Evermore City, a city which never failed to amaze him and not a city he had ever seen before on his travels in the last so many years; it surprised him every day how a multitude of different species could live in harmony with each other. Abraham considered himself to be well traveled, and never once did he see a City work so well, of course, just like any other community, there was drama and conflicts but considering there were darker species - much like himself - he thought the level of crime would be sky high. In fact, part of him was slightly disappointed with the lack of crime - normal crime, that is that happened in this city; unless of course, the crime itself was hidden, the police had a funny way of not publishing the horrors which occurred.  It was perhaps a good thing, or else Abraham knew he would be tempted to take part - he was never a bad guy, not really, however, the prison lifestyle really had a way of worming its way in; and considering darkness already tainted his blood, he was more susceptible to its ways. Yet, this was not to say that he didn’t partake in his own criminal behaviour - he did have an uncontrollable urge to steal things that did not belong to him; for example, some of the dark artefacts in his home were truly hard to come by. 

Abraham had accommodated so many objects that his own apartment in the city were cluttering up his space; and because of that, and the choice to remain in the city, Abe decided to purchase a shop to continue the Maddox Mediums Service. The evening that he told his parents, Catalina and Alexander of his plans, they were over the moon that he was spreading their name across the world - they dreamed that one day they would have stores set up in other countries which would save their customers flying over to Bulgaria each time. Due to this, his parents helped him with the deposit of the building and paid a little extra so that the paperwork went through quickly so he could get in there as soon as possible; they even went as far as sending over some of their own objects, and spell books to help his store look more appealing to the wandering eye and those who tend to spend most of their time window shopping rather than doing any spending. With that, his store was opened within days of purchase, and finally, Abraham had something better to do that sitting in his own apartment practicing his spells and bettering himself. 

The weak summer sun filtered through his darkened blinds which woke him from his slumber; with a natural, and automated groan, Abraham pushed himself upward and rubbed the sleep away from his eyes, which narrowed at the brightening room. Oh how he prefered the night time hours to this. His clock chimed 7am, meaning he had one hour to shower and get ready for the first day of his store opening - in the days prior, he had plastered posters across the city, advertising the event which was happening; a discounted rate on medium and tarot reading, as well as offering a glass of wine once 11am hit. In his mind, the bars all opened at 11am, so why not? He knew for sure the women would definitely love that offer. Abraham shrugged on his leather jacket, and grabbed his pair of glasses to hide the weary eyes which hadn’t yet woken up and wandered down town towards his shop which, glowed - in his eyes anyway as he walked down the street. 

Once he had reached the door, he glanced at the store to the right hand side; it appeared to be another magical looking stop, he had yet to meet the owner but he was curious to see who owned it - after all, he had heard many good reviews about the place. ‘Abit of healthy competition never hurt anyone’  He mused silently to himself as he entered Maddox Mystic and began to set up the final decorations for the grand opening. 

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Shortly after the fall of Skye and the aspects and guards settled themselves into Evermore, Bexley began to look for her own place. It didn’t take long till she was moved out and starting her own shop in Evermore. It was her perfect excuse for  her not to be around the group of people that had become a family to her. They had all lost so much in the fall of the Isle, but the pain was something she didn't want to face. She couldn’t be around the others mourning with them, trying to convince one another everything was okay, when it wasn’t.

While she had always been a passionate business woman she never thought it would be a way to escape from people she shouldn’t be escaping from. The thought of losing anyone in their dwindling numbers was far to much emotion for the guard. She turned to self remedies to not focus on the worst in life, she placed herself in a routine and only went outside of it when the aspects called upon her for a mission, or events to keep up appearances the best she could. Though her calls to check in became less.

That morning was like any other, up working out in her home gym, shower, breakfast, covering the scar on her eye with makeup, and off to her shop Diviner Intervention. She walked down the street mug in hand looking down to the flyer that her new magical store neighbor put under her door grumbling at the name Maddox. She had known the name from through the years a bunch of con artist. She lit the invitation on fire and tossed it in the air as it poofed. Her eyes moved to the building as the dark haired male entered his own shop.

“Hack.” she muttered as she unlocked the door walking through the deep green wooden door flipping the sign to open as she placed her bag under the counter, flicking the lights on. She moved her way to the order she received yesterday and began to unbox the crystals, running her finger along the jagged edge of one, connecting to the energy that radiated from it for a moment, before placing it on the display. The ding of the door opening behind her, made her automatically greet whomever walked in. “Welcome to Diviner Intervention, Let me know if you need help finding anything.” She helped the few customers before the overwhelming need to visit the shop across the street took over.

