As she slammed the door for the last time the brunette finally allowed herself to breathe, in and out as she tried to get a handle over her emotions but every time that she tried all that she saw in her mind was them together, together in the bed the two of them shared. She pressed her back against the door and slowly sank down into a ball, her arms hugging around her legs as the tears just started to flow. Dakota had put the last 10 years of her life into this relationship, she had done everything she could to support him through every up and down but now she finally realized, she wasn't enough and she never would be.

A sob wracked through her body as the very thought, lifting her hands to wipe her eyes as though it would stop her eyes from looking puffy. As she pulled it back however all she saw was the black smudge of the make up she had been wearing before everything had gone down. He had begged her to listen but there was nothing that he could say at this point, she'd know for a long time now it was over, she had fallen out of love with him over the months, slowly feeling less connected to him the more he pulled away until she had given up fighting for it. She knew she should have been honest with him but it was just too easy to stay, to pretend like things were perfect when they weren't.

Instead she was now left broken, sitting on the floor of the apartment she shared with him and suddenly every little thing around her felt wrong, like it was out of place in her world now. She closed her eyes letting out another sob to which the room shook a little and a lamp from on the table fell down smashing into pieces. She sighed heavily in frustration forcing herself to pull to her feet to pick up the broken pieces of china but she just ended up throwing them down on the floor, they looked better broken, representing the way she felt right now. She sniffed wiping back another round of tears as she looked around for what else didn't feel right anymore. 

She started with the vase that Bradyn had bought her for her birthday, it was ugly and she had secretly hated it but because he had given her it she had kept it and used it. Grabbing it she held it to her chest for a moment before another wave of emotions came over her and she threw it down on the ground watching as it shattered into pieces all over the floor. She had to admit it gave her a temporary sense of relief, like somehow she could punish him for ripping her heart in two by destroying things that represented him.

She took a moment to catch her breath, she felt so lost, she didn't even know where to turn, she didn't know who to call because all of her friends were Bradyn's friends and they would all just be a reminder of his face. One thing that had stopped coming were the tears though, perhaps she was out of them or perhaps it was just a brief moment. She moved slowly through the apartment, her fingers running over the counter tops, without her ring nearly everything she touched trembled with the shaky remnants of her powers that she never fully gained control over. 

Her eyes stopped as they fell upon a photo upon the table, the two of them were smiling, happy and so in love back them, so very different to where she was now. Dakota couldn't even remember that good time now because everything felt tainted by what he had done and how he had done so knowing that it would hurt her. Her breath was shaky as she picked up to frame in her hands, staring at it as though if she looked at it hard enough she could remember the feeling that was supposed to be attached to it. Instead, as she looked at it the glass shattered in her hands flying in all directions.

She winced a little realizing one of the shared had got embedded in her arm and she pulled it out which triggered her tears to start flowing again. How was she going to cope on her own? Her car needed fixing for the garage next weekend and she didn't even want to think about how she was going to afford to pay rent with her salary. The panic began to set in her chest as she started to face the reality of what was currently happening to her.  She was however caught completely off guard when she heard the sound of a key in the lock and the door to the apartment opening.

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It had only just dawned on Austin just how long she had been hiding from herself, and it was kind of sad. Austin couldn't help but wonder if there was a reason for it, that maybe someone had bashed and betrayed her to the point where she had became so insecure with herself that she wasn't comfortable with who she was. Or maybe Austin was just assuming as much, and there was an entirely different reason behind her hiding behind that ring for as long as she had, perhaps it was out of fear. Clearing his throat, the Initia offered a faint smile "It's okay Kota. I'll help you, if you'll let me. I'm no professional at it, but I know a thing or two, we could find somewhere safe for you to practice, I could use some refreshing with my own abilities" he stated in a friendly offer.

