Late nights at the office were unfortunately becoming more of a habit than a rarity for the human ambassador who often found herself staying extra hours after everyone went home just to get everything she needed done, by the time she got home most nights she didn't have the energy to do much so she would grab her dinner and then fall into bed. One thing that did get her through the day though was texting, she knew it wasn't exactly office etiquette but she figured since she was the boss it didn't matter. She'd message Orion a few times throughout the day along with a few friends. 

She'd been having a bit of a funny back and forth with Eric, a long time friend of hers who she always joked around with, recently they hadn't been able to make much time to catch up with one another thanks to their jobs being absolutely crazy but she did make a point of sending him a funny picture or video every so often to remind him that she was still alive. She was laughing at a message he sent her about dreading his night shift that evening and she laughed shaking her head "You know I could always bring you a coffee after work?" She offered as she got to her feet and closed her laptop shut, it was time to call it a night.

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Sariah laughed as she sent that last text because she knew how much Eric hated coffee and the American obsession with it and she teased him about it often because it was funny to see him go on a rant about how much better tea tasted to him. She, however, was one of the slaves to Starbucks no doubt, she didn’t think she could remember the last time she had gone without coffee for longer than 24 hours as ridiculous as it sounded.

She also knew he’d been having a hard time lately, with work constantly bringing him in for long shifts and expecting him to do them with very little thanks for it. He’d do it though because he was a good person and cared about people and she couldn’t argue with that. “Tea it is then” she responded with a laughing emoji not giving him any choice about the matter, she had to pass by the hospital on her way home so it wasn’t like she was majorly going out of her way.

She headed out of the office, shutting off the lights as she was the only one still there and then nodded to security before she headed off down the road. She found a little shop that made hot beverages in and ordered herself a coffee and him a tea before she took the steaming cups and headed towards the hospital over the road. She, of course, knew her way around by now, especially because she was allied with the hospital director here so she knew her way around. About 20 minutes had passed since her first text when she finally arrived at his station and asked them to page him.

The blonde was standing there for the next five or so minutes as she waited for them to page him and for Eric to finish whatever work he was currently doing, she didn’t mind waiting, she knew how incredibly important the work he did was, she worked very closely with the hospital after all and she knew how much Evermore General was struggling lately, all the more reason they should take care of their own though, doctors needed to be alert and ready for the situations they were thrown into, not falling asleep from exhaustion.

She was lost in thought, she sipped on her coffee as she watched a few of the nurses skittering all over the place, tending to patients and discussing results with one another, she admired the cooperation and dedication going on here a lot, so much so that she hadn’t even heard Eric approaching until he spoke her name. She turned with a bright smile in his direction and waited patiently for him to hand over his work over before she approached and offered the tea she had gotten for him.

“Of course I didn’t” she responded with a gentle laugh “But sometimes you need a friend to do something even when you don’t want to trouble them” she prompted and nudged against his side softly with her elbow as she looked up at him. He was very tall, he made the blonde feel short every time she saw him. Not that she minded all that much “I don’t want to intrude if you’re busy” she stated up front “Just figured you could use a little caffeine in your veins, maybe a little friendly conversation” the blonde pushed her glasses up on her nose “Hell I could” she added as she took a pointed second sip of her coffee.

She smiled a little as she watched him take a long drink of the tea feeling a little triumphant because he seemed to really like it. She liked being able to brighten people’s days, whether it was randomly coming to see them or just sending a nice text, she tried to be thoughtful of her friends and remind her they were important often “Thankfully your drink order is easier to remember than most, I swear coffee has far too much complexity to it that it could probably be a college major” he laughed gently and sipped from her own coffee cup, she was guilty of having a slightly complicated order though so she couldn’t really talk.

She could see the conflict on his face, something she really liked about Eric was how modest he was, she felt like sometimes he doubted his own worth in the eyes of others but every time she needed him, he had been there for her, which was more than she could say about a lot of people “You’re always busy” she argued his point with a slightly amused shake of her head “But I appreciate you making the time” seeing him gesture she nodded a little “Sure, you’re going to have to lead the way though, I swear every corridor in this place looks the same to me, I would probably end up getting so lost” she shook her head a little, she’d never been the best with directions truthfully.

She fell into step beside him, glancing up at him as they talked and then around at the hospital seeing all the people rushing by “Your workplace reminds me a lot of mine, everyone’s got a place to be and a thing to do, always so busy and hectic” she laughed and shook her head a little “The only difference is how we go about saving lives, though I have to admit, you have the far better uniform” she teased as she glanced over his attire and smirked.

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