"No harm in checking out the new meat." She muttered as she picked up one of her crystals from the shelf wondering if she should go in a good nature or go to start trouble. She smirked as she hexed the crystal and then moved her way out of her shop flipping the closed sign which activated her protection spell and made her way across the way to his shop. She walked through the open door taking in the items among the shelves setting the crystal among the small few in the corner before she walked around looking at the shelves. "Hello does anyone actually work here?" she called out as she clicked her heel on the ground. 

This was the first time in an awfully long time that Abraham had decided to run such an event, hell, it had been such a long time since he even wished to attend an event like this; parties and celebrations were truly not his thing - after all, the last major celebratory party that he attended, he got accused of murder and was sent to prison for well over a decade for a crime he did not commit. Of course, since his release he had attended some gatherings but these were typically accompanied by his parents - which many found rather strange but there was a level of security he felt when they were there; they loved him unconditionally and could prove to be wonderful witnesses if someone tried to frame him once more. Therefore, the idea of this party was somewhat worrying for him, left him with sleepless nights running up to the event but he knew it was necessary; people enjoyed grand openings of new buildings and it certainly would put his name and company on the map of Evermore City. 

Abraham kept the shop closed for another house whilst he set up the shop; oh how decorations were not his forte - he should definitely have hired some form of party planners to help. He did, however, organise catering and to have a few waiters here and there who could walk around with small nibbles for his customers. Otherwise, the champagne would be given out as they walked through the door and as much as he loved chaos, he made it so it was just one glass of champagne for each individual; the shop was filled with many dark artefacts and cursed and haunted goods, that if they got into the hands of a drunk individual, he could only imagine what could possibly go wrong. The waiters finally arrived, and with much satisfaction, he ordered them to their stations and what each one would be doing to make the guests happy. As expected, they all looked thrilled to be here as he could only imagine this was just a small event which would not offer much money to them - if anything, they were probably more at home with grand events often ran by people with money. “Smile, for heaven's sake” He commented and attempted to add some humour to his words but he highly doubted that his comment would go down well; yet as he switched the closed sign to open, they surprisingly got to their stations and a happy expression found their features. 

The Diviner himself put on a welcoming expression as the first of what he hoped would be many clients who walked through his door. The champagne worked wonders as his guests were happily talking among themselves as well as glancing at the many books, crystals and stones which his store held; of course, many approached him and spoke about the darker things which in all honesty, he kept behind back locked up as he could not risk those being stolen After all, the darker the object, the more luck he would have in his end goal of being truly able to communicate with the dead. He engaged in small talk among those that wandered in, making his presence known to them; perhaps he could use this as an example to his Mother that he was indeed branching out and trying to make actual friends. Abraham doubted it would work, but it was worth the risk. 

Abe moved round back for a very short moment to fix the music system which began to play up, and just as he fixed it, he heard a light but somewhat snarky and sassy voice echo throughout the shop. Abraham raised a brow at the tone of voice before moving back to the front of the shop, his gaze naturally falling on the woman the voice came from. It was quite obvious it came from her as she was the only one walking around with an attitude. “I believe you are looking for me.” He commented and stepped through the crowds towards her. “A glass of champagne for the lady, thank you” Abraham called over to the waiter who nodded. “How can I help you?” This whole being considerably polite was already tiresome, particularly with those with an attitude. 

The place was decorated in a mishmash, and the waiters around clearly had fake smiles on. She wondered why the owner felt such a need to put on a party, why not let your shop speak for itself. Bexley herself never had a grand opening party she just opened up and the customers found their way. So she found the whole ordeal exhausting, but I guess when you are pretending to be something you’re not, you have to do it big. She knew she had an attitude truth be told she tended to have one often. After losing so many lives in the fall of Skye she didn’t want anyone getting close. It only hurt.

As she caught Abraham exiting from the back of the shop coming to her, she let her eyes run up and down him from her short stature. She gave a slight playful smirk that touched her lips as his waiter came back with a glass of Champagne and she held it between her slender fingers took hold of the flute. “Thank you.” she said towards the waiter before turning her gaze back to Abraham who stood in front of her. “I wanted to introduce myself to the great Maddox Mystic.” She said as she placed the flute to her lips and drank the contents before handing him the empty glass. “Bexley Dumont, I am the owner of the shop across the way Diviner Intervention.” She knew she wasn’t the only diviner shop in town but the gall of someone opening up across the street from her got under her skin more then she would show.

