Malva has a tendency of finding trouble. Or it finds her. The latter would be slightly weaker in comparison if they were to be evaluated. The Aspect of Magic had a talent in keeping her mouth shut, despite not being the best liar. Unless she was being blackmailed. Now that, could be debatable and negotiable. Sighing to herself, she stared at the tablet in her hands. It was slightly irritating the dragon because she has been trying to track a few things down and couldn't get to it. Her access kept being denied, which was almost a shocker to her, considering their organization probably had the widest connection in the world, after operating so long. "Why is the world suddenly against me, for the love of Gods, come on." However, when she did not receive any multitude of response that was lovely to be heard, she leaned back against the chair and grunted in distress.

"Out of all the times I needed you to work, here you are giving me an attitude of the century.", she grumbled before fumbling with her amethyst necklace that rested around her neckline that was almost twinkling in the night. She had always picked nights for her time of work, with an exception of Malva Arguarde, the pathologist working at General Evermore, during the day. Staring at the gadget, she felt skeptical and reluctant. How else was she going to track the group of people she wanted without alerting anyone in her faction? Aurelia already had slight revelation to the matter because of their Atlanta trip. Whilst she was successful at dodging and evading others, she knew it couldn't go on any much longer or she'll be caught. The purple dragon preferred being caught over the fence once she had a viable explanation. But in order to have that in the process, she has to correlate some evidences that showed it. Unfortunately, the Aspect hasn't been there yet. 

Malva decided to give up on the thing for a while, up until she accidentally swiped a profile. Quirking her eyebrows up in curiosity, she accessed it without doubt. The name that was written piqued her interest. Not a name she has not heard or seen before in their files. Usually, the Russian born Ailward never bothered with their progress with the 'wanted' people on the list. Which in her opinion, was a very long list. But the specialty listed there however, made her take a side-step. She switched her positions from sitting on the chair to plopping on her bed, sitting crossed legged, with the tablet in her hands. She also got the keyboard out so she could place it on. Every part of her was telling her that it was a bad idea and shouldn't be one she should even think of but there was a small voice that also tells her to try it out. How there wasn't a measure nor risk she wasn't able to take, in order to obtain the set of information she needed desperately. 

Closing her eyes briefly, she fluttered it open after a few seconds on contempt. "You're desperate, Mal. It's understandable. Besides, you'd be doing others a favor just as well to keep him occupied." She bit her bottom lip as she tells herself that it was fine. Reassurance wasn't in her forte nor was it something she was good at given her pessimistic nature and abysmal bedside manner, despite being a doctor. According to the information laid out in the tablet, the notorious young Nephilim was in Evermore recently and they did not have any concrete idea of why he was back. There's no harm in figuring that out, although part of her knew it was reckless and dangerous to sought out such person with no guards nor backup. But recklessness seemed to run in her blood. 

And so, the Aspect of Magic grabbed her jacket and bag before making her way downstairs. She has recently gone back to working as a doctor so it gave her the advantage of being able to go outside without being questioned by others. A doctor's shift is like a whirlwind pool of twister, so being called upon wasn't a weird occurrence. Thankfully. She didn't have any night shift today, so here she was, driving to god knows where in the city, with only nothing but a locator spell guiding the way. Valentine was her guard, alongside Tatiana, and the lycanthrope was the Head of Technology in their faction. Malva knew not to gamble her chances when it comes to technology, so tracking using the macbook was useless if it comes back to bite her. Luckily, the Ailward could use a few old tricks up her sleeve, such as the locator spell. Locating a specific person was not a problem, especially when she had the ability to pinpoint where her supernatural guardship was at. 

