It had been about an hour or so since she first arrived at the bar, makeup done, nice dress, really making an effort for a girl's night out. Flashback to earlier in the day and Sariah had been complaining about how she didn't want to leave the house but her friend Holland had convinced her that she spent far too much time being a homebody and convinced her to come to this karaoke bar. Thankfully the drinks were on 2 for 1 all the night most of the cocktails tasted really great so it had been easy-drinking tonight but Sariah still kinda felt out of place in a bar of all places. 

The singing had been hit or miss, a few people who were really good and got the crowd going but then there were others that kinda gave her a headache but she found herself singing along to the songs most of the night anyway, it wasn't the worst way to spend an evening, her slightly tipsy mind had decided but about an hour in her friend was nowhere to be found. She knew better than to go and look for her considering she had been eyeing some guy from across the bar for most of the evening and he was conveniently out of sight too so the blonde decided she would need to entertain herself. She had considered going up to sing herself but changed her mind deciding she wasn't nearly drunk enough for that. 

She got to her feet, dancing her way through the crowd of the people at the bar and ordering herself another two glasses of the passionfruit cocktail she'd been drinking all evening when she spotted a familiar face sitting by herself on the other side. Sariah wasn't exactly close with any of the other ambassadors but she had spent enough time with them to know them on some level and Sofi seemed a little down. Perhaps her better judgment would have left the Initia ambassador be and gone to dance alone but Sariah figured if anyone could understand her need to wind down it was another ambassador. 

She headed over to where she was sitting and hopped up onto a barstool next to her before tilting her head slightly to the side "I was going to make some witty comment about being at a bar all alone on a Saturday night and then I had a second thought" considering she had now been ditched by her friend she was technically in the same boat. "So I've decided we are going to make a pact to not look like sad lonely people together" she spoke as she slid her second drink she bought in front of her as a peace offering "What do you say?" well it wasn't exactly the way she intended to get to know the Initia ambassador outside of work but it seemed like a logical plan to her in her slightly tipsy mind. 

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The last thing anyone would expect to find the Grand Master of the Initia tribe to do is wasting herself at a bar. Well, technically, she wasn't wasting herself out. Sofi wasn't that drunk, albeit slightly tipsy but the blonde could still think properly and rationally which meant everything was still fine and under control. The last place anyone would find her to be at, of all days, is here, right where she is at; a bar. Why not today? Because it's the anniversary of her lover's death. Her first one, someone who never escaped her thoughts even when it's been over 20 years of passing. So venturing off to one of the bars in the eternal city to drink her sorrows away on a very sad night where she had once found her lover's dead body after coming home. The past few weeks had been unsurprisingly hectic and busy for the Psychic Master, who had found not one, but two potential diversified Initia students who wished to train in the arts of the Psychic element. Of course, Sofi being Sofi wouldn't say yes outrightly without having them take her test first. 

She had also called upon the council and discussed with them regarding her idea of modifying their training system, especially for the younger ones who had not yet gone through their initiation ceremony and those who have. To nurture them from a young age is one of the goals she had written down. Thankfully, the meeting was then dismissed with a few good ideas from the others who was also under the impression that change must come slowly for it to become a norm in the future. So Sofi had been working on other ideas while also checking out the new place in Evermore General that would serve as her office once she checks in as their new neuropsychologist. It was a hectic work line, she knew that. But Sofi wasn't about to sit back in her office at the faction house 24/7 only. She needed a few things that would disseminate the good factors of herself while not focusing on one place only. Returning to her line of work as a neuropsychologist gave her that sense of normalcy. So long as she gets to manage her timetable, it should be fine. 

It was why she was fiddling with the fries that was still untouched, staring at the table as if it would crack in half anytime soon. She did bother to dress up a bit since it was supposed to be a spontaneous trip to the bar. Sofi had donned a sleeveless dress which would have revealed her shoulders if it wasn't covered by her coat still, though that one was nearly off her body with how she was mulling. The sudden intrusion for the night wasn't surprising nor was it to be unexpected, though what really did make it unexpected was the person sitting across her just so happened to be the human ambassador. "What if I'm not a sad lonely person?" she raised her eyebrows questioningly before averting her gaze to the glass that was still yet to be filled again, "Okay… maybe for tonight that's true." There was no harm in this, right? Instead of drinking the night away and going home with a potential one night stand, she could take the chance to get to know the human ambassador better. "Fine." She made a gesture with her hand, indicating that Sariah was welcomed to join her. "What is the human ambassador doing in a bar on a Saturday night though? That's what I'd like to know." 

