With 4 hours to go till 6. Eirik didn’t waste time in getting ready after Willow left the Valkyr compound. Ironically, part of those 4 hours was him cleaning out his pick-up truck. Usually using his track for transporting work materials and or things to the Valkyr compound. It was dusty. And he didn’t exactly want to seem like a messy pup; even if Willow was aware that he was less organised than she was. It was always part of Willow’s charm. She being the hyper organised one. With his Valkyr speed, Eirik hoovered up the inside of his truck; whilst removing any loose bits of trash that was scattered around the car. Managing to switch the functions on the hoover, as it was also a built in carpet cleaner. It was probably the only technology he knew how to use besides a phone, without it giving him a massive head-ache. It was within about an hour that the inside of the truck was clean and tidy. Smelling fresh from both the carpet cleaner and the cleaners used to clean the dash-board of the car. Now all was left, was the outside; which he could do in town on the way to pick her up.

Stashing all the cleaning products back away in their cupboard. He made his way through the compound and towards his living quarters. Whilst he did live with the rest of the Valkyr coven; Eirik was more often than not found in his workshop; privacy. He didn’t get much here. Everyone was either loud, after something and asking for more training when he had other things planned. Making his schedule hectic. But he never was one to turn down helping his coven members.

Once in the bathroom, he let the water run to a temperature that he liked. Once his clothes from earlier were discarded; he stepped under the running water. Washing away the sweat and day’s work off of himself. It was refreshing. Feeling heavily refreshed from the shower, he stepped out of the cubicle once he was done. Towel around his waist. Running a hand over his scruffy face; he decided to give his facial hair a trim. One of the days off, he felt  bothered about shaving. Usually, he was fine with looking like the rufian that he was. Willow knew both sides of him. The scruffy, rough and cold Viking side. And the softer, teddy-bear and protective side to him. There weren’t many people that he ever let in to see that different side to him. Willow was one of the few rarities that knew him better than most. Slapping on some after-shave and cologne, after he dried off. Eirik looked at his shorter facial hair. Knowing it wouldn’t be long till the beard would grow back out. Getting dressed in a button up t-shirt and some jeans. Eirik grabbed his jacket from his wardrobe. Along with his car keys and a wallet. With those things in hand, he headed out of the compound after putting on his shoes. 

Unlocking his car once more, Eirik made himself comfortable in the driver’s seat. Once inside of his pick-up truck, he set out towards town. The rest of the errands, including grabbing some gas and getting the outside of the car cleaned. Luckily those two things came at once, with him being at the gas station. Finding it a bit boring, as he felt the brushes whirl and thud against the hood of the car, as they cleaned off any dust and dirt. At least the car was clean, for now. Until more dirt and dust would attach itself to the outside, from dirt roads and traffic.

Now all was left to do was surprise Willow with her favourite flowers, when he would pick her up. Roses were too common and a cliche. So there was no way the Valkyr would opt for those. Finding that a lot of people over-looked other beautiful flowers when buying them for occasions. After leaving the car wash; it didn’t take him long to arrive at the florist. His eyes scanned through the flowers on display. Wanting to pick out the perfect flowers. Leaving it to the florist to help him pick, best tulips and lilies to create a bouquet. And it seemed like he did well, by letting the florist help. Each flower was rich in color and scent. Leaving the cash on the counter, as he scooped up the bouquet and took it back to the car. Setting it on the passenger’s seat. And once more, he was off. Driving towards the Celestial’s home. Knowing roughly where it was, as Willow mentioned living at the castle. He had passed it a few times on his travels through Evermore. But now that he was driving towards it, he found it looked much bigger than he was expecting. With it nearing 6, Eirik soon found himself pulling up into the driveway, near the castle. Taking in the beauty of it around him. He could see why the Celestials found their home here. It seemed like their style. Stepping out of his car, once the engine hum stopped. The bouquet in one hand, as he made his way towards the ancient looking door. With a knock, he waited for someone to open the door.

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Willow has always been a perfectionist. A dreamer. Some would say it was because how many people would wish upon a star. That she did too. Always being hopeful and positive. It's what's gotten her through the darkest of days because she knew that there was still hope. Still light at the end of the tunnel. It’s what made her cling on wanting to come back. Willow saw it all of having a second chance. Not wanting to waste any time on it. Now being reunited with Eirik. Everything was all falling back into place. Old feelings too are coming back to the surface. Things were starting to look up for her. To think that earlier that morning she went to seek someone to help her train for self protection. Not thinking that the person she was seeking was an old familiar friend. The rest was history. A Volakiri bond was formed and old feelings were coming back to the surface. All was more than she was looking for. Willow was happy she didn’t let her stubborn and paranoid self back out from going to the Valkyr Compound. 