She stopped outside somewhat an abandoned warehouse of sorts and pursed her lips lightly because the spell ended here. A shady place for a shady guy? Possibly. Getting out from her car, she remembered to leave the macbook inside it, and brought the bag she had slung over her instead. It was all the essential things she never forgot to bring anywhere despite the bag looking like a regular sling bag women wore around. Being the Aspect of Magic, almost everything was enchanted for her, and courtesy of Argent blessing her with light enchantments that came in forms of jewelries. Inside was her spell journal, a traditional silver dagger she usually uses for spelling purposes, and maybe a few vials of unknown substances. The moment she entered the place, she felt darkness looming over and she hated that feeling. She's always had a problem with the dark side of the world, and still found it hard to resist their temptations despite being over a millennium old.

Something tells her that it wasn't going to be easy to shrug someone like him off so easily. You reap what you sow, Mal.

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Isaiah was given the name of one of the four prophets and yet he didn’t view himself as a good or moral man. He was a little to dark for what he is, but his twin sister had a way of keeping him in check. He tried not to venture too far from either of his sisters. Though he believed Cornelia kept a closer eye on him more so because he reminded her of their father. The man he wished to find though his intentions to find him were different then Cornelia.

Isaiah wanted to find Abraxas in order to find who his mother is, and take her life for abandoning him alone. Taking Clarissa from him leaving him alone for so many years. It was all those years of being alone, fighting for his life that made him the twisted man he was now. He still had scars of his past the haunted him to this day. He had not even told either of his sisters about his past about how he was locked away, beat and had open wounds for weeks that he had to lick in order to keep them clean.

Even to this day Isaiah hated being in a small dark places for too long, even if he would keep a calm exterior inside he would be freaking out completely. This evening though he was standing in the middle of the street, he looked down the the lead he was given to a pocket of Abraxas men. Abraxas men have been more active recently, he wasn’t sure if it had something to do with this town or simply Cornelia.

He chose to keep this lead from his sisters this time, as he wanted a chance to get information his way. He looked up from the paper place it in his mouth and swallowing it and then pushed open the door and walked into the dark space. He walked in and saw a laptop sitting there and lowered himself to it and let out a soft hum. He pressed the play button and then Abraxas appeared on the screen.

“I have to say all of you are becoming rather annoying.” The man from the photo said, though he looked older than he did on the photo that was long lost now. “Keep looking for me and death will accept you.”  The video cut and the laptop was in flames.

With a heavy sigh Isaiah stomped out the flames as it was pointless to let the building catch on fire. In anger he flipped the table in front of him and pressed his fist to his hand. When he hear the scraping of the open door he turned his attention behind him for a moment. Maybe it was abraxas, his hand reached to the blade he kept tucked along his back hoping that maybe he had finally cornered the bastard father.

When his eyes caught the feminine frame he let out a soft sigh of discontent as he moved into the pale moonlight that ran along the center of the room and his eyes looked at her dark figure the closer it moved to him and he leaned his head to the side looking to her for a long moment. He wasn’t one to speak much so he was waiting for her to speak when nothing came he chose to slowly walk around her in a circle. His eyes shot to the necklace around her neck for a moment before he paused in front of her fully. His mind started working a mile a minute on who she was and why she was there to find him.

Stepping closer he closed the space between them and looked down her again leaning his head slightly before looking back into her blue eyes with his dark brown almost black eyes “You know a pretty lady like you shouldn’t just wonder into abandoned warehouses.” He said, with one swift movement had the blade from his back out and pressed to her neck as he took hold of her arm swirling her around pressing her back to his chest, letting his arm secure around her to keep her still, holding the blade to her neck “Unless you were sent here by someone, because you see I was given this address by someone I don’t know, would make sense someone finally got smart enough to try and take me out.” He hissed into her ear. “So tell me who are you, before I start slicing you up.”

Malva has been wondering since the very beginning, her throat feeling the lump formed whenever she tried to assure herself that this was like any other day where she meets someone rather unpredictable so she could get things done. Nothing more, nothing less. But something just couldn't help but to bother the Aspect of Magic the moment she set foot inside the darkened place. The grip she had over the straps of her bag and outwear was actually very worrying, because her palms were starting to get sweaty. If it was any other day or any other person, this might have not been so much of a big deal for her to get all jittery over nor would she even send herself personally just to make sure a deal is contracted.

