Name: Lyn Wang
Age: 24
Species: Pure Blood Therianthrope - Kitsune
Family: Lun Wee and Nari Wang
Faceclaim: Wu Xuanyi

Positive: Curious, Determined, Optimistic  

Negative: Headstrong, Naive, impulsive

Lyn was the only child of Lun Wee and Nari Wang. She had a simple childhood living in a secluded mountain pass village on one of the most hidden away parts of well known mountain, only locals knowing about it. The village was unique in that everyone that lived within its walls was a Therianthrope, all three branches living in harmony while heeding the words of their elders. The village was self sufficient, growing its own vegetables during the seasons the plants could survive and keeping its own sheep and cattle so that access to the outside world was limited and few knew the village existed.

This changed as the city at the base of the mountain began to grow with urban expansion and a population explosion in the central region of China. Modern influences began to creep into the village in the form of electricity and technology such as TV, refrigeration, cable and internet which gave them access to the outside world and showed the youth all they were missing. Lyn was very interested in the outside world that these things showed. She didn’t want to remain in the village that her ancestors had founded and that she had lived in for so long since that would mean her life was chosen for her there, her future, her husband, should she stay she would have no say. This brought about many fights with her parents who were traditionalists, they didn’t even allow her to have a TV and refused to store their food in a fridge as both encroached on the way of life they had held onto for so long.

She was so sick of it all that she just up and left in the middle of the night while everyone slept with nothing more than a sake of food and clothes. The trek down the mountain was easy enough for her since her parents had her practiced jujitsu for protection when she was young which caused her to be both flexible and nimble. The city was bright and loud and being from a secluded village she was not prepared at all for the assault it would have on her senses. She was still dressed in her simple, traditional clothing while the youths around her all wore the latest designer labels. She was used to the crowds since her village had fifty people at most in it. She was utterly unprepared for the reality of the street gangs that decided to prey on her when she wandered down the wrong street and into their territory trying to get away from the crowds.

Lyn was terrified of the rough and dangerous looking gang members, never in her life had she seen anything like them. She had also never been around so many males her age before, particularly ones who dress in black and had piercings and tattoos. Though Lyn felt confident in her jujitsu abilities she knew she was in trouble as they backed her into a doorway leaving her nowhere to run. The one good thing about the situation was that the gang were uncoordinated while throwing their punches and didn’t have good technique so any punches that landed didn’t do so much damage as they would have hoped. Lyn managed to protect herself by ducking and avoiding blows for much of the attack, fearing what would happen she should she counter, not wanting them to hurt her more. The problem became the fact that she hadn't eaten much during the day and her body sugar and energy were running low and the dull aches of their blows were beginning to get to her and soon she was either going to pass out or truly fight with every last thing that she had within her.

Lucky for Lyn, the doorway that she was backed into belonged an elderly Ailuranthrope with family connections in America. He pulled Lyn through the door and chased off the gang with an old decorative sword which had been in his family for some time. His name was Lou Fung and he took Lyn in, accessed her injuries which were minor, gave her a bit to eat and some tea before pressing to find out more about her. She explained to him about her village and to her surprise Lou knew of the village. Lou’s father had left the village in his teens over 100 years prior since he could see the world shifting around them and didn’t want to be left behind.

Thankfully Lou didn't make Lyn return to the village, he told her she was on age to make her own decisions and this one would be one she needed to think long and hard on. All of his grown up children now lived in the Americas and some of them quite well off since he had bestowed in them a strong work ethic and the drive to achieve their goals. It took a few days but Lou arranged for Lyn to travel to the US to stay with his daughter Mou Lee since the young Therian wanted to go to the States and wanted to start a life which was hers alone without the fear of her family dragging her back to the village. Mou Lee owned a dorm style hostel in Evermore City and was looking for a new housekeeper which worked out well since Lyn didn’t have any true work skills but she could cook and clean and in exchange Mou Lee was willing to give her board and a small pay.

On the first day of August Lyn Wang boarded a plane bound for Evermore City with only the clothes on her back, the money in her pocket and the dreams in her head of her life to come. She didn't know what this new country would bring or if she would do well there but she was ready to jump into her new life head first. Upon reaching Evermore and getting settled she began to fear her first transformation since she knew it was coming due to her age. Fearing doing it alone Mou Lee introduced the young Therian to Orion Valkyrie, the Kistune alpha. Despite being stern he was also kind to Lyn and helped to ease her mind of the transformation to come.

When the full moon came the month after, everything within Lyn hurt as her body shifted and reformed, bone and muscle ripping and stretching. But Orion was there to help her and as the pain subsided she stood as a Kitsune with the rest of the pack, her eyes glowing a bright and vibrate blue since despite feeling alone, she wasn’t. Instead she was the member of a pack, a Beta, as she learned it was called, instead of the Omega she would have been without Orion and the rest of the pack. The next day she was give the choice of remaining with the pack and taking on the Therianthrope mark of the city or becoming an Omega, wanting to feel like she was part of something and part of a family again she took on the mark of the faction.

As she became more accustomed to the city she began to work for Mou Lee only part time while going to college to study design. It was something that had caught her eye from the first moment she had caught a glimpse of the outside world in her village in China and now it was something she loved. Though she couldn’t afford name brands she learned how to sew and make her own patterns and slowly began to build a small name for herself within the city even though she was still studying the very thing she loved. Will her future continue to be bright or will the past try to draw her back into to a dimmer world?

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