It had been about an hour or so since she first arrived at the bar, makeup done, nice dress, really making an effort for a girl's night out. Flashback to earlier in the day and Sariah had been complaining about how she didn't want to leave the house but her friend Holland had convinced her that she spent far too much time being a homebody and convinced her to come to this karaoke bar. Thankfully the drinks were on 2 for 1 all the night most of the cocktails tasted really great so it had been easy-drinking tonight but Sariah still kinda felt out of place in a bar of all places. 

The singing had been hit or miss, a few people who were really good and got the crowd going but then there were others that kinda gave her a headache but she found herself singing along to the songs most of the night anyway, it wasn't the worst way to spend an evening, her slightly tipsy mind had decided but about an hour in her friend was nowhere to be found. She knew better than to go and look for her considering she had been eyeing some guy from across the bar for most of the evening and he was conveniently out of sight too so the blonde decided she would need to entertain herself. She had considered going up to sing herself but changed her mind deciding she wasn't nearly drunk enough for that. 

She got to her feet, dancing her way through the crowd of the people at the bar and ordering herself another two glasses of the passionfruit cocktail she'd been drinking all evening when she spotted a familiar face sitting by herself on the other side. Sariah wasn't exactly close with any of the other ambassadors but she had spent enough time with them to know them on some level and Sofi seemed a little down. Perhaps her better judgment would have left the Initia ambassador be and gone to dance alone but Sariah figured if anyone could understand her need to wind down it was another ambassador. 

She headed over to where she was sitting and hopped up onto a barstool next to her before tilting her head slightly to the side "I was going to make some witty comment about being at a bar all alone on a Saturday night and then I had a second thought" considering she had now been ditched by her friend she was technically in the same boat. "So I've decided we are going to make a pact to not look like sad lonely people together" she spoke as she slid her second drink she bought in front of her as a peace offering "What do you say?" well it wasn't exactly the way she intended to get to know the Initia ambassador outside of work but it seemed like a logical plan to her in her slightly tipsy mind. 

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“You know, speaking about unique, there’s a whole new dimension about that word alone, I swear…” she murmured, she remembered going through a few chapters, or books, on the human psyche and it was enough to give Sofi a few nights off from reading. She ended up drinking to her sleep, waking up with a massive hangover and a nagging roommate because she didn’t bother to clean after herself. “People are always making problems from things that aren’t really one. That’s how humans go about their days now, blowing things out of proportions more than it needed to be, taking one hindsight to another and deeming it invalid… I’m surprised nobody’s thought about burning the world altogether yet” Admittedly, there were probably plenty who wanted to see the world burn but that didn’t necessarily mean they had the guts to do it themselves alone. Or she could be wrong.

 Whilst leadership was something extremely new to the blonde, she was very excited to take up this position, it seems very promising and perhaps that’s what she wanted to make of it. This new position where she’ll need to supervise and monitor every Initia in the eternal city, it’s a challenging one but when has she ever shy down from challenges? “I’m probably gonna trip and fall a few times… but if I can get back up, then nothing is impossible, right?” A hundred years ago, people would’ve thought nobody could control the mind naturally, so there was that. She spared the human ambassador a sheepish grin when she saw how she was trying to reassure her that things may actually go according to what she had thought out. Hopefully. “I still wonder how it’s possible for you guys to keep this organization a secret, when so many are out here walking the city like they weren’t aware there are actually monsters lurking in the dark, perhaps not in this city per se but… in general.” 

The species ambassadors were able to keep their own in line, from what she’s heard, but there were a few mishaps here and there coming from outsiders too. “Why does drinking have to be so complicated” she whined and flailed her arms, “I just wanted to have a good time… that’s all.” But a glass of wine after work after once in a while sounded just as good as it is moderate. Though knowing Sofi who probably needed more to shut her head down, it was a big distraction for her to be drinking. The last thing Sofi thought to do tonight was grab a new friend and drag them to enter a few classes of yoga or pilates, but that’s what she’s doing. It was a lot better than having to beat someone up only because the Psychic Initia needed to vent on someone, and whoever it was, ended up being the victim one way or another. 

“I am terrible with technology” she chuckled, “I mean I’m not that bad but graphic design is definitely not my passion with how I handle my tech. I think I’ll just stray off the part where I have to do more on my PC or laptop aside than keying in my patients’ confidentials.” She couldn’t help but snicker at the blonde when she said she was still working even when she’s out of the clock, “Well, if it makes you feel better, we’re on the same boat. When I’m not working in the office, I’m still working in another office. The one at the faction house.” But much like how she pictured Riah, Sofi also enjoyed training the novitiates by the clearing. The younger ones were always so entertaining. “I’m sure, we can both enter the beginner class together. I’ve done one or two poses but I’m not good enough to remember the names, you won’t be alone” she reassured and tugged her arm childishly, “It’ll be fun, Riah. I promise.”