Helping Kota wasn't really him going out of his way for her, but perhaps it could be some type of payment for her letting him continue to stay there. If he knew Bradyn like he thought he did, Bradyn would only end up leaving the city, and that's not at all what Austin had in mind for himself. Austin came here to make a life for himself, and even if he did just seem like a couch potatoe, if his presentation at ECGL (Eternal City Gaming Labs) went his way, then he'd soon be proving himself on much higher levels and no longer rank as just a 'stoner nerd' a 'computer geek' or a 'couch potatoe'. His gaze had been fixed on the ground before Dakota admitted that she was basically scared of herself, and for a moment longer than intended, the Initia gazed at her.

Listening intently, Austin sighed to himself. To force yourself to stay with someone even after you've braced yourself for things to end, probably took more strength than one being had to offer, but Dakota seemed to be the loyal, committed type and for that she initially ended up heartbroken, perhaps if she had ended it long ago, it wouldn't have lead to this, but then again, ending a marriage just because things are hard would have spoke in high volumes too. "I guess it just goes to show that we never truly know a person, that there's always room to grow. I didn't know Bradyn well enough to know that he may of been hurting this whole time, or that things were coming to an end for you ad him, and he's meant to be my best mate" he expressed, with his lips turning downward into a frown. It was mind boggling for Austin, how had he missed all of this? Maybe he had just been way to wrapped up in his own life to notice anyone else''s.

Inhaling deeply, trying to shake the feeling of sadness away in that moment, the Initia smiled, nodding in response to her saying there were worse addictions than the internet. Telling her it was an internet addiction was much less complicated than saying he'd been working on a huge presentation for as long as he'd known her. Austin had noticed just as much about Dakota as she had him, but it didn't help that both of them were completely oblivious about that fact. That they'd both pretty much kept a good distance between each other until now, and now Austin silently wished to himself that he'd taken the chance to get to know her long before now. They weren't complete strangers to one another and often they'd both indulged in conversation together with Bradyn, banter normally being the highlight of every topic, but talking to her without Bradyn around was different, and the Initia actually enjoyed her presence a little more than he figured he would.

As the fit of laughter echoed from the Celestial, Austin grinned, gazing at her once more giving an appreciative smile. Even in the midst of the worse moment of her life, or at least the worse moment she'd probably had since Austin had known her, she still had an amazing smile, and was able to laugh, even if what she was laughing about was the most simple thing. "I'll hold you to it, I'll direct you to my favorite spot" he stated, flashing a smirk her way before chuckling as well when she stated she'd do it only when she felt a little more adventurous. Shaking his head, the Initia laughed once more, gore and horror wasn't everyones cup of tea, but he was satisfied enough that she would at least give it a try "Fair enough, so dinner then gore. It's a da- - -" Austin began, but cut off in mid sentence, feeling heat rise to his face, blushing at the fact he had nearly blurted out the word date, which didn't sit to well with him knowing she had literally just gotten her heart broken by his best friend, that and the fact that Austin often spoke out loud before he thought about what he was actually saying. "Sorry.. I tend to stick my foot in my mouth a lot. I'm not the greatest when it comes to words, especially with the ladies" he stated, chuckling before lowering his gaze to the ground again.

"Idiot.." he muttered underneath his breath about himself, only to return back to laughing again which seemed to be a chain reaction shared between the two. He couldn't complain though, getting her to laugh was definitely a highlight after the evening she'd had. Austin then tilted his head, glancing from the ground back to Dakota, "I think marriage is only real in the movies... I myself long for that perfect fairy tale, but here in the real world, it seems almost impossible to find. Vampire's have the fairy tale lives.. at least the ones in the tv shows anyways" he ranted on, chuckling, realizing that there were Vampire's among them, but he'd never seen anyone as in love as those in the tv shows and movies. Austin could tell it still stung pretty badly for her to talk about it, when she told him not to try it, that it was miserable, the Initia shook his head "Perhaps not always. It's never easy I guess, and I think easy would be borinng. But I also feel like if two people really want something, then they'll have it.. guess i'll never know, my relationship choices haven't always been the best either, I ended up falling for someone my family was at war with, and the first chance she got, she fled, but i'm happy she got her freedom back" he stated, unable to help but wonder how she was doing, if she was even still alve or if she'd been recaptured after she got out.