Anyone that said Sariah didn’t really fit in with this particular setting was probably right, she had never really been a party girl, but she had to admit she did like having the excuse to dress up in one of her favorite dresses and have fun. Well she was having fun until her friend had upped and left her for some guy anyway, she couldn’t really be mad considering how long Holland had been single though, she deserved it but the human ambassador wasn’t exactly the best at being a social butterfly and talking to strangers. Sofi though, she knew her, not very well really because they’d only spoke in ambassador meetings but she knew how to recognize someone who looked sad and needed a little cheering up and Sariah had always been pretty good at doing that.

“You sound about as convincing as I would saying that” she spoke in a teasing tone as she sat herself on the stool and then smiled as she raised her drink to her lips and downed a decent amount of it “But no shame in it, with the lives we have to lead, I feel like alcohol is more of a necessity than a nicety” she shrugged slightly, she was definitely impartial to a glass of wine after work, that was for sure. “The human ambassador was dumb enough to let a friend convince her they were here for a girls night out, only to be ditched a few hours in because an attractive guy came along” she laughed because that sounded so like something that would happen to her and almost made her want to roll her eyes “But hey, least she’s having fun” she commented with a wry grin.

She leaned against the bar and considered how to return the question, honestly Sofi looked really tired and upset tonight so she didn’t want to be insensitive “I hope you don’t mind a distraction, I mean I thought maybe you might want one since you were kinda looking around like you hoped the world might swallow you up” she nudged the drink she bought closer to her to imply she should take it before she was tempted to steal it back and then took another long drink of her own cocktail. “I am not very good at phrasing things normally and when alcohol gets in my system I lose the little ability to control it that I have” she smiled innocently hoping she wouldn’t take the babbling too much to heart. She decided to randomly change the subject in the hopes to lighten the mood a bit “Cat person or dog person and why?” she narrowed her eyes at Sofi as though she expected an answer.

Finding the human ambassador in the bar she ventured to for tonight's occasion is definitely not what she expected at all. Outside of her usual formal setting, Sofi has never met any of the ambassadors in the eternal city so casually. They've probably met a few times because of the formalities but other than that, Sofi doesn't even venture much outside of the faction house. It was the same routine she had managed to keep on, strolling around to see how the Initia were progressing, sometimes tuning in to see how the practices go like any older sister. It had been a while since she assumed the seat as Grand Master so some people already knew who she was by now, though she made sure to keep a cool image of being their older sister rather than a leader they have to follow. To maintain a good relationship with them is her utmost priority. Meeting Sariah Holloway of all people, in the bar tonight? That was something to write in her journal. 

She wasn't sure if she should pay attention to every word the human ambassador said or not but eventually listened to her properly. She may not owe her anything but hey, if she wants to take her mind off tonight, why not? Sofi will entertain her on that. Judging from the way Sariah was dressed, it gave her the impression that she was there for an occasion. But then again, so is she. Kind of. "True, alcohol is a nicety to us. I totally stoked a cabinet with a few bottles just to keep myself going." Guilty. She remembered when Rowan was helping her find the documents she needed and totally stumbled across her own stash. Sofi didn't have to say much though, because the two of them ended up drinking together that night. That's the best part about being friends with Rowan, he knows her well and she didn't need to explain herself to him. A chuckle escaped her when the human said she was ditched by a friend who dragged her here only to go off after being snatched, "Right. Can't blame her, huh? But if she's having fun, then what about you? Are you having fun? Sipping on cocktails doesn't count, by the way" she quipped cheekily and pointed at the glass she held.

