Malva has a tendency of finding trouble. Or it finds her. The latter would be slightly weaker in comparison if they were to be evaluated. The Aspect of Magic had a talent in keeping her mouth shut, despite not being the best liar. Unless she was being blackmailed. Now that, could be debatable and negotiable. Sighing to herself, she stared at the tablet in her hands. It was slightly irritating the dragon because she has been trying to track a few things down and couldn't get to it. Her access kept being denied, which was almost a shocker to her, considering their organization probably had the widest connection in the world, after operating so long. "Why is the world suddenly against me, for the love of Gods, come on." However, when she did not receive any multitude of response that was lovely to be heard, she leaned back against the chair and grunted in distress.

"Out of all the times I needed you to work, here you are giving me an attitude of the century.", she grumbled before fumbling with her amethyst necklace that rested around her neckline that was almost twinkling in the night. She had always picked nights for her time of work, with an exception of Malva Arguarde, the pathologist working at General Evermore, during the day. Staring at the gadget, she felt skeptical and reluctant. How else was she going to track the group of people she wanted without alerting anyone in her faction? Aurelia already had slight revelation to the matter because of their Atlanta trip. Whilst she was successful at dodging and evading others, she knew it couldn't go on any much longer or she'll be caught. The purple dragon preferred being caught over the fence once she had a viable explanation. But in order to have that in the process, she has to correlate some evidences that showed it. Unfortunately, the Aspect hasn't been there yet. 

Malva decided to give up on the thing for a while, up until she accidentally swiped a profile. Quirking her eyebrows up in curiosity, she accessed it without doubt. The name that was written piqued her interest. Not a name she has not heard or seen before in their files. Usually, the Russian born Ailward never bothered with their progress with the 'wanted' people on the list. Which in her opinion, was a very long list. But the specialty listed there however, made her take a side-step. She switched her positions from sitting on the chair to plopping on her bed, sitting crossed legged, with the tablet in her hands. She also got the keyboard out so she could place it on. Every part of her was telling her that it was a bad idea and shouldn't be one she should even think of but there was a small voice that also tells her to try it out. How there wasn't a measure nor risk she wasn't able to take, in order to obtain the set of information she needed desperately. 

Closing her eyes briefly, she fluttered it open after a few seconds on contempt. "You're desperate, Mal. It's understandable. Besides, you'd be doing others a favor just as well to keep him occupied." She bit her bottom lip as she tells herself that it was fine. Reassurance wasn't in her forte nor was it something she was good at given her pessimistic nature and abysmal bedside manner, despite being a doctor. According to the information laid out in the tablet, the notorious young Nephilim was in Evermore recently and they did not have any concrete idea of why he was back. There's no harm in figuring that out, although part of her knew it was reckless and dangerous to sought out such person with no guards nor backup. But recklessness seemed to run in her blood. 

And so, the Aspect of Magic grabbed her jacket and bag before making her way downstairs. She has recently gone back to working as a doctor so it gave her the advantage of being able to go outside without being questioned by others. A doctor's shift is like a whirlwind pool of twister, so being called upon wasn't a weird occurrence. Thankfully. She didn't have any night shift today, so here she was, driving to god knows where in the city, with only nothing but a locator spell guiding the way. Valentine was her guard, alongside Tatiana, and the lycanthrope was the Head of Technology in their faction. Malva knew not to gamble her chances when it comes to technology, so tracking using the macbook was useless if it comes back to bite her. Luckily, the Ailward could use a few old tricks up her sleeve, such as the locator spell. Locating a specific person was not a problem, especially when she had the ability to pinpoint where her supernatural guardship was at. 

She stopped outside somewhat an abandoned warehouse of sorts and pursed her lips lightly because the spell ended here. A shady place for a shady guy? Possibly. Getting out from her car, she remembered to leave the macbook inside it, and brought the bag she had slung over her instead. It was all the essential things she never forgot to bring anywhere despite the bag looking like a regular sling bag women wore around. Being the Aspect of Magic, almost everything was enchanted for her, and courtesy of Argent blessing her with light enchantments that came in forms of jewelries. Inside was her spell journal, a traditional silver dagger she usually uses for spelling purposes, and maybe a few vials of unknown substances. The moment she entered the place, she felt darkness looming over and she hated that feeling. She's always had a problem with the dark side of the world, and still found it hard to resist their temptations despite being over a millennium old.

Something tells her that it wasn't going to be easy to shrug someone like him off so easily. You reap what you sow, Mal.

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