Sariah shrugged her shoulders slightly “So either people are really bored or they have their priorities in the wrong place” she surmised and shook her head in amusement, probably a mix of all of it, honestly, considering the way she saw people around her act, mostly she found that people were just generally selfish and only cared about meeting their own means. Sariah could be guilty of that too, sometimes you became so wrapped up in your own problems that you didn’t even stop to think what others might be going through. The blonde smiled proudly when Sofi said she knew she was going to trip but the important part was to get back on her feet again “Exactly, you only lose when you allow yourself to lose, setbacks are inevitable” if she quit every time she had a setback then she would never make any progress at all in her work.

Sariah sighed under her breath “It’s definitely not without extreme pains and difficulties” she grumbled slightly, keeping the supernatural secret was of course one of the bottom line core things they needed to do in the city and yet with so many supernatural here, it was challenging. Especially when the supernatural went against the law and there was no real way to bring them to justice. Sariah had been working hard on changing that but that kind of technology took years to produce and even though they were edging closer every day, they still weren’t there yet “But then if we think about what would happen should the secret get out” she shuddered slightly “It’s worth the work” and they had good systems in place now thankfully.

She laughed under her breath and took a long sip of her drink “It’s really not that complicated, it really just depends how much you care for your reputation” she giggled slightly, if you got drunk and did stupid things then you had to own it. Or don’t drink to the point you lose control. She grinned slightly and shrugged her shoulders slightly “It’s not for everyone” she confessed with a sheepish grin, she had definitely met a lot of supernatural who were wary and tended to avoid tech which was probably related to the fact they weren’t raised in a generation surrounded by it like she was “But I like having the world at my fingertips and knowing I can do quite literally anything I feel like within a moment” there was so much to learn and to do online, you could spend all your time there easily.

“It never ends right?” she laughed under her breath and shook her head, work was always something on an ambassador’s mind because it was their jobs to keep the city safe and that meant always keeping one eye open. The city never sleeps as they say and so the work never really ended. She couldn’t believe she was being talked into going to a yoga class but how could she say no when the Initia ambassador was being adorable and tugging on her arm like that “Alright but when I get in trouble for not knowing what an upward dog is, I’m blaming you” she pointed at her, pressing her finger against her nose and then laughing softly.

"Could be both or maybe neither" she quipped, god knows what was actually going on anyway. People like to surprise the other, at the end of the day. "I actually am curious enough to wonder if I'll ever come across a psychopath who wanted to burn the entire world down. So far, despite my meticulous… and questionable list of clients, I haven't seen them have those thoughts. Yet." Which she wasn't sure whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. She wasn't the master of the mind, no she had a lot of things to learn. Maybe someone knew how to hide the truths from themselves, thus making them not so transparent in the Initia's eyes.  "Maybe I could get used to this position after a while, or maybe I'll fail… terribly… but who knows? Only way to find out is to give it a try" If she trips, then she'll get back up, whether she succeeded in that mission or not, is an entirely different thing. 

"I'm curious though, when did you first know about us? The supernatural community, I mean. Did you stumble across one? Or was it a family secret to know? Most humans I've met only ever knew a bit about the supernatural world existing because they've encountered one." Some of them led an easier way of life when it comes to blending with the humans, she'd take herself for an example too. "Yeah… not everyone thinks like you guys do. Some detest the ones who they think is different, some would use it to exact vengeance just to quench their insatiable thirst for blood. And for the supernaturals, if they knew the world knew about them, what's keeping them on a tight leash? What's stopping them from causing havoc or making their own rules? We have leaders here, ambassadors to keep the rest in line but I can't say the same about everywhere else. Some of them don't follow the rules we do here."

 Covens acted independently from what she heard when she was studying in Norway. "Do you? I mean, on a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you really care about your public appearance?" Curious and curioser, indeed. "Though I heard the owner of Evermore Daily, aka the man behind all the steamy tabloids are a part of the Organization too, I assume you either have him on the leash or is he causing trouble for you too?" She's been trying to escape his watchful birds that's been keeping an eye out on what they know about her, which Sofi honestly did not appreciate. Coming from a whole psychic, even she wouldn't say that's a breach of privacy. "No, it never ends… sometimes I wonder if I could go crazier than I already am. I mean, you're talking to a woman who can hear voices in her head everywhere she goes. What could get crazier than that, right?" Apparently, she has yet to find out. 