When Dakota walked past him, he could have sworn time had stopped, for a brief second at least. Sure they'd made eye contact plenty of times before now, but during this very second, it felt way different. Totally side tracked now, and his ability to pay attention completely out the window, as Austin stepped in, letting the door close behind them, Austin nearly stumbled over his own two feet, happy that the counter had been right in front of him for him to grab, rather than falling right on his face. Dakota had began to question his comment about his father he was sure, and he was almost thankful that the waitress interrupted them for a second so the Initia could get his composure back from almost falling.

After Dakota ordered, Austin requested exactly the same, but added an order of fries and nuggets. "Ever dipped your fries or nuggets in a milkshake? You soo have to try it if not" he chuckled, but soon found himself swallowing harshly when she stated she'd never heard him speak of his parents. "There used to be a reason for it, but.." he started, before grabbing his wallet from his back pocket, sliding a 20$ to the woman behind the cash register "Keep the change" he said simply before glancing back to Dakota, turning his back to the cash registers and leaning against the counter with his hands tucked in his pockets "My whole life had been centered around war because of my father, and from a really young age I was his second in command, during an attack on our village, my father died, and my mother passed shortly after him.. but at that point, I failed to lead my own people because I was just so exhausted, and i was so tired of centering my life around war all of the time, I was desperate for 'normal' but because of my father, I never really got that.. I guess even still, I sort of hate him" he expressed, not realizing their order was ready.

Grabbing the bag with their good in it and handing Dakota her milkshake, Austin cleared his throat "Ready?" he questioned, but sadness now clear on his features. Talking about his parents still did something to him. As bad as he wanted to move on, would he ever? They were his parents no matter how they done things.

As the brunette was looking back at him she noted the way his gaze softened a little, a look of pity that she knew pretty well. Really she had no one to blame for her lack of ability in her powers than herself, it was her who had decided to pretend they didn’t exist for this long “Don’t give me the feeling sorry for me look” she jabbed with a half smile “I made some really stupid decisions when it came to my identity but they were my decisions” she was independent in some ways, despite having no idea how to control all of this she did intend on figuring it out piece by piece, though she did appreciate the offer of help “But someone to help me figure out where to start, that would be nice” honestly it was pretty scary to think about doing all this alone.

Besides, she already knew at this point she wasn’t going to toss him out of the house too, this evening had been pretty revolutionary for her in many different ways, she had finally been forced to face the fact that her husband was lost to her but she had also seemingly found a new friend in the process. How strange. “Austin” she spoke softly as she looked over at him, catching those oceanic hues with her dark ones “I want you to know that I’m not going to make you leave” she ran her tongue over her bottom lip as she spoke “He made his choice but you didn’t and while it’s complicated, I actually think the house not being empty will be a good thing for me” complicated as hell indeed, but that was her life now it seemed.

She had a strange feeling inside of her, she still hurt, a lot, knowing that this was the end of the line for her and Bradyn’s story but she also had been anticipating this coming for a long time, she’d made plans in her head of what she might do when it did. None of her plans involved her coming home to another woman in her bed, but perhaps that was the wake-up call she needed to leave. “I have found that people are very good at hiding things, keeping secrets is second nature to most people” and that was probably where things went so wrong, if people were just honest with one another all of the time then she likely would have moved on a long time ago “My parents lied to me all my life about what I was” she admitted with a shrug, she knew about hiding and lying better than anyone “At this point I think people letting me down is all I know” she pursed her lips, what a sad way to live.

Not that she was expecting anyone to just go and tell her their life story up front of course, she knew that Austin must have parts of his life that were hard to talk about too, much like she did. There must be a reason that he always kept himself holed up in his room of the house, eyes glued to the screen like if he left then the world would end. Something on there really mattered to him and whether that was online friends or some game that meant everything to him or something else, who was anyone to judge what he could and couldn’t do with his time. Dakota had never questioned it at least, she wouldn’t want anyone questioning her on why she spent so much time reading books. She did try and always make sure he got something to eat though, because he often stayed there for hours on end and she wondered whether he forgot to eat.

