Things dawned on Erythreus all of a sudden as he sat in his room, making a journal entry with the music maxed out to the loudest volume, and his glass full of whiskey. He realized he hadn't really ever sustained any mundane talents, or skills. He didn't know anything about technology and electronics, and he didn't know how to cook. Relationships seemd to be a fail for him also. So really, when the Aspect of Death sat back and thought about his life outside of his Aspect duties, he had absolutely nothing to smile about. And people said he was too broody? That was enough to make Ery laugh as if he were a mad man. No one would ever know what it was like to have to encounter death as much as he. Someone died every second in the world, which meant his mind was never allowed to rest, and those who's souls didn't pass on to their bodies, made his task even harder.

Today was no different than any other day. Except, after rushing to go shower, Erythreus decided he was doing something different, and he wanted to learn at least one mundane skill. With that, the Aspect of Death dressed in his usual attire, consisting of black jeans, a solid black shirt, his long black leather trench coat, grunge boots, and his leather fingerless gloves. He never 'dressed the part' as people liked to say. Erythreus enjoyed what he wore, so in his eyes, he was just being himself, while the rest of the world assumed he dressed this way because he was the Aspect of Death.

Ery typically walked everywhere that he went, but today called for a much more unusual occasion for him, and with that, he figured it would be more logical to take his bike. The sound of the engines roar was definitely sexy, the Aspect couldn't help but smirk as he reved the engine a couple times before speeding out into the city. The music from the stereo system on his bike blarred loudly, and he sang just as loud to one of his favorite tunes. "LIFE IS A HIGHWAY!!" he yelled, nodding along to the beat, and weaving through traffic in a carefree manner, his Ninja (Kawasaki), hugging the curves along the road as if they were a person.

The store was just around the corner, so Ery slowed down enough to be able to pull into the supermarket, his tires screeching a little as he came to a halt when he parked. The Aspect knew he would get a million different looks from people who looked much more normal than he, and by normal he guessed he meant appearance wise. He would likely be the only person ever in a supermarket with a leather trench coat, seeming as if he shopped from the Grim Reapers closet. Ery walked in with his hands in his pockets, head hung low, and his mind preoccupied by what everyone would think about him rather than on the list of stuff he had written down, in order to attempt his first ever home made meal. It wasn't even for anyone, Ery was more so doing this for himself to feel better about his life style. He literally never done anything outside of being the Aspect of Death, and after stepping up as ambassador, things got even more serious, which meant even less down time. 

Erytrheus pulled the list from his pocket and sigh dramatically. He really didn't even know where to start, so as he came upon the items he wrote down, he grabbed a couple of each. Thankfully, he saw a female who also seemed to be shopping for food, and as embarrassing as this encounter was about to be, the Aspect walked to her, grimacing at the products in his basket. "Okay, so I really didn't want to approach anyone and ask for help. But it's inevitable" he said, shaking his head before picking two different brands of cooking oil out of his basket. "Firstly, I'm gonna try to make chicken casserole, and well basically, I don't know much about what i'm doing. Never really gave it a shot before. The whole cooking thing" he expressed, hoping she would be sympathetic enough to help him go through the store and get what he actually needed as opposed to what he had in his basket, which he was sure wasn't any of what he needed for a meal like that. 

"If I knew how to work a computer, I would have just looked the ingredients up online. But, I barely even know how to turn a computer on" another embarrassing revelation. At this rate, he felt like crawling into a deep dark hole and never coming out. Anyone listening would have assumed Erythreus was from the stone age. and well technically, he was over 1500  years old, but even when he was a  child, he knew how to hunt for deer and the likes, providing a way for him ad his family to eat. But, its not like he was going to go buy hunting gear and go out into the woods just for the sake of having his own meal. The Ailward manor had hot meals cooked every day, all of them were blessed in a sense that they had cooks and cleaners, but Erythreus didn't want that. He wanted to try something for himself. 

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All of this for the sake of what? Impressing a female? That made Erythreus feel slightly pathetic, but at the very least, should Sofi ever agree to an actual date with him, he could be romantic about it, and instead of taking her out for unhealthy fast food, where the places usually reeked of cigaertte smoke, he could cook for her in the manor, or even cook first, and rent out an expensive room at one of the INN's. A man could dream, right? The Aspect noted the smile on the female's features, and he had to admit, it made him smile in return. She was quite the looker. Having his sights set on someone or not, he still wasnt blind to other beauty. He was just loyal enough that he'd never comment on it. Look but never touch, seemed to work well for him.

"Such a waste" he started in response to her comment about how everyone seemed to eat out these days. "They have no idea what they're missing. Home cooked meals are my go to when i'm having a bad day." he chuckled, realizing what a femine thing that sounded like. Women loved chocolate, or burying their sorrow in a tub of ice cream when things didn't go their way, and Erythreus like a hot meal. He shrugged, he knew some of that was just him missing the meals his mother used to put on the table for his small, but loving family. The holidays were now here, reminding him even more so of how much he missed his parents.

"Yeah, thanks. I suppose starting is a good place" he chuckled, before looking back to the shelves in front of them. "Whatever is easiest for my first go around, because no, definitely nothing fancy. I basically just wanna see if I can do it, then if it turns out decent enough, i'll try my luck with something fancier next time" he smiled faintly, and reach her the list. When she said he was off to a good start, Erythreus smiled a little more cheerfully. Maybe this wasn't a doomed mission after all. "That sounds great. And, thank you for this. I'm sorry for interrupting your shopping trip to get help with mine, i'll repay you some  how" he added, wondering if there was anything she'd like.. even if it was a drink or two at the bar. Or maybe he could even con her into helping him with his cassarole by the end of this meeting.

"Have you been in the city for a while?" he asked curiously, and he followed her lead. She seemed humble enough, and lately, Ery had been lacking those types of people in his life. "Can't believe how quickly this year passed by" he then said, in a saddened tone. Time had seemingly left Ery behind, before he had even realized Christmas was almost here.

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