✧ Life is Choking✧
Virindeus wasn’t the best at keeping up with how long he would lock himself away in his room. Especially since the balance seemed to be in a swirling circle in the city of Evermore as of late. Yet this time it came after his favorite plant had exploded trapping Reus and himself in his memories hall. After getting their way out Deus dove back into his work on studying his plants. Trying to see what had happened to cause the darkness that took Fern from him. He hated the hollow feeling in his chest as he reached to pull off his glasses. No answers seem to be easy to find for the life aspect.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed as he got up from his lab set and moved out of his room. It was dark outside, looking down the halls they seemed relatively empty. So he took a couple of steps to make his way out to his greenhouse. As he made his way out the back door he paused and looked around taking a deep whiff of the air. Then the sharp pain radiated through his chest. He gasped out as he felt the death of an entire field just outside of evermore. Every blade of grass, every tree, every animal all screaming in pain.

He fell to the ground and panted out in pain, he felt as if his body was on fire and he was suffocating. “Fuck is going on.” He rolled on his belly and started to crawl into the house, he needed someone. The first person he came across was Venetus. His hand came to his shoe, slapping it. “Ven, I need your help.” He managed to get out trying to pull himself up. “Something isn’t right.” he felt the sweat break out on his forehead. “A genocide is happening to a field just outside of Evermore.”

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Venetus sighed as he sat back in his chair as he placed the  paper back down on the   table as he rubbed his face "  still no clues yet are there sergeant flopsy" he looked down at the little rabbit Cora had got him for Christmas as it  sat eating carrots , pushing his seat away  he rose to his feet as he looked around sighing. Obviously Most of the day hasd escaped him walking to his  window looking out into the distance  before  looking at his  staff walking over to it he stared  at it like a person before   taking it on his hands. 

 As he took his staff I. His hands  he had the weirdest sensation to explore the manor he knew.  It was for a reason  he was being told  for a reason he reached for the  door as he slipped into the  hallway  . The hallways echoed like a cave as he began to  walk down  towards the training room  stopping at the edge he looked in.   It was quiet the normal guards were no guards   in there training let alone  Edward who spent hours there  as he continued on   he listened to each room   his siblings doing there usual things   he stopped out side Deus's room looking out before  feeling. Something grip his foot 

Looking down  he saw  his brother Deus. From  what he knew   he bent down  grabbing him  as he pulled him to his  feet before leaning him  againest  the wall " what do  you feel " a stern  but concerned look appeared on his face " we aren't leaving till you feel yourself  gripping his staff with his free hand he focused on placing a   barrier  around his sibling hoping that the sensations. He was feeling was go e or severely dulled.

✧ Life is Choking✧
As Virindeus felt Venetus' hands wrap around his strong form and yanking him up like a rag doll he wondered if it was a moment of strength, or if his brother could have always pulled him up so easily. Though the thought soon left his brain as he gasped out for air. His body felt like every cell was dying over and over again as the genocide of the field was happening. He wanted to get there now to solve what was happening. He groaned out as his back hit the wall feeling like a fire was spread up his spine.

“I feel like every one of my cells is dying and rebirthing. This is a genocide!” He tried to get across the seriousness of what was happening to him, to the life just outside of Evermore. “We don’t have time to focus on this, please get us there.” He was on the verge of tears as he gripped onto his sibling shirt in anger. “I can’t drive in this state or I wouldn’t even be asking for this. I ask for nothing from you guys.”

This was true out of all the siblings he often just kept to himself and tried not to bother them but he felt as if he was reliving his death over and over again. The tear rolled down his cheek then in that moment he was no longer in control of holding it back. “Trees, fruits, grass, animals after animals are all dying.”

Venetus nodded as he placed his brother's arm over his shoulder as began to walk Virindeus to the main hallway " Ask the nights I tell Sapphire has the night off”he tried to lighten the mood even though it was serious “You do know you're going to have to direct me as they passed a series of lights and doors the familiar staircase came into view his eyes began to scan the desks for any keys grabbing a set as he walked towards the door he placed Deus on the chair just before the entrance to the manor as he opened the door the cool night air hit his skin it would be nice and refreshing if he was not in a hurry " ill be 2 minutes Deus hold on " he closed the door quickly making his way on to the stone path

Running towards the car garage she pressed the key thob at every vehicle that passed but no luck as he grabbed the handles trying to pull it open as he reached the side of the last car he slammed the side of the car in frustration knowing it was emergency plans as he made his way back his breath was clear to see as he ran up the steps walking back into the manor " my apologizes Deus but plan two” he placed deuces arm over his shoulder as he raised him to his feet keeping his mind away from the past, but Skye did come to mind placing Deus against the stone bannister as he ran into the hall grabbing his staff " as he returned to his kin quickly “It snot going to be Pleasant Deus, but it's the quickest option” Ven placed the tip of his staff onto the ground as he closed his eyes as he felt his body shift into the ancient form of a blue dragon his eyes were wide he could see crystal clear as he looked down at his feet, quickly remembering what he had to do as he's stretched like  he was fitting in a new  jacket as he flexed his wings before walking towards Deus  kneeling beside him

✧ Life is Choking✧
Everything was dying over and over again in waves causing him to buckle and groan. As Venetus sat him down he doubled over holding his gut in pain. He wanted to be there with the earth and console it as it was going through this hardship. Knowing that rebirth would be around the corner. He had tears flowing down his face as he needed to be there. He forced himself to roll over feeling the pain radiating off him.

As Venetus returned to Deus he felt his body being raised and placed on his brother's back. He was so out of it by that point that he couldn’t fight what was happening as he was shifting in a dragon “Let’s go.”He managed to grunt out as he moved climbing onto Ven back. He wrapped his arm around him to hold on the best he could in his weakened state. Vines reach up wrapping around Ven to keep him securely to Ven.

“It’s south east from here. It should be all black rotting away, it will be very hard to miss.” He said as he looked towards the sky the sun would be rising anytime soon. It wouldn’t be long, he was hoping to solve the mystery of what happened in the field. How could a whole section of woods could just die this way? When Ven filed over the spot it would be black and in a circle.

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