Dakota had learned from a young age that laughing at herself was the best way to get past the worst moments, she liked to remind herself that things could always get worse. Yes, her husband had cheated on her and she had made him leave her in response, but no, she hadn’t lost her home and no, she wasn’t even alone. Still, it was strange, how easy it was for her to talk to Austin. She put it down to the fact that despite the fact they didn’t really know each other well, they had been sharing a life together in a sense for a while now, they knew one another’s schedules, noticed one another's habits, this was just adding a final layer to it all. Her eyes did widen a little when he started to mention the word date though he quickly backtracked it, she was quiet for a moment as she wondered what must be going on in his mind for him to say something like that, though it became evident quickly that it was just a poor choice of words. His apology caused her to shake her head a little with a half smile “That’s okay” she answered nonchalantly “I’m not the type to get hung up on words” she admitted with a shrug, to her people showed their intentions by their actions by what they did, not by what they said, she gave him an amused smile, her eyes twinkling in the lights “I’ll look forward to it” she added reassuringly. She could use some normality.

Dakota definitely wasn’t interested in the idea of dating, at this point she just wanted to grieve the loss of the relationship she had and find herself again, maybe she would really like the person she found in the process and once she had her, then she would be ready to think about starting again. But working on herself started with friends, she had very few, mostly down to her own fault. While Austin was Bradyn’s friend, she could also see herself getting along with him well...which was about as complicated as it sounded. Her spinning thoughts were interrupted by Austin speaking about his thoughts on marriage, the brunette laughed as she thought about what her perfect relationship would be like “There’s this song I heard a few weeks back which sums up my thoughts on relationships pretty well” she admitted and then shrugged a little “There’s no such thing as a perfect fairy tale” she answered, she wasn’t delusional enough to think so “But as long as you’re able to hold on for the ride, up and down, you can make things work” and the problem was that while she had done everything to hold on with Bradyn, he hadn’t been strong enough to do the same. So she guessed both of their standpoints agreed there. She had to admit it was sweet, the way he worried for the woman who upped and left him “Despite everything he’s done, I hope he finds what he’s looking for” she admitted with a sad smile, that was what loving someone was, wanting the best for them even when it was no longer what you wanted.

The brunette gave him a dubious look when he mentioned putting fries in a milkshake and she shook her head a little, that sounded like the worst idea she had ever heard of but he seemed pretty adamant that it was a good thing from his gaze “Guess I’m trying it then?” she stated with a confused look, it was interesting, how he seemed to just catch her off guard so much, challenged her to think outside the box. The brunette went quiet as he spoke about his parents, taking in what he was explaining to her, her eyes widened a little in surprise to the story she heard “Wow…” she trailed off “That’s a lot” she stated, no wonder he’d wanted to start over in a much more mundane life “You’re uh…” she lowered her voice a little “an Initia right?” no one was really listening to their conversation but she was careful anyway. Dakota had done her best to stay a distance from the supernatural world but she’d heard from Bradyn what Austin was.

Taking the icy drink from Austin she raised it to her lips and took a long sip before she nodded “We’ll have to be quick or the food will be a milkshake too before we know it” she teased noting the fact that it was very cold outside but without hesitation she moved to open the door for him “Thanks for buying by the way, I’ll get the next one” she stated, Kota wasn’t the kind to not offer up in equal measures to someone else anyway. Once he stepped through she followed him out into the icy streets once more, though she felt a small sense of dread at the idea of going back to the apartment.

Austin simply nodded, appreciative of the way she took responsibility for the 'mistakes' she'd made, unlike most of the general population who needed others to blame. Flashing her a grin, Austin shrugged as she hit him with the 'don't give me that' speech. "It's not so much that I feel sorry for you, it's just that I too have made so many bad decisions it's pathetic, but as a person it didn't define me, and it apparently didn't define you either, you turned out okay" he stated, smirking playfully at the Celestial before making eye contact once more when she spoke, saying it would be nice to have just a little help with a starting point.