 She shook her head gently when she heard her, "Nope, I don't mind a distraction. I need one, for all we know I do not deserve to drink alone" Sariah wasn't the first person that comes to her mind when she thought about chatting her night away with, but she's not picky. And she seems like a good company. Sofi accepted the glass the human had pushed towards her and finished it quickly, thanking her faintly. The tipsy human ambassador was definitely in her cute zone right now and Sofi felt inclined to grin because it was so lighthearted, it felt like the other female had no worries. When asked whether she's a cat or dog person, Sofi narrowed her eyes slightly and shrugged, "Dogs. Because they're good companies and wouldn't scratch my eyes out while trying to bathe them. And they like belly rubs… cats would literally jump on me for trying to give them affection. You?" She started munching on the fries that was left untouched earlier, pushing it to Sariah, offering it to her if she wants them.

She had to laugh when Sofi admitted that she kept some alcohol by for the stressful days “It’s a wine subscription for me” she admitted with a laugh, though she always ended up drinking them not long after she got them and then having to buy more at the store later in the month. Quality wasn’t quite the same but did the job well enough. Being an ambassador definitely had a toll on people, not just because the work was high stress and often involved having to fight metaphorical fires but also because you were constantly being watched and scrutinized for your work and that could make you self conscious, Sariah was especially bothered by the way the tabloids had taken to judging her personal life too. Sariah gave her a sheepish grin when she asked her if she was having fun “Not usually a party girl” she admitted with a gentle laugh “but the fruity drinks are definitely the highlight of the night so far which says a lot” with that she took another long drink of it.

“Good, because I should probably stay in case my friend gets herself into trouble but dancing by myself is also kinda miserable” curse her being a good person and wanting to stay out of duty but perhaps this would be her chance to get to know Sofi a little away from the formality of the ambassador meetings which were hardly the place for casual chats. Thankfully her and the Initia Grand Master had never really clashed on most topics. She widened her eyes when Sofi went to down the entire drunk she gave “Careful that’s like 17%...” he paused before it was too late and she had already down the whole thing “Rum” she finished and pressed her lips together.

Sofi’s answer to her question made her grin slightly, she liked animals but never really saw herself as an animal girl, she was sure most people like animals though unless they were afraid of them “Cats” she responded guiltily and grinned slightly “Never thought I’d be a cat person until I found a little one left on the side of the road last winter and brought her home, bane of my existence sometimes with her independence but I wouldn’t be without her” Ada had come into Sariah’s life at a good time “Though if I was going to choose a favorite animal it would be a penguin because have you seen how cute they are and they’re a bird who totally suck at being a bird, which kinda reminds me of me sucking at being a human” she grinned slightly realizing she was overtalking again and went quiet.

"Fancy girl, I'm guessing" she shot playfully, wine seemed to be good but Sofi always found herself resorting to the harder case of the two because sometimes all the Initia Grand Master wanted to do was just to drink away and let loose. So she won't have to think about anything in that head of hers for that day. She was guessing that, Sariah, out of all people, would understand how stressful and pressuring an ambassador's duty can be to a person. Though, judging from tonight alone, Sofi could see that the human looked like she was about to have fun one way or another, which was a positive outlook of things too. She has only been here in the eternal city for a few months, give or take, and she was already tired out, which made her wonder how the woman sitting across her could juggle the work so effortlessly. It may not be as easy as she makes it out to be but it sure looks like she's doing a whole lot better than her. 

When she said she wasn't a party girl, the blonde snorted and leaned her head against the side because that drink she took earlier was definitely slowly taking up her head right now, "You don't say." Oh, she's still fine. She thinks. "You look like you were about to party the entire world down though, nice dress" she chuckled, the dress looks good on her. "You can easily find someone to dance with, trust me you're that attractive enough to get a guy rolling on the floor, or girl" she turned to the side and then pointed to a few people having the time of their lives by dancing around the tables. Wild night, indeed. 17% rum? Sofi's eyes widened and made a small realization note as she murmured a soft "Oh." No wonder it felt heavy earlier. "I… I'm still fine, yeah" She reassured but why does it feel like she was trying to reassure herself instead of the human?

 Animals are always such a comfort, Sofi brought her golden retriever puppy with her back home, the one she found shivering in the cold in front of the faction house a month ago. Though, she still has yet to name her. "I love dogs but I could never really have one until recently. I was always travelling around and bringing a pet along with you? It feels like too much work and it would be torturous for the little one too, I can't put them through that" The Psychic Initia was always moving around, learning and diversifying her own style so she could get a better hold on her element. Sariah's explanation to justify why she picked penguins as her favorite animal and why she wanted to be one was definitely the highlight of her night. "Tell me, how drunk are you to be talking about penguins? Better yet, are you drunk enough to be doing something you probably would be caught dead doing? If not, how drunk do you need to be?"

