Name: Luna Alcocer
Age: 20 (looks) 110 (actual)
Family: None
Species: Valkyr
Faceclaim: Danna Paola

Extremely loyal || Adventurous || Independent || Friendly || Persistent
Arrogant || Picky || Impulsive || Sarcastic || Cruel (when feeling hurt)

Puebla City, 1910. The rumors about the growing revolution started to fill the city. The government prepared to gather their best military to control the rebels. Riots around the country started to take many innocent lives.

Azul was the youngest daughter to a high rank military to the Mexican Army. She was raised in a privileged society, where parties and religion were carved deep into their lives. Her father however had different ideas from the rest. He was kind and loving to his daughter and treated her as equal to her brothers, something not seen often in the Mexican society. Since an early age Azul learnt to use weapons as her father taught her during the warm summers. Despite this modern idea, there was still one tight restriction to her life. As on many families, there was a tradition for the youngest daughters, they were not allowed to get married and they were destined to take care of her parents until their last days.

Soon the Revolution took force, Azul brothers and father were called to fight to defend the country from the rebels who threatened to take the country and turn it into a republic. As they marched towards the capital of the country, Azul and her mother were left behind to stay on their family home on the outskirts of the city. They had a large country style home that a couple of months back were filled with servants that now marched with the rebels. Azul was responsible for most of the chores, her mother had ever since fall into a depression that kept her all day in bed.

As the months passed things became more dangerous, as the supplies for the rebels became less, they started to loot all the properties that had something take. Azul lived afraid every night that they would come and destroy the little left they had.

On the last day of Azul’s life she was working on the food for the day, when she heard noises. She ran to the inside of the house to take one of her father’s riffles. She locked all doors on the house and prepared to defend what was hers. One captain of the rebels knocked the main door down and was greeted by the short woman/girl, a devil smirk let the girl know he was up to no good. He and his small company entered the property and destroyed all by searching for food supplies, jewelry or anything they could use further on the battle field.

Azul hurt one of the males who tried to abuse her mother and that sealed her destiny. The captain captured both women and order to be killed by treason to the country. When her mother fell lifeless to the ground she felt the hardest pain. Her cries of pain echoed in the property, she knew the life she had dreamed of, marriage, kids … it all was now a far idea.

They killed her last and slowly, she could feel life leaving her mortal body. It was like falling into a deep dark hole that had no end. They left after taken all they needed.

Alexander was one of the very few Valkyr in the country; he was traveling searching for the right partner to take with him in his search for his own paradise. On that January night he finally did. Alexander had observed everything and decided not to act. He saw the fierce look upon the girls face, her courage, determination and bravery and knew she could fit into the life he was creating. He lifted the lifeless small body and took her inside. He made her drink from him and waited.

Azul came back, it was unsetting. She knew she had died but now a new force within her brought her. Her body and mind felt different, stronger. Her eyes met his and as instinct she was in defense position, this made Alex laugh. He explained Azul what happened and what he had done for her. She was unsure if she should thank him but accepted his words. She asked if he could help her mother as well but he refused, this was one thing she never forgave him. She gave just little information so he could control her.

Alexander told her they would leave to Europe in a couple of days, giving her time to say good bye to her old life. As she prepared she decided to change her name to Luna, the nickname her father gave her since she was a baby and followed Alexander into the new life he had gifted her with. The instinct to survive told her to.

For decades she followed him as her disgust over his was grew stronger. She tried to follow any small legend or information about her new kind. When she finally discovered she didn’t have to stay by his side to survive, she abandoned him, for years she ran from city to city looking for answers. Her respect and love for human lives grew as she took from them enough to live and blended with them as much as she could.

She wondered for every country, every city, and every continent until finally she reached Evermore. The place seemed to hold all the answers to her questions. Her only fear was not to ever be found by Alexander anymore.

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