After sighing softly to himself, Austin was tempted again to put his hand on her shoulder, but he refrained, knowing that some people just didn't want their 'personal space introduded, which made Austin hate himself just a little for the fact that he seemed to do that anytime someone around him that he cared for was in a crisis. "Don't worry Kota, even if we haven't made any effort before now to get to know each other, I'll definitely stand by you and hopefully be of some help with you finding some footing with your abilities" he expressed in a meaningful tone of voice before catching Dakota's gaze which had fallen a bit more on the serious side, especially as she murmered his name softly. Austin found himself slipping for a brief second, thinking something entirely different than what she was about to say, which drew the Initia a little bit closer to her athletic frame, and his eyes glued to hers.

When she finally spoke, Austin's face flushed a bright red, and quickly, the Initia stepped back a little to give her breathing space back. What she had said to him though, meant more than anything else he may have assumed she was going to say. "I don't know what to say Dakota. Honestly it's one of the first things that crossed my mind, and admittedly, it scared me a little. Ive never really known anyone but you and Bradyn, and honestly, I like being around, even if he isn't.." he admitted, flashing a faint smile at her, cheeks still red from him being a typical male even if only for a short second.  "Thank you, I'll help with bills, groceries, whatever you need" he added before letting his gaze fall back to the ground below them. "I think you're probably right though, being alone after that is probably the last thing on earth you need" he said in agreement.

Austin sighed, she couldn't have been more right "I agree, oddly enough though, I'm one of few people who probably wishes every day that his father had hid everything from him, I think I would feel a lot more free on the inside had I not known everything that I did back then" he stated truthfull before gazing back to her with a look of sadness playing on his features for a moment "So your parents are possibly the reason that your powers are like a ticking time bomb?" he questioned with furrowed brows, shaking his head, angered at how anyones parents could do that to their child. Sure out of protection, Austin got that part, but in the end if never protected anyone, just like Dakota, if anything it had made matters unbearable. Austin frowned again to her next statement "You shouldn't be used to that, you deserve to know people who can make you feel like things are gonna be okay, like they're meant to be. It really sucks to think all you know is disappointment, and that it's probably what you expect every time you try to move on with your life"

Austin breathed out deeply after his little rant, chuckling "Sorry, sometimes I get going and don't know how to hush. Or I talk a lot when i'm nervous, which i'm sure you've noticed by now" he chuckled, his grin widening some when she said she didn't get hung up on words. "I'm grateful for that, I tend to say a lot of dumb crap" especially lately he had noticed himself saying things out of the blue that he normally didn't even think about. Austin couldn't help but smile more brightly though when she laughed, which caused him to laugh in response. Marriage seemed like a really complicated thing for people to do, even if Austin did sound like he admired such a thing, those moments were shortly lived when he thought about the pain and heartbreak that always seemed to follow things like marriage. It was when Dakota wished him well that Austin seen her in a totally different light, and he himself flashed a sad smile. "I admire that about you, it must have been hard to say that just now; i'm so sorry he did this Dakota, If there was anything more that I could do, I definitely would.. I'm a little mad at myself because I missed it.." he sighed, repeating himself out of anger "I missed it like I do everything. My 'online' life as Bradyn used to put it, or mock me with, has deprived me from a lot, even things that have been going on right underneath my nose.. im sorry for that too.. I know there's probably nothing I could have done to help you guys save your marriage, but I do wish I had been more present when the two of you began falling..."