It didn't take long for her throat to complete dry up much like the Sahara desert, but before she could even clear her throat to make her presence known, she was apprehended easily by her opponent. Not that she was that worried over it. Malva wasn't stupid, she would never come here if she wasn't confident she could do whatever that needed to be done, or so she thinks. The workaholic and meticulousness in her had prevented her from giving up in the centuries, so that could also be why. The Aspect of Magic had to admit, she did not imagine being stuck in this position when she came seeking the notorious nephilim out. But she wasn't surprised so, she must've thought about how things might actually go wrong for once.

Clamping her mouth shut, her icy blue hues wandered over to the burned laptop sitting not very far from where they were. Isaiah had circled her earlier like some predator who wanted to play with the prey shortly before ending its life. Normally, she'd find it amusing, but not today. She didn't wish to be playing a game of cat and mouse so early in the discussion. “I feel like I would have heard that coming from creepy guys. That's exactly what they always say before striking.. What happened to originality.” she mumbled, struggling under the hold so she would be able to at least talk comfortably without having the sharp tip of the dagger held to her throat. “I don't know who sent you here for a little game of cat and mouse, but I'm definitely a third party. And, I am smart. How else could I have tracked you down.” The way she had said it with so much snark lacing her tone, she really wasn't trying to make herself to be intimidating or anywhere near that element.

“I agree a little introduction should do the trick, but first.. Rude. I might not go out much, but even I know there's no actual code that gives you the right to hold a sharp blade against someone's throat as a form of greeting, when you don't even know for sure why they're here.” she huffed lightly as she clicked her tongue in annoyance before giving a look down the dagger that was still not moving. “I would prefer not to get blood on my clothes. It's hard to wash the stench off.” she mused, her eyes giving off the vibes how she couldn't care less what happens. “My name is Malva Ailward. Obviously I came here seeking you out for a reason. Your name has made quite the feat alone, Mr Bradford. Or Qrow, whatever you prefer. I have a proposal for you. A contract, really.” Tapping the end of the blade a few times, she asked that he removed the hold on her politely because it's making her uncomfortable. Classic Malva move.

Isaiah was on edge over the last few months, things were not right in Evermore, more so than ever lately. Being a Nephilim his emotions he was feeling stress and fear five times more than normal beings, it was one of the biggest flaws being a Nephilim. He tended to not complain about much but when you have to drink all the time to suppress your emotions it began to not be fun, it was more of an annoyance than a fun pass time at that point. Thought tonight he had yet to have a drink as he wanted to be sharp in cause he was going to be getting into a fight. Though a woman in the dark warehouse admittedly throw him off more than he cared to admit. Not because she was a woman, hell his own twin sister had handed him his ass more times than not. More so he could feel something in the air around her and couldn’t place his finger on it, along with the fact she showed up in a place not even he knew he would be till an hour prior.

Isaiah held the aspect to his chest not even sure who she was, as he knew nothing about the aspect. His mind was racing trying to figure out who she was and why she was there. Last thing Isaiah needed was to deal with one abraxas minions taking a shot at him. His ears focused on her words and he couldn’t help but chuckle to her “I mean it's the creepy guy otto, to have the same lines for things.” he said as he held the dagger tighter to her throat “Wouldn’t want to lose my member card and look bad at our next meeting.” He looked to her as she struggled to talk with the blade pressed to her neck. “You could be a third party or very well could be sent here to play innocent to get close to me.” Isaiah out of all his siblings was the most paranoid.