“Saw the grand opening and your flyers all over my shop window, figured you were calling me over.” She said as she let her eyes wander around the shops able to know what every crystal was and other things. “Psychic readings huh?” She asked as she rocked her head forward “Care to show me how you do it?” She wasn’t gonna call him out in front of the people in the store at the moment. But he really shouldn’t deny her request she could call him out in front of the idiots that believed him. “As a friendly gesture between small business owners?” She let her eyes flash their magical green color as the music began to get louder. Noticing how the other people in the shop began to complain from the blaring. She gave him a playful smirk to him as she waited for him to deny or accept her request.

The moment that his blue hues fell upon the woman in which the sound of his name rang from, Abraham immediately knew who she was; it really did not take a genius to figure out that she was the owner of the other Diviner shop just across the road. Of course, even he understood how pissed off she would be - they were all adults, and understood there were other, similar shops in the city; but to have one open right on your doorstep? Oh, he wouldn’t be happy either, but he would let his empathy for her slide simply because the expression on her face, and the attitude that was radiating from her gave him joyous amounts of pleasure. Abe, although finding great pleasure in the sour grapes that she was eating, he knew that her attitude would eventually wear on him; and it would piss him off eventually, but for the time being - he would enjoy the ride and tease her like one would a younger sister. Hell, he would even play her game for a little while. 

“Well, it is a pleasure to meet you, Beck-- No, no” He exhaled in amusement. “Bexley.” Abraham corrected himself, smirking some as she downed the drink in a matter seconds yet a brow pushed upwards as she handed him the empty; what a little Princess, he thought whilst placing tehg empty glass neatly down on the round table which they stood beside. “Ah yes, I saw your shop across the road, I haven’t had a chance to pop in just yet” Mainly because he didn’t want to, but he didn’t need to share that part to her; at least, not yet anyway - although, it would be good to check out the competition, much like she was doing tonight. “Well of course, it would have been rude not to invite my neighbour, would it not?” Abraham tilted his head slightly as he regarded her; he made a mental note that he would need to do some research on her as a person later to get a better feel of how to go about all of this because clearly she would know her stuff when it comes to dark artefacts.

A light laugh bypassed his lips as she requested a reading from him and he knew it was all a play, especially when she knew that it was impossible to actually communicate with the dead in such a way. Upon seeing that her eyes too, shown green when using magic truly bothered him; perhaps they were more alike that either of them would care to imagine. “Why would I refuse a reading to you?” He shook his head and laughed, his arm extended for her to walk by him. “I have a room just behind the counter, please” Abraham forced a smile that was well rehearsed so that many would believe it was genuine; yet from the complaints that were happening to the sound increase, he closed his eyes and counter acted her magic with his own to quieten the music. “We can’t have loud noises for this to happen; scares the ghosts away” 

It would be a lie if Bexley said she didn’t enjoy getting under some people's skin. Abraham would be one she enjoyed, he had an energy about him that just made her know that he would either stick around and give it back, or he would run for the hills. Yet she didn’t see him as weak. So the game should be played for a  little while until she got bored anyways. Sucking her teeth as he said her name wrong on purpose she didn’t mind making herself seem like she was higher status than him as she handed him the glass. “I’m sure you would have made your way over to it in no time once your new toy excitement wore off.” She said as she rolled her shoulders. “Well it may have been rude not to invite me, but I think that the plastering of my shop windows was a bit much. Though I guess it’s in you psychic nature to be a bit extreme. Guess you needed all the help you could get to get the lonely housewives in here for their reading on of their husbands are stepping out on them.” She sneered out him softly so only he could hear.

As she looked around to the items a lot of them just props to her and him she was sure. The true dark magic stuff wouldn’t be out on display not with housewives around. She followed behind him towards the room that was behind the counter her heels clicking on their way. She let go of her magical hold of the music and let it fall back to normal range “I guess if it will scare the ghost away I should play nice.” She chuckled as she moved through the doorway, her eyes scanning the room of the things that hung along the wall and the candles and crystals that were through out. He let out a soft humm as she touched almost everything, knocking over the crystals as she then sat in the bigger chair that she was sure meant for him. 