After leaving the Valkyr Compound she returned back to the Celestial Castle where she lived. Returning back from their training session that then later turned into a reunion and catch up. Soon as she got home she went through into the kitchen grabbing a bottle of water, thirsty from the training. Still she had a lingering taste of blood mixed with rum from when her and Eirik exchanged blood to form the Valkyr bond. Then she grabbed a few snacks out of the cupboards so that she wouldn’t crash, with how she had missed out on lunch. Willow then headed up to her room, not bumping into any other Celestials on the way. Already she was looking forward to picking out an outfit for tonight. Her first date in decades. Most importantly it was her first date with Eirik. She wanted to find the perfect outfit. The Celestial loved keeping up to date with modern fashion. She was one of the first Celestials to ditch the long old gowns and to the short dresses and skirts. That in the past she would get dirty looks for wearing trousers now the times have all changed. 

Willow was hunting through her wardrobe going through all her dresses. Trying to decide which one she liked best. Not wanting to be over or underdressed. Some would say at the state her room was now she had a slight shopping addiction because her room was now with all the clothes she’s thrown down on the floor. Yet she spends all day in a book, she still likes to have nice things. Willow saw a red dress that she knew would be perfect. It was a red sequin low cut dress that went down to just above her knees. That she’d pair with a pair of red stilettos and a clutch bag. The Celestial liked to wear red when she had the chance too. Finding it matched her red hair quite well. As soon as she picked an outfit she went to take a shower. Still she was in her workout clothes from earlier. Within the hour she was all dressed and ready. She wasn’t one of those girls who’d take four hours to get ready. Checking her phone she still saw she had plenty of time before Eirik said he’d pick her up. 

To kill time she picked up one of the books she was currently reading, choosing to read for an hour or two. Willow made sure to set an alarm knowing what she was like that she’d easily get lost and loose track of time. Just like that, time passed by.  WiIllow knew to allow herself enough time to be downstairs ready. Willow waited on a couch nearby. She knew that Eirik would be on time, remembering how he always had good time keeping.

Just like that there was a knock at the door. The Celestial already was on her feet and headed to the door. “I’ll get it” Shouting loud enough just in case any other Celestials would try to beat her to it. One of the downsides of living with other people is that sometimes they can interfere and get in the way. Luckily today she was safe. Opening the door, there Eirik was standing there with a bouquet of flowers. She could see that he cleaned up well, that he didn’t want to look scruffy for her. “Hey Eirik” She smiled, greeting him. “You got me flowers, I’ve always loved Tulips”  She lit up seeing the flowers, she always loved having flowers and how they always brightened up a room.

As he waited for the door to be opened; he could hear footsteps on the other side. Excited footsteps at that. And sure enough, Willow opened the front door. The Valkyr blinked a little, distracted; when he saw the red dress she was wearing. Taking in her curves, her beauty. Red had always been her colour; matching her complexion and her vibrant red hair to perfection. Finding himself staring. He didn’t want to look like a gawking idiot. With a cough he cleared his throat. “Wow, you look amazing.” He finally breathed out, managing to find some words. Probably sounding like a love struck fool; to bystanders if anyone was hearing this. “You always look best in red.” Even if other colours did suit her; none of them compared to when she was wearing something red. Smiling at her with warmth. His blue eyes twinkled.

 In his awe-struck moment, she took note of the flowers. Seeing the way she lit up with pure joy at the sight of them. “I remember.” he mused softly, when she mentioned tulips being her favourite. “I thought you might like a few fresh flowers around the house.” Along with him being old-fashioned as he was; even when it came to dating. Handing the flowers over to her, he leaned down kissing her cheek. As he towered over her; he noticed a few other Celestials poking their heads around the corner out of curiosity.

“I think you might have a few curious peers.” Eirik whispered to Willow with a chuckle. Though he would have preferred a bit more privacy; he knew it was hard to come by. They both lived with their factions. People were bound to get curious, when seeing them two together.

Not wanting her flowers to dry out in the car, he let Willow sort the flowers out first; if she so desired to do so. “Whenever you’re ready. I wouldn’t want your flowers to dry out in the car.” Not having water and a vase in the back of the pick-up truck; if she wanted to keep in the car for the evening. Eirik didn’t mind waiting for her. She was worth the wait. It had taken them centuries to get to this point in time; a few more seconds wouldn’t hurt, right? But he was indeed looking forward to making up for the lost time, and enjoying a first proper date with the celestial beauty. Wanting it to be something that they both would remember fondly, for years to come. It wasn’t often that someone made him so mushy and romantic. If anything, she was probably the first woman to have such an effect on him. Even if he did have minor flings in the past. But they never came to anything. No one had made him feel so fully, like Willow did.