Austin's sad smile however, turned into laughter at the way she looked the moment he mentioned dipping fries and nuggets in a milkshake "Perhaps it's stoner food specificlaly, but yes, you most certainly have to try it with me" he stated playfully, but he was ready to meet the side of Dakota that he hadn't yet. Right now, he knew the broke down, vulnerable side of her, but even with that, she had the most amazing personality and held her shit together quite well if he must say so himself, and before now, he didn't know much about her at all, at least not on a personal level, So to be able to hang out with her and start this new journey, Austin couldn't say it didn't make him feel a bit anxious but he was ready nonetheless. He knew she needed a true friend right now, someone that would stick by her side and help her through all of this, and while he had a few other thoughts buried in the bac of his mind, he had planned to be that friend for her. If  he ever got lucky enough to be something more, he'd definitely do that too, but for now, Austin enjoyed where things were and he enjoyed the excitement of not knowing where things would end up, but the idea that he'd get to see them form into whatever, was something he was pretty happy about.

Austin then found a window of opportunity opening when she asked if he was Initia, and after flashing her a playful wink, the male glanced  around until he spotted the dead flower bush's that the cold winter had created, making sure no one was looking before manipulating the lifeless plant only to make a flower bloom out of it, even with as cold as it was, it was a perk of being an Initia; being able to create beauty in something that was dead like that was still a shock to Austin. Grabbing the flower, he handed it over to Dakota giving her a faint smile before sipping his own drink.

Still smiling, Austin began walking, nodding at her appreciatively when she opened the door for him "Oh you're fine, you know you don't have to do that, but you said you'd get the next one, meaning there will be a next?" he asked, grinning playfully and headed back, to what he knew was about to be pretty painful for her. "Um" he started off, clearing his throat before proceeding "I know you're probably dreading going back there but, once we get in, maybe you can eat and i'll clean up the broken glass and stuff?" he asked, more so offered "It'll give you time to change into something comfortable too, that way we can binge some horror movies if you're unable to sleep tonight" he stated, but looked to the ground, he hated this situation, and he knew no matter what they did for distraction, that it wasn't going to be enough for Dakota, not anytime soon at least. "I'll even watch something you like, doesn't have to be gore or horror; i'm open to anything". Just as he had finished, Austin looked ahead to where the apartment sat in clear view, sighing softly, he stepped by Dakota's side just letting her know he was there, that she didn't have to do this alone.

The brunette gave him an arch of her brow as he backtracked on what she was saying and explained the look he was giving her, she appreciated the words he said, it was nice to hear someone put into words the thought of only your bad decisions defining who you are  “I think if we got hung up over every bad decision we make then we’d probably never get out of bed in the morning” she answered with a shrug, she still had parts of herself she wanted to feel better about, especially her diviner side which she had essentially denied existence for the majority of her life, but she didn’t blame anyone but herself for where she was currently.

As Dakota looked up at him she had to wonder what was going through his mind, a lot, she supposed, considering by staying in the apartment, staying by her side, he was essentially going against his best friend. She had never wanted to get between them, that was why she had always tried to keep Austin at arm’s length, especially because she had been predicting this fallout for several months now, admittedly not in the way it had unfolded tonight but she had felt it coming on for a long time now. His expression showed sincerity as he spoke which made her smile softly “It’s not fair of me to ask you to do that” she stated with a slightly furrowed brow letting out a soft sigh, it certainly wasn’t his job to deal with her problems anyway.

She was a little surprised when he stepped closer to her, tilting her head back a little to look up at him, she caught the slightly reddish tone to his cheeks and her lips parted for a moment as she just stared for a few seconds a little taken aback by it all, she found herself holding her breath for just a few seconds before he stepped back and she exhaled. In response to his words she shrugged just a little “I know I’ve probably come across as the nagging wife who wants you gone for a long time now” she let out a long breath and shook her head slightly “Sorry for that, I should have made more of an effort” she stated with a half nod, accepting thanks for his offer to help out. Dakota’s salary was pretty good so she wasn’t worried too much about all the tiny details, really she was more scared of being alone than anything.