The night was interesting for the Initia, when she came here for a drink, she didn't expect to come face to face with the human ambassador, but now she's curated some sort of friendship together amidst their tipsiness and somehow managed to drag Sariah into joining her for a yoga session too. "Oh don't worry, I don't think we can get any worse" she teased and nudged her playfully, "Speaking of which, how flexible are you?"

She wondered what she would do if she could read minds like that and she came across someone who actually was dangerous like that “Would you be able to remain impartial or would you have to do something if you knew someone thought like that?” it was an honest question because on the one part it was rude to pry into people’s minds and then act on it but then also she could save a lot of people if she stopped them from being able to hurt anyone. Sariah nodded when she said that she needed to try to know whether she was suited for this role “I don’t think anyone ever really gets used to having people rely on them like this, but you do get better at handling the pressure and forgiving yourself for not being perfect” she definitely had her ups and downs that was for sure.

It was a fair question to ask, as a human you weren’t really supposed to know about the supernatural world but there were plenty who had learned the secret, either because it had been revealed to them by someone or because they ran into something they couldn’t explain and persisted enough to find out the truth “My best friend in school was a phoenix” she responded honestly, she did watch Sofi carefully for her reaction though, given that she was an Initia and those two factions definitely didn’t have the best history between them “She never wanted to tell me at first but eventually the trust was established and she did” Sariah nodded a few times thoughtfully “And after she was killed for being what she was...I guess you could say that did something to inspire me to fight for equality” she had always had a respect for the supernatural but she did acknowledge their powers and ability to be above the law made them dangerous to humans.

“That’s why I joined the organization, because I wanted to establish a world where everyone can co-exist and every person is judged on a real justice system, not a case of whether they’re too strong to be held by a jail cell or not” because that meant to police the supernatural you essentially had to kill them for their crimes or let them get away with it and she saw no justice there. “Probably around a 6” she responded and laughed “It does matter what people think of you when you’re in an elected position like mine” if people opposed her leadership then the board could vote her off and she would be replaced by someone else “But they have no business telling me who I can and can’t love” that part she would stand strong on. She looked up at her and then chuckled when she mentioned Ambrose “He’s a privy council member, which means he has some say but I have no control over what he says and does, call it people working towards an equal goal rather than anyone having any power over him” god help the person who tried to impose that on him.

She giggled softly and smiled “Well true, perhaps we should just embrace the crazy already instead of trying to fight it” she mused with a shake of her head, the world around them was hard to understand and process sometimes, you might even argue it was pretty natural to feel that way. She widened her eyes when she asked how flexible she was and she stared at her own legs for a moment wondering how one defines their flexibility “I have no idea” she responded tilting her head for a moment “How would I even check?” she responded with a laugh.

It was a good question on her part, honestly. Sofi found herself asking the same question over and over again every single time she was given the chance. "I actually had to take my own time and think about it before deciding. Obviously, you want to be a good person, right? Do some good to the world or even to an individual because the cycle of karma works like that? But you also don't want to get involved in a ring or chain of events that could get very messy real quick. Will I remain an innocent passerby who witnessed a murder if I allowed it to happen in the first place?" It was something that always seemed to bother her. "It depends on the rate, if it was petty theft or minor violence, I'll try to foil the plans. But if I found out a local mafia gang is thinking about robbing the bank in the next few hours, what can I do? Call the police and give an anonymous tip? What happens if they trace the call and ends up questioning how the hell I obtained the information before it even happened? Or if it didn't end up happening and was just their thoughts… I would be charged with fraudulent behavior. So I try my best to stray far away from those routes if I could." 

Why would she go ahead and search for drama and trouble when she has enough on her plate? "That doesn't sound as chivalrous, huh?" She spared her a gentle smile when the human said things will eventually get better for her. "Individual respect, I like where you're going, Riah" if you're not going to think about yourself, who else is going to do the job for you? Her answer was not what she had expected, Sofi will admit that much, but supernaturals were everywhere, they did try to live the mundane life as far as normal gets in their book so finding out your friend is one, isn't that far of a stretch. "Ah… a Phoenix." Both species had a long time rivalry with each other but the psychic Initia personally had nothing against them. 

