her and it felt like it would never cooperate, but once Clara learned the lesson, that learning to flow with water, meant learning to become like water, calm and steady but with power to unleash a storm.

"Water, I never felt like I would need to be more, I always felt like I would master water, so that's what I've done," she said. Clara watched as his concentration lead to the creation of the small flower-like shape in his hands. "You're doing really good," she praised. 

She smiled, looking off to the forest, she then turned her head to look at him once more. "I'm a librarian so by default I spend a lot of time reading, do you have a favourite book?" she asked. 

Ray smiled gently as he looked to Clara " so the water element made you feel complete " he thought. For a minute or two before opening his mouth," I think for me I'm choosing to learn multiple elements is the fact. I grew up not knowing who I was till a firefighter that was also fire initia found me and cause I didn't know who I was or am now I look it at one of two. Things yes, the elements I have chosen will help me as a firefighter, but also I want to explore who I could be if that. makes sense " ray blushed a little knowing he wasn't the best at explaining himself

" the Library the one next to the town Hall. I'm their next shift I got to do there yearly fire alarm. smoke detector and sprinkler system check maybe ill see you there " he smiled gently as he asked in his mind to get the water flat in his palm again as he focused on making another shape his mind was unclear of what he was asking as he watched a small rose head formed in his hand as he blushed more

Ray smiled gently as he felt a connection with her unlike he had ever done with anyone even his stepfather for the first time he felt real peace nothing else as he his mind sidetracked he looked to Clara as his mind asked the small rose to form in Claras hand

She turned her reply over in her mind, did water make her feel complete? "My father died when I was young, and I never felt after that like a whole person, so yes in a way, the water did fill me, it made the parts full again, it made the abyss seem less deep because the sadness was already slowly drowning me," she paused, considering what she had said. "But that was so long ago, In the time since then, I've found peace, the kind of peace that can't be replaced, it's lovely, thoughtful, and the water and I are now, merely keeping each other afloat," 
When he spoke, she understood, the words the feeling, everything, each person had so many different things in there lives, they all had to cling to the things that helped them survive. "It makes perfect sense," she replied.

She watched as he moved the water to her hand, and she met his eyes, a smile reflected on her lips, "Yes that's the library, got any books on the reading list?" she asked. 

Rays look into her eyes as he smiled gently " yea I'm booked in for 11.15, and I do enjoy the classics midsummers night dream Frankenstein and Romeo and Juliet, but maybe you could recommend some to me Ray smiled gently as he rose to his feet as he offered his hand to help Clara up as his cell phone came alive to the tune of London's burning" sorry sorry " Ray began to pat down his cell phone as he retrieves it from his coat pocket revealing a message from the bar asking him to come in early.

Dread filled Ray's mind as he hated the fact he had to leave over the few weeks he had spent learning from Clara he enjoyed being with her to the point he felt something he had never felt and that fact she answered any question he had as he smiled looking into her eyes as he raised his hand gently stroking her cheek. as he leant forward kissing her lips gently as he blushed stepping away slightly embarrassed " Hopefully ill see you at the library tomorrow " ray picked up his rucksack heading out the exit into the woods as he had done for the past few weeks


The weeks had gone by fast, so quickly she thought if she had blinked any faster it almost felt like it hadn't happened at all. But it had that she was sure of, she could almost picture herself after her first meeting with Ray, sweet and shy, but ever much the gentleman, they had worked so hard the last weeks she felt herself swelling with pride at how far he had come, the water now moved easily in his grips as if he was finally at peace with it.

That morning she had woken up with much excitement but it was hardened in sadness as well, Today was her last lesson with Ray, and over the weeks she knew she would miss seeing him almost every day in the mornings while the sun rised, it had become their thing. She took a deep breath following the trail as she did on most days and found his waiting for her near the water, he looked beautiful the sun hitting his hair cast golden streaks through his already blonde hair. She cleared her throat trying to get his attention, but not to startle him.

The hour proceeded like all the days they usually did, they practiced with water, and talked about this or that, they were on the subject of books which was a common subject for a librarian. "Classics are moving, have you had the chance to read Pride and Prejudice, it's a beautiful book," she took a deep breath and recited a quote that slipped to her mind. "I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book! -- When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library," 

She made a startled movement when his phone rang, an emergency she thought, not the first time he had had to leave suddenly for work, but she was soon relieved to hear it was only the bar. They both stood and she was left with a bittersweetness in her heart, she would miss these moments but she wasn't sure if she should voice her thoughts, but then he did something unexpected, he kissed her, light as a feather touch but still it lingered on her lips even after he left to turn goodbye. And then he was gone, she would see him tomorrow but still, everything was changing, and she couldn't seem to help how her lips turned up at the edges. 


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