“Or future boozy housewife in the making” she countered her remark with a soft laugh, she liked what she liked and she didn’t really mind what other people thought out about it “Kidding” she stated afterwards a playful glint in her eyes “I don’t think I could take being at home all day, I’d go crazy, my mom always said I was so restless when I was younger, always wanting something to do, never shook that” which was probably why being an ambassador kinda fitted her really well, she was constantly working on something and really there were no quiet days where she was left twiddling her thumbs. It was exciting in a strange way, especially when you considered the danger and risk involved with the job role she did but Sariah felt up to the challenge and protecting this city, make it better bit by bit, it was fulfilling and she got the feeling that perhaps Sofi was a lot like her in that way.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she questioned when she said she was about to party the world down sarcastically “Are you suggesting I’m boring?” it was clear from her tone that she was joking around with the Initia ambassador because she wouldn’t say she was exactly wrong if she answered yes to that question. “Thanks” she responded when she complimented her dress “It was kinda nice to have a reason to wear it I guess” she had a few more formal dresses but not a lot of occasions to wear them out so she had decided to take the opportunity when she could. “Oh I know, but I’m not single and I’d rather avoid any weirdness” she commented with a laugh, she would have invited Orion to come but firstly she thought it would be a girls night so she didn’t want Holland to feel like a third wheel and second he was busy doing a security job tonight anyway. Sariah glanced down to the drink when Sofi insisted she was okay and then grimaced slightly “If you say so…” she chuckled “People always give slack to these drinks but they’re stronger than people expect” as evidenced by the Initia ambassador downing the glass in one go.

“Oh no I definitely get that, I never even thought about a pet before cause you know, busy life means not enough time to really appreciate them but Ada isn’t too needy, she just wants cuddles when I go to bed and food a whole lot, she’ll wake me up meowing if she’d hungry” she pouted a little but laughed softly, man her experience with getting a pet had definitely been a ride but she wouldn’t change it for the world. Sofi’s reaction to her talking about penguins in far too much detail made her grin slightly “Clearly you’ve never met me, or I mean you’ve met me but what I mean is that you’ve never spent enough time around me to know that words just don’t work for me and then I keep talking because I don’t know if I got my point across right” she laughed softly when did finally stop because she was stupidly proving her own point “Something I wouldn’t be caught dead doing?” she raised her brows “Why does that sound incredibly ominous”

She shook her head and chuckled at her remark about being a future boozy housewife in making, Sariah was funny, she had to give her that. Surprisingly, she was talking a lot and she figured it was all the booze getting the human ambassador sitting across her. Understandable. Sofi had nothing better to do tonight anyway, so why not stay and entertain this girl? What could go wrong? What's the worst that could happen when she was within the human's vicinity, anyway? She probably shouldn't have jinxed it but the Initia was way too tipsy to even comprehend her words. Sariah wasn't wrong, the rum in the drink earlier was pretty much making her think twice about everything right now. Okay, note to self, don't drink recklessly. "I can relate… I can't sit tight and do nothing without going crazy. One time my father tried to teach me to meditate, it failed miserably and I ended up sneaking up the next twenty minutes because I could no longer take such a torturous session anymore…" This was ironic considering how well Sofi adapts to yoga and meditation now.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, maybe. Tonight, there were no positions or roles to tie them up. Instead of being human and Initia ambassadors facing one another in a bar, they were two females just letting loose for the night. Sariah Holloway and Sofi Zahara. Maybe she could see what the human ambassador would never show, drunk people are sometimes honest and Sofi was sure they had no capacity to muster up a lie. Not tonight. "Pssh, how could I ever suggest you're boring," he noticed the teasing lacing her tone and decided that two can play at this game. "The last time I wore a dress that's not today was when I was trying on dresses for the sake of attending a formal event… only to spend the day sitting in a tub of ice cream because my date was a total geezer." 