"Most of us have a long-time rivalry with each other… centuries worth of resentment I'm guessing. I wouldn't know, since I wasn't exactly born and bred in Initia groupies. I wasn't even that accepted by my own former tribe to begin with, so you can imagine how hard things got" she chuckled absentmindedly, "maybe that's why I get the Phoenixes. I don't necessarily support them but I get why they would feel what they feel." Being discriminated just for being born into what they were, it must've sucked. "You're brave and daring to thrust yourself in this world with just your resolutions and dreams" she pointed out and grinned sheepishly, "I was gonna lead a low profiled life. Be the Metal Master of my tribe and help those kids with their elements… until this element came knocking on my door" she snarked wryly and tapped against her temple. It was both a blessing and a curse for Sofi. 

The blonde did scrunch her nose briefly, evidently expressing her disgust, when the other female said it was a 6. "He has some pretty interesting things to say about me the last time" the headlines were hilarious or so to say. But she would rather only have them prying where the lines are not drawn at yet. As a psychic Initia, she has a pet peeve on privacy. When asked how she would even check her flexibility, Sofi was already up on her feet before eyeing her legs, "Can you do splits? I mean obviously not in that dress but you get where I'm going."

It was a complex moral decision she was sure, on the one side, you could prevent people from getting hurt but on the other you risked people finding out that you were mot human or not eben taking you seriously when you reported something, she was sure if was a balance that Sofi found hard to meet because she must have heard plenty of things she didn’t want to “I totally understand the not wanting to meddle thing but I don’t think I’d be able to turn a blind eye if I knew someone could get hurt” Sariah was a caring person and she wouldn’t be able to handle the guilt if she didn’t take action on information she was given “And if you even need to contact any authority that you’re sure will take you seriously, you have my contact number” the ambassadors all stayed in contact with one another and organization had weight behind all the important establishments in Evermore, they could prevent danger without blowing anyone’s supernatural cover.

She nodded slightly, their role in the city depended entirely on whether other people believed in them and so Sariah tried to present herself as someone they could trust, it was important to her that she be approachable and personable, she didn’t want to be some military general only focused on the goals and forgetting the people involved. “It’s not an easy balance to find but it’s our job to keep trying anyway” that was how she saw it anyway. Sariah pursed her lips at Sofi’s reaction to the phoenixes, it was true that her friend was a phoenix and was killed by Initia but she wasn’t hasty enough to paint everyone with the same brush and she did understand the war caused casualties from both sides. It was important to her to hear Sofi’s thoughts on it all “It can’t have been easy for anyone, creating such a divide between both species, no wonder there’s so much hate” Initia feared the phoenixes, the phoenixes could go wild with power and hurt people. Back then people were brutal and dealt with their problems through violence.

The blonde shrugged her shoulders slightly when Sofi called her brave for throwing herself into the middle of the supernatural world “I’m one of those people who can’t just let things go, once I knew, I knew” she couldn’t just sit back and ignore the supernatural problems because she was human, it didn’t work like that for her. “Sometimes I’m a little jealous of the humans who never figure out the secret, they get to live such blissful lives” and that was why the organization was so important to her, it protected the people who didn’t even know they needed to be protected. She raised her brow when Sofi explained how she expected her life to be low profile until the psychic element had showed up “That must have been scary for you, I mean it’s basically unheard of to master two elements right?” she would have said impossible before but now there was proof otherwise.

She sighed slightly as the way Sofi responded to her thoughts on public image “He had plenty to say about everyone, that’s kinda his job, distract until everyone forgets what’s right in front of them” really it was quite admirable if it wasn’t you who was the target of all the reports and gossip. “Can’t say I have ever managed to do the splits…I used to do cartwheels back when I was back in high school but I’m pretty sure if I tried that now I’d end up in a splattered pile on the floor” she widened her eyes for a moment “Wait do they make you do the splits?” if they were going to ask her to do that she might have to run for the hills.

Sariah probably had a better moral compared to her, it wasn't to say Sofi didn't care but she learned to shut down a few things because she couldn't be bothered with the risk. "I try to do what I can, if I know I'm fighting a losing battle I'm not going to bother" to Sofi, it was useless and a waste of energy. When she offered to be the authoritarian that would be taking actions should she need to report anything, the blonde smiled softly, "Finally, someone who would take me seriously. You have any idea how frustrating it is when people keep looking at you as if you're crazy?" It was a pain because she didn't want to influence them mentally to think that's what they believe in. If they couldn't see it through their own vision on what was happening then she shouldn't even bother. "There's a lot of those numbers going around actually… a lot of ambassadors to keep track on but I know yours enough to make it my emergency dial" she winked playfully. Admittedly, Sofi hasn't been making friends with others. Which she probably should get acquainted with them sooner rather than later. 