When he spoke about ignorance she listened carefully, the brunette often wondered what her life would be like now if her parents hadn’t hidden part of who she was from her, in her mind she had the right to know and make the choice for herself, but the diviner also knew her parents were scared and didn’t know how to handle having a daughter who was supernatural “I guess there’s a fine line when it comes to the term ignorance is bliss hey?” she noted the sad look in his eyes, their situations were quite the opposite of one another  “Their choice is what started all this, yes” she admitted with a half nod “But even after I found out they lied to me I couldn’t bring myself to accept them” she admitted with a shrug “So it’s equally my own fault too” she wasn’t ashamed to admit her powers scared her, they did and she wasn’t sure how she was going to get past that. Hopefully one step at a time.

Dakota shook her head when he apologized for ranting “Believe me I rant the same things in my head all the time” she responded with an understanding smile, though she was definitely more of a suffer in silence than a babbler when she was nervous “You don’t have to be nervous though, I’m not gonna judge you, hell if anyone should be judged right now it’s me” she chuckled as she looked over her suspicious looking outfit, blank hoodie and jeans, she looked like she was ready to rob a house “Just need a crow bar to complete the look” she teased with a bright twinkle in her eyes, Dakota had always been pretty good at seeing good in a really bad situation, she supposed that was how she was able to take a walk to McDonalds right now instead of continuing to cry her eyes out.

And at the end of the day, she would be the bigger person, Kota wasn’t the kind of person who was going to curl up and die because a guy broke her heart and yes, right now it hurt like hell but tomorrow it would hurt a little less and in a few months, maybe she would find herself being able to move forward “I guess I spent so much time just…” she paused “Looking out for myself that I don’t have a problem doing it again you know” she shrugged softly, she had been going it alone for a long time before she met Bradyn and she knew with time she could pick herself up from this, she refused to be one of those people who defined themselves by their relationship status. She paused as she realized what Austin was trying say, she understood the feeling but she didn’t want him to feel guilty “I don’t think there’s anything that anyone could have done Austin, don’t kick yourself for it” she gently nudged against her shoulder with her own to assert the words as she said them.

Dakota shot him a look when he started laughing at her expression but her own confusion quickly turned to a laugh too as she realized she must have looked at him like he was talking in a language she didn’t understand “Alright, I will humor your very strange request” she responded with a chuckle, how bad could it be right? It was cold out here in the winter evening but strangely she didn’t feel all that cold, she felt comfortable, just walking, side by side, her hand curled around the paper cup in her hand. When he winked she tilted her head curiously wondering what he was up to before she turned towards the bush he was watching. The brunette gasped softly as she watched it bloom a single flower, it was like nothing she had ever seen before. She was speechless as he held the flower out to her but she reached out to take it “That’s amazing..” she stammered out in shock, she had never really seen anyone using supernatural powers up close before, only her own screw ups of trying to use magic. Perhaps it wasn’t all as scary as she thought. Dakota clutched the flower against her chest as she looked up at him in amazement.

Dakota hadn’t even realized she’d suggested a next time so casually until he mentioned it, she laughed and nodded her head a little “Thai place remember” she teased with a soft laugh, it would be good for her to make regular plans, even if it was just a trip to get take out, it was something to look forward to, a reason to get through the day. But first came this harder part, heading back home. She heard his words but she mostly remained silent as he eyes fixated on the apartment block building “You know I always hated this building” she commented and then laughed softly “It was never my first choice of place to live” she had her reasons, though they were irrelevant right now “Now I can’t imagine being anywhere else, weird” and that was her way of telling him that she was ready for this. “I’m holding you to the movie marathon though, maybe something funny” she commented as she looked back at him over her shoulder and smiled gently as she gestured for him to follow her.

She took a couple moments to herself, just a few paces ahead of him before she pushed open the door and headed towards the stairs, climbing the familiar 2 flights until they reached the floor. She could do this, she told herself in her head, she had prepared for this eventuality and she would make it through. Slipping her key into the lock she turned it and stepped inside. She flipped on the light switch and looked around at all the broken glass on the floor. “Man I really wish I didn’t make quite such a mess” she commented with a shake of her head but moved forwards, heading into the kitchen and getting out the broom “The first step to moving on is cleaning up the mess of a broken life” she spoke it softly, not really sure if it was aimed at him or herself.

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