“Tell me Dishonest Abe.” She said as she crossed her legs and pursed her lips looking him over. “What do you get out of this whole act? Pretending that you can hear the dead? Give false hope to those who are mourning?” She asked as she leaned her head to the side. “No shame? Does it just run in the Maddox blood?” She touched the crystal ball and looked into it for a moment as she then looked back to him. “You make us other Dark Diviners look like a bunch of con artist.” She said firmly. “So show me how you con these people into believing it though? Do you have things around picking up who they wish to talk too. Or do you just do what the humans do, and guess until you have something.” She raised a brow curiosity getting her at that moment.

Abraham exhaled through his nostrils as she got back to him with a series of different snarky comments; surely she would be all snarkied out in no time. Of course, he could completely understand the bitterness which sat at the tip of her tongue - no one particularly liked this kind of competition; not when money and income was involved to help remain afloat of bills and food. Yet, her attitude clearly stunk, and he was sure he would not have reacted in such a way if the tables had turned; perhaps he would have done, but he was anti-social, so the likelihood of him entering her shop was slim - unless it was under a new personality, a new appearance. “Hm, but I’m sure you have no qualms with the other advertisements that are plastered all over your windows?” He quirked an inquisitive brow before a chuckle vibrated from the depths of his chest as she mentioned the lonely wives which were presumably his main clientele; which in all fairness, she was not wrong.  “I guess the reputation of Maddox Mediums couldn’t quite push passed your castle walls, huh” 

It wouldn’t have surprised him if she hadn’t heard of them; she seemed to be someone who was so caught up in her own little bubble to really pay attention to what was happening in the Supernatural community across the world. If she had, she would have been aware that a few mini posters and flyers, meant nothing to his Family; simply word of mouth was enough to get this store up and running. “Mm, Casper doesn’t deserve to feel your wrath” He commented and rolled his eyes; the two of them were very alike, and he believed that once she got over her jealousy of his shop, they could potentially get on. Abe had heard of the weird going ons in this city and the very immature part of him truly hoped that one day she would have to swallow her pride and ask him for help. 

The Diviner chose not to comment on the fact that she sat down on the chair that was very much intended for him; after all, he knew he was not there to give her a real reading - thus, he happily took a seat on the other side of the table and sat back causally. He allowed her to mouth off about how terrible his line of work was before he chose his words carefully in response. “Firstly, you may see it as con and what not, however, many people come to my family for comfort; perhaps they even know it themselves that it is false, but a white lie for some comfort is never a bad thing compared to the other monsters in this world” Abe lifted his index finger and tapped it against his lips curled at their very edges; although it took every ounce of him not to lose his cool when she brought his family members into the conversation. “Like many other, human Mediums, we pick up on cues, body language and their comments” He went on. “You’d be surprised just how much they give off in terms of information, that really, even you could become a Medium”

There was a very small part of him that wanted to tell her what he was doing when his shop was closed, that he was trying to break the barrier between the two worlds so that his line of work would not be seen as a con; that one day, communication with the dead would be very much possible. Yet he bit his tongue, she would only find a way to flip it and see the bad - or alternatively, she would try and steal his work and pass it off as her own. 

Bexley took a gentle breath in as she gauged him for a moment on the kind of man he was. After all what diviner would go out of his way to set up shop across another diviner especially when the city was rather large. “Actually I prefer all advertisements to stay off my windows. As I don’t go around sticking my advertisements all over my neighbors windows. It's a little thing called common courtesy.” She shot back as she raised a brow. “The whole point of a shop window is to draw people into your shop. Or did I miss that the lesson on how others Advertisements on my windows gain me money?” She looked to his windows. “Do you see any on your window? No. I expect the same courtesy.” She reached up to push back her hair from her face. With a roll of her eyes she leveled her dark gaze back to his. “I wouldn’t even give you a second thought Maddox if you hadn’t set up shop across from me.” She said coldly. “Couldn’t find anywhere else in the city to accept your bullshit?”

She was in fact someone very well connected well beyond she was sure he could understand after all being a guard meant you had access to the world far deeper than many caught up in their own faction politics could understand. “Speaking to ghost isn’t a talent of ours and you know that.” She rolled her eyes in return as she settled into the seat their. “The only one who would be receiving my wrath isn’t Casper.” She commented back to him as she crossed her arms for a moment looking at him. The fact of the matter was sure she could get along with him just fine if she wanted to but right now she was letting the anger get the best of her. Since turning dark she accepted her colder nature that came out to play.

