It had been about an hour or so since she first arrived at the bar, makeup done, nice dress, really making an effort for a girl's night out. Flashback to earlier in the day and Sariah had been complaining about how she didn't want to leave the house but her friend Holland had convinced her that she spent far too much time being a homebody and convinced her to come to this karaoke bar. Thankfully the drinks were on 2 for 1 all the night most of the cocktails tasted really great so it had been easy-drinking tonight but Sariah still kinda felt out of place in a bar of all places. 

The singing had been hit or miss, a few people who were really good and got the crowd going but then there were others that kinda gave her a headache but she found herself singing along to the songs most of the night anyway, it wasn't the worst way to spend an evening, her slightly tipsy mind had decided but about an hour in her friend was nowhere to be found. She knew better than to go and look for her considering she had been eyeing some guy from across the bar for most of the evening and he was conveniently out of sight too so the blonde decided she would need to entertain herself. She had considered going up to sing herself but changed her mind deciding she wasn't nearly drunk enough for that. 

She got to her feet, dancing her way through the crowd of the people at the bar and ordering herself another two glasses of the passionfruit cocktail she'd been drinking all evening when she spotted a familiar face sitting by herself on the other side. Sariah wasn't exactly close with any of the other ambassadors but she had spent enough time with them to know them on some level and Sofi seemed a little down. Perhaps her better judgment would have left the Initia ambassador be and gone to dance alone but Sariah figured if anyone could understand her need to wind down it was another ambassador. 

She headed over to where she was sitting and hopped up onto a barstool next to her before tilting her head slightly to the side "I was going to make some witty comment about being at a bar all alone on a Saturday night and then I had a second thought" considering she had now been ditched by her friend she was technically in the same boat. "So I've decided we are going to make a pact to not look like sad lonely people together" she spoke as she slid her second drink she bought in front of her as a peace offering "What do you say?" well it wasn't exactly the way she intended to get to know the Initia ambassador outside of work but it seemed like a logical plan to her in her slightly tipsy mind. 

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“You know, speaking about unique, there’s a whole new dimension about that word alone, I swear…” she murmured, she remembered going through a few chapters, or books, on the human psyche and it was enough to give Sofi a few nights off from reading. She ended up drinking to her sleep, waking up with a massive hangover and a nagging roommate because she didn’t bother to clean after herself. “People are always making problems from things that aren’t really one. That’s how humans go about their days now, blowing things out of proportions more than it needed to be, taking one hindsight to another and deeming it invalid… I’m surprised nobody’s thought about burning the world altogether yet” Admittedly, there were probably plenty who wanted to see the world burn but that didn’t necessarily mean they had the guts to do it themselves alone. Or she could be wrong.

 Whilst leadership was something extremely new to the blonde, she was very excited to take up this position, it seems very promising and perhaps that’s what she wanted to make of it. This new position where she’ll need to supervise and monitor every Initia in the eternal city, it’s a challenging one but when has she ever shy down from challenges? “I’m probably gonna trip and fall a few times… but if I can get back up, then nothing is impossible, right?” A hundred years ago, people would’ve thought nobody could control the mind naturally, so there was that. She spared the human ambassador a sheepish grin when she saw how she was trying to reassure her that things may actually go according to what she had thought out. Hopefully. “I still wonder how it’s possible for you guys to keep this organization a secret, when so many are out here walking the city like they weren’t aware there are actually monsters lurking in the dark, perhaps not in this city per se but… in general.” 

The species ambassadors were able to keep their own in line, from what she’s heard, but there were a few mishaps here and there coming from outsiders too. “Why does drinking have to be so complicated” she whined and flailed her arms, “I just wanted to have a good time… that’s all.” But a glass of wine after work after once in a while sounded just as good as it is moderate. Though knowing Sofi who probably needed more to shut her head down, it was a big distraction for her to be drinking. The last thing Sofi thought to do tonight was grab a new friend and drag them to enter a few classes of yoga or pilates, but that’s what she’s doing. It was a lot better than having to beat someone up only because the Psychic Initia needed to vent on someone, and whoever it was, ended up being the victim one way or another. 

“I am terrible with technology” she chuckled, “I mean I’m not that bad but graphic design is definitely not my passion with how I handle my tech. I think I’ll just stray off the part where I have to do more on my PC or laptop aside than keying in my patients’ confidentials.” She couldn’t help but snicker at the blonde when she said she was still working even when she’s out of the clock, “Well, if it makes you feel better, we’re on the same boat. When I’m not working in the office, I’m still working in another office. The one at the faction house.” But much like how she pictured Riah, Sofi also enjoyed training the novitiates by the clearing. The younger ones were always so entertaining. “I’m sure, we can both enter the beginner class together. I’ve done one or two poses but I’m not good enough to remember the names, you won’t be alone” she reassured and tugged her arm childishly, “It’ll be fun, Riah. I promise.”

Sariah shrugged her shoulders slightly “So either people are really bored or they have their priorities in the wrong place” she surmised and shook her head in amusement, probably a mix of all of it, honestly, considering the way she saw people around her act, mostly she found that people were just generally selfish and only cared about meeting their own means. Sariah could be guilty of that too, sometimes you became so wrapped up in your own problems that you didn’t even stop to think what others might be going through. The blonde smiled proudly when Sofi said she knew she was going to trip but the important part was to get back on her feet again “Exactly, you only lose when you allow yourself to lose, setbacks are inevitable” if she quit every time she had a setback then she would never make any progress at all in her work.

Sariah sighed under her breath “It’s definitely not without extreme pains and difficulties” she grumbled slightly, keeping the supernatural secret was of course one of the bottom line core things they needed to do in the city and yet with so many supernatural here, it was challenging. Especially when the supernatural went against the law and there was no real way to bring them to justice. Sariah had been working hard on changing that but that kind of technology took years to produce and even though they were edging closer every day, they still weren’t there yet “But then if we think about what would happen should the secret get out” she shuddered slightly “It’s worth the work” and they had good systems in place now thankfully.

She laughed under her breath and took a long sip of her drink “It’s really not that complicated, it really just depends how much you care for your reputation” she giggled slightly, if you got drunk and did stupid things then you had to own it. Or don’t drink to the point you lose control. She grinned slightly and shrugged her shoulders slightly “It’s not for everyone” she confessed with a sheepish grin, she had definitely met a lot of supernatural who were wary and tended to avoid tech which was probably related to the fact they weren’t raised in a generation surrounded by it like she was “But I like having the world at my fingertips and knowing I can do quite literally anything I feel like within a moment” there was so much to learn and to do online, you could spend all your time there easily.

“It never ends right?” she laughed under her breath and shook her head, work was always something on an ambassador’s mind because it was their jobs to keep the city safe and that meant always keeping one eye open. The city never sleeps as they say and so the work never really ended. She couldn’t believe she was being talked into going to a yoga class but how could she say no when the Initia ambassador was being adorable and tugging on her arm like that “Alright but when I get in trouble for not knowing what an upward dog is, I’m blaming you” she pointed at her, pressing her finger against her nose and then laughing softly.

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