Oh, she'll never forget that iconic day when she actually gave him something to remember her by. A nightmare. Let's just say it was exactly why people would way 'Don't piss off a Psychic.' Sofi drawled a knowing nod when the human admitted she wasn't single, "Commitment" she scrunched her nose up and shook her head in disgust, "Ugh… being single is so fun but so tiring…" She was definitely drunk. "I probably should have asked what's in the drink before drinking it… Oh my god, people can poison me easily…" Well, thankfully due to her Metal Master position, she was immune to poison. Thank god for that. "Mine would just lay itself on me until I wake up and feed him… and I tell you, I kid you not… He's one heavy dog…" Cute, but he grew up so fast and gained weight twice as much. Still very healthy, thankfully. "I didn't mean it literally, but now that you've said it I'm curious… is there anything you would be caught dead doing? Answerrrr"

Sariah definitely had a problem with sitting still, she hated the feeling like she wasn’t doing something productive which meant her mind was always occupied with some problem to solve or story to read, so she definitely related to Sofi’s stories about mediation being no use to her “Honestly my best medicine is having a good distraction, if I can sit down with a good story or sing along to some music then all my worries start to fade away” that was one thing she was pretty good at doing, putting work down when she got home and just thinking about quite literally anything else “I was always pretty nerdy at school but I was literally always in trouble with the teachers for fidgeting, I just couldn’t stay still while they droned on about the same thing over and over again” which may have been a sign that she was too smart for the subjects they were learning at the time too but it was frustrating constantly being told to stay still.

It was nice to take the chance to get to know the other ambassador a little as a person, often they addressed one another as figureheads and spokespeople rather than others who had personal involvement in the future of a species. They weren’t just representing their factions, after all, they were a part of them too. She nudged playfully against the elder blonde’s shoulder when she once again implied she was boring “I’ll have you know I got to parties at least…” she paused as she tried to recall the last time she went to a party “Every six months?” okay, definitely not winning her case her but she was drunk, hardly an easy job to put together a decent defence while drunk. Sariah winced when Sofi talked about buying a nice dress for a date only for it to turn out terrible “And that is why you wear the dress for you and not the guy” she laughed and pointed out the one she was wearing and gave an approving nod “You kill it too by the way” she complimented with a grin, though it was hard to see the full outfit because Sofi had been sitting at the bar the entire time.

Sariah giggled slightly when Sofi turned her nose up at the idea of commitment and she shook her head slightly “Oh it’s that bad huh? Believe me I know the bad dating game, if there was a bad boy, asshole who would cheat on me or just a dick in general I somehow found him” she shook her head a few times “One time I went on a date with a guy only for him wait for me to pay for dinner and then hit on the waitress right in front of me” now she didn’t mind paying but that was definitely a no to a second date for her. Sofi’s reaction to the drink made her laugh again “But it tastes so good….and technically it is poison, just...tolerable poison, a poison of the least toxicity” she grinned “and delicious too” she sipped her drink just to make a point. “You have a dog? Oh my gosh I love dogs too, when I was little, my mom used to say we’d never get anywhere cause I was busy trying to pet every dog” she grinned a little sheepishly, she loved a lot of things when she had been drinking admittedly “Caught dead doing?” she contemplated it for a moment “Trying to sing Bohemian Rhapsody in front of a bunch of people?” one could only embarrass themselves greatly if they tried that after all. Realizing what she just said she raised a finger up in warning to the other female "No" she stated forcefully "Absolutely not, never" she shook her head slightly.

Honestly, it wasn't the drinks in her system. At least, that's what Sofi told herself throughout the entire time after she quite literally just downed that glass of alcohol that had a mixture and totally sent the Initia back to the alphabet Z so she could start over. It was hard enough for her to comprehend anything with a rational mindset right now but she's not that drunk to not know how to behave properly like a normal human being. Sariah was probably going to be a company she ends up remembering at the back of her head until she eventually wakes up the next morning with a killer headache, knowing she'd probably spent half an hour to an hour in the bathroom. "How fun… to have your worries fading away, kinda wished that would actually be true for everything else" How convenient would that be? When she mentioned that she had a hard time sitting still even back in school, the blonde raised her eyebrows questioningly and leaned close, "Do you have any tics? ADHD maybe? That could be the reason for your slightly erratic behavior? Something triggered it for sure. You're also easily bored, which makes sense" People with disorders always ended up being one of the geniuses.