Bexley turned her head at the way he carefully respond wondering if he had the rearsed from a young age. “A white lie to help comfort someone? I have watched other ‘Mediums’ Take session after session of the same person till they had nothing left. So forgive me if I don’t see it as one white lie. Especially when I know the corruption of dark magic that can be used in those white lies. You can make the show even more believable. To me that is wrong. At least with humans it's just a bunch of hogwash they learn on a computer.” She said back as she placed her hands on the table her palm pressed to the fabric to keep her temper in check which was something these days with so much loss surrounding her she was losing easily. “So you are saying you act like a human medium then? Don’t use any magic whatsoever to give the answers you need to hook them?” She tried not to make a hissing sound from her lips, she could feel the magic surging in her.

She watched him as he bit his tongue and felt the magic leave her that very moment. There was something behind the way he got quiet that made her wonder if maybe there was something past the surface of what she could see. “Familiar got your tongue? Or is there something you just don’t want me to know?” she asked as she touched the crystal ball there making it fill with a mirror image of himself.  “I will find out what you are doing here and stop you if it crosses a line. You have my word on that.” The image turned to one of her staring back at herself for a moment before she removed her hand from it.

The attitude, the coldness which she so happily dished out was tiring, and rather boring; so much so that Abraham was no longer amused by the persona which he was sure was not her natural being - whether she was a dark diviner or not.  His eyes narrowed more so in curiosity as she mentioned that she did not allow advertisements on her windows before his nodded ever so slightly. “That is not very neighbour-like of you. You should be supporting fellow businesses, whether they are in the same line of work as you or not” He spoke matter of factly, he couldn’t give two shits if someone wanted to put a poster on his window, of course it could impact his income, but it did potentially mean one less customer for him to fake it with. Either way, it was perhaps all down to upbringing - his parents were always huge supporters of other businesses; so it was only a matter of time before he showed that same respect. Yet, due to the tiring nature of her attitude, Abraham knew he was going to get absolutely nowhere with his own, thus, the next few words stunned him. “However, please accept my apologies. I should have asked.” He lowered his head momentarily. 

“No, because I’m sure you’d be playing with Casper” Abe laughed silently, he glanced over her shoulder briefly just to listen in to the shenanigans at the shop front before turning his attention back to her; his hands resting awkwardly in his lap - he wanted these delightful pleasantries to be over with. “Yes well, like in every industry, you get your arseholes… And it seemed you came across one. Do not let him speak for every Medium. One bad experience with one policeman, would you dislike the rest of them?” Abe was sure he knew the answer, but he wanted to attempt to get his point across; but he was sure he would be just as hurt and pissed off as she was if it was he who came across the man not worthy of mediumship. His brows pushed upward at the slightest of hiss which laced her words at next comment and his shoulders rolled nonchalantly; he couldn’t care on her opinions on how he or his family worked. 

“Typically no. It has been in my family generations, we pick the skills up from those who come before us. And as previously stated, many people that come to us so desperately want answers, and communication that they ended up giving you the answers before you even ask the question” Abraham tsk’ed under his breath as he leant back into the chair, his hues intent upon her. “But of course, I would be lying to say that we haven’t used some form of magic to get information - dabble in some memory, perhaps loosen their tongue a little” As she was a Dark diviner, he was sure that she was not in any place to tell him off as with a life such as theirs - it was a means of survival; yet, it was a given, she probably would. 

Upon hearing her determination to find out what he was doing, Abraham grinned widely. “Be careful there, Bex. You may just come off the slightest bit obsessed with me if you do that. I wouldn’t blame you, I’m real somebody” He insulted himself moreso, but they both knew he was actually a nobody and that was just how he liked it. “Why don’t you pinky promise me that” He cooed and leaned forward, resting his elbow upon the cloth and extended his little finger upward. 

Bexley rolled her eyes for a moment. “If you wish to advertise come inside. I have a bulletin board many others have placed there files not fully over my store window blocking people from seeing inside my shop completely.” She said as she gave a gentle flick of her wrist. “Listen I assume you did it to get attention well you did.” She said with a bitter tone.  “So please don’t act like I don’t support those around me. I have gone out of my way to support others around me.” She spoke as she picked a piece of lint from her top for a moment. She looked at him as he apologies not sure if she full wanted to accept it or not. Yet she let out a breath and soften her feature as much as her resting bitch face would let. “I accept it.” She lowered her head back it was ingrained in her youth to return the bowed head.

