Age of Appearance: 28 | Date of Birth: 21st March, 1792| Actual Age: 225

Located: Evermore City, Colorado | Status: Immortal | Born: Munich, Germany

Family: None | Species: Celestial

Distinguishing Marks: Mark of the Virgo Constellation

Faceclaim: Vanessa Morgan

From the moment that Lunafreya opened her eyes on earth she had known she was different. The people of Munich has arrived in their dozens having seen a light from the sky crash down and yet all they found was an empty crater. You see Lunafreya hadn’t waited for anyone to save her, she didn’t need their help and she didn’t want it. Watching from afar she saw how each person would arrive, study the scene and then leave disappointed when there was nothing to find.

Life was difficult at first for the young star, she stood out in crowds because she had dark skin and nearly everyone in the country she had landed were pale skinned. She did her best to go unnoticed by stealing rags from the village and wearing them to disguise her face and make her seem invisible to those around her. The girl was forced to resort to crime in order to get by but she was smart and cunning, able to get in and out of places without being noticed.

Several weeks after her first landing on earth she had come to remember her name, not that there was anyone she could tell it to but she felt a sense of identity knowing, knowing a small part of who she was even if she didn’t know what she was. There was little keeping her where she was so instead she travelled from village to village taking work in local taverns and shops where she earned a small wage, it wasn’t enough to afford anything special but it meant she could get by and save her money away or her future.

Lunafreya did her best to keep her head down and her mouth shut while she worked, she knew that speaking out of place would only put her in danger and she was smart enough to know that being locked away or beheaded wasn’t the end she sought for herself. She had almost saved enough money to buy a horse when she first got a glimpse of what she was. A rude customer had claimed that she had dropped his food on the floor. Of course no such thing had happened, he simply wanted to cause trouble for the young girl.

Lunafreya remained silent as she cleared away the man’s plate and headed back into the kitchen asking the chef to prepare another plate but she could feel her anger seething through her and for a moment as she glanced at her reflection in a nearby window she saw her skin glowing, like there was some kind of moonlight inside of her that had been switched on. The light disappeared a few moments later and she wondered whether she had imagined it.

Thanks to the customer however Lunafreya was forced to move on to another village, the innkeeper handing her the last of her wages with a sad smile, it was a hard life for those who didn’t have anything and an easy one for those who had everything. On her travels to the next village she ran into a man named Finn, the man was arrogant and self centered but also noble and loyal to those who served him, in the midst of a rainstorm she had chosen to take his offer of shelter for the night and joined him to the camp where him and his people were staying.

Lunafreya had always been her own constant, she relied on herself for everything she needed but she had to admit that it was nice breath of fresh air to be able to be around others without fear, Finn’s people were good people and he was a good man. Lunafreya no longer felt the need to run and she didn’t, she stayed with them for several years of her life. She fell in love with Finn and eventually married him confessing to him all of her secrets, of the powers she had discovered and how she would never age, Finn loved her regardless and all the more for it, he treasured her, he fought battles and came back to her, it was all she could ever ask for in a relationship.

But the powers that she was blessed with quickly became a curse. Through word of passing travelers, texts they managed to trade for and learning more about what she was capable of Lunafreya would discover that she was the physical embodiment of a fallen star and being so put her in danger that she had never know. The hunters came often, searching for the one who could take them back in time. Her people protected her but protection came with a price and one day not all of them returned. Hating that she was a danger to others she decided to leave, Finn, unable to leave his wife behind came with her and they fled to England together.

Running became the normal for the couple and despite fleeting moments of happiness they were playing a losing game. They would eventually meet this demise at the hand of a English nobleman named Tobias Ramsey. The man was selfish and greedy and wanted nothing but power under his thumb, he would stop at nothing to get it and hunted fallen stars to the ends of the earth. Lunafreya managed to evade his men for many months but one night whilst she slept she was taken from her home.

Finn had chased down the men who had taken her all the way to the home of Tobias and burst in the door to find his wife at the knees of the psychopath a blade against her throat, he ran to her but knew there was nothing he could do as the blood flew everywhere and her limp body fell to the floor. He barely had the chance to grieve over her loss before one of Ramsey’s men drove a sword through his heart too and he fell into the darkness.

Lunarfreya had died that night and yet she hadn’t. A few years later the Wayfinder Ophelia Dreyvalian had returned in time the moment of Lunafreya’s death and pulled her from the timeline back to the present. Jolted 30 years into the future the confused girl would find herself on the Isle of Skye with no idea about what had happened. Ophelia explained about how she had returned in time to change Lunafreya’s fate, removing her from the timeline prevented the original timeline from changing.

All that Lunafreya cared about however was knowing what had happened to her husband. She searched texts and asked the aspects for their help but she was unable to find answers, she couldn’t know peace until she knew the truth, it was killing her inside. Lunafreya confided in Ophelia and the other woman understood, she told her that she was free to leave and find out what happened and that was what she decided to do.

The night she was leaving however was the night that Ophelia was harmed in a rescue mission and presumed dead. The guards wouldn’t let Lunafreya pass off of the Isle and she was locked up with the other Celestials in metal cages like rats. For the first few days all she could do was sit silently, she felt numb and trapped, she wanted to know what had happened so badly that it caused pain in her chest where her heart was.

She sought comfort in the others that were with her, their commitment to one another and their leader was inspiring and she knew that she had to keep her head held high if they were going to get out of there alive and she had get out of there, it was the only option, she refused to die on uncertainty.

True to the beliefs of the other Celestials Ophelia hadn’t died that night and eventually came to save them. Lunafreya was grateful to the other woman for never giving up on her and the others and for believing in them all. Lunafreya however decided not to follow the wayfinder on her mission to find her amulet instead throwing herself into the only task that had been in her mind for the entire time she had been locked away, finding Finn wherever he had gone.

Her search took several months and the adjustment into modern life was hard for Lunafreya but eventually she found clues, Finn hadn’t died that night, his death certificate showed that he died 10 years later in Evermore, Colorado but there was little information about the way he had died, no news stories, no answers to the burning questions that she had, it was almost like he had disappeared off the face of the earth.

Knowing that the supernatural existed only made her question the mystery of what she read more and she knew that the next place she needed to go was to the very place her husband had died. Finding herself in Evermore City alone she knew she needed to be careful, the Ailward were residents of the city and would know her face well, she had to keep her head down and her eyes forwards.

Months later with little of her questions answered Lunafreya would discover that the rest of the Celestials had joined her in Evermore City. Lunafreya was happy to see her people again and felt at ease knowing that there were others that could help to protect her from the Ailward, regardless she knew she was exactly where she needed to be and answered were just within her grip.

Lunafreya currently resides in the city nearby to her fellow Celestials. Her search goes on and will continue until she knows the truth surrounding her husband's death, she’s determined to find peace with what happened and to move to the next chapter of her life wherever it may take her.

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