"It must be tiring" she chuckled, she has never led this much, not at a big scale like this. "I was a Metal Master back in my old tribe and that was me leading less than a dozen, but this? Leading all of them is wow…" Leadership was still new to Sofi but hopefully she would get comfortable with her position now. It was a challenge she was more than willing to overcome of course. Go big or go home, right? "I never understood why they were so afraid of Phoenixes but in a way, I also understood why they are doing what they did. I can't gouge their actions but we know fear makes people do the stupidest things. I imagine it sparked a conflict and started a war once upon a time. That exact feeling. And then it went along with tons of casualty, until it couldn't be stopped so they thought why stop?" Admittedly they were taught to be disciplined so they would not misuse their abilities, something she would be sure to implement during the elemental training. In a way, Sofi could understand Riah, if she was human and had this kind of revelation, would she be able to let go just like that? Very unlikely.

 "Even as an Initia, when I found out I had this element nobody did… I didn't stop searching for answers. Sure it gave me a lot of headaches but aside from being forced to find answers to get rid of the pain, it was well worth it." It opened her to a whole new world that Sofi never thought was possible. "Living their lives… oblivious to what is occurring around them. Gotta love the ignorant lives, I agree" sometimes she wondered if living as a human is a way to go. It must be daunting to always have to be on your feet, being cautious of everything as in the supernatural world and not your manager saying you're not working hard enough. "Yeah, a Master could only master one element. I really thought I was ordinary when I was a kid, perhaps the Initia gene didn't pass down to me but when I received my Initia mark, I started to think I'm just a faulty one because when others got their affinity element, I remained with none. My adoptive father took pity on me and granted me the metal element for me to learn. I can't believe my affinity element kicked in 30 years late" she shook her head in disbelief, it was still roaming around her head somewhere. 

She wondered why it was the case. "But then again, a Psychic Initia has never been heard before… the element was basically a myth, a bedtime story until me. Didn't have anyone to confirm it either." It was a difficult period for Sofi. Ambrose Griffin is an astounding man, like Riah had said. "I hope to not be his target anytime soon then." The last thing she needed was to appear on the tabloids. The human's reaction when talking about splits had the blonde doubling over, "No I don't think they do. They only ask you to warm up and stretch I think. Come on, it'll be fun. Who knows, you'll be more flexible and stronger, before we know it, you can be kicking some bad guy's ass." 

She laughed and shrugged her shoulders “Hey, I live on the side of crazy, there’s nothing you could tell me that would surprise me anymore” as the head of the organization she had honestly seen it all and she was numb to it at this point. Which was probably a good thing because she needed to be level headed and lead well and that couldn’t be done if she was constantly lost. “Everyone wants to be the new girl’s friend huh?” she laughed, she wasn’t surprised, in the chance there was another war, everyone wanted other factions on their side so they could protect their own. There were so many crossing alliances in the city that she lost track of them from time to time.

She nodded in agreement, being a leader was exhausting “It’s not even the work itself but the crushing responsibility that really gets you” she shook her head in amusement, they did it to themselves though, someone had to step into the leader role and they were the ones who did so. Because they wanted to protect their people, there was nobility in that. “I can understand why they would be afraid, years down the line...I mean both sides had whole armies but phoenixes were immortal, only able to be killed by gold” she nodded a few times in thought “But as for how it all started, your guess is as good as mine” she commented as she looked up at her “Jealousy I suppose” didn’t it always come down to something petty like that. To think one person’s emotions could lead to so many deaths, it was really sad/

“I imagine it can’t have been easy, feeling a little like you didn’t fit in with the group you were supposed to” she nodded thoughtfully “But then don’t they say the best people stand out rather than fit in?” she shrugged with a wry smile, she was always the weird one when she was younger but she had found once you got out of the small-minded world of high school there were plenty of people out there who you could relate with. “Things seem much simpler when the only thing you have to worry about is what you need to wear to work the next day” she laughed shaking her head softly. She wouldn’t go back though, knowing has meant she could make a small difference on the world and that mattered to her. “Better late than never as they say” she commented chuckled under her breath “Do you think this will make more people want to master a second element? It can’t have been easy to do right?” but this proved that it was possible.

She shrugged slightly “Just remember that if you are his target, you’re probably covering up something important” she gave a dry laugh shaking her head, she wasn’t sure that made it worth it but at least it wasn’t just for sadistic gain. She widened her eyes when Sofi mentioned the idea of her kicking ass “I’m not really the type to be kicking anyone’s ass, I mean look how tiny I am” she shook her head in amusement “But yoga could be fun...for the flexibility part” she gave her a stern look and then smiled with a shake of her head “Has anyone told you that you’re quite persuasive?” she questioned with raised brows.

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