“Casper left with all his other friends a long time ago.” She chuckled slightly as she watched him look to the women drinking and disorganized his shop. She leaned a little closer to him and gave him a slow smirk for a moment. “Yet the bad Medium I came across, was your relative some time ago back when Horses where the main way to get around. So you see I am predetermined to hold you to a higher standard because of your blood. Many of the women he drained found work with me. Trust me the brothel was no place for them. All because they wanted to talk to their dead husbands.” she looked him over for a moment. “So if I see it happening again. I will shut you down. Somehow.” she gave a roll of her shoulder, though she couldn’t be sure if the Maddox she came across years ago was actually close to the main branch of the family or not. Still left a bitter taste in her mouth.

“I know the tricks, I have had to use them for life or death reasons I can’t overly go into.” She said as she ran her fingers to lace together as she watched him. “I have just watched many people get destroyed to the dark magic. I would like to avoid it. Sometimes I miss the light…” She looked to her reflection for a moment before she let out a sigh. “Just stay inline and we won’t have a problem.” She said as she leaned back against the seat. “I am not one to get in the way of another's money as long as it isn’t hurting someone. I have been the grieving woman that someone wanted to take advantage of before. Just leaves a bitter taste.”

Bexley rolled her eyes so hard she could feel them in the back of her head. “You can think me obsessed if it keeps you in line. Besides what could you even offer me?” she scoffed at the thought. She watched him lean closer with his pinky extended before she leaned forward and extended her pinky to him. “This is a stupid practice back in my days we would have just shot the pinky off.” she smirked slowly. “What is your game Maddox?” 

A discreet sigh departed him, he was not one for dramatics or a show that she was putting on for him; of course she could get angry, she had every right to do so - but in his experience, those who showed anger in such a way did not always get what they want. If anything, Abraham believed she was acting like a child, and not an adult nor business owner. “Look, you’ve got an apology from me, now are you able to leave this and put it to bed, because quite frankly this over the top reaction is not necessary” He responded, his tone flat to indicate that he was not going to rise to her level of getting hyped up over something that quite frankly could have been easily resolved. A part of him was slightly curious as to why she felt the need to act the way she did, but that involved showing an interest and picking at her brain for past events which he perhaps could care too much for; at least not at the moment. The corner of his lips twitched ever so slightly as he watched her ponder over his apology and he was relieved to say the least that she had accepted it - because he would not have offered another one for something so minuscule as a poster on the window. 

The pad of his index finger tapped against his lips as she mentioned that the bad Diviner was a relative of his from how many generations ago and he nodded slightly. “I mean, there are more than one Maddox family from Budapest and the surrounding areas, so neither of us can say that he is related to me in any shape or form” Which was the truth, although it was likely that they were, with the same name of shop; but stranger things have happened. A low hum vibrated from him as he heard that the women that this Maddox worked with ended up going to work in the brothel because the grief was too much - and they couldn’t afford the bills as their Husbands were typically the bread earners. “There is a catch there, it’s all very sad that they couldn’t continue their normal life, however, without them… You would not have had a business. It is all swings and roundabouts” Abe spoke, and he knew that deep down he was not a bad man, although his past would tell others otherwise; some could not get past the idea of an imprisoned man actually being innocent. “Oh, I am sure you will” He nodded.

“You shouldn’t let your dark or light categorise you” Abe mentioned, he was dark and preferred the darker side of things, but that did not mean he was a horrible person. “A necromancer can still do a lot of good, even if the daylight hours are when they are at their weakest” He always believed there was some stigma, some stereotype that Dark Diviners had to behave in a certain way; he did not believe in labeling as life was so flexible. “If you miss the light, go towards it. I’m sure being a Guard means you do a lot of good, no?” He queried, it was no surprise she worked for the Ailwards as he caught a glimpse of the ring on her finger. “We have all been taken advantage of…” He paused, contemplating if he should say it or not but gathered she wouldn’t care either way. “Including myself. You have to move on from it, or else it will eat you up. I guess that is where that rage comes from, eh?” He smirked. 

Abraham quirked a brow. “Who said I would offer you anything?” He quizzed, he had made no offering of her obsessive ways of keeping an eye on him. A low chuckle vibrated from him as she groaned over the very childlike promise with their pinkies, which once curled meant the promise was in the place before he ran his fingers through his hair. “Giving away my game plan so early on would not be beneficial.” 

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