 "Every six months? Really? God you are worse than boring... " she teased. Her bright optics clearly painted the picture of a very surprised and dramatic person who just found out her sister stole her dog. That's the equivalent of it. Sofi nodded in agreement when Sariah said you wear the dress for you and not the guy, "That's why I'm wearing a dress for myself today" she shrugged, nothing could go wrong with that. From the human's peripheral vision, it was probably hard to see her full outfit which made her cheeks flushed from the amount of alcohol she'd consumed over the past hour. "Yuck… hitting on a waitress right in front of his date? I mean total douchebag who somehow got away with not paying his part… that's so shitty" she grumbled and shook her head in disgust. Some people really do deserve better. Riah had a point, it was the good kind of poison, one she would gladly drink any other day, honestly. Because why not? Sometimes we do need some unwinding to do. 

"You're right it is good" She was cute gushing over dogs which only made her tipsy state even more endearing, Oh god you're so cute" he giggled and buy something to remember her by. Once the human had literally just outed herself to Sofi who had a mischievous grin curving her ruby red lips, she knew she was definitely going to hear some of that Bohemian Rhapsody today. "Nope… no take backs. It'll be fun" she coerced, tugging on her arm gently as she dragged her with her to find the DJ who wasn't in his place. "Never say never" she purred and actually stumbled on her steps while searching for the person who could give then a live mic for that. "Come on… live a little. Going Bohemian Rhapsody may be just what you need tonight…"

She laughed softly at the mention at wishing everything could be so easy to push aside “Well the problem is that it’s always temporary, just because you forget for a little doesn’t really mean it actually goes away” she chuckled, nope if you wanted to handle your worries when you had to actually deal with them the old fashioned way, unfortunately “Though I do have a massaging pillow I use sometimes which really does feel like it steals my worries away” she giggled slightly and shrugged “Yeah I have ADHD, always had to take meds for it, my attention is always all over the place, it’s hard to keep me interested in one thing for too long” but she had managed to deal with it in her own ways so it didn’t really impact her life all that heavily anymore, her main issue with school had been their lack of ability to keep her engaged in the subjects because they were too easy.

She opened her mouth to argue with Sofi when she said she was worse than boring but then she closed it again because who could really disagree with that statement when she rarely went out to do things with friends at all and she didn’t really have much excuse considering she had many of them “God you’re right” she responded as she dramatically put her hands over her face and then dropped them with a laugh. She smiled softly when Sofi said she was wearing the dress for herself today the Initia grandmaster definitely had a certain air about her which made Sariah think she could quite literally wear anything and pull it off. “Believe me if we were to list out every bad date I ever had we’d actually probably be here all night” she shook her head in an exasperated manner “But there are some good ones out there, don’t give up all hope” she laughed softly and smiled, she had been lucky to meet Orion and he had changed her perspective greatly.

When Sofi called her cute she blushed slightly and shook her head “Oh stop, you’re feeding my ego and she likes compliments far too much for her own good” she just loved everything cute really and her definition of cute was pretty broad, she loved animals a whole lot that was for sure, she remembered always begging for a pet when she was younger but because her dad was allergic is was always a no. Before she knew it she was being dragged across the dance floor towards the DJ booth “Nooooo I am not a good singer, people will put their hands on their ears” she protested but there was little point trying to fight the Initia who was evidently stronger than her. When Sofi stumbled Sariah also stumbled over her heels before just about managing to stay upright and then staring at her in horror “No one needs that in that life” she whined but it was clear she was going to relent at the other ambassador’s insistence “If you film it I swear I will haunt you in the future” she glared playfully before the guy set up the track and she found herself getting pushed up on the stage.

Sofi quirked her eyebrows questioningly towards the human female, wondering what she has to say about it, "Sounds like a tiring thing to do... " She has worked as a neuropsychologist for years and yet there only seemed to be theories and medicinal remedies that she knew wouldn't work on everyone, especially her. Her head is quite possibly the hardest to crack into, even on her own discretion. There seemed to be endless pile from where that came from and the Initia wasn't sure if she could figure it out before another appears on her plate. "So… I should go and get myself a good massaging pillow top, got it" she hiccuped and giggled because it was very likely to see her do that, especially when the blonde was already pulling out her phone from her pocket and searched for a massaging pillow, "Which one would you recommend for me?" she murmured faintly, it does seem that the tipsiness had gotten to her, enough to influence her to recklessly shop tonight. Online shopping is dangerous, they said. 