What drew him in though was the necklace she had been wearing “Magic wielder right?” he asked clearly before looking at her with a sideways glance, “Think that is reason enough to let me hold a blade to your neck with my history.” He rolled his eyes then as she gave him an annoyed tone “lord knows you are not one of my father minions you talk to much for his liking.” he pulled the blade back but kept it in his hand as he moved away from her taking the tip of the dagger to poke at the smoking pile of ash in front of him. “Ah my name precedes me, though I can’t say the same for yours. Malva Ailward? That is what you said?” he asked as he looked over to her from the crouched over position he was in. His eyes scanned over the woman then back to the necklace something about it gave him a strange feeling something he couldn’t fully put his finger on.

“Now why don’t you try and explain to me why a magic user such as yourself would need an assassins help?” He let out a soft bored sigh as he rose to his feet again crossing his arms, making sure to keep the blade in hand “After all can you not poof in and out like other diviner would?” he tapped his foot impatiently on the ground as he stared at her  “You have thirty seconds to keep my attention before I just leave here and forget that you exist.” his dark eyes holding hers as he turned his head to the side “After all I no longer just take any job especially since I have my own problems to deal with.

She probably should've known this would happen, and perhaps she had underestimated just how much paranoia could have a hold on someone. Lucky her. Now she has a blade against her throat that was really just threatening to cut her if any pressure was applied a few more seconds to pass. Unfortunately, even her name ring no bells to Isaiah, which was surprisingly fine by her, since he led a rather low-profiled life. Not everyone knew of her family and their organization and sometimes they like to keep it that way. But Malva couldn't deny that the family name had an effect that she gradually took advantage of. By the way his grip had tightened around her, she was concluding that the nephilim was already making a quick assumption in his head. Normally this would allow her to play him back at his game but she didn't exactly have the mood to put in the current setting.

Mal did feel the blade digging deeper into her throat though, which elicited a small whimper from her out of shock instead of fear. She's been cutting herself to draw blood for most of her spells that required more concentration, what would you expect? A little cut here and there wouldn't bother her, but she would rather not find out where it would land her at. As some had said before, she has a tendency to land herself in trouble even when she wasn't seeking them. Although she believes this was somewhat unavoidable because she is actually seeking trouble himself in the vessel of a nephilim. When Isaiah pressed the blade against her throat a lot deeper after retorting, she clenched her jaw and tried her best not to throw a rather snarky remark his way. Her temperament could not handle this, but her professionalism probably could, considering if there was any bit of it still left after this charade.

“As much as I would like to entertain you, it's not why I'm here so I would rather not have someone inflict any injury on me-” Before she had the chance to finish her words however, the malevolent shining glint from the blade had cut her, nowhere near any important veins thankfully. “Really..” she sighed heavily and closed her eyes briefly before tapping on his hand. “Can you please? This blouse is hard to wash off.” she muttered. “Believe me, if I wanted to get close to you, I won't play innocent because I'm terrible at that.” The Aspect of Magic wasn't being wrong, her abrasive manner usually lands her far off from that. She couldn't keep up an innocent facade if there was no sheer will for her to do that, which is non-existent as of now.

“And I've told you before.. I am a third party. My own.” At this point, she wasn't even sure when she's going to explode because she was starting to display a small scowl already. When he released her, the first thing she did was avert her hand to her throat and grumbled before fishing out a scarf from her bed and wrapped it around her neatly. “I should sue you for being an insufferable guy who cut me.” she shook her head and was about to return to what she had originally come for. Until she noticed him eyeing her ruby pendant, right, that trinket. How could she forget how dark it was, enough to entrance even the most purest soul. “You either know me or you don't. You're not the only one travelling like a ghost.” she rolled her eyes and followed his gestures.

“I want you to find something for me. Well, someone too. And normally I would go myself but this is highly personal so I cannot involve my guards to do it. God knows what my brothers would do if they find out. And you, you're the best mercenary I've ever heard.” she shrugged. It was take it or leave it. “I can't risk my exposure or involvement in this. That's why I am enlisting your service.” Upon hearing his problems, she chuckled softly. “Oh yeah, your problems are piling. Daddy issues, your sisters and brother.. People hunting you down.. You seem like you're going to need more help than you have.”

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