A bright smile spread on her lips seeing still after all this time she’s able to make him speechless. Willow blushed a little bit to his compliment. She was sure that her skin was starting to glow a little bit brighter. He made her glow. “You don’t look too bad yourself” Repaying the compliment. He always did tidy up well, not that she didn’t like the scruffy or ruthlessness. Willow liked it both. It wasn’t the first time when she’s been told that red is her colour. Often people would tell her it. “I thought I got to embrace what I have” Spending too long in the shadows of others choosing to shine instead. It was why she loved fashion, keeping up with the latest styles.

“I do like having flowers around” Flowers always brighten up a room, especially ones that smelled nice and fresh. To watch them go from nothing into something beautiful as the blooms come out. Books and flowers were her happy place. Something that Eirik knew and remembered about her. He was always good at remembering the little things. One of the many things she likes about him. The two of them were already getting caught up in the moment forgetting that they weren’t all alone. Looking around she could see there was a little audience. Other Celestials who wanted to pry. “They can be nosey rats at times” She mused stating facts. Sometimes she wishes that she had a place of her own. Most of the time it was all peace and quiet but then there were times when it wasn’t. Willow did love the quietness but it was reassuring at the same time to know that she wasn’t alone. That she’d most likely go stir crazy if she lived alone. It was the same for all of them. After all of what they've been through they were happy to be together. Not taking anything for granted. Taking the good from the bad. Even if it means she had to put up with some prying eyes. Let them gossip all they like, that's what she thinks.

Looking back down the tulips he was right they would dry out if left till later. She wouldn’t like that. “I’ll go and put them in a vase, in my room” She nodded her head and smiled at him as she went to head to her direction of her room but stopped to turn to him. “You can come if you want” Willow offered knowing too well that he wouldn’t mind at all standing waiting for her. She just didn’t want to leave him standing there in a stranger's home. Heading down the corridors to her room she went in search for a glass vase having the perfect one. It was a clear Acrylic Book Shaped Flower Vase. Very fitting for someone like her who loves books. Filling it with water she put the tulips inside the vase so they’ll stay fresh. Choosing to put it on the coffee table that's beside the sofa where she sits and reads. One of the corners of the room was solely dedicated to her books having about 5 tall bookcases all filled with books. Arranged in different colours and genres. Her room was aesthetically pleasing, the walls were white. Making the room bright and full of light.

The smile across his face grew, when he saw her glow brighten up. Her glow indeed beautiful to him. Even after decades apart, it still managed to fascinate him; how it changed with her emotions. “Well you certainly always showed it off well.” he said with a light wink. Fashion did always seem to suit her well, she knew how to compliment fashion and different colours well, to suit her own style. He, on the other hand, was always helpless; not having much fashion sense. He was a guy after all. Shirt and jeans, were his go to. Simple.

He knew how she liked flowers, to brighten up her home. Still remembering even the littlest of things about her, even after so long. It wasn’t just a good memory. He remembers things about the people he cared about; Willow being an example of why he knew the little things. A hearty chuckle left him, as she spoke about the others being nosy rats. “I know the feeling.” It was why Eirik didn’t stay at the Valkyr compound often. Preferring to stay at his shop more of the time, as to avoid nosy young Valkyrs. Whilst he didn’t mind them coming to him once in a while for advice and training; when they got a bit too curious it tested his patience. Guess he wasn’t always so social, like some people were. He liked his peace and quiet. But it was hard to come by, when everyone needed his help or advice on something. So the times when he had peace and quiet; he savoured it. It was a rarity. Especially in a shared living space. “I guess living with our respective faction members has its pros and cons.” He said honestly. 

Nodding as she mentioned putting the flowers in her room. “It’s alright. I can wait.” Eirik didn’t mind waiting for her. Truthfully, he found the extra celestial energy coming from her friends a bit too overwhelming. Even at the doorstep. Not wanting to intrude on any of them and their home. As Willow retreated to her room to tend to the flowers he had gotten her, Eirik found himself by his truck, leaning against it as he waited for her. It was a habit of his, when it came to waiting for someone. Knowing, neither him or Willow wanted to be interrogated by her friends; it was just easier for him to wait. Whilst he did so, he took in the sight of the front castle gardens and the court-yard. The old design and architecture screaming out at him, from its beauty. Taking the time to appreciate it. After all, he did like the olden styles of housing.

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