Sofi nodded understandingly upon hearing Riah confirm she had ADHD, a part of her feel proud for being able to pinpoint that but then again, drunk her would feel proud right about anything. There was no actual treatment for disorders such as that, only therapies to help them curb it or control them so even if the Initia wanted to help, she knew the other female would not like to have her pull a presentation slide there and there. "So I'm not the only one with bad luck when it comes to blind dates then, good to know" she chuckled and tried to see if she could get herself more drinks because she was in need of one. "I need to get myself some drinks… do you want one?" Seeing as she already downed the glass Riah offered the first time with one chug, Sofi couldn't sit there and do nothing. Regardless of the human's answer, she was already making her way to the counter to get her fill before shortly returning to their table. 

Judging from the way she talked about not giving up, she sensed that the other ambassador is quite content with her relationship. When you're an ambassador in the city, a public figure, a few of your details were bound to be spilled, as is Sariah Holloway's beau; Orion Valkyrie, another ambassador from the therian faction. "Well, at least you're lucky enough to score yourself a good guy" The same couldn't be said for her, unfortunately, considering her previous lover is titled late for a reason. "Everyone likes to be complimented" she teased, the sight of the other female giggling to herself was surely quite an amusing sight, but so was the sight of getting to hear her belt out Bohemian Rhapsody on the stage. Despite Riah's incessant efforts to thwart her tries to get her on the stage, Sofi still stood by her decision, "Oh please, you'll be fine" she reassured and pushed her slightly, "Half the people in here are tipsy or drunk off their assess, they won't care" she slurred and clapped happily when the human relented. When she was warned not to film any of the scene before her, Sofi giggled and made a half-assed attempt to cross her fingers, "Cross my heart. Now go" she ushered. 

Sariah shrugged when Sofi said it was tiring “Life, in general, is tiring and yet we all find a way through it, do we not?” he raised her brows slightly, she for one believed that people who were often tired probably lived their lives to the fullest, unless all that time was spent working in which case it was the exact opposite. “Yes, you absolutely should, and make sure to use it often, preferably with a glass of wine and a good book you like but not enough that you couldn’t fall asleep to it” oddly specific but she found all those things really helped her to relax in the evenings after a long day the office. She had to laugh when she saw that Sofi had pulled up a bunch of options for buying on her phone “I have that bottom one, though I did see there’s a newer model out which has additional heating capability” she pursed her lips for a moment because the last time she had been drunk and browsing Amazon some very interesting things had shown up the next day.

“I mean starting with the date being blind is probably never a good foot to get off on” she admitted with a shrug of her shoulders, she found most people who went on those kinds of dates were looking for one thing and when they realized they weren’t going to get it, they moved onto the next available person. “I think the only one of those which worked out for me was because my friends organized and they knew he was a decent guy” she laughed under her breath slightly “Unfortunately it turns out you actually have to leave your house if you want to find a good date” she pouted a little because she much preferred the comfort of her own home. “Sure I’ll take a cranberry vodka” she responded as she wanted the other blonde saunter off in the direction of the bar and laughed to herself, making herself comfortable against the bar stool.

“The only problem with finding someone good is that you constantly feel like it’s some kind of trick, like something is going to come along and ruin it all” and she was probably justified to feel that way considering the number of times that something had come between her and Orion already, she had learned over the past year how hard it actually was to make a relationship work and yet here she was clinging to it as tightly as she could. It occurred to her that Sofi was very stubborn and headstrong, she wasn’t sure whether it was the alcohol or just her personality talking but here she was up on the stage with the beginning music to the song playing, glaring at the blonde with an unimpressed look. Still, she started singing along with the track, it was just about in tune but there was no way she could ever do the classic the justice it deserved so she was flustered pretty much the whole time, thankfully most of the tables were just singing along to the music though which set